Harry Potter: Hermione's Initiation (Mf,f-mast,M-dom,hand,anal,voy,pee,rough)
by Vinetalover ([email protected])

It was Hermione Granger's 13th birthday but for the young witch the thought
of celebration was far from her mind. For today marked another event in
Hermione's life, the Rite Of Passage that all witches had to endure at this
age. If she passed, Hermione would be able to progress to higher standards
of witchcraft. If she failed...

Hermione tried to put all thoughts of failure out of her mind as she climbed
the stairs in Hogwart's south tower to the Chamber Of Initiation. But
Hermione could hardly think straight. She knew the rewards of passing were
great but she also knew what she would have to do to get there. Essentially,
she would have to do anything, without hesitation or complaint, that her
Wizard master commanded of her.

Hermione finally arrived at the Chamber and went inside. There before her,
dressed in dark robes, was Snape. As was the custom, he had been picked at
random to be Hermione's master for this ceremony. Hermione's heart sank, she
had hoped she would have one of the younger, more handsome teachers.

Snape remained silent for a few minutes, merely eying Hermione's slim frame
from all angles. Hermione trembled as he mentally undress her and she became
aware she was starting to sweat with fear. She knew the next hour would be
the most humiliating experience of her life but she had no choice. More than
anything she wanted to be a witch and to do so she had to go through this
ceremony. And pass.

Eventually Snape spoke. "Hermione Granger, you know what is expected of

"Yes, sir" Hermione replied immediately, her voice cracking with fear.

"And you know you must do anything I say and that you will fail if you show
any signs of refusal?"

Hermione nodded, unable to find her voice.

"Good" Said Snape. "Let us begin".

Snape pushed his face against Hermione's and forced his tongue into her
mouth, kissing her harshly, allowing his hands to wander over the young
girl's chest and down to her thighs. Then he pulled away, leaving Hermione
with a foul taste of his sour breath in her mouth.

"Remove your sweater and blouse," Snape ordered.

Hermione swallowed hard. Petrified, she did as she was ordered, her tiny
hands trembling as she undid the buttons of her crisp white shirt.

"mmmm, very nice," said Snape dryly as he eyed Hermione standing there in her

"Remove the bra," Snape ordered. Hermione's hands were trembling badly
now as she fumbled with the bra hooks. After what seemed like an age she
eventually unclasped it and let it drop to the floor. She stood there
shivering as Snape stared at her tiny, pre-pubescent breasts and the small
pink nipples which were hard from the cold.

"Squat down and pull your skirt up," Snape ordered. Hermione obliged,
revealing her thin white panties.

"Now..." said Snape "...urinate in your knickers"

Hermione swallowed hard. Her face was red with embarrassment and her heart
beat madly. Sweat dripped from her forehead, caking her hair to her face.
But as ordered she did as she was told. Shutting her eyes, Hermione released
her bladder and her panties filed with a dark yellow stain.

When Hermione was finished, Snape commanded her to remove her soiled panties
which she duly did, using her skirt to cover her genitals. As ordered she
passed the sodden panties to Snape and he rubbed them over her face, briefly
forcing the wet garment into her mouth.

"Hermione, do you masturbate?" Snape asked

Hermione's mouth was dry from the ordeal and she virtually squeaked her

"What, speak up girl? Do you want to fail?" Snape barked.

Hermione took a deep breath and almost shouted her answer, "Yes sir, I do
masturbate". God this was so embarrassing she thought.

"How often? The truth!" Snape ordered.

Hermione admitted that she had played with herself a few times since she was
11 but recently had taken to masturbating herself most nights.

"Show me how you do it. Do it exactly as you do when you are alone," Snape

Even though Hermione was now embarrassed beyond words she knew she could not
fail this test. She lay on the floor, and hiked her short grey school skirt
up to her belly, revealing her pussy to Snape for the first time. Snape
watched in awe as Hermione's hand traced a line down her flat belly to the
tiny puff of light brown pubic hair between her legs. Hermione opened her
thighs slightly and then began to rub her clitoris with her two middle
fingers, slowly at first then faster and faster.

Hermione hated doing this in front of Snape but she was terrified of him
failing her. She was scared that, if she didn't do it for real, he would
know somehow, perhaps through some mind reading trick. She therefore had
no choice but to masturbate precisely the way she always did, which was
quite vigorously. Hermione's fingers danced over her pussy as she
masturbated furiously, her left hand involuntarily kneading her flat little

Snape now had his cock in his hand and was pumping it madly as he watched
Hermione masturbate herself frantically.

"Put your fingers in your cunt, witch," Snape spat as he continued to jerk

Hermione didn't usually finger herself but did as she was ordered. Her
vagina was tight and very dry and it hurt to push a finger up there.

At that moment Snape dropped to where Hermione lay on the floor and started
kissing her passionately. His breath was foul and Hermione had to fight the
urge to be sick as his mouth violated hers. Then he started biting her neck
and licking downwards, licking her armpits and sucking harshly on her jutting
nipples. Then his hand was on Hermione's thigh moving upwards.

With a lunge Snape shoved a finger into Hermione's pussy, then another and
another until he was working almost his entire hand up there. Hermione
sobbed aloud, trying to block everything out, trying to focus on what it
would mean if she could just pass this test. She knew she probably only had
a few minutes left to endure and she couldn't give up now, when she was so

Suddenly, Snape grabbed Hermione by her vast expanse of strawberry blonde
hair and dragged her over to a small table. He pushed her face down against
the table and tugging at her hair painfully, position himself by her small
pink buttocks.

'Oh my god,' thought Hermione. Although she was pretty innocent, she knew
what was going to happen. There had been rumours going around from some of
the other witches that Snape like to defile his students this way and that
he called it the Ultimate Test. Crying loudly, Hermione braced herself for
the worst.

As Snape breathed heavily behind her, Hermione could feel the tip of his cock
pressing against her anus. He pushed forward and slowly entered her, causing
Hermione to cry out. This pain was bad enough, how could she take more she
asked herself. She was about to find out.

Without warning Snape thrust forward powerfully, ramming the full length of
his massive swollen cock into Hermione's tight anus.

"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggghhhh.... Please... No...", Hermione begged through
her tears. But the young girl's suffering seemed to arouse Snape even more
and soon he was thrusting into her again and again, brutally stretching her
most private parts, inflicting wave after wave of unbearable agony into

"...please... stop..." wailed Hermione.

Snape found more energy to thrust forcibly into Hermione, pulling himself
forward each time by grasping at her hair, virtually ripping it from her
scalp. But this pain was nothing to the unbearable agony that Hermione was
feeling in her anus, which was now bleeding profusely as her sphincter ripped
from the size of Snape's engorged penis.

" hurts...I...can't...take..thež..pain!" Hermione

At this point Snape withdrew from her anus and immediately forced his cock
into Hermione's mouth. "Suck you little witch," he ordered.

Still in pain from her ordeal, Hermione did as requested. Se could taste her
own blood on Snape's cock which made her want to vomit. And then, just as he
was about to cum, Snape pulled his cock from Hermione's mouth and shot his
load all over her face.

After a few seconds, Snape spoke.

"Well done, Miss Granger. You have passed."

And at that Snape dressed and left the Chamber.

Hermione remained on the cold stone floor, naked, still writing in agony
from the inhuman torture she had been subjected to. But she had passed!
A flicker of a smile crossed her face and then she collapsed into loud,
convulsive sobs.


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