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Harry Potter:
Harry Potter And The Spellbook Of Desires Part 11 - The Owlery
by Avatrek ([email protected])

The Spellbook of Desires was now in the safe confines of the Weasley twins'
room, locked in Fred's trunk and sealed magically to prevent anyone from
taking it from them. The only problem was Malfoy had copied down several
useful spells before the twins had stolen the book, meaning he was as
dangerous as ever. Malfoy hadn't made anymore moves against any Gryffindor
students since Fred and George had embarrassed him and his girlfriend Pansy.
Malfoy had to alter Pansy's memories after her little romp with Fred and
George. After the freezing spell finally wore off him, Malfoy had erased
Pansy's memories; she was told by Malfoy that she had just been violated by
Fred and George Weasley, and not his friends, Crabbe and Goyle. Harry Potter
on the other hand, had been sorely missing his Spellbook of Desires, and
after nearly two months of getting no pussy, that he could remember at least,
Harry was horny as hell. Harry may not have had the Spellbook of Desires, but
he still remembered the spells that he and Ron had already used.

Harry had decided on his next target, Cho Chang; an Asian girl from Ravenclaw
that he had found himself very attracted to. Harry couldn't help but feel
butterflies in his stomach every time he saw the fifth year Ravenclaw. He had
been sneaking peeks at Cho Chang every time he had been able to; in the
hallways, between classes and even in the library. Harry had finally picked
out an excellent ambushing point to hit her with the spell Ron had used on
Narcissa Malfoy. Cho would always go to the Owlery in the early hours of the
morning; where she would send letters to her parents. Harry would always
follow her up there and try to make small talk with her; telling her that he
was sending letters to his aunt and uncle. In reality however, Harry had been
giving Hedwig blank letters, telling her to make a big loop and return after
a couple hours of flying. In all his little meetings with Cho, nobody had
every come across the two while they were there.

The spell description had read:

A simple spell, which, when cast upon the intended target, will create in
them an unbreakable sexual attraction to the caster until the caster performs
the counter-spell, returning the target to their original state with no
memory of the events that had taken place. Warning: the attraction is
immediate, and powerful. Unless the counter-spell is performed, the target's
attraction to the caster will continue to increase.

All Harry would have to do was say `Attraculus', do some wand-work and Cho
would have an unbreakable sexual attraction to Harry until he used the
counter-spell `Attraculoff' and made the same wand movements in the reverse.

Harry had chosen the Saturday before the arrival of students from Beauxbatons
and Durmstrang to enact his little plan. At five in the morning, Harry left
Gryffindor Tower quietly, not waking Ron or any other Gryffindor student. He
used his invisibility cloak that he had gotten back from Fred and George to
be even stealthier. He crept to the Owlery and after waiting for ten minutes,
Cho finally showed, oblivious to Harry's presence.

"Attraculus" whispered Harry, after lifting up the invisibility cloak and
pointing and waving his wand at Cho. The spell was invisible to the eye and
had made no sound; making it ideal for stealth use. The spell hit Cho in the
back, and a strange sensation rolled through her.

"Mmmmmmm!" Cho moaned, wanting nothing else but to find Harry Potter and fuck
his brains out. Cho looked around the Owlery, searching for Harry anywhere.

Noticing Cho's sudden change of demeanor, Harry whipped off his invisibility
cloak, just as Cho was about to leave the Owlery and search somewhere else
for him.

"Hey Cho!" shouted Harry, just as Cho went through the door. She turned
around immediately and ran to Harry at full speed, diving on him and knocking
him to the ground. Harry had no time to react; his wand flew out of his hand
and landed across the room. Harry couldn't care less at that moment, as Cho
ripped off her robe, and followed that by tearing off Harry's.

"I've wanted this for so long!" moaned Cho, completely under the influence of
the spell now. Cho wasn't a virgin, but she wasn't very experienced either,
as she roughly started to kiss Harry. Harry reached around her and started to
squeeze Cho's ass. She moaned loudly, removing Harry's sweater and t-shirt in
the process. She slid down Harry's body and pulled his pants down along with
her. Harry's cock sprang up, only hampered by his tight fitting underwear,
which Cho promptly pulled down as fast as she could. She could think of one
thing and one thing only, and that was Harry's five inch cock, already fully
hard and ready for Cho.

"Suck it bitch" groaned Harry, thrusting his hips upwards for Cho, who
instinctively opened her mouth and engulfed half of his cock in a single

"Mmmmmmmpf" moaned Cho, now bobbing her head up and down, engulfing more and
more with each passing second until her black hair was a blur to Harry and he
felt his cock hitting the back of her throat. She continued to deep-throat
Harry for the next five minutes until Harry began to pant loudly, getting
ready to explode down Cho's little throat.

