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Harry Potter:
Harry Potter And The Spellbook Of Desires Part 7 - The Restricted Section
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Draco Malfoy had just caused the entire Weasley family the greatest amount of
embarrassment possible; after Ginny was fucked by three fellow Gryffindor
students, the entire Weasley family was sharing the embarrassment of having a
whore in the family. Malfoy's plan had been complex, daring, and a complete
success. The only problem was, Malfoy had felt a pang of guilt and attraction
after putting Ginny in such a compromising situation. Malfoy had escaped with
Pansy and the Spellbook of Desires under his invisibility cloak without
anyone ever knowing that it was his doing that had led to Ginny and the
Weasley family being embarrassed in front of the entire Gryffindor House.
Harry, Dean and Seamus were now all sleeping off their exploits, unaware of
what they had done and to whom they had done it to. Ginny on the other hand,
had been carried back up to her room by a number of Gryffindor girls with a
pussy full of Harry's hot sticky cum.

"I better go get a pregnancy potion from Madam Pomfrey ... I'm sure Ginny
doesn't want to get pregnant" Hermione said to the other girls, as she left
the room and made her way to the hospital ward. Hermione had been both
disgusted and turned on by the compromised situation she had been found Ginny
in. After Hermione's deflowering by Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle, she had been
experiencing certain sexual urges that she could hardly control, and the
sight of Harry pumping his cock in and out of Ginny's wet pussy had really
turned her on.

"Ummm ... Madam Pomfrey ... I need a pregnancy potion for a friend of mine"
Hermione said, trying not to hide her obvious embarrassment of the situation.

"Certainly Ms. Granger ... but if you or your friend needs to talk about it,
you need to come and see me" recited Madam Pomfrey, obviously concerned that
either Hermione or one of her friends were already sexually active. She would
have told her to use protection, but because using muggle created
contraceptives was illegal and any sexual activity forbidden at school, she
thought it best not to ask anymore questions.

"Thanks Madam Pomfrey!" said Hermione, as she was given the potion.

"Wait Ms. Granger ... that potion has to be taken within the first twelve
hours or it will be rendered useless" said Madam Pomfrey, concerned for
Hermione and her friend. "These aren't easy to make either Ms. Granger, I've
only got four more to last the entire year ... please be more careful next

Hermione left the ward a little peeved that she had gotten a lecture for
something she hadn't even done. Hermione ran back to the Gryffindor common
room and up into Ginny's dormitory to find her still unconscious. She tipped
the small vial of potion into her open mouth and made her swallow it;
averting the possibility of pregnancy and dealing with the situation in short
order. She now had bigger fish to fry as she left the room again, thinking
about what had just happened and who could have caused it. Harry and the
other boys may be perverts, but she couldn't believe that Ginny acted with

"Malfoy!" whispered Hermione to herself, as she walked down the girls
dormitory's stairs and made her way into the common room. He had obviously
used Harry's sex book and she knew either herself or any of her friends were
prime targets for Malfoy and his new favorite book. As much as she hated the
idea, she knew that she needed either Harry or Ron's help to deal with Malfoy
and his book, and because Harry was unconscious and of little value to her at
the moment, Ron was her only chance.

"Where's Ron?" Hermione asked Fred and George, who were in the corner, trying
to keep to themselves, obviously embarrassed by Ginny's actions.

"I don't know ... he probably committed suicide ... something we've been
thinking about doing since Ginny's little exhibition" Fred and George said

"It wasn't Ginny's fault ... it was Malfoy's ... him and that book of his"
Hermione replied, unaware she was speaking aloud, just before leaving the
twins and making her way out the portrait.

"Book!" whispered George and Fred together, excited at the prospect of
getting the Spellbook of Desires back under their watchful eyes.

While Fred and George thought up ways of getting their hands on the Spellbook
of Desires, Hermione was busy making her way down to Hagrid's hut, believing
that if Ron really wanted to hide from any embarrassment, he'd make his way
there. Before making her way down to Hagrid's hut however, she knew she had
to go to the library and seek out any kind of defense against Malfoy's book.
It was her only way to defend herself against a sure attack from Malfoy, and
she knew the best way to find a defense was to scour the restricted section
of the library. After finally making it down to the library and finding her
way to the restricted section, she was stopped by Madam Pince before she
could enter.

