This is a story passed on to me by XPA, the author. I don't want to give
things away, but the content is a bit rough sexually, and the codes nc and
rape might apply to it if coded, plus a few others.

The outcome seems to me in keeping with the stories. That is, if you can
imagine the students being involved in rather kinky sex at their ages.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Adventures Volume 1 (The untold stories after book 2)
by XPA

Harry had just woken up that morning. He could hear strange sounds coming
from the bed next to him. They were coming from Ron's bed. Harry lay
completely still and listened to the rhythmic sounds of Ron's breathing. It
was gaining in intensity and he could now hear a sort of slippery slapping
sound that accompanied Ron's deep breathing. Curiously, Harry leaned over
and looked at Ron. His eyes were closed and he had a look of pain on his
face. All of a sudden Ron's breaths came out in short bursts and Harry saw
his body shake violently for a few seconds. Harry scrambled for his Cloak of
Invisibility and wrapped himself in it. Harry did this none too soon, as
Ron's eyes opened and he immediately looked in Harry's direction.

"H-H Harry?" Ron choked out. "You there Harry?"

Harry sat in his bed, not moving an inch. Ron looked directly at him, or
rather through him, as he swung his legs over the bed, and moved into the
corner. Ron got up and moved towards Harry's bed. As he did so, his quilt
fell off him to reveal his naked body. Ron was completely nude, and
apparently had been masturbating in bed. His small, rock hard penis was
standing at attention and there was some fluid dripping from it.

"Ewwww gross!" Ron said as he grabbed some tissue paper to wipe the semen
from his hands.

Harry snickered at the sight of Ron's penis, it was thin and uncut. Harry
figured Ron's penis was about 4-5" in length. Ron dabbed the semen off his
penis head, his stomach and hands. Walking over to the full length mirror,
Ron began admiring his naked physique and cupped his small testicles in his
hand. Harry could hardly contain his laughter as Ron was flexing his boney
arms and making "tough guy" faces in the mirror. A loud knocking startled
both Ron and Harry. It was Hermione. Ron hastily threw on some clothes
yelling, "I'll be right there" and nearly fell over the bed. Breathless and
flushed from his morning activities, Ron opened the door.

"Hi Ron!" said Hermione, "Have you seen Harry?"

Hermione Granger entered the room and surveyed the area. She cocked her head
to the side and sniffed the air.

"What's that smell?" Hermione asked. "It smells like that cleaner that
muggles use on their clothes. "

"I-I D-D-Dunno" Ron said sheepishly, looking at the floor.

Hermione stared at him for a few seconds and then tossed her hair and smiled
at him.

"Well, If you do see him," she said turning around and walking to the door,
"Please tell him that I need to see him right away. It's very important."

"It's always important" Ron thought to himself as he closed the door behind

Ron walked to his wardrobe and opened the door. The door swung wide and
nearly missed Harry as it smacked the stone wall. Gathering his towel, soap
and shampoo, Ron took one last look in the mirror and left the room.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief and let the Invisibility Cloak drop to the
floor. He wondered what Hermione needed to talk to him about. It was probably
nothing, but she was his friend so he was going to have to listen no matter
what. Harry rolled his eyes at the prospect of spending another Saturday at
Hogwarts, listening to another one of Hermione's crazy plans to make herself

Harry walked over to the mirror that Ron had been admiring himself in and
looked at his own body. Harry had been sleeping nude for most of his time at
Hogwarts so he was already naked. When he was at home, living with his rotten
muggle "parents" he had dearly wanted to sleep nude, but could not. There was
a rather embarrassing incident where his annoying cousin had ran into the
room, whipped off his blankets, and revealed a completely naked Harry.
Needless to say, Harry was forced to sleep completely clothed for the rest of
his time at the house on Privet, until he came to Hogwarts.

Harry was a little curious to see how he measured up to Ron in the manhood
department so he grabbed his penis and stroked it until it became hard.
Harry's cock was a good six inches in length but lacking in girth.

"At least my penis isn't as thin as Ron's" Harry mused, cupping his balls. He
noticed that he too had very little pubic hair. He guessed he would develop
more as he got older, he just wished that was soon.

Harry went to his wardrobe and got his toiletries ready. He was going to have
a shower too, and then he was going to see what Hermione was so worked up

* * *

Ron walked into the main boy's locked room. Slytherin's bathroom facilities,
as well as Gryfindor's had recently been closed due to leaks in the shower
rooms. This meant that both houses had to share showering and bathroom space
with each other. Ron was not too pleased about the thought of having to
shower with the likes of Crabbe, Goyle, and possibly Draco. As he entered the
shower room he noticed that Crabbe and Goyle were already taking a shower.
Ron moved behind some boxes and waited, he didn't really want to shower with
any members of Slytherin as he was a little self conscious about his
appearance and his penis.

Just then, Harry entered the shower room. Crabbe and Goyle stopped washing
themselves and stared as Harry disrobed and walked to an open shower stall.
Ron watched with amazement as Harry pretended everything was normal and
thought nothing of showering with his enemies. Crabbe and Goyle, stunned by
Harry's courage, continued to stare at Harry.

"Are you fellows quite finished yet?" Harry asked them with a grin on his
face. "Or are you a couple of fags, staring at my ass!"

This insult woke the boys up and they scowled at Harry, turned around and
continued to wash themselves, chortling with laughter at Harry's comments.
Ron smiled and was about to join Harry in the shower when four more members
of Slytherin entered the room. Ron froze. He waited until they started their
showers and quietly exited the shower room.

Ron breathed a sigh of relief and backed out of the room. He turned around
completely and slammed into Prof. Snape.

"My dear Mr. Weasley," Snape sneered. "I do hope you're not thinking of
skipping a shower. You know, cleanliness is a must here at Hogwarts."

"No, sir" squeaked Ron, "I just forgot something back in my bedroom, I'm
coming right back."

Snape raised his eyebrow.

"Very well, please hurry up then" Snape said "I'm sure there are plenty of
other boys who need to use the facilities."

Ron nodded and ran towards the Gryfindor common area. He was going to have to
take a shower today. He still felt sticky from the semen on his stomach and
thighs. All of a sudden an idea came to him. He could shower in the old
bathrooms that nobody used. The girl's washroom was haunted by Moaning Myrtle
so no one ventured inside as they did not want to face Myrtle's wrath. Ron
knew better, as he, Harry, and Hermione had visited Myrtle on quite a few
occasions and found her to be just annoying and not violent or vengeful at
all. Luckily, for Ron, Myrtle was away for the weekend and was visiting a
few of her ghostly friends in another part of the school. Ron opened the door
slowly, making sure no one noticed him and entered the abandoned washroom. He
crept silently across the tiled floor and made his way into the shower room.
Ron turned the handle on the shower. Rusty colored water ran from the spout
for a few seconds as the pipes had not been used for a few years. Ron rather
liked being the only one in the shower room, not that he minded showering
with his mates from the Gryfindor House, but he enjoyed his new shower room
all the same. Ron hung his clothes on the rack outside the shower room and
then proceeded to lather up his body. He felt his smooth stomach and rubbed
downwards, cleaning all the caked semen from his thighs and belly. Ron rubbed
his thighs and his hand slipped towards his testicles. Ron cupped his
hairless scrotum and rubbed his balls together. As if on queue, his penis
began to stiffen. Ron began to work his foreskin back and forth as his penis
hardened to it's full length.

"It's not too bad." Ron thought to himself as he rubbed his cock.

Ron stopped touching himself and finished washing his hair and body. Dripping
wet he reached for his towel, only to be groping thin air.

"What the hell?" Ron said aloud. He could swear he heard someone giggle. Ron
stepped out of the shower, naked and dripping. He looked around the bathroom.
His clothes were missing as well. He walked towards one of the toilet stalls
and opened the door, there were his clothes, but no towel.

"Looking for this?" he heard a voice say. Ron spun around, slipped on the
floor and fell flat on his ass. It was Myrtle. She gasped and tried to pull
Ron up from the floor, but as she was a ghost he just slipped out of her
grasp and fell again.

"Oh my god!" squealed Myrtle. Ron had fallen again and was cursing under his
breath as he managed to pull himself up and sit on a bench beside the toilet

"Myrtle!" yelled Ron. "I thought you were visiting friends!"

"Oh.... Well I was." Myrtle sputtered, "but they were very mean and couldn't
stop playing tricks on me... no one wants to be my friend."

Myrtle started sobbing, which triggered all the toilets to flush
simultaneously. Ron grimaced as he gripped his buttocks, he had really fallen
hard. He hoped he hadn't broken anything.

"I must say" said Myrtle. "I haven't had any people shower in my bathroom for
a long time. Let alone a boy."

Ron had forgotten he was completely naked and noticed Myrtle staring at his
genitals. Ron covered up and became flushed with embarrassment. Myrtle
giggled and flew closer to Ron. She studied his face and his naked chest,
stomach and finally stopped and his hands, which were clutching his penis
and testicles.

"You don't have to be embarrassed around me you know" stated Myrtle. "I have
seen plenty of boys naked before. You are definitely not the first..... But
maybe the cutest."

Ron was astonished. Had Myrtle been infatuated with him? Ron thought back to
all the times that he and Harry had visited Myrtle. The last time he had been
in the Girl's Bathroom he did remember Myrtle winking at him. Ron had just
passed that off as one of Myrtle's mischievous quirks and had thought nothing
of it. Ron looked at Myrtle, who was grinning and still staring at his

"Come on Ron" whined Myrtle. "Let me see your thing. I didn't get a good look
at it in the shower."

"I like to look at the boys in the shower." Myrtle said. "I like to look at
their penises and balls. They look cute."

Myrtle tried to pull Ron's hands away from himself. Ron felt her clammy hands
gripping his. A ghost's body was a little strange, thought Ron. You couldn't
really feel any surface; it was like grabbing onto jello. There was mass
there, it just didn't feel like a human body. Myrtle gave up and sat down
beside Ron on the bench.

"I managed to take a peek in the restricted section of the school library"
Myrtle said quietly. "I found a potion that would let me have the ability to
touch things for a few minutes. I took the potion right before you finished
your shower. I don't think it worked."

Ron felt almost sorry for Myrtle. What would it be like to be dead as a young
girl and not be able to experience any sort of sexual activity? He relaxed
his grip on himself. Still covering his crotch with one hand, he placed the
other hand on Myrtle's shoulder, it stopped on her shoulder for a moment and
then fell through to the bench.

"It works!" screamed Myrtle. "You were able to rest your hand on me! It isn't
perfect but it works!"

Before Ron could say or do anything, Myrtle had straddled him on the bench
and pushed his hands over his head. For a ghost, Myrtle was surprisingly
strong. Myrtle removed her blouse and tied Ron's hands to the end of the
bench. Ron struggled with all his might but was unable to escape Myrtle's
grip. The potion must have enhanced her strength too. Ron looked up as he
continued to struggle and noticed Myrtle's bare chest. Her breasts were
quite small and her nipples looked like little nubs, erect from the cold
air in the room. Myrtle noticed Ron's stare and giggled.

"They aren't much are they?" she said to Ron. "I think they are cute though,
my little nipples are cute aren't they?"

Ron nodded quickly, not wanting to upset Myrtle. He stopped struggling and
just lay there, waiting for Myrtle. She was completely topless and had only
her plaid skirt and glasses on. Myrtle stared down at Ron's penis. It was
flaccid and limp as a wet sock.

"It looks like a little bean!" Myrtle giggled.

Ron's penis was limp on his crotch. Wisps of red pubic hair grew from the
base of his penis. Myrtle gentle stroked the pubic hair on his almost
hairless scrotum. Ron grimaced and shifted himself into a more comfortable
position, something was sticking him in the back. Myrtle moved her hands up
his thighs and paused briefly before grasping his limp cock. Ron gasped as
her clammy hands gripped his cock tightly. He began to feel himself stiffen
as she rubbed his penis slowly.

"My my my!" she said. "I think you like it when I do this. I didn't know you
were uncut, most of the boys I've seen are circumcised."

Myrtle pulled the skin back over the head of his penis. His cockhead began to
turn a deep red color as the blood rushed to his cock, filling it up, making
it erect. She pulled the foreskin all the way back over the head and past the

"Now the bean looks like a mushroom!" Myrtle chortled.

Ron grinned sheepishly and then shuddered as Myrtle brushed up against his
cock head with her fingers. Since he was uncut, the head of his penis was
very sensitive and it hurt when Myrtle's fingers roughly rubbed it.

"Did I hurt you?" Myrtle asked. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to..."

"That's ok" said Ron. "You just need to use something to make it wet."

What??? Why had he said that! He didn't want to fool around with a ghost.
This was crazy! Ron closed his eyes and tried to wake himself up from this
horrible dream.

"What can I use?" Myrtle asked out loud. "What can I use to make it wet?"

"I use my spit." Ron offered. What.... Again, he could control himself.

Myrtle cleared her throat and began to drool, copious amount of spit onto
Ron's cock. Ron shivered as the cool, slimy, spit ran down his cock and onto
his balls. Myrtle began to massage Ron's cockhead with her spit filled hands.
A sloppy, smacking sound reverberated throughout the bathroom, echoing in the
tiled filled shower. Ron began to breathe heavily as he felt a tingly feeling
in his testicles.

"Does that feel nice?" Myrtle asked.

"Y-yes" stammered Ron, trying to not cum.

"I've never done this before with any boys." Myrtle admitted. "I've just read
about it in books and watched a few naughty movies in the Slytherin house
when they weren't there."

That old feeling started to grow in Ron's stomach; he was going to cum soon.

"Are you going to shoot your cream?" Myrtle asked eagerly.

Ron nodded his head. Then, before Ron could say anything more, Myrtle stopped
jacking his penis and jammed her fingers under his balls. Ron yelped with
pain and Myrtle screamed.

"What the hell did you do that for?" Ron sputtered. "I was going to cum!!"

"I know that." Myrtle whimpered. "I just wanted you to stop so I could do
more things to you......"

Myrtle explained how she had read about stopping an orgasm in men by
thrusting a couple of fingers into the fleshy area under the scrotum. Sure
enough, that worked as Ron's erection softened.

Myrtle stood up and looked at Ron.

"You are the only boy I've ever done this with." She said shyly.

Myrtle removed her skirt and revealed her nubile young body to Ron. Like Ron,
she was completely hairless and her cunny looked like a small bump on her
thin body. Ron stared at her, completely shocked. He had never seen a naked
girl before. He had only seen naked women in a few playboys, a muggle
magazine he had stashed under his bed. Myrtle turned around and Ron saw her
milky white buttocks. Her ass had not yet dropped and almost looked like a
young boy's ass. Ron's cock began to harden again and he struggled with his
hands, trying to free himself from his bonds.

