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Harry Potter: Hermoine And The Titan Of Time Part 3
by SassyGal84

Kronos woke up with a smile, content with himself and the world in general. The back of his mind reminded him that he would only have Hermoine for two weeks, but he was looking forward to those two weeks. And from her responses last night, he knew Hermoine would enjoy them too.

So Kronos was taken somewhat by surprise when he walked into the "guest room" to see Hermoine looking out at her miniature sea, one white towel wrapped around her tiny, lithe body, while she used another one to dry her hair.

She turned around when Kronos entered the room, a stern look on her face.

"Kronos, we need to talk about what happened last night."

Kronos took a seat in the only giant-sized chair in the room, lowering his head so that he was "face to face" with Hermoine. With his face just inches from her body, Hermoine was acutely aware of her own near-nakedness.

"I came here to secure your help..."

"And you have it, Hermoine. I'll have to do it from here, of course, and I'm not sure what form it will take. But the time stream is heading toward a major ... well, spike, for lack of a better word. I can only assume that this will be the confrontation with 'He Who Must Not Be Named.' I can do a couple of things from here, to help the Order of the Phoenix, when it happens. Of course, if you fail, I'm fairly sure that He Who Must Not Be Named will be heading my way to 'reward' me for my interference, but that's a price I'm willing to pay."

Hermoine was a bit taken aback by this pledge, and Kronos's understanding of what it would mean to him personally if the Order of the Phoenix failed. She was happy to have his support, and a bit flushed to know that she personally had secured that support.

"Yes, well ... thank you. From me and the Order."

Kronos nodded his head. "And since we will be spending the next two weeks alone..."

The look that Kronos gave her reminded Hermoine that she had only a towel between her and her modesty, as well as the fact that she didn't have the towel the night before, and had been very happy about said towel's absence.

"Kronos, I just think..."

Kronos brushed Hermoine's hair with a fingertip. "You enjoyed last night, didn't you?"

"That's ... that's not the point. Perhaps..."

"Perhaps you should know, Hermoine, that I've grown quite fond of you in the short time I've known you. That I will do anything to safeguard you. And that I think you are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life." With that last pronouncement, Kronos reached down and, taking the bottom of Hermoine's towel between his finger and thumb, gave it a soft tug. Hermoine did nothing to try to stop him.

Kronos took in the beauty of the fully revealed Hermoine, as she stood there nervously fidgeting under his gaze.

"I--I can't just spend the next two weeks running around in the nude," Hermoine protested.

"Why not?" Kronos responded, as he gently scooped her up. "It's warm enough in here, and you are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." Kronos stroked Hermoine's hair, and then moved his finger to her face, as he began a running litany of all her charms. "You have the most luxurious hair, the most winsome face. Your breasts are firm and perfectly formed," he added, as his finger gently caressed one breast, then the other. Hermoine gasped in pleasure as the ridges of Kronos's fingertip brushed across one hardening nipple, then the other.

Kronos's finger moved to Hermoine's back. Hermoine leaned forward on her hands and knees, arching like a cat as Kronos ran his fingertip down her back and over her bottom. "You have such a beautiful a--bottom," he added, running a finger over Hermoine's smooth buttocks, then down her legs. "And your legs are divine." Kronos gently pushed Hermoine on her back as his finger moved to between her legs, which Hermoine willing parted for his questing finger. "And here--what is the name you prefer here?"

Hermoine found herself gasping for breath. "My--my American friend refers to it as--her--OH--her kitty."

Kronos smiled. "You have a very pretty kitty. Very pretty. And I can tell you like me touching you there." Kronos lifted his finger, which produced a whimper of disappointment from Hermoine. "But I'm being selfish. You must be famished. Shall we go have breakfast?"

Hermoine nodded, and then added, "Could--could we finish first?"

Kronos couldn't help but tease Hermoine. "You want us to finish? What do you want me to do?"

Hermoine groaned. "Don't be a beast. Finishing touching me."

"Finishing touching you where?"

"My ... my kitty. Please!"

Kronos decided he had teased Hermoine long enough, and returned his finger to Hermoine's damp center. She moaned in pleasure with Kronos' returned touch, arching her back so as to maximize the contact. It wasn't long before Hermoine was yelping in pleasure, before her body collapsed back on Kronos' palm.

"Breakfast now?" Kronos asked, smiling down at Hermoine.

Hermoine nodded, a content smile on her face, as Kronos carried her to the kitchen.

