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Harry Potter: Hermoine and the Titan of Time Part 2
by SassyGal84

Hermoine tried to struggle, but with her arms pinned above her head with
Kronos's finger, and her legs held firmly in place by his thumb, she was at
the mercy of the finger of his non-restraining hand.

And her own body's reactions.

Hermoine had never entertained, even in the darkest corner of her mind, any
type of bondage fantasies. But she was a young woman who found Kronos very
attractive, and would have found that degree of attractiveness intimidating
even if Kronos had been normal sized. Add this to the fact that Kronos was
being insistently gentle in his touch, that Hermoine was just entering young
womanhood, and that she had faced one physical trial after another since
becoming a teenager, and it isn't difficult at all to understand why her body
was responding positively to Kronos's ministrations.

Kronos's finger would trace her upper body softly before returning to her
breasts, pressing in gently as his fingertip made a circular motion on one
breast, then the other. When the same finger moved to the bottom of her shirt
and sweater, tugging it upward, Hermoine was in such an excited and confused
state that she didn't struggle, but actually lifted up a little, to help
Kronos remove both garments. Kronos continued caressing her chest as she laid
on his pillow, her breasts now covered only by a white utilitarian bra. The
feel of his finger was exquisite against her skin, and she found herself
sucking in her breath each time his wandering finger drew across her stomach.

Kronos had removed his hold on Hermoine's arms and legs, as he continued
running his finger across her upper body, trying to decide how to remove her
bra. Finally, as his two fingers were simultaneously caressing both of
Hermoine's breasts, an action that was causing Hermoine to squirm underneath
him with delight, he whispered, "Hermoine, could you help me out with...
taking this off?"

Hermoine, her eyes closed, didn't appear to hear him (a feat that could be
attributed to her body's wondrous sensations, not the fact that Kronos's
whisper was a whisper to only him). Finally, she pushed Kronos's fingers away
(which he allowed), before arching her back and reaching behind herself to
undo her bra. She pulled just enough of the bra from behind her so that the
straps were slightly down her arms, but the cups were still loosely covering
her breasts. She then settled down on her back and stared wide-eyed at

When Kronos touched her shoulders with his thumb and forefingers, Hermoine
closed her eyes. As he pushed her bra down, she lifted her arms up slightly,
allowing him to hook his finger under her bra to pull it off.

"Oh, Hermoine you're beautiful!"

Hermoine blushed, but said nothing. She did gasp loudly, though, when Kronos
ran a thumb from her collarbone downward, pressing against her breasts then
sliding to her stomach. The ridges of his thumb sliding across her nipples
caused a fiery sensation to run from her already sensitive nipples straight
to her groin.

Kronos himself was in heaven. Hermoine's small but firm breasts were
absolutely gorgeous, and he could definitely feel her tiny, hardened nipples
each time he stroked or caressed her breasts. Any resistance in Hermoine had
long disappeared, as she squirmed in delight under his touch.

Hermoine stiffened once more though, as Kronos ran his finger down her
stomach before his fingernail caught at her trousers.

"Hermoine, I need help with these too."

It was as if another person was doing it. Or at least that's how it felt to
Hermoine. She found herself sitting up and crossing one hiking shoe over her
knee, undoing it and pulling off the shoe and sock, and then pulling off the
shoe and sock off the other foot. Kicking these free (and watching the
patiently watching Kronos take the items and place them with the rest of her
removed/discarded clothing on another pillow), she undid her trousers and
pushed them and her panties down just to the swell of her hips, then laid
back and waited.

Kronos used his finger and thumb to grasp Hermoine's clothing at her hips,
and slowly tugged them off her hips, then caught his finger between
Hermoine's partially parted legs to pull her trousers and panties all the way
off. Hermoine kept her eyes tightly closed as she felt the cool air on her
entirely exposed body.

Kronos just looked down in wonder at Hermoine's nude body. She was truly
beautiful, he thought, as he admired her toned legs and the tuft of light
brown hair at the junction of her legs. It was that small patch of hair that
truly drew his attention, as he placed a finger on Hermoine's left ankle and
slowly moved it upward.

