Harry Potter: Hermione’s Madness (mf-mast,voy)
by Vinetalover ([email protected])

Draco Malfoy’s eyes lit up as he finally found what he was looking for.
It was true, Harry Potter did have an invisibility cloak! But now it was
Malfoy’s and he intended putting it to good use.

Immediately draping the cloak over him, Malfoy’s form shimmered into
invisibility as he raced through the halls of Hogwarts school, down the
staircase and towards the girl’s shower rooms. As he reached his
destination, he could see that the Year 2 girls were just finishing their
Quidditch practise and were coming to get changed. "Perfect timing,"
sneered Malfoy to himself.

Stealing himself in a corner of the girl’s changing room, Malfoy’s could feel
his heart pumping madly as his anticipation grew. And then, almost directly
in front of him, stood his goal - Hermione Granger, her abundant strawberry
blonde hair caked to her forehead with sweat from the exertions of Quidditch.

With her back to Malfoy, Hermione started to undress. “Turn round you silly
cow,” Malfoy cursed to himself but Hermione did not oblige, although Draco
was treated to a brief glimpse of Hermione’s pert little buttocks as she
stepped out her panties. Then she wrapped a large fluffy white towel around
herself and walked over to the shower cubicles.

Malfoy followed and watched Hermione for a few moments as she talked with
friends, her towel still securely around her body. As Malfoy waited, he was
briefly distracted by the Year 1 girls entering the changing room before
their own Quidditch lesson started. The girls started to undress and
although Malfoy was more interested in Hermione he did spend a few moments
watching Ginny Granger strip naked and he was pleased to note that, despite
her young age, she had started to grow a few wisps of dark red hair between
her legs already.

Malfoy’s attention returned to Hermione. After what seemed like an age,
the young witch finally grabbed some shampoo and walked towards the shower,
dropping her towel as she went. Malfoy moved as close to her cubicle as
he dared and then stopped, awestruck, as finally Hermione turned around
revealing her fully naked body to him at last.

Malfoy gazed longingly at Hermione’s body. She was the same age as him,
13, and on the cusp of womanhood. Despite the fact that she had clearly
hit puberty (Malfoy had once found some tampons in her satchel and had
embarrassed the girl by distributing them amongst the class, pretending
that they were a new range of marshmallow candy from Bertie Botts!), she
was almost entirely flat chested, although her nipples had clearly started
to bud and were very prominent against her fledgling breasts. But to
compensate this lack of development, Malfoy was delighted to see that
Hermione had a surprisingly large growth of dark reddish-blonde pubic
hair between her legs.

Malfoy’s pants almost ripped open as he watched Hermione soap herself, one
arm in the air as she lathered under her armpit and then down to her little
bosom, her hands massaging there for a moment, making her nipple become

And then, as Hermione started to wash between her legs, Malfoy could take
now more and he pulled his cock out of his pants and started to jerk off.
His strokes became faster and faster as he watched the Hermione place the
shower head almost directly against her vagina to wash away the soap. It
was too much and Malfoy came, crying out involuntarily.

Even under the noise of the shower Hermione heard the groans of Malfoy and
immediately recognised who it was. She leapt from the shower, grabbed the
towel and wrapped it around her dripping body. Then she started feeling
around, suspecting already that Malfoy was somehow invisible.

Within moments she found him and tore at the cloak, restoring Malfoy to full
view, his cock still in his hand, dripping cum.

If it were possible, Hermione simultaneously flushed red with embarrassment
and purple with rage. Malfoy looked at her sheepishly and said “Nice bush,

Enraged, Hermione did not even have time to think and just reacted the only
way she could. “Perfus Penileo” she said, directing a hex at Malfoy’s penis.
Immediately, the boy’s member started to develop warts, big hideous welts of
skin puckering up on his shaft!

“You bitch!” Malfoy spat as he gawped at his disfigured manhood.

“It’s what you deserve, peeping tom,” Hermione said, now regaining some
composure. “Anyway, they will only last a few weeks,” she laughed.

