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Harry Potter: Hermoine And The Titan Of Time Part 1
by SassyGal84

This is a bloody marvelous way of spending my summer, thought Hermoine,
allowing herself the use of the vulgarity in her mental conversation with
herself. As fate would have it, it was her eighteenth birthday, but instead
of celebrating it with her family, her friends, and her Housemates, she was
spending it trekking through a remote valley on the Swiss/German border.
Somewhere in this valley was a cave, hidden much like the platform for the
train to Hogwart's, that led to the dwelling of Kronos.

Of course, Hermoine knew all about Kronos. Kronos wasn't so much a giant as
an office. No one was sure what exactly the criteria was to hold the office
of Kronos, or how each Kronos picked his successor. But it was certain that
Kronos was important, regulating the flow of time, making sure that time
spells weren't overly used, and untying any knots that any time spells put
into the time stream.

Dumbledore made it quite clear that a number of mythical creatures who had
been persecuted by the present order, such as giants, must be sought out, if
at least to find out what side of the upcoming battle they were on. Kronos
and the Ministries of Magic (regardless of their nationality) had always had
an uneasy relationship. Kronos would have preferred no one messed with time,
period, as it made his job harder. The ministries saw the necessity of
Kronos's office, but often disagreed with the aggressiveness that Kronos
often pursued his job with.

Hermoine reflected on this as she paused at a likely looking rock. Pushing
against it, she just found solid rock.

Whatever Kronos's relationship with wizards was in the past, it was
Hermoine's job to insure that he at least remained neutral in the upcoming
battle. Dumbledore had selected her because she had a certain affinity with
time magic, having used a time charm for a year at Hogwart's. And, of course,
because Hermoine knew what little there was about Kronos.

Dumbledore warned her that the window of opportunity to find the current
Kronos was very small. The signs indicated that Kronos would be inaccessible
very soon. It could be for a blink of an eye, a day, or a decade. No one
could be really sure. All that Hermoine knew was it was important to find out
which side, if any, Kronos might be fighting on in the upcoming battle.

Hermoine looked around the valley in despair. She hadn't found any sign of
this hidden portal to the realm of Kronos. Hermoine more collapsed than sat
on the ground, leaning her back against a tree.

And promptly disappeared from view.

* * *

Kronos didn't look like a normal giant. For one thing, his features would
have looked human, if they hadn't been set on a twenty-two meter tall frame.
He was actually quite handsome, with dark, unkempt hair, blue eyes and
lightly tanned skin. The taking of his office from his previous successor on
the current Kronos's eighteenth birthday, just one year ago, had actually
made the current Kronos even better looking. Of course, Kronos hadn't been
his overwhelming height before he had taken the office. It was just one of
the side-effects of being Kronos

Kronos was roaming the perimeter of his realm, preparing it to be sealed from
the outside world. The time stream had to be adjusted, mainly because of
spells coming from the Hogwart's school. He had heard good things from his
successor about the current head of the school, Dumbledore, but just the same
it wouldn't hurt to have a talk with him and assert the authority of his

Kronos was about to head back to his castle when a tiny slip of a girl,
looking for all the world like she would fit in the palm of his hand,
suddenly appeared at his feet. The two looked at each other, equally
startled. Kronos knelt down, a scowl on his face, which cause the girl
(Hermoine, if you haven't figured it out by now) to scoot away frantically.

"What are you doing here? Never mind, you have to leave now before..."

Suddenly, the sky darkened to a deep purple, before returning to its normal

Sighing, Kronos looked down at Hermoine. "Well, whoever you are, you're
trapped now. The time stream has sealed us in."

Hermoine was somewhat...bemused would be too mild a word. She had been
wandering around in an Alpine valley, seeking the entrance to the realm of
Kronos, and had finally found it. It would seem that she had found Kronos as
well, and he was less than pleased to see her.

Trying to act as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, Hermoine stood
up and brushed off the sweater and trousers she had been hiking in. "Yes,
well, I suppose that cannot be helped. You are Kronos, then? Allow me to
introduce myself. Hermoine Granger, of the Order of the Phoenix. I must say,
you aren't at all what I was expecting."

It was Kronos's turn to be nonplussed. This diminutive human female was not
at all what he would expect, though he really wasn't sure exactly what he
would expect, since he never expected to receive visitors, except for...

"You're a witch, then?"

Hermoine nodded. "I was sent here by Dumbledore---"

"Dumbledore! My predecessor spoke of that name. He was very impressed by

"You're new at your job, then?"

Kronos grimaced. Somehow, this tiny female, who could have fit in the palm of
his hand, was taking command of the conversation.

"Listen, would you mind if we take this conversation back to my castle? There
are some things I need to monitor, now that the time stream has sealed us in.
And I assume that there were some things that you needed to ask me, or at
least tell me."

Hermoine was sure that she knew how Alice had felt when Alice had stepped
through the looking glass. She was having a casual, civil conversation with a
handsome giant who, if not the master of time, was certainly integral in its

"That would be very welcome. I assume that's your castle in the distance?"

