This story is a work of fiction. The Harry Potter series is copyrighted by
J.K. Rowling, Scholastic Books, and Warner Brothers. The views expressed are
not the views of J.K. Rowling. If you object to stories involving homosexual
acts between consenting teenagers, please don't read the following story.

Harry Potter: Harry Potter's Different: Part 1 (mm,m-mast,voy,magic)
by Mike M ([email protected])

Harry shivered as he climbed the stairway into the Third Year Boys Dorms. It
was late, and Harry would much rather be in bed, but the Quidditch captain,
Oliver wood, insisted that the entire team practice the same old routine
until they got it right, even with the rain pouring down on the Quidditch
pitch. It took them ages but, as the time turned towards the early hours of
the morning, they got it right.

Harry wondered if anyone else would be awake, chances were that the rest of
the boys were asleep, but just in case, he covered the huge bulge emerging
from his crotch with his Broom. His dripping wet Quidditch robes showed the
hard 7" uncut fuck-stick to every last detail, and being caught with a
hard-on at midnight is not something he needed right now.

Only 15 minutes ago Harry was trying not to let his boner be seen as he
showered with the rest of the team. You see the scar wasn't the only thing
that made Harry different from the other Wizards at Hogwarts. For some time
now he had fantasized about other men, other boys at his school, even some
of his male teachers. He knew that girls didn't interest him, but then
again, would he ever find another man who liked men as well?

Harry tried not to think about it, it was late, and all he wanted to do was
change into some dry clothes, relieve his aching cock and get into bed. It
was hard trying to avoid tripping on each stone step as a candle was missing
and Harry, being in a rush to leave, had left his wand inside his sport bag.
By the time he reached the stairs (With an extra bruise not made at
Quidditch but instead, by a large stone step) he was completely exhausted
and didn't even notice the trail of muddy footprints he left from the top of
the stairs to his bed. He also didn't notice that the candle in the bed
beside him, Ron's bed, was dimly glowing from behind the curtains.

Harry settled into his covers, wasting no time to wrap his fist around the
straining dick begging to be serviced, the very memory of Oliver standing in
the showers as hot water cascaded down his back, Ron's older twin Brothers,
Fred and George, soaping up their identical bright orange pubes, their
identical cocks swinging with each motion. It didn't take Harry long to
reach the edge. He was close, his breathing picked up a pace and his body
began to tense up. He was ready...

Then suddenly Harry froze, he could hear muttering in the room. Had someone
seen him? He suddenly realized he had kicked the covers off and had been
subconsciously circling his hairless boy-hole with the tip of his finger. He
knew straight boys didn't do that, it was enough of a giveaway. But who
could possibly be awake now?

Harry swung his feet off the bed and onto the floor silently, his dick was
semi-hard and all his fantasies were replaced with the fear that his secret
had been discovered. That was until he realized that the muttering was
coming from Ron's bed, a faint shadow cast by flickering candlelight showed
Ron, sitting up casually, his messy hair outlined to the last detail.
Harry knew he should go to bed, it was Ron's privacy after all, he had no
idea what Ron was doing in there. But please, think for a second, wouldn't
you have taken a peak?

Harry found a gap in the curtains and looked through, to see Ron, sitting
cross-legged and dressed only in briefs. He must have been cold, Harry
thought, but he really didn't mind. Ron's hairless boy body looked delicious
even with the dim light. The briefs hugged his body. His bright red hair on
his head and beneath his arms stood out and he could see a definite bulge in
those tight white briefs.

Harry forced himself to tear his eyes away from Ron (who was gripping his
wand tightly in one hand) and look at the objects sprawled on the bed. There
was candle's of all shapes and sizes, about 20 of them. Harry instantly
recognized one as the candle missing from the stairwell, a long thick tube
of red wax, unlit. He began to wonder what they were for (I never did say
Harry was the Brightest Wizard) when Ron began to strip from his briefs,
revealing a hard 5" of cut boy-cock framed by a perfect triangle of red

Harry stood silently, not breathing as his eager boy-stick sprung up to
attention. He didn't touch it as he was already close to coming right there,
without even touching himself. One hand held the curtain slightly apart
while the other gripped his wand, threatening to fall and give him away from
his already sweaty palms. That's when Harry realized that Ron wasn't just
jacking off. Ron began to carefully move his wand towards his ass, shifting
backward onto the bed allowing Harry to catch his first glimpse of Ron's
smooth hole.

Ron began to circle his ass lips with the edge of his wand, before gently
urging the thin, wooden stick into the shaft of his ass, letting it go in a
few inches before he stopped, he breathed heavily. Harry had never put
anything into his ass before but he couldn't imagine that something that
thin could really hurt at all. Ron began to breath more normally now and,
with a quick glance towards his wand, quietly muttered. "Lubos ejeculos" Ron
whispered, Harry watched as Ron's face tensed up.

Harry, not normally thinking so fast, realized that Ron's grimace was caused
by the cold lube now shooting into Ron's anal passage. Slowly Ron pulled the
wand from his ass, now sticky with cold, slippery lube. He breathed heavily a
few times before his hand grasped a candle that he had kept close to his
side. Harry recognized it as one of the candles from the Great hall, Ron must
have taken it that night. But what was its destiny now?

Ron took one last deep breath before suddenly pushing the candle into his
hole, his cock still hard as the thin, red candle slowly made its way into
his tight ass. The candle was thin, not much larger than the wand, possibly
not even an inch around, but it was long, maybe 9 or 10 inches. Ron stopped
as only the end of the red candle was sticking out of his hairless boy-cunt.
The look of pain on his face was replaced with satisfaction, fulfillment, he
had done it. With a wave of his wand he quietly murmured "Poundous,
thrustous, growus enlargous, engourgous until thy cummeth" which sent the
candle slowly moving out of his hole.