Malfoy raced out of the shower room, his pride damaged almost as much as his

“This isn’t over, Mudblood!” he shouted as he left.

Draco Malfoy had spent days planning his revenge on Hermione and now it was
ready. A splendid potion that would make Hermione beg him for the antidote.
Now all he had to do was administer it to the young witch. And that time
was now.

Malfoy and his henchmen, Crabbe and Goyle, lurked in the shadows under
the stairs waiting for their prey. They didn’t have to wait long as, on
schedule, Hermione Granger walked by on her way to class. Always the swot,
Hermione could be counted upon to go to lessons way earlier than necessary
so there was no one else around when the boys struck.

Without warning, Goyle grabbed Hermione and held her under her arms so that
she could not move.

“Hello Mudblood, I’ve got a treat for you,” sneer Malfoy moving out from the

“Get lost Malfoy,” spat Hermione, still struggling against Goyle’s grip,
trying to kick him in the shins.

“Oh, I don’t think so. It’s payback time for that little stunt of yours in
the showers and I intend to enjoy this,” said Malfoy as he produced a phial
of liquid and moved it towards Hermione’s mouth.

Hermione turned her face away from the foul smelling test tube but Crabbe
grabbed it and forced her head back toward Malfoy, holding her nose at the
same time so she couldn’t breath.

Hermione held out as long as she could but starved of air, she eventually
had no choice but to open her mouth. At that instant, Malfoy poured the foul
liquid into her and then forced her jaw shut. The substance burnt inside
Hermione’s mouth like acid but she dared not swallow. Hermione desperately
tried to wriggle free from Goyle but to no avail. Starved of air, her lungs
bursting, Hermione gave up and swallowed, prompting Malfoy to release his
grip on her jaw. Hermione gasped for air, panting as she filled her lungs.

And then, as the dire liquid coursed through Hermione, without warning, the
young witch buckled up in pain, grabbing her stomach, crying out. The pain
was indescribable, as if someone had run a knife through Hermione’s stomach
and was now twisting inside her.

Hermione fell to the floor, where she lay, writhing in agony, her body
twisting and jerking in a series of spasms, her hand pressed tight against
her belly in a futile effort to stop the burning pain.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhh!!!” screamed Hermione. “It... burns!! I...
can’t... take... it,” she wept, as still her body convulsed on the stone

Malfoy squatted down so that he was level with Hermione’s pain contorted

“Ppp..please, Draco... get help... can’t...stand...the...pain,” wailed

Malfoy grinned wickedly. “Don’t worry, Mudblood, the pain will die down in
a moment. And then the fun really begins.”

“Wha...what do you...mean...?” sobbed Hermione as the burning in her stomach
finally started to stop.

“Well... Let me just say that what you have drunk will make you very very
sexually frustrated. So much so, in fact, that it will eventually drive you
insane,” Malfoy smirked. He continued, “And the only way you can stop it is
by begging!" He spat.

And with that, Malfoy and his henchmen left Hermione alone to her tears.

As Malfoy had stated the pain had gone within moments. Hermione composed
herself and, grabbing her satchel, ran to class, for which she was still
early. She tried to absorb herself in her book, to forget what had happened.

Class continued as normal for the first half hour - a fairly standard lecture
on ice and pyro techniques in which Neville Longbottom managed to both singe
and freeze his hair at the same time.

But suddenly something very strange happened. Hermione felt her face flush
and she started to sweat. And before long she could feel a dull ache between
her legs.

Hermione tried to block it from her mind but she found it hard to concentrate
on the yearning down below. Soon she was desperate to touch herself there
and had to fight the urge to do so there and then. Instead, she squeezed her
thighs tightly together and squirmed slightly on her chair. It felt good but
it was not enough.

After 5 minutes of torture, Hermione could take no more. She raised her hand
and said, “Sir I have to go to the toilet,” to her tutor, Prof Snape.

“Can’t you wait until after the lesson, Miss Granger?” enquired Snape.

But Hermione was in torment and on the verge of tears such was the desperate
urge she had to relieve herself.