Kronos nodded. He looked at his home, then down at Hermoine. "Not to be
forward, but it might be faster if I were, carry you."

Hermoine hesitated. She had been picked up by a giant before, specifically
Hagris's half-brother. But that had been around the waist. And Hermoine
hadn't found that giant as attractive as the significantly larger one before

"I suppose that would be the most efficient way."

As Kronos knelt and placed his hand palm up on the ground, he asked, "So what
about me didn't meet your expectations?"

I wasn't expecting anybody so handsome, Hermoine thought to herself as she
climbed into Kronos's palm. Instead, she answered, "Well, you are
substantially taller than the giants I've encountered or ready about."

Kronos chuckled as he gently lifted Hermoine upward. "Part of that is part of
being Kronos. But my tribe as always been larger than the average
giant...often by a full meter. Clan legend says that we're descended from the
Titans of Greek mythology, but I've never really researched it. And you might
have noticed that, in speech and visage, we resemble humans more than our
fellow giants."

Yes, I definitely noticed, Hermoine thought to herself. But instead of
dwelling on that, she looked about the scenery from her new height. Kronos
was trying to be cautious in carrying her, but she still felt herself
swaying, as if she was riding on a small boat.

Good thing I don't get motion sickness Hermoine thought to herself, as
Kronos's castle quickly loomed larger.

* * *

In many ways, Kronos's castle was much like Hogwarts. There were various
portraits of past Kronos's, though none of them seem animated. There was the
obligatory suit of armor standing guard at the entrance, which seemed to be a
mix of Medieval and Roman. There were tapestries, clocks, lamps and whatnots.
And then there was the laboratory, which Kronos carefully carried Hermoine

Kronos carefully set Hermoine down on an empty table as he moved to the
oddest looking apparatus Hermoine had ever seen. There were tubes and liquids
and beakers and valves and what Hermoine would swear was a bottled
thunderstorm. Kronos moved from one station to another, observing, tapping,
adjusting and, in one case, flipping what looked like an hourglass full of
purple smoke upside down. Kronos studied the whole situation for about ten
minutes, then returned to Hermoine.

"That should suffice for the next two days, at any rate. Shall we retire to
my study to continue our conversation?" Kronos put his hand down for Hermoine
to climb into.

This is actually not a bad way to travel around, Hermoine though to herself.
I could get used to this.

Kronos was thinking the same thing. It was actually rather pleasant to have
this tiny witch in his hand. And she was definitely easy on the eyes, he
reflected as they entered his study.

As Kronos carried Hermoine into his study, she found each new sight more
curious than the last. The study itself seemed to be a combination of her
muggle father's den and Dumbledore's office.

Kronos reluctantly set Hermoine down. Once she was on her feet, Hermoine
slowly turned in a circle, taking everything in. "I must say, this isn't
quite what I expected from a giant."

Kronos chuckled. "I imagine not. The northern race of giants may be more
numerous, but I understand that they are less given to civilized gatherings,
and all the trappings that go with such. I cannot take full credit for all of
this, however. I've inherited this castle from a long line of 'Kronoses'.'
And I think you would be surprised if you ever saw the towns of my people.
They're well hidden, but worth the search. If you could arrange a peaceful
reception, that is. Recent history has not spoken well of the treatment of
giants at the hands of wizards." The stern look that accompanied this
statement made Hermoine wish she had her wand in hand. Of course, that might
do little, if any, good. This was Kronos's realm, and she had no idea what
powers he could bring to bear. In addition, she was trying to win his good
will, and waving a wand around wouldn't help in doing that.

"I trust you never heard anything bad about Dumbledore, have you?"

Kronos shook his head. "No. If anything, he's the one wizard that any giant
has ever had anything good to say about. My predecessor spoke highly of him."

"Well, I'm here on his behalf. There's a war coming, one with...well..."
Hermoine didn't know if Kronos knew about Lord Voldemort, but she didn't want
to use Voldemort's name if she had to.

Kronos saved her the trouble. "He who must not be named. I had heard about
him when I was still living with my family, far to the south. My predecessor
gave me a thorough education about He who must not be named. His advise was
to stay out of the affairs of wizards."

Hermoine was about to interject a counter argument, but Kronos continued.
"But he also said I should at least listen if Dumbledore ever sent word to
me. So I will listen to what you have to say. In the meantime, I'm being a
poor host. Would you object to some refreshments?"

Hermoine shook her head, and watched as Kronos marched away. It was time she
marshaled her arguments, and brought her intellect to bear on this problem.

As Hermoine was gathering his thoughts, Kronos was trying to restrain his. He
took out a large piece of mild cheese from his icebox, and began slicing it
into small chunks, placing them on a wooden platter. Taking one of the pieces
of cheese, he shaved off tiny slices, small enough for Hermoine to enjoy.
Knosos grabbed two apples, cutting them into slices, then diced one of the
chunks into tiny Hermoine-sized pieces. Knosos set the knife down, and then
considered Hermoine. She had felt so nice, nestled in his palm. And he could
only imagine how soft she must feel. The pullover sweater and trousers she
was wearing accented her slim but feminine curves very well. And a rogue
thought kept on asking what she might look like without those garments.

