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Harry Potter:
Harry Potter And The Spellbook Of Desires Part 2 - The Top Box
by Avatrek

Harry Potter had discovered the book of his dreams, the Spellbook of Desires,
which was chalk full of spells and potions all aimed at satisfying the user's
needs. In the case of Harry and his best friend Ron Weasley; Hermione and any
other girl that twinges their fancy were now fair game. Harry knew that his
fourth year at Hogwarts would be his most interesting year by far. Presently,
Harry, Hermione and almost all of the Weasleys were situated at a large
campground in anticipation of the Quidditch match of the century. Harry and
Hermione had been invited along with the Weasley family to watch the finals
of the Quidditch World Cup in the top box of the brand new Championship
Quidditch stadium. The best part of the event so far however, was the
purchase and subsequent use of a rather peculiar spellbook; a book which
satisfied the reader's every sexual desire. In the case of both Harry and
Ron, that definitely would mean Hermione, but by happenstance, Harry had used
a potion on Ron's younger and very attractive sister, who was currently
sleeping off the sexual exploits Harry and her had taken part in.

It was now Ron's turn to use the book, and both he and Harry were discussing
what spell or potion would be most discreet and most effective. Because they
were about to make their way to the match, they had to pick a spell or potion
which could be discreetly used in the top box with no one knowing. Ron
insisted that he get his turn as soon as possible, hoping to use the top
box's restroom as the venue for his attempt at popping the beautiful
Hermione's cherry.

"It has to only last a few minutes or they'll get suspicious" commented Ron,
as he flipped through the pages.

"I know, I know, you've told me ten times already" Harry replied, knowing how
excited Ron was.

"Here we go" said Ron, as he flipped to a colorful page, displaying a very
simple spell, perfect for the occasion.

The description read:

A simple spell, which, when cast upon the intended target, will create in
them an unbreakable sexual attraction to the caster until the caster performs
the counter-spell, returning the target to their original state with no
memory of the events that had taken place. Warning: the attraction is
immediate, and powerful. Unless the counter-spell is performed, the target's
attraction to the caster will continue to increase.

The spell-work seemed fairly straight forward. All Ron had to do was mumble
`Attraculus', do a few wand movements, and Hermione would be his for as long
as he needed. The counter-spell was just as simple, doing the spell-work
backwards and saying `Attraculoff'.

Ron was nervous as he and the rest of his family, including Harry and
Hermione, made their way to the stadium. He had never had sex before, but
fortunately, he had overheard a very descriptive conversation his brother
Bill had had with his other brother Charlie about a witch he had met in Egypt
a week ago. Either way, thought Ron, Hermione would never remember the
experience, and with as much practice he'd be getting this year, he'd be a
pro in no time at all.

Harry hadn't said a word to Ron the entire walk to the stadium; he knew he
was nervous, and besides, he couldn't stop thinking about who he'd try the
next spell on.

Harry, Hermione and the Weasley's climbed the steps of the giant stadium
until they reached the luxurious top box, where they were seated in comfy
seats, surrounded by important looking witches and wizards.

Everybody was ecstatic at the prime seats they would be enjoying, but all Ron
could think of, was where, how and when would he cast the spell on Hermione.
Ron took a quick look around the room, seeing what looked like an excellent
restroom for his future endeavors with Hermione. Ron made sure to sit a seat
away from Hermione, just to make sure she couldn't hear him casting his spell
on her.

Just as he was about to cast his spell however, a most unwelcome sight came
through the door. The entire Malfoy family; Lucius, his wife Narcissa, and
Harry, Ron and Hermione's nemesis, Draco.

After a few snide remarks by Mr. Malfoy about how the Weasley's afforded such
seats, they sat down just behind Hermione, all three scowling at her.

"Watch out mother" whispered Draco, "You don't want to get to close to that
filthy little Mudblood"

Hermione turned red, while Harry and Ron, who were the only other two to hear
the remarks, nearly jumped out of their seats and cursed the whole lot.
Unfortunately, they were restrained by a glance from Hermione.

Harry looked over at Narcissa; thinking how attractive she'd be if she hadn't
married such a prick and become a snob. Someone needs to teach her a good
lesson thought a still enraged Harry.

Ron on the other hand, cooled down fairly quickly, owing to the fact he had
more important issues to deal with. He had decided the best time for casting
the spell on Hermione would be before everything started, when everybody was
focusing on the upcoming match, not worrying who went where.

Harry looked over at Ron, who by this point was sweating bullets, trying to
work up the courage to pull off the spell. If Ron couldn't do it, Harry was
more than ready to step in. Harry could also tell that Ron could barely
contain himself at the thought of having his way with Hermione. He could see
a small bulge starting to form in his pants making Harry smile a little.

