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Harry Potter: Harry Potter and the Slytherin Ass (mmmm,mmmmm,trans,magic)
by Mike M

Harry Potter's forefinger poked inside Neville Longbottom's bottom as he
prepared it for his turn. Ron and Shamus lay naked on Ron's four-poster
having already fucked the smaller boy.

"Come on Harry, his bum doesn't need any more loosening," Shamus said.

"Just thinking."

"About what, some new position?" Ron Weasley said.

"New arse more like it," Shamus said.

"Ten points for Shamus. Neville has a beautiful bum and is a joy to fuck. But
I can think of one boy at school who could use a good butt fucking. Get his
tight little buns spread open might do him a world of good."

"I take it this student is not a Gryffindor," Ron said.

"No, its a little blond piece of Slytherin trash goes by the name of Draco
Malfoy. He deserves a good fuck."

"Or three," said Ron.

"Or four," said Neville, "but he'll never be willing like me so just fuck me
with your man tool."

"Oh, I think we can get him to cooperate but I will take your advice

"What advice?" Neville asked genuinely puzzled.

"This," Harry said and slid his hard five inches into Neville's hole.

"Ah," Neville said.

Harry was quickly into the hilt and he took a deep breath before starting a
slow steady rhythm. On each backstroke he left just his cockhead inside the
ring before going all the way back in. Over and over while on the other bed
Ron and Shamus went into their own 69.

Harry reached and touched his wand. "Flippus buttus," he said and Neville
instantly flipped over on his back while Harry never missed a stroke.

Neville started stroking his two incher while looking into his idol's face.
The famous scar glowed with lust.

"Yeah boy, work that boy cock while I fuck your boy pussy. It's not going to
be long before I fill you with my seed."

All Neville could do was groan from the twin pleasures of a full hole and the
multiple dry orgasms he was experiencing. The twitching bottom brought Harry
closer and closer to the edge even as he left it buried to the hilt.

"Shit," Harry cried as he shot his load up Neville's rear. By the time Harry
was finished his seed was dripping out of Neville's well used rear.

On Ron's bed Ron and Shamus stiffened and shot their second loads of the
afternoon into each other's mouths.

"So Harry Potter how do we get into your sworn enemy's pants.

Especially since he's never without those two goons of his. They've got less
magical ability than Neville," Shamus said.

"Levitated your cock into my ass didn't I?" Neville said and giggled.

"Not that; can't do potions with Snape being head of Slytherin. How about
charms?" Harry said.

"Got to be something in defense against the dark arts that would work,"
Neville said."

"Brilliant young Longbottom, absolutely brilliant."

"Him?" Ron and Shamus said together.

"Me?" Neville said just as amazed.

"Yes in fact you can even get some revenge if you remember the curse he used
to freeze your legs together that time," Harry said.

"Don't think I'll ever forget that one," Neville picked up his wand and
pointed it at Scabbers who was slowly making his way across the floor.

"Rigioso Fibularoso."

A faint spark popped out and Scabbers froze.

"Did the spell work or did the dumb thing fall asleep in mid-step again?" Ron
said disgustedly.

"No, it worked. You can see the fright on his little face as his front paws
scramble about," Shamus shouted.

"Yeah, but I'll never be able to get it to work on anything as big as Draco,"
Neville said.

Harry pulled Neville's lips to his and gave him a deep kiss.

"Confidence, confidence my friend. Plus it will be four against three when
we take them by surprise."

"What will we do with Crabtree and Gargoyle?" Ron said.

"Leave them behind. Maybe do a little nudity curse as we go," Harry said.

"No, I don't want to give whoever finds them a horrid shock, they've got to
be two of the ugliest boys in the history of Hogwarts," Shamus said and
everybody laughed.

"When?" Ron said as he stroked his erect four inches.

"After herbology tomorrow, they always follow and poke fun at us on the
way back and it's the last class before supper. We just hang back and let
everybody else pass us. But we got to work quickly so nobody turns and sees
them. I think we'll need a silence spell first and then hit them with the
freeze curse," Harry said.

"Know that one, Percy's been using it on the twins for years," Ron said. "And
I want to take his cherry with what he's been saying about me and my family
since we got on the train."

"Fine, I've been working on another spell so I'll go last," Harry said with
an evil smile.

