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Pairing: Harry/Hermione

Story takes place during Order of the Phoenix.

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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Christmas Admission
by Dest

Harry was bored. Sure the Gryffindor Christmas party was fun, but it wasn't
what he was looking for. All year he had been noticing the girls…women at
Hogwarts. It didn't help that he was teaching the DA and many members were
attractive females. It also didn't help that many would come up and ask him
questions wearing semi-revealing clothes during the meetings. He'd had to
stop himself from staring more times then he could count. The worst one was
Hermione. Harry had certainly noticed how she had grown up. And since she
has taken to wearing short skirts at the meetings, whenever she gets stunned
he gets a free view of her luscious legs. He was looking at her now, talking
to Parvati and Lavender. All three gorgeous, but only one that he can't get
out of his mind. He knew he needed to take his mind off her, lest he do
something he would regret so Harry went to get some punch.

As he turned the corner he saw Peeves hovering over the punch bowl. Normally
he wouldn't hesitate to shoo him away, but something told him not to this
time. Peeves looked all around before letting off a creepy giggle. "Seems
like this party needs a little something. Party full of teenagers and no
sex? Not right, Peeves can change that." With that said Peeves pulled a
vial out of somewhere and proceeded to pour it into the punch bowl. "Can't
wait to see what happens tomorrow when everyone wakes up next to someone and
remembers all the sex from tonight. It's going to be hilarious. Hehehehehe!"

Harry watched Peeves hover off and started thinking, 'A potion to make
people have sex with each other? I remember Hermione talking about an
inhibitions potion. Apparently the 7th years had to make some and she was
furious that Snape would allow teenagers to make something like that. Peeves
must have snuck a vial somehow. From what I remember, for 5 hours the person
who drinks the potion will do whatever they want, no holding back. I can
slip some to Hermione and see if she feels the same way I do. But isn't that
wrong?' Then the memory of Hermione hugging him when she finally learned the
Patronus spell came back to him. Needless to say he was able to cast a
healthy Patronus after that, as well as hang a hat on his knob. 'It's just
one night, and it's not like I am forcing her to have sex with me, just to
let loose a little. Still I can't let everyone else drink this stuff. No
telling what could happen.'

Harry grabbed a cup and poured in the punch before calling Dobby. "Yes
master Potter? You want something of Dobby?"

"Peeves poisoned the punch, I need you to get rid of it and get some more,
if it's not too much trouble."

"No sir, nothing is too much for you. The new punch will be here right

Harry watched as Dobby and the punch disappeared and seconds later another
bowl appeared in the same place as the old bowl. 'That was fast, I was
expecting a few minutes. This way Peeves won't have any idea about the punch
so he won't bother putting another vial in this one. Now to find Hermione.'
First Harry grabbed another cup of punch, making sure to remember which was

Harry found her still talking to Lavender and Parvati. Hermione looked a
little bored so he figured it would be fine to interrupt. "Hermione can I
talk to you in private? I have a few things about the DA I need your help
on." Harry apologized to Lavender and Parvati for stealing Hermione away
and they walked to the Room of Requirement.

"What did you need to talk about Harry?"

"Nothing really, I just thought you wanted to get away from them and I
haven't seen you at all today."

Hermione's grin shocked Harry, as did the hug. "Oh, thank you Harry. When I
first came up to them I thought they were talking about the DA so I joined
in the conversation. But then they started talking about how hot the boys in
the DA are and I couldn't just walk away. And I wanted to talk to you to. It
seems with the DA we don't get a lot of time to just sit and talk anymore."

Harry was having trouble not reacting to the hug. He wanted to pull his head
back and snog her senseless. But he knew that could wait so he resisted the
temptation. He was delighted to hear that Hermione missed talking to him,
even more so when she didn't suggest finding Ron to join them.

The Room of Requirement was shaped like the Gryffindor common room. Couches
spread around the room, tables near the couches, bookshelves…and a bed.
Luckily Hermione either didn't notice the bed or just figured Harry was
sleepy and the Room sensed that, hence the bed, because she didn't comment
on how odd it was to have a bed in the Room. Harry and Hermione walked over
to one of the couches and sat down before Harry handed her the cup of
tainted punch. "Thanks Harry, this is really sweet of you." Hermione
downed the punch in one gulp.

