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Harry Potter: Meeting With Hermione (bg)

Harry Potter arrives at Hogwarts where he and Ron, his best, new friend,
met a nerdy, stuck-up girl named Hermione. Although, she was stuck-up, she
had a nice rack and she was phat to any student. It was like she could get
any student to her attention whenever she pleased it. Ron did not think too
much of her, but the second Harry saw her, he thought he was in love. He
started checking her out, and every curve on her body. She noticed what
Harry was doing but decided not to make a big deal out of it. "He is kinda
cute. Maybe I'll give him a chance," she thought. Harry was in his dorm
every night jerking off, thinking of Hermione and how he wanted to fuck her

For the past, few days they gave each other secret glances as they walked to
class together. Days went to weeks, weeks went to months...and so it was the
last week of their school year together and Hermione thought, "Its final.
Tomorrow I'm gonna sneak in Harry's dorm and fuck the living daylights out
of him."

So we find Harry in his dorm about to go to sleep, he hears a knock on the
door. Ron answers it. He and Harry, both, are shocked to find Hermione in
front of their door. "Can I come in. I really need to talk to Harry," asked
Hermione. She then entered the room, grabbed Harry by his hand and his
invisibility cloak, and started to walk towards the library.

"What the hell are you doing? If we get caught, we'll be expelled," said
Harry, a little worried. Hermione took him into a small room, locked the
door behind her, and cast a spell so that no one could hear them.

As soon as she made sure they were safe, "I know you've wanted me for a
long time, and now you have me," she said. She put her arms around Harry
and dragged him close to her. She put the invisibility cloak over them
just to be on the safe side.

Harry, obviously scared, tried to push her away. Hermione grabbed him by the
ass, he wasn't going anywhere. Harry pushed harder. Hermione squeezed his
ass harder, Harry leaned back and pushed her harder, his hands brushed
against her perfectly round breast. He couldn't help but notice how she had
developed, as he was distracted, Hermione shoved her hands down his pants
and grabbed his cock. She wrapped her hands around it and began to stoke it,
Harry began to shake, he was losing control, Harry leaned over and kissed

Hermione began to pull away, but Harry shoved his tongue into her mouth, he
began to lick her tongue, Hermione began to suck on his tongue. Harry grabbed
her by the ass and pulled her closer, her giant round breast rubbed against
his chest, he began to squeeze her ass-cheeks.

Hermione said, "I didn't know your cock was so big, I can't get my fingers
around it."

"I know it's big, I want you to pump your hand up and down, that's right,
just like that," replied Harry.

Harry began to unbutton her shirt, her giant tits hung free, Harry leaned
over and put one of her nipples into his mouth.

Hermione moaned as Harry licked all around her nipple, her face was flushed,
it felt good, it was dirty.

"I want you to lift up your other breast and put it in your mouth, I want
you to lick your nipple just like I'm doing," Harry requested.

Hermione did as she was told, she began to suck her nipple, she was becoming
weak in the knees, Harry slipped his hands down the front of her pants.

Hermione began to shake as he rubbed her clit, she spread her legs wider
apart, Harry moved her panties to one side and slipped two fingers inside of

He began to twist and turn his fingers inside of her, Hermione swayed from
side to side, he shoved his fingers as far inside of her as they would go.

He pumped his fingers deep inside of her, she began to squat up and down on
them, Harry pulled his fingers out and checked for blood.

His fingers were clean, Hermione told him she had broken her hymen with her
wand, Harry was disappointed. he then lowered her to her knees.

Hermione pulled his cock out, it was fourteen inches and fat, it was bigger
than her wand, she was scared, Harry told her she had to get it wet.

He tilted her head back and popped her mouth open, he slowly began to work
his cock down her throat, Hermione closed her eyes, he massaged her breast.

Hermione took his cock deeper and deeper with each stroke, Harry grabbed her
by her ponytail and forced her head down further, he soon had all fourteen
inches down her throat.

Harry pulled his cock out of her throat, he told her she was ready, he spun
her around and bent her over, he mounted her from behind and slammed his cock
all the way inside her pussy on the first stroke.

Hermione cried out as he penetrated her, she learched back until her ass was
resting against his legs, Harry began pumping his cock into her, the sound of
his balls slapping against her ass echoed throughout the room.

Harry grabbed her ponytail with both hands and yanked her head back, he
ordered her to ride him, Hermione began to slam back onto his cock, this was
just what she wanted.

Hermione slammed back harder and faster onto his cock Harry began to moan,
this was one of the tightest cunts he had ever had, this was the only cunt he
ever had, he didn't know how long he could last.

Hermione began wiggling her ass from side to she was a quick study he was so
proud, he was going to blow his load inside her.

Hermione didn't want to be impregnated, she pulled away from his and spun
around, she shoved his cock all the way down her throat and began to stroke

Harry began to shake as the first stream of cum shot out and into Hermione's
mouth, she began to gag and pulled the cock out, the rest splattered off her
face, dripping across her nose.

As Harry began to leave, she said, "So that's it, huh?"

Harry did not know how to answer that question. So he said, "Thanks for the
going away gift. I'll see you next year."

The school year had ended, Harry was now on his way back to Private Drive to
live with his uncle for the whole summer.


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