Harry Potter: Hagrid, Hermione's Hero Part 1 (Mf, oral)
by John Ram ([email protected])

Hagrid sniffed the brisk autumn air appreciatively as he wandered through the Hogwarts exterior. "Me favorite time o' year," he grinned. His smile was apparent mostly as a shifting of his voluminous whiskers.

"Hello, Hagrid!" "Hey, Hagrid!"

Several students greeted him as they walked by. "Ello, 'ello!" he returned amiably, before his attention was distracted by sounds from the courtyard by which he was passing. Hermione Granger was stalking past a gaggle of other students, head down, clutching her books to her chest.

"Oy, Hermione!" he called as she passed under the archway several meters from him. She ignored him, and he thought he heard a sniffle. Furrowing his brow - and looking quite unexpectedly ferocious as he did so - he went to the gaggle of students in question. He quickly recognized wee Harry, of course, and his friend Ron, yet another Weasley kid. "What's all this, then?" he asked them, pointedly.

"Oh, uh, hi, Hagrid," Harry said. He was looking back and forth between his best friend and and his first wizard-world friend. "Um, Ron might have said, um, something... unkind?"

"By accident!" Ron exclaimed hurriedly. "I mean, I didn't know she heard us!"

Now, Hagrid liked all the Weasley boys, and he liked Harry too, who seemed constantly bemused by the strange new world he found himself in. But Hermione was a nice girl - cute too - and probably more intelligent than half a dozen Hagrids. The half-giant didn't like to see her get her feelings hurt. "Now you go apologize ter her, lad," he advised, his brow still furrowed. "Best wait till later, tho, let 'er rest a spell."

So saying, he left the boys behind, wondering if he could say something to the girl. "Bah, who am I kiddin'," he muttered. "I'm not good wit' words."

Later on that night, at the Halloween feast - for it was that special holiday - Hagrid looked at the Gryffindor table from his perch up with the professors, but didn't see Hermione among the other students. He made a note to ask one of the Gryffindors about her, when the great double doors to the dining hall slammed open and Professor Quirrell rushed in, babbling at the top of his lungs, "TRRRRRRROOOOLLLLLLLLLLL!"

He fainted rather unhelpfully, and the assembled students went into an uproar. Professor Dumbledore, bless his soul, restored order, assigning the prefects to lead the students back to the dormitories and giving the teachers assignments. Hagrid headed down from the raised dais on which the teachers had been eating, to the hall proper, and gave Dumbledore a glance. The Headmaster didn't know what Hagrid intended, but trusted him to do right, and nodded at him.

"'Arry!" Hagrid called to the boy, who was lagging at the back of the Gryffindor line. "Where's Hermione?"

Harry's face suddenly drained of blood. "I heard she was in the loo, crying."

"Go wit' that lot, 'Arry," Hagrid gestured him on with the other Gryffindors. "I'll see ter her." Harry nodded and dashed off, and the half-giant hurried through the ancient stone corridors.

Rounding the last corner, his heart leapt into his throat as he saw the door to the girls' bathroom shutting behind a large troll foot. "Hermione!" he bellowed, charging to the door, and he heard a shrill scream.

He slammed the door open with his shoulder and saw Hermione crawling out of a wreckage of stalls down by a single swing of the club. "ERE, UGLY!" Hagrid shouted, trying to attract its attention.

"HAGRID!" Hermione shrieked, and the half-giant ducked as the troll clumsily swiped the club at him.

Hagrid leveled his pink umbrella at the troll, and managed to yell, "Deprimo!" just as the troll swung the club again, knocking the umbrella away. A powerful if short-lived blast of wind jetted from nowhere and threw the troll hard into the stone wall with bone-cracking force. Not taking the time to retrieve his umbrella, Hagrid bodily hurled himself against the dazed troll, who was already snuffling and shaking its head as it tried to stand up.

The half-giant unleashed his full strength, rarely used and even more rarely seen by others, and pounded the troll furiously, till at least it lowed its submission, sliding into unconsciousness. Hagrid had taken a good solid blow on his ribcage; that would be sore in the morning. But otherwise he was unharmed.

He turned around to check on Hermione. "You okay?" he asked, but Hermione threw herself at him, hugging him tightly.

"Thank you, Hagrid!" she exclaimed fervently. "You saved my life!" She didn't let go, and Hagrid awkwardly put his hand on top of her head. He was so tall, and she so short, that her head, pressed sideways against his body, was more or less in his crotch, and he hoped she didn't feel the telltale twitch of his enormous cock.

"Good gracious me!" Professors McGonagall, Snape, and Flitwick rushed in, staring aghast the wreckage, the unconscious troll, and Hermione clinging to her savior. "What happened here?"

Hermione pulled away, her face shining. "Hagrid save my life, Professor! It was amazing! He bear wrestled that troll one on one!"

Even McGonagall looked impressed, and she quickly moved to take Hermione away to help settle her down and soothe her spirits, even though the girl looked reluctant to leave the half-giant's presence. But what Hagrid couldn't get out of his mind, as the professor ushered Hermione out, was the 11 year old witch's look of utter adoration...