* * *

The rest of that day and all the next went fast with the four friends
anticipating their afternoon fun. Ron, Shamus and Neville tried to get Harry
to tell them about the new spell but he just smiled.

Defense against the dark arts was especially fun since Professor Quill's
lesson was a spell for dragging out a secret. He matched Draco and Harry up
and told the smirking blond to go first. Draco tapped his wand on the desk;
waved it as he spoke the curse and a bolt of light shot out, hit Harry and
bounced right back onto Draco who started babbling about a stuffed snake he
slept with.

Harry stood and looked down at Draco after Quill performed the counter-spell.
"Don't you know anything Draco? Dark magic doesn't work on me."

"I'll get you Potter. You'll never finish out the term."

"You going to go send a crying owl to Daddy?" Ron said.

"That will be enough, all of you or do I start deducting points?" Quill said
tapping his wand.

Harry wondered why Quill was scowling at him. Where had the constant nervous
stuttering gone? He looked up and Quill was doing other pairs and the stutter
was back.

* * *

After herbology Draco and his two goons held back and he called Harry.

"What do you want now Malfoy?" Harry said as he and his friends approached.

"I was serious, I'm going to get..."

"Silencio todias," Ron shouted.

"Rigioso Fibularoso," the other three said and they watched Draco, Goyle and
Crabb stand in stunned silence.

They lay Goyle and Crabb down behind the greenhouse in a 69 position but
resisted the temptation to pull out their cocks. Harry and Ron put a
squirming Draco over their shoulders and started carrying him down to the
lake, which would be deserted that time of day. "Stop moving or I'll freeze
your entire body," Harry said.

* * *

When they reached the far side of the little lakeside grove they stood Draco
up and smiled at his furious, silent screaming. Neville walked up and slapped
him to the shock of his friends as well as Draco.

"That's for all the tricks you've played on me this year."

"Yes Draco, this is all about revenge. Revenge for what you and those two
trolls of yours have done all year," Harry said and raised his wand.
"Strippus todias," he said and instantly Draco Malfoy was in his birthday

"Rigioso doggio," and the boy was suddenly on his hands and knees, ass stuck
up in the air.

Harry, Ron, Shamus and Neville stood in front of Draco and slowly stripped
revealing their hard cocks.

"Last night we were having a good time and your name came up slut. We decided
to get our revenge on you. As we discussed how we all asked why you were such
a mean bastard. Our conclusion, you're still a virgin and needed your boy
pussy to be well fucked," Harry said.

Draco furiously shook his head until Ron slapped it.

"Oh yes, oh yes, we're going to take turns fucking that tight ass of yours
till we're finished. And if we want it again you'll come without us resorting
to magic. Best of all you will never ever tell anybody. Why? Nobody will
believe another vile accusation from you against the famous Harry Potter who
destroyed your father's master. Especially after class today," Ron said.

Draco's whole body sagged a little bit as Ron walked behind him stroking his
rigid cock. He slapped each cheek a couple of times before spreading them.
Without warning he rammed his cock all the way home to the accompaniment of
Draco's silent howls. Ron settled into a steady pounding pace as he split
the tiny tight hairless butt in two.

"Man what a tight arse, you'll make a great fuck toy Draco," Ron said and
began to moan.

Draco's screams had turned to moans as well. He couldn't believe how good
this made him feel. Knew he could never, would never tell another person
because his father could never find out his pride and joy was gay.

"Oh yes, fuck my arse," he shouted and everybody jumped except for Harry.

"I see I was right. I added a second spell that broke the spells when you
realized how much you liked being fucked," Harry said.

Draco smiled and nodded and bucked back into Ron.

"Oh shit, oh fuck, oh fuck," Ron yelled and filled the no longer virgin arse
with his cum.

Neville took his place and didn't take long before he went through a series
of dry orgasms.

While Neville was fucking Draco's rear Shamus walked to his mouth and fed
Draco his first cock. The Slytherin took to cock sucking greedily. Inhaling
Shamus' six inches of man meat in a single swallow. Lubing the big cock so
it would slide in easier than Ron's or Neville's.

"You're up Shamus," Neville said as he pulled out.

Shamus slowly fed his thick meat into Draco's still tight hole. Unlike his
friends he'd been doing this since long before arriving at Hogwarts. His much
older brothers had broken the younger one in when he was six and for the five
years till he'd left for school there had been a constant round of gay sex.