"What do you think you're doing Ms. Granger?" asked an angry Madam Pince, as
she blocked the way. "You know you're not allowed in that section as a fourth

"Yes of course" replied Hermione, before running out the library and back up
to the seventh floor and the Gryffindor common room. She needed a way into
the section, and Harry's invisibility cloak was her only way past Madam
Pince. After looking through Harry's trunk and finally finding it, Hermione
ran back down to the library on the fourth floor. She threw on the
invisibility cloak and ran back into the library; determined to get past the
librarian and find a defense against Malfoy's book.

Hermione was so determined on her task, she had no idea that she was being
followed by Malfoy himself, who although tired from a long night, was
interested in what Hermione was doing. He realized that she knew about the
book and could have pieced together what he had done to Ginny. With his
invisibility cloak still on, he followed Hermione to the entrance of the
library, where she covered herself with the invisibility cloak. Knowing that
she intended to go into the library, Malfoy followed her in and did his best
to listen to the swishing of her cloak to follow her. In the corner of his
eye, he saw the chain blocking off the restricted section move. Armed with
this information, he jumped over the chain and silently looked around for
Hermione. The restricted section was quite large, and as he walked up and
down the aisles, he could see a hand floating in the air and picking out
books. Malfoy waited and watched, hoping to find an opportunity to use the
Spellbook of Desires, which he still had tucked under his arm.

Hermione was looking at any book that had any relevance to sexual spells;
there were many, but few showed any defense against the spells Malfoy had

Malfoy watched intently; he now knew that Hermione was looking for a way to
counteract his spells and potions. Not wanting Hermione to find a way to
defend against his sexual spells, Malfoy decided to pick a spell to help
illustrate the futility of defending against the book's various spells and
potions, and also to make her forget about what she was looking for. Malfoy
quietly opened the book under his cloak and looked for the best and simplest
spell. As Hermione continued to pour through several books, Malfoy finally
found a suitable spell.

The spell read:

A most efficient and long-lasting spell, which permanently links the use of
two words to the intended target's sexual inhibitions. Once the spell is cast
and a word attached to the target, they will forever be slave to whoever
speaks the word to the target. Once spoken aloud to the target, they will be
slave to speaker's sexual desires until a safe word is spoken, erasing all
memory of the events between the utterance of the two words and placing the
target in a deep sleep for ten minutes to allow for a clean getaway. Warning!
This spell is permanent; the two words attached to intended target will
forever be attached to their sexual inhibitions!

The spell was only a few wand movements with the utterance of Capitulous,
preceded and followed by the two permanent linking words.

Just as Hermione was closing in on a possible defense against Malfoy's book,
Malfoy lifted his cloak and before Hermione could see him, cast the spell
saying "Mudblood-Capitulous-Muggle", after waving his wand at Hermione. A
bright red light struck Hermione in her chest and as she looked to where the
light had come from, she heard something said aloud.

"Mudblood" whispered Malfoy, before she saw who had cast the spell.
Hermione's demeanor changed immediately, as her eyes misted over and an
expression of lust formed on her face. She was clearly ready to do whatever
her master told her to do, as she dropped the book she was holding and threw
off Harry's invisibility cloak so her sexual master could see her.

Hermione had only one thing on her mind as she approached Malfoy. Hermione's
gaze quickly fell to Malfoy's crotch, which to her excitement, was already
expanding to accommodate his hardening cock.

Malfoy had had Hermione once against her will, now he was poised to have her
again as a willing participant. As Hermione got on her knees and began to
remove his buckle, Malfoy couldn't help but reminisce about their past
encounter on the train. Malfoy felt his buckle loosen and heard it fall to
the ground before he felt Hermione pull down his pants and underwear,
releasing Malfoy's seven inch cock. Malfoy could tell that all Hermione
wanted to do was suck on his dick, but she waited dutifully for her master to
give her the go ahead.