Hermoine mentally braced herself as the fingertip moved upward to her private
center, a place she had never even considered would be revealed and touched
anytime in the near future. When Kronos's finger slightly brushed against her
nether lips, it was as if a dam of pleasure had finally been released,
washing over her skin, making her body spasm and a loud moan escape her lip,
and a very un-Hermoine moan at that!

Kronos watched in fascination at the reaction of Hermoine's body as he
lightly brushed her womanhood, then returned to it, keeping his finger firmly
in place, as he rotated it slightly, savoring Hermoine's excitement and
wetness. She was actually pushing that spot upward, trying to keep as much
contact between his fingertip and her body as possible!

Kronos pushed down slightly harder, which produced a wail of pleasure from
Hermoine. Hermoine's body was literally bucking now, though Kronos kept it
firmly in place. Hermoine's whimpers were coming longer and louder, until
finally it seemed as if lightning shot through her body for an eternity, and
then her body collapsed.

Kronos watched as Hermoine gasped for air, and then watched as Hermoine's
eyes finally opened, staring up at him. The two stared at each other for a
few seconds, them Hermoine said breathlessly, "Perhaps you should give me my
clothes back."

Kronos said nothing, but scooped Hermoine up in his palm. Hermoine made no
resistance, but did use her arms and hands to try to provide herself some
modesty as she sat up in Kronos's palm. She closed her eyes and hummed
slightly when Kronos began stroking her hair and bare back.

"You didn't enjoy that?"

Hermoine blushed.

"I...that's not the point. I think you should return my clothes to me now,
Kronos." Hermoine wasn't sure how she felt about the entire experience that
had just happened, but was fairly sure she could come to grips with it better
if she was fully clothed.

Kronos said nothing, but continued stroking Hermoine's hair and back,
fascinated by her lovely little body. The recently sated Hermoine noticed
that Kronos's continuing attentions were sending little thrills through her
recovering body.

Kronos's finger slid down to the small of Hermoine's back and lingered.

"Hermoine, could you...?"

Before Hermoine knew what she was doing, her body was responding. She moved
to her hands and knees, which allowed Kronos's finger to caress her bottom.

"So beautiful," Kronos murmured, as he savored the feel of Hermoine's soft,
firm cheeks beneath his fingertip, marveling at the way she pressed her
bottom against his fingertip in pleasure, and the way her breasts swayed from
her chest as she kneeled on her hands and knees on his palm.

Hermoine was a bit surprised when Kronos set her down on the pillow again.

"Just stay the way you are," Kronos whispered, as he continued stroking her
back and bottom. Hermoine remained on her hands and knees, arching her back
with each stroke, looking like a sensuous tiny cat.

Hermoine was lost in the sensations of Kronos's stroking finger when her eyes
flew wide. Kronos had stopped stroking her and was nudging his thumb from
behind her to between her legs. Instinctively, Hermoine's legs widened,
giving Kronos access to her most private parts. Hermoine's eyes closed and
she moaned in pleasure as Kronos's thumb began running back and forth across
the folds of her nether lips.

Kronos laid his head next to Hermoine, his thumb moving back and forth. He
watched in wonder at the sheer look of rapture on her face, as well as the
fact that she was actually thrusting back on his thumb, trying to add to the
motion and contact of his thumb. He was going to tell Hermoine how beautiful
she looked, but he could tell by the look on her face that Hermoine was
definitely in a world of her own.

Hermoine lasted longer this time, but soon a sudden flurry of action and
sounds from Hermoine signaled her approaching second orgasm. Kronos watched
in something approaching awe as Hermoine's body froze in mid-stroke as she
emitted a tiny shriek, then collapsed, her bottom sticking in the air and
still perched on Kronos's thumb.

Kronos gently moved his thumb from underneath Hermoine, then turned her over.
Hermoine looked up at Kronos silently, but made no move to cover herself up.
Kronos carefully scooped her up in his palm, then carried her to the
villa/guest house for tiny visitors. With his free hand, he removed the roof
of the villa and set her on of the beds. Hermoine adjusted herself on the
bed, but otherwise didn't say or do anything. Kronos smiled down at her and
said, "I'll see you in the morning." Not bothering to replace the roof,
Kronos returned to his own room and promptly fell asleep.


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