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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Spellbook Of Desires Part 29 - Hogsmeade
by Avatrek ([email protected])

It had been a very good week for Harry, Ron, Hermione and even Ginny; they had all had some fun on Monday night and the days that had followed, had been ones of joyous occasion. Hermione and Ginny had been hard at work on Tuesday morning; developing, copying and posting the pictures of Malfoy and his tiny impotent cock all around the school for everyone's enjoyment. Malfoy was the laughing stock of the school for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with everyone, including a few of the teachers, making fun of him to his face or behind his back. Either way, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny were all smiles until the fateful Friday morning before their trip to Hogsmeade. They had made plans to visit Sirius in Hogsmeade on Saturday, but none of them were prepared for what Friday morning had in store for them. When they walked down to the Great Hall for breakfast, they were shocked to find that everyone was pointing and laughing, not at Malfoy like usual, but at Hermione. Almost everyone in the hall had a newspaper in hand and was looking back and forth between the paper and Hermione.

"WHORE... SLUT.... SKANK... PROSTITUTE!!!!" a number of voices shouted at her, as she quickly ran to her seat to see why they were making fun of her. The newspapers had already been delivered and her daily subscription was sitting on the table in front of her. Plastered on the front page were several very lurid pictures of Hermione being fucked in one by Victor Krum, and in another by Ron. The last and largest picture of the three, saw Hermione receiving a load of hot sticky cum all over her pretty little face from Harry. The Daily Prophet was not an adult magazine, so nipples and private parts were blurred, but everyone who saw the pictures, instantly knew what was happening in each of them. Beneath the three moving photographs was a small article:

Hogwarts Slut in Action

The latest drama from the Triwizard Tournament comes from several cleverly disguised cameras placed strategically across the Hogwarts School and grounds. These pictures tell a tale most devious; each and everyone involving Hogwarts mega-slut Hermione Granger, whose sexual deviancy knows no bounds. Not one, not two, but three wizards have been ensnared by her very powerful sexual magic. This reporter has reason to believe that Miss Granger has been using powerful love potions to trick unsuspecting male teenagers into having sex with her. Although there is no conclusive photographic proof, this journalist has also learned of this deviant little teenager's propensity to use her love potions on Hogwarts professors to raise her already high marks. Not only has she been tricking innocent boys into having relations with her, she has sunk her insatiable teeth into two Triwizard Champions, including an unsuspecting Harry Potter who was swept off his feet by her potent love potions. One Champion was obviously not enough for this sultry minx and instead of letting him down easy, Miss Hermione Granger broke his heart, not once but twice, with both the world-renown Quidditch star Victor Krum and some other unknown other Hogwarts student.

By Rita Skeeter

"THAT BITCH!" Ron shouted, as Hermione started to tear up in embarrassment. It was obvious to all three of them that Rita was getting back at Hermione for going off on Rita Skeeter on their last trip to Hogsmeade.

"I knew you were a whore Granger!" shouted Pansy Parkinson from across the hall, followed shortly after by a several loud raucous laughs from nearly everyone. The rest of the day was extremely tough on Ron, Harry and especially Hermione. Someone in every class pointed out the article and in Potions, Snape had made it a point to use the article to show his dislike for the Gryffindor trio. He had pinned the front page to front door of his classroom and alluded to the article and pictures whenever he had a chance.

"Let's leave for Hogsmeade first thing tomorrow morning... I need to get away from this school!" Hermione sighed as she walked back up to the Gryffindor common room with Harry and Ron after their last class.

"No argument here" responded Ron, embarrassed almost as much by the Skeeter article, even though he wasn't even named in it. His face had been visible behind Hermione, while he plowed her like an animal, but Rita hadn't even shown him the respect of naming him as one of Hermione's lovers. Harry on the other hand had been getting several secret high-fives from a number of his friends. He had gotten jeered by a number of Slytherins, but all and all; the press had been very good for Harry's reputation as a major player and womanizer.

With their plans set, Hermione ran up to her room to avoid further scrutiny and went to bed early, glad that she'd leave Hogwarts and her ridicule behind while at Hogsmeade. Harry and Ron did the same, turning in early and preparing themselves for a very long and possibly embarrassing trip to Hogsmeade.

Hermione had trouble sleeping that night and decided to pour through her stolen Spellbook of Desires. As she read through the several very lurid spells and potions, she wondered why she had become such a perverted sex crazed whore. At first, she had simply been a target for perverts like Malfoy and her sex-obsessed friends, but now, even she was starting to give into her sexual desires; something she would have never considered before.