"Suck on it bitch ... and be quiet about it!" said Malfoy quietly, not
wanting the librarian to hear them going at it. Hermione took very little
time to slide Malfoy's cock into her hot wet mouth. Malfoy moaned at the
sensation of having his cock enter into Hermione's slick mouth. Malfoy nearly
blew his load right then and there, but he was intent on having another
opportunity at fucking her sweet pussy. In order to do this, Malfoy began
removing her clothes while Hermione continued to bob her head back and forth,
nearly engulfing his entire shaft with each stroke. Soon she was using her
hands and fingers to massage Malfoy's balls while he tried to take off
Hermione's top. Frustrated at not being able to remove her shirt easily,
Malfoy decided to take the simple approach, tearing her tight fitting pink
shirt off her body and throwing it aside before doing the same with the skirt
she was wearing. Malfoy nearly came again at the sight of Hermione's
fantastic body in her tight bra and panties, but was quickly disappointed
when he realized she was wearing plain old white cotton panties and nothing

"Well that just won't do" said Malfoy, as he leaned over Hermione and tore
off her tight cotton panties with a single pull. Malfoy could distinctly hear
Hermione moan like a little whore when he had yanked and tore her panties off
of her. Malfoy then quickly tore off her bra with a single pull, revealing
her small firm breasts and her tiny rosy nipples which were already rock

"Stand up slut" ordered Malfoy, who couldn't take another minute of Hermione
sucking on his cock without cumming.

Hermione stood up dutifully, revealing her perfect breasts and a tight pussy
that had been trimmed into a little strip of fuzzy brown pubic hair.

"Fuck! I forgot how hot you were ... and I see you've made a little addition
to your sweet little cunt" Malfoy said, excited at what he was seeing. "Now
turn around and let me take a look at that tight ass of yours" finished
Malfoy, stroking his cock to the sight of her.

Hermione again followed Malfoy's orders, enjoying the attention she was
receiving and the reaction she was getting out of her master. Hermione slowly
turned around as Malfoy's hand pumped his shaft faster and faster. To
Malfoy's exhilaration, Hermione's back end was even better then her front as
his eyes locked onto her luscious but tight looking round ass. Malfoy nearly
came again after taking a little initiative; Hermione started wiggling her
ass at Malfoy to see if she could get a little more praise from him.

"Ohh my god! Bend that sweet ass over right now!" commanded Malfoy, who had
stopped stroking himself off in order not to blow his load. Malfoy watched in
anticipation as Hermione slowly bent over and presented her tight round ass
to Malfoy. For all the name calling and persecution of Hermione because of
her heritage, Malfoy couldn't help but admit to how much he wanted the hot
little Mudblood at this point. Malfoy pulled off his own sweater and shirt
before getting on his own knees and sticking his face in her pussy. Malfoy
stuck his long tongue as deep into her pussy as possible as his hands found
her waist and held Hermione still while he continued to eat her out.

"Mmmm ... mmmm!" moaned Hermione, as she felt Malfoy's tongue pierce her
deeply. Hermione could feel Malfoy's hand massaging her ass just before
giving her ass a quick smack to entice her further. "Ungghhh!" groaned
Hermione as Malfoy gave her another smack for pleasure's sake.

Malfoy continued giving her a hard tongue fucking for ten more minutes before
Hermione approached her orgasm. Her pussy quivered as she moaned out in
orgasmic pleasure and bathed Malfoy's tongue in her sweet juices. Malfoy
lapped up her juices as she continued to shutter, nearly collapsing.

"Mudblood! I didn't say you could cum!" roared Malfoy angrily; as he stood up
and made her bend farther over. He lifted one of his hands and slapped her
ass as hard as he could. Hermione groaned in pain again and before he smacked
her again, he stopped in midair, cautious about the level of noise they were

Malfoy made Hermione stand up before forcing her leg up onto one of the
shelves so her pussy was wide open and completely exposed to him. He gave his
cock a quick rub before he guided it towards her wet slit. Hermione looked
back at Malfoy and gave him a sexy smile before she felt him guide his seven
inch shaft into her tight pussy. Malfoy had fucked Hermione before, but she
was still as tight as she was when he had taken her virginity on the train.
But unlike the train, Hermione wasn't resisting Malfoy's advances; in fact
she was spurring him on by taking one of his hands and guiding it to one of
her firm breasts. Malfoy, glad that his dutiful whore was taking a little
sexual initiative, obliged her slutty advances and took hold of her breast
and massaged it while he continued to force more and more of his cock into
Hermione's tight cunt.

