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underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality
whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not
condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real
world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm
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Description: Death Eaters draw the malevolent killer Freddy Kreuger to
Hogwarts and unleash him against Sybill Trelawny's as a test of the dream
killer's abilities. Sybill falls asleep and finds herself 17 again.

Content Codes: Mf, furry-beast, big-cock, cum-shot, vine-bondage, snuff,
asphyx, decapitation, rape.

Harry Potter/Nightmare Of Elm Street: Nightmare At Hogwarts
by JD ([email protected])

The multi-dimensional pit of Hell has been trawled for the greatest evil
ever to exist except perhaps, for Lord Voldemort. The child killer, The
slaughterer of dreams, The king of nightmares. Freddy Kreuger. The town of
Springwood has forgotten Freddy, leaving him weak and powerless. He's been
searching all the pits of Hell, looking for a way back. Instead, he's ended
up at Hogwarts. Freddy doesn't like being used, but at Hogwarts he suddenly
has the power to kill again, power fed to him initially by the shadowy
figures behind his 'summoning'. As his power grows, those who brought him to
the school may live to regret it.

Firelight flickered off the wood-panelled walls of Professor Trelawny's
private bedroom in Hogwarts, the world's premier school of wizardry and
witchcraft, co-incidentally located above the divination classroom. The
middle-aged seer was huddled under a thick blanket in her chair beside the
fire, thinking idly about the distant return of spring. She was willing to
turn her mind to anything to avoid fretting over he-who-must-not-be-named and
young Harry Potter.

'One, two, Freddy's coming for you.'

The voice sounded at the very edge of her 'mind's ear' almost too faint for
her to discern the words. The scatterbrained aging Professor pulled her
increasingly wrinkled hands from beneath the blue-green tartan blanket and
revealed a pencil and pad. She noted down the message as best she could
before returning her hands to the warm comfort of her blankets.
"Who's Freddy?" she murmured the question aloud as she slowly descended into
the warm embrace of sleep.

The Forbidden Forest was a dark and fearful place and had grown much more so
since he-who-must-not-be-named had started his dark war. Yet, as Sybill
became aware she was walking along a worn path between the close trees, she
was not afraid. The seer knew the track like she knew her own mind even
though she hadn't walked it since graduating Hogwarts many years previously.
"I'm. seventeen!?" she gasped drinking in the changes to her body. Age had
reversed it's hold on her form and she had the tight, lithe body of her
youth. In unbelieving wonderment she reached up to feel her breasts through
the school sweater. School sweater! She was in her old Hogwarts uniform! Her
body was firmer than she could truly remember.

"Oh my!" Sybill wasn't forming coherent sentences and had nobody to speak
them to. She ran a tanned finger down the side of her face and wished for a
mirror. The seer began to laugh as she span around on the forest path, with
her student robes flying wildly about. Her hair was down her back, rich and

"This. this must be a dream!" The realisation brought sadness, because she
knew she could never truly be young again. How did old Albus face each day,
each mirror, remembering the boy he must once have been? Sybill kicked at the
soft dirt with a scuffed black boot and sighed deeply. She started to walk
down the ancient path, remembering each twist, each turn. Exactly where she
remembered them were the two waist-high thickly mossy boulders that marked
the entrance to the Chimera's Glade. A few footsteps took her between them
and she paused to look the length of the length of the grassy space. Sybill
pushed her tanned, young hand into the springy black moss that entirely
covered the rock, revelling in the remembered sensation.

"Great Chimera! I, Sybill Trelawny of Hogwarts call upon you. Will you speak
with me this day?"

At the far end of the Chimera's Glade was an opening into the cave network
that wormed its way around the area. This particular cave had long been home
to a wise and gentle Chimera, as far removed from the brutalities of his kind
as Pholus and Chiron had been from theirs. It had actually been possible to
embarrass him with tales of the first of his kind, and her death at the hands
of a Greek hero. Any persons wishing an audience would announce themselves in
the manner Sybill remembered so well. A terrible and piteous groan emerged
from the dark cave entrance, amplified by the stone mouth.

"Chimera?" the beast sounded as if it was in great pain. Sybill reached for
her wand and discovered she was without. A newly pained cry sounded from the
cave mouth. It came back to her then, how Voldemort had murdered the Chimera.
She had been away from Hogwarts at the time, far from The Forbidden Forest.
It was said that the Death Eaters had suffered some defeat at the hands of a
witch and her husband, and so the Dark Lord himself had turned his wrath
against them. They fled into The Forbidden Forest where the Chimera had
offered them the sanctuary of his home. The Chimera had been old, and
powerful, and had the natural advantages of his species whatever his
civilised personality.