From Ron's heavy breathing Harry realized that Ron hadn't done this before,
the candle, now pumping Ron's ass at the pace of a snail, was a cherry
popper. That's when Harry figured that after all that doubt, he really had
found another Wizard like him. The thought was just too much, Harry was
close to coming already.

Suddenly Ron moaned, the candle was picking up its pace and, as Harry began
to notice, had grown in width, maybe twice its original size. It was twisting
with each thrust into Ron's bowels, the lube doing its work. Harry then
realized that the Candle was getting bigger quickly, Ron grabbed a pillow and
moaned into it as his wand dropped from his hand and rolled along the stone
floor. His face didn't look so much happy as it looked filled with lust as
Ron mentally urged the candle to search further. Ron's right hand was now
stuffing his pillow into his mouth, trying to stifle the moans, his other
hand was gripping his sheets as the red candle buried itself, the end
disappearing with each thrust.

Suddenly it came out, and Harry realized that the stick was quite thick,
equaling his own dick thickness of 3 inches. He began to think that it was
over, the candle hovering patiently at the entrance to Ron's hole, when with
a motion so sudden that Harry jumped, shot itself into Ron. Ron practically
screamed into the pillow, his free hand was running along the sheets
searching for his wand to stop the candle from getting so big that it would
rip him apart. The expression on his face turned from lust to fear, the
candle was thick and searching to go further. Ron could feel it past his
belly button, pushing into his stomach.

Harry knew that he had to do something. His friend was lying on his back with
a candle thumping his virgin fuck-hole. He had to risk everything, and with
one brave movement, moved through the curtains and clasped his hand onto
Ron's mouth, tossing the Pillow aside. He remember the chant, "Poundous,
thrustous, growus enlargous, engourgous until thy cummeth". Ron had to come
for the candle to stop.

Harry looked deep into Ron's eyes, as if to explain what he was going to do
and without hesitation, grabbed Ron's semi-hard cock in his hand and began to
pump. Ron looked at him with fear, what was he doing? Harry was in heaven, he
was clutching the first cock that didn't belong to him, 5 inches and thick.
He jacked it off, faster and faster, his spare hand gripped Ron's nipple and
twisted it, trying everything he knew to help increase Ron's pleasure.

Harry suddenly caught sight of The Candle, now the thickness of Harry's
wrist, fucking so fast it was a blur. Ron was moaning Into Harry's hand as
the candle twisted around and around, tearing his boy-hole with each flurry
of movement. Harry knew that Ron would have to come, he had to come now
before the candle looked more like Harry's leg. Without thinking, Harry took
Ron's cock into his mouth and sucked, he didn't know how, he just sucked. He
took the thick, long shaft down his throat, swallowing it like air. It
tasted like Boys, that's all he could say, the musk, the sweat, the sweet
and sour taste of male. His tongue roamed freely, and all thought of making
Ron come was replaced with the longing to have this taste in his mouth

That's when it happened, Ron's body stiffened and his crotch thrust up from
the bed into Harry's mouth, burying Harry's beautiful face in a triangular
bush of red boy-hair. Ron emptied his first spurt deep in Harry's throat
before he had any idea that Ron was coming at all.

Harry quickly pulled the head from his throat into his mouth and tasted cum,
so sweet in his mouth, 3 spurts followed and Harry held each one on his
tongue, he was lost in the taste. Then, free from any touch at all, Harry
cock exploded, spraying cum all over his body, Ron's body and the bed. It
was more than Harry ever knew he had, one huge spurt landed on his face as
the last of his yummy boy-juice dribbled onto his jet black messy pubes.

Harry lay, Rons softening cock in his mouth, his hands covering both Ron's
face and his own cock and a now huge red candle lying between Ron's legs.
Harry didn't want to let go of Ron's cock, it was amazing how good it
tasted. He had ofcourse read about it when he was at home, glancing through
Uncle Vernon's Straight sex stories but he never could have realized how
wonderful it felt.

As Harry stood, knees wobbling from his enormous climax, he noticed Ron
staring at him with Anger.

"What was that all about?" Ron hissed, his red eyebrows lowering as he
started at Harry. Harry stammered, he thought he was helping. "The first
time, the very first time I get the chance to try this and you come in and
make me cum? I can handle myself you know, I don't need you to come and save
the day!"

"Bur Ron, I..." Harry tried to explain that it looked like he could use the
help but Ron cut him off.

"Look, just because your Harry Potter and I'm a Weasly doesn't mean that I'm
hopeless and I need you to save me! I'm fine! I can..." Ron's voice was
muffled by Harry's Lips enlgulfing his mouth, his tongue pushing its way
between Ron's lips before exploring his mouth. Ron's eyes opened but then he
began to relax, why was he fighting? He knew he was gay, he had just had the
best orgasm in his life thanks to the mouth of his best friend whose tongue
was now taking a tour of his throat.

Harry didn't know why he made the move, he guessed that this might change
Ron's mind. His cock was already starting to lengthen. His hand moved down
to Ron's ass, his boy-pussy was red but still tight, the lips winking as Ron
recovered from the abuse. Harry began to move his finger towards the pulsing
fuck-hole when the sound of a door slamming echoed through the dorm. Without
a word, Harry left Ron and leapt into his own bed, his head hit the pillow
at the exact moment that the candle went out in the bed beside him.

* * *

Ron wasn't at breakfast the next morning, although Fred said (as Harry
watched his manly torso stretching over the table to obtain some syrup) that
he had seen him sneaking out of the Gryfindor common room early that morning.
"That's Funny" Hermione spluttered through a mouth of pancake. "See that
one red candle at the end of the table? I could have sworn is was smaller


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