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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Spellbook Of Desires Part 23 - Malfoy's Loony Line Of Work
by Avatrek ([email protected])

The Malfoy family was a very wealthy one; the gold accumulated and passed down from generation to generation had left Lucius, Narcissa and Draco a sizeable fortune. On the Christmas break, Draco had been surprised to find out that his mother was several months pregnant and due in April of the following year. Nobody of course knew that Narcissa was not having Lucius's child, but Ronald Weasley's, who had tricked her with magic into having sex with him, allowing him to impregnate the upright bitch in the process. Since finding out that he would have a little brother or sister to contend with when the Malfoy fortune was passed down, Draco had worked tirelessly to establish a very profitable business. By the end of January, Malfoy had two hot Hogwarts girls employed, unwittingly, in his little prostitution ring. Pansy Parkinson and Cho Chang had been Malfoy's first acquisitions and although it had only been a few weeks since they had been branded by his enchanted coins and forced into prostitution, they had made a considerable amount of gold for him. Pansy had made Malfoy over 400 Galleons in a month, while Cho had already made over 500 Galleons in two solid weeks. It was by the end of January, that Malfoy decided to expand his business again, by adding a strange but oddly enticing young blond girl from Ravenclaw House. Luna Lovegood was a third year, extremely eccentric, but smoking hot girl, who although bizarre, was strangely attractive, to both himself, and a number of others. Luna would be nowhere as near difficult to enchant with one of Malfoy's modified coins then Cho Chang had been. She was a loner, who usually goes off on her own, with no witnesses and no protection from someone lurking in the dark. Malfoy was so sure he could add her to his business; he had already lined up her first customer, Neville Longbottom. Malfoy had seen how Neville had stared at the quirky witch, and even though there was no love-loss between Neville and Malfoy, he agreed to Malfoy's proposition.

Malfoy modified another Galleon with the initials "LL" on the face of the coin. He would find Luna walking in the grounds shortly after, towards the Forbidden Forest. He quickly cast the "Imperio Prostitutus" spell on the modified Galleon he had prepared for her and crept up behind her under the invisibility cloak. Students weren't usually allowed in the Forbidden Forest, but Luna wasn't one to follow rules, and often strolled into the dangerous forest without a care in the world. As Malfoy crept up on her, he saw that she wasn't even watching where she was going; she was too busy reading the latest issue of the Quibbler.

"This is too easy!" Malfoy whispered to himself, as he raised his wand and lifted his cloak up just high enough to take aim at Luna's back.

"Petrificus Totalus!" cried Malfoy, freezing Luna in mid stride. Luna couldn't do a thing as she fell forwards and landed face first onto the soft grass, feet away from the forest. Luna tried to scream for help, but every muscle in her body seemed to be frozen in place. She could breathe and see, but that was it, as Malfoy approached from behind, under his cloak. Malfoy looked down at the pathetic sight in front of him; Luna was face down in the grass, dressed in heavy and ugly clothing. She was wearing a long blue skirt, a crazy looking sweater and stupid looking boots. Her beautiful blond hair was tied back in a messy ponytail and she was wearing a heavy wool toque. Malfoy pulled off his invisibility cloak and bent down over Luna's frozen body. He reached down and pulled up her long skirt, before taking out the modified coin and placing it on the small of her back, just above her amazingly juicy ass. Malfoy was also shocked to see that Luna wore no panties at all, and as he kept the coin firmly in place on her back, he reached underneath her body and gave her pussy a few rubs. He didn't want Luna to know who was assaulting her, so he kept her on her stomach as his fingers probed her bald and tight teenage pussy.

"Mmmmppfff" mumbled Luna, starting to recover from the spell that had been cast upon her. After another five seconds, the coin was removed and a glowing tattoo replica of the modified Galleon was imprinted on Luna's skin. Malfoy pulled his two fingers out of Luna's pussy and covered himself with his invisibility cloak as his spell finally began to wear off.

"Who's there...? Fucking pervert! What did you do to me?" Luna screamed, as her body began to loosen up and she struggled to her feet. She reached back to feel the invisible tattoo her attacker had left on her skin, but was quickly interrupted when Malfoy whispered into his coin.

