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Harry Potter:
Harry Potter And The Spellbook Of Desires Part 9 - Good Counseling
by Avatrek ([email protected])

As Ginny lay in her room; full of her twin brother's cum, Hermione was under
the close eye of Madam Pomfrey, who was taking her to get some much needed
life counseling. Hermione had been to see Madam Pomfrey twice that morning,
both for vials of pregnancy potion. Madam Pomfrey, concerned for the young
teenage girl, felt it was her duty to help Hermione with her obvious
addiction to sex, not knowing the circumstances around both Hermione and
Ginny's sexual deviancy. Hermione had only needed one of the vials; the other
one had been for Ginny after her pussy was filled with Harry's potent seed.

Ginny awoke ten minutes after being stuffed full of the twin's sticky cum,
knowing exactly what she had done, but unsure of why she had did it. She knew
she had enjoyed the intense double fucking she had received from two
different groups of boys, especially the creamy ending. She also knew that
that creamy ending was dangerous; something which Ginny knew could easily get
her pregnant. Ginny knew she'd have to see Madam Pomfrey as soon as she was
feeling up to it, but for the moment, she was content to lie naked under her
sheets and enjoy the unique sensation of having her ass and pussy full of her
brothers' cum.

As Ginny lay content in her bed, Hermione was extremely embarrassed, as she
was being led by the concerned Madam Pomfrey over to Professor Minerva
McGonagall's office on the same floor. Madam Pomfrey knew the best way to
help Hermione deal with her addiction to sex, was for Professor McGonagall to
confront her and help guide her through the rigors of sexual relationships.
Hermione followed Madam Pomfrey to Professor McGonagall's office, embarrassed
not only because she was about to counseled about sex by the head of her
house, but also because everyone she passed was still staring at her
unbelievably slutty clothes. Without any panties or bra, both her pussy and
breasts were often in plain view of the entire school as she walked along the
hallway. Madam Pomfrey had seen this and decided it was best to embarrass
Hermione as much as possible in order to break her of her smutty lifestyle.

"Oh no ... it looks like Minerva's out for the weekend" cried Madam Pomfrey
as she looked at the note posted on Professor McGonagall's office door.

It read:

Please see Professor Dumbledore for any administrative or student issues. I
will be away for the weekend and will not be back until Monday. Thank you

Minerva McGonagall

"I guess we're going to have to see Professor Dumbledore if we're going to
solve this little problem" said Madam Pomfrey, as she made to guide Hermione
to Professor Dumbledore's office.

"No ... Not him ... Please ... I don't want to talk to him about sex!" cried
Hermione in protest.

"I'm sorry Ms. Granger, but Professor Dumbledore is more than qualified and
this is too serious to wait until Monday!" replied Madam Pomfrey sternly,
taking Hermione by the wrist, and guiding her towards Professor Dumbledore's
office. Hermione had no choice but to follow Madam Pomfrey, even though she
was extremely nervous about explaining her apparent slutty behavior and
clothing to the Headmaster of Hogwarts. Hermione had to do even more covering
up as she climbed her way up to the seventh floor, where the entrance to
Professor Dumbledore's office was located. It was a long climb, and many of
her fellow male students either followed her closely up the stairs, watching
her skirt flap up and down, getting a great view of her ass, or they simply
laughed and pointed. After several minutes of intense embarrassment, Hermione
and Madam Pomfrey found themselves staring at the gargoyle blocking the
entrance of the Headmaster's office.

"Bertie Bott Beans" whispered Madam Pomfrey to the gargoyle. The gargoyle
reacted, opening up a small staircase for the two women. Hermione followed
Madam Pomfrey up the stairs and into the waiting room just outside Professor
Dumbledore's main office. Hermione was so nervous; her cheeks were beat red
and she was sweating. The only thing that did for her was to make her perfect
body glisten in the candlelight, making her appear even hotter.

"Knock ...Knock ... Knock!" wrapped Madam Pomfrey, waiting for a response
from Professor Dumbledore to enter.

"Enter" commanded a voice from deep within the office. Madam Pomfrey led
Hermione into the office, and right up to Professor Dumbledore's desk.
Dumbledore was reading an article out of the Daily Prophet and only looked up
when he noticed Hermione trailing Madam Pomfrey in clothes he couldn't
believe. Hermione looked around Dumbledore's office, as she waited for
Dumbledore to say something. She noticed that every painting of the previous
headmasters were all sleeping, or at least pretending to be asleep.

