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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Spellbook Of Desires Part 24 - The Potency Potion
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes had become a household name among the horny students of Hogwarts; Fred and George Weasley had concocted a bevy of infectious and extremely potent sexual potions and spells that had profited them a considerable collection of gold. As responsible inventors and vendors, the twins had personally tested each and every of their new products on willing but unknowing innocent girls, who had signed up to be the twins' guinea pigs for a small amount of pocket gold. There concoctions were often tested on willing first, second and third year girls from Gryffindor, and although the twins knew they were young, impregnation of the test subjects was unlikely due to their age. As often was the case when trying out these new potent potions, the twins had difficulties pulling out of their test subjects before cumming and thereby deposited a sizeable load of their potent seed, deep within the girls' vulnerable wombs. Fred and George were very aware of the fact that if too many female students became impregnated at Hogwarts, an investigation would ensue, with disastrous results for Fred and George's booming business. So far, the twins had already impregnated four separate girls; Katie Bell and Alicia Spinnet during the summer break, and Patricia Stimpson and Romilda Vane only a month earlier. The twins were shocked that Romilda Vane had ended up pregnant, as she was only a second year student, but because they had used a maturity potion on her to transform her into an eighteen year old beauty; she had been just as pregnable as the sixth year Patricia had been. It was because of these pregnancies that the twins had developed their latest potion; not for Hogwarts students, but for the adult population of the wizarding world. Once they left school, they would add the potion to the adult version of Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes and make them available to the public at large. At the moment however, they only had a few concocted, for special and possibly profitable circumstances only. As responsible business men however, the twins had decided to test the potion out on an unsuspecting student, in order to make sure the potion worked as advertised.

The potions description had read:

An extremely virulent and potent potion, which upon consumption will allow the drinker to impregnate any woman of their choosing. Any man previously unable to bear children, will find that their seed has become the most potent of any mans' across the wizarding world after consuming this potency potion. Warning! The potion is extremely powerful, making the drinker's seed so potent, it will impregnate any woman, regardless of age, pregnancy protection or pregnancy potions!

"So? Who do we use this bad boy on?" Fred asked George, twisting in his hands one of the very few vials of the potency potion in existence.

"I don't know... But it can't be another girl from Gryffindor though!" George replied, knowing full well that four teenage pregnancies in one house was too many already.

"We could always use it on someone in another house, like from Slytherin, preferably" Fred responded, laughing as he did so. He of course was thinking solely about Draco Malfoy's little bitch, who they had already violated in front of his eyes. Impregnating her seemed like a pretty good second step in their ongoing revenge against Malfoy.

"No... Why don't we use this on someone not enrolled at Hogwarts!" George said, suddenly coming up with a diabolically ingenious plan.

"Wait... Like someone from Hogsmeade?" asked a confused Fred.

"No... I was thinking more in line with our Triwizard guests and more specifically those beauties from Beauxbatons!" replied George with a smile, clearly fantasizing about having his way with one of the several unbelievably gorgeous French students. "We'll give a couple of those French sluts something to remember Hogwarts by"

"Excellent!" Fred said, impressed by his brother's stroke of genius. The twins spent the rest of the day devising a suitable plan to corner, seduce and enact their plan of forcibly impregnating a couple of Beauxbatons girls. A little animal magnetism potion, a vial of potency potion and two Beauxbatons students would have a couple of redheaded troublemakers growing inside their wombs. The twins had one serious problem however; getting to two Beauxbatons girls would be exceedingly difficult, especially because they nearly never left their massive carriage during their stay at Hogwarts. The only time the students left the immense horse drawn carriage was when they made their way to the school for evening meals. Basing their plan on this, the twins postulated that their best opportunity to take advantage of this was to wait outside their carriage before the evening meal time and surprise a couple of the girls with their animal magnetism potion. As long as they were within ten feet of the girls, they would be irresistible to them, making them easy targets for their newest product.

It was the last week of February when the twins decided to act; they walked out to the Beauxbatons carriage an hour before the evening meal and waited behind some dense shrubs until the students began to exit the carriage in single file. When nearly all the female students had exited and were on their way to the castle, Fred and George sprayed the pre-prepared animal magnetism potion on themselves and crept up behind a pair of the final Beauxbatons girls leaving the giant carriage. They were speaking to each other in French and were completely unaware of the impending sexual assault creeping up behind them.

"Not bad!" Fred whispered to George, as they slowly closed the distance between themselves and their intended targets. Secretly Fred and George had been hoping that they would be able to test out their potency potion on Fleur Delacour, but in reality, if Fleur were to get pregnant, they would draw too much attention to themselves. The girls they were now following however, were no slouches; one was beautiful blond and the other was a stunning brunette goddess. Like all the Beauxbatons female students, they were wearing their slutty school uniforms, which were made of silk and clearly not enough to keep the girls from shivering in the near hypothermic temperatures. Madame Maxime had made it clear to all her female students that there was to be no alterations to their school uniforms and no extra clothing afforded to any student, no matter how cold they were. It was part of the Beauxbatons tradition to wear their skimpy uniforms, no matter what the weather. No boy at Hogwarts had any objections to the Beauxbatons apparel, especially the short skirts they had to wear, emphasizing their tight little behinds.