"I'm going to have to take care of that thing" Myrtle said, smiling at his

She again straddled Ron and gripped his penis. Ron could feel the slight
warmth of her cunny as it was pressed against his legs. Myrtle began to
slowly pump Ron's stiff cock and pulled back the skin over his head. Ron
felt strange, he was enjoying this. Quite a bit actually. A pearl of precum
came out of Ron's cock. As Myrtle pumped, more and more began to trickle out
of his cock. He had never experienced anything like this before. Had he came?
No, otherwise he would have felt the orgasm. Myrtle lifted herself up and
guided his cock towards her small opening. Ron felt his cock head squeeze
against the warm fleshy opening. He breathed in quickly as his cockhead was
pressed into her body. Myrtle groaned as Ron's penis entered her. She never
had sex before and felt a little pain and Ron's penis penetrated her cunny.
She felt his cock slam up against her hymen, which had remained intact since
her death. She decided that this was it and she sat down heavily on his cock.
Ron yelped as he felt himself being thrust into her body. Myrtle whimpered as
she felt her hymen break. A small trickle of blood ran down Ron's penis. As
soon as it hit the floor of the bathroom, it dried up instantly. In their
union, Myrtle was somewhat alive, but anything that left that union was
considered dead. That's why her blood instantly coagulated when it hit the
tiled floor. Ron began to instinctively thrust himself into her repeatedly.
Myrtle's breath was coming out in short, spastic blasts as she began to build
on her first orgasm ever. Ron could feel her fleshly organ gripping his cock
tightly as she began to orgasm. Myrtle's moaning filled the bathroom and
water started to pour from all the cracks in the walls. She moaned higher and
higher until she arched her back. Just as she finished, Ron felt the grip on
his penis loosen. Myrtle's body was losing it's firmness as was returning to
its ghostly self.

"What's happening?" Ron asked. "Why did you stop?"

He was furious. He wasn't able to finish and he was ready to blow!

"I can't help it." Myrtle cried. "The potion has worn off."

Ron could see it now. Her body was fading in parts and was returning to its
human form. Myrtle desperately tried to grip his penis but all she could do
was pass right through Ron's body. She untied Ron, who sat up immediately.
He couldn't feel his hands. Myrtle had tied him up so tightly he lost
circulation in his hands and they were numb.

"What am I going to do now!!" he yelled at Myrtle. "I need to finish myself

Myrtle looked around desperately. She was trying to find something or someway
for Ron to get off. What could she do? Then in the corner of her eye she saw
the floor drain, she had used this drain to quickly travel from bathroom to
bathroom throughout Hogwarts. All she had to do was flush a couple of toilets
and it would suck her into the water system, bringing her to any bathroom she

"Get down on the floor and stick your thing into that hole." Said Myrtle.

"You're crazy!" yelled Ron. "Why would I do that?"

"Trust me" Answered Myrtle. "You'll like it."

Ron lay down on the floor and inserted his cock into the drainage pipe. He
bit his lip nervously as Myrtle walked over to the toilets. She flushed a few
toilets and Ron felt a bit of a pull. All of a sudden Ron felt his penis
being sucked into the drain. He pulled back and his body was pulled back into
the tile. The force of the suction had Ron stuck to the pipe. His cock was
filling with blood now and was becoming painfully erect. Ron pulled himself
off the pipe and looked at his cock. His cockhead was now a deep purple color
and it was throbbing. Myrtle gasped and came over to look at his blood
engorged member.

"Now what am I going to do?" Ron cried. "It really hurts now and I still
haven't finished my cum."

A tear welled up in Ron's eye. He had really liked his experience with Myrtle
but now he was in a lot of pain. His balls ached from all the sexual activity
he had been involved in. He needed to cum!

"Over here!" Myrtle yelped.

Ron turned around. Myrtle was pointing to a slimy pipe that was in the wall.
Ron looked at it and frowned. He wasn't going to stick his cock into an old
slimy pipe.

"It's just my ectoplasm." Myrtle said. "I use that pipe to travel the school

Ron put his cock into the pipe. The slimy pipe felt cool and kind of good on
his throbbing penis. Ron slowly and gingerly pumped his cock in and out of
the pipe. He felt his buttocks tense up and before he knew it he was cumming.
He had never came this hard before. It was almost painful. Spurt after spurt
of semen came out of his penis. It was so much that it came out and
splattered against his stomach and crotch. He came for 2 minutes straight
until his body began to weaken from the multiple orgasms. Tired and dizzy,
Ron slumped to the floor, covered in slime and semen. His cock was still
pumping out semen onto his stomach. He looked up to see some blood trickle
out of his penis. The last thing he heard was Myrtle's gasp before he blacked

* * *

Harry was feeling great from his morning shower. He thought it a bit odd that
Ron hadn't shown up to shower this morning. Maybe he was scared of showering
with the Slytherin boys. Harry shrugged his shoulders and went to meet
Hermione. She was supposed to meet him in the school library. Harry walked
through the library and sat down and their usual table.

"Why wasn't she here yet?" thought Harry. He looked around the library and
couldn't find her at all. His eyes came to rest of a piece of paper lying in
the middle of the table. It was a note. It read:

Dear Harry,
I'm not able to meet you right away, something came up.
Please meet me in my room later. I'm sorry about this.


Harry was surprised. He thought Hermione had something really important to
tell him about. This was not like her at all. Still puzzled, Harry walked out
of the library and back to his room.

* * *

"Wake up Ron!! Wake Up!" Hermione cried.

Ron's eyes were blurry as he tried to sit up. His head was throbbing and he
felt nauseous. He looked at Hermione, who had a confused look in her eyes.
Ron looked down, his crotch and stomach was covered in semen and a little
blood. He was still completely nude. Hermione helped Ron up and walked him
over to the bench.

"What happened Ron?" Hermione asked. "Why are you naked, and what's that
stuff all over your stomach and your thing."

"It's cum" said Ron groggily. "Myrtle and I were....." and then he trailed

Hermione was still looking at Ron with a puzzled expression on her face. She
couldn't understand what had happened to Ron and why he was naked and covered
in goo. Myrtle had ventured from the safety of her bathroom and flown all the
way to Hermione's bedroom to tell her that Ron was hurt. Still confused she
turned on the shower and helped Ron rinse the cum and blood from his body.
Ron was very weak from the ordeal and sat down on the bench to regain his
strength. Hermione got his towel from the rack and dried him off as best as
she could. She felt embarrassed at his nudity and didn't bother to dry off
his buttocks or crotch. She couldn't help staring at his penis, which was
half erect from her touch. Ron was too groggy to notice her intense stares
and he rested his head on her neck. Ron's penis flopped over and landed right
on Hermione's hand. She gasped but dared not to move. It felt warm against
her skin. Hermione moved her hand up and down the smooth penis. She felt a
little funny in her crotch as she moved her down lower, down to Ron's
scrotum. Ron groaned softly and Hermione jerked back her hand. What was she
doing? Hermione quickly got up and dressed Ron. She pulled out her wand and
chanted "Wingardium Leviosa" Ron's body drifted up into the air and she
effortlessly pulled him towards the Gryfindor house. She would have to ask
Ron what he did later when he was awake.

* * *

Feeling a little angry at Hermione, Harry opened his door and sat down on his
bed. What was wrong? Why did Hermione break their appointment? Harry shook
his head. He didn't really care, it wasn't like they were boyfriend or
girlfriend. Harry chuckled to himself at the thought of Hermione being his
girlfriend. She was pretty, Harry had noticed this before, whenever she would
flash that cute smile of hers.

Harry looked over to Ron's bed. Ron was passed out and snoring a little. He
wondered why Ron was sleeping again. It was still early in the day. Harry
shook Ron's shoulder and tried to wake him, but nothing could disturb him at
all. Harry left the room and decided to see if Hermione had finished whatever
she was doing that morning. He walked across the hall and into the girls'
section of Gryfindor House. He opened Hermione's door slowly and was met with
a pillow in his face!

"Harry!" screamed Hermione. "I'm getting dressed! Close the door."

Harry shut the door so quickly and so hard that it bounced open a little. He
could see into Hermione's room. Her roommate wasn't there. Harry looked at
Hermione as she was getting dressed. She bent over and her skirt raised up.
She wasn't wearing any underwear. Harry could see her smooth ass and as she
bent over more to pick up some socks, Harry also saw her small hairless
cunny. His penis was beginning to get hard. Harry reached down and put his
hands down his pants. He tried to make his cock go down, but with all the
handling he made things worse. Now his penis was standing at full attention.
He looked back up, Hermione was coming towards the door. Harry frantically
pushed his cock down and zipped up his pants just as the door flung open.

"Harry, you'll never believe what I found near the library." said Hermione,
flinging her arms around Harry and giving him a big kiss on the cheek.

Harry pulled back in surprise. She had never kissed him before. He definitely
wasn't expecting that. Hermione had a smile on her face and she grinned
mischievously at Harry who was still taken aback by the show of affection.

"I found a weird machine in the library." She said. "I was looking for a new
novel by Thomas R. Neederlien, you know? The one about how to defeat a

Hermione was well known for her bookworm reputation and Harry rolled his

"Anyways... this machine looked very old, and had a chair on it. I sat down
in it and it started to make a strange whirring sound. I jumped off of it and
it continued to spin for a bit. Weird sort of clamps grabbed onto my clothes
and ripped my dress." Said Hermione rather excitedly.

Hermione then told Harry how the machine had diagrams on the side of it. She
explained that the machine required that someone needed to sit on the seat of
the machine while someone else sat down on the opposite end.

"The chair on the opposite end wasn't really a chair." Explained Hermione.
"It was more of a stand that kept someone or something in place."

Harry was growing more curious by the second. He could hardly contain
himself, he knew there were other hidden rooms in Hogwarts, but he didn't
think that Hermione would find one. He looked at Hermione, who was beaming at
Harry. She was obviously proud of her discovery and couldn't wait to show
Harry it immediately.

"Well," said Harry "what are you waiting for? Let's go see this odd machine."

Hermione beamed. She was going to be the one with something interesting to
show Harry and she knew he would like her discovery. They left the Gryfindor
house and proceeded down the moving stairways towards the library. Just then,
Ginny Weasley walked past Harry and Hermione.

"Hi Harry!" Ginny said nervously.

Ginny had a crush on Harry ever since she first met him at the train station.
Harry and Hermione both knew this. Hermione giggled and Harry just smiled.

"Hi Ginny" Harry said.

Ginny quickly walked off. Her face was red and she was obviously embarrassed
from their encounter. Harry and Hermione turned the corner and walked into
the library.

Ginny Weasley was a young preteen girl of 11 years old. She fancied Harry
Potter quite a bit and thought of herself as a pretty young girl. People had
teased her about her red hair but she knew that Harry liked it a lot so she
didn't mind so much. Ginny climbed the moving staircases and opened the door
to her room. Sitting on her bed was Dobby, the house elf. Ginny often talked
to Dobby when she had free time. She didn't have very many friends at
Hogwarts, other than Harry, Ron and her older brothers. Dobby seemed to be
very excited about something.

"Why hello Dobby" said Ginny. "What are you doing here in my room?"

Dobby grinned from ear to ear.

"Dobby wishes to tell Miss Weasley something." Dobby chattered. "Dobby wished
to tell Miss Weasley something about Harry Potter."

Ginny perked up at the mention of Harry's name. What kind of information
could Dobby have about Harry? Did he hear something about Harry that could be
useful to her? Ginny was awfully interested in Harry and couldn't wait to
hear what Dobby had to say.

"Oh Dobby, please tell me!" pleaded Ginny.

"Very well Miss," answered Dobby. "but Miss Weasley must sit down beside
Dobby and close her eyes first."

Ginny sat down beside Dobby and closed her eyes. Inside she was doing flips
of joy. She couldn't wait for the surprise.

Dobby raised his hands, smiled and said, "Impervious totalus!!"

Ginny fell back onto her bed. She couldn't move. Dobby had put some sort
of spell on her that made her paralyzed. She tried to move around but she
couldn't. She looked up at Dobby who was grinning. Dobby's eyes moved up
and down her body.

"Dobby knows that Miss likes Harry Potter." said Dobby. "That is why Dobby
must inspect Miss to make sure she is pure and is able to fully love Harry.
You will only be paralyzed for 3 hours Miss"

This made Ginny nervous. What did Dobby mean? And why was he eyeing Ginny's
body with such a weird look on his face. Dobby moved to Ginny's skirt and was
beginning to unzip it when Ginny wiggled slightly.

"You must understand Miss." Said Dobby smacking Ginny in the leg. "Dobby must
do this, for Harry Potter needs to be with a pure girl."

Dobby pulled off Ginny's skirt. He then proceeded to pull off Ginny's
panties. Ginny whimpered as she felt Dobby's rough hands brush gently against
her crotch as her panties slipped off her body. Dobby looked down at Ginny's
smooth, hairless, cunny. Ginny hadn't the slightest sign of hair on her body
at all. Dobby grinned. He knew that this had to be done to Harry Potter as a
service to his new master. He was going to enjoy doing this though and rubbed
his hands in anticipation. Since Ginny was laying down and Dobby wasn't
strong to turn her over, he pulled out a pair of scissors and began to cut
off the rest of Ginny's clothes. Ginny sniffled as Dobby pulled off her shirt
and revealed her small nipples. Ginny hadn't developed yet and she had no
breasts, just two rosy nipples. Dobby reached out and gave one of them a
tweak. Ginny yelped in pain. Dobby tweaked the other nipple and Ginny gave
out a squeal. She couldn't help but feel a little weird as Dobby was rubbing
her chest. She felt her cunny get a little moist. What was happening to her.
Dobby reached down beside the bed and pulled out a small sac. Dobby smiled as
he reached inside the sac. It was moving! He pulled out what looked like two
black snakes. He put one of the snakes back in the sac and placed the other
on Ginny's chest. Ginny shivered as the cold snake writhed on her bare chest.
Dobby pulled out a vial of something green from his pocket. He opened it and
poured a trail from her cunny all the way up her stomach to the snake. The
snake immediately recognized the scent and followed the trail towards her

"W-w-what are those?" Ginny stammered.

"Those are Virginal Preparation snakes" answered Dobby. "Dobby knows Harry
Potter's penis size and wants to make sure Miss Weasley is able to
accommodate Harry's penis in her vagina."