Hagrid was Hogwarts' hero the next day. Always well liked by many of the young students, now he was hounded by fans. He blushed and stammered quite a bit, but found he enjoyed the extra attention. Students kept asking him to describe the fight, and he kept downplaying it, but the rumors grew in the telling, till the story was that Hagrid had singlehandedly taken down a family of trolls with one arm tied behind his back.

But Hagrid couldn't stop thinking about Hermione. She was a beautiful young girl who made his cock twitch as she hugged him, and that expression of utter worshipfulness melted his heart. He was in his hut outside the castle proper thinking dreamily about it, when a knock came at his door.

He answered it, and was surprised - and gratified - to see none other than Hermione Granger herself standing there! "Hagrid!" she said happily, hugging him, and innocently nuzzling her face into his crotch again. There was no way Hagrid could hide that throb, and Hermione, feeling it, tittered. "Can I come in?" she asked brightly.

"Anytime, Hermione, you know tha'," he said. "Can I make ya a cup o' tea?"

"Oh, but I want to do something for you!" she said brightly. "You're my hero, and I want to do something to repay you! Anything! I can research any spell you want me to, Hagrid, you know I can. I looked up a Love Charm for you! Is there a girl you like?"

She looked so eager and worshipful, Hagrid was overwhelmed, and his cock was bulging in his clothes. "Hermione, uh, there is a girl I like." She practically jumped with eagerness. "You."

Her jaw dropped, and her face broke out into a grin. "REALLY? You think I'm pretty?!"

"Yer," he confirmed emphatically. "Wit' pretty lil lips to suck on me cock."

Hermione gaped at him. "YEAH! Can I try that, Hagrid?" Hagrid was already hoisting out his magnificently large slab of meat. It was huge, fat and long, twisting and bulging with veins, and Hermione's widened. "Wow, that's HUGE! Will it fit?"

"One way ter find out," he said, and pressed the swollen cockknob into Hermione's pretty lil 11 year old lips, giving her plush preteen mouth her first kiss and smearing her face with his thick salty pre.

"Mmmm!" Hermione mewled, and opened her mouth. Hagrid was wild with lust; he was almost a virgin, for his whole life, most women had wanted nothing to do with him. But now, here was a gorgeous lil virgin offering herself to him as a hot, willing spunkdumpsters! He pushed against the tight ring of her lips, stretching them wider and wider as pre pooled on her tongue.

She was almost throwing herself into his thrusts, trying to get the massive shlong in her mouth, and Hagrid helped her, grasping her head in one large hand and pulling her towards his crotch as he bucked his hips forward. With a lewd slurping sound, his cockhead popped fully inside her hot wet mouth, the tight thin lines of her lips clamping around his shaft beneath the crown of his cock. Her cheeks bulged out, and she began nursing instinctively.

Her suckling slurps, while clumsy, were incredibly hot, and Hagrid was groaning and growling like savage beast as he thrust forward again, forcing more of his member to sink into her pretty lil mouth. The fit was so exquisite and wonderful, tight and wet and warm! But then the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat, and despite all her eager swallows - resulting in a nasty glugging as his pre streamed down her esophagus - she couldn't fit his immense girth down her throat.

"I'm too big fer ya," he grunted, a bit disappointedly. Hermione was hurling herself at him, struggling to get him inside her; she wanted to please her hero, and besides, she'd never known a cock could be so tasty! Her lil bald pussy was getting unbelievably wet beneath her robe, and she suckled and slurped vigorously on him, meeting his eyes with a look of utter bliss and adoration.

Pleasure was spiking up and down Hagrid's spine, and began thrusting in and out, pummelling Hermione's sweet mouth with as much of his huge dong as would fit. Her drool flung from her lips with every thrust, and she was moaning like a little bitch in heat. The girl was born to suck cock!

With another powerful thrust, there was suddenly a shhhhhrrrlllppping noise, and with loud obscene groans from both of them, his cock slid down her throat! Hagrid's eyes bugged out from the intense ecstasy of the tight cocksleeve of her fucktunnel, and Hermione's eyes crossed from her own euphoria.

"The wonders... of acciden'al magic," he panted, and now Hermione threw herself against him again. His enormous shlong sank in between her lovely loli lips, till her face was mashed into his hairy sweaty crotch. Her lil neck was bulging out with his mass filling her up, and she was screaming her delight as she was stuffed to the brim with her hero's gigantic dick. Her pleasure, muffled on his incredible fucktool, hummed along his entire length as she moaned, glucking her throat eagerly.

Hagrid slammed in and out of her, smashing her sweet li face into his hairy crotch again and again, stuffing her full, snarling with delight as he face-fucked his new toy. His fat meaty balls tightened, and began squirting hot thick ropes of his creamy cockmilk deep inside Hermione's lil virgin throatcunt. It gushed down Hermione's sweet pipe in heavy, choking torrents, and the little girl swallowed it all with gusto. It was sooooo delicious, and it made her sooooo hot! Her nipples were achingly hard, and her pussy was soaking her panties as she glucked and gargled on every last drop of his cum. Hearing him groan like a wild animal made her lil hairless preteen cunny even wetter, and his groan reverberated through his spunking cock down her throat!

