Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Class Of Control (MF,mf,ff,mmff,magic)
by StoryWiz

Harry Potter was a wizard. He hadn't known that he was a wizard till his 11th
birthday, when he got a letter by owl-post telling him that he'd been invited
to join Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Since then he'd spent 3
years learning all sorts of wonderful spells and charms, playing Quidditch
(the most popular game in the magic world) and getting in and out of all
sorts of unintended trouble.

Getting back to school for his fourth year, Harry had already met all his
friends, made plans with Ron about what they would by the next time they were
allowed to go to Hogsmead, the nearby village, and gotten into trouble with
Professor Snape. Professor Snape was the Potions teacher and he hated Harry.

Sitting in class waiting for Professor McGonagall, Harry turned to Ron and
said, "What do you think this class is about?"

This was the only class that was compulsory for all fourth year students.

"Don't know. But going by the number of complaints being raised by the
muggles, I wouldn't be surprised if it's devoted to what we can and can't do
in their presence."

Ron's father worked for the Ministry of Magic and had told Ron that a very
large number of wizards and witches had become very casual about the use of
magic around non-magic people (muggles). Notices had been published in the
Daily Prophet, the wizard's paper, warning magicians to keep themselves in

Harry turned and looked back at the door. "Physical Magic & Control" was
written in magic letters on the door. It didn't read backwards even when you
looked at it from inside the classroom. He was surprised when the door opened
and Hagrid walked in instead of Professor McGonagall.

"Where's McGonagall?" He whispered.

"Right, class," said Professor McGonagall, striding in behind Hagrid and
closing the door. "Is everyone here?"

"There she is," grinned Ron.

Professor McGonagall strode up to the front of the class and stood behind the
desk while Hagrid took a chair in one corner of the room. Hagrid was the
Gamekeeper at Hogwarts and had taken over as the Care of Magical Creatures
professor the previous year. He was a huge man, twice the size of an ordinary
human and, like always, looked out of place inside a room. Today he was
looking more hot and bothered than Harry and Ron ever remembered seeing him.

"As you can gather from the name of the class, we are going to discuss
various controls and restrictions that all wizards and witches have to
observe," said Professor McGonagall.

"What did I tell you?" whispered Ron.

On the other side of Harry, Hermione turned and glared at Ron who just
grinned and winked at her. Much to Harry's surprise, Hermione blushed and
quickly looked away. This was the second time Harry had caught Hermione
blushing at something Ron had done. He was just about to ask Ron what he
thought the matter was with her when Professor McGonagall spoke again.

"Regardless of what you may have heard from various sources," this looking
at Ron, "Magic Control Studies is not about what we can or can not do in the
presence of muggles." Ron looked sheepish and turned red as both Harry and
Hermione smiled.

"We will be discussing what we can or can not do in the presence of other
wizards and witches!"

Whispers broke out all over the class. They had never thought that anything
they did or could do was to be held secret from other magic folk.

"Quiet! There is nothing secret about this. Sometimes spells or charms can
go awfully wrong if they are performed when another charm is in place. It's
these combinations of charms and spells you'll have to learn about. You'll
have to learn how to recognize when these charms are in place and how to
remove them, just in case it is of the utmost importance that you cast your
own charm.

"As I'm sure you know, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Professor
Dumbledore has therefore decided to make this class compulsory for all fourth
year students. For the same reason, a full knowledge spell has been cast on
this classroom. This will prevent you from discussing any of what is taught
here outside the class until you have passed this course. Now, all the spells
that we will be discussing here are physical spells, cast on human bodies, so
Professor Hagrid will be helping me demonstrate them to you. Hagrid, if you

Hagrid got up from his corner and shuffled to the where Professor McGonagall
was standing. Harry was astonished to note that Hagrid was blushing red.
Awful lot of embarrassment going around, he thought to himself. He looked
around. All the students were leaning forward in their chairs, concentrating
on the two professors. Hermione nudged him in the ribs and he turned back to
where Professor McGonagall was standing.

Hagrid was standing with his hands out in front of him. Professor McGonagall
had pushed back her sleeve and was standing with her wand poised.

"What I'm going to demonstrate first is the modify charm. This is used to
alter the size of the body of a body part. Modishrinkus!" The class gasped
as Hagrid huge hands shrank to the size of a normal man's hands. He looked
horrifying, like a normal man with baby hands at the ends of his arms.

"As you can see, the body part that you choose to modify has to chosen
carefully if you don't want to cause a panic among the muggles. However,
I'm sure if Hagrid needed to get a pin that had rolled under a cupboard,
he'd find temporary use of this charm useful. Now suppose I was to use
the opposite charm on myself." She stuck out her left hand and said,

Her hand swelled till it was twice its normal size. She reached out and
touched Hagrid who flinched. Nothing happened.

"As you can see, nothing happens if both the charms are localized.
Restorandi!" Both the professors were back to normal, though Hagrid was
beginning to look more and more nervous.

"Now, assume if you will, that I fancy Hagrid," said Professor McGonagall and
blushed. My God, thought Harry, now she's got the blushes.

