The following is not based on a true story. It is based on two fictional
stories. If you choose to believe that the Disney show So Weird, or the story
Harry Potter are real - well, I suggest getting help, but there's not much I
can do about it. So feel free to, but this is a fantasy story based on the
two fictional stories - which means it is roughly three steps away from
reality (assuming, of course, that Harry Potter is only a single step...)
This story is intended for adults, despite currently having no adult
material, there are plans to include some at a later point.

As you have probably figured out from the stories here, the story and most
characters are not, in fact, owned by me. I'm just borrowing them for the

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And, without further delay, I would like to present Part 1 of Fiona Phillips
and the Forgotten Ones.

Harry Potter/So Weird: Fiona Phillips and the Forgotten Ones Part 1 (no sex)
by GameDreamer

Fiona Phillips rushed through the shelves of books, peering through the
spaces provided by a missing book. The girl wouldn't have looked odd, but for
the fact that she walked out of the library's fireplace. She was now going
through the shelves as though she were in a rush, her gaze pausing every few
seconds on a title as she passed. Fi had given up her attraction to the
supernatural to protect her family, but this was too curious to pass up.
Whatever it was about, she was sure to find out.

Finally, she got to a wall, and Fiona ducked down and looked through the
space above the books, finding her sight at just above waist level on the
older girl. As she watched, her hand moved quickly to her waist and with
a second of delay, she pulled a stick, just under a foot in length out.
Tapping on the wall with it, she stood back, and Fiona's view was blocked
by her white top. Quietly moving to the side for a better view, the young
girl saw that where the wall had just been was an empty hallway. She walked
in through the wall and Fi saw the wall starting to put itself back to

Deciding on the side of curiousness, Fi rushed around the shelf and leapt
at the wall, hoping to get in before it closed off completely. Just as she
passed through, she heard a door ahead of her shut and the sound of bricks
moving stopped. Fi stood up, and saw that there were a few doors, so she
slowly opened the closest one.

As she carefully pulled the door open enough to see, she felt something push
against the door and knock her backwards onto the ground. She fell on her
back and saw a flash of brown against the white ceiling. Looking in the
direction it seemed to go, she saw what looked like a broom, and it rammed
into the wall making a soft thud sound each time. Taking a moment to process
this, although it wasn't the oddest thing she'd ever seen, Fi stood up.
Looking at the open door, she saw that there was an indent where the broom
must have been hitting, and the rest of the closet looked like a standard
janitor's closet.

Hoping to find out what was with the fireplace-girl, Fi closed the door and
moved on to the next. She eased the doorknob, and slid it open so she could

"I understand, Mr. Dunn, but if his followers try to rise up, they'll be able
to wipe out most, if not all of the wizarding population in this country!"
the girl Fi had followed, who sounded British, pleaded.

"Ms. Granger, I have heard your concerns countless times. But do you realize
you are suggesting that we send scouting teams to pick up sixteen, fourteen,
and even twelve year olds just in case they are able to be a wizard? Even if
we had the force free to do it, it would double the size of our school and
train more in the powerful spells, in the off chance a small band of
troublemakers decide to take up the call of an over-hyped wizard that has
been dead for forty years," the large, short man who was apparently Mr. Dunn

"This isn't just a couple of kids with Weasley products, but a fair amount
of well-organized trained Wizards. And as you've been repeatedly told, that
'over-hyped' wizard has been seen by a number of reputable Witches and
Wizards in the past few years," Ms. Granger responded, sounding like she was
getting upset.

Fiona didn't have much of a clue what they were discussing, but the reminder
of her great-grandmother made the conversation strike a nervous chord in her.
She let out a gasp as Ms. Granger had been talking and they appeared to have
heard it because she began walking toward the door, a very serious look on
her face, and her hand resting at her side.

"Excuse me, but how did you get in here?" Ms. Granger asked harshly as she
walked out the door, forcing Fi to back up into the hall.

Fi began to reply as the other girl closed the door and the others inside
began speaking. "Well... I saw you come out of the fireplace. I followed you
through the bookshelves to that wall, and got in before it closed."

"That's interesting," she replied, apparently thinking.

"If I can ask, what is? And who are you all?"

"Well." She looked piercingly and Fiona saw that her mouth made a few quick
movements. "I see... We are, as you suspected, wizards. Well, I'm a witch,
but it's really just a terminology difference. And it appears you may be as
well. Although, if you'll excuse me for just a second."

She walked over to the first door that Fiona had opened, pulled it open and
threw the broom back in unceremoniously. As she closed it, she turned back
and smiled at Fi.

"I'm Hermione Granger. A witch from England." She introduced herself, holding
out a hand offering to shake Fi's hand.

"Fiona Phillips, but I'm called Fi. I used to study the supernatural." They
shook hands, and Fiona felt that the air between them was more comfortable.
"So, what do you mean that I might be a witch. I mean, I know that my
great-grandmother was, but that doesn't mean..."