The black VP snake slithered it's way down towards her cunny. Ginny tried to
close her legs but Dobby tied them down to the bed. The snake stopped at the
entrance to Ginny's cunny. She could feel it's small forked tongue against
her body, probing her genitals. Dobby touched the snake and it plunged it's
head inside Ginny. Ginny yelped in pain as the snake's head disappeared
inside her body. The snake moved slowly, deeper and deeper into her body.
Ginny felt something tear inside her body as the snake made it's way into her

"Dobby thinks that Ginny has never put anything inside her before." He mused.
"Dobby's snake had to break Ginny's virginity."

Dobby smiled as he observed his VP snake writhe inside Ginny's smooth little
hairless body. The snake had moved inside her body and was up to the yellow
ring on it's body. Dobby knew that this meant the snake was in her body about
4 inches. He knew Harry was about 5-6 inches and he had to expand her cunny
so Harry could fit inside her. Dobby pinched the snake's tail. The snake
began to expand in girth and length. Ginny howled, the snake was growing
inside her and it was stretching her inside. Dobby again reached inside and
pulled out a slug looking insect. Ginny looked at it. The insect had a row of
razor sharp teeth in a circle.

"This will make Miss Weasley feel good." Dobby cackled as he placed the slug
on her pubic region, right above her cunny.

Ginny wiggled as she felt the slimy slug slither it's way down her pubic area
towards her cunny. The slug stopped at the top of her vagina and sunk in
between the folds. At first she didn't feel a thing but then she felt the
slug rap its mouth around her a nub in her cunny. The slug then secreted some
sort of slime which made Ginny feel tingly all over, especially in her cunny
area. She tried to push the slug out of herself but it stayed put.

"Dobby's slug has found Miss Weasley's clitoris." Dobby cackled.

Dobby pressed into her cunny and pinched the slug. The slug convulsed and
drove its small teeth into Ginny's nub. Ginny screamed in pain. The slug
engorged with her blood, glowed green. It injected something through its
teeth back into Ginny's clit. Ginny's vision faded and she felt warm inside.
Whatever that slug had put into her made her feel good. She didn't even
notice Dobby flipping her body over. She was now lying on her stomach. Dobby
had propped her ass up with a pillow under her crotch. She could feel the VP
snake in the front throbbing and thrusting itself into her cunny. The slug
that was attached to her clit shriveled up and fell off. Blood dripped from
her nub and Dobby placed some cotton in her cunny to stop the bleeding. Dobby
then reached into his pockets and produced the same vial of green ooze. He
made a trail on her back this time, all the way down to her asshole. Dobby
pulled out yet another vial filled with a clear liquid and poured it directly
on Ginny's asshole. She felt her asshole unpucker and become relaxed. Slowly
and gently, Dobby placed the second VP snake on her back. The snake knew what
it had to do and moved towards her ass. Ginny squeezed her ass cheeks shut.
She was not going to let some snake invade her butt. She had stuck a handle
from a brush up her butt once to feel what it was like. She didn't enjoy it
one bit.

"If Miss struggles, then it will only hurt more." Dobby advised Ginny.

Dobby grabbed each of Ginny's boyish ass cheeks and pulled them apart. The
snake managed to find it's way to Ginny's asshole and thrust itself into her
ass. Ginny screamed at the top of her lungs. She couldn't believe what was
happening. The snake had forced itself into her asshole and was pulsating
inside of her. She was now full in both her ass and her cunny. Ginny moaned
out loud. She didn't know whether or not she was in pain or she was enjoying
what was happening to her. Dobby reached in his bag and pulled out a large
beetle. It was purple in color and when the light hit it, it's skin turned a
deep burgundy. He dropped the beetle on one of Ginny's butt cheeks. Dobby
raised his hands into the air and chanted something unintelligible to Ginny's
ears. The beetle squawked and drove its horn into Ginny's ass. Ginny felt
something else now, her vagina was increasing it's flow of lubrication. She
was dripping wet and as she had no pubic hair because of her age, the
lubrication flowed onto her bed. Ginny moaned again.

"Now Miss," said Dobby softly. "You must go to Harry Potter now. You are
ready to receive his penis."

"Yes," said a glassy eyed Ginny. "I must go to Harry."

Dobby cackled with glee and snapped his fingers. Both VP snakes shrunk in
size and withdrew themselves from her ass and cunny. An audible pop sounded
as both snakes removed their bulbous heads from her openings. Copious amounts
of fluid ran out from her vagina and was followed by a small amount of blood.
Her asshole was 2 inches wider in diameter than it was before. Ginny sat up,
dazed but still awake. Dobby had untied her hands and disappeared from the
room. Still dizzy and unaware of her nudity, Ginny left her room and walked
to Harry and Ron's room. She quietly opened the door and stumbled towards a
bed. She crawled in the bed and hugged Harry. He was completely naked and
still sleeping. Ginny didn't remember Harry being so skinny as she kissed his
chest. She reached down to his crotch and fingered his scrotum. She heard
Harry moan softly as she retracted his foreskin and gently stroked his penis.
Ginny shook her head violently. Why was everything so cloudy? Was this a
dream? She could hardly believe that she was in bed, naked with Harry Potter.
She had dreamed about being close with him, but not this close. Harry's penis
was hard now, so Ginny inserted it into her cunny and started to ride Harry.
She heard him grunt and groan as she slid his cock inside her. She was
loosened from the VP snakes and was able to take all of him inside her with
ease. She kissed Harry on the lips and down his neck. Faster and faster she
pumped, building herself into a sex frenzy. She cried out as the orgasm hit
her. Wave after wave of pleasure filled her body. Her intense orgasms must
have triggered Harry's orgasm as well, because he was shaking and she could
feel his cock inside her pulsate as his semen entered her body. Tired and
satisfied, Ginny lay down on Harry's sweaty body. She was sweaty too and very
sleepy. As she fell asleep she noted that she did not remember Harry having
red hair before. Oh well, she thought. I've never been this close before.

* * *

Hermione and Harry walked to the far corner of the library, next to the
restricted section of books.

"I was practicing my spells and incantations, when I said a phrase that
opened a doorway in the wall." Hermione said.

Hermione raised her wand and chanted, "Aloh Harmanium"

As soon as she did this, a panel pushed forward in the wall and a door
appeared. Nervously, Harry poked his head into the hidden room. There was a
spiraled stairway leading downwards. Hermione pushed Harry aside and ran down
the stairs.

"Hurry up Harry!" Said Hermione, rather excited at her find.

Harry followed Hermione to the bottom of the stairs. Once they reached the
bottom, Harry could not believe his eyes. A large contraption filled the
basement. It was made of wood, rubber, and steel. The device was covered in
ancient symbols which were a language that Harry had never seen before. The
wall was also covered in these ancient symbols.

"It's an old language used by nymphs and sprites of the woods surrounding
Hogwarts" Hermione stated, sensing Harry's curiosity.

"What does it mean?" asked Harry.

"Well, from what I can tell, a person sits in this chair." She said, sitting
herself in a wooden chair. "You need to stand over there and pull that lever,

Harry turned around and saw the large black lever on the side of the wall. He
walked up to it and saw that the wall behind it was covered in dust. He blew
away the dist and looked at the symbols behind it. There was an illustration
beside the symbols which showed a man pulling the switch and a shaft of light
surrounding the device.

"I think it's a way for people to communicate with the dead." Said Hermione
smugly. "I've read about this machine in Hogwarts, A History."

Harry figured that Hermione was probably right. Who else but her would know
inane facts about things no one cared about.

"Are you sure you want me to do this?" he said.

"Yes Harry!" said Hermione. "Pull that lever already!"

Harry pulled down on the lever and nothing happened. He pulled down on it
again and a loud clicking sound filled the room. Harry heard Hermione scream
as the lever pulled up. Harry spun around to see Hermione's hands and legs
become clamped by steel cuffs. She was restrained to the wooden chair that
she had sat down on.

"Help me Harry!" pleaded Hermione.

Hermione was raised two feet into the air as the machine powered up. Two
sharp metal arms moved towards her as the machine continued to spin slowly
around the room. The arms clacked into place as two blades popped out from
each arm. Hermione stopped screaming and froze as each blade rose towards her
neck. Harry was frantically hitting switches and pulling levers, but to no
avail. The blades slowly moved down Hermione's neck, inches away from her
skin. Then the machine stopped rotating. Hermione and Harry held their
breaths as they hear the motors on the machine spinning down.

Just as the machine stopped spinning the arms were active again. The blades
pierced Hermione's clothing and cut down her blouse and sweater. The blades
retracted inside the arms and two clamps opened up and moved towards her
stomach. Hermione screamed as the clamps grasped her blouse and sweater. They
pulled back violently and ripped her clothes off leaving her topless and
gasping. Harry stood still, jaw dropped wide open. He had never seen Hermione
topless before and was in shock. She had very small bumps on her chest with
tiny rose colored nips. The air was cold in the basement room and her nipples
were hard from the cool air. Hermione was sobbing softly as tears ran down
her face. Loud clacking and clicking sounds broke the silence and the arms
moved down towards her crotch. The blades reappeared again and moved with
precise speed. There was a flash of light and the sounds of ripping fabric.
The arms had managed to slice off Hermione's skirt and underwear. She was now
completely nude. Harry stared at her bottom half. Hermione's vagina was
covered by thin wisps of hair. She had matured faster than most girls her age
at Hogwarts and she was proud of this fact. She wasn't however; proud of the
fact that the one boy she had a crush on had seen her nude in this situation.
The blades retracted into the metal arms and they moved towards her. They
hovered inches away from her vagina. They moved slowly up and down, as if
looking for something. Just then a whooshing sound came from the arms. A
slimy substance sprayed all over her crotch. The small blades popped out
again and there were more sounds of cutting and flashes of light. When all
had stopped Hermione's crotch was completely hairless. Her vagina was a
smooth as it was the day she was born. The device had shaved her.

Harry ran up to the machine and tried to pull Hermione from its constraints.
His nose caught the sweet musky smell of Hermione's womanhood as he tried to
pull of her leg clamps. Harry felt odd from this smell and he felt his pants
growing smaller in the front. Why was he getting an erection at a time like
this? This was a sick mistake and Harry couldn't believe that he was getting
hard while Hermione was suffering in this hellacious device.

"You need to read the walls for a clue!" Hermione sputtered.

Harry ran over to the wall and as he reached it he tripped over a tile on the
floor. The device clicked again. He had triggered something on the machine.
Hermione wailed as the machine spring into action. Her legs were separated as
the machine moved around the room again. Her cunny was in full display now
and Hermione closed her eyes, wishing that this was just a dream. The machine
stopped spinning and stopped again. Hermione opened her eyes to see a large
rubber object moving towards her crotch. As the object got closer she saw a
small opening on the end. It moved in towards her vagina and stopped three
inches from the opening. The rubber object sputtered and a slimy, oily, fluid
shot out repeatedly on and around her vagina. The object slowly moved
forwards again and penetrated her pussy. She let out a loud "Ooohhhhhhhhhh"
as the smooth, rubbery shaft moved in and out of her orifice.

Harry was stunned. His best friend was being impaled by a device that they
had found not five minutes ago. This was definitely not a communication
device. Hermione was being reamed by a large rubber cock. She let out short,
forced breathes as the rubber cock slammed home. This continued for a few
minutes until the machine sputtered and the rubber cock popped out of her
vagina. A lot of slimy lubrication, provided by the rubber cock, poured out
of her vagina and onto the floor. Hermione caught her breath and yelled out
to Harry.

"How do I get out of this thing." She said, half crying and hysterical.

Harry did not know what to do. He looked over at the stand in the corner of
the machine. He jumped up on the stand. No sooner did he do this then he was
restrained into the machine by clamps similar to the ones holding Hermione
down. Two arms, much like the ones he had seen that stripped Hermione of her
clothes, moved towards Harry. Several flashes later he too was left
completely naked and shivering from the cold. Hermione gasped as she saw
Harry's nakedness. His penis was flaccid and she could see his small scrotum
poking from underneath it. The device spun up again and Harry's crotch was
thrust forward. The two metal arms grabbed his penis and guided it into a
rubber harness. The harness contracted and moved two steel rollers up and
down his small shaft. His penis began to stiffen and become erect. Harry
tried desperately to keep himself from getting turned on but the machine was
doing a good job of thwarting his attempts. When he was turned completely
hard the machine's arms retracted his foreskin revealing his gleaming, purple
cockhead. A blast of slimy liquid covered Harry's cock as the device moved
towards Hermione. The rubber harness folded back and a ring held Harry's cock
in place. The machine clicked and clacked, bringing Harry and Hermione closer
together. Harry's penis came closer towards Hermione. Hermione wailed again,
tears running down her face as Harry's cock continued to zero in on her
vagina. A black rubber cock came down from the ceiling and rammed itself into
Hermione's mouth. Hermione's cries were muffled and all Harry could hear was
a wet sucking sound as Hermione wrestled with the large cock in her mouth.

Finally, the machine drew up towards her pussy. Harry's cockhead was resting
in between her vagina lips, dripping with lubrication. With a mechanical
thrust, Harry's penis plunged into her vagina. Hermione let out a muffled
scream as his hard cock penetrated her. Rhythmically, she was being fucked by
Harry, who was restrained in this device. Thoughts of Harry ran through
Hermione's head as she was being violated. The thrusting continued and
Harry's balls tightened up. He was going to come inside Hermione. He didn't
want to and he squeezed his ass together to stop the orgasm. Something was
pushing at his asshole. Harry's ass cheeks were suddenly covered in slimy
goo. A black cock had sprayed his ass with its lube and shot towards his ass.
Harry grunted as the cock penetrated his pucker and reamed his asshole. He
felt the cock inside him as it turned itself around and was poking his
prostate. A jarring sensation jolted Harry awake as his prostate was being
massaged by the black cock. He was losing his grip on his orgasm; he was
going to cum and hard. He closed his eyes and fought back with all his might.
The machine sensed that he was holding back and a small pin popped out from
the end of the cock and pierced his prostate. Harry scream in pain as the
thin metal pin implanted itself in his prostate. Harry heard a popping and
clicking sound. Something electrical was starting up and Harry was very
afraid. Harry's body suddenly shook as an electrical charge was passed
through the rubber cock into his body. He couldn't hold it in anymore.

"S-s-s-sorry Hermione!" Harry puffed as the orgasm took over his body.