"Knowing that Hagrid is big and likes his women big (Hagrid was positively
glowing red by now), suppose I use a modify charm on my breasts.
Modigrownum!" Her breasts, already a respectable 36, grew before their very
eyes till they became something like 52. Her gown, not being part of her
body, wasn't charmed and gave way well before her breasts had reached their
full size. Harry could see a huge milky white cleavage where the gown had
torn open. Amazingly, the shape of her breasts had not altered. They remained
as pert as they were before the charm, holding up the damaged gown.

All the boys in the class looked shell-shocked while most of the girls
looked peeved. Hermione looked positively furious. Harry thought that it
was probably because she was the only girl in the whole class who hadn't
developed any breasts yet. Looking over her shoulder, Harry saw Parvati
Patil hurriedly scribbling the charm on her parchment. Lavender Brown
was whispering furiously under her breath. Harry was sure she was trying
to memorize the charm.

"Now Hagrid doesn't want to hurt me, so he uses a Modishrinkus charm on
himself. Here, Hagrid"

As Hagrid fumbled with his belt, Harry remembered that he had been expelled
from Hogwarts in his third year and so hadn't been taught many of the charms
and spells other magicians knew. He probably didn't know this charm either,
which was why Professor McGonagall was going to do it for him.

As Hagrid hesitantly brought his cock out, Harry and Ron looked at each
other. No doubt this was embarrassing for Hagrid who at the best of times
was not a great people person. At the collective gasp of the class they
both looked back at Hagrid.

His cock was huge. Being twice the size of a normal man, Harry was (almost)
prepared to see a foot-long cock, twice the girth of a normal one. But
Hagrid's cock was 18 inches long, 10 inches around and surrounded by a mass
of black hair. As he dropped his trousers in his hurry to cover his crotch,
Harry noticed that his balls were the size of tennis balls, hanging a good
four inches below his cock.

"Damn," said Ron, breaking into Harry's thoughts. "He's still growing!"

That was true. While the embarrassment of the first moment had prevented
Hagrid from getting aroused, the fact that 15 girls were staring like
they were looking at the crown jewels had begun to get to Hagrid. He was
beginning to get an erection. The fact that Professor McGonagall had
reached under his cock and was fondling his balls probably also had
something to do with it. Harry looked at Hermione out of the corner of
his eye. She was looking almost catatonic. As he watched, her tip of her
tongue emerged to wet her parted lips.

"You'll have to see Hagrid in a turgid state to see what I mean when I
say that he could hurt me. Also, you must realize that the modify charms
work in different quantum for different witches and wizards. I grow to
about twice my normal size. As you can see, that would clearly not be

Hagrid's cock was now two and a half feet long and diameter of a normal man's
forearm. It was standing erect like a flag mast, pulsing with his heartbeat.
She stoked it gently, looking almost wistful. Damn, thought Harry, she wants
it that size! Hagrid was looking like a happy puppy.

Professor McGonagall took her hand off Hagrid's cock, stepped back a couple
of feet and lifted her arm to use the shrinking charm. Next to Harry,
Hermione moaned gently. Looking out of the corner of his eye, Harry couldn't
clearly see what she was doing, but he noticed that while her right hand
still held her quill, her left hand was below the table.


Hagrid's cock shrank to about three-fourth it's original size, though it
was still bigger than anything Harry could imagine and it was still erect,
pulsing as before. There's no way McGonagall could fuck that, thought Harry.
She'd probably get a torn cunt.

"Observe carefully now. See how placing my hand on his cock, even though
both of us are charmed, has no effect. Placing the two charmed areas together
also causes no ill effect." A casual flick of the wrist and Professor
McGonagall's torn gown slipped off her shoulders, folded itself and neatly
placed itself on the desk ("Damn, that was one to learn," whispered Ron).
She brought her huge tits down on Hagrid's cock, first gently grazing across
it and then grasping her tits with both hands, rubbing them up and down his

She knelt down in front of Hagrid and leaned back, still pressing her tits
together. Hagrid stood astride her, put his cock in her cleavage and began
fucking her tits. He reached down, grasped her under her armpits and pulled
her higher, all the while fucking like a dog in heat. The class could see
her tits getting slick with sweat. Her hair, tied in a bun, worked its way
loose and hung down to the floor below her.

"No effect whatsoever," Professor McGonagall panted. "Ok, Hagrid, you can
stop now." But Hagrid was beyond listening. Those in the front of the class
could see drops of pre-cum seep jerking out of his cock and wetting her
tits. Like everything else about Hagrid, the pre-cum was far more than a
normal man's. The pre-cum made her tits even slicker and made her cleavage
almost feel like a cunt. As her hands were being squeezed together by his,
she couldn't even let go and release the tightness. Hagrid felt like he was
fucking a teenager's hot, sweet, cunt. He could feel the cum boiling up
from his balls. He shook his hair out of his eyes and looked down at her.

Recognizing the signs, Professor McGonagall gasped, "Stop, Hagrid, please.
We have to finish the class."

But Hagrid was too close to stop now, even if he wanted to. Throwing his
head back, he let out a bellow and pumped his cum all over her. Her entire
face was covered with cum, her hair was dripping cum and most of her huge
tits were soaking in cum. Harry couldn't be sure, sitting as he was halfway
down the hall, but he thought he'd seen McGonagall open her mouth and take
quite a lot of the jiz down her throat.