Harry, Ron and Hermione all woke early in the morning and instead of walking down to the Great Hall for breakfast, they all left the castle and walked down to Hogsmeade for a little shopping before meeting with Sirius. Harry had to do a little shopping for Dobby and both Hermione and Ron followed along, not saying much for the better part of the day. Both Harry and Ron had noticed that Hermione's clothing had taken a turn for the worse and instead of wearing short skirts and slutty dress shirts, she was wearing a long boring skirt and a heavy and very ugly sweater. Obviously Hermione was trying to dress down and avoid being noticed by anyone in Hogsmeade.

Hermione had dressed a little like her old self and although she had gone most of the day without being noticed by any residents of the all-wizard village, she did hear it a few times from her fellow students who passed them by. Hermione was very thankful then when two o'clock came around and the trio met up with Sirius, who was disguised as a large black dog.

Without transforming, Sirius led them up the countryside towards the mountains, and after several long minutes of fast-paced walking, they reached Sirius's little hideout cave. Sirius scampered off ahead into the cave to change back into his human form and dress himself before they entered, but Hermione followed right after with Harry and Ron in close tow. Hermione had the fortune of walking in on Sirius just as he was pulling up his ragged pants.

"Ohhhh!" she moaned, after catching a glimpse of Sirius's massive cock. It was six inches soft, and although Hermione would have usually been disgusted by something like a dick, she found herself instantly attracted to his thick throbbing shaft. She licked her lips without realizing before Harry and Ron walked into the cave oblivious to Hermione's antics. Sirius hadn't even noticed Hermione's surprised reaction at his massive tool and although Hermione's beauty often struck most men dumb, Sirius sat down and started scarfing down the food Harry had brought him without even noticing Hermione odd reaction.

Harry and Ron told him about the tasks and all the odd happenings at Hogwarts while he gulped down his food for the next hour. Sirius gave them a good deal of information to process as well and as three o'clock approached, Harry and Ron noticed that Sirius was still looking extremely hungry.

"Are you still hungry Sirius?" Ron said, watching Sirius scrape at the bottom of his bag of food for crumbs.

"Yes... I haven't been able to eat for several days... It's just been too difficult to scrounge for any decent food" Sirius replied, drinking the rest of his pumpkin juice in the process.

"We'll run back to Hogsmeade and get you some more food and water... It's not a problem" Harry replied.

"No Harry... Someone might notice you walking back and forth from here... You're too high profile."

"I'll do it!" Hermione said, a little too quickly and enthusiastically. Hermione would be glad to stay behind and away from Hogwarts for a couple more hours. She was also strangely attracted to the ragged looking Sirius and doing him a favor might get her on his good side; a side she wouldn't mind seeing again.

"Sure Hermione... Harry, you and Ron go back to Hogwarts and find out all you can on what Karkaroff and Snape are doing!"

With that, everybody departed from the cave, including Sirius, who changed back into his dog form before leaving. Hermione snuck another peak and was delighted to see that his cock was just as big as she had remembered. Sirius was going back down to the nearest house to find a newspaper, so he could stay updated on the current events of the wizarding world. Hermione would get him some food and water and meet him back up at the cave in an hour's time.

Hermione however, had other plans to attend to first. She waved goodbye to Harry and Ron and instead of making her way to the nearest grocery store, she ran over to a clothing store. She had no intention of showing up looking so shabby and decided to make a quick stop and freshen up. To her surprise, she found Ginny perusing the lingerie section of the shop, going through thong after thong, looking for the sexiest pair she could find. Like usual, she was wearing her sluttiest attire; a short plaid skirt, long socks, and a tight white dress shirt. Hermione was impressed by her amazing body and instead of avoiding her and buying her own slutty attire, she walked up to Ginny and told her about a little meeting she had in less than an hour. Ginny was shocked to learn that the man Hermione was talking about was none other than Sirius Black, but after some careful explaining of the events in the previous year, Ginny agreed to at least go up to the cave and see Sirius's monster manhood for herself. Like Hermione, a certain force of nature had taken control of Ginny's inhibitions, making her extremely susceptible to any kind of sexual activity.

Ginny helped Hermione pick out a nice and very short mini-skirt, a tiny pink frilly thong and a very tight fitting sweater with the Hogwarts logo sewn into the right breast.

