I wrote this story as a direct sequel of the JD's "Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings: Ginny Weasley And The Hospitality Of The Orcs", so make sure you'll read his story first. All comments are welcome at the [email protected]

Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings: Invasion of the Orcs (M+f, gang, rape, vio, pwp)
by Greg Nails

Luna Lovegood tried to defend herself, but the orc overpowered her with ease, grabbing her wand and snapping it easily with his strong hands. Her clothes were next to go and soon after her loud cry was heard as her virgin pussy was penetrated by the big, green penis. The beast sunk it's teeth in her perky breasts, mauling her dark nipples. Moment later she cried even louder, this time because another orc entered her ass, spreading her tight anal hole painfully wide. Blood dripped down her tights as the cruel rape continued.

Hermione was first to react, her spell hit the nearby orc, burning his hand into crisp. A beast made a roar and moved back, lookin at his burning palm. Hermione held her wand tightly but then something grabbed her from behind. Young witch couldn't do much when another orc immobilized her easily. She tried to struggle, but her own strength was incomparable to beast's. The orc, hit by her spell before, approached her with a evil smile. He started to tear her clothes. Hermione made a cry, but he slapped her with an open palm, leaving red bruises on her face.

"Look what you did to me, bitch" he said, pointing his burned hand "I'll make you pay..."

He spread her legs and entered her pussy, breaking her hymen with one, quick thrust. Hermione's cry joined the choir of the voices of the ravaged witches. Orc fucked her roughly, enjoying her cries. Closing his claws over her perky tits, he crushed them in his strong palms, causing them to bleed. His comrade joined him and very soon Hermione learned how painful is to have orc cock in the ass. She moaned as the two big dicks fucked fast with brutal lust. Her both ass and cunt were bleeding, torn by the bi cocks. To double her suffering and make her pay for the wound, orc grabbed both pieces of her broken wand and forced them brutally inside her nose holes.

Angelina Johnson wrestled with two orcs. These two were rather short, so she was able to kick the one out of her. The other beast ripped the upper part of her cloth, but she managed to grab his sword and beheaded the creature. Its head fell down on the earth. Angelina made a cry of victory and attacked another orc. But despite her fury, Angelina wasn't skilled swordswoman, while her enemy was. Very soon she was on the floor, with a blade next to her throat. Orc ripped the other part of her clothes and mounter her, deflowering dark skinned witch with a grim smile. She looked at him with hate as he fucked her tight pussy. Deciding that he doesn't like this look, orc slammed his fist into her face, breaking some her teeth and leaving big, dark bruise under her left eye. He slammed her faces few more times, turning her beautiful features into bloody mess.

Cho Chang wasn't even trying to fight, she already realized that the small group of the youn witches has no chance against the horde of the brutal, horny orcs. She wanted to escape and to alarm the teachers about the danger. She run away and was right next to the doors, when a hand grabbed the handful of her black hair and yanked her back. She lost her balance and fell back. Two orcs overpowered crying girl with ease. One of them kissed her roughly, forcing his tongue inside her mouth. Cho almost puked when she had to share the disgusting kisses with an ugly creature. Moment later a strong palm ripped her panties and her cunt was penetrated. Virgin blood dripped down her tights. She found herself positioned on her fours and while the one orc fucked her pussy, the other made her suck his huge, green cock. Tears run down Cho's face as the big dicks rammed her holes. When the orc inside her mouth came, she wasn't able to swallow the sticky, disgusting load and started to retch. Angry orc grabbed her head and forced it into the puddle of her puke, forcing her to lap the ugly stuff with her tongue. Orc placed his foot on her head, making sure she'll eat everything.

Padma Patil grabbed the chair and threw it onto upcoming orc. One of the chair's legs hit the beast's eye. Orc cried from excruciating pain. Padma tried to sneak away, but despite the wound, orc grabbed her arm, almost breaking it with his immense strength. She struggled to free herself from orc's grip, but it was fruitless. Creature roared with fury as his eye was still bleeding.