Harry watched as her head tilted back to drink the liquid, her neck bare to
the world. He noticed a drop falling from her mouth down her neck, below her
shirt. 'Lucky drop, hope I get that lucky in a few minutes.' That was when
Harry realized he had no idea how long it took for the potion to work, and he
couldn't just ask Hermione, that would make her suspicious. 'Oh well, I can
keep her busy for a few hours at least and by then it will have worked, or I
can just suggest sleeping here instead of going back to the Gryffindor

Harry and Hermione started talking about what happened in Defense Against
the Dark Arts the other day and how little they were learning. After only a
few minutes Harry noticed Hermione's left hand sliding up and down his
thigh, also Hermione was biting her lip when not talking. Harry figured the
potion must be working and was fighting the impulse. "Hermione, are you
okay? It looks like something is bothering you?" Harry asked as he put his
right hand on her thigh and his left around her shoulders. His right hand
was dangerously close to the hemline of her skirt, something he would have
never dared to do before.

Hermione's eyes went wide and she let out a small squeak when his hand
started rubbing small circles on her thigh. "I'm sorry Harry," was all she
said before diving on top of him and sticking her tongue down his throat.

Harry was in Heaven, he had never though Hermione would know what to do in
this situation but in seconds she had changed that idea. She drove him crazy
with the things her tongue did in his mouth, and the way her hands played
with his hair. Harry could barely remember to return the kiss with the
pleasure Hermione was giving him. Harry took the opportunity to grab
Hermione's firm arse with both hands. Since 3rd year Harry has had dreams
about Hermione's arse. When he gave her a boost onto the hippogriff he
"accidentally" got a feel of her arse and realized how nice and tight it
is. Ever since he has had to fight the impulse to stare at or grab her ass.
Ron had caught him numerous times appreciating the view when following her
going up stairs and loved teasing him about it.

After a few minutes of Heaven, Hermione jumped off of him with her face in
shock. She started muttering apologies and looked ready to run from the

"Why are you apologizing?"

This seemed to shake Hermione out of her stupor. "I know you don't want to
kiss me, I know I am just a friend to you. I am sorry for throwing myself at
you; you don't have to pretend to like me. Can we just forget this ever

"No, we can't."

Hermione's face fell at that.

"We can't forget because we aren't done yet."

Hermione looked up hopefully.

"What is this crap about me not liking you? You are the most brilliant,
kindest, beautiful witch I've ever seen. Why wouldn't I want to kiss you? I
want to do so much more as well. Why do you think that bed appeared when we
came in here?" Harry realized he just admitted to having feelings for his
best friend. Not only that, but that he wanted to have sex with her. He
prepared himself for the explosion that was surely coming, potion or not,
Hermione wouldn't let him off for saying that.

"I thought it was because of me."

Harry's eyes shot toward a Hermione smiling wider then he had ever seen
before. "I have wanted to be more then friends for so long, I just didn't
know how to say so. When I realized it was just the two of us coming here
alone, I couldn't help but imagine something happening between us, hence
the bed. I never imagined you wanted the same thing."

The next thing Harry knew Hermione was in his arms and they were kissing
again. Hermione's hands went under Harry's shirt and started stroking his
chest. Harry fell over and realized they had somehow made it over to the
bed. They finally broke their kiss and Hermione practically ripped off
Harry's shirt and got on the bed. Harry took the time to look over at
Hermione. Her golden-brown locks were as messy as ever and gave a glow that
reminded Harry of an angel. Her ample-sized breasts were heaving up and down
in her tight brown shirt. He noticed she had more buttons open on her shirt
then she usually wears. He had been spending all his time looking for signs
that the potion was working that he hadn't noticed how much cleavage she was
presenting him. Harry made a mental note to pay more attention to his
surroundings. There is no excuse for not noticing that.

"If you enjoy the view now, wait until I get these clothes off."

Harry's eyes almost popped out of his head at that. He had never thought
Hermione would say something like that. Harry crawled up next to Hermione
and drew her into a long passionate kiss.

"You know, it's unfair. You're fully clothed, and I'm not. We need to do
something about that."