Knosos shook his head. Hermoine was a visiting witch, and he owed her the
courtesy of that office.

When Knosos returned to the study and set the platter down, Hermoine asked
him, "So how long are we sealed in?"

"Subjectively, two weeks. As far as the outside world is concerned, the blink
of the eye. It's actually a maintenance thing, the equivalent of a Muggle
computer maintenance program."

Hermoine nodded as she climbed up on the board, taking one of the slices of
apple. It was the size of a watermelon, but was still tasty.

"I don't suppose you have a guest room for someone my size, do you?"

Knosos smiled. "I have just the thing." Kronos set his hand down, the
invitation unspoken but understood.

Hermoine climbed into Kronos's palm, feeling like an old hand at this by now.
She had to stifle a giggle at the unintentional pun that just came to her
mind. Actually, she was feeling fairly giddy about the whole experience,
which she considered very uncharacteristic of herself. There was something
about being carried around by a very handsome giant that made her feel as if
the coming conflict with He Who Must Not Be Named and his Snake Eaters was a
bad dream, and this was a wonderful reality that could go on forever.

Kronos felt as if he was in a dream as well. As he carefully carried to the
guest room for small visitors, he couldn't help but notice just how soft and
warm Hermoine felt in his palm. She was sitting in his palm, legs tucked
underneath her, looking forward. Her hair looked so inviting, just waiting
for a fingertip to stroke it.

"So is it just you alone here, Kronos?"

Kronos nodded. "As you've noticed, my present office has increased my size.
I'm three and half times my normal size, and I won't return to my normal
height until I give up my office a half century from now. And the nature of
Time is such that I'm usually alone."

Hermoine didn't know what to say about this, but was saved the necessity of
commenting by the view presented to her as Kronos turned a corner.

"Oh my!"

Kronos grinned. "This I do take credit for. All the Kronos's have hobbies to
keep them busy. Updating the guest room for visitors your size was mine,
though I must confess that I wasn't expecting anyone to use it anytime soon.

The guest room wasn't just a 'room'. It was a Greek Style villa set on a
hill, overlooking a Mediterranean diorama. Hermoine could tell it was still a
work in progress, but the work done on it now was simply amazing. The beach
was sparkling white sand, the water an azure blue, and she didn't know how
Kronos had done it, but there were gentle waves lapping on the beach.


Kronos grinned. "I started work on it when I started apprenticing three years
ago. A week after I became Kronos, about a year ago, I threw myself into it.
The guest rooms before then were a bit Spartan."

Hermoine looked up at Kronos, then back at the villa which would be her home
for the next two weeks. "Well, I must say, it's beautiful."

"Yes, very beautiful," Kronos murmured to himself, looking down at Hermoine.
Almost of its own volition, the tip of Kronos's finger reached down and
stroked Hermoine's hair.

Hermoine almost jumped out of Kronos's palm when his finger stroked her hair.
It was only the last-second realization that she was literally dozens of
meters above the ground that stopped her from leaping from Kronos's palm. She
did flip over in his palm though, and scooted to his fingertips.

"Kronos, you startled me. It must be because I'm a bit tired. Why don't you
set me down in the villa?"

Kronos had a dazed look in his eyes, as his finger reached behind Hermoine
and continued stroking her hair.

"So soft," he murmured, letting his fingertip linger on Hermoine's hair and
caress her back. "It's been more than three years since I've even talked to a
woman. Did you know that, Hermoine? And you're so beautiful, and so soft."

Hermoine was in a quandary. Her wand was in her backpack, which unfortunately
was still on the table in Kronos's study. And truth be told, her knowledge of
the interactions of men and women was still very limited. Even Victor, who
was the embodiment of the purely physical, had been fascinated by her
intellect, and outside of his contact with her while dancing, had not laid a
finger on her.

Which led to the present situation. It wasn't that Kronos's touch wasn't
gentle, and somewhat enjoyable. But at the present juncture, it wasn't

"That's all well and good, but you really should stop...oh!" The last
syllable was produced when Kronos ran his fingertip down Hermoine's back. The
pressure was both relaxing, soothing, and a bit disconcerting.

"Yes, that's fine, but we should...STOP THAT!" The last came when Kronos,
fascinated by the image that Hermoine presented with her back arching under
his finger, ran his thumb against her out thrust breasts. They were softer
than he imagined.

Hermoine immediately pulled her knees up to her chest in an attempt to stave
off Kronos's questing finger. Kronos studied her for a moment, then carefully
carried her to his bedroom, where he laid her on his pillow.

"Kronos, please stop this now. Please!"

Hermoine's pleas went unheard as Kronos, oblivious to her words, used one
hand to spread Hermoine out, pinning her legs and arms with one hand while
his other hand's fingers gently caressed her torso.


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