Hagrid stood shaking for a while, still holding her by her armpits. Then he
seemed to come back to his senses and mumbling an apology, pulled her to her
feet. Professor McGonagall stood swaying on her feet, seeming a little shaken
by the experience. She bowed her head, staring at the floor, attempting to
regain her balance. But Harry, now that he was focusing on her mouth, saw her
tongue snake out and lap up the cum around her lips before she raised her

Raising her head, Professor McGonagall picking up her wand from the desk and
gave it a little flick. The cum soaking her hair and her face disappeared.
Maybe she didn't notice or maybe she forgot, but the cum on her tits stayed
where it was.

"The shrink charm doesn't affect what's inside, as you would have noticed.
You have to be careful of this. Forgetting this could have disastrous
results. On the other hand, this can also have some positive side effects.
Imagine if I had shrunk Hagrid's head. His tongue would have remained as
long as it is..." She didn't bother to finish her sentence and Harry noticed
that most of the girls were now blushing and looking down very intently at
their desks. At least half the class had one hand below their desks and what
was that pink thing around Lavender Brown's ankles?

"Now," she said, regaining her composure and looking at Hagrid who was
leaning back against the wall, looking exhausted. His erection had subsided.
"I'll have to teach you something that I was planning to defer till next
week. This spell is useful to bring back (or if the need occurs) bring up an
erection. Erecthium!"

Hagrid gasped and pushed his head back against the wall as his cock started
to rise again. Speaking directly to the girls Professor McGonagall said,
"While this revives his cock, it does not refill his balls. That means that
this time he'll last longer, much longer." All the girls giggled and looked
down, pretending to write the spell on their pieces of parchment.

Harry turned to crib about this partisan behavior of McGonagall's to Ron but
he saw that Ron had shifted his desk forward and was looking rather intently
at Hermione. Curious, Harry looked over at her and saw that where at the
beginning of the class there had been a flat chest, Hermione now sported a
decent pair of tits. At least 30, by the looks of them, he thought. To avoid
tearing open her gown, she had loosened a couple of the top hooks. Being
almost tit-less as a norm, she wore no bra beneath her gown. A nice cleavage
was visible on her 14-year-old chest. She would have noticed Harry and Ron
staring but she was too busy admiring her own perky tits. Looking as he was
at her, Harry couldn't help looking beyond her at Parvati Patil and Lavender
Brown. Now they were sitting on the same bench and their hands were at each
other's cunts. Damn, he thought, I didn't think that that Lavender was a
lesbian. None of other students seemed to have noticed the move. All were
busy looking at Hagrid and McGonagall at the front of the class.

"So close contact does not do any harm," McGonagall was saying. "Even extreme
contact between two charmed people doesn't do any harm."

She went to her knees again and tried to take Hagrid in her mouth. Being the
size he was she could barely get his cock-head into her widely stretched
mouth. Hagrid groaned and rolled his eyes upwards. You could see that he was
desperately trying to control himself. Any lustful action now could easily
break her jaw. The way he sucked in his stomach, Harry could imagine Hagrid
almost willing himself smaller.

"Nothing happens," mumbled Professor McGonagall between sucks of Hagrid's
cock. But instead of rising to her feet, she continued sucking. Between sucks
she would push the cock down to her tits and collect a bit of the cum drying
there on the cock-head. Then she would take the cock back in her mouth.

"She's drinking his cum like its butterbeer," whispered Ron in Harry's ear.
Harry nodded and grinned at Ron.

"Listen," whispered Ron, "about Hermione..."

Hermione was good friends with both Ron and Harry. Harry could see that Ron
was troubled by the thought that what he was thinking and hoping to do may
mean the end of their friendship. Harry shook his head. "She's a friend,
that's all. All the best to you. Now Lavender would be a different matter

"I'll help you and you help me," said Ron smiling.


Professor McGonagall had finally stopped sucking Hagrid. Her tits weren't
clean yet but she could see that Hagrid wouldn't be able to control himself
very much longer and she didn't want a broken jaw. Not that that would be a
bother, Madam Pomfrey could fix broken bones in less than 10 minutes. She
wanted to finish her class and besides, she still wanted that monster cock
in her cunt.

Standing up, she turned to the class and said, "To reiterate: some charms
when used in close conjunction with other specific charms can cause problems.
However, this is not true for all charms. For example..." She motioned to
Hagrid who came and sat on the desk facing the sidewall. He leaned back,
pushed his arms back and grasped the other end of the desk with his hands.
The entire class could see his rampant cock, standing straight up, waiting
for a cunt to come down on it. Which was exactly what Professor McGonagall
had in mind.

"The levitation spell is one of the spells that does no harm." She flicked
her wand and rose up in the air. She kept rising till she was about five feet
in the air. There she sat cross-legged, on thin air. She mumbled under her
breath and slowly started descending. When her cunt was about a foot above
Hagrid's twitching cock-tip she stopped.

"Observe carefully," she said. Then, noticing much of the class had ducked
their heads to see under her thighs she said, "Oh, sorry" and opened her legs
out wide.

"She did that on purpose," said Ron.

"What?" asked Harry, tearing his hungry gaze away from her hairy wet pussy.
He could swear he saw a few drops shining like diamonds in her hair. "What
did you say?"

"That slow-motion opening of her legs. She wants us to look at her thighs."

"Not a bad idea," said Harry, finally focusing on her milky thighs. "They're
worth looking at."