"I get the blond!" George whispered to his brother.

"FINE!" Fred replied, regretting that he hadn't called dibs on the blond before his brother had. Luckily for Fred however, the brunette friend was every bit as gorgeous as the blond one. "Let's do this!"

Fred and George closed within ten feet of the two girls before the two girls reacted by stopping in their tracks and letting the rest of their fellow students go on ahead of them, unaware of their now aphrodisiac attraction to Fred and George's animal magnetism potion. All of a sudden, the two girls turned around and walked straight over to the twins without hesitating. They each grabbed hold of the nearest one and planted a long intimate kiss on each of them. The girls had no idea why they were so attracted to the pair of twins; all they knew was that they needed them inside them as soon as humanly possible.

"I bet you girls want it bad, don't you? Why don't we take this to a more private setting?" Fred told the girls before they led the twins towards the Beauxbatons carriage for both a more private and comfortable atmosphere. As the girls led the twins into the beautiful and extravagant carriage, they were astounded at how large the interior actually was. There were classrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, several large bedrooms and everything one needed to live on for several months. Fred quickly wondered why the students ever had to leave the lavish living quarters, but all his questions seemed to immediately evaporate as he and his brother were led into separate rooms by their accommodating and horny Beauxbatons love slaves.

"Down the hatch George?" Fred shouted from the room he had entered.

"You betcha brother!" laughed George, pulling out his vial of potency potion and drained it, while his brother did the same in the room opposite to his. George barely had time to consume the potion before his blond fuck bunny was all over him. George's clothes were torn off in a matter of seconds as the blond Beauxbatons girl was completely consumed by the animal magnetism potion he had sprayed himself with. In seconds, she was on her knees, naked a fondling George's massive cock and balls. He looked down at her gorgeous figure and although he had been expecting a perfect teenage body, he was still astonished at round developed breast, her firm little ass and a completely shaved pink pussy.

In the room across the hall, Fred's similarly large seven inch hard cock was being deep-throated with ease by his brunette partner. Fred assumed that the French slut must have done this several times before; her tongue and throat control while she worked away at Fred's cock had an obvious professional flare.

"God... How are you so good at this?" groaned Fred, as he lifted his head and cried out in ecstasy.

"All ze Beauxbatons female students must practice ze blowjob daily!" replied the brunette goddess on her knees, after pulling Fred's shaft from her throat, holding it inches away from her face as she spoke. As the French girl continued the blowjob, Fred wondered whether there was any chance for a transfer to the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. His reverie was quickly interrupted however, when he heard his brother ordering his fuck slave to get on her back and prepare to receive his tool in the room across the hall.

"Get on your back baby!" groaned George, just avoiding the imminent orgasm that would have taken place had she continue sucking his dick. The blond Beauxbatons girl quickly obeyed and spread her legs open as wide as she could. George was immediately impressed by the teenage witch's flexibility; contorting her body into the most appeasing position possible, as George admire her skillful sexual prowess. George knew for certain that there was no way he was going to last very long with someone so experienced. He knew that the girls of Beauxbatons must have regular lessons in the art of sex in order to prepare them for life after school. As long as they could fuck their way to the top, being a competent witch mattered very little in the magical world. Without wasting another second George guided his swollen shaft into the Beauxbatons girl's tight teenage crevice with as much strength that he could muster. For being such an experienced sexual player, the girl was tighter than a virgin, her vaginal muscles clamped down around George's thick pulsing shaft as it slowly entered her bald pink pussy.

As George eased his seven inches into his blond playmate, Fred was doing the same with his concubine whore. The brunette Beauxbatons girl however, was on her hands and knees on top of her bed, receiving a hard and vicious pummeling from behind by Fred Weasley. His orange pubic hair was a blur of orange light as his savage thrusts sent his seven inch shaft as deeply into the young teenager as possible. The force of each successive thrust created a loud smacking concussion between their rapidly moving bodies; loud enough for Fred's brother to hear the intense and clearly pleasurable fuck session in the room opposite to his. As their bodies collided with each in-thrust, the brunette's juicy ass jiggled with the impact. Fred's hands were tightly clasped around the beautiful teenage girl's fleshy and petite mounds as he forcefully slammed his cock with ever increasing speed. To further pleasure his accommodating whore, Fred used his fingers to lightly massage and twist her light brown nipples.

Fred's ramped pace could be heard clear across the hall as George took a much smoother and less torrent tactic in order to accomplish the shared goal of sexual release. Unlike Fred, George's endurance had been severely depleted with the expert blowjob he had received before he had begun his slow assault on his blond Beauxbatons's sweet snatch. Just as George heard Fred's brunette concubine scream out in orgasm, the blond he was now lying on top of and slowly penetrating, groaned in similar orgasmic pleasure. Her pussy convulsed and soaked George's throbbing cock with her warm juices. The constriction of her shaven pussy was too much for George to handle, as any endurance he had left was overcome by the tantalizing sensation of his fuck buddy's warm juices now rolling down his slow thrusting shaft.

