This work is based on the Harry Potter series of books, particularly after
the second book, "Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secrets." For readers who
have not read Harry Potter this story might be a bit confusing. Remember this
work is purely fictional.

Harry Potter and His Secret Lover (b/g, nc, fant, parody)
by Rita Skeeter ([email protected])

Ginny Weasley, sister of Harry's best friend Ron Weasley, whose first year at
Hogwarts Hall was not exactly going as planned. She'd been tricked by Tom
Riddle and had almost gotten herself killed.

It was her hero Harry Potter who had rescued her in time from the Bastilic
Dungeons. In that dark serpent dudgeon, Ginny remembered Harry's deep concern
for her, and his gentle touch.

This was her second year at Hogwarts Hall and she was now also a Gryffindor
like her brother and Harry.

* * *

Ginny woke as dawn broke through the windows of the Eastern side of the
Gryffindor tower. This was a secluded area where only female students were
allowed. The Girl's Hall had a different theme than the Boy's Hall. There was
a pink aura and freshly picked flowers whose scent pervaded the rooms.

Ginny got up and walked over to her bedroom mirror. The mirror swirled about
and finally a figure stepped out through the glass. It was a physical copy of
Ginny. Witch's always disliked a mirror that could only reflect light and
that showed nothing more than a two-dimensional reflection. In Hogwarts, the
full body mirrors showed nothing but a three-dimensional image of ones self.

Ginny stood in from her image and softly touched her brests. Ginny liked to
sleep naked. She had always thought it was just more comfortable. Her
red-orange hair draped over her small smooth shoulders, and even her pubic
hair glowed a brighter orange.

After a quick once over, confirming that she was a day older and a day more
mature, she quickly brushed her hair and put on her Hogwart robe. She liked
the freedom that the wizard robes provided, she loved to be naked underneath.

Harry was still injured from the Bastilic fight, and the School Nurse had
given him a potion that would leave him sleeping for a whole week. Ron
checked on Harry everyday to see if he is alright, and so did Ginny.

"He looks still. It is so awful," Ginny said.

"Well, he was bitten by a Bastilic, what did you expect?" Ron said

"Its all my fault," Ginny started to cry, ringing her hands in distress.

"Oh don't you start that again. It's not your fault. It's Tom Riddles'

Just then Fred and George Weasley laughed and ran down the hall, "Hey guys!
C'mon lets go, its time for breakfast! You can visit Harry later and tuck him
in Ginny."

Fred and George were Ginny's elder brothers and they knew that Ginny liked
Harry Potter. Ginny blushed and quickly shouted, "You shut up Fred and you
too George!"

Ron got up and reched out to grip Ginny's shoulder. "They're right, it is
time to go to breakfast. I'll go ahead now and you catch up okay?"

"Alright, I just want to be with Harry for a bit longer and say some prayers
over him," said Ginny.

"Alright, see you soon," Ron said as he went with the rest of the Gryffindor
boys. Ron entoned, "Jelly Beans." And the Fat Lady portrait on the wall swung
open and let the boys through into the main gallery.

The Boy's Hall was suddenly empty, except for Harry and Ginny.

Ginny looked down at Harry Potter's limp black hair, and the dark lighting
scars. Ginny touched Harry's body and noticed that it was sturdy. She
remembered watching him practice from sun up to sun down for the Quidditch

Harry was still skinny, but nicely built now, she thought. Ginny had heard
gossip from her fellow female classmates why Harry could fly so well on his
broomstick. They said that his penis and large balls gave him just the right
ballast, therefore making him a wiz at flying.

Ginny, always curious, reached her hand inside Harry's pajamas and found her
fingers touching Harry's limp penis. She thought to herself, "My gawd, what
sm I doing? What if someone where to see me doing this?"

Ginny blushed at the though of being caught in the act, so to speak, but that
thought only served to make her secret excursion into the sexual realm more
exciting than anything that had come before.

Ginny continued to caress Harry's penis underneath his pajamas and soon his
penis began to become erect. To Ginny's shock it broke open the fly of his
pajamas and presented itself to her view.

Ginny bit her lip and guiltily looked around the room to check that no one
else was around. Surely there was no one but herself and Harry Potter. She
fervently hoped so.

Harry might be a skinny fellow, but his penis showed no sign of malnutrition.
It was a magical 11-inchs long with a head that resembled a Takashi Mushroom
that Ginny had seen in Herbology class.

She slowly stroked Harry's stiff penis, and soon the sight and feel of his
smooth hot flesh made the girl want to touch him more intimately. She slowed
bent over the lad and began to lick Harry's enticing Takashi Mushroom with
the tip of her tougue.

Harry's body thrashed about in his slumber and he gave a long low moan as
Ginny began to further explore his organ with her lips. She couldn't fit his
whole penis in her mouth, but she was getting really excited by the obvious
pleasure that Harry was receiving from her efforts.

Ginny thought to herself, "I love you Harry and I want to be with you."

She climbed up onto Harry's bed and straddled his body. She lifted her robes
and exposing her thighs and her orange-clad girlhood. Holding Harry's stiff
throbbing penis, Ginny poised herself, and then slowly sank down on the boy's
unprotected erection.

Ginny noticed for the first time that Harry's manhood was drizzling a clear
slick fluid all over his monster penis. With that and her own arousal it made
it easy to slide him home. So when Ginny gave one hard shove and sat down
Harry's erect penis he slid easily into her, ripping her hymen and taking her
virginity unknowingly.

"OH, MY! It feels so strange. I love you Harry!" Ginny gasped.

At first the pain was intense with Harry's monster penis poking deeply into
her, but soon after sliding up and down on him for a few moments, she noticed
that it was beginning to feel good.

The girl road Harry's magical shaft faster and faster, not knowing what to
expect. Until suddenly she threw her head back and quivered atop the boy. "OH
GOD I'm cumming! I'm really cumming!" It was fantastic. Ginny knew about such
things, witches were supposed to, but the reality of an orgasm was something
new and wonderful!

Quite by coincidence Ron was just outside the Fat Lady portrate, and had just
shouted "Hey Ginny hurry up, the breakfast is almost over!"

"Jelly Beans," Ron said and the portrait slipped open and Ron saw Ginny on
top his friend's prone body. "What are you doing Ginny? You're going to miss

"I'm just giving Harry a special gift for saving my life!"

"Not another one of your homemade necklaces, oh well, Ginny hurry up will
you!" Ron said impatiently and trotted off back through the portrait.

Her orgasm now over, Ginny slowly disengaged herself from Harry's body. Her
dark robes concealed their deed, but a deep slurping sound and a small
popping sound confirmed what had just taken place as Ginny rose up and
climbed off Harry's bed.

Ginny looked loving down at her sleeping lover, feeling his sperm deeply
indide, flowing into her girl's womb.

She quickly put Harry's semi-hard magic monster back into his pajamas. And
quickly inspected her Hogwart Robe to see if it was stained. The only sperm
she could see was that which was seeping down her inner thighs as Harry's
cum slowly oozed from her red-orange clad girl-slit.

Ginny looked long into Harry's face, then said, "I'll be back tomorrow
lover." And she walked slowly with a slight limp towards the Fat Lady's



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