“No!!! I have to go now,” she said and with that, without waiting for
permission, she raced from the room, down the long halls and into the girls

Slamming the door of the cubicle shut, Hermione placed on leg up on the
toilet seat and quickly pushed her right hand up her skirt. Her tight white
panties were saturated. Urgently, she sunk her right hand inside her panties
and began to rub her vagina, masturbating herself frantically, her left hand
massaging her tiny little breasts, the nipples of which were now bullet hard.

Hermione had never really masturbated much before, except for some brief
experimentation around the time she had started to go through puberty. The
thought of touching herself she considered gross especially as she had zero
interest in sex. She had experienced sexual frustration before - often just
before her period had started – but she had always just coped with it. But
this was too much and the feeling of her finger vibrating rapidly against her
swollen clitoris felt so good.

Hermione rubbed even faster and suddenly experienced her first explosive
climax, the orgasm wracking her body, causing her to cry out,
“Uuuuuugggghhhhhhhh!” She slumped down in the cubicle, gasping and panting,
her heart racing so hard she could feel the blood pounding in her head.

Gathering herself together a few minutes later Hermione stepped out of the
toilet and started to go back to class, unaware that Moaning Myrtle had been
watching the whole thing.

As Hermione walked back to class, she felt a tingling in her vagina and
was suddenly plunged back into sexual frustration, this time far more
overwhelming than before. Almost in tears from the feeling, Hermione
changed direction and raced to her dorm, slamming the door behind her.

She fell to her bed and virtually ripped her panties down to her ankles as
she opened her legs and began to masturbate frantically. But this time it
wasn’t enough to sate her growing desire and even pushing two fingers inside
her vagina didn’t seem to satisfy her.

In desperation, Hermione looked around her room to find something that would
make her feel good. Her wand! She grabbed the small stick and immediately
slid it inside her vagina, as deep as she could take it. The knotted wood
felt so good inside her as the wand pushed deep into her, pressing against
her cervix. She began to rock her hips back and forward and as she did so
she chanted an incantation which made the wand start to pulse and grow within

By now Hermione was grunting loudly as she thrust the throbbing wand in and
out of her sopping vagina. With her free hand she managed to open her blouse
and pull the cup of her training bra to one side so that she could squeeze
her aching nipple, which was now rock hard and jutting out of Hermione’s tiny
bosom like a small pink bullet.

Then the orgasm hit her and Hermione’s body began to spasm wildly, as she
sunk the wand deeper still within herself.

“aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh...uuuuuuuugghghghg... ... coming...
aaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhh!” she cried out
to herself as her body was engulfed in the pleasure of the climax.

Exhausted and drenched in perspiration, Hermione fell to sleep on her bed,
her wand still pulsing within her vagina.

Waking with a jolt, Hermione quickly straighten her clothes and raced out of
her room. She had missed all of the rest of Snape’s class and was now late
for Madam Hooch's flying lesson. She ran as fast as she could to the court
yard, only to find all the other students already airborne.

“Nice of you to join us, Miss Granger,” Madam Hooch said sarcastically.

Hermione apologised and was told to get her broomstick from the box and then
join the others. Hermione went to do so as the teacher turned away from her
to watch Neville Longbottom do a series of unplanned barrel rolls.

As Hermione opened the box, the madness suddenly gripped her again and she
was plunged back into an overwhelming desire to masturbate, this time more
desperately than ever before. She glanced around to see that Madam Hooch
had now flown off after Neville. And then Hermione started to rub herself

But the desire for something more was burning within her and Hermione was
now at the very edge of madness as the ache in her genitals grew unbearable.
She glanced down at the handle of her broomstick and was suddenly overwhelmed
with a desire to have it inside her.

“no... I... mustn’t,” Hermione said to herself, fighting to regain command
of her thoughts. She wanted to so badly but she couldn’t, not here on the
school field, in view of everyone.

“must...fight it,” Hermione thought, and squeezed her legs together tightly
locking her hand against the inside of her thighs and against her wet groin.
The young girl started to quiver uncontrollably as Malfoy’s poison tightened
it’s grip on her.