Harry's cock exploded into Hermione's pussy. He came and came until he was
shooting dry. The orgasms were increasingly painful as he had nothing to
expel from his testicles as they were completely empty. The pin retracted
and the rubber cock was pulled from his asshole. Harry felt like he was
taking a big dump as the large rubber cock slowly left his ass. His flaccid
penis had been milked completely of it's cum and it drooped onto the rubber
harness. Hermione was pushed away from Harry and she was rotated vertically,
leaving her suspended upside down. The arms moved towards his penis and
retracted the foreskin over his flaccid cock. Small brushes and jets of water
cleaned his penis thoroughly, leaving no trace of semen or fluid from
Hermione's body. Harry winced as the rough brushes scraped against his
cock head. He didn't retract his foreskin that often, only for cleaning
purposes and this extra attention to it stung a little. His penis was
released from its harness and it flopped, sloppily against his leg. A tube
filled with blue liquid was now moving around Harry to his backend. His leg
clamps moved away from each other and his asscrack was left wide open. He was
again penetrated anally and the tube was pushed into his backside. The tube
now pumped the blue liquid into his ass. Harry could feel himself filling up
with the blue liquid. He really had to go to the bathroom, very badly. The
tube withdrew from his backside and Harry instantly relieved himself all over
the floor. A jet of warm water sprayed his backside and cleaned up the blue
mess from the floor. Harry shook his head back and forth. He had just been
given some sort of magical enema. His prostate no longer hurt and his
sphincter was just as tight as it was before. He was lowered to the floor by
the machine and dumped into a pile of old rags and clothes. Harry struggled
to get up and fell on his ass. The machine's assisted orgasm had weakened him
somehow. He felt weak and nauseous. Harry bent over the drain in the floor
and vomited. That helped him somewhat and he got up and looked at Hermione.
She was still suspended upside down and was weeping quietly to herself. The
machine slowly rotated her upright. It lowered her to the ground. Just as she
was about to be released from the machine an object was thrust with a pop
into her aching vagina. It went in thick end first. It was thin in the middle
and flat at the end that was cupping the outside of her vagina. She had been
fitted with a plug. She was released from the machine and fell to the ground,
shaking on the floor. Harry came over to her and put his arm around her
shaking body.

"I've got to get you to the school infirmary immediately!" Harry said
concerned for his friend's state.

He dressed himself and helped Hermione as best as he could. As he reached the
top of the stairs he heard a familiar voice.

* * *

"Oh dear, dear me" said Albus Dumbledore. "Hermione has been a victim of the
fertility machine. I feared that this machine was still here at Hogwarts. I
just didn't think it would be found by any of my students."

Dumbledore helped Harry and Hermione towards the infirmary. He hoped that his
students had not been fully affected by the machine and its purpose.

"Had she been fitted with the plug?" Dumbledore asked Harry.

"Yes sir." Harry managed to say. "I believe so."

"Then we haven't much time at all." replied Dumbledore.

* * *

Ron woke up. He had just had a fabulous dream. He had dreamt that he had had
sex with Harriet Lorrington, a cute blonde haired girl from Ravenclaw. As he
woke up he realized that someone was lying on top of him. He looked down and
saw a tuft of red hair lying on his chest. He also felt himself inside of
whomever it was that was on top of him. He reached down and grabbed both
asscheeks of his mysterious lover. They felt almost boyish in his hands. He
must have slept with a young girl, but who was it? Ron pulled withdrew his
penis from his partner and rolled her over. She fell onto the floor next to
him with a thud and a whimper. Ron looked down at his body. His penis was
still fully erect and there was semen covering his crotch and his stomach.
Gingerly, he wiped himself off as best as he could and swung his legs over
the bed.

Ron was about to scream but covered his mouth with his hands. The person
lying on the ground couldn't be who he thought she was. No... this could not
have happened. It looked like... his sister, Ginny. She had a dreamy look on
her face. Her nipples were swollen and her cunny was pink. Some sort of
liquid was dribbling out of her vagina and onto the floor. Ron held his head
in his hands. He could not believe that he had just made love to his sister!

Ginny stirred in her sleep. The fall had not woken her up. Ron carefully
stepped over his sister's body and made his way over to the wash basin in the
corner of the room. How could this have happened? Ron asked himself as he
washed off his penis and stomach. The last thing he had remembered was taking
a shower in the bathroom, Moaning Myrtle touching his penis... he had sex
with her... and then Hermione found him and brought him to his bedroom. Ron
winced at the thought of his friend seeing him naked. He hoped he hadn't
upset Hermione in anyway.

"I should go check on her." Ron said out loud.

Just then, Ginny awoke. Ron quickly dashed towards Harry's bed and grabbed
his Cloak of Invisibility. He wrapped himself in it and as he made his way
back to his bed, he tripped over the corner of Harry's bed and fell down.

"Hello...." Ginny said, looking at the direction from where the sound came.
"Is anyone there?"

Ginny was confused. She had remembered talking to Dobby a few minutes ago,
but she didn't remember being in Harry's room. Also, why was her cunny sore?
She reached down and felt herself. She brought up her fingers and looked at
them. They were covered in a slimy substance. She sniffed her fingers. Odd,
they smelt musky. She looked down at her body. She hadn't noticed that she
was nude for she had just woken up. Her nipples were red and tender and she
winced as she touched them. Ginny stood up. As she did so she felt a
tremendous pain in her crotch and she sat down. She felt like she had to go
to the bathroom. Her asshole was very tender and felt like she had to take a
very large dump. She looked around the room. Why was she nude and in Harry
and Ron's room? She stood up and started walking towards the door when she
noticed something peculiar. There was a foot, just lying on the ground. She
kicked it. It moved and she heard someone yell, "OUCH!!!"

Ron whipped the cloak off his head and looked at a very shocked and naked
Ginny. Ginny screamed and covered her breasts and cunny. She became flushed
with embarrassment and ripped a quilt off of the chair behind her. She looked
at Ron who had apparently been shocked too as his face went completely red.
Ron stood up and walked over to his wardrobe and grabbed a pair of shorts.
Ginny stared at Ron's flaccid penis as he pulled the shorts over his nude
backside. His penis flopped upwards as the fabric was pulled over his crotch
and covered his genitals.

"What are you doing naked?" Ginny asked Ron, still quivering.

Ginny had seen her brother naked before. Back at home she and her friend
Emily had spied on the boy's skinny dipping at the pond nearby their house.
She had noticed that all of her brothers had red hair on their heads and on
their crotches. She had wondered when she got her pubic hair if it was to be
red as well.

"I was sleeping!" Ron answered defiantly. "I always sleep naked, you know

This was true. Ron had always slept naked at home. Their mother was pretty
open about nudity at the Weasley home and didn't mind one bit. Ginny would
frequently walk nude around the house in the summer when it was hot. Ron
would sometimes join in on the nudity too as he was not one to roast in his
clothes all summer long. Ron's older brothers didn't join them as much, as
they were self conscious about their bodies, but they did enjoy a good skinny
dip and wouldn't say no when it was suggested.

Ginny let the quilt drop to the floor. She was scared at first but she
realized that it was her brother, of whom she had been nude in front of
plenty of times. She walked over to Ron's bed and sat down beside him. She
looked down at his sheets. They were covered in the same liquid that she had
smelt from her cunny.

"What happened here?" Ginny asked, looking at her brother's bed.

"N-n-nothing!" Ron replied.

He had no idea what he was going to do. Would he tell his sister that they
had just committed incest? He looked over at her sitting on his bed. He
looked deep into her emerald green eyes and though hard. No, he couldn't tell
her. He just hoped that she wasn't pregnant. She had to be too young for that
to happen, or so he hoped.

"Ron," Ginny said, breaking the silence. "I think there's something wrong
with me..."

"W-what would that be?" Ron asked her knowingly.

"My cunny feels hot and sore," she said. "And it's leaking something."

"Oh..." said Ron thinking feverishly for a story to cover up their incest.
"It's just you becoming a woman... Y-you need to go to the infirmary and talk
to the nurse."

Ginny nodded her head. Her brother always knew what to do. She rose from the
bed and put on her clothes. She still had no idea why she was here in the
boys' room, and she certainly didn't know why she was naked. She went to put
on her clothes but was shocked when she found that she hadn't any clothes.
Ginny looked over at Ron, who was half smiling at her and flashed a half
smile back at him. She turned her head around and still confused, walked
naked from Ron and Harry's room back to hers.

* * *

"We need a private room Nurse!" rumbled Dumbledore to the head nurse of the

Harry, Hermione and Dumbledore had entered the infirmary. It was almost
deserted except for a few students in the room, who were passed out in their
beds. The head nurse led them to a set of examination rooms in the back of
the infirmary. Harry helped Hermione to an examination table. She had
regained consciousness now and was moaning. Harry looked down at her hairless
vagina which held a large ornately decorated plug in its orifice. Hermione
noticed Harry's stares and covered herself up. She glared at him as she
remembered what had happened in the secret room adjacent to the library. How
could he have penetrated her? She was his best friend and she was mad at him
and herself for having sex before she was ready. She wanted to love Harry
desperately but needed to wait for the right time. Now that time had come and
destroyed what little respect she had for him and for herself.

"Up on the table Miss Granger." The nurse ordered.

Hermione hopped up on the table, still clutching her crotch. Dumbledore was
concerned about Hermione but noticed her nervousness. He cleared his voice
with a loud cough and walked towards the door, out of the exam room.

"I'll leave you to it" he said to the Nurse.

Harry was bewildered by Dumbledore's quick retreat. Why didn't he stay and
see if Hermione was alright? He glanced back at Hermione and saw a look of
relief on her face. She had let her guard down and had let her hands rest by
her side, leaving her body entirely uncovered. Harry understood now why she
had covered up in the first place. She was embarrassed that Dumbledore had
seen her naked. She didn't care now if Harry would see her. Harry guessed
that the whole ordeal was too much for her and that was still in shock.

Hermione was angry with Harry. She thought about all the times she had tried
to impress him with her knowledge of magic. She decided that she couldn't
stay mad at him forever, and that they still were friends. This incident
would make things awkward between them for a while.

"Place your legs in the stirrups dear!" The head nurse quietly ordered.

Hermione put her legs in the stirrups and the nurse turned a crank which
spread her legs wide open. Harry watched as the nurse inspected the plug and
pushed and prodded at it. Hermione moaned as the nurses prodding and poking
made the plug tighten and grow larger inside her. The nurse wrote some notes
down on her notepad and looked at Harry, who was sitting nervously beside the

"I'm afraid the only one who will get this out of her will be you," said
the nurse. "The inscriptions on this plug state that the one whose semen is
implanted in the female is the one who must remove it from the vagina of the

Harry stood up and inched his way towards Hermione's spread legs. He looked
into her eyes as he came closer to her nude body. Hermione was scared and
tears were running down her cheeks. He reached out his hand and pulled at
the plug, careful as not to touch Hermione's vagina. It wouldn't budge.

"I think I'm going to need to give Hermione some muscle relaxants." The nurse

The nurse produced a medium sized syringe. She moved in and stood by
Hermione. She took one of her legs out of the stirrups and rolled her body
over. She prepped an area on Hermione's buttocks and quickly stuck the needle
into her. Hermione whimpered as the nurse injected the relaxant into her
body. Hermione's legs were placed back in the stirrups and Harry again tried
to pull the plug out. She was noticeably more relaxed but the plug would not
budge from its owner.

The nurse put down the syringe and shook her head, looked at Harry and said,
"Well I didn't want to have to do this, but as it's inscribed on the plug I
guess that's what you're going to have to do."

Harry was perplexed as to what it was that he had to do to remove the plug
from his friend's vagina. He looked at Hermione, who had relaxed rapidly
since the injection.

The nurse inhaled, looked at Harry, and with a blank expression said, "The
plug says that the one who implanted the semen must spread his seed onto the
mammary glands of the female. The female must then orally ingest semen from
the male. After this task has been completed, the male must insert his hand
anally into the female and push the plug out from the inside of the body."

With that, the nurse opened a drawer under the examination table. She brought
a tub of lubricant out of the drawer and placed it on the table.

"You know what you have to do?" she asked Harry, who nodded. "Alright then, I
have other patients to take care of. Please be careful when inserting your
hand into her anus. It's a very sensitive area and needs to be treated with

The nurse smiled awkwardly at the two of them and made her way out of the
room and closed the door. Harry looked over at Hermione. He was about to say
something when he was interrupted by her.

"Just do it Harry." She cried. "It's the only way now, and I can't have this
in me any longer, it hurts."

Harry reluctantly undressed and climbed on the table, straddling Hermione's
nude body. His hairless sac rested on her stomach. He remembered the first
step. He had to ejaculate on her chest and rub his semen into her breasts.
Harry looked down at his flaccid penis and then her small rosebud sized
breasts. She wasn't endowed, but then no girl her age had breasts. He
gathered he would just rub his seed into her chest. Harry placed his hands
on his penis and slowly pulled his foreskin back and forth. He continued to
masturbate, closing his eyes and trying to visualize his orgasm to make
himself cum faster. His breathing quickened as he increased the pace of his
jacking. His scrotum tightened as his penis grew in size and became fully
erect. His foreskin rolled over the top of this cockhead and he spit on it.
He worked his cockhead with his fingers and glanced at Hermione, who was
staring at the ceiling. She was biting her lower lip and she closed her
eyes, trying not to think about what was happening.

Harry felt a familiar buzz in his groin, he was going to cum.

"I'm going to go now." Harry announced to Hermione.

He felt her body tense up as he worked himself towards completion. He pulled
his foreskin all the way over his cockhead and revealed his purple cock. He
felt the orgasm start to take place. The first shot landed squarely between
Hermione's nipples. He arched his back and continued to thrust his body as
each shot came out and landed on her naked chest. Harry let out a loud groan
as the orgasm reached its peak. He finished and looked down at her chest. Her
chest was partially covered in his seed. She was still lying completely
still, eyes closed. He gently placed his hand on her chest and slowly rubbed
his semen into her chest. Her chest was hot and as he rubbed he noticed her
nipples hardening from his touch. He continued to rub for 3 minutes until the
semen had dried up. Harry's penis, which was flaccid from the ejaculation
lay, seeping fluid on her belly. His sweaty scrotum stuck to her midsection
as he gave her chest a few rubs for good measure. As he stopped rubbing,
Hermione looked up and Harry noticed her tearstained face was quivering.

"Do we have to do the next step?" Hermione asked, lips quivering with fright.

Harry gave the plug a small tug. It was had loosened a little but was still
firmly entrenched in her vagina. He nodded his head and she tilted her head
back and sighed loudly.