The Chimera's Glade had been razed utterly and left black and dead earth. It
was a twisted and evil version of the beasts own fire-breathing razing of
areas of The Forbidden Forest to help it grow. The Chimera and those under
his protection had been butchered; his head taken from his body. There had
been many rumors about it's fate, with the most widely repeated being that it
hung on some wall as a trophy of the Dark Lord's victory.

"Chimera?" she repeated. Sybill was a natural seer. She was growing more and
more used to seeing terrible things from the future. As she moved slowly,
fearfully, through the Chimera's Glade, she feared greatly she was here to
see something terrible from her past; the death of her friend and the evil of
he-who-must-not-be-named. Those events had occurred long after she was
seventeen, after she had left Hogwarts, "so why am I seeing myself like

"It's just a dream, just a dream." she muttered as she moved towards the dark
opening. Every time a new moan or groan sounded from the cave she shuddered.
The seventeen-again professor stopped in the shadow of the opening and peered
into the darkness. The pained breathing from within showed the raising and
lowering outline of the Chimera's goat-belly in the darkness.
"It's me, Sybil Trelawny! Can I help you?"


The voice didn't sound truly as she remembered it. It was raspier, more
hissed. The Chimera must be in agony, and suffering so much he could barely
breath and hardly speak.

"Yes, friend. It is I. How can I help you?"

"You can die in fear and pain and give me your strength!"


Sybill backed away slowly from the cave as the great beast shifted in the
darkness. The great lions head emerged into the light with an expression the
seer had never before seen upon its face. There was an expression of lust and
dark joy. As the creature emerged fully into the light she could see that
it's goats body had changed. The fur was striped red and green all the way to
the flexing serpents tail that swished around at the beast's rear.

Sybill's hands shook as she felt herself being consumed by the terror of what
was to come. She had to find out as much as she could about what this twisted
version of the old Chimera meant, so she could take the information to
Dumbledore. There was no way it could hurt her; it was only just a vision, a
dream, for all that.

"Foul creature! I am Professor Sybill Trelawny, foremost seer of the world's
foremost school of wizardry. State your purpose! Show me your meaning! I do
not fear you."

"You're a terrified seventeen year old bitch, now! I'm going to rip you apart
so you can't tell them Freddy's back too soon!"

The voice coming from the lion's mouth had now totally lost any resemblance
to the noble Chimera she once knew. It sounded like a corrupted American
accent. The snarled tones were utterly lacking in the kindness of the
Chimera's strong Greek accent.

"R-rip me apart?" she could feel the power of the creature, growing stronger
with every second. She couldn't face it. Sybill's spirit broke and she turned
and ran for the entrance to the Chimera's Glade. She had a feeling that if
she could just get passed the boulders, it would all turn out alright.


"HAHAHAHAHA, BITCH! Freddy's got you now!"

The Chimera's weight had slammed heavily onto her fleeing back. Sybill could
feel her firm seventeen-year-old breasts pushing into the springy black moss
of the boulder beneath her as she screamed in terror. Thorny brown vines
erupted from the ground to wind themselves painfully around her wrists and
ankles. Pain shot up her arms and legs as sharp thorns dug into her flesh
through the school uniform; the vines sank back into the dirt and took up the
slack. Her shaking limbs were pulled in four opposite directions by strength
far greater than her own.

All the time the creature pretending to be her old friend laughed insanely
above her. At first, the weight of its legs over her shoulders made it hard
for her to breath. Sybill's screams were cut off as she was unable to draw
air into her lungs. The Freddy Chimera adjusted it's weight, lifting itself
up. Sybill gasped in great lungful of air seconds before she would have
passed out. Every shaking, shuddering movement brought pain from her thorned
bonds. Blood dripped down onto the Forbidden Forest floor and sulphurous
water burst forth from a new forest spring wherever it fell.

The Freddy-Chimera almost seemed to be in an argument with itself. Sybill
listened to its raspy, evil voice over the gasping breath of her own fear.
"Just have to kill the bitch. Show them Freddy's back. Don't want them to
know Freddy's back just yet, have to kill the bitch so she doesn't tell them.
Bitch! Have to, to fuck the bitch. Freddy extreme. New terror! Murderer not a
rapist. What's the difference? Make her die in terror for me!"

She could hear an edge of confusion entering the beast's voice. Professor
Trelawny was as scatterbrained and flighty as they come but the seriousness
of her situation was bursting through her consciousness. She needed to wake
up. Getting out of the dream would get her away. The seer started to form the
first syllable of a waking spell. She intended to use the power of the dream
symbolism to force her back out of the dream.