It was when Ron brought Neville into their games that he'd finally found
somebody he could fuck on a regular basis instead of always being the bottom.
And to have Draco now was a delight. Such a tight fit around his cock. A
virgin quickly learning how to work his arse muscles to increase pleasure.

Shamus pulled almost all the way out and stopped. Holding his breath to step
further away from the brink.

"Fuck me Shamus, fill me with your cock," Draco said.

Shamus dug his fingernails into Draco's shoulders and dragged them all the
way back down leaving ten red lines.

"Ah," Draco said.

"Ah," Shamus said as he slammed all the way in and began pounding away at
the smaller boy's butt.

Five minutes later Shamus shot his load deep inside of Draco. He pulled out
and rammed his cum, sweat, blood and shit streaked cock deep into Draco's
throat. "Clean it."

Harry stood up, wand in hand, and walked over to Draco. "I'm glad you're
enjoying yourself Draco. There's something warm about having a cock up your
arse isn't there". Draco smiled, a real smile instead of his usual smirk.

"I've developed a new spell I think you will like," Harry said as he ran his
fingers through Draco's blond locks. "Cockus gigantus viagras." Harry's five
inches grew to nine inches long by four inches wide of rock hard cock.

"This spell lasts one hour. No matter how many times I cum I will remain hard
and this big until then."

"I don't know if I can take it Harry."

"Let's find out," Harry said and patted Draco's buns.

Harry shoved his thick cockhead past the outmost layer of Draco's ass
eliciting a scream. Under the scream Harry muttered an adjusting spell
narrowing his cock to its normal two inches around. This easily slipped
into the hilt to everyone's amazement.

"Oh shit, can't believe I took it all and it feels so good. Fuck me Harry,
fuck me with that man cock," Draco said.

As Harry began slowly pulling in and then back to the hilt Neville sank to
his knees and began sucking Ron and Shamus in turn.

"Neville, please, blow me, I can't take the pressure anymore," Draco said.

"When he's finished with us," Ron said.

Harry smiled knowing how long Ron could hold out when he wanted to. Harry
started speeding up his pounding. Wanting to get the first load done with.
Knowing there would be a second before the hour was up. Faster and shorter
strokes followed quickly.

"I'm cumming up your slut ass boy, here I come," Harry shouted.

"Oh yes Harry, fill me, fill your slut," Draco said, realized what he'd said
and smiled.

Harry did too and leaned over the sweaty back as he rested and gently kissed
Draco's neck. "This will be so much better, so much more fun for both of us,"
he whispered. Draco nodded.

When he was ready to start again Harry picked his wand up, straightened
up and said, "Flippus buttus" leaving him looking at a pleasure filled
expression when a nasty evil smirk previously ruled.

"Stroke yourself, play with your man cock as I fuck your boy pussy once
more," Harry said.

Draco took hold of his six inches and started stroking for all he was worth.
The load of cum four cocks up his ass developed was begging for release with
the biggest one of them all running over his prostate. He ran his hands over
his aching cock desperately seeking release until he saw Harry's smile.

"I can't cum until you allow it," he said.

Harry nodded, "we will cum together and we'll be done for today my friend."

"Not long please, not long my friend," Draco said.

Harry picked up his pace and began to feel his sperm make their way. It would
have to take perfect timing to release the last spells. He saw Ron, Shamus
and Neville surrounding Draco, furiously stroking their own cocks.

"Oh shit, releasioso, oh fucking shit," Harry said and filled Draco's ravaged
ass with his second load of the hour.

With that Ron and Shamus shot their loads all over Draco's face and chest.
As the first drops hit Draco's lips he shot his load all over his face and

Finally the five boys dropped to the ground and sighed.

The great dinner bell rang and they got up and dressed after Draco used
a cleanup spell on all of them. They ran up the great lawn and up the
staircases. At the dining room door stood Professor Albus Dumbledoor, the

He let the other four by but stopped Harry with a stare.

"Sorry we're late Sir."

"Don't be son, I just wanted to say I knew you would find a way to make
friends with Draco Malfoy. It will help us all to have him on our side. Now
take your seat."

Harry stood there with his mouth open as the great wizard headed inside.


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