"Ok," she said, closing her eyes and opening her mouth. "Let's get this over

Harry looked down at his penis. He was still completely flaccid. He lifted
his body off of hers and felt his balls peel themselves from her belly. There
were strings of fluid from his cock to her stomach and they snapped and
splattered onto his crotch as he lifted himself up and sat lightly on her
chest. He could feel the dried semen on his ass as he carefully sat on her
chest. Harry reached down and again jacked his penis. It was only half erect
as he had just blown his load. Harry pulled back his foreskin on his cock and
started to rub his penis on Hermione's neck.

"What are you doing!!?" Hermione exclaimed, looking Harry directly in the

"I can't get hard again." Harry said sheepishly.

Hermione looked down at his cock. It was only semi-hard. Hermione lifted her
arm and brought her hand up to Harry's scrotum. She gently squeezed Harry's
balls and massaged them.

"Is this helping any?" Hermione asked.

Indeed it was, for Harry's penis became hard again and he was feeling
aroused. Hermione tilted her hard forwards and Harry placed the head of his
cock into her mouth. She closed her mouth around his cock and felt the warmth
of his penis. She felt odd doing this but became slightly aroused. She felt
the power of having his member in her mouth. She was almost in charge of the
situation, one wrong move and she could bite down on his cock. She quickly
dismissed this thought and concentrated on the task at hand.

Harry stroked up and down his shaft. Hermione moved her head back and forth,
she used her tongue and massaged his cockhead from inside her mouth. She
stopped playing with his balls and grabbed both asscheeks. She pushed on him,
forcing more of his cock inside of her mouth. They pressed on and soon enough
she felt his buttocks tense up. She felt his cock shudder and then the warm
liquid shot out into her mouth. Hermione gagged but kept moving as shot after
shot of warm semen was swallowed. She sucked out every last bit of cum from
Harry's cock as she wanted to make sure the procedure worked. She did not
want to have the last step to happen. The thrusting stopped. Harry had
finished cumming and he pulled his cock out from Hermione's mouth. A little
semen had backfired from her mouth when she gagged and it had landed on
Harry's balls and on his pubic region, above his penis. Hermione reached out
with her tongue and licked the cum off of him, cleaning his genitals with her

Harry lifted himself off of her and jumped off of the table. He walked around
the table and went between her legs. His view lowered from her pussy to the
floor. There was a pool of fluid on the floor. Hermione had obviously been
aroused from the whole ordeal and she had leaked all over the floor. Harry
pulled on the plug again. It moved back and forth with ease now and a sloppy
sucking sound was heard as the plug squished back and forth.

"Give it a hard tug, Harry!" Hermione pleaded.

Harry paused for a second. He should really follow the nurse's orders and
finish the procedure. He again looked at Hermione's eyes. He didn't want to
have to put his hand up her backside. This was humiliating enough. Harry got
a good grip on the plug and pulled with all his might. Hermione shrieked with
pain. Tiny spikes had pierced her vaginal walls and small tentacles wound
themselves inside her. The tug had activated some sort of defense mechanism
inside on the plug.

"Harry!" cried Hermione, bursting into tears. "It hurts! Helllp!"

The plug increased itself in size. Harry could visibly see her vaginal
opening expand and stretch. Harry dashed for the lubrication and covered his
hand in it. He removed Hermione's legs from the stirrups and turned her over.
He told her to stick her butt in the air and spread her legs. He could see
she was in a lot of pain and covered his hand in lube as fast as he could.
Spreading her ass cheeks with one hand he inserted a finger into her anus.

"Ohhhhhhhhh" Hermione moaned as his finger penetrated her anus.

Harry worked his finger feverishly in and out of her ass. He could feel
her sphincter grip his finger. He was a foreign object and her ass was
instinctively pushing his finger out of her butt. He gradually introduced
finger after finger into her anus. He glanced at the plug in her vagina. He
could see small trickles of blood run down the sides of her thighs. He had
to get this out of her, and fast. Hermione grunted as his inserted his whole
hand into her ass. He felt the tip of the plug and pushed on it. There was a
click and the tentacles recoiled back while the teeth disintegrated. Harry
pushed harder and the plug popped out of her vagina and landed on the floor.
There was a flash of green and the plug disappeared. Hermione's body fell
against the steel table. Her body rose and fell with each breath. Large
amounts of liquid seeped out from her swollen pussy and pooled underneath
her and ran down the sides of the table. Harry could see his semen line the
sides of her vagina and dribble out onto the table.

Just then the door swung open and the nurse briskly walked in with a weird
pump in her hands.

"I see you've managed to remove the plug." She observed.

"Here," she said placing the pump in Harry's hands. "I need you to slowly
plunge this handle down."

The nurse lifted Hermione up by her crotch and placed the tube from the pump
into Hermione's swollen and bruised vagina. She motioned to Harry, who slowly
pressed down on the plunger.

Hermione shivered as cold fluid rushed into her aching vagina. She could feel
the nurse's hands as the tube was withdrawn and a compress was held against
the opening of her pussy. The nurse stood there for a minute and then let the
compress go.

"Ok Miss," said the nurse. "You may relieve yourself now."

Hermione let herself relax and the fluid was expelled from her vagina. The
fluid mixed with blood, semen and lubrication, flowed onto the steel table
and onto the floor, swirling around before finally going down the drain in
the middle of the room. The nurse helped Hermione up and she hopped off the
table, stumbling as her bare feet hit the cold tile floor. The nurse helped
her over to a cot and she lay down.

"She's going to need a lot of rest!" the nurse informed Harry as she cleaned
Hermione's genitals with a warm cloth. "This is the second douche I have had
to prepare today! And for a preteen!"

Harry nodded and smiled at Hermione. She smiled back at Harry. She had been
through a lot with him today and realized how much she loved him. Her gaze
was cut short as she felt the cold sting of antiseptic as the nurse taped
some gauze over her vagina.

"You need to keep this on for a week at least." Instructed the nurse. "And
you can't... Manipulate yourself for several days until you have fully
healed. Those are some pretty serious abrasions on the inside of your uterus.
Any stress on that area and those surrounding it could lead to a serious

"And..." she added. "You can be glad that you haven't started your period.
You surely would have been pregnant from the volume of semen that was in your

Harry gave one last look at Hermione's tear stained face before he left the
room. He had to go shower again to clean himself of the semen. He dressed
himself and exited the infirmary. He could feel the dried semen on his ass,
scrotum and penis. Boy, did he ever need a shower!

* * *

Ginny stared with a blank expression at the pump and tube that she was given
by the head nurse. What was this for? Ginny sat down and winced as pain shot
through her backside and crotch. She removed her panties and peered down at
her cunny. It was red and puffy. She touched it and jumped as she remembered
how tender it was.

"Heaven knows what you did to yourself to make your vagina swollen like
that!" the head nurse muttered, as Ginny stood up, covering herself.

"Calm down Miss!" she said. "I've seen almost every student here in the nude.
It's a must when it comes time for a medical examination."

The nurse approached Ginny with a magnifying glass and stared intensely at
her privates. Ginny felt a little uncomfortable at the attention that her
genitals were receiving. The nurse picked up the tube and was about to insert
it into her, when Ginny stepped back.

"I-I can do that!" Ginny squeaked.

"Oh alright," the nurse huffed. "I've plenty of other patients to tend to.
Just remember to use a little of that lubricant before you insert the tube
into yourself. Also, don't press down too hard, and when all the liquid is
in you, lie down on this table and elevate yourself so you don't leak."

Ginny nodded and smiled at the nurse as she left the room. She hopped up onto
the examination table and picked up the pump. It was very warm and squishy.
Ginny applied some lubricant to the end of the tube and pressed it against
her cunny. She winced again as she inserted the tube in her vagina. She
pushed it in as far as she could and then took a deep breath before squeezing
the end of the pump. She could feel a stream of warm liquid enter her cunny
and fill her up. She slowly squeezed every last drop into herself and lay
back on the table. She read the instructions on the side of the pump. She was
to keep the liquid inside her for at least ten minutes to ensure that the
douche would work and thoroughly clean her insides. Ginny withdrew the tube
from her vagina and placed the pump on the table beside her. She could feel
some liquid dribble out from her so she lay back and put her feet into the
stirrups on each side of the examination table. She pulled a lever and her
feet were lifted into the air. She was pulled up halfway into the air. Her
hairless cunny was pointing up towards the ceiling and her shoulders, neck
and back were supported by the table's cushions. Ginny closed her eyes and


Her relaxation was interrupted by a stinging pain on her ass cheeks. Someone
or something had slapped her ass very hard. She opened her eyes and saw Draco
standing at the end of the exam table with a large evil grin on his face.
Ginny desperately tried to cover up her genitals with her hands, but Draco
seized both of her arms and tied them down to the sides of the tables. Ginny
tried to scream but only a squeak left her mouth. She was unable to scream as
Draco had put a blade to her throat.

"Scream and I'll slit your throat you little bitch!" Draco sneered. "You
Weasleys think you're all so special don't you. Well I'm going to make you
wish you were never born."

Draco pulled a lever on the table and Ginny's nude, quivering body was
lowered to the table. Draco glanced at her cunny and noticed liquid dribbling

"Getting a feminine douche are we?" He said grabbing the pump off of the
table. He filled the pump and thrust the unlubricated tube into her aching
vagina. Ginny whimpered as Draco squeezed the pump. Ginny could feel her
insides stretching out as her vagina was filled with more warm liquid. Draco
smiled as he saw the pain in Ginny's eyes. He was going to show her that
Slytherin house was the best house in Hogwarts and no one, not even a Weasley
would be able to stop him.

The douche was completely empty now and Draco pulled the tube from her body.
He grabbed a plug from the table drawer and plugged up Ginny's leaking cunny.
She squirmed as she felt the instinctive need to expel the liquid inside her.
Draco stepped back and admired his handiwork as he observed Ginny's writhing
body. Draco moved in close and was inches away from her face.

"You do as I say or else you will suffer more!" Draco whispered into her ear.

Ginny nodded and Draco pulled the plug from her vagina. A torrent of liquid
shot from her cunny and splattered on the floor. Ginny shivered as the last
drop fell from her body. Draco locked the exam room door and walked around
the table. He rested one arm on the table and swept his hand up the inside of
her thigh and onto her stomach.

"So how old are you anyways?" he asked her. "You're about ten or eleven years
old right?"

Ginny didn't answer him. She couldn't look at him directly as she was afraid
of what he might do to her.

"You must be about ten years old." Said Draco, dragging his hand softly over
her cunny. "You don't have any pubic hair yet and your pussy is smooth as

Draco inserted his middle finger into her pink and puffy cunny. He twisted
his finger around inside her and watched her squirm. He cackled and pulled
his finger out of her. Putting his finger in front of his nose he sniffed it
and said, "Mmmmm, smells fresh and clean! It's a wonder what a magic douche
will do to a vagina isn't it?"

Draco put his finger in his mouth and slowly pulled it out, sucking it as it
came out. He enjoyed the taste of pussy and it was a rare opportunity to
taste such a young one. The only other pussy he had the chance to taste was
that of his cousin's. She was 12 years old and he had put a spell of sleep
on her before he ate her out and violated her anally. He relished his
perversions and couldn't wait to violate Ron's little sister. He liked the
sound of that.... Ron's little sister....a little Weasley was going to be his

Draco undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. He pulled off his under
shorts and T-shirt. He turned on the light above the examination table.

"Look at my body you bitch!" he sneered, flexing his non existent muscles.
Draco was fairly skinny for his age, but he felt he was quite strong and in
shape. He took hold of his penis, which was already erect from the
anticipation of the act he was going to commit, and rubbed it against Ginny's

Ginny wailed and began to cry. Draco loved this. It made him extra turned on
and he rubbed himself over her even harder. Ginny's crying however not making
him as turned on as he thought, as his penis was softening and becoming limp.
Draco frowned and walked to the side of the table. He picked up one of
Ginny's small hands and placed it around his penis.

"Now then," He said. "I want you to stroke my cock and make it hard again."

Ginny didn't move. She stared blankly at the ceiling. Draco became enraged
and pulled four clamps off of the exam table. He attached one clamp onto each
of Ginny's rosebud nipples and clicked each clamp into place. Ginny arched
her back in pain as her nipples were being squeezed extremely hard by the
medical clamps.

"Please stop!" Ginny pleaded. "I'll do it... just please... take those off of

Draco moved his hand over to the clamps and was going to take them off when
he stopped. He wasn't going to stop the torture now! Draco slapped Ginny's
face and spit on her chest.

"No, fuck you!" he swore, squeezing the clamps on her nipples. "I'm keeping
them on until you make me cum!"

Ginny's lips quivered as she began to stroke Draco's cock. As she jacked him
off he slowly pumped his cock into her hand. He loved the feeling of her
small hand on his penis. It made him feel like he had a huge cock. Draco
closed his eyes and concentrated on cumming. After a couple of minutes he
felt a tingle rising up from his testicles. This was it! He was going to
come, and Ron's little sister was going to be the one who made him cum!

The door to the examination room opened. Crabbe and Goyle entered the room.
Ginny stopped masturbating Draco and looked at the two boys, who were
standing there, jaws dropped and staring at the scene on front of them.

"Draco," said Crabbe. "What are you doing with that Weasley?"

"Stupid fool!" Draco replied. "I was about to cum and you stopped me from

Crabbe began to stutter but Draco interrupted him and smacked his face.

"Listen both of you!" barked Draco. "This Weasley is going to be taught a
lesson in humility. I want you both to strip down to nothing and come over

Crabbe looked at Goyle. They weren't sure if they should be doing this, but
Draco was their friend, so they stripped down and joined him at the exam

"We're going to make this bitch scream!" Draco said, tweaking Ginny's nipple

Ginny's body jumped from the table in pain. Draco took her legs out from the
stirrups and placed them down on the table. He then attached a harness to her
body and raised her up so her ass was dangling about a foot off the table.

"Now get on that table and face each other!" he ordered them.

Crabbe and Goyle hopped up on the table and sat facing each other.

"I want both of your cocks to be close to each other." Draco instructed. "I
am going to lower her down and you will both put your cocks into her, one in
the ass and one in the pussy."

Crabbe and Goyle smiled at each other. They were happy at the prospect of
having sex with a real live girl. They hadn't had sex before and were content
with masturbating with various objects, but this.... This was an opportunity
they couldn't pass up. They both started to jack their penises into an
erection. Draco slowly lowered Ginny's ass towards the cocks. Crabbe penis,
as it was the larger of the two, was the first to enter Ginny's body. He was
positioned at her anus. Ginny whined as his cock penetrated her ass. Crabbe
let out a large groan as his thick penis wedged its way into her small anus.
Next, Goyle's cock was thrust into Ginny's small hairless cunny. He too
groaned in pleasure as he violated her body.