"Madam Pomfrey ... Ms. Granger ... How can I help you this morning" said
Dumbledore, clearly eyeing Hermione's outrageously hot little outfit.

"As you can see Headmaster, Ms. Granger is in need of some counseling and
since Minerva is away until Monday, I thought it was best to nip it in the
butt immediately" said Madam Pomfrey sternly. Hermione looked down in
embarrassment, just as Dumbledore took a quick look at how short her skirt

"Well ... Leave her with me and everything will be worked out ... Thank you
Poppy!" Dumbledore said politely. Madam Pomfrey smiled and left Hermione and
Dumbledore to deal with her slutty behavior. As Madam Pomfrey left the
office, Dumbledore asked Hermione to politely sit on the chair opposite of
him. Hermione sat down, quickly revealing her trimmed and tight pussy for the
slightest moment. Hermione covered up as quickly as she could, crossing her
legs as fast as she could, but not before Dumbledore got a good view of her

"Hmmmm" mumbled Dumbledore, obviously both interested and impressed by the
young teenager. His gaze traveled from her long legs up to her gorgeous firm
breasts, covered by the thinnest of materials.

"Well Ms. Granger, do you have anything to say before we begin?" asked
Dumbledore, interested in the reason behind her smutty appearance. Hermione
had always been uptight and respectable; her new behavior both vexed and
turned him on.

"It's not my fault ..." Hermione started as she explained how she had been
somehow bewitched to become someone's sexual slave and although she had no
tangible proof, all signs pointed to Draco Malfoy and a sex book he had
found. She left out her little sexual escapade on the train and any
involvement of her friends, even though they had intended to use the book on
her. Dumbledore listened to every word intently, clearly interested in the
book and its various effects. As he listened, Hermione couldn't help but
notice Dumbledore checking her out while she spoke.

Hermione finished her long winded explanation, ending with the reasons behind
why she thought Malfoy had used the book on her, "He's always calling me
names like Mudblood ..." finished Hermione, obviously distressed.

"Unfortunately Ms. Granger, there's little evidence of Mr. Malfoy's
involvement and even though I detest foul language like the word Mudblood, I
can do very little-" continued Dumbledore until he saw Hermione's reaction to
his saying Mudblood. Hermione's eyes had misted over at the word and her
demeanor had changed immediately. Hermione stood up and tore off her tube top
in seconds, revealing her perfect firm breasts, wasting no time at all to
show off her delectable goods. Instead of tearing off her skirt next, she
left it on as she turned around and bent herself over the chair, exposing her
naked and luscious ass to Dumbledore, who although extremely old, felt a
twinge in his privates.

"I've been a very bad girl Professor, and I need to be spanked!" Hermione
said, in her sexiest voice. Hermione's actions were completely controlled by
the power of the spell linked to her. The utterance of the word Mudblood
triggered this side of Hermione, making her a sexual slave to whatever
Dumbledore wanted, until the word muggle was spoken out loud.

"Ms. Granger ... What's come over you?" asked an excited Dumbledore, a little
confused at her actions. Dumbledore quickly deduced the cause of Hermione's
slutty actions, realizing that the word Mudblood had set her off. He knew
that there had to be a word that would turn her off, but before he could
continue his train of thought, he watched as Hermione started spanking
herself and urging him to join in. Dumbledore's common sense told him to find
a way to incapacitate Hermione and find a way to help the young student, but
the urge to get up behind her and give her a hard spanking was irresistible
to him.

"Come on Professor ... I know you want to!" moaned Hermione in her sweet
innocent voice.

Dumbledore, unable to resist an opportunity to get his old rocks off, decided
to take the horny witch up on her offer. He stood up and walked around his
desk, not once taking his eyes off her gorgeous and round white ass.
Dumbledore still hadn't been able to get it up, but he knew, with a little
spanking, he'd get some kind of reaction out of his soft cock. He stepped up
behind Hermione, who by this point was wiggling her ass in anticipation.
Dumbledore flipped her short skirt up a little higher before getting a quick
grope in; squeezing Hermione's ass to get things started.