"I'm fucking cumming Cho!" screamed Harry, thrusting his hips upwards and
lodging his cock in her throat. Cho wrapped her hands around Harry's ass,
giving him extra leverage to force a little more of his shaft into her
throat. Cho felt Harry's cock spasm before he began to cum.

"Unghhhhh!" grunted Harry, ejaculating three long thick streams of his hot
cum down Cho's throat. Cho swallowed every drop greedily, not even letting
one ounce leave her mouth. After finally finishing, Harry pulled his
softening cock from Cho's throat.

"Yummmmm!" Cho said, swallowing the last of Harry's cum and catching her
breath in the process. Instead of just stopping there though, Cho stood up
and started to strip out of her clothes. Harry was exhausted from just
cumming down her throat, but as she started pulling off her clothes, Harry
could feel his cock begin to harden once again. Cho slowly pulled off her
sweater first, revealing a tight white dress shirt, hugging her generously
sized teen breasts. Harry could just make out her hardening nipples as she
tore off the buttons one at a time until all that was left was a single
button. Cho played with this last button, tantalizing Harry, who by this
point was completely hard again and ready for round two.

"Fuck!" moaned Harry, reaching up and tearing the last button off of Cho's
dress shirt and revealing her gorgeous teen tits, capped with tiny brown
erect nipples. Harry wasn't finished there; he wanted to see Cho completely
naked, and he wasn't going to wait for her to do it herself. Harry tore off
her little skirt, revealing a tiny black thong, which he took hold of and
pulled it as hard as he could, ripping it in the process.

"Owwwww!" screamed Cho, as her thong tore, pinching her shaved pussy in the
process. Harry was awestruck as he stared at Cho's perfect figure; she was
fit, with great tits and a beautiful shaved teen pussy. He nearly came right
then and there, but before Harry could blow his load, Cho jumped on top of
him again, pinning him to the straw strewn floor and sitting on his waist.

"You ready to fuck me big boy!" moaned Cho sexily, staring at Harry sexily,
while reaching back with one of her hands and grabbing Harry's fully erect
cock. Cho could feel her saliva still coated on his cock, as she guided it
towards her tiny opening.

"Unghhhhh!" grunted Harry, as he felt the tip of his cock pierce Cho's tight
pussy. Both Harry and Cho scrunched their faces in pain as Harry's shaft
began to slide into Cho's pussy.

"God! Your pussy is so tight Cho!" Harry moaned, thrusting his hips upwards
into Cho, while she leaned down to give Harry a kiss. Harry passionately
kissed her back, while using his hands to reach around and grab Cho's juicy
ass. He gave it a quick squeeze before raising one of his hands and smacking
her ass hard.

"Mmmmmm. Harder Harry!" Cho whispered into Harry's ear, bouncing on his cock
in the process. Harry continued to smack Cho's ass for the next few minutes
until his cock was completely impaled in her pussy. Harry stopped slapping
her and took a firm hold of her ass before lifting and dropping her on his
shaft as hard and fast as possible. The sensation of sliding his cock in and
out of her athletically tight pussy was already putting some strain on Harry,
even after having just cum minutes earlier. After five more minutes of hard
fucking, Cho could tell that Harry was reaching his end again, and wanting to
please him the most, Cho reached back again and started to fondle his
spasming balls.

"I'm cumming Cho!" groaned Harry, ready to explode for the second time that

"CUM INSIDE ME HARRY! Fill my pussy up! I need your hot cum so bad!" shouted
Cho, at the top of her lungs, urging Harry to blow his load deep in her
clutching pussy.

"UNGHHHHH!" grunted Harry, ejaculating a second large load of cum, this time
deep into Cho's hot pussy. Several hot streams of his potent seed penetrated
her womb and filled her completely, impregnating her on the spot.

"Ahhhhhhh!" screamed Cho, finally going through her own orgasm after feeling
her pussy filled with Harry's warm seed. "God it feels so good inside me!"
moaned Cho, coming down from her own orgasm and feeling Harry's semen drip
from her pussy and slide down Harry's cock, which was still lodged deeply in
her wet pussy.

To Harry's complete surprise however, Cho had no intention of getting off his
semi-hard cock. Cho just started to move herself up and down again, sliding
Harry's cum-slicked cock in and out of her cum filled pussy, while their
added cum continued to leak out of her sopping wet hole. Harry was too tired
to fight her off, and as his cock continued to slide in and out, Harry
realized the peril he was now in; the counter-spell would be the only thing
that could stop Cho's sexual conquest of Harry.