"SHUT UP and don't move an inch until I say!" commanded Malfoy as he squeezed Luna's modified coin. Malfoy watched in glee as Luna froze in place and her eyes glazed over with obedience. Malfoy pulled off his cloak once again and began to walk around the third year Ravenclaw, who was now under his complete sexual control. He had a solid hour before Luna was supposed to meet her first client, Neville, in Greenhouse Three, which was vacant for most of the day. He decided to spend that hour making his newest escort look the part of a sexy prostitute, not some ugly Muggle, who couldn't make him a single piece of gold.

"Diffindo" Malfoy said, pointing his wand at Luna's long blue skirt as she remained frozen in place. "We'll just have to make that a little shorter!" he laughed, nearly cutting the entire skirt off except for the top three inches. "That's a little better" Malfoy smirked, looking down at her ridiculously short skirt and how it hugged her ass so well. Malfoy felt himself get hard while he looked down at her pussy, which was just visible beneath the short skirt.

"You don't need those either" Malfoy said to Luna, pulling off her big sweater and wool toque in the process. Malfoy was pleased to see that Luna was only wearing a light blue bra underneath her sweater; one which emphasized her burgeoning breasts. "Hmmmmm... Not bad... Not bad at all!" Malfoy hummed, squeezed Luna's tits through her bra. The cold weather had made Luna's nipples hard and Malfoy twisted and pinched them through the material before removing the small rubber band from Luna's hair and letting it down.

"MUCH MUCH BETTER!" sighed Malfoy, sorry about not being able to tap her ass before Neville got his chance. It would take her a good twenty minutes to make it to the greenhouses through the cold snow, and Malfoy knew he had no time to pop Luna's sweet cherry. "Oh well!"

"Walk to Greenhouse Three... Fuck and suck Neville Longbottom until he cums and bring the gold he gives you back to me outside Greenhouse Three!" Malfoy told Luna while squeezing the enchanted coin.

Luna immediately started walking towards the greenhouses with Malfoy following behind under his invisibility cloak. He stared at her ass the entire walk to the greenhouse, and tried his hardest not to stop her, throw her down into the snow and fuck her silly. If it wasn't for the outrageous sum Neville had agreed upon for popping Luna's sweet teen cherry, Malfoy would have made her turn around and bounce up and down on his cock. Fifty Galleons however, was too much for Malfoy to give up, just to get his rocks off with the smoking hot blond walking in front of him.

"FUCK! It's cold!" Malfoy complained, shivering under his cloak and wondering how Luna was still able to walk when she was half-naked and probably hypothermic. Luna continued to walk on however, without even shivering, focusing only on her master's wishes. After another few minutes of walking, the twosome finally made it to the empty Greenhouse Three, where Neville was pacing back an forth in front of. Before Neville got his first sight of Luna's fine piece of ass, Malfoy got right behind the sensational blond and smack her ass hard for good luck.

"LUNA! HOLY SHIT!" cried Neville, looking up to see the half-naked Luna traipsing through the snow towards him. Neville looked around to make sure nobody in the nearby vicinity before opening the greenhouse door and guiding Luna into the sweltering warm and humid conservatory. Deciding that if he were to stay outside the greenhouse while Luna did her thing he would freeze, Malfoy dove into the greenhouse before the door shut behind him.

"UGHHHHHHH!" grunted Neville, just as Malfoy looked up to see what Neville and Luna were up to. Neville couldn't hold back the premature orgasm that had been building in his sensitive dick since he had laid eyes on the gorgeous Luna. Luna had already bent herself over one of the workstations, getting ready to take it from behind, when Neville blew his load and like a complete loser, fainted from embarrassment.

"Ha ha ha ah ha ha!" Malfoy guffawed at Neville, as he fell face first into a large pile of dragon dung. Luna walked over to Neville and searched through his pockets until she found Neville's rather large sack of fifty Galleons. Following orders, she started to make her way to the door of the greenhouse, where she was told to meet Malfoy outside. Before she could make it to the door however, a sudden stroke of brilliance came to Malfoy.