Harry was unsure if this was okay. He knew Hermione had feelings for him but
he doubted she was willing to sleep with him so soon after establishing that
they had feelings for each other. Regardless of how she was acting and what
she was saying. Those doubts vanished with Hermione's sultry smile as she
grabbed the hem of her shirt with both hands and lifted it over her head.
Harry forgot how to breathe. He had never seen anything like Hermione before.
With one look at her flawless tanned skin, the cream-colored bra that went
perfect with her skin, and her breasts which were neither too big nor too
small, Harry was addicted.

Hermione's face had a huge blush on her face thanks to the look on Harry's
face. She still had problems thinking of herself as beautiful but with how
hard Harry was staring at her it was obvious he did not feel the same way.
Hermione tried to overcome her insecurities and reached behind her back to
unsnap her bra. When Harry heard her bra unsnap he came back to his senses
and pulled Harry into the most passionate kiss either had experienced in
their short lives. Harry buried one hand in her brown tresses and slid the
other hand down her silky smooth naked back. Hermione shuddered with the
feeling of Harry's calloused hand on her back. She had never felt like this
before. She had done more with Viktor Krum then this. She'd went down on him
and had contemplated giving him her virginity. Eventually she realized she
had more a desire to have a boyfriend, then a desire to be his girlfriend,
so she broke it off with him. But just the feeling of Harry's hand on her
back made her shiver more then when Krum put his hands on her most intimate

Harry broke away from her lips and kissed up to her left ear to suck on the
lobe. He'd heard stories about that driving most girls wild. He took his
hand out of her hair to caress her right breast. It fit perfectly into his
hand and he couldn't help thinking his hand was made for this one moment.
Hermione let out a low sensual moan when Harry starting sucking on her
earlobe but when she felt Harry's hand on her breast she started gasping.
Harry took this as a sign to keep going so he stopped stroking her back and
slowly moved it to her skirt before giving it a sharp tug. Hermione nodded
and Harry pulled her skirt and knickers off with one sharp yank. After
pulling her skirt and knickers to her ankles Harry brought his hand back up
to her womanhood, dragging his hand sensually up her long beautiful legs. He
then proceeded to lightly rub her slit. Hermione's heart was beating a mile
a minute and her breathing was rough and uneven. Krum had never made her
feel anything like this. She felt like she was going to melt into the bed.
She lay back and let the feelings wash over her. All of a sudden she popped
up off the bed in a silent scream. Harry had found Hermione's clit and with
one touch Hermione exploded all over his hand.

"That...that...incredible! I've never cum so hard or so fast! WOW!"

Harry stopped sucking on her earlobe and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.
"We just started, and you aint seen nothing yet."

Harry kissed his way down her jaw and neck before stopping at the valley
between her breasts. All the while he still had one hand caressing her right
breast while his right hand continued lightly rubbing her slit. Hermione was
in another world from the pleasure Harry had given her. When she came to
Harry had already moved on to sucking on her breast and it nearly sent her
right back. Harry lightly scraped his teeth against her nipple and Hermione's
cries filled the room.

Harry couldn't help grinning against her nipple before moving his lips down
her body and stopping with his face buried in-between her legs. He looked up
at Hermione's face moaning in ecstasy before letting his tongue slip out and
lick her juices from her cunt lips. Harry let out a guttural moan, it was
the best taste he had ever had in his mouth. He started lapping up her
juices like a cat drinking milk. Hermione's moans started coming faster and
faster. When Harry's tongue finally entered Hermione's pussy she screamed
out Harry over and over again before finally collapsing.

This time Hermione came to Earth with the view of Harry hovering over her.
At some point while she was in her stupor Harry had shucked the remainder of
his clothes. "Do you still want to continue?" Hermione enthusiastically
nodded her consent and Harry straddled Hermione. "Are you sure?" He wasn't
sure if he could stop now but he still felt like he should ask.

"There is nothing I want more. Please Harry, make love to me."

Harry lined his penis up to her slit and rubbed it up and down to wet it and
make it easier for penetration. He started pushing his penis into her tight
cavern, resisting the urge to plunge into her with one thrust. The look of
pain on Hermione's face as he pushed himself inside quelled that particular
desire. "Are you all right? It's still not too late to stop."

