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Harry Potter: Secrets Part 1 (mm, m-mast, oral)
by Mike M

After saving the school for the second time. Harry was walking back to the
Gryfindor thinking about his previous sessions with Hermione. But little did
they know Harry Potter liked wizards better then witches. Good god he wanted
Ron to fuck his tight ass with his big cock. He saw it. Just thinking about
it was making his dick ache. He need release so bad. He had reached the
painting to the Gryfindor common room.

"Sherbert Lemon," said harry.

As he walked in he noticed a few boys running into the girls corridor.

"More late night fucking," thought Harry.

Harry Potter ran into his room, jumped on his bed and opened up his night
stand drawer and picked out a medium sized dildo from an impressive
collection. He placed the tip at the entrance to his tight sphincter and
slowly started to lower himself down on it.

"OHHH!! FUCK!" Harry said aloud.

"JESSUSSSSS! CHRIIISSSSST!!" He yelled thinking no one was there but he was

In the next bed over Ron was lying awake beating his meat thinking of
Hermione, but he stopped once he heard Harry.

"Another girl," Ron thought.

"What the hell," said ron as he got up wanting to take a look. "OH MY GOD!!"
Ron yelped.

"Your a fucking fag," said an angry Ron.

Harry quickly pulled the blankets back on him.

"It's not what it look like's Ron!" said Harry.

"Then what the bloody hell is it?" yelled Ron.

Harry just sat back looking for an excuse. He couldnt find one.

"Now you have to be punished," yelled Ron.

"Get on your knees," said Ron.

Harry did as he was told. Fearing what would happen if he didn't.

Ron whipped out his hard dick. Harry knew what do do. He took Ron's hard dick
into his awaiting mouth Harry swallowed 5 of the 7 inches he learnt all of
this from his cousin Dudley. Harry started to move up and down on Ron's thick
shaft. Ron stated to become very vocal.

"Suck that huge dick you fuckin fag," Ron yelled.

"Turn around and bend over I want that famous ass."

Harry was a little worried. He had never had a real dick in him and he knew
Ron wasn't gonna be gentle.

"Oh what the bloody hell, you think im gonna kill you with this?" Ron
stammered. "Come on bend over, I won't hurt you. Think about it Harry if
I killed you don't you think they would notice you naked with my seed
coming out of your ass?" said Ron.

Harry agreed he turned around and bent over. Spreading his asscheeks exposing
his loose sphincter. Ron bent down and stated licking his asshole. He licked
until he thought harry was ready. He asked harry if he was ready and Ron
slowly pressed his rock hard 7 incher into Harry's butt.

To Be Continued...


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