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Harry Potter: Secrets Part 2 (mm)
by Mike M

He slowly started to push in to Harry's ass with his uncut 7 incher. They
started to moan together as Ron was slowly humping Harry's ass. Ron quickly
started building up speed as he was about ready to bust a nut in Harry's no
longer virgin ass.

"Ungh! UNGH!! UNGH!! MORE MORE MORE!!!" Harry pleaded.

"OHHHHHHHHH!! FUUUUCCCKKK!" said Ron as he blew his creamy white goo in
Harry's ass.

* * *

The next day as they ended there last class Harry and Ron collaborated on
how to get Ginny, Shamus, Draco and Hermione in on it. They came too an
agreement thinking it would be easy to get Hermione. They came up with a
plan and decided to execute it that night.

They waited for the boys to fall asleep then the girls. Then they slowly made
their way up the ascending staircase to the girls' dormitory. They entered
throught the kreaking door. They made there way to Hermione's bed and put
there plan in action. Harry got himself a boner and laid down on the floor
pants down an all. Then Ron woke up Hermione.

"What the devil is it Ron," said Hermione almost awake.

"It's Harry, Malfoy put a spell on him he's going to be unconcious until he
is bought to orgasm by a girl," said Ron in a fake scared voice.

"Oh my god we've got to get him to the hospital wing." said Hermione.

"No, Draco said that if we were to tell teachers he'd slit our throats."

"Okay, you want me to blow him or fuck him," said Hermione.

"Get it done fast, so I'd say fuck him."

"Okay," was the last thing Hermione said before lowering herself on Harry's
uncut dick.



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