"STOP! I want you to you to fuck me until I cum, and I want you to like it!" Malfoy said, squeezing Luna's coin as he pulled his cloak off again. Luna's eyes widened in shock and then lust as she walked over to Malfoy and got onto her knees. "That's it baby! Suck my cock!"

Luna dropped the large bag of Galleons and used both her hands to pull Malfoy's pants down. Malfoy was already rock hard from watching Luna's ass the entire walk to the green house and as his pants were rolled down to his ankles; his six inch cock sprung free and slapped Luna across the face. Malfoy nearly laughed out loud until Luna wrapped her dainty fingers around his wide shaft and began jacking him off, with her little tongue flicking over the tip of his penis.

"OH GODDD THAT FEELS SO GOOOOD!" groaned Malfoy, as Luna began to really go to work on his throbbing six inches. Luna continued to stroke his hard shaft for five minutes until Malfoy was nearing orgasm. Not wanting to miss out on his chance to bag a tight third year virgin, Malfoy made her slow down her torrid pace. Luna obliged willingly, slowing her strokes, but engulfing more and more of his six inches in her hot wet mouth.

"Mmmmmmm... Mmmppfff... Mmmpffff!" mumbled Luna, as she took in more an more of his cock. She was trying to tell Malfoy how much she enjoyed sucking his dick, but wasn't willing to take her mouth off the tasty member to give her compliments.

"I know you love it whore!" moaned Malfoy, as Luna's tongue wrapped around his long shaft. If Malfoy hadn't known, he would have thought Luna was an old pro at sucking dick. The "Imperio Prostitutus" spell and the coin branding engrained the branded girls with all the knowledge and skills of the most proficient and talented prostitutes of history. As Luna's slick mouth continued to bob back and forth over his cock, Malfoy couldn't have cared less what the spell had imbued into his branded escorts.

"Enough... Enough! I don't want to cum yet!" groaned Malfoy, pushing Luna's bobbing mouth off his cock with pop. Malfoy wanted to break Luna's cherry before cumming and although he had no definitive proof that Luna was still a virgin, he knew that there was no way a third year student could have been sexually active before he got his hands on them. "Go and bend over that workstation over there" Malfoy told Luna, pointing to a wooden table in the corner of the greenhouse. Luna obediently stood up and walked over to the station, wiggling her ass back at Malfoy as she leaned over the wooden table.

"Beautiful!" Malfoy murmured to himself, as he looked directly at Luna's perfect heart shaped ass sticking out from underneath her tiny skirt. As Luna continued to present her gorgeous teen ass to him, Malfoy walked over to her and gave her pale ass a hard slap.

"Arghhhh!" Luna groaned in pain, as Malfoy gave her ass, several hard stinging smacks. Malfoy continued to spank his little virgin slave girl for another couple minutes until her juicy bum was nearly beet red. Satisfied that he had left a lasting mark on her untouched ass, Malfoy got onto his own knees and buried his face in Luna's tight teen crotch. He wanted to make sure that she would enjoy her first fuck a little, before getting to the painful penetration and popping of her cherry.

"Mmmmmmm!" Luna moaned, as Malfoy's tongue penetrated her tight snatch with difficulty and began to both pleasure and lubricate her. Malfoy gripped her ass as he began delving his tongue deeper and deeper into her, using his long fingers to help loosen up her tight twat.

"AHHHHH!" groaned Luna, going through her first ever orgasm and squirting a small amount of her hot juices onto Malfoy's piston-like tongue.

"Yum! That's pretty good slut!" Malfoy said, licking his lips, after pulling his tongue from her now sopping wet pussy. Satisfied that Luna's pussy was as loose as it was going to get, Malfoy stood up and positioned his bulbous head at the entrance of her extremely tiny and tight cunt.

"HOLY FUCK THAT'S TIGHT!" shouted Malfoy, pushing his hips forward with as much force as possible. Only half an inch made it past her skintight o-ring before he had to stop and re-gather his strength. Holding his position, Malfoy reached up and tore off Luna's tight fitting bra, before caressing both of her juicy melons with his hands.