Ginny was in a tremendous amount of pain. She vaguely remembered something
like this happening before, for some reason, but it had never hurt like this
before. Crabbe and Goyle took turns pumping and thrusting inside of her.
Goyle took off the clamps and began to massage Ginny's swollen nipples and
bumps that she had for breasts. He put a nipple in his mouth and sucked on
it. Ginny let out a small moan as he continued to grope and suck her chest.

"You like that don't you bitch!" Draco cackled, slowly stroking his cock.

He jumped onto the table and stood in front of Goyle. His ass was a few
inches in front of Goyle's face which made his breast groping and sucking
impossible. Goyle complained and Draco whirled around and smacked his face.

"Listen you, just keep fucking her small twat!" he yelled. "I'm going to fuck
her face and soon she will be filled with our cum in all of her openings!"

Draco put his cock to Ginny's lips. She turned her head and wouldn't open her
mouth. Draco put his hand over her nose and kept air from entering her lungs.
She exhaled and when her mouth opened Draco thrust his penis into her small
mouth. Ginny gagged and Draco could feel teeth begin to press down on his

"If you dare to bite my cock..." Draco began.

He took four clamps out of the table drawer and again clamped her nipples, he
also put a clamp into each armpit. Ginny cried out mournfully as the pain
rose in her chest and armpits. She looked up and Draco who smiled and started
to pump his penis in and out of her mouth.

This was quite a site to behold. Crabbe and Draco were pumping her ass and
vagina, while Draco was forcing his cock into her small mouth. They engaged
in this brutal sexual act for what seemed like hours to Ginny, but was only
about eighteen minutes or so. Crabbe was the first to go. He let out a loud
wail as he came inside Ginny. He orgasmed and his thrusts were more spasmodic
in rhythm. He groaned and pulled out of her vagina. Her weight was now only
supported by the harness around her body and Goyle's penis in her ass. Cum
and liquid flowed from her cunny onto the steel table. Crabbe sniffed her
pussy before he picked up a clamp and grinned at Draco.

"Do it!" Draco hissed.

Crabbe put the clamp inside Ginny's cunny and clamped her clitoris. Ginny
screamed but her voice was muffled by Draco's penis in her mouth. Her body
shook violently with pain as the clamp dug into her tiny nub. Crabbe giggled
and moved to the sink near the table, where he washed his penis off and dried
himself. Crabbe nodded to Draco and winked at Ginny before leaving the room.
Draco continued to pump his penis in and out of Ginny's small mouth. He
wanted to cum badly but wanted to wait until Goyle finished inside her ass
and left the room. He pulled his cock out of her mouth with a loud pop and
slapped it against the side of her face, giggling as the meaty smack echoed
throughout the room.

"You about finished Goyle?" he asked his friend who was feverishly pumping
Ginny's asshole.

Goyle nodded and grunted. He was really enjoying himself. He had never
thought that his first time would be inside a VERY tight ass of a young
preteen. He felt his balls tighten up and he knew his time had come.
Groaning loudly, Goyle came inside of Ginny. She could feel his warm seed
splash inside her ass as he thrust his cock deep inside her bowels. Soon
he stopped his thrusts and pulled his cock out from her ass. He too washed
off his cock and left the room, not before giving her ass one final slap,
which was so hard it left a handprint, bruising her small buttocks.

It was now time for him to cum. Draco lowered her body and her ass hit the
table hard, squishing into the semen and fluid that had leaked onto the
table. He propped up her head and re inserted his penis into her mouth.
Draco picked up her hand and placed it behind his backside.

"I want you to put a finger in my ass!" he said to her. "You will move your
finger in my ass and massage my prostate."

Ginny didn't know what a prostate was but she was not going to put her
finger inside another boy's ass. Draco sensed this and gave the clamp on her
clitoris a little tweak. Ginny's body shook and she unwillingly pushed her
index finger in between his asscheeks. She felt his warm and slimy anus
constrict as her finger pushed at his sphincter. It gave way and her finger
sunk into his warm ass.

"Pull your finger down!" he instructed her. "You feel that lump? Ohhh...
Yeah... That's the one. Now rub that as hard as you can."

Ginny guessed that this was the prostate and she stroked it with her finger.
Draco began to moan softly and his thrusts quickened. A wet, popping sound
arouse from his sloppy thrusts into her mouth. Copious amounts of saliva and
precum leaked around the edges of the seal that his cock made with her mouth.
He could feel the orgasm rising in his body. The attention that was being
paid to his prostate intensified the feeling in his body and he got ready to

It hit him hard. Wave after wave of pleasure shook his body as he came inside
Ginny's small mouth. Ginny felt his anus contract around her finger with each
shot of cum that entered her mouth. She could feel the warm liquid hit the
back of her mouth and she swallowed as much as she could while the rest oozed
out the sides of her mouth. Massaging his prostate made for extra amounts of
semen and she gagged on his cock as it continued to spew his seed. Draco let
out a final yell of pleasure as the last amount of cum left his balls. He
pulled out Ginny's finger from his ass and sat down on her chest. His cock
drooped onto her chest and cum dribbled out of it. Draco removed all the
clamps from her body. There were visible teeth marks from the clamps on her
nipples and Draco licked each nipple and bit them. Ginny was too weak and
dazed from her rape to notice any other pain. Draco swung his legs over the
table and looked at Ginny, grinning as he moved his hand to her cunny and
gave it a slap.

"You are definitely a good fuck!" he commented. "I will have to ask Crabbe
and Goyle what you felt like. You must have been really tight."

Ginny cried as he leaped off of the table and dressed himself.

Before he left the room, Draco turned around and said, "I don't think I have
to remind you what will happen if you tell anyone what took place here?"

Ginny nodded. She didn't know what else to do. She knew Draco was powerful
and would kill her if she said anything to contradict him. She waited until
he left and stumbled, still naked out of the infirmary. It was mid afternoon
now and all of the patients in the ward were asleep. Everyone else was
outside of the school as it was a nice day and the weather was warm. Ginny
stumbled towards the girls' shower room. She completely forgot about her
nudity and received strange looks from a pair of 1st year boys as she made
her way down the hall. She could feel semen running down her legs from her
ass and her cunny. She had to take a shower. She didn't even notice the other
girls taking a shower as she turned on a spigot. The warm water washed away
all the mess from her sex and she collapsed to the floor of the shower.
Several girls helped her up and a couple of them washed her with their cloths
and sponges. They asked her multiple questions but Ginny was in no shape to
answer them. She vomited twice, expelling the semen from her stomach. The
bitter taste of Draco's seed coated the inside of her mouth. One of the girls
gave her some water to drink and Ginny rinsed her mouth out and spat the
water onto the shower floor.

The girls looked with shock at her swollen pussy and red nipples. What had
happened to this poor girl? The girls finished washing Ginny, helped her into
a Gryfindor robe and escorted her back to her room, where they put her to
bed. Ginny cried as the girls left her room and feel asleep in her own tears.

* * *

Harry had returned to his room and found a nude Ron, sitting on his bed,
looking deep in thought. He hadn't even noticed Harry entrance.

"Ron..." Harry said. "What are you doing?"

Ron shook his head and returned to reality. Harry was looking rather
perplexed at Ron. Ron didn't know why Harry was so confused. Ron looked down
at himself. He was still naked. He quickly grabbed a pair of shorts and put
them on.

"S-Sorry Harry!" he stammered. "I didn't see you come in. I just finished my
shower and was thinking about something... I forgot to dress."

"That's ok." Harry said quietly. "We're both boys here so I don't mind so

He sat down beside Ron and put a hand on his shoulder.

"What's wrong Ron?" he asked his friend.

"Oh..." Ron replied. He stopped and thought about what he was going to say.
Would he tell his best friend about what had happened to him that day? He
wasn't sure about it, especially the part about him having sex with his
sister. He looked at Harry who was smiling back at him. He was so honest and
trustworthy. Ron was glad to have a friend like Harry. He decided to confide
in Harry and tell him the whole story.

Harry listened intently as Ron relayed his story to him. He opened his mouth
in surprise as he heard Ron tell him about the encounter with Moaning Myrtle
and felt sorry for him when he heard about Hermione discovering him on the
floor of the bathroom, naked and covered in semen.

Ron paused before continuing his story. The next part was embarrassing and a
little humiliating to say the least. He took a deep breath and told Harry how
he had woken up and found that he was inside his sister. He also told him
about how she had no idea what had happened, and that she seemed strangely
out of it as she left his room. He told Harry how he advised Ginny to go to
the infirmary and receive medical attention from the nurse.

Harry was shocked. His best friend had sex with his sister. Albeit,
unknowingly but the thought of incest made Harry feel a little embarrassed
for his friend. Ron started to cry and Harry put his arm around him.

"I-I-I don't know what to do!" Ron wailed. "I can't believe I had sex with
her. I came in her too!"

Harry patted Ron on his head. He felt sorry for his friend and wanted to help
but he didn't know how.

"You can't tell anyone this Harry!" Ron said, looking at Harry with eyes full
of tears. "I would be mocked and laughed at for sure!"

"I won't tell anyone Ron." Harry said. "I would never betray your trust. This
is between you and me."

Ron felt better now that Harry had talked to him. He was such a good friend.
Harry moved to his bed and sat down facing Ron. Ron blew his nose loudly in a
handkerchief. He looked at Harry and gave that famous half smile that he
always gave when times were rough. Harry grinned back at him and nodded his
head. Nothing had to be said between them. He knew that Ron appreciated their

Their door swung open and one of the Gryfindor girls poked her head through
the door. She glanced at Ron who was just in his shorts and said, "Excuse me,
but I think you need to see your sister!"

Ron eyes opened wide and he looked at Harry. Harry shrugged his shoulders and
they both leapt up and ran to Ginny's room.

* * *

Ginny was there on her bed. She was curled up in the fetal position. She had
thrown off all of her quilts and only a white sheet covered her partially.
Her naked torso was uncovered and her small, boyish buttocks peaked out from
under the sheet. She was sobbing uncontrollably as the boys came closer to
her. Ron sat down beside her and put his hand on her head. He stroked her
hair and gave her cheek a kiss. Had she discovered what had happened between
the two of them? Is this why she was crying?

Ginny cleared her throat and said, "Draco, Crabbe and Goyle...." She stopped
mid sentence. She remembered Draco's last words to her as he left the

"Draco, Crabbe and Goyle... What?" Harry asked.

Ginny turned her head to see Harry looking at her with concern. She stared at
him and looked into his eyes. She dearly loved him and wanted to tell him
what happened but she was scared. Ginny put her head into her brother's arms
and continued to sob.

"Ginny," Harry said. "You must tell us what happened. We can help you. Don't
be afraid of those 3 idiots."

Ginny thought for a second and then sat up in bed. The sheet fell off of her
and she grabbed her knees, covering her chest. Harry could see her small
cunny between her legs. It was red and bruised. It looked like two hairless
fingers of flesh pressed between her legs. Why was she bruised like that?
What had those nasty Slytherin boys done to her?

"They.... They raped me." Ginny said, burying her face into her knees and

Harry rushed over to her side and put his arm around her nude, quivering
body. He rubbed her back and rested his head on her neck. Harry looked over
at Ron who was getting redder by the minute. He could tell that Ron was
extremely mad and was going to do something crazy. Ron got up off the bed
and was about to exit the room when Harry spoke up.

"Ron," he said. "Don't do anything yet. I have an idea."

Ron turned around and looked at Harry who was consoling his little sister.
Harry had a look of evil on his face that Ron had never seen before. What
idea could he possibly have to seek revenge on those bastards that raped
his sister?

* * *

A knock rang out on the door of Slytherin house. Crabbe opened the door and
looked around. No one was there. He looked downward and saw a letter on the
floor. He opened the envelope and read the letter:

Dear Draco, Crabbe and Goyle.
I saw what you did to Ginny Weasley. If you do not
want me to talk. Please join me in the secret room,
adjacent to the library...

A friend

Crabbe gulped and ran back into the main room of the Slytherin house. Draco
and Goyle were chuckling about their evil deed. Crabbe sat down breathlessly
next to the boys and caught his breath.

"What are you huffing about, you stupid twat!" Draco sneered, glaring at

"We... we got a note from someone..." Crabbe sputtered.

Draco saw the piece of paper that Crabbe was clutching and snatched it from
his hands. Goyle looked at Draco as he read the note and saw his eyes open
wider and wider. Draco ripped the letter and yelled loudly, punching his fist
into Goyle's shoulder. Goyle cried out and clutched his shoulder.

"Goddamnit!!" Draco swore. "I am going to kill whoever sent this note. Let's
leave for the library immediately."

The three boys got up and walked briskly towards the library. Draco was
muttering something foul as they rounded the corner of the hallway and
entered the library. They saw an arrow marked in chalk on the wall. They
approached the wall and it opened automatically. Crabbe and Goyle stopped
at the top of the staircase as Draco descended down the staircase.

"Well," he said to the two of them. "Let's go. Are you two assholes scared?"

Crabbe and Goyle looked at each other nervously and scrambled down the stairs
after their friend. The room at the bottom of the stairs was pitch black.
They could not see their hands in front of their faces as they squinted,
trying to make their way through the room.

Draco heard a scuffle ensue behind him and loud cries of "Ouch" and "Shit!"
rang out in the darkness. He then felt himself being dragged along the floor.
He felt two sets of arms pull him into a chair and seat him backwards on it.
They strapped him into this seat and punched him in the head.

"Let me out of this nonsense!" Draco yelled. "I'll get you fuckers if it's
the last thing I do."

Suddenly, the room was filled with light. Draco was temporarily blinded as
the light flashed brightly. He regained his vision and saw Harry Potter and
Ron Weasley standing in front of him. He seemed to have been strapped into a
chair and could not move. There was a mechanical sound whirring from behind
him and he turned his neck as best as he could. Crabbe was laying unconscious
on the floor, and Goyle seemed to have been strapped into a similar device
behind him. Goyle was nude struggling with his straps but couldn't break
free. Draco noticed that Goyle's penis was in a harness and was fully erect.

"What are you fucking perverts planning on doing to us?" he said. "Are you
two a bunch of queers?"

