Note: JK Rwoling and Warner Brothers own the rights to the characters and wish they had imagined these scenes as they could have written them better than I.

Harry Potter: Harry Potter's Summer With The Weasleys Part 2 - Orgy Day at the Lake (bg,bgg,oral,voy)
by PedoJoe

The four children got dressed and said goodbye. Ron, Ginny, and Harry went back to the Weasley house. Mrs. Weasley had them go to bed early as she always had her children do. And it wasn't as if they had much to do at that house anyway.

Harry wasn't so modest around Ron after the wonderful evening he had just had and had no problems getting his pajamas on right in front of him. "Were you turned on watching Ginny and I have sex?" he asked Ron nervously.

"Absolutely!" Ron answered, down to his underwear. "I thought it was so exciting and hot to see my sister and my best friend doing it."

"What do you think your parents would think about it?" Harry asked a bit concerned about being able to stay at the Weasley house.

"I wouldn't worry about it." a naked Ron mentioned. Mom and Dad are slow on the uptake sometimes." Ron climbed into his bed, somewhat surprising Harry.

"Aren't you going to wear pajamas?" he asked.

"Nah." he answered. "I didn't last night either. I love sleeping naked."

"Even at Hogwarts?" Harry wondered, imagining his best friend undressing in his bed.

"Yeah. A lot of us sleep naked." Ron informed him. "Why not try it?"

Harry decided that since everything else had happened on that day, why not? He took off his pajamas and settled into the linens. "Good night." he told Ron.

"Good night." Ron echoed.

The next day started out when Ron's parents announced that they were leaving to go to Diagon Alley for the day and for everyone to listen to Percy, who had been Gryffindor's head boy the previous year. Ron and Harry took this freedom to again go exploring. Again they found themselves at the lake. This time it was a bit more crowded with a group of kids their age, all naked, some in the water, some basking in the sun. Ron knew a lot of the kids and immediately started to disrobe. Harry found himself embarrassed being so overdressed and quickly took his clothes off as well.

He and Ron joined some of the kids who were in the lake. They all swam around and played the typical children's swimming games. Upon emerging from the lake, they noticed that some of the children were kissing and more with each other. Harry even noticed this one couple whom he knew to be a pair of fraternal twins, Liza and William Penthar who were both in Hufflepuff and in his class, as they were engaged in a double 69 position. "What's going on here?" Harry whispered to Ron.

"Today is Wednesday, orgy day." Ron explained. "No one other than specific Hogwarts students know of this place. A couple of years ago, a sixth-year student came out here with his girlfriend and placed a spell on this area. Now, only current Hogwarts students who do not mind seeing sex can come here."

"How did you find out about it?" Harry asked Ron.

"Fred and George led me to it." Ron admitted. "They found out about it from a friend of theirs."

"How about Ginny?" Harry asked a bit nervous; not picturing his little girlfriend as being a part of this sex scene.

"I don't know. I haven't shown this place to her and Fred and George would be horrified if they knew she were here." Ron admitted. "They see her as innocent and can't even imagine you two doing anything."

Just as they were finding a place to sit and enjoy the waters, they heard a familiar voice coming from the water's edge. "Hey Ron!" It was Serena, wet and naked, walking over to them. "Hey Harry."

Ron looked up at her. "Serena!" he stood up, shocked that his girlfriend knew of such a place. They kissed a passion-filled kiss. "Who told you about it?"

"Mariah Devon." she told him. "She and her brother used to come here last year. And this past year, well, she and I kind of hit it off."

"Lezzie action, so you're bi?" Ron asked, even more turned on.

"Yeah, I guess. Actually, I prefer guys, but when there are none available, I'll make do with girls."

"Hey Serena," came a familiar voice to both Ron and Harry. "Why did you just leave me there?" she said before noticing Ron and Harry.

"Ginny?" Ron was shocked to see his sister at this place. Even after seeing her and Harry having sex, she still felt like this place was too mature for his sister, the baby of his family.

"Ron! Harry!" a wet and naked Ginny greeted her two favorite boys in her life.