"Mmmm!" moaned Luna, as Malfoy began pushing his hips forwards again, trying his hardest to find a way into her incredibly unyielding love canal. Just as he was about to give up and maybe settle for a blowjob, Luna caught Malfoy off guard by thrusting her own hips backwards into him.

"OWWWW!" groaned both Malfoy and Luna at the same time, as both squealed in pain from the sudden deep intrusion, which allowed Malfoy's cock to burst through Luna's elastic hymen and steal her womanhood. Both Malfoy and Luna continued to shudder in pain for several more seconds until the soreness receded and Malfoy began to move his hips back and forth with a little more ease, sawing into Luna's aching pussy, which dripped with her virgin blood.

Luna continued to scream out in pain for several more minutes while he slowly picked up his thrusting speed until Luna's twat gave little resistance to his piston-like cock. As Luna finally began enjoying herself again, Malfoy's endurance was quickly ebbing away and his orgasm would be soon to follow. However, it wasn't Malfoy who reached his sticky end first; Luna, now savoring the deep penetration of her previously untouched womanhood by Malfoy, began to moan and groan in ecstasy.

"I'm cumming!" screamed Luna with passion, as her pussy began to convulse for the second time and her juices exploded onto Malfoy's throbbing cock, which continued to slide in and out of her with increasing rapidity. The warm fluids now running down Malfoy's swelling shaft, were more than enough to push him over the orgasmic edge, and just as he was about to pull out of her spasm stricken twat and cum on her red ass, Luna looked back at his strained face.

"Ohhhhh Draco! CUM INSIDE ME! Fill my pussy full! I want to feel it shooting inside me!" Luna yelled, still on a high from her orgasm and not caring at all about the potential consequences of receiving a pussy full of potent seed.

"You're the whore! UNGHHHHHH! UNGHHHHHH!" grunted Malfoy, slamming his entire six inches as deep into Luna's clutching teen pussy and spurting a copious amount of his hot semen as deep into her unprotected an pregnable womb as possible. Malfoy squeezed Luna's tits as hard as possible while he unloaded stream after stream of his sticky cum into her fuck-hole, where it filled her to the brim and began to pour out mixing with the blood from her busted hymen.

Luna stood completely still while Malfoy emptied the last of his potent seed deep within her, and as Malfoy finally shuddered with finality, she collapsed in bliss onto the work station in front of her.

"STUPEFY!" Malfoy cried, after picking up his wand and pointing it at Luna's back before she regained her own frame of mind. Malfoy had formulated a suitable plan as he was fucking the third year Ravenclaw; he would stun her, drag her unconscious and naked body over to Neville and make it look like Neville had fucked her, therefore fulfilling the contractual agreement he had made with the unconscious Gryffindor. He slowly pulled his deflated cum and blood covered cock from Luna's deflowered vagina and walked over to Neville, who was still face down in a pile of dragon dung. Malfoy laughed as he turned over the bumbling fool and pulled down his pants. He was surprised to see that although Neville was an uncoordinated and untalented wizard, he did have a sizeable package. Malfoy walked back to Luna and carried her unconscious and cum-filled body over to Neville and dropped her on top of him, hoping that both Neville and Luna would just assume they had sex after waking up without any memories. Whether Luna realized there was a good deal of cum in her pussy and got a pregnancy potion, Malfoy cared very little. As long as he got a few good months out of her before she began to show, the fact that she was pregnant mattered little to Malfoy.

"I guess I'll take my leave" Malfoy sighed to himself, pulling his clothes back on before picking up his new bag of Galleons and leaving both Neville and Luna lying naked in a pile of dragon dung with cum dripping from Luna's pussy.

Malfoy's business was now booming, and although Loony Luna was a strange bird, her hot young body and quirky nature would bring in a wealth of gold. If his escort service continued to be so profitable, Malfoy knew that further expansion would be inevitable, and there was only a couple of other candidates he could think of to fill that expansion.


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