Ron and Harry said nothing. Ron pulled a lever on the wall. Two mechanical
arms moved towards Draco. With lightening speed and precision, two blades
popped from the arms and sliced off all of Draco's clothing, leaving him
naked. The arms moved to the front of his body and shaved off all his pubic
hair. As he was facing the wrong way on the machine, his ass was covered in
miniscule abrasions as the arms were not used to having its victim face ass
first. A large black
rubber penis shaped object approached Draco's ass. He screamed as the
cock sprayed lubricant all over his backside.

"No.... you wouldn't" he pleaded with the two boys.

"No... we wouldn't" Ron said. "But you will!"

Ron slammed down another the lever on the wall. The black rubber dong
penetrated Draco's asshole and slowly began to ream his ass. Draco squealed
in pain as he was violated by the rubber cock. He could feel the cock
releasing large amounts of lube inside his ass. Harry and Ron stood there,
looking disgusted as Draco was being reamed. This was just the beginning of
the torture that they had in store for this sick pervert.

The cock withdrew from Draco's asshole and lubricant slopped out from his ass
and spewed onto the floor. Harry pulled up another lever and the machine spun
into action. Goyle moved in closer to Draco. He struggled as the machine
guided his penis towards Draco's backside. Draco began to sob as he realized
what was about to happen to him. He was going be sodomized by Goyle. Goyle's
penis was rather large for his age and Harry knew that this was going to hurt
Draco substantially.

Draco yelped as Goyle's cock entered his asshole. His anus stung as the
machine proceeded to move Goyle into rhythmic thrusts, thrusting his cock
deep into Draco's backside. Draco could feel Goyle's large cock expand inside
his bowels. Goyle was holding back as much as he could. He could feel himself
starting to cum and bit his lip hard, concentrating on his plight. A large
rubber cock thrust itself into Goyle's ass and a pin pierced his prostate. An
electrical current ran through his prostate and Goyle exploded inside of
Draco. He couldn't control himself anymore and let the machine milk every
last drop of semen from his testicles and watched as the cum ran out of the
corners of his union with Draco. The black cock withdrew from Goyle's ass and
the machine pulled back, dropping Goyle onto the floor. Goyle was a weeping
mess, his crotch was covered in semen and sweat as he breathed heavily and
crawled for the door. Harry picked up a large stick of wood and beat Goyle
unconscious. Goyle lay there, not moving, but still breathing.

Ron and Harry undressed and picked up Crabbe. They placed his nude body into
the device. Crabbe had woken up, but he was too late. He had already been
strapped into the device and could not move. He pulled up his head and saw
Draco's naked buttocks staring him in the face. Crabbe felt something pulling
at his penis. It was the machine. His cock had been placed inside of a
harness and the machine was stroking his cock into an erection. His penis was
not as big as Goyle's but it was still a fairly good size for a boy his age.
Draco vomited and gasped as he tried to recover from his buggering. He could
not control his bowels and defecated all over himself and the floor. Harry
and Ron recoiled in disgust and moved back as the feces and semen flowed
towards the drain. They noticed a red tinge in Draco's feces. He must have
been torn up inside when Goyle's penis had sodomized him. Ron pulled the
lever down again and the machine sprung into action. Crabbe struggled as his
cock was pulled towards Draco's asshole. He squirmed as his cock entered
Draco's feces covered asshole. There was a sickening, sloppy smacking sound
as the machine forced the two boys to have anal sex. Crabbe was not as
experienced as Goyle and soon he too came inside Draco's buttocks. He fell
limp inside his harness and his cock was pulled out from Draco's ass, covered
in feces and semen. The machine's arms moved towards Crabbe's filthy penis
and scrubbed it as clean is it could. Crabbe howled as the rough brushes
scraped against his cockhead. He too was uncut and his glans was very
sensitive. The machine stopped and Crabbe fell to the ground. Crabbe tried
to pick himself up but Ron cracked Crabbe over the head and he fell to the

Harry and Ron looked at Draco, still in the harness. They could see feces and
semen, mixed with blood, oozing from his asshole. The machine spun again and
the arms came down from the ceiling with a familiar plug. Harry grinned as he
knew what was going to happen. The plug was slammed into Draco's asshole, who
grunted as he was again anally violated. Harry stepped over the semen and
stood close to Draco, who was vomiting repeatedly.

So how does it feel now you fuck?" Harry growled.

Ron gasped. He had never heard Harry swear before. Ron observed as Harry took
a stick and beat Draco's back with it.

Harry smiled and looked at the buttplug.

"You won't believe what you'll have to do to get this thing out!" Harry

He gave a tug on the plug. It sensed movement and activated its defense
mechanisms. Draco felt small sharp teeth dig into the sides of his anus. He
let out a high pitched squeal as the plug dug itself deeper into his anus.
Small tentacles wrapped themselves around the insides of his body and thorn
dug themselves into his bowels, piercing his prostate in multiple places.
Draco was receiving unwanted stimulation by the plug. He came and as each
orgasm took place his anus contracted which made the plug move inside him
stimulating his prostate even more. This endless cycle kept Draco in constant
orgasm. As he continued to cum, the orgasms grew more painful. Soon he ran
out of semen and nothing shot from his penis. Draco lay their motionless,
except for the spasmodic thrusts of his pelvis as he continued to orgasm,
assisted by the unrelentless stimulation of his prostate by the magical plug.
Harry released Draco from the device. Draco collapsed onto the floor and
rolled around in the feces and semen which had come from his ass. He could
not control his orgasms anymore, which were not pleasurable at all and hurt
every time he came.

Ron and Harry took one lat look at the pitiful Slytherin mess they had
created. Crabbe and Goyle were both naked and unconscious on the basement
floor, covered in semen. Draco was face down in semen and feces. His ass
lifted and fell in orgasmic spasms driving his penis against the filthy
floor. The boys smiled at each other. They had avenged Ron's little sister's
honor. They turned out the lights and ascended from the basement.

* * *

Harry, Ginny and Ron were playing a card game in the Gryfindor common room
when Hermione returned from the infirmary. Harry leapt out of his chair and
gave Hermione a huge hug. Hermione gave Harry a kiss on the cheek. Harry
smiled and they all sat down together.

"How are you doing Hermione?" Ginny asked her.

"I'm alright." Hermione answered. "Just a little sore, that's all."

"Me too!" agreed Ginny.

Hermione looked at Harry, who mouthed the words "I'll tell you later."
Hermione nodded and quickly changed the subject.

"You'll never guess what I heard in the examination room a couple of hours
ago!" Hermione exclaimed.

Ron and Harry looked at each other. They couldn't contain themselves and
laughed uproariously at their revenge. Hermione was puzzled by the boys'
laughter but continued to tell her story. She explained to them how she was
lying in bed and heard strange sounds from the room next door. Apparently
Crabbe, Goyle, and Draco Malfoy were all in the next room receiving some sort
of treatment. She said that she overheard the nurse talking to the boys and
could make out a few sentences. She heard the nurse say "This is what you
need to do... masturbate onto his chest... rub in thoroughly... insert into
mouth... swallow semen... insert this wire into urethra... press down on

The boys again looked at each other and laughed. Hermione looked annoyed and
Harry urged her to continue the story. She said she heard Draco choking on
something and heard him vomit repeatedly. She said that the nurse told Draco
if he was going to keep on vomiting that he would have to repeat the process
to cure his ailment.

The boys could not take anymore of the story. They both collapsed in a heap
of laughter. Harry's sides ached as he giggled. He knew that the three
Slytherin boys were in for a fun time but he didn't know it would be as bad
as Hermione described it. Hermione pouted and folded her arms. Harry stopped
laughing for a moment and told her what had happened earlier in the day. As
the story continued, Hermione's facial expressions turned from those of
sadness to concern, and then finally a large smile. She too, began to laugh
with the rest of the group. She ran over to Ginny and gave her a huge hug.
Ginny began to cry and Hermione pulled her head into her chest. They cuddled
together and hugged each other tightly. Hermione sat down beside Harry and
they all played card games into the early hours of the morning.

* * *

It was summer vacation and the Weasleys had invited Hermione and Harry over
for the duration of their time off from school. Harry was excited at the
opportunity to visit his friends and not have to go back to his evil step
parent's house on Privet Dr. As Harry approached the front door of the
Weasley house he heard laughter coming from the backyard. Harry went around
the side of the house and opened the gate into the back. There were Hermione,
Ron, and Ron's two brothers, playing with water guns and squirting each
other. They seemed to be having a tremendous time. Harry looked at Hermione
who was running away from Ron and laughing uncontrollably. Her bathing quit
top had slipped a bit and her left nipple was peaking out from under the
cloth. She looked at Harry, and noticed the direction of his gaze. She
blushed and pulled her top back up.

"Harry!" she said. "You're here!"

Hermione ran towards Harry and gave him a big hug. He could feel her wet body
pressed against his and it felt great. Harry returned the hug and wrapped his
arms around her. Hermione gave Harry a kiss on the cheek and then resumed her
"assassination" attempt on Ron and his brothers.

"Just put your bags inside the living room, Harry" Ron said before receiving
a face full of water from Hermione.

Harry smiled and walked back towards the front of the house. He opened the
door and walked into the house. Mrs. Weasley was in the kitchen preparing
dinner and Mr. Weasley was reading the paper. Mrs. Weasley dropped her spoon
and grabbed Harry, giving him a bear hug.

"It's good to see you Harry!" she exclaimed.

Harry beamed. He liked staying at the Weasley household. He always felt
welcome and was treated like a member of the family. Mr. Weasley shook
Harry's hand and gave him a pat on the back.

"Just put your bags in the living room dear." Mrs. Weasley said, returning
to her cooking.

Harry nodded and made his way to the living room. As he entered the living
room he spotted Ginny lying, on her stomach, on the floor listening to music
with her headphones on. Her legs were in the air and moving to the beat of
the music. Harry couldn't but help notice the fact that she was completely
nude and oblivious to Harry's presence in the room. He quietly placed his
bags down and backed out of the living room. He was backing up when he bumped
into Mrs. Weasley. She was looking at her youngest daughter and smiling.

"She's a pretty little thing isn't she?" Mrs. Weasley observed.

"Y-yes" Harry stammered.

Mrs. Weasley looked at Harry and giggled. She put her hand on his head and
tussled his hair.

"We're very open in this household dear." She explained. "I let the boys and
Ginny do whatever they feel like, as long as it doesn't hurt them its ok."

Harry nodded his head and looked back at Ginny. She was humming along to the
music and bobbing her head to the beat.

"I'm sure Ron and Ginny will show you the pond nearby." Mrs. Weasley told
Ginny. "It's a great place to go skinny dipping."

Mrs. Weasley walked over to her daughter and bent down giving her butt a
pinch. Ginny squealed with laughter and looked at her mother.

"Doesn't she have the cutest little butt?" Mrs. Weasley asked Harry.

Harry bit his lip and looked at Ginny, who whipped her head around and stared
at him.

"Mom!" Ginny wailed. "You didn't tell me Harry was here!"

Harry expected Ginny to run up to her room embarrassed, but she didn't. She
jumped onto Harry, knocking him down to the living room floor. Mrs. Weasley
laughed and returned to the kitchen. Harry sat up and Ginny threw herself
around him, grasping him tightly and giggling. She pulled away from him and
tiled her head, winking at him.

"Don't be embarrassed Harry." Ginny said, pushing her hair behind her ears.
"I like to be naked in the summer. It's very hot and I hate wearing clothes."

Harry looked at Ginny's nude body. She was very young still and had not yet
developed her womanly featured. As she stood up he hair her hairless cunny.
It puffed out and looked extremely smooth. Ginny sat down cross legged on a
large sofa next to Harry and admired her finger nails, which she had been
painting while she listened to her music.

"You know," Ginny whispered. "It's OK if you want to be naked too Harry. Mom
lets us and I'm sure it's OK for you too."

Harry nodded his head and smiled. He hadn't really been nude in front of a
lot of people before, other than the shower room of course. He wasn't sure if
he was ready for this. Harry cleared his throat and stood up.

"I think I'll pass right now." He said.

Ginny scrunched up her little nose and stuck out her tongue at Harry. She
leapt from the couch and gave Harry a peck on his cheek. Giggling wildly, she
slapped his on his buttocks and ran upstairs. Harry shook his head and headed
upstairs towards the spare room in the Weasley house. He opened the door and
was greeted by the familiar site of the small bed in the corner of the room.
He was finally home.

Harry put his suitcase down and unpacked his clothes. He set aside his
swimming trunks and towel. He made sure no one was looking and undressed. He
admired his naked body in the full length mirror. Turning around he looked at
his naked buttocks and laughed to himself.

"I don't think that's funny!" he heard a voice say from behind the mirror.

Ginny Weasley emerged from behind the mirror and stood in front of Harry.
They were both naked. Ginny giggled and pushed Harry backwards. He fell onto
the bed. Ginny leapt on top of him. He could feel his penis growing harder as
it touched the outside of her genitals.

"Oooooh!" moaned Ginny. "You're getting hard!"

Ginny rubbed herself against Harry's penis, making it even harder. She
got off of Harry and dropped to her knees beside the bed. She smiled
mischievously and slowly moved her hands towards his cock. Harry stiffened
up as he felt her small fingers softly caress his scrotum. Ginny slowly
moved her body up Harry's legs, dragging her tiny nipples up his leg. Ginny
let out a high pitched moan as she got closer to his crotch.

"Ginny..." Harry began to speak, but Ginny put her hand over his mouth.
Smiling, she put her hand around Harry's erect penis and slowly moved it up
and down. She pulled back his foreskin and kissed the top of his cockhead.
Harry shivered as pleasure shot through his body. Ginny put as much of
Harry's penis into her mouth as she could and then began to suck on it.
Harry let out a groan and felt himself relax. Ginny used her tongue and
worked his cock like a lollipop. Harry looked down and saw her cute preteen
face. She looked up at him and smiled as she continued to fellate him.
Harry's eyes rolled back into his head as he felt his testicles tightening.

"Oh my god... Ginny!" Harry said, feeling an orgasm coming on.

Ginny sucked harder and Harry lost it. Ginny pulled his cock out of her mouth
and jacked him until he sprayed his semen all over her flat, preteen chest.
Ginny giggled and sucked the rest of the semen out of Harry's cock. She lay
down on the bed beside Harry and gave a small whimper. Harry looked over at
Ginny; she had an irresistible pout on her face. She took his hand and
pressed it into her hairless vagina. Harry felt the warmth and moistness of
her genitals as she moved his hand up and down the crack of her cunny. She
softly moaned and pressed his hand deeper into her body. The movements were
increasing in speed and Harry felt her cunny start to squeeze his hand. Her
breathing heightened in intensity and she arched her back, lifting her small
body off of the bead. Liquid started to trickle out of her vagina as she
orgasmed. Harry's hand felt wet as she shook and shuddered. She had used his
hand as a tool and masturbated to completion. Ginny rolled over on top of
Harry and slid her wet cunny over his genitals and rubbed hard against them.
She continued to moan softly and grind herself onto Harry. Finally she let
out a little cry and her head tilted back. She had climaxed her orgasm. Harry
felt more liquid excrete from her vagina and cover his crotch. Ginny slowly
dragged her cunny down Harry's legs, covering them in her sweet musky scent.
She stood up, looked at Harry and gave him a wink. Giggling, she closed the
door behind him and ran back into her bedroom.

