Harry Potter: Hogwarts' Lessons in Love Part 2 - Worry The Wizard (bb,hand)
by Mike M

Ron slowly stirred under his blanket, pretending that he had been asleep.
In the dim moonlight that filtered in, Harry could see Ron's arms and legs
moving under his covers. The other beds were empty as only about one quarter
of the students were on campus. It was twelve days before the regular school
year began at Hogwarts, and selected students were taking special
mini-courses. Ron turned to face his friend, he lifted his a head a little
and finally asked, "Harry, did you say something?"

"Yes," said Harry. He sat and looked at the dim image of Ron's face, thinking
of what more to say.

"Well? Is something wrong?" Ron asked then propped himself up on his elbow.

"I had a terrible nightmare," said Harry. He slowly shook his head then
continued, "The Slytherin team was insulting me and beating up on me
because..." His gaze moved from his friend. "They were beating me up because
I don't have hair... down there."

"Well, don't get worked up about that! That's just plain silly!" Ron tried to
assure his roommate but then felt guilty.

Just moments before he had heard the dreaming Harry call out his name the
first time, Ron had lowered his pajamas to play with his four inch erection.
When Harry had shifted in his bed, Ron had lifted his blanket, pointed his
ivory penis to his sleeping friend, and whispered, "This is one category
where Mr. Weasley is ahead of Mr. Potter."

"But that's not all," said Harry. "The guys on my team were there, too...
even Fred and George called me... 'Ickle Dick' "

"What?! Where did you hear that before?" Ron sat up, and Harry noticed he was
in bed bare chested, again.

"George really called me that in front of Fred, once. They both kind of
smiled, but I told them not to call me that again."

"Then don't worry," Ron said. "They would never really hurt you." In his mind
he said, "Good, looks like he doesn't know they've been calling me that!"

Harry was not convinced. "What if the dream means something? I don't think it
was a real vision, but still it could be some sort of sign or warning."

"Like what?" asked Ron.

"What if something's wrong with me, naturally or magically? What if something
or someone is keeping me as a little boy?"

"You mean it hasn't gotten any bigger over the summer?" Ron saw Harry shake
his head, then asked, "Did your balls get bigger?"

"No, everything's the same" Harry said in a sad voice.

"Well, maybe, you just haven't noticed because you see it everyday." Ron
pushed the blanket off his body. He noticed that a certain part of him was
excited by the conversation then walked barefoot over the woven carpet to
his friend's bed.

"I haven't seen it since... last February," said Ron as he recalled the last
night they played with each other's dicks.

Harry recalled that night, too. That was the night when he and Ron had
decided to get a good look at each other in the bright light of the bathroom
as they didn't want to break the "lights out" rule in the sleeping area.
Their other roommates had stayed sneaking from bed to bed in the dark,
waiting for their turns at the bathroom. As they compared their boy parts,
on that winter night, they both had noticed that Ron's cock and balls were
bigger. Harry never played those games, again.

"All right, let's see it," Ron said as he stood by Harry's bed. "I bet I'll
see something's bigger," he said in a supportive tone with a slight smile was
on his face.

Harry stood up, reached for his glasses and put them on. As he put his thumbs
in the waistband of his pajamas he asked, "Has yours... grown any?"

"Yes! It's..." Ron started excitedly, but then calmly continued, "It's a bit
longer now."

The two friends pushed down their pajamas and briefs to their knees, from
there they just slipped to their ankles. After a few moments of squinting in
the moonlight, they both looked up and simultaneously said, "The bathroom!"
Both boys stepped out of the clothes at their feet.

In a funny voice Ron repeated, "The bathroom!" and started giggling as he
headed there. Harry couldn't help but giggle too as he saw the pale form of
his naked friend leading the way. Ron shook his butt then disappeared through
the dark doorway.

"Oh, Ron! You are so corny!" Harry stepped onto the cooler tiled floor and
became a little nervous as he was reminded of his worrisome dream. He saw a
dark figure that he hoped was Ron. He was about to turn on the light, when
a gentle hand stopped him.

"First, let's take this off," Ron softly spoke as he unbuttoned the shirt of
the smaller boy. He put his hands on Harry's chest, underneath the clothing,
and slowly moved them up to Harry's shoulders. As Ron slipped the pajama top
down to the floor, he heard Harry's breathing get louder.

Harry turned on the light then asked, "What was that all about?"

Ron looked to the wall then turned back to his friend's nervous but cute
face. "I... I guess I just missed you, you know?"

A moment passed, then Ron took a step back, put the toilet cover down and
seated himself. "Come here," he said to the stiff boyhood that was just below
his eye level now.

As Harry moved forward, he noticed the muscles on Ron's smooth chest, on his
arms and on his legs. He noticed the small bruise on one of his roommate's
shins and wished he could make it feel better. He noticed the white rod,
between Ron's legs, with the pink tip peeking out of a fold of skin. It was
pointing up to the ceiling and casting a shadow over a pair of large,
delicate marbles in a loose pouch.

Harry reached his destination and looked at Ron's knowing smile. "I'm glad
you're still my friend," he said in his mind then wondered if he felt pride
in their relationship or if it was love.

As Ron closely scrutinized his three inch hardon, Harry looked over his own
torso, then past Ron's face to his own Quidditch toned legs. He flexed his
arms and was happy to see the movement of his muscles. He was happy to
realize that he was not the frail boy from his nightmare.