Smooth long legs, not a single hair marring the silky expanse of flesh.
Almost endless legs, stretching from beautiful ankles to end in a sudden
explosion of hair at the crotch. Though Harry had never fucked a woman, he
could easily imagine himself licking, sucking and feeling those endless
legs. And that pussy! He would probably spend an eternity between those
legs, wondering whether to eat it or fuck it.

McGonagall was still hanging in mid-air, sitting with her legs wide open.
When she was sure all the students were looking at her cunt, she reached
down and parted her lips, exposing her pink inner lips. Her clit stood out
like a delicious cherry. Slowly she came down, about to impale herself of
that huge cock that Hagrid was now holding erect. No way that he's going to
fit in that tight cunt, thought Harry.

And he was right. She came down, taking the cock in an inch and stopped. The
boys were too busy hoping that she'd jam herself down but the girls noticed
the quick flicker of pain that flashed across her face.

"That's all I can take without hurting myself. Don't worry, Seamus," in
response to his groan, "you'll see him fill this cunt."

Seamus flushed and looked quickly across at Lavender Brown. Harry noticed
that she was looking at Seamus and smiling. A bolt of anger (or was it
jealously?) passed through Harry. Ron, noticing this little bye-play, patted
Harry on the thigh and said, "Don't worry, if Hermione is not in love with
you, she'll help you with Lavender. And with her help, anything's possible."
Then, remembering that "if," a shadow passed over his face.

"Don't worry," whispered Harry, "I don't love her."

"Nor do I... But those knockers..."

"Too true," sniggered Harry.

McGonagall had by now floated down to the desk, picked up her wand and gone
back to floating three feet above Hagrid. A quick "Modigrownum", a flash of
her wand at her pussy and the class could see hair starting to grow higher
up her stomach. Then they realized that the hair wasn't growing, her cunt
was becoming bigger. Since she wasn't holding the lips apart, Harry couldn't
see how it had grown but the hair was driving him wild. I'm a hair man, he
decided. Then Professor McGonagall did something strange. She looked up at
the ceiling, muttered a few words, and suddenly a huge mattress appeared
there, stuck to the ceiling!

Without bothering to explain, she floated down again. Reaching down to part
her lips again, she showed to the class a large pussy, one large enough to
take Hagrid's monster. Noticing the faces pulled by a few of the boys, she
smiled and said, "Wait till you see how well it fits now."

Closer she floated, just an inch over Hagrid's cock. She was right, the cock
and cunt looked like they'd been made for each other. Harry could see that
her pussy was dripping wet now, her hair glistening with her juices. She
stopped with her outer cunt lips just holding the cock-head, Hagrid let his
cock go, she flashed a grin at Seamus, and jammed herself down on the cock!

There was a loud bang and a bright flash. A couple of girls screamed.
Though the flash had blinded Harry, he could hear Hagrid's howl of pain.
He though he'd even heard McGonagall scream. Then there was chaos in the

When their eyes adjusted after a few seconds, they saw Hagrid was still
on the desk. He was stretched out flat now but he seemed none the worse
for the wear. Professor McGonagall, on the other hand, had shot straight
up, hit the mattress and was now floating a foot below the ceiling,
passed out.

After a few seconds, Hagrid raised his head, looked at Harry and Ron and
said, "Don' worry, she hit the mattress, she'll come 'round in a minute
or so. No, Hermione, you don' need ter go call the nurse. On'y students
of this course is allowed ter enter this room."

Hearing Hagrid's reassurance, the class resumed their seats and quietly
waited for Professor McGonagall to wake up. Harry noticed that while the
rest of the class was longer masturbating, Parvati and Lavender apparently
couldn't keep their hands off each other's cunts. He couldn't keep the
scowl off his face.

Hermione, noticing him scowl, turned to see what he was looking at and saw
the two girls rapidly fingering each other. Two pairs of panties lay on the
floor and she could easily smell the juices of the two girls, sitting so
close to them. Harry wants one of those two girls, she thought. A jolt of
anger passed through her. Hating the thought of Harry lusting for some other
girl, Hermione sat fuming in her chair. Then, realizing that she'd never
shown to Harry that she cared for him, she decided to make rapid amends.

Reaching across, she rapidly ran her hand up Harry's thigh and grabbed his
cock. Startled, Harry looked down to see Hermione's hand stroking his cock
to a renewed erection. He looked up at her and saw her smiling at him with
a look of lust in her eyes. He was about to return her smile when he
remembered Ron on the other side of him. Hoping that Ron was busy looking
at Hagrid and McGonagall, he quickly turned to look straight into Ron's
angry eyes. He hurriedly pushed Hermione's hand off his cock and, ignoring
her shocked gasp, struggled to think of something to say to Ron. But Ron
had turned away and was now sliding to the far end of his bench, as far
away from Harry as possible. Before Harry could begin to come to grips with
the simultaneous self-destruction of his only two friendships, Professor
McGonagall woke up.

A low moan from the direction of the roof woke the three friends to the fact
that Professor McGonagall was coming around. Still floating in the air,
Professor McGonagall slowly sat up and rubbed the top of her head. Then she
looked down at the sea of faces looking up at her and said, "My, that hurt."

With a wry smile she floated back down to the floor. Hagrid was sitting up
by now, looking anxiously at her. He was probably looking for signs of
damage. She smiled and patted his arm.