"I'm doing it now" whispered Ron to Harry, as he pulled out his wand and
under cover of his sweater, pointed it at an unsuspecting Hermione.

"Attraculus" whispered Ron as he made the simple wand movements. At that
precise moment however, Hermione had dropped her program, and had dove down
to retrieve it. Ron had closed his eyes before Hermione had dove down,
savoring the moment as best he could but missing the fact that his spell had
missed his intended target of Hermione and hit Narcissa Malfoy square in the
chest. The spell made no noise and was invisible to the eye, so as far as Ron
was concerned, it had hit the intended target. Remembering that the effects
would be almost instantaneous, Ron quickly made his way to the restroom,
where he sat and waited for Hermione to follow and satisfy his carnal lust
for her.

Like Ron, nobody saw the spell leave Ron's wand and glide over the bent over
Hermione. Nobody knew it had struck an oblivious Narcissa Malfoy. As soon as
it did however, Narcissa could feel a burning desire to find Ron Weasley and
fuck his brains out as quickly as possible. She jumped to her feet, drawing
little attention from anybody, including her family, and made her way to
where Ron had entered the restrooms. Without knocking, she opened the door to
find a shocked Ron Weasley.

Ron, in anticipation of having his way with Hermione, had removed his pants
and underwear, along with his sweater and t-shirt. He was primed and ready,
sporting a six inch, rock hard cock. To his utter amazement and somewhat
embarrassment, the door opened, not to reveal the young Hermione Granger, but
the older Narcissa Malfoy. Initially, Ron made an effort to cover himself,
thinking that she had inadvertently opened the unlocked restroom he was
occupying by accident. It was when she closed the door behind her and pulled
off her dress in a hurry that Ron realized the mistake he had made.

While all this was going on, Harry was in fits about what Ron had done.
Although he never knew the spell had missed at the time, the sudden movement
by both Ron, then Narcissa Malfoy revealed the folly of Ron's poor aiming.
Harry realized that Hermione had remained unchanged and even though Ron was
not getting exactly what he wanted, Harry knew he'd be getting everything he
needed. An added bonus would be the fact that Ron would be fucking that
snobby bitch, right under the nose of both her husband and brat of a son.

"What are you laughing at?" whispered Hermione after realizing Harry was in

"Nothing. Nothing at all" Harry responded with a smile still plastered on his

"WHA--" started Ron as he watched Narcissa Malfoy undress herself in only
seconds. He was ready to perform the counter-spell but was interrupted before
he had a chance. To his utter amazement, she wasn't wearing a bra or panties
underneath her dress and as Ron watched, he realized she didn't need them.

"Give me that!" she responded, pointing at Ron's still hard cock.

Ron's eyes were wide open in both shock and arousal as he took a closer look
at how trim and fit Narcissa Malfoy was. Her body was like a tight teenagers,
her ass looked as if it had been sculpted from stone, and her breasts were
perfectly sized and still firm. Ron looked up and down at her body, finally
focusing on her pussy, which was trimmed into a tiny little strip, a runway
for Ron's throbbing cock. Like her hair, her tiny strip was silver, gleaming
in the restroom candle.

"We'll get to that soon enough" Narcissa said sexily as she watched Ron
goggle her neatly trimmed pussy.

Ron simply nodded his head as Narcissa took hold of his manhood, stroking it
slowly as she got onto her knees and prepared herself to engulf it.

After a few hard tugs, Narcissa opened her mouth and welcomed Ron's engorged
penis into her hot slick mouth. With one hand still on his shaft, she ran her
mouth back and forth over Ron's now moist cock, eliciting moans from the
fourteen year old wizard. As she stroked and sucked off Ron, Narcissa used
her other hand to prepare herself for the eventual main course. She began to
rub her tight clit back and forth in rhythm with her head bobbing back and

"Dammit" Ron grunted, as the pressure building in his loins was too much. He
felt himself spray several large loads of his creamy semen, directly into the
still bobbing mouth of Narcissa Malfoy.

Not even hesitating for an instant, she continued to bob her head back and
forth, gulping down a healthy load of Ron's cum. She was multi-tasking with
the best of them at this point, still stroking and sucking Ron's cock while
she continued to rub her own pussy and swallow the large amount of cum being
shot down her throat.

Ron, still turned on by the sight in front of him, remained as hard as ever
as he watched Narcissa work his cock over even harder. As Ron watched her
silver head streak back and forth, he wondered how freaky she was in bed with
Mr. Malfoy.