"Mmmmmm!" moaned Hermione, as the dual sensation of Malfoy both massaging her
tit and thrusting his cock into her, made her cum for the second time that
morning. The extra lubrication was just what Malfoy needed as he thrust the
rest of his seven inches into her with her still cumming. "Ohhhh Draco ...
You're so big!" cried Hermione, as Malfoy bent over her and kissed her neck.
Hermione kissed him on the lips as Malfoy started to twist her nipple.

"I'm gonna fuck this sweet pussy every chance I get ... you're so hot!"
whispered Malfoy into Hermione's ear, just before kissing her again. After
five minutes of slowly sliding his shaft in an out of Hermione's wet pussy,
Malfoy started to pick up his rhythm; slamming his cock into her with as much
ferocity as he could muster. His cock was moving in and out of her so fast
that his balls were smacking against her pussy with each thrust. The
sensation of having his balls smack against her pussy with each thrust was
quickly draining whatever stamina Malfoy had left and after another five
minutes of furious fucking and another huge orgasm from Hermione, Malfoy was
ready to explode.

"Ohhhh god! I'm gonna fucking cum baby!" groaned Draco into Hermione's ear,
as his pace quickened in anticipation of a sticky end.

"Fill me up baby ... I want your cum inside me Draco ... Fill my dirty
Mudblood pussy full of your hot seed!" whispered Hermione sexily, right back
at Malfoy, whose face was straining with the need to cum.

"UNGHHHHHH!" grunted Malfoy, as Hermione's sexy and slutty words were more
than enough to push him over the edge and begin to fill Hermione's tight
pussy full of his potent seed. It was the largest orgasm of Malfoy's life;
his desire to plant his seed deep in the young witch had produced almost a
gallon of cum, all deposited into Hermione's womb.

"Mmmmmm!" moaned Hermione, as she felt her pussy being filled to the brim
with Malfoy's hot sticky cum. The sensation of her womb filling with his cum
was more than enough to put her over the edge for the fourth time, adding her
sticky mess to Malfoy's.

Malfoy pulled out of Hermione in a hurry after releasing her nipple. A rush
of both Malfoy's hot cum and Hermione's sticky juices rushed out of her tight
pussy. There was simply not enough room to hold all that cum. Hermione's leg
remained in place, as she let the accumulated semen leak out of her pussy and
run down her long slender legs.

"Thanks Mudblood ... I'll be sure to do this again" said Malfoy, watching his
cum pour out of her teen pussy. "Muggle" said Malfoy, after watching her for
another couple of minutes. Hermione went limp and collapsed onto the floor
beside all the books she had removed from the shelves. Malfoy took every book
Hermione had removed to look for a counter-spell and put them under his arm
along with his own Spellbook of Desires and Hermione's clothes. He then put
on his invisibility cloak and left Hermione lying on her stomach with a pool
of his cum forming underneath her pussy. Malfoy cared little if Hermione were
to get pregnant; there would be no way to prove that he was the father if she
did, and even if she could, he'd find some way out of it. He would have taken
her invisibility cloak from her, but he wasn't able to find it; the cloak
must have landed on the ground and remained invisible. He only took her
clothes because he wanted to make sure she had nothing to wear when she awoke
and had to leave the library.

Hermione awoke ten minutes after Malfoy had left, unaware what had happened
and why she was naked. She looked down at her pussy and realized that there
was cum still leaking out of her and a pool of it which had formed underneath

"Malfoy!" cried Hermione, realizing what he must have done to her. She looked
around for her clothes and the books she had taken out, but she was unable to
see them. Horrified that she'd have to run back to Gryffindor tower naked,
Hermione frantically searched the floor for the invisibility cloak, hoping
that Malfoy hadn't found it. To her pleasure, Hermione found the invisibility
right side up before she picked it up and put it over her naked body. She
left the library quietly after using her wand to clean up the mess she had
left in the restricted section.

"I'd better go get another pregnancy potion ... Madam Pomfrey won't be
happy!" Hermione said to herself as she left the library and made her way to
the hospital wing to get another pregnancy potion for the second time that
morning, cursing Malfoy's name the entire way there.


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