"I'm fine, Hagrid. How are you?"

"Just a little sore," he said.

"More than a little sore I'm sure, Hagrid. Don't worry, I'll fix it."

She picked up her wand and mumbling rapidly, pointed it at Hagrid. Something
red flashed out of the end of the wand and enveloped Hagrid. When it
dissipated a few seconds later, Hagrid had lost his pallor. The hint of pain
visible in his eyes had also disappeared.

Turning the wand towards herself, Professor McGonagall cast the same spell
again. A few seconds later she shook her head and said, "That's better."

"Though Hagrid is very good at controlling his pain, I'm sure all of you
remember my scream when he penetrated me. Or rather," she smiled coyly, "I
impaled myself."

A few titters from the students and the shell of palpable anxiety was broken.
A few of the students took a deep breath and shook their heads, as if
clearing away the cobwebs. Now that both the Professors seemed to be unhurt,
the boys went back to concentrating on McGonagall's awesome breasts. The
girls, however, had to make do with Hagrid's flaccid cock.

"When a shrink charm meets a grow charm, an explosion is inevitable.
Therefore, you must carefully examine your partner before attempting any sex
in a modified state. Observe the slight blue glow around Hagrid's cock." All
the girls leaned forward as Professor McGonagall picked up Hagrid's cock and
started stroking it again.

She pulled a dark piece of board from the desk drawer and held it behind
Hagrid's cock so that the glow was clearly visible against the dark

"Of course, you can't carry a piece of board with you every time you want to
meet a wizard," she paused as a few of the girls giggled again, "but you'll
learn to recognize the glow. With practice, a lot of practice."

Turning sideways, she pushed out her tits and angled the board so that the
pink glow surrounding her breasts was clearly visible. Many hands dived back
under the desks.

"Remember that a pink glow means a growth charm is in place while a blue glow
shows a shrink charm. Of course," she put down the board and faced the class,
"dealing with a cunt brings its own problems: How do you put a board behind a

Now all eyes were glued to her cunt and all the students had at least one
hand below the desk.

"If the witch is a brunette, as I am, a glow can be seen by the discerning
eye against the pubic hair." She brought her legs together forming a dark,
furry V at her crotch. Harry could see a slight pink glow there.

"Of course, most witches would have use a shrink charm thus creating a blue
glow. A blue glow is more visible than the pink glow.

"This brings me to the most common form of such disasters: The wizard uses a
growth charm while the witch uses a shrink charm. Being, as they are,
opposing charms, the results can be disastrous. Far worse than what happened
to us."

She went back to stroking Hagrid's cock, which was beginning to droop again
from the lack of attention. Hagrid sat up again and returned to the pose he
was in before the explosion. He threw his head back and closed his eyes. He
was enjoying the gentle ministrations.

"If you notice that a charm is in place and you don't want to remove either
of the two charms, as in our case, you can use a 'Prophylaxis' spell. This
form a sort of sheathe around each of the partners thus actually preventing
any bodily contact. The downside of this is that feeling is reduced and the
pleasure is not so great. The upside to that is that the sex lasts much

Hagrid was fully erect again so scooping up her wand; Professor McGonagall
cast the Prophylaxis spell. A silvery blue film grew out of the wand and,
splitting into two, completely surrounded each of the professors. It took
the form of the two so that both now had a silvery glow surrounding them.
When it came out of the wand Harry had thought that it looked like plastic,
but now when it had spread all over, it looked just like a charm glow.

Another levitation spell and Professor McGonagall was floating in the air
again. Resuming her earlier spread-legged position, she reached down and
parted her cunt-lips again. Down she floated, gentle as a mist settling in
a valley. There was no pause this time at the cock-head. As soon as Hagrid's
cock had entered her cunt, she released her cunt-lips, stretched her arms up
and out and let out a joyful moan. Even with the sheath on, she was enjoying
this. Hagrid let go of his cock and leaned back to grab the desk again. His
eyes were closed but all could see that he was enjoying this just as much as
she was.

Down she came, down, down. Two inches, six inches, 10 inches - that cock was
sliding into her pussy like a greased pole. When just four inches remained
visible, she paused. Then with a deep-throated moan, slid down and took him
completely inside her. There was a heartbeat of complete silence; no one
moved at all, the whole school seem to be holding its breath. Then she began
to move. Slowly the cock emerged from her furry pussy, glistening with her
juices. A pause when the cock was half out and then the push down started
again. Harry suddenly realized that she was doing all this with magic. Except
for her cunt hungrily sucking at Hagrid's cock, she was not touching him at
all. She was still floating in air.

The smell of Professor McGonagall's pussy was spreading across the room. At
the desk she continued to move on Hagrid's cock while the class watched with
rapt attention.

Then she brought her hands down and reached for Hagrid's face. Sensing her
reaching out for him, Hagrid opened his eyes and raised his head. She gently
took his face in her hands and began stroking his beard, looking deep into
her eyes. Harry had never seen Hagrid look so solemn before. Oh my God, he
thought, they love each other.

As if in confirmation of Harry's thoughts, Professor McGonagall pulled
Hagrid's face close to hers and planted a deep kiss on his lips. Then,
grasping his shoulders, she began pounding down on his cock. It looked
as if she wanted to take as much of Hagrid inside her as possible.