"No, no it doesn't. But it means that you have a higher chance. See, we're
still not sure how one becomes a witch, but having ancestors who are does
help. Of course, there are Muggle-borns..." Hermione laughed slightly at her
last comment.


"Right, you don't know. Muggles are those people who can't use magic. My
parents were muggles, and their parents were muggles. So, I'm one of the
Muggle-borns. Which has cause a slight stir in the Ministry here, as
they're still heavily prejusticed. Not as bad as ours was, but with Harry
and Ron in the Minister's ear and their connections throughout, we've
gotten much better about it."

"Do you know how much information that is, Hermione?" Fi commented, looking
almost overwhelmed by it.

"Okay, do you have to be anywhere anytime soon?"

"No..." Fi cautiously responded.

"How's this sound then. You come with me, we take care of a few errands I
need to take care of, and then go check to see if you're a true witch?"
Seeing Fiona's eyes light up as she finished the question, Hermione knew
the answer.

And that's how, roughly an hour later, Fiona Phillips and Hermione Granger
found their way to the Westholm School of Wizardry in southern Montana. They
sat at the table in Headmaster Nix's office, with the book of names open in
front of them, and had just turned to the 1985 records.

"So, if the students start at the age of eleven, why wasn't I in the school

"Well, there're a number of reasons. Usually, a single witch or wizard reads
through the book, and sends out a letter for each person. If they overlooked
your name, you might not have had a letter sent. If your parents saw the
letter, and decided that they didn't want you to go, you may have never
known. But, the specific reason may never be known."

"I see," Fiona replied, scanning the page. "Phillips, Faith... Phillips,

There was a moment of stunned silence, as Fiona took in the start of what
that meant. She was a witch. She should have attended the Wizarding school
three years ago. Of course, if she had, what would she have missed out on?
She let out an audible gulp a few seconds later.

"Amazing, huh, Fi?" Hermione smiled as she spoke.

"Wow. Just wow..." She was lost in her own world. Even with her encounters
with ghosts, UFOs, vampires and so much other supernatural phenomena, finding
out that she was a witch was one of the most surprising.

Hermione wandered away for a short while, as Fi worked to bring her mind back
to the present. Just as Fiona looked up, a piece of paper floated down onto
the book in front of her.

She picked it up and saw that it was an envelope. On the front, her name was
listed: Fiona Phillips.

Westholm School of Wizardry
Headmaster: Lowell Nix

Dear Students,
We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Westholm School of
Wizardry. Please remember that term begins on September 1st.

"What?" Fi asked aloud, confused.

"That is, if you wish to attend," an older voice said. Fiona looked up to see
an older man, who seemed to be bent over, standing next to Hermione. Both
were smiling as they looked at Fiona.

"We hope, of course, that you'll be willing to take some basic Wizarding
tests to try to get you into classes with students your age," Hermione
further explained.

"Oh my god, I would love to!" Fiona said, jumping up. "This is unbelievable!"

"Well then, Miss Granger, I ask you to get Miss Phillips her wand, cauldron
and basic school supplies. I'd say books if you feel it's needed, but I
know you too well," Nix joked. "Remember, though, we should start the tests
Monday. So you've got three days to study, but get some sleep Sunday night."

Nix's comment about books caused Hermione to blush a bit, but she regained
her composure as he finished. "Yes, Professor Nix. Now, Fi, what say we get
you your wand?" Fiona's face lit up, and the two were soon at Knilpic's, the
American wand salesman.

"Mr. Knilpic, we have a student who's just joining the school. So, what type
of wand do you suggest first?"

"Let's see you." The short, thin man looked over Fiona as he spoke. After a
second, he wandered into the back room and came back with a stack of five
boxes. Taking a wand out of one, he gave Fiona the instructions. "Try this
one. Just pick it up, and flick it like this. This one is 10 inches, oak,
with a core of ghost essence."

With a flick of the hand, a few coins that were sitting on the counter flew
straight backwards and lodged in the wooden wall.

"No, not quite right. Try this one, 11 inches, willow." This sent more coins
bouncing off the wall behind them to fall onto the table by it.

"Maybe not. How about, this. 10 and two thirds inches, redwood." Fiona picked
up the wand and all three of them could instantly feel the energy coming off
of it. "Ah, redwood. Of course. A very sturdy wand, it should work just right
with you."

"Thanks, Mr. Knilpic," Fiona said as she looked over the light red wand. And
to imagine, this would be her personal wand. She followed Hermione out, still
partly in awe from the energy that she felt from the wand. "So what else do
we need to get? I'm getting a bit worn out."

"Well, I suppose that the wand is the only one you absolutely need to get
yourself, so what say we get back to the school. I'll help you get your room,
and then I'll pick up your supplies while you get your room how you want then
get some sleep. But tomorrow we'll start studying first thing in the morning,
okay, Fi?"

"Sure thing," Fi replied with a smile.


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