"Awa-AAMMMMPHH!" The Chimera's serpent tail whipped around faster than her
eye could follow. Far longer than the beast, the cold dark-green tip pushed
into her mouth and stoppered her panicked throat. Sybill gagged around the
scaled tail as the best forced more into her mouth. Her eyes bugged out as
the air was cut off. Sybill's face almost immediately started to go purple as
she bucked against her bonds and tried to shake her head and dislodge the

The lions head ceased it's argumentative babbling and drank in the sweet fear
of its victim. He pulled the end loose again with but a second before Sybill
blacked out, but left the tip on her tongue. Snot and tears ran down the face
of the choked witch as she breathed life-giving air. She mumbled words,
unable to move her tongue or try and speak. The Chimera savoured her
terrified squeaky squealing as he gave up on his internal indecision and
decided to do things how he felt mentally urged to do them. He could secretly
feel that he wasn't anywhere near strong enough to resist interference. Not
yet, but soon. Sybill's fear helped.

She sank to an even new depth of terror as she felt an overlarge goat phallus
push insistently against her robes. A brutal tearing noise sounded through
the air as the fabric tore. Sybil screamed about her semi-gag as the
mushroom-head of the two and a half inch thick goat shaft pushed inside of
her fear-wet cunt. Sybil's nipples were hardened as they rubbed forcefully
into her blouse and the mossy rock.


"Bitch. I've not even started yet! HAHAHAHAHAH!"

The Chimera pulled back it's goat hips and then thrust forward hard, sinking
half of it's ten inch fuckstick into Sybill. Fresh screams issued from her
mouth as she felt herself deeply violated. Worse, the utter subjugation, the
fear the incredible fullness she felt were starting to seriously arouse her.
Shame flushed her dream-youthful cheeks as the Chimera began to pound her
shaking body into the mossy boulder.

The Chimera felt the tightly flexing cunt muscles around his plunging prick
and started to see the light. In raping his victims he put himself into a
position of supreme power over their pathetic bodies and massively increased
the fear they felt before he killed them. Pulling out, he sank the full
length of his hard, thick inches into her cunt and burst through her cervix.
Sybil Trelawny screamed in new agony as the Chimera brutally womb fucked her
into the rock. The pain eclipsed her fast growing pleasure, even as the rough
fur of the goats body tickled her throbbing and erect lovebud. The seer
squealed anew as the beast slammed back into her, and then held his prick
inside. He twisted his goat hips, filling her and fucking her with hard, hot,
goat cock. The end of its tail dropped from her mouth, but she was far beyond
chanting spells now. Her fingers flexed spasmodically as the Chimera
rhythmically built up its fucking motion.

"Yeah, bitch, yeah!"


"Fucking fill you up!"


"Gonna fucking cum in your FILTHY!"






Sybill felt every muscle in her body tighten as the Chimera raped her to a
brutal climax over the mossy rock. She felt the first spray of cum slam into
her womb even as her eyes rolled back into her head. She screeched her
pleasure as fear and fullness mixed for a literally mind-blowing climax. Her
wet cunt gripped the Chimera's spraying cock and then forced spunk from her
quickly overfilled fuckhole.

The Chimera continued to pump into her, experiencing the first true orgasm of
it's post death existence. Relishing in the true strength it drew from her
body as her mind disintegrated. As the Chimera withdrew it's cum-slimey shaft
from her gaping cunt, a huge stream of cum began to pour down the rock
towards the ground. He swished his serpent's tail about his rear as he
trotted on goat legs round to look at Sybill from the front. Her eyes were
glazed and her jaw was slack, but she still lived.

Roaring his pleasure the Lion leaned forward and bit the head from her body
with a loud, grisly crunching noise. Blood spurted across his main as he
chewed the morsel and then swallowed it whole.

In a dark room back in the real world six streams of spunk crossed, splashing
into the scrying pool. Each of the seven people in the room bore the mark of
a Death Eater, a servant of Lord Voldemort.

"You did it! He's killed her!" the voice was directed at the naked witch who
sat back from those gathered around the pool. Naked, but the rich, hooded
azure robe that hung over her body. It hung open to expose her nakedness as
she looked with tired eyes at the speaker.

"He's strong. Powerful. I'm not sure how long he can be steered. He's a lot
smarter than you give him credit for, Malfoy."

Those in the circle about the pool started to clean up the evidence of their
ejaculations as they pulled up pants and adjusted robes. They were pleased
with 'their' success, wanting to share in the credit of the robed witch's

"You'll control him as long as you're told too."

There was a pause before she replied, enough that it was clear she had her
own ideas.



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