The squelching sounds of Professor McGonagall's pussy pounding on Hagrid's
cock could be heard clearly all around the class. Responding to the naked,
overpowering lust before their eyes, several boys and girls began pairing
up with each other. Next to Hermione, Parvati and Lavender were almost
making as much noise as McGonagall and Hagrid. However, four students had
not yet moved. Harry, Ron and Hermione were sitting still, held immobile
by the pressure of their respective heartbreaks and Seamus was apparently
undecided about interrupting Parvati and Lavender.

All over the class hands were groping under gowns and bras. At least two
girls were getting their tits sucked while one was down on her knees sucking
a boy's cock like a lollipop. Almost everyone was drowning in the flood of
lust being released by the two professors.

Strangely enough, it was Professor McGonagall herself who noticed the
disaster in the making. Her piercing shriek of 'NO!' froze everyone like
they had been turned to stone. "Dean," she said, still holding Hagrid's
head between her breasts, "don't put your cock in Neville's arse. Sodomy
between wizards, even without the use of charms, would set off an
explosion so large that it would probably destroy the entire room."

Shocked, the entire class turned towards the back of the room where a
red-faced Neville was down on his hands and knees while Dean stood ready
to put a decently sized cock in his arse.

"I never thought that Dean would be gay," whispered Ron. Then, realizing
that his whisper had carried to everyone in the room and hoping to prevent
the realization of the implication of his words from dawning on Neville,
turned to Professor McGonagall and said in an unnaturally loud voice, "But
Parvati and Lavender have been fingering each other for the past fifteen
minutes and nothing has happened."

Professor McGonagall lifted herself off Hagrid's cock. A slick sucking sound
followed by a loud pop told the class how tight the fit had been. She stood
in front of the desk facing the class. Hagrid got off the desk and stood next
to her.

"That's because, Mr. Weasley, what they are doing is not sodomy. Even if Dean
were to frig Neville nothing would happen. But were Dean to try and give
Neville a blowjob or anything more... intimate, they would end up killing
themselves. Go on, Dean: frig Neville."

Realizing that Professor McGonagall was trying to revive Neville's shaken
self-respect, Dean reached around and started frigging his cock. Slowly but
surely, Neville's cock regained erection and was soon standing up to its
full length of 4 inches. Fearing future derisive comments from the other
more fortunate boys, Professor McGonagall turned to Parvati and said, "Suck
his cock, Ms. Patil."

Parvati Patil pulled a face but fearing the adverse consequences if she
disobeyed a teacher, went down on her knees before Neville. Within a minute,
Neville was glowing red and looked ready to explode.

Satisfied that Neville's bruised ego was on the mend, Professor McGonagall
turned to the rest of the class.

"Only sodomy between wizards is dangerous. Dean, come around behind Miss
Patil and stick your cock in her arse."

Hearing these words, Parvati looked up aghast at Professor McGonagall. The
fear was obvious on her face. Professor McGonagall walked up to her and said
in a gentle voice, "Don't worry. Parvati. A growth charm will ensure that he
doesn't hurt you. However, I suggest you stop sucking Neville for a moment."

A few of the students noticed that Neville was almost about to burst into
tears from frustration but Professor McGonagall was looking down at Parvati's
who was still kneeling on all her fours.


There was a noticeable change in the size of Parvati's butt. From the pert,
almost boyish, behind of a 14-year-old girl, it developed into the
well-rounded butt of a young woman.

All the students crowded around to get a better view of Dean putting his cock
into Parvati's arse. Dean bent down to lift up her gown and expose her arse.
In the hushed silence of 15 lustful boys and 15 scared girls, a well-rounded
pair of butt-cheeks came into view. Dean couldn't control himself. Before
anybody could say anything, he had grabbed both the butt-cheeks and was
kneading them like a madman. He knelt down between Parvati's legs to get a
better grip on her arse. The way he was prying and parting her cheeks, Harry
suspected that he was also hoping to get a view of her pussy while he was
down there.

Professor McGonagall was maintaining a clinical tone all this while: "You
will notice that that while Miss Parvati's bottom is now the size of a young
woman's bottom, it retains the firmness of her true age. Her skin tone has
not changed, the texture has not changed and, had I used the charm on her
pussy, the pubic hair growth would not have changed."

Dean took this as an invitation to check Parvati's pussy for pubic hair. He
bent down close to her arse and parted her cheeks as wide as they would go.
Parvati, who was enjoying this close attention being paid to her arse by a
cute boy, spread her knees further apart to give him better access to her

Professor McGonagall misread Dean's intention and encouraged him by word and

"That's good, Dean," she said, patting him on the shoulder, "lick her arse
and make it wet. No matter how large the charm makes the arse-hole, a little
lubrication always helps."

This was a course of action that had simply not occurred to Dean. But he
was a butt-man and an unbiased one at that. He had wanted to put his dick
in Neville's arse and now he wanted to put it deep in Parvati's arse. He
attacked her arse-hole with gusto. Within moments Parvati was writhing and
moaning in ecstasy. After a minute of this, Dean looked up at Professor
McGonagall for permission and, getting the nod, extricated his cock from
the folds of his gown in a flash. Placing his cock-head at the opening of
Parvati's arse-hole, he looked up again for confirmation.