"Aren't you going to buy any panties, Ginny?" Hermione asked her red-headed friend, noticing that she had no underwear on at all after she had leaned over. Ginny's tight pink pussy was visible every time she leaned over, along with her supple teen ass. Hermione was surprised at how at ease Ginny was in flaunting her tight pussy and ass all over the store without caring in the least. In fact, Hermione was getting a little turned on by how slutty she was acting.

After decking their selves out in some very enticing clothing and buying a couple of bags of food and water, they left the village of Hogsmeade and ran back down the road towards the caves Sirius was residing in. Hermione and Ginny crept into Sirius's cave quietly and as they entered, they heard a few quiet moans and a soft smacking noise.

"What's that?" Ginny said, a little concerned about the situation she found herself in.

"Shhhh!" Hermione whispered back, trying to be as covert as possible for safety's sake. For all she knew, there was a dementor in the cave, sucking the life from Sirius.

"Unnnnnhhh... She's so HOT!" groaned Sirius, pumping his hand back and forth over his cock while looking at Friday morning's front page of the Daily Prophet.

Hermione and Ginny nearly fainted from the sight they now beheld as they turned the corner and saw Sirius sitting against the wall. He had the front page splayed out in front of him and his pants around his ankles. What really shocked them however, was the size of his member, which had grown to over ten inches in length.

"Oh my GOD!" Hermione muttered to Ginny, burying her hand in her moist little panties and rubbing her wet twat.

"He's so big!" Ginny replied, sticking her own fingers under her skirt and right into her tiny slit with an increased fervor.

"OH... Wha... FUCK!" Sirius exclaimed, seeing both Hermione and Ginny standing in front of him with their fingers rubbing their pussies. Sirius tried to cover up his enlarged manhood, but stopped shortly, after realizing that the two teenage girls in front of him were actually enjoying the show he was putting on. Sirius couldn't really help himself however; it had been over a decade since he had gotten any pussy and after seeing Hermione being fucked by three different boys, including his Godson, Sirius had to do something with his engorged cock. "You two girls wouldn't mind helping me out, would you? It's been so long" Sirius said, hoping beyond hope that they would agree to his absurd request. Sirius hadn't been able to rub one out for over a decade in Azkaban; every time he got close, a dementor would swoop in and suck the joy his nearing orgasm had given him, leaving him completely limp. It was for this reason he had whipped out his hardened cock and attempted to rub one out before Hermione actually returned. Seeing that the girls were actually enjoying the sight of his massive cock and how unbelievably hot they were looking, Sirius took a risk and made his move.

"Ummmm...." Hermione started, looking over at Ginny with a small grin to see if she wanted to or not. Hermione normally would have never considered such a vile act, but that was the old Hermione; ever since the start of the fourth year at Hogwarts, the sexual depravity that had consumed the school, had also consumed her.

"Only if I get to go first!" Ginny replied, with a wink and a smile. Hermione nodded in agreement and walked over, side by side with Ginny, to the still sitting Sirius.

Sirius's eyes lit up with joy at how easy it was to get the two teenage beauties in front of him to pleasure him. He didn't even have to move; Ginny and Hermione got down on their knees on either side of him and lowered their heads. "That feels so good!" Sirius murmured, nearly catatonic with joy.

Hermione and Ginny each took one side of Sirius's enormous shaft and began licking it up and down like a tasty lollipop. Both girls were obviously enjoying the taste of his big cock, because they kept on licking it and his balls for several more minutes. After Ginny was quite satisfied that Sirius's long pole was properly lubricated, she basically pushed Hermione's head off of his cock and sat on his waist, just above his massive cock.

"This should be interesting!" Ginny moaned, as she lifted her ass above his cock and guided the tip of his bulbous rod towards her quivering and very wet teen twat. As she slowly sat down on his ten plus inches of manhood, Hermione and Sirius began to undress her. Hermione unclipped her tiny skirt and Sirius removed her shirt and tie, revealing her pert teen tits and rosy pink nipples. Sirius couldn't help himself from getting a quick taste of her perfectly shaped nipples. He gave each one a lick before he began sucking on her sweet and surprisingly hard nips. While Ginny slid slowly down on Sirius's rod, Hermione got onto her stomach and came face to face with Sirius shaft and Ginny's slowly expanding pussy. As Ginny moved her pussy down on Sirius's shaft, Hermione continued lubricating his thick cock and Ginny's pussy with her skillful tongue. Her true goal however, was to get a good taste of Ginny's tight snatch; something she had been dreaming about for a few days.

