Harry Potter: Hagrid, Hermione's Hero Part 2 (Mg,anal)
by John Ram ([email protected])

It wasn't until the next day that Hermione realized she was in love.

"Ow!" she said indignantly, as Harry nudged her, jerking her out of her daydreams about Hagrid (and Hagrid's cock). She suddenly realized that everyone, Professor Flitwick included, was looking at her expectantly. She blushed. "Um, I'm sorry, I was distracted."

For the third time, Professor Flitwick asked her, "Can you demonstrate the Levitation Charm for the class, Miss Granger?" Hermione quickly did so, sending her books flying around the room in a brief dance, thinking about how deft Hagrid's cock had been at a certain 'twist and flick' and imagining a day when professors referred to her as 'Mrs. Hagrid'.

She was utterly and completely besotted. After Charms class, she dashed out of the castle proper and down to her new sex-master's hut. She was so excited she forgot to knock and just swung the door open.

"Oh, hi there, Hermione," Hagrid said in his gruff accent. "Wasn' expectin' ye this early, but I surely don' mind." He grinned.

"Sit down, Hagrid!" she said eagerly, and he obeyed, chuckling at her paradoxical assertiveness - insisting that she be allowed to submissively worship him. Hermione practically pounced, fishing out his cock and staring at it for a few moments, utterly mesmerized by that hardening slab of delicious meat.

Then she wrapped her hands around it, straining to make her thumbs meet and barely managing it, then started milking his shaft. Groans of delight guttered in his throat, and the lil witch began licking kittenishly at his cock. "Mmmm, Hagrid," she purred, making sure to lick very wetly, and leave a lot of her loli drool on his shaft, "I couldn't stop thinking about you last night, Hagrid."

"Oh yeah?" he grunted, his voice husky from the pleasure rippling through him. His cock throbbed, slapping wetly into Hermione's face and smearing her with precum and her own drool. She giggled, and flicked her tongue at the marble of precum beading on the tip, smacking her lips happily on it before resuming her lavish, drooling licks.

"Yes," she nodded, kissing all up and down his twitching, jerking cock as Hagrid began stroking her hair. "I love being your fucktoy! I want to always be your lil fucktoy, but... I want more." She looked at him with her huge childish eyes. "Can I... can I be your girlfriend, Hagrid?"

Hagrid started. He knew Hermione was grateful to him for saving her life, but had never imagined she might actually be interested in him. "You... you really want ter be me girlfriend?"

She nodded fervently, still licking. "More than anything! Pleeeeease?"

Still stroking her hair, he bent his shaggy head to kiss the top of her head. "Yes. I wan' ter be wit' you, too, Hermione."

Her face lit up, and she hugged him, or rather, his immense cock. "I love you, Hagrid!" Smiling delightedly, she went down on him, suckling in his huge knob before he could reply, and he tossed his head back in the throes of his pleasure. His fingers clenched in her hair as her hot wet tight lil mouth nursed on his engorged cockhead, vigorously, greedily.

Her hands, previously milking his shaft, began fondling his bloated balls, squeezing them gently and feeling the cum roiling in those fat meaty sacks. She plunged downward on his crotch, swallowing more and more of his huge long johnson, when his cockhead hit the back of her mouth. She raised her eyes to meet his own glazed orbs, and then pushed down further, letting him sink into the tight swallow of her hot, wet, lil throatcunt.

"Hnnnnggghhh!" Hagrid groaned, his lust vibrating up his convulsively twitching cock, and Hermione mewled happily as she gargled down his precum, moaning at the taste and sensation. Her neck began bulging out as she stuffed her own throat with his fat piledriver, inexorably dropping down his cock to his hairy crotch.

She reached her goal, her lips clamping viselike around the base of his shaft, her sweet face buried in his musky pubic curls as she swallowed all of her new beloved boyfriend's immense cock. Hagrid growled in pleasure, and then Hermione began bobbing up and down, deep throating him entirely every time as she did her best to get him off with her mouthtwat.

Hagrid's fingers started yanking and jerking her hair of their own accord, and Hermione moaned - an obscene lil preteen girl sound of euphoria - as her big strong hero handled her in the throes of his lust. She kept bobbing, suckling and nursing vigorously on his big dick, her nymphet drool pouring out between her lips and sliming his pubic curls.

"Cum in me, Hagrid!" she begged, but her voice, muffled on his delicious cockmeat, came out as incoherent moans thrumming up and down his shaft in her throat. Hagrid, who was groaning her name pretty incoherently himself, couldn't take it anymore, hearing her delighted lil moans. He bellowed his ecstasy, thrashing in his seat as his spunk soared up his thick length in fat bulges to pulse out deep inside Hermione's succulent lil throatpussy.

Hermione's pleasure spiked as she felt and tasted those geysers of hot cum pouring into her. It was as thick as glue, but Hagrid's balls pumped it with such force that it fairly gushed inside her, almost directly into her stomach. Her screams of rapture were nasty gurgling moans as she eagerly, lustily, swallowed down every jet of his tasty seed. She kept glucking her throat around his jizzing cock, milking him for more and more and more and more, unable to get enough of that wonderful spunk.

It seemed like hours before Hagrid finally emptied his balls into the little girl's tummy, and Hermione had guzzled it all with relish! She moaned lewdly as Hagrid came down from his high; she couldn't believe how unbelievably wet her pussy was. Her juice was dribbling down her inner thighs in several lil rivulets of clear sticky fluid beneath her skirt.

"Hermione," Hagrid was gasping as she slowly pulled herself off his fucktool, leaving the shaft slick and wet with her 11 year old saliva, "that was amazing!"

She smiled proudly at him, looking adorable, and kissed the tip of his cock tenderly, savoring the musky taste of lingering cum oozing from it. "I can't get enough of your cum, Hagrid! I wish I could have it all the time."