Harry was stunned. Ron's little sister had just given him oral sex and
masturbated in front of him. He lay there naked for a moment covered in
Ginny's vaginal juices and sweat. He thought about what had happened. He
always thought Ginny had a crush on him but didn't know that she liked him
this much. Harry got up from the bed and put on his swimming trunks. He
looked at the clock. It was still early in the morning and he wanted to get
the most of his day. He rushed downstairs and joined the rest of his friends
in a water battle.

Hermione was levitating a water balloon over Ron who was hiding behind a
bush. She flicked her wand and the balloon dropped down, soaking Ron
completely. They all laughed and Ron slipped on the grass falling straight
on his butt. Ron's brothers were called inside by their mother. It was time
for them to go into town to shop for that evening's barbeque. The boys said
their goodbyes and accompanied their mother out the front door. Ron, Hermione
and Harry waved goodbye as they left down the dusty road in the family car.
The trio returned to the backyard and sat down in the lawn chairs beside the

"What should we do now?" Hermione asked, eager to enjoy her vacation.

"I think we should go swimming." suggested Ginny, who had joined them in the

Ginny was wearing a very skimpy bikini. As she was still in her preteens, she
didn't fill out the top very well but Harry found it still oddly sexy. Ginny
bent over to pick up a water gun and they all noticed the G-String that ran
around the back of her bikini bottoms. Harry looked at Ginny's small ass and
then looked at Ron who was rolling his eyes. Hermione giggled and slapped Ron
on the leg.

"I think she looks very pretty!" Hermione whispered to Harry.

Harry nodded and tried not to stare as he felt embarrassed for Ron.

"Why are you wearing that thing Ginny?" Ron asked. "You might as well be

"Okay!" giggled Ginny, and with one swift motion, completely removed her
bikini, leaving her chest and genitals exposed.

Ron sighed and shook his head. He knew that Ginny loved to show off and
realized there wasn't much he could do. Ginny giggled again and ran off
towards the pond.

"Come on guys!" she yelled, skipping happily.

"Let's go!" Hermione said.

The three of them got up and ran down to the pond. Ginny was floating on her
back with her eyes closed. She had a peaceful look on her face.

"Here I come! Watch out Ginny!" Ron screamed as he pulled off his clothes and
jumped naked into the pond. Ginny squealed with laughter as Ron did a cannon
ball into the water, splashing her and the rest of the group. Harry looked at
Hermione who must have been staring at him, because she quickly looked away
and blushed. She ran to the end of the dock and jumped in the water, still
wearing her bathing suit. She dove underneath the water and came up again.
Hermione threw her suit onto the dock and splashed around with Ginny and Ron.
Harry looked at the three of them having fun in the water. He couldn't wait
anymore and took off his swimming trunks. Harry dove in head first and came
up underneath Hermione and tickled the back of her legs. He could hear her
scream underneath the water and popped up to see the expression on her face.
Hermione giggled and they continued to swim. Harry and Hermione spotted an
island in the middle of the pond and swam towards it while Ron and Ginny
continued to splash each other. Harry and Hermione climbed out of the water
onto the island and lay down in the grass. The sun shone brightly that day
and reflected of off Hermione's slim and youthful body. Harry looked at her
buttocks, which gleamed in the sun. He could feel his penis begin to grow and
he rolled on his stomach. Hermione came over to Harry and lay down beside

"So," she said. "How do you like your first skinny dipping experience?"

"It was alright." Harry answered trying not to stare at her naked body.

"Harry." Said Hermione. "It's ok if you want to look at me. I don't mind."

Harry turned back towards Hermione who flashed him her famous smile. He could
see tan lines around her small breasts and around her ass and crotch. He
noticed small wisps of pubic hair on her vagina.

Hermione leaned over and rested her head on Harry's back. She rubbed her hand
up and down Harry's thigh. Harry felt aroused again and his penis grew. He
shifted uncomfortably in the grass as his penis grew. Hermione moved and
repositioned herself beside Harry. She had one leg over his nude body and was
resting her head on his shoulder. Harry looked at her face. She looked so
peaceful and beautiful lying there naked. He had never felt as close to her
as this moment. They both fell asleep in the sun, held in each other's arms.

Ron had pulled himself onto the dock and was sunning his backside. Ginny had
enough swimming for the day too and pulled herself up and sat down beside her
brother. She leaned over and rested her head on his legs.

"G-Ginny..." Ron stuttered. "I..."

"Ron," said Ginny. "Relax. I know you were asleep and I was under some sort
of enchantment. You couldn't help yourself."

Ron gasped. He had thought Ginny didn't know that they had sex in Hogwarts.
He had hoped that she would never find out. He rolled over and sat up, face
to face with Ginny. She smiled and put her hand up to his face. Ron held her
hand and a tear rolled down his cheek.

"I would have never..." he said before he was interrupted.

"Shhhh!" Ginny said. "It's ok. I love you Ron. I always will. You're my big
brother and I will love you no matter what happens between us."

She leaned over and gave Ron a hug. Ron burst into tears and cried on his
sister's shoulder. He didn't feel awkward at all hugging his sister nude. It
felt good and he was glad he could put that situation behind them. Ron lay
back and sighed. He was happy that things worked out. Ginny smiled and rested
her head on Ron's stomach. Ron could feel her warm breath on his penis. He
drifted off to sleep as he became entranced by her breathing.

* * *

It was some hours later when Harry woke up. He felt a little hot and was
quite hungry now. He looked over at Hermione, who was sleeping peacefully
beside him. He lifted her leg off of his and gently placed it beside her.
She lay on her stomach, breathing softly as she slept. Harry moved his hand
over his smooth backside. Her skin was soft and warm under the midday sun.
Hermione woke up and smiled at Harry. She hadn't felt his touch, but woke up
just the same. Harry and Hermione both sat up, they were still on the grassy
island in the middle of the pond. Harry looked across the pond at the dock,
which jutted out into the water. There was Ron and Ginny; they were cuddled
together slumbering on the wooden dock. Hermione and Harry got up and entered
the water again. It was cool, but felt good against their bare skin as they
swam towards the dock. Harry, the stronger swimmer of the two, reached the
dock first and pulled himself up onto it. Hermione joined him and they both
smiled as they observed Ron and his sister lying on the dock. Ginny was the
first to wake up and noticed Harry's stares. She smiled at him and flashed
him a wink.

Hermione looked at Harry with a blank expression and then at Ginny, who
mouthed the words "thank you!" to her. Hermione understood what Ginny was
telling her. Ginny had asked her about oral sex with a boy and Hermione did
her best to describe exactly what a girl was to do to a boy. She didn't know
that Ginny would actually use this on Harry. She wasn't jealous, because she
knew it was Ginny's first time and she needed to do it with someone she
trusted. Ginny stood up and gave both Harry and Hermione a hug. Ginny gave
Harry's ass a squeeze as she hugged him, which made Hermione giggle and Harry

Ron woke up and fluttered his eyes open. He saw Harry, Hermione and his
sister looking down at him smiling.

"How long have I been asleep?" he asked them.

"Only for as long as we've been asleep." Ginny said. "I think it's only been
about an hour or two.

Ron stood up and brushed himself off. They all stood on the docks and looked
at each other. Harry picked up his swimming trunks and put them on. Hermione
put on her bottoms but stayed topless. Ginny didn't bother to put on her
clothes and stayed nude, along with Ron. He didn't relish having to put on
his clothes just yet. He enjoyed the feeling of the warm sun on his naked
body. As they approached the house they saw that Ron's mother was cooking
some steaks and hamburgers on the barbeque in the backyard. She waved at them
as they approached the house.

"Hi there darlings!" she sang out. "Supper is going to be ready very soon!"

Ginny jumped at her mother and gave her a hug. Mrs. Weasley put down her
burger flipper and hugged her back.

"Still naked are we?" she asked, smiling down at her cute daughter. "I see
your brother decided to join you."

"Yes Mum." Ginny said, grinning sweetly up at her. Ginny skipped over and sat
down on a lawn chair. Hermione walked over to Mrs. Weasley and gave her a hug
as well.

"Well Hermione, I see you enjoy nature as much as my little girl. You're
turning into a beautiful young lady!" Mrs. Weasley said.

Ron walked over to the table and picked up a carrot and began to much on it.
Mrs Weasley ran over and smacked his bare ass.

"Not until supper is ready!" she scowled.

Harry smiled. He hadn't felt this much love since the last time he was in the
Weasley household.

"Mom," Ginny said, sitting up in her chair. "Is it okay if we sleep outside

"Yes dear, of course." She replied.

Ginny grinned. She liked sleeping outside in the warm summer evenings. She
was happy that Harry was here. She was going to give him another surprise
later on that evening. Mrs. Weasley announced that supper was ready. Everyone
came outside and sat around the picnic table in the backyard. Harry dug in
and enjoyed his food thoroughly. He liked the meals that he had at Hogwarts
but they weren't the same as a good home cooked meal! The dinner table grew
silent and only the sound of chewing and munching was heard as the Weasley
family, Hermione and Harry ate.

* * *

The was pitch black now, and stars twinkled in the night sky. Mrs. Weasley
had given Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny their own sleeping bags. Harry and
Ron climbed up the old tree fort in the backyard and set up camp there, while
the girl placed their sleeping bags under the tree fort inside two hammocks
which stretched between the five trees which held up the old fort.

The boys could hear the girls giggling beneath them. Harry and Ron peaked
through the cracks of the tree fort and watched as the girls stripped down to
bare skin and jumped inside their sleeping bags. Harry watched intently as
Ginny leaned over and whispered something to Hermione. Hermione looked up at
the tree house and smiled. Harry knew that she couldn't see them and wondered
what Ginny had said. Ginny too, looked at the tree house and called up to

"Ron could you come down here for a minute," she said.

"What do they want now?" Ron moaned as he got out of his sleeping bag. He
adjusted his boxers and climbed down the ladder.

Harry watched as Hermione whispered something into Ron's ear. Ron shook his
head and Ginny pleaded with him. Ron shrugged his shoulders and got into
Ginny's hammock after she got out of it. Harry saw Ginny approach the tree
house. What was she doing? Harry crept back into his sleeping back and
pretended to be asleep as Ginny came closer to the top. Harry listened as
Ginny's soft footsteps creaked towards him. He heard her unzip his sleeping
bag and felt her soft, small body moves in behind his, spooning him.

"I know you're awake." She said, whispering in his ear.

Harry opened his eyes. He could feel her soft breath against the back of his
neck. Ginny moved her hand to Harry's buttocks and rubbed them gently. His
penis began to stiffen as Ginny fondled his ass cheeks. She moved her hand
slowly around his waste and grabbed hold of his penis. Harry breathed in as
her hand made contact with his cock. Ginny slowly jerked Harry off and kissed
the back of his neck.

"I want you inside of me." She said softly in his ear.

"N-No!" Harry said. "I can't do that to Ron, he's my best friend, and you're
his sister."

Ginny smiled and began to jerk Harry's cock with more intensity. Harry moaned
and thrust his pelvis forward.

"No sense saying no when your dick says yes." Ginny hissed.

Harry groaned again as Ginny kept on masturbating him. She pulled back his
foreskin and then brought her hand to her mouth. He heard her spit in her
hand and then return in to his cock head. Her warm spit was felt on his glans
as she massaged his penis. Harry instinctively humped her small hand as it
moved up and down the shaft of his cock. Harry rolled over onto his back.
Ginny got on top of Harry and jerked his cock. Harry moaned and placed his
hands on her small nipples and rubbed them. Ginny lifted herself up and
placed one of Harry's hands on her cunny.

"Feel how wet it is?" she said. "Hermione says that it's because I'm horny
and I want to have sex."

So that's how Ginny knew about blowjobs, Harry thought. Hermione had been
giving her secrets on sex. He had thought that Hermione had liked him, not
Ginny. Harry was confused as his hand felt the moistness of Ginny's genitals.
Ginny's back arched as Harry's hand met her vagina. She put both his hands on
her ass cheeks. Harry felt her move forward. Her cunny lips encased his penis
and she moved up and down, lengthwise along the shaft of his cock. Ginny
moaned and bit her lip and she humped Harry's hard penis. She could feel
herself getting hornier by the minute and decided it was time to have sex
with Harry. Ginny lifted her body up and placed Harry's cock in front of her
small, bald cunny. She pressed it into herself and grimaced as he stretched
her opening. She managed to get his cock head into her before stopping and
catching her breath.

"Oh my god." Harry moaned. "This is a really tight fit. Are you sure you're

Ginny nodded. She gave a downward thrust and Harry's cock penetrated her up
to the hilt. Her ass was resting on his crotch now and she had his entire
penis inside her. Ginny fell onto Harry's chest in pain as the penis
stretched her insides. Harry caressed her and stroked her hair softly. Ginny
lay there for a while until the pain decreased. Feeling horny again she
slowly began to pump his cock. Harry was overwhelmed by the heat and pressure
that Ginny's vagina was giving his penis. His whole body shook with pleasure
as Ginny continued to ride him. They had only been making love for 3 minutes
now but Harry couldn't keep himself from cumming. Her pussy was too tight and
it felt too good.

"I'm going to cum" Harry breathed, feeling his balls tightening.

Ginny quickly pulled his cock from out of her cunny and worked it with her
hands. Harry thrust his crotch forward and came. Streams of semen shot out
from his cock and splattered Ginny in his face and chest. The semen also fell
onto Harry's stomach and crotch, covering his cock with its stickiness. The
orgasms subsided and Harry's ass fell to the floor. His chest still heaved as
Ginny began to lick and clean the cum from Harry's cock and stomach. She
swallowed every last bit and then fell onto Harry's sweaty body. She gripped
him tightly and kissed his neck.

"That felt really good." She said kissing him.

Harry nodded in agreement. He had never came like that before when he
masturbated. He was beginning to enjoy sex, first Hermione and now the cute
preteen Ginny? He wondered if all sex was like this as he drifted off to



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