"UNGHHHHH UNGHHHHH!" grunted a perspiring and completely exhausted and depleted George, who sank his entire seven inches as deep into his defenseless victim and planted a massive quantity of hot sticky cum into her vulnerable and pregnable teenage womb. The young blond girl had no warning nor did she have any defense to the unwarranted and unwanted violation of her body as George's extremely fertile and potent seed trickled through her pussy and impregnated her susceptible womb.

"Ahhhhhhh! That feels good!" groaned the satisfied blond Beauxbatons student as George grunted one final time and fired the last of his seed, deep into the sexy and cum-filled girl. The girl knew full well that her partner's seed could quite easily impregnate her, but she wasn't worried in the slightest. Each and every Beauxbatons girl was required to carry at least one vial of pregnancy potion with them at all times. A quick gulp of the nasty tasting potion and any possible pregnancy would be eliminated in mere seconds. Because of that confidence, the blond student remained pinned under her exhausted red-headed lover, with his cock slowly deflating in her violated and satisfied pussy. She basked in the after-sex glow with her deviant partner still lodged deep inside her; she'd have plenty of time to drink the pregnancy potion after a quick nap.

As George emptied nearly a gallon of potency potion enhanced cum into his helpless and now pregnant slut, Fred was beginning to pant in anticipation of a similarly sticky end. George had been able to last through his brunette partner's intense orgasm and was now thrusting into her with unbridled rapidity and purpose. Sensing her partner's coming end, the cautious brunette Beauxbatons student warned her panting partner before he came.

"Don't you dare cum inside me... I don't want that sticky stuff inside me! You don't want to get me pregnant, do yo----?" jested the brunette student, just as she was interrupted by joyful exclamation of release by the panting Fred Weasley, who had fully intended to cream inside his non-consenting partner and had therefore disregarded her warning.

"YESSSSS! UNGHHHHHH! UNGHHHHHH! UNGHHHHH! TAKE IT YOU FRENCH BITCH!" shouted an ecstatic Fred, ignoring the pleas of his sexy partner, plastering her womb with a considerable amount of his potent semen. Load after load squeezed past her own convulsing pussy, filling her young teenage pussy full to the rim. As he pumped his cum deep into her, the brunette couldn't help but scream out in pleasure, as she too succumbed to her second orgasm. Fred squeezed her luscious tits as the last of his cum dripped from his fully submerged member and added to the considerable mess inside the young French teenager.

"COCHON!" groaned the violated brunette, as Fred pulled his cum covered cock from her used cunt. "Now I `av to drink zis disgusting potion!" the violated brunette student said as she got off the bed and picked up a vial of pregnancy potion from her discarded clothing. She guzzled it down in disgust as Fred quickly pulled his clothes back on and ran out of the room laughing his head off. She would be in for quite the surprise when she found out that the pregnancy potion she had just consumed had done nothing to avert her imminent pregnancy.

"You ready George... Let's get out of here!" shouted Fred, running into the hallway, pulling on his pants in the process. George had nearly fallen asleep on top of his completely satisfied blond beauty, but stirred immediately when he heard the shouts of his twin brother. George threw on his clothes and ran from the room with his conquered and impregnated blond Beauxbatons student still fast asleep on her bed with a slow stream of his sticky cum trickling from her violated vagina. The twins high-fived each other as they met in the hallway of the massive carriage and ran for the exit without looking backwards. Now that they were more then ten feet away from their cum-filled partners, the girls would snap out of their infatuation with the twins and probably be extremely pissed off. They had tested their potions and although they wouldn't know if the potions had actually worked for a couple of months, the plan had gone off without a hitch. Whether the potion had worked or not, the twins had gotten what they had wanted, and they had both been completely exhilarated and satisfied in the process.

As Fred and George had their fun with a couple of Beauxbatons sluts, Harry was hard at work with Ron and Hermione in the Hogwarts library. All three of them had skipped their evening meal again in order to help prepare Harry for the second task of the Triwizard Tournament. Harry had worked out the clue from the egg, but he still hadn't come up with a way to succeed in finding a way to survive underwater for an entire hour. Although Ron and Hermione were an invaluable source of help and support, and therefore were a benefit to Harry's efforts; Hermione's lack of clothing attire had slowed down both Ron and his own researching efforts. The house elves were still treating Hermione harshly for her thoughtless attempts to incite rebellion in the kitchens. All her clothing had either been shrunken to ridiculous sizes or lost outright, and although she had borrowed a pair of extremely tight fitting panties from Ginny, she still looked like a total slut. Her skirts were amazingly short, her dress shirts extremely tight and her one pair of panties only served to draw even more attention to her juicy teen bottom. Every time she bent over to pick up a book or put one back on the shelf, she could feel Harry and Ron's eyes glued to her perfect teen ass. She had considered just walking out on the pair of perverts and hiding in her room, but decided that Harry's need was too great and instead of abandoning him, she continued on helping the perverted duo. Hermione had no idea that the discomfort the elves had put her through this far was only a prelude to their ultimate goal of putting the nosy human bitch in her rightful place.


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