"It's time!" Narcissa commanded after pulling her mouth of Ron's cock,
removing her hand from her pussy. Narcissa guided Ron onto his back, right
before she straddled his waist, took hold of his cock and in one motion, sat
directly onto it, impaling her juicy cunt with Ron's saliva and cum soaked

"Ahhh!" grunted Ron as his cock slid into Narcissa with little effort. By
this point, Ron knew that she must be a huge slut at home; her pussy wasn't
as tight as he first believed but this mattered little to Ron, as the simple
sensation of Narcissa bouncing up and down on his cock was almost too much to

Narcissa, and experienced sexual player, had taken hold of the restroom
counter, she was now using it as a way to lift and drop herself onto Ron's

Taking the initiative, and wanting to please Narcissa in some way, Ron used
both his hands to grab hold of her jiggling tits. Soft and supple was the
only way Ron could describe her beautiful breasts; he continued to massage
them, making Narcissa moan a little louder.

Approaching her own orgasm, Narcissa didn't even warn an unsuspecting Ron as
her entire body shook, releasing a hot liquid from her pussy, all over Ron's
cock and waist.

It felt amazing to Ron; the sensation of it rolling down his cock and
dripping onto his waist was almost orgasmic in itself. Ron however, wanted
this to last as long as possible, and as Narcissa's orgasm finally ended, he
was delighted to see her continue to bounce up and down on his cock.

By this point, Ron was very aware of the time. It had been over fifteen
minutes since he and Narcissa had entered the restroom, and he could
distinctly hear Ludo Bagman beginning to speak to the stadium. Because of
this Ron felt a certain urgency as he began to thrust his hips upwards into
Narcissa's clutching pussy. The sensation was so immediate, he had no time to
either warn Narcissa or pull his cock out of her. He knew what could happen
if he ejaculated into Narcissa's womb, but by this point, he cared little for
the smug bitch that was riding his cock as hard as she could.

"Unghhhh!" grunted Ron fairly loudly, pumping out a second healthy load of
his potent seed, this time into the slick clutching pussy of Narcissa Malfoy.
Ron fired off five adult sized loads of his cum into Narcissa as she
continued to bounce up and down on his softening cock. Ron could feel her
pussy squeezing every last drop out of six inch cock.

Narcissa was a little taken aback at the feeling of someone like Ronald
Weasley pumping her full of cum, but for some reason, she couldn't help but
enjoy herself as Ron finally finished. Her attraction to the poverty stricken
Weasley had completely taken her over and all she could think of was to
continue fucking him as hard as she could.

Ron soon realized that a problem was arising. Narcissa's attraction to him
was only increasing and soon, she'd surely fuck him to death. Acting quickly
he grabbed his wand that had fallen to the floor and said "Attraculoff", as
he pointed his wand at Narcissa and performed the necessary wand movements.
Narcissa slumped off Ron's softening cock and fell onto her face with her ass
sticking up into the air. Ron realized that the counter-spell must
momentarily knock the intended target out, leaving time for the spell caster
to escape. Ron thought about cleaning her up and dressing her in order to
avoid any possible suspicion, but after watching his cum leak out of her
pussy and onto the floor, he thought it would be far more fitting to let her
wake; alone, naked, and full of cum. She'd never remember who she had sex
with and would therefore never tell anybody. Ron felt that this was a perfect
way to get back at the entire Malfoy family knocking them down a notch for
what Draco said about Hermione. Plus, he thought, who knows what that creamy
load of sperm in her pussy may lead to; there may be a miniature Ron Weasley
baking in her oven. What could embarrass the entire Malfoy family more than a
red-headed son or daughter popping out of Narcissa in nine months time.

Ron cleaned himself up quickly, got dressed and quietly left the restroom. No
one saw him leave and before taking his seat, he stepped out of the top box
for a minute before re-entering, giving himself an excuse to where he had
been. Nobody knew when he returned to his seat, that he had been in the
restroom with Mrs. Malfoy, except of course Harry.

Harry looked over at Ron as they both started to giggle at what had just

As the match finally began, Narcissa Malfoy, fully cleaned and dressed,
exited the restroom and took her seat beside her husband and son. She had red
cheeks and was sweating a little, but other than that, nobody realized that
she had just been violated.

Both Ron and Harry took a few quick furtive glances at Mrs. Malfoy as the
match got under way, giggling as she continued to look a little confused and

Draco had been watching both Harry and Ron since Ron and his mother's
disappearance, and he knew something was up, but decided not to say anything
until he knew what had happened.

"Why are you sweating, and what's that white stain" Lucius Malfoy asked his
wife as he pointed to the lower part of her dress. Lucius looked livid as he
mumbled about appearances in front of such important witches and wizards,
glancing down at Cornelius Fudge.

Harry and Ron nearly broke out laughing as Narcissa made some crackpot excuse
for the sweat and the stain.

The match turned out to be one to remember, for more than one reason and even
though both Harry and Ron missed their intended target, they knew they'd get
their opportunity when they returned back to the Burrow and Hermione would be
all alone.


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