"That's good Ms. Granger ... Very good!" Dumbledore said before lifting up
his hand and giving her ass a hard smack.

"Ummmmm!" moaned Hermione, enjoying the sensation of Dumbledore punishing her
naughty ass. `Harder!' screamed Hermione, really getting into it. Dumbledore
obliged Hermione's request, smacking her ass even harder the second time.
Dumbledore continued to spank Hermione for the next five minutes, until both
her ass cheeks were a rosy red.

"God I need some cock!" groaned Hermione, turning around to get a nice look
at Dumbledore's crotch, which to her disappointment, was still soft. "Need a
little help getting it up I see" continued Hermione, as she got onto her
knees in front of Dumbledore.

Dumbledore pulled off his robe in anticipation for Hermione's hot wet mouth.
All he was wearing underneath was a shirt and a pair of colorful boxers.
Hermione took hold of his boxers and yanked them down to get his first look
at Dumbledore's old wrinkled cock and sagging balls.

"Mmmmm!" moaned Hermione, clearly hot for some cock, even if it was soft and
saggy. She took hold of Dumbledore's soft wrinkled cock, rubbing it as hard
and fast as she could, while she used her other hand to fondle his saggy
balls. Hermione opened her mouth and started engulfing Dumbledore's soft
cock, hoping to get some kind of rise out him. After five minutes of both
rubbing and sucking him off, Dumbledore finally got a hard-on, showing off a
magnificent eight inch cock. Hermione's eyes lit up as she felt his cock
expand in her mouth. She was extremely glad that Dumbledore had finally been
able to get it up.

"About time ... Most guys get hard from just seeing me!" Hermione berated the
old man, before bending over the chair again and giving her ass another hard
slap, clearly taunting the now hard Dumbledore to give her a good fucking.
Before Dumbledore stepped up to he plate however, Hermione could have sworn
she saw one of the portraits on the wall open their eyes and watch Hermione
slap her tight ass.

Dumbledore was sweating and panting already; the effort to get it up had
nearly given him a heart attack. The thought of slamming his cock into the
young witch was enticing, but if he didn't catch his breath, he'd die of
exhaustion. The problem with this however, was if he waited to long to fuck
Hermione's sweet pussy, he may get soft again. On the basis of these facts,
Dumbledore decided that he'd better chance it and fuck her; because he knew
he may never get another opportunity like the one that was presented in front
of him. Hermione wiggled her ass again in anticipation, as Dumbledore caught
his breath and took hold of his cock, guiding its tip towards her wet
entrance. Dumbledore used his other hand to take hold of Hermione's waist and
steady her for penetration by Dumbledore's now fully hard eight inch cock.

"Unghhhhh!" grunted Dumbledore, forcing the tip of his long cock into
Hermione's wet slit. Hermione, already fairly loose from Draco's hard
pounding, accepted Dumbledore's cock with relative ease. Her face lit up with
satisfaction as she felt Dumbledore's cock begin to slide into her wet box,
clearly enjoying the sensation of having another cock in her. Dumbledore on
the other hand, was strained at trying to force his cock into Hermione's
tight box. He had never fucked such a young and hot pussy, and the sensation
of trying to force his big cock into her, nearly made him pass out. Not
wanting to miss the best part however, Dumbledore held on, pushing his cock
further into Hermione, until he finally bottomed out, mashing his hips up
against her ass. He held his cock deep in Hermione as she started to grind
her hips against his in an effort to please her sexual master further.
Dumbledore nearly came at the sensation of having Hermione wiggle her ass
into his waist, but instead, pulled out of her slightly before pushing back

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me like the whore that I am!" screamed Hermione, clearly
turned on by Dumbledore moving his cock in an out of her wet pussy.
Dumbledore took this as a sign to work harder in pleasing his young skank;
now moving one of his hands towards Hermione's rosy pink nipples and twisting
them to pleasure her. Hermione reacted again, enjoying the sensation of
Dumbledore playing with her small sensitive nipples. As he played with her
nipples, Dumbledore continued to move his cock in an out of Hermione until he
was sliding it in an out of her with ease. He was nearly out of breath as he
continued to fuck her, but he knew he had to hold on until both he and
Hermione were completely satisfied.

