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Harry Potter: Secrets Part 3 (mf,mmm,ncon,magic)
by Mike M

As Hermione began to lower herself on Harry's pulsing throbbing cock. She
suddenly tripped and impaled herself on his cock. Harry wasn't expecting
it then all of a sudden he began to cum in her tight pussy. Then Harrry
remembered he was supposed to start to wake up after that so he began to
"fake" stir. He awoke quickly and then said, "Thanks Hermione! I really
needed that you slut."

Hermione stood in shock as Ron and Harry left the girls dorms laughing their
tight little asses off.

Up next: Draco

They thought and new they were going to have to do a spell on him. So after
dinner one night as everyone was walking back to the dorms and they followed
Crabbe, Goyle and Draco as they snuck up behind them. They put spells on all
3 of them and then they drug Crabbe and Goyle into the room were they keep
Fluffy and the animal began to rip them apart. They thought, "Aww what the
fuck. Nobody cares about them."

The they took Draco down to the chamber and cast a few more spells to make
him naked silent and lubed up. Ron bent down behind Draco and start to rim
his already lubed asshole and started to insert his fingers which caused
Draco to howl silent screams. Harry took advantage of this and shoved his
dick down Draco's soft wet throat. Then Ron positioned his dick against
Draco's lubed bum and slowly, but surely, forced his way in Draco's no
longer virgin ass. Then they decided to take it home and began to insanely
fuck Draco.

Then after about 20 minutes of steady pounding finally came in Draco's ass
and took out his shit, blood and cum covered cock and told Harry to get his
ass and Ron to get his mouth. So Harry did as he was told and they switched
places. Ron shoved his shit covered cock into Draco's mouth and began to move
in an out till his dick was clean while Harry was shoving his huge boy cock
in his no longer tight ass. Then because Ron still wanted some, he got
underneath Draco and took Draco's hard dick and pressed it up against his
anus until his head was lodged into his ass. In one swift movement he impaled
himself on Draco's surprisingly huge member. It was a good 9 or 10 inches at
the least and began to move back and forth on his dick so fast it was
building a lot of friction. Feeling all this was forcing Harry to come. He
was moving in and out until his head was out and pushed back in, but at one
point his head unfortunately came all the way out and he pushed forward the
same time Ron was pushing back and his dick slipped in with Draco's and Ron
nor Harry either minded, so they just kept on going. They were going at such
a fast paced it had to be burning the insides of Ron's ass. Then they both
came in Ron's ass. Ron and Harry decided it was enough they walked with Draco
back to the Slytherin common room and left him till next time.

Next up: (everyone's favorite) Shamus Finnigan!

Ron and Harry knew this would be an easy one because they new he was gay.
He just wasn't openly gay. They both saw him one night fingering himself and
masterbating at the same time and they were impressed with his size. It was
the same as their cocks, so they decided that night would be great. It was
time for him to screw again then at about 10:30. That night they walked
towards his bed and heard him and opened up the curtains and sure enough he
was doing the exact same thing as last week. Then jumped into his bed and
covered his mouth. He tried to fight back, but there was no use. So after
about 5 minutes of struggling he finally gave up and started to worry about
what they were gonna do. Ron took Shamus's dick into his mouth he was
surprised not in a bad way a very good and very sexual way and Shamus began
to cum. Ron got off and punched him in the face and said, "Oh no your not
cumming so soon."

He flipped him over and shoved his dick in Shamus's already loose ass and
began to pace himself in and out and slowly building up speed until Ron came
in his ass. Then it was Harry's turn to and started to go at the sloppy
seconds. He was getting ready to cum. It helped even more by Ron licking his
balls and ass, but he pulled out and got underneath Shamus and Ron positioned
Shamu's dick near Harry's back door. Shamus pushed in and in he went and
after a few pumps Harry began to cum. Then when he did his deflowered ass
contracted and Shamus came in him. Then Harry and Ron left to let Shamus
think of what just happened.


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