Before the professor could say anything, Parvati pushed back with all her
might. A scream of pain broke from her lips but before it could die down it
had metamorphosed into a moan of pleasure as she felt Dean's cock throbbing
deep inside her arse.

Dean was in heaven. Holding her arse like it was a semi-precious piece of
porcelain - firmly but not roughly - he started working his cock in and out
of her tight arse-hole. He couldn't believe he was holding and fucking this
sexy, girl-firm, woman-sized arse.

"Dean," said Professor McGonagall, bringing him back to earth, "Stop for
a moment. Now, be prepared for a slight shock." She motioned to Neville,
who was still standing in front of Parvati holding his dick in his hand,
to move closer.

"Parvati, take Neville in your mouth again."

Parvati reached up, grabbed Neville's arse and pulled him close. Opening her
mouth wide, she tried to take all 4 inches of cock into her mouth. So long as
her mouth was wide open, nothing happened. But the moment she closed her lips
and gave Neville his first suck, the blinding flash was repeated. Only this
time Harry could have sworn he had heard two explosions.

As he shook his head to clear his ears, he heard McGonagall telling the
students that everything was fine and there was nothing to worry about. He
looked down to see Dean still holding Parvati's butt, his mouth hanging open
and his eyes round as saucers. His cock was completely out of her arse and
smoke was seeping out of her distended arse-hole. Parvati's butt had returned
to its former shape and size. At the other end, Parvati had slapped her hand
over her mouth as if she had just bitten her tongue. There was smoke leaking
out between her fingers and her face was dripping with cum. Neville was
standing a step away from her holding his balls with both his hands. The look
on his face was a comical combination of release and pain. The explosion had
been the final push and he had come all over Parvati's face.

Before anyone could say anything, Professor McGonagall had cast the
pain-relieving spell over all three. The entire class breathed a sigh of
relief when the pain cleared from the three students' faces.

Resuming her clinical tone, Professor McGonagall said, "Parvati acted as the
conduit between the two wizards. The damage would have been much worse but
for the growth charm on her bottom. The charm took the entire force of the
short-circuit and was destroyed in the process. That is why she is smoking -
that's all that remains of the charm. This should drive home the point I'm
trying to make: intimate contact between two wizards is dangerous!"

Turning on her heel she walked back to where Hagrid was standing. When she
reached the desk she turned and addressed the class again, "We'll take a five
minute break to allow everyone to recover their breath."

She noticed that her wand had rolled off the desk and bent down to pick it
up. This was a mistake. She had gotten off Hagrid when he was just about to
cum and he had spent the past 15 minutes trying to control his frustration.
McGonagall's beautiful arse with it's wrinkled brown hole winking at him
filled him with a sudden lusty passion. He quickly grabbed her arse and
placed his cock-head at the entrance of her nether hole. He was quick but
McGonagall was quicker. Realizing that Hagrid's cock would tear her hole
open, she quickly cast a growth spell on her butt. Hagrid pushed and with
only the slightest resistance, buried his cock deep inside her.

The two professors moan of satisfaction echoed in the class. Completely
oblivious to the stares of the students, Hagrid started to butt-fuck
Professor McGonagall. Now that he was in her beautiful arse, the urgency
was replaced by a desire to have a long enjoyable fuck. He knew that she
relished a slow build-up and he was enough of a gentleman to want to
give her what she wanted.

Holding her milky white ample hips in his hands, he would pull his cock out
slowly. When he was almost fully out of her, he would push back till he was
buried deeply again. McGonagall had braced herself against the desk and was
pushing back in time with Hagrid's thrusts. Her huge breasts were jiggling
in time with their fucking and soon the students could hear Hagrid's balls
slapping against her pussy.

On the floor of the classroom, Dean and Parvati watched this lusty scene with
interest. Then they looked at each other and understanding flashed between
them. With a small nod, Parvati began pushing back against Dean's erection.
All he had to do was hold it straight. When his cock-head popped past her
arse-ring, she paused to allow her butt to get accustomed to his cock. Then
she looked back at Dean and nodded again.

This was the signal for Dean to take over. Aware that she was experiencing a
little pain, he pushed his cock deeper one slow inch at a time. Deeper and
deeper entered his cock. Halfway in, he stopped in response to a quiet gasp
from Parvati. Parvati was experiencing a combination of pain and pleasure.
Her arse throbbed around Dean's solid cock. Hoping to easy Dean's entry, she
tried alternatively squeezing and relaxing her arse-ring. The delicious
pressure was too much for Dean and he shot his cum deep in her.

Parvati gasped as she felt Dean's hot cum fill up her arse. She pushed back
to take him deeper inside and the slickness provided by his cum allowed his
cock to slip deep inside her arse. When he hit bottom he paused for a second
and then Parvati said, "Ok, Dean, fuck me. Fuck me hard before you lose your

There was no way Dean was going to lose his erection now that that erection
was deep inside the butt of a beautiful girl who was begging him to fuck her.
Pausing only to grasp her hips, he began a steadily quickening pounding of
her butt-hole. Gasping with pleasure, Parvati pushed back with equal force.

Reaching around her, Dean started fingering her clit. This sent her to new
heights of ecstasy. The sounds of his cock wetly slapping in her ass began
to drown out the sounds of Hagrid pounding McGonagall's arse.