"How did you find out about this place?" Ron demanded.

"Oh, Prentice Oliphant told me about it that last night we were at Hogwarts. I think she has a crush on me."

"Yeah. In fact, that's how Ginny and I really became great friends." Serena explained, "I saw her talking with Prentice and then we three went off to the girl's bathroom. We really got to talk in there and got to know each other a lot more."

"You didn't..." Ron didn't even want to ask the whole question.

"Of course we did, brother." Ginny answered so plainly, "Girls can make girls feel so good, but they never did make me cum that night. Harry was truly my first time." She then went over to Harry and put her arms around him. "Hey, you two promised to let us watch when you had sex." Ginny said to her brother and his girlfriend. "How about now?"

Ron was still speechless with the idea of his sister being here, so Serena answered for them both. "Fine with me." she said and kissed Ron with passion. "We watched as Harry and your sister had sex. Now its our turn." she reminded him.

"I'm ready." he said taking one last look at his sister. Serena was lying down in the soft grass and Ron went down on her body. They kissed on the lips as he pressed his twelve-year-old cock into her equally youthful cunny. Ginny was finding it very exciting watching her brother having sex with one of her best friends. She sat down on the towel and brought Harry down with her. She was playing with his cock and he was rubbing at her familiar cunny.

"Oh Harry," Ginny looked over at her boyfriend, "I love you so much." She kissed him on the lips. But they did not want to miss this show going on in front of them so they didn't do too much. Ginny got closer to the action and actually looked where her brother's cock was buried inside of his girlfriend. He was thrusting in and out of Serena, her hips coming up to meet him midway.

Ron soon was making thrusting faster and nearly calling out in ecstasy. "Here I come, Serena!" Harry watched as Ron's ass cheeks clenched as he shot his load into his girlfriend. Serena wasn't too far removed from her boyfriend and his warm cum splashing inside of her was all it took for her to orgasm.

"Roooooon!" she screamed at her high. The two lovers laid there for a moment before Ron rolled off of her. Ginny now saw her brother's orgasm juice leaking from Serena's familiar pussy.

"Mind if I try some?" Ginny asked Serena with a wink.

"Go for it!" Serena voiced. Ginny got on her hands and knees and bent down, licking at Serena's cunt which was now leaking her brother's cum. Ron was shocked as his sister was cleaning out his girlfriend's pussy, where his penis had just been. It was a major turn on, but an even bigger turn-on for Harry.

Harry couldn't let this opportunity pass and scooted up to Ginny. Her bare ass was in the air and he could see her bald pussy opening between her legs. He scooted up to his girlfriend and put his cock into her pussy. Ginny was surprised at first, turning her head around to see who's cock was inside of her pussy, but relaxed when she realized it was Harry's. She resumed her feast on Serena's pussy, now with the extra feeling of her boyfriend's cock inside of her. Harry started to pump his cock in and out of his girlfriend's hot cunny while watching her lick at her brother's girlfriend's oozing cunny.

Serena was thoroughly enjoying Ginny's intense tonguing of her pussy and started her second orgasm of the day. This erotic lesbian scene that was going on between the girl he was having sex with and her best friend was too much for Harry. His scar was now heating up with the familiar electricity that coursed
through his body as he shot his cumload into his Ginny's welcoming cunny.

The foursome relaxed after this orgy and sat around talking with each other. Eventually, they all went into the water for some normal preteen swimming. They stayed at the lake for an hour more before all leaving for home.

When they got back home, Percy gave Ron a letter he received from Hermione. He quickly opened it and read it aloud to Harry. "Hey, Hermione said that she is going to be coming here next week and she has met up with two friends of hers who just recently got their Hogwarts letter." He continued to read it," 'They are a set of twins, Claudia and Connor and are from an established witching family. Both of their parents are Hogwarts graduates but wanted to settle in the Muggle world.'"

"Well, that's cool." Harry commented.

"Yeah, but wait until you hear why they are coming." Ron continued reading, "'When I told them that I was friends with Harry Potter, they were excited and just had to meet him.'"