Hermione clenched her teeth and grimaced as she tried everything she could to
concentrate on something, anything other than the fire between her legs. Now
she was crying out loud, tears running down her cheeks as she screwed up her
face even more, eyes shut tight, trying to block out the thoughts of lust
that were overwhelming her.

“Mustn’t...give... in... mustn’t...” Hermione said aloud, now almost
oblivious to anything but the pressure in her loins which was virtually
begging for release. In one final effort to resist, Hermione pushed her
hand hard against her crotch, digging into her vagina through the material
of her skirt in the hope that inflicting pain there would distract her.

But the urge was too much for Hermione to withstand and she went out of
control, her hands pulling her panties down where the lay around her ankles
as she desperately grabbed the broomstick and placed the head up her skirt,
between her legs, sinking onto it so that it penetrated her.

“aaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...yes...yes...” Hermione cried
out as she started to ride the broomstick, taking as much of the wooded end
into her vagina whilst at the same time rubbing her clitoris with her free
hand. The girth of the broom handle was so wide it actually stretched
Hermione’s vagina painfully and before long there was a spot of blood on the
girl’s thigh as her hymen ripped from the brutal assault she was inflicting
upon herself. But she didn’t care, this was what she needed, this was all
she cared about.

As Hermione bucked up and down on the handle, she threw her head back, her
jaw gaping wide in a silent cry of pleasure. But now the urgency for sexual
relief was even greater and Hermione started fucking the handle even harder
than before, oblivious to anything around her, even the fact that Madam Hooch
had landed and was racing towards her.

“Miss Granger, what on EARTH do you think you are doing!” shouted Hooch. As
a lesbian, Madam Hooch was privately very aroused by the sight of this bare
pubescent pupil pleasuring herself with a broomstick, but she could not let

Hermione started at Hooch and began to sob loudly whilst still moving
furiously up and down against her wooden lover.

“I’m...sorry...Miss...” Hermione panted as she continued to grind her body
down against the handle. “I... I... can’t... stop!”

“Stop that this instance!” Hooch ordered.

“NO! Don’t...make me...stop...need it...need...relief...aaaaggggghhh...”
Hermione said through gritted teeth, her face now drenched in sweat.

Hooch decided to get help and ran to the infirmary, leaving Hermione on the
field still masturbating with an urgency that was out of control.

When Hooch was gone Malfoy landed and moved close to the young witch.

“Please... make it...stop...” Hermione begged, still masturbating furiously
even though her tender virgin vagina was now red raw.

“Ha! I told you you would beg,” said Malfoy triumphantly.

“Can’t... take anymore... Draco, me...pllllllleeeeeeeease!” the
sweat soaked girl said. It was now clear that she was inflicting considerable
pain into her most sensitive of areas as the broom handle had rubbed and
stretched her tender vaginal flesh without mercy.

“Hmmmmmmmmm... tell you what witch, if you do one thing for me, I’ll give you
the antidote,” Malfoy announced.

The exhausted Hermione gasped her reply “Anything... I’ll do anything you...
want...just... Make it sttttttoooooopppppp!” Hermione agreed.

“Ok... take that broomstick out of your cunt, fall to your knees and crawl
towards me while putting two fingers up your arse,” Malfoy said.

Pushed beyond endurance, Hermione only wanted to be free of the poison and
did as she was ordered. On all fours, her knickers still around her ankles,
she started crawling toward Malfoy and half way there she pushed two fingers
into her anus.

“Now, tell me what you are, be very very nasty,” Malfoy said, laughing.

“I’m... a mudblood,” Hermione sobbed.

“Dirtier than that. I want disgusting!!!”

“I’m a filthy little Mudblood whore,” Hermione said.

“And you will be my sex slave, yes?” asked Malfoy.

“Yes... anything you want...anything...but please...have...mercy!” Hermione
begged again.

Malfoy bent down and gave Hermione a small jar of liquid. She gulped it down
desperately and almost immediately began to feel the sexual urge disappear.

“Remember Mudblood... your arse belongs to me,” said Malfoy, who turned and
left, laughing aloud to himself. This was the sweetest revenge ever.


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