* * *

Hermoine and Kronos exchanged small talk as they ate breakfast. Breakfast was basically mixed fruit, with Kronos slicing off small slices of apples and pears and

Hermoine lowering her head in a shot glass and lapping apple juice from it. Hermoine felt herself blushing every time Kronos' gaze settled on her, but she resisted the urge to try to cover up. After all, it was too late for that now. Just a half hour ago, she had actually been begging Kronos to pleasure her body, a memory that made her blush yet again. She doubted that any of her girlfriends would believe that the Hermoine Granger they knew could act in such a wanton way! And there was no way she would ever even hint about this to Ron and Harry.

Hermoine looked up from her introspection to see Kronos stifling a giggle.

"What's so funny, you?"

"Nothing. We should have had breakfast at your villa. There's you-size dinnerware there. So you wouldn't be covered with apple and pear juice."

Hermoine couldn't help but laugh in agreement. The pear slices in particular had been sweet and juicy, and that, combined with drinking apple juice from a crystal 'trough, ' had left her more than slightly sticky.

"Here, let me help clean you up," Kronos said, as he reached down to pick Hermoine up.

"How are you planning to clean me up?" Hermoine asked, her body starting to squirm in anticipation of some new found pleasure.

"Like this," Kronos answered, lifting her to his face. Kronos half-held, half cradled Hermoine in his hand and fingertips as he brought her up to his mouth. Hermoine's body tensed as she felt Kronos' fruit scented breath caress her body. Kronos studied Hermoine for a moment, and then stuck out his tongue, giving her torso a leisurely lick.

Hermoine literally shrieked in pleasure. The tiny bumps on Kronos' tongue caressed her breasts, sending explosive jolts of pleasure throughout her body. When Kronos' tongue tip began caressing her chest in a slow figure eight, Hermoine's head was snapping back and forth, her chest arching forward to try to get as much contact with Kronos' tongue as possible.

Kronos then lifted Hermoine away from his mouth, which produced a tiny wail of frustration from Hermoine. The wail was short lived, however, as Kronos lowered Hermoine's right leg into his mouth, closing his lips around it and slowly drawing it out. Kronos repeated the treatment with the left leg, enjoying the writhing, delirious pleasure this was producing in Hermoine.

But as pleasurable as this experience was for Hermoine, feeling the wet sensuous caress of Kronos' giant lips and tongue across the skin of her legs, it was equally frustrating, for Kronos was taking great care to keep his oral caress from touching her center. Frantically, Hermoine tried to drive her body deeper into Kronos' mouth each time he took in a leg, but to no avail. Kronos was masterful in his teasing, ensuring that nothing higher than Hermoine's upper thigh was ever touched.

Finally, Kronos took pity on Hermoine. Pressing Hermoine against his face, her knees resting on his lower lip, Kronos thrust his tongue slowly out, pressing against Hermoine's nether lips. Hermoine screamed in satisfaction, actually thrusting her pelvis into Kronos' face. Kronos carefully increased the pace in which his tongue slid back and forth across Hermoine's 'kitty, ' as she called it. Hermoine soon became oblivious to everything around her, aware only of the tiny bumps on Kronos' tongue as they slid across her 'kitty, ' and the speed and ferocity of her own thrusts as she tried to increase pleasurable contact of her lower body with those bumps.

Suddenly, with one last thrust, Hermoine froze, a high scream coming from her lips as her body stiffened. She held herself in that position for what seemed forever, before her body collapsed. Kronos lowered Hermoine from his face, with her limp body now carefully cupped in his palm.

Kronos watched in silence and near-awe as Hermoine, her eyes closed, caught her breath and slowly let her heart beat return to normal. When Hermoine's eyes finally opened, there was definitely an embarrassed look on her face but, to Hermoine's credit, she realized the futility of trying to cover herself up, and so didn't bother.

Finally able to speak, Hermoine began saying, "That ... that was..."

Kronos gave a grin which made Hermoine blush even deeper. "It certainly was. Or it looked that way, at any rate."

Hermoine gave an embarrassed giggle, and then touched her damp body. "Well, I'm afraid I'll probably still need a proper bath."

Kronos felt his heartbeat starting to pick up as he carefully answered. "I think I do to. Would you care to join me?"

Hermoine's eyes widened, as she thought about what a mutual bath would probably entail. Hermoine and Kronos eyed each other silently for a few minutes before Hermoine silently nodded. Kronos carefully stood up, and gently carried Hermoine to his bathroom.


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