When Ron took hold of Harry's erection, he had to stifle a giggle. It must
have startled his friend judging by the way the penis almost jumped out of
his grasp and the "Oh!" that was almost a whisper. He continued the
examination by moving the stiff boy dick up then down, then side to side.
He similarly moved his head to see the subject from all angles. He glanced
up to see that Harry had his eyes closed and his head turned slightly

Harry was feeling wonderful tingles that started in his little cock then
flowed down his thighs and also up through his tight belly into his chest
that seemed to feel the slight night breeze in an exciting, new way. He
thought Ron was finished when he felt the hold on his erection relax, but
then a new tingle passed through his naked body. Ron slowly slid his thumb
and forefinger to the tip of his roommate's hardness. Harry opened his eyes
and looked down to see the loose skin at the end of his dick being rubbed
between two fingers. Ron's blank stare made Harry wonder if he was thinking
about something else, but then he saw his friend's eyes focus, again.

Ron put his thumb under the cocklet to hold it up against Harry's smooth
stomach. He brought his other hand to the small scrotum that was less than
a foot away from his searching eyes. As he gently tumbled and rubbed the
boy balls under the smooth skin, he had a feeling there was something
different about his roommate's body. As he wondered what it could be, he
took his hand away from Harry's silky pouch. He returned his attention to
the loose foreskin. He asked himself if there was more of it or less than
last February. Half consciously, he pulled back the skin just a bit. His
left hand came up again to feel it in its new position. After a few rubs,
he lowered his left hand and gently slid the soft skin all the way back.
The glistening red glans caught his attention.

"Aaah! The air feels really cool there!" Harry said.

Ron wished that his friend would ask or demand that his exposed head be
kissed. He tried to imagine how the full three inches would feel in his
mouth. He told himself not to think of it, then started to help the
foreskin back. He saw it! Harry's pouch was holding his balls more tightly
than a minute ago! Ron gasped, "There!"

Harry jumped back as the breath on his uncovered glans caused a sensation
that was too surprising. This time his penis did escape Ron's grasp.

"Wow!" Harry said, breathing hard. "Give me a warning next time will you?!"
He smiled because it did feel wonderful and because Ron was smiling. "OK,
there what? What is it? Come on, Ron!" He looked at his boyhood with the
head covered up, again, then he looked at Ron's grinning face. "Please,
Ickle Ronniekins," Harry said in a baby voice.

Ron tried to put on an angry face but failed. Grinning, he stood up and held
out his hand, "Congratulations, Mr. Harry Potter! You are growing up!"

"What?" asked Harry as he put his hand out. Ron shook his hand, then gave his
best friend a quick hug and pat on the back. They both noticed that they had
left wet spots on each other. Pretending to be annoyed, Harry said, "Great,
now we've spermed each other!" He smeared the clear slipperiness over his
flat tummy and rubbed it in. "Ron, what do you know?"

Ron rubbed his friend's juice into his inner thigh, brushing his right nut
with the back of his hand. He couldn't keep Harry squirming any longer. "Your
balls, ol' chap. They're not bunched up like a little boy's, anymore! They're
loose, or they were a few minutes ago." Ron chuckled. "Get it? They hang
lower than a little kid's, almost as low as mine, and I'm fairly sure they're
a bit bigger than the last time."

Harry smiled his most wickedly cute smile. "I see! Thank goodness!" He took a
deep breath. "Thanks, Ron."

"No problem ol' boy. I mean man." Ron glanced down to Harry's privates. They
both giggled. "Now, let's get some sleep."

Harry took a step towards the partly lit bed chamber then stopped. "No, I'm
still... not sure of the whole thing." He could see Ron turn to him, somewhat
concerned but also annoyed. "Right, I seem to be fine physically, but why did
I have this terribly frightening dream? I felt... all these things and it all
seemed so real."

"Because you were worried, I'd say," answered Ron. "What's so hard to

Harry picked up his shirt and started to put it on. Ron slipped into his
briefs and pajama bottoms, wondering how much longer he would wear pajama
bottoms. As Harry buttoned up, Ron picked up his roommate's clothes and
passed them to him.

After Harry dressed, he just stood between the beds. Ron was going to turn
off the bathroom light but went back to his friend's side and asked, "So what
do you want to do, Harry?" He watched Harry's face until he looked up.

"I don't know if I have some bad charm on me or if somebody is trying to get
a message to me. There has to be some way to find out without spending days
or weeks researching in the library, and I sure as hell don't want to tell a
Professor about my dream!" Harry shook his head.

Ron piped up, "Hey, lets ask the prefect!" He quickly found his pajama shirt.

"Have you gone mad?! I'm not going to tell your other brother about a dream
with Fred and George! Ouch. Why'd you punch me?" Harry rubbed his shoulder
and sat on his bed.

"Percy's not here, yet. Remember?"

Harry shook his head and said, "I'm sorry about calling you 'mad'. I forgot
about that." He cheered up when he saw Ron step into the light and towards
the door, gesturing for Harry to come along. "That Neil is supposed to be
good with divinations, right?"

"Right. So, let's go... and get your dad's cloak."

"What if he's asleep?" Harry asked.

Ron skipped to the window, stuck his head out as far as safely possible and
said, "Yes!" He ran to the door and shouted, "Hurry! His lights are on!"

Harry was puzzled by his friend's enthusiasm, but he smiled and asked, "Why
are you so happy?"

"I don't know," Ron answered. "I guess because we're going to talk about sex
with someone other than a Weasley!"

Harry laughed, as he remembered the story of how Ron found the twins "doing
something with their really big willies." Fred and George had scared him so
bad that he never mentioned sex to anyone in his family since.

Harry grabbed his invisibility cloak.
_ _ _

This is yet another series of my story writng I've been writng for about 2
years now I have alot more stories becuase of it.


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