Harry knew it would cause immense physical pain to stop now but if he had to
choose which one to be in pain he would pick himself every time. Her legs
wrapped around him preventing him from pulling out. "All right, then on 5.
1, 2, 3."

"AHHH! I thought you said 5!"

"You'd have tensed up, causing more pain. Judging from the yell it caused
enough pain. Just relax."

Harry bent down to suckle Hermione's nipple while kneading her other breast.
After a few minutes Hermione slowly rolled her hips indicating she was ready
for more.

Harry started slowly pushing himself in and out of Hermione. Keeping one
hand on her breast Harry brought his other arm under Hermione's right leg
and pulled it up over his shoulder. This new position allowed him to hit
spots previously untouched and Hermione moaned her appreciation. The sounds
of Harry suckling on Hermione's stiff nipple combined with the feeling of
Harry's rigid shaft continuously entering and exiting her was driving her
crazy. All too soon her pussy constricted around Harry's penis and he joined
her in ecstasy. Harry collapsed onto Hermione and gave her a kiss on the
cheek and whispered "I love you Hermione," before passing out. Hermione's
heart jumped into her throat with that admission. Needless to say they both
had pleasant dreams for the rest of the night.

* * *

Harry woke up the next morning to the most beautiful sight in his life.
He had feared the whole thing was a dream. They had came to the Room of
Requirement, he had given her the potion, she had confessed she loved
him...wait, no she didn't/ He had told her he loved her and she had told
him she had feelings for him. She never mentioned love, lust yes but
nothing about love. Maybe the feelings she presented last night were just
the potion. Suddenly Harry felt the urge to get away before she woke up
and told him last night was a mistake and they shouldn't bring it up again.

Harry hurried back to the Gryffindor common room to grab his Invisibility
cloak and hide from everyone the rest of the day. Alas it was not to be as
Fred and George stopped him as soon as he walked into the common room.

"Harry ole mate, have a good night?" George asked while leering at him.

Fred gave a suggestive wink, "Have some good punch?"

"How do you know about the punch?" George actually looked a little sheepish,
"That wasn't Peeves you saw putting the potion in the punch last night. We
created a spell to make it appear like Peeves is doing something when it's
really us. Came in handy a few times when Finch would have caught us."

"Why would you slip a potion like that into the punch? That isn't a simple
prank, that is damn near evil."

"You don't think we actually put a real potion in there do you? We just
poured in a vial of firewhiskey. Hope nothing too bad happened as a result."

Fred grinned, "So did the girl you hit on hex you into next week? Is that why
you are just now coming back to the common room? Who was it? What did she

"Firewhiskey? So it wasn't a potion to force people to have sex with each
other? So she actually likes me?"

Fred and George looked like owls with how big their eyes got. "You mean you
actually had sex last night?" they yelled simultaneously.

"Shhh! Yes, but you guys are telling the truth about the firewhiskey, right?"

"Yeah, yeah. Now tell us who, where, and how. We want details."

"Pervs, I am not telling you anything. I have to think over some things."

Just then Hermione opened the portrait and walked over to Harry. "Where did
you disappear to Harry? You were gone when I woke up. Is there anything

By now Fred and George's tongues were hanging out of their mouths.

"Sorry Hermione, I had to check on something when I woke up. Believe me I
didn't want to leave."

"You know, I never got to reply to your statement before you fell asleep."
Hermione pulled him into a deep kiss that brought everyone's attention to
the new couple. "I love you to. And I am going back to bed, want to join me?"

Hermione didn't bother waiting for his answer before sauntering over to the
stairs for the boys' dormitories. By now everyone was openly staring at the
two. Eventually Harry realized what she said and ran up the stairs following
Hermione to "sleep".

"HOLY SHIT!" nearly everyone in the common room yelled.

"I knew it!" Ron yelled. "You laughed but I knew they would end up together!

"Jeez you're acting like you're the one that had sex."

"Shut up George, now I believe some people owe me so money."

After some grumbling money was exchanged and Ron was not exactly poor
_ _ _

To tell the truth this started as much different story. Originally this would
have been a threesome but it warped into this and I didn't have the heart to
change it. I will probably write something with a similar beginning but
changing just about everything else. Well thanks for reading.


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