Hagrid grinned suddenly, as an idea came to him. "A couple house-elves owe me a favor or two. I can git 'em ter serve ya a 'special drink' at ever' meal if you want."

"REALLY? Oh, Hagrid, would you?" She looked so eager and delighted at the prospect of downing a cup of his delectable spunk at every meal that Hagrid couldn't help but laugh fondly, and promised to see it done that very day.

She clambered onto his lap, tilting her head up for a kiss as she lightly fondled his slimy, drool-slicked cock, and Hagrid obliged her. She giggled as his whiskers tickled her face, and her breath was hot and sweet on his face as they kissed gently. "Now I have a special treat for you, Hagrid," she murmured. "I want to give you my ass."

Hagrid's breath caught in his throat as he thought of fucking this beautiful girl's sweet preteen asshole, and Hermione took the opportunity to kiss him again, moaning slightly as she used her grasp of his cock to guide his knob under her skirt. His cockhead rubbed along her puffy slit - for she wasn't wearing panties today - anointing itself with her juices and smearing her cunny with precum and saliva, before touching lightly upon her puckered lil anus.

She gasped hotly as she felt that huge hard knob pressing gently into her tightest hottest hole, the only virgin fucktunnel she had left. "Take me, Hagrid," she whispered, her voice husky and fervent.

His large strong hands, ever so gently, grasped her waist and lowered her slowly. Her tight puckered asshole began to stretch and stretch, gradually admitting his fat cockhead access. Hermione's head tossed back and forth with the ecstasy of anticipation, and her juices trickled down her slit to roll down his shaft.

Hagrid thrust up then, and Hermione's gasp turned into a loud guttering moan of pleasure as his cockhead sank fully inside her virgin asshole. He kissed her, smothering her moan with his whiskers, and she melded her sweet young lips with his. She wriggled her young lil body, eagerly trying to work more of that wonderfully large pleasure tool inside her rosebud, bearing down.

Slowly, inch after inch of his long veiny girth disappeared into Hermione's fucktunnel. She was hot and tight, her fuckhole clenching and gobbling on his fuckrod. His precum spilled from his tip, lubing up her insides even as he plunged deeper and deeper. Her wriggling became spastic writhes and twitches of pleasure as he throbbed deep inside her, and their throats guttered with twin groans of obscene lust.

Their lips broke apart as she lowered further upon his cock, their size difference separating their mouths, and Hagrid was treated to the sight of Hermione's face, screwed up into intense ecstasy, her mouth parted as she moaned and gasped hotly, her eyes sweetly shut, her tongue lolling out ever so slightly.

"Hermione," he groaned her name in his deep guttural voice, and more of her juices dribbled down his shaft as she heard him frame her name in such sweet tenderness.

"Moreeeeeeeee," she begged, the word coming out as a barely coherent moan, and Hagrid pulled her inexorably down, his huge cock jerking and throbbing like a savage, wild beast inside her warm dark silken vise.

Finally, his bloated balls squelched gently into her sweet young buttocks, and his unruly pubic curls tickled her puffy, swollen pussy lips erotically. Hermione was moaning heatedly, her head tossing back and forth as she writhed, loving the feeling of being stuffed absolutely full by her beloved boyfriend's massive cock.

Her asshole clutched desperately on him, milking him with clumsy virginal instincts. "Fffffuck me, Haaaagrid," she moaned in sweet long breathy pleas. "Fuuucck my assssss!" He obliged her, thrusting in and out, slowly at first, but gradually accelerating, his own breath coming short and shorter.

"Yes!" Hermione cried. "Oh yesssss! Ahhh! Oooohh aaahhhh! Ooohhh Hagridddddd! I'm cummmmmiiinnngggggggg!" Her delicious body seized up for an instant before thrashing wildly as the horny 11 year old girl experienced the most wanton, ecstatic orgasm she'd ever had, even stronger than her deflowering the day before. Her scream was high and shrill and loud, utterly unashamed of her lust and pleasure and love as her big strong hero reamed her anus.

Her asshole was spasming arrhythmically on his jackhammering cock, and Hagrid roared like an alpha male claiming his mate as he buried his balls to the hilt in her sweet young virgin ass a final time and began jizzing thick long ropes of viscous, hot seed into her bowels. Her asshole milked him relentlessly as he cummed, filling her up to overflow with jet after jet of his huge hot loads, and her voice grew hoarse with her shrieks of untamed preteen rapture.

Her pussy was clutching on emptiness as she kept creaming, unable to stop juicing as she felt her hero, her boyfriend, her Hagrid, spunk into her over and over, and her sweet girlcum slathered his pubic curls as they shared their climax. He clutched her to him, her face buried into his chest as they cummed together, half-giant and little girl falling in love as he filled her nymphet pucker with cockslop.

"Oh, Hagrid," she moaned, her voice husky and breathless as they came down from their high, "that was wonderful!" She squeezed her asshole around his cock again, shuddering as aftershocks sizzled through her.

"I love you, Hermione," he whispered, his gruff voice gentle and tender.

She put her little hand in his, and looked at him with the radiant expression of a freshly fucked lil angel. "I love you, too, Hagrid!" She leaned back into his chest, just filling her nostrils with his wonderfully masculine mask. "I want to be your fucktoy and your girlfriend forever!"

"Maybe," he allowed. "An' maybe someday you won' be me girlfriend, but me wife."

"Really?!" She pulled her head back from his chest to look up at him in awe and happiness, her mouth dropped open.

"Really." He bent his shaggy head to kiss her hair, and held her close to him, rocking her back and forth as his cock still twitched inside her asshole, an intimate carnal embrace as they just enjoyed the sensations of their newfound, burgeoning love...


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