"Come on old man, give it to me hard!" shouted Hermione, really getting into
having her pussy fucked by the Headmaster of Hogwarts. Hermione started to
slam her ass backwards into Dumbledore's own thrusts. The feeling of having
her nipple twisted and pussy violated harder and faster by Dumbledore, caused
Hermione to go through an intense orgasm. Hermione's pussy quivered and she
began spasming out of control as Dumbledore continued to pound her harder. He
didn't even slow up as his balls slapped against her ass and her juices began
to run down both his and Hermione's legs.

"Your turn!" cried Hermione, after coming down from her orgasm. Hermione's
tantalizing words and intense orgasm were just enough to push Dumbledore over
the edge, as he began to pant in anticipation of cumming.

"I'm cumming Ms. Granger" grunted Dumbledore, clearly preparing to dump his
massive load of cum.

"Fucking cum on my sexy ass!" screamed Hermione, ready to receive a bucket
full of hot cum on her tight teen ass.

"Unghhhhhh!" grunted Dumbledore in exhaustion, as he pulled his cock out of
Hermione's tight pussy just in time to spill a consider load of his hot
sticky semen on her glistening ass. Dumbledore fired an astounding five thick
streams of his sticky cum on her ass before falling to the ground; satisfied
and nearly dead from exhaustion.

Hermione was satisfied with her little fuck session with the headmaster, but
because she hadn't heard the magic word of muggle, she remained in her slutty
demeanor. After scooping the cum off her ass and licking her fingers clean,
Hermione tried to get Dumbledore hard again by playing with his now soft
cock, just so she could have another exhilarating ride on it. Unfortunately,
Dumbledore was now exhausted and spent, and there was nothing she could do to
change that.

"I think you killed him young Miss" said a mysterious voice from the wall of
portraits. Hermione looked up for the briefest seconds to see where it came
from, but quickly returned to trying to get her sexual master's cock hard

"I'm not dead yet Phineas" replied Dumbledore, with his eyes still shut,
reveling in the aftermath of having his way with the young witch. Dumbledore
was lying there, wondering how anybody in their right mind could ever be mean
to such a gorgeous beauty. As Hermione continued to play with his soft cock
Dumbledore said, "I wonder Ms. Granger ... How anyone in their right mind
could ever call you such names for being a muggle-born."

As soon as Dumbledore finished his sentence and said the word muggle;
Hermione swayed above Dumbledore's waist before she tumbled to the ground,
unconscious and unaware of what had happened to her during her little
encounter with the Headmaster. Dumbledore, initially concerned with
Hermione's well-being, got up and got dressed, readying himself to call on
Madam Pomfrey. Before he did however, Dumbledore deduced that her sexual
deviancy had stopped immediately after saying the words muggle-born. Like the
word Mudblood; muggle or born must trigger her to normality. Dumbledore also
reconsidered calling Madam Pomfrey; if she was to see Hermione's compromising
position, she would certainly report it to the Ministry and he may be fired
or even sent to Azkaban.

"Reparo" said Dumbledore, waving his wand at Hermione's torn tube top,
repairing it and pulling it back over her body; covering her firm tits.
Dumbledore got in a good squeeze before pulling her skirt back down over her
ass and resuming his seat behind his desk, where he waved his wand and said,
"Enervate," waking Hermione with a start.

"What ... what's going on?" moaned Hermione, realizing that she had been
unconscious on the ground. She had an odd taste in her mouth, but for the
most part, was perfectly fine.

"You slipped, hit your head, and fell unconscious Ms. Granger" Dumbledore
lied, remaining calm, and looking as if Hermione had just been knocked
unconscious and woken seconds later.

"Oh ... Sorry ... Umm ... I'm not really feeling well ... Do you think I
could just talk to Professor McGonagall on Monday?" asked an embarrassed

"Sure thing Ms. Granger ... Have a safe weekend!" said Dumbledore, pleased
that Hermione wasn't suspicious at all. Dumbledore beckoned her to he door
and as she left, a smile formed on his face.

Ginny, Hermione, Harry, Malfoy, Dean, Seamus, the Weasley twins, and
Professor Dumbledore had all been enticed in one way or another into having
sex that Saturday morning. The school year had started off with a bang,
literally, and now as the Triwizard Cup was coming to Hogwarts, along with a
host of exotic students from other schools, the students of Hogwarts were in
for a very exciting and sexually active school year.


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