"Ummm... That feels so good Hermione!" Ginny purred as she struggled mightily to force in more of Sirius's immensely long and thick cock. With Hermione licking and lubricating and with Ginny slowly sliding more and more of Sirius into her, she was finally able to accept almost all of his ten plus inches.

"It's TOO MUCH!" cried Ginny, just as Sirius slammed his hips upwards and drove the last inch of his cock up into her quivering pussy. Ginny screamed out in ecstasy as an orgasm overcame her and her juices flowed through her body, down Sirius's cock and into Hermione's waiting mouth.

"Mmmmmmm!" moaned Hermione, lapping up all of Ginny's tasty orgasmic juices. Just as her orgasm subsided, Ginny started bouncing up and down on Sirius's long shaft with a little more ease, thanks to her added lubrication. Unable to lick Ginny's sweet snatch, now that she was being fucked like a rag-doll by Sirius, Hermione stood up and took Ginny by her shoulders, and started slamming her up and down in concert with Sirius's powerful thrusts. It only took a couple more minutes before Ginny hit her second orgasm and after nearly fainting from joyous ecstasy, she slid off of Sirius's throbbing shaft and fell to the ground.

"MY TURN!" Hermione said, as Sirius caught his breath and slid down the stone wall so he could lie on his back. Hermione pulled off her skirt and pink frilly thong to reveal her tight pussy and a small strip of brown pubic hair. She then tore off her sweater and threw it across the cave before moving over to an exhausted looking Sirius. Hermione's body was even better than Ginny's; she had slightly more developed tits with tiny pink nipples and an even juicier ass. The few seconds of rest was enough to help Sirius recover some his lost stamina before Hermione sat on his waist like Ginny had done before. Ginny slowly got up off the floor and like Hermione before her; she decided to get into the action. Hermione reached back and took a firm hold of Sirius's manhood before slowly guiding it towards her own sopping wet hole. As Hermione's tight twat began engulfing Sirius thick shaft, Ginny walked around the pair and stood over Sirius's face before she squatted down and sat directly on his face. Sirius opened his mouth and slid his tongue into her juicy pussy as Ginny leaned over facing Hermione and came face to face with her.

"IT'S SO BIG!!!" Hermione grunted, just as Ginny leaned in and gave Hermione a long deep kiss. Hermione, in considerable pain, kissed her back and gave into temptation. As Ginny locked tongues with Hermione, Sirius took the opportunity to thrust his hips upwards into Hermione's tight snatch without mercy. Hermione cried out in both pain and pleasure as Sirius's full ten plus inches nearly split her in two. Sirius didn't stop there; he continued to thrust up into her with unbridled force with an ever increasing speed. The sweet taste of Ginny's delicate and very wet pussy, combined with the tightness and unbelievable sensation of Hermione's twat was causing him to go through his own massive orgasm; one which had been building for some time.

"YESSSSS!" screamed both Hermione and Ginny almost simultaneously, as they both went through their own orgasms. It was perfect timing; just as Hermione's juices slid down his cock; Sirius was nearing his own end. He pushed Ginny off his face and told the two of them to get on their knees in front of him. Hermione pulled her pussy off his cock with a plop and got onto her knees in front of him with Ginny alongside her.

Sirius stood up quickly and with his hand pumping his shaft with unbelievable speed, he aimed the tip of his cock directly at the two sweet teenage faces in front of him and grunted in pleasure.

"UNGHHHHHHHHHHHH! UNGHHHHHH!" Sirius grunted in exaltation, as his release overcame his senses and his cock began to spasm and spurt out several long thick streams of hot sticky seed all over Hermione and Ginny's smiling faces. Several years of pent-up sexual frustration was released all over two hot little faces as they took it in stride, even opening their mouths and getting a good taste of Sirius's sticky cum. After thirty seconds and a nearly a gallon of cum, Hermione and Ginny were a mess, but instead of using magic to clean themselves up first, they began kissing again. After a few minutes of intense making-out, Ginny and Hermione separated and cleaned themselves up, got dressed and made to leave.

"Thanks for the food and water girls... I hope to see you soon!" Sirius sighed, pulling on his own pants and looking through the bag of goodies the girls had gotten him. With that, the girls left Sirius to his food and walked back out of the cave and towards Hogsmeade.

"I wonder how such a nice man ever went to prison." Ginny asked herself as she followed Hermione out of the cave, giving her nice ass a quick smack in the process.


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