"Gotta get my wand" Harry whispered to himself, just before he felt himself
getting hard again. The slick sensation of having his cock continually
bounced on had gotten him to full hardness again. Harry may have been
exhausted, but even he was impressed by his amazing ability to recover in
such a short time. Not wanting to waste such an excellent opportunity, Harry
decided to keep fucking Cho, and in the process, find someway to make it over
to his wand. If Harry didn't get to his wand and cast the counter-spell, Cho
would definitely fuck him to death. As Harry thought about how nice a death
it would be if Cho actually did fuck him to death, he thought up a brilliant
plan; a plan which would see Cho's sweet juicy ass being fucked hard.

"Get up bitch!" commanded Harry, pushing Cho off of his cock and onto her
feet. "Turn around and get on your knees" Harry continued, as he struggled to
his feet and got ready to slam his cock into her tiniest and tightest hole.

"Mmmmmm! Are you gonna fuck my ass?" asked Cho, horny to have Harry take her
virgin ass. Just before Harry began to guide his cock towards Cho's asshole,
she turned her head around, gave him a wink, and wiggled her ass to entice
him further. Harry's cock gave a little twinge at Cho's little shake, before
he guided it to her asshole, prodding it gently.

"Ahhhhh! That feels good!" moaned a still horny Cho, as Harry began to press
deeper into the young slut. Harry's cock was still lubed up from his and
Cho's juices, and as he pressed forward, he was glad of the extra
lubrication. The tip of his cock just barely slid past her tight ass
sphincter, making both Harry and Cho groan in pain. Harry knew that the only
way to survive his little sexual romp with Cho was to get to his wand on the
other side of the Owlery and cast the counter-spell. To do this however, he
was going to have to slam his cock into her ass so hard that both he and Cho
slid across the straw strewn floor to his wand.

"Unghhhh!" grunted Harry, slamming another three inches into Cho before
slowly pulling his cock back out of her and doing the same until he had made
enough room to fit his entire five inches in her tiny ass. Cho had been in
perpetual pain ever since Harry had entered her ass, but after he finally
bottomed out and mashed his waist against her ass, she went through her
second orgasm of the morning.

"Ahhhhh!" screamed Cho, as her pussy exploded, spraying her warm juices
against Harry's balls and legs. This nearly made Harry cum again, but he knew
that if he couldn't reach his wand by the time he had cum for the third time,
he'd be in real trouble. Harry therefore, continued to slam his cock into her
ass as hard as he could, with each successive pummeling, pushing the pair
farther across the room until Harry was in reaching distance of his wand.
Harry grabbed hold of it while still pounding Cho's ass from behind; there
was no sense in wasting another opportunity to cum when he already had his
wand and knew that he was safe from death by fucking. After several more
minutes of Harry banging Cho from behind, and after nearly passing out from
exhaustion, Harry's cock began to spasm for the third time.

"UNGHHHH!" grunted Harry, just as Cho passed out from pleasure. Harry pasted
her rectum with what little cum he had left, depositing a sizeable load deep
within her. Satisfied that he had had his fun with his little Asian beauty,
Harry pulled his cock out of her ass with a plop, flipped the unconscious Cho
onto her back and buried his softening cock in her hot wet mouth; cleaning
any cum he had left on his shaft. Happy, exhausted and ready for breakfast,
Harry said "Attraculoff" and waved his wand to cast the counter-spell on Cho.
The invisible light hit her in the chest and removed the powerful sex spell
which had wholly controlled her actions.

"Should I leave her naked, or should I re-dress her?" said Harry out loud,
while throwing his clothes back on and getting ready to leave Cho, naked and
full of his hot cum. Harry decided it would be best to re-dress her; if he
didn't, there would be too many questions to answer. He stuffed her torn
thong in his pants pocket before re-buttoning her dress shirt, throwing on
her sweater and sliding her little skirt back on. Before he put her cloak on
however, he lifted her skirt, got a good look at her pussy, and thrust two
fingers up into her unconscious pussy.

"I'll be dreaming about that for the next week" Harry said to himself, before
removing his fingers, licking them, and picking up her cloak and putting it
back on her. He left the Owlery, shortly after throwing his invisibility
cloak on, leaving Cho alone and unknowingly impregnated.

Cho woke an hour later, totally exhausted, with a headache and weird taste in
her mouth. `I must of fell asleep' Cho said to herself, unaware that she had
just been pumped full of Harry Potter's sticky cum. Cho stood up and couldn't
believe how much her ass hurt. She could barely stand, "Geez! I must of hit
my ass hard when I fell over" Cho said to herself again, as she walked over
to where she had evidently dropped her letter before calling down an owl and
sending it on its way.

"I hope my ass feels better before the Triwizard Cup begins" said Cho,
leaving the Owlery with a small amount of Harry's cum rolling down her leg


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