"Yeah. My Harry Potter is a very popular boy." Ginny teased her hero/boyfriend.

"I'd prefer to just lay low for a while." Harry commented. But he knew that was impossible. Harry and Ron went up to Ron's room to calm down from their orgy. Harry went to take a shower and went into the bathroom. He turned the water on and removed his clothes, looking at himself in the mirror. This was by far his best summer. Heck, this was his best time ever. His aunt and uncle never let him even leave the house much less have a girlfriend. And now, here he had already lost his virginity and skinny-dipped. He looked so much better in this mirror than he had ever looked.

When the water was hot enough, Harry got into the shower and pulled the curtain. He just stood there for a moment reveling in the freedom he felt. He then heard the door open and someone came in. "Hello?" Harry called out. "Ron?" Nobody answered and he just figured he was hearing things. Suddenly the curtain was
pulled back revealing a naked Ginny. "What are you doing here?"

"I always shower after coming back from the lake." Ginny answered with a wry smile as she climbed in. "You don't mind, do you?"

"But what if someone sees us?" Harry asked nervously. "Like one of your older brothers or your parents."

"Mom and Dad won't be home until suppertime and our other brothers don't bother Ron and I up here." Ginny explained putting her arms around her boyfriend. "We have all the privacy we need." She pressed her lips on his. Harry reciprocated as their wet bodies pressed against each other. His scar was pulsating with pleasure again and he brought his hands down her wet back until he reached her ass cheeks. She removed her lips from his, "Let me suck you."

"What?" Harry asked, wondering what she was talking about, but she wasn't into answering him. She knelt down and took his cock into her hands. Taking one last look at his face, she wrapped her lips around Harry's hard, wet cock. The water was flowing down his front, soaking Ginny in the process, but it didn't bother her as she continued to lick Harry's cock. She soon took most of his cock between her lips and started suckling at him. Harry leaned against the wall of the shower to keep his balance. He loved to watch his girlfriend as she was giving him such pleasure. Her red hair was matted down on her head from the rushing water. She reached behind him and started playing with his ass cheeks, sliding her fingers along his crack. "Hmm! Mmm!" he stared moaning, his scar electrifying his body with orgasmic pleasure until he came, shooting cum into Ginny's mouth.

She took it all in her mouth, any drool immediately washed off by the rushing water. After swallowing Harry's magical load, she moved up his body, kissing him on his lips, shoving her tongue into his mouth to give him a taste of his own sperm. Their arms were wrapped around each other's body in a lustful heat. When they parted their lips, Ginny looked into Harry's eyes, "Now you lick me!"

Harry wasn't sure what he was supposed to do, but he knelt down anyway, the water hitting his naked backside. His face was now inches from Ginny's still bald cunny, the same one his cock had been buried in twice this summer. His scar was again pulsating with pleasure as he brought his tongue to his girlfriend's pussy. He licked at her pussy lips, sensing a shivering from Ginny.

Harry wrapped his hands around Ginny's hips and found himself resting his hands on her ass cheeks. He pressed his tongue between her cunny lips, eliciting a loud moan from Ginny. His hands were sliding on Ginny's ass, one of them slipping into her crack. His little finger was resting on her back hole and slowly began to slide in. He was in to his knuckle when Ginny began to moan loudly, "Oh Harry!!" her panting led to her orgasmic scream.

Harry could feel a rush of her preteen sex fluids in his mouth as her ass cheeks were sucking on his invading finger. He continued to lick her until she finally came down from her orgasm and nothing else was leaking from her. He removed his finger from her hole as she knelt down to him. Again, they kissed with an increased passion. "I love you, Ginny!" Harry sighed after the kiss ended.

"Oh Harry, I love you, too!" Ginny echoed as they kissed once more. She turned off the water and they both stepped out of the shower, drying off. Harry took his clothes and went into Ron's room, still wearing the towel around his waist. He watched as Ginny left the bathroom completely naked and went into her room, giving him a flirtatious wave before disappearing behind the door.


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