He kept spurting so much cum that it squirted out of her nose, and frothed out of her mouth around his shaft as he pummeled her face with relentless, jizzing thrusts, till finally his hairy obese balls were drained dry inside her sweet young deflowered mouthtwat. Grunting with aftershocks, Hagrid slowly pulled his huge log out of the little girl's mouth, marveling at how he had fit the entire length down her fucktunnel as inch after inch slid out, covered in the slime of his cum and her lavish drool.

Hermione gasped, still glugging cum as his cockknob popped free of her lips. "Wow, Hagrid," she panted, her voice raw from the ferocious face fucking, "that was amazing!"

Hagrid thought it was pretty amazing himself, but he wanted more. "Now show me yer pretty lil pussy, Hermione - I'm gonna get me rocks off in yer twat now." Her eyes lit up, and she lifted up her robe, and her skirt beneath that robe, showing her utterly drenched panties, which she tugged to the side, revealing her hairless, puffy, soaking wet, beautifully pink cunny. His boner, which had been starting to droop ever so slightly, stiffened back into massive glory, and he seized her by the waist, eliciting a squeal from her as he bodily lifted her into the air and pulled her down on his cock.

As soon as his knob touched against her plump pussy, an electric charge sizzled through the lil girl, and she groaned like a bitch in heat. "Fffffffuck meeee," she moaned, her sweet juices dribbling down his fuckrod, and he yanked her down, jamming his fat meat between her puffy pink nether lips. Ecstasy strangled his throat as he felt her tight hot virgin hole sucking and slurping him in as he sank inch after inch into her dewy preteen lovetunnel.

Hermione's nymphet body was humming with pleasure as her tiny 11 year old pussy was stretched obscenely wide by her hero's invading piledriver, clutching his dick in a hot wet silken vibrator that seemed born to milk him. With a powerful slam, Hagrid pulled her completely down on his cock, plunging balls deep into her pussy until she was drenching his balls in hot little-girl moisture.

She screamed, a shrill breathy sound of overwhelming lust, and Hagrid began yanking her up and down on his cockmeat as he brutally bucked his hips up into every downward stroke. He was literally jacking off with her body, and Hermione writhed, loving the sensation, his harsh grunts and growls of pleasure punctuating the wet squelching smacks of every nuts-deep thrust.

Hermione's hair was flying wildly, her tongue hanging out, completely and thoroughly fucked into a haze of little preteen girl bliss as Hagrid had his way with her, pistoning his huge dick in her sopping wet cunny like a relentless fuckmachine. With every completely hilting of his shaft inside her well-stretched pussy, his obese balls slapped upwards into her buttocks with sweaty smacks as he jerked off wantonly with his horny new fucktoy.

Hermione was loving it, introduced to wild new sensations she had never dreamed off. The euphoric experience of being used as a wank-off sock by her hero was filling her from head to toe with spastic ecstasy, and finally her body couldn't take it anymore. She fairly exploded with powerful orgasm, shrieking his name incoherently, and juicing hard.

Her fucksleeve twat convulsed around his member as he ruthlessly rutted her, milking him frantically for all he was worth, and Hagrid's neck muscles tightened, his balls clenching, as her horny thirsty pussy gobbled and slurped on him. Fat spurts of fertile, babymaking jizz roped up his magnificent shlong in squirts so thick they were tangible bulges up his shaft, before geysering out into her 11 year old girlhood.

Hagrid kept pumping her lil fucktoy body up and down on his cock, even as he pumped her full of his seed, claiming her virginity and her womb as his own, filling up her baby hole to the brim with musky, potent cum. Hermione's mind had completely blanked from ecstasy as the half-giant busted his nut inside her willing cumdumpster body, feeling him spew his hot raunchy loads inside her.

At long last, Hagrid finally finished with her, blowing his last spurt deep inside her thoroughly fucked lil pussy. The little witch's head lolled with pleasure, aftershocks twitching through her body as she dangled atop that gigantic cock. She whimpered in electric delight as Hagrid slowly worked her off his cock and set her down.

Hermione staggered on unsteady legs for several seconds. His cum was leaking out of her pussy and dribbling down her leg. She finally recovered barely enough breath and wit to speak, gasping. "Hagrid! If I'd known how hot that was, I would have come here long ago, nevermind saving me from the troll!" Her expression was of utter worship, and her gaze was fixed on the mesmerizing sight of his tremendous cock, greasy with her juices and his own spunk as it was lowering to hang between his legs.

"I could use me a new toy ever' day, Hermione," Hagrid suggested daringly, and her face lit up as she saw the future stretching before her: an ecstatic future of being blissfully, relentlessly used over and over as the half-giant's personal cock sock and cumdump for the rest of her life...


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