"Human whorrrrre..." cried the angry orc and grabbed the chair, breaking it's backrest and placing it legs up. He manhandled Padma and forced her on the one of the legs. Her agonizing cry filled the room as the wooden leg penetrated her tight snatch, spreading her pussy painfully wide and causing it to bleed. Orc placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down, causing the wooden leg going deeper inside her, ruining her womb completely. As she was impaled, he moved behind her and started fucking her ass, while his hands crushed her breasts. Padma's cries, filled with terror and pain, joined the choir of the raped girls voices.

Lavender Brown and Katie Bell stood back to back on the wooden table, casting one spell after another, keeping an orcs out of them. They already managed to take down some green creatures, but the beats were still surrounding them from all directions. One particularly strong orc successfully crawled under the table and then lifted it up, making both young witches fell right into the waiting hands of the orcs. They still tried to struggle, but the couple of hits were enough to turn them into sobbing girls. Lavender's nose was broken and her left ear was almost ripped, while Katie's eyes were almost shut and almost half of her teeth were moving.

Orcs grabbed their wands and snapped. Their clothes were instantly ripped. Katie was tossed on the floor and very soon her ass was penetrated by the green dick. She cried, while the orc grabbed her hair and jerked her head back as he fucked her ass. But she was lucky. Lavender was already fucked by the three orcs at once, her ass, pussy and mouth stuffed with their dicks. A smaller orc moved closer and wrapped her hair around his cock, using it as masturbation tool. He came quickly, shooting his semen right into her ear.

An orgy continued for a long time, orcs switched their victims, deflowering helpless witches and cumming inside their holes. Each of young witches had her holes stretched painfully wide and filled with orc seed. Their hair and faces were all sticky with thick orc liquids. Most of them bled, having their pussies, asses or mouth ripped with a huge manhoods. Orcs treated them with cruelty, beating and scratching their bodies mercilessly. Muffled cries and moans of the raped girls echoed in the room for a long time. Finally, orcs had enough. They tied the girls in pairs, face to face, tit to tit, with their mouths gagged with a remains of their clothes. Leaving the victims secured, green beasts took their weapons and moved forward, attacking the surprised Hogwart and conquering the castle with ease.

At the next morning, Hogwart was all in the orc's hands. Teachers were killed, along with a some of the students who were stupid enough to fight the attackers. But most of the students was just captured by the evil creatures, taken by surprise at the dormitories and overpowered before being even able to resist the invasion. At the morning they were all lined up at the castle's courtyard, boys and girls in the two different groups, with their hands tied behind their backs. Orcs, armed with swords and spears escorted them, ready to kill at every moment. All of the captured witches and wizards were naked, mostly beaten and bruised, almost all the girls were raped before and their pussies and asses were full of the orc semen. None of them had idea what more atrocities orcs prepared for them. But they were about to find it very soon.

Boys were taken, one after another, to the room, where each of them was castrated. Big orc held a kitchen knife and cut their balls, tossing them to the big basket. Boys cried and begged for mercy, their screams echoed in the walls. But orcs were deaf for the pleas. Emasculated wizards were moved forward, to the other room where their tongues were cut away. Orcs laughed while doing so, whipping their slaves to make them hurry. Without their balls they were unable to fuck, without their tongues they were unable to use their spells. Orcs turned them into dumb eunuchs with their only purpose to serve their tormentors.

Girls were lead, one after another to the three orcs. Two of them held the victim, while the third one shaved her head, till she was completely bald. When her hair was done, she was taken next to the burning fireplace. Once again, two orcs held her tightly, while the other used a branding iron to burn the slave mark on her ass. Sobs and agonizing cries of the branded girls echoed in the courtyard.

About 200 of male students were castrated and lost their tongues and about 300 female students were shaved and branded. When it was done, the prisoners were divided, so each orc get his fucksluts and eunuchs respectively. A new era of the Hogwart, renamed into Orcward, was about to begin. World of the wizards was still unaware of the gravy danger, much bigger that Voldemort ever made.


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