Realizing that Harry was responding to Parvati's fuck with pure lust and
without anger, Hermione realized that it was Lavender that he desired.
Deciding to kill two birds with one stone, she got up, walked around the
pair fucking on the floor and dropped to her knees in front of Lavender.
Lavender was quick to the uptake and pulled up her gown in a flash. Her
blond pussy was exposed to the hungry eyes of Hermione and, behind her,
Harry and Ron.

Doing her best to spite Harry as much as she could, she fingered Lavender's
pussy for a while, pulling her outer lips apart so that her silky inner
treasures were visible to Harry's hungry eyes. Still holding her lips open,
Hermione started kissing Lavender's white thighs. Starting at the knees,
she alternatively kissed and sucking each thigh, working her way up to
Lavender's crotch. Lavender started buckling her knees, trying to get
Hermione's mouth to her cunt. Deciding that it was time to really give
Harry the burn, Hermione pushed Lavender so that she fell back on her seat.
Completely hiding Lavender's pussy from Harry's eyes with her body, she
began sucking Lavender with gusto.

First she stuck her tongue deep inside Lavender's silky cunt. Rapidly
flicking in and out like a snake's tongue, she worked Lavender up to a fever
pitch. Then she shifted her attention to Lavender's delicate clit, which was
so swollen and pink, it was almost begging for attention. Quickly pursing her
lips she sucked the thumb of flesh into her mouth. Grasping the clit in her
velvet vice she rapidly began flicking her tongue across it. Lavender could
only take a minute of this exquisite torture before she soaked Hermione's
mouth in a gush of pussy-juice.

Harry saw Hermione push Lavender down onto her seat. He saw her glue her
mouth to that beautiful blond pussy that he wanted to fuck so much. He also
saw Hermione's arse, waggling at him, almost inviting him to lift her gown
and put his painfully erect cock in her pussy. Much as he wanted to do just
that - an image of her awesome new tits flashed across his eyes - he also
knew that such an action would irreparably destroy his friendship with Ron.

After a minute's indecision, he leaned over to Ron and said, "What are you
waiting for? McGonagall said that only intimate contact between wizards is
dangerous. A threesome with two witches is not banned."

"You want me to just grab her and start fucking her? She won't be ready for
me - I'd just hurt her."

Harry pointed down at the floor beneath Hermione's seat. There was a pair of
black panties lying there.

"She was fingering herself earlier. Her pussy is nice and ready. Think about
it, Ron. Beneath that gown is a wet, naked pussy that you want to fuck. Go

"What about you?" asked Ron.

"She thinks she likes me but I know that she likes us both equally. Once you
get you big cock inside her - fuck her gently, please - she get over the
anger she has for me."

"Don't you want to fuck her?"

"There's always tomorrow, my friend," said Harry. "With her and your
permission, of course," he added hurriedly. "Go on, she just made Lavender

Ron didn't need to be told twice. In a thrice he was standing over Hermione
and lifting her gown. Hermione was so engrossed in sucking up Lavender's
sweet pussy juice, she didn't even notice Ron flick her gown on her back and
line his cock with her pussy.

Without waiting a second, Ron parted her arse-cheeks and pushed his cock
inside her cunt. Harry was right. She was wet and ready. With only a minor
pause at her hymen, he was complete inside her.

The sudden searing pain in her pussy caused Hermione to jerk her head to
quickly off Lavender's pussy that she almost fell. Only Ron's strong hands
held her up. She looked back to see who had invaded her pussy and saw Ron's
concerned face close to hers.

"I'm sorry I hurt you, Hermione. I love you, baby," said Ron.

Never doubting for a second Ron's words, Hermione blinked back her tears.
Forcing a smile on her face she said, "You didn't hurt me much but you should
have warned me. I would have gladly fucked you. Now that you're already
inside me, why don't you finish what you started?"

Ron bent over and kissed the back of her neck.

"Your wish is my command, baby."

Taking care to fuck slowly as he was sure she was still feeling the pain, Ron
started fucking her pussy. It was tight, it was hot, and it was everything
Ron could have wanted a pussy to be. What more could he ask for? Of course!
Those tits! He under her into her gown and grasped those firm breasts that
had initially ignited his lust for her. Locating her nipples, he squeezed
them between thumb and finger. Hermione moaned and tried to increase the pace
of their fucking. She was approaching her orgasm and she was sure it was
going to be a big one.

Hermione's stumble had removed her from in front of Lavender. There was
nothing between Harry's cock and Lavender's beautiful blond pussy. She was
still shaking from her orgasm aftershocks. Harry could see sweet pussy juice
dripping down from her cunt on to the chair. Deciding to precede the fucking
with a bit of sucking, he went down on his knees between Lavender's legs and
started eating her out.

Lavender lifted her head to see who was eating her pussy now. It surely
didn't feel like Hermione or Parvati. At first, all she could discern was a
boy's head. Then the boy lifted his head to flash her a quick smile. It was
Harry Potter! She liked him but she had kind of hoped it would be Seamus.
She was about to look around for Seamus when Harry stood up, his cock in
his hand, erect and ready for action. Harry was easily six inches and
throbbing with energy.

What the fuck, Seamus can always wait for another day, she thought - and
parted her legs wider.

Here endeth the first lesson. I sure like what I've written but then, who
doesn't? If you like my writing, let me know - I'm busy thinking up the
course matter for the second class ;-)

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