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Harry Potter: Hermione Granger In... Summer Holiday Adventure
by Nickamano


Halldor the obscene.

It was cold in Iceland. Much of the terrain was green and brown - foliage
and earth and rock - and surprisingly so, given its name, however, everywhere
was cold.

There was drifting snow caking the deserted street in the small town, east of
Hofn, but the wind had drifted the excess to the edges of the close set
buildings. The rest had been repeatedly walked over until it formed a grey
brown slush that was being washed slowly away down into the sewers in small

Where the walls of the opposing buildings came closest there was a strange
muck scraped against the surfaces above head height, as if a filthy, too wide
vehicle had squeezed down the street and left evidence of its passage.

Two individuals moved down the street, keeping one foot treading with care
into the receding slush, while the other used the drift snow as purchase for
their heavy leather boots. They both wore long heavy coats, brown leather
with a thick fur lining inside and both had hoods drawn up around their
faces. They were possibly a little over dressed for the weather, it was cold
certainly, but not all that cold.

They stopped outside the entrance to a building. It was warmly lit and glass
fronted. The foremost of the two pushed the door open, enjoying the blast of
warm air that rushed past her as she stepped over the threshold. She held the
door open for her companion and then pushed it firmly shut against the cold
night air behind them.

The room was plush. A combination of pine flooring, glass and mirrored wall
panels and potted flora dotted about. The wall spaces between the glass and
mirrors was all painted in a subtle off-white tone. Fluorescent lighting was
placed at even intervals across the white panelled ceiling.

To the right of the entrance was a small reception desk in mock granite. On
the counter was a computerised till, as well as a little display stand of
neatly arranged bottles, jars and other assorted containers. There was
another potted plant, but this one looked as plastic as the treatments on
display alongside it.

Behind the desk was a young girl, probably still at school, maybe working
after class or on work experience. She looked as bored as she was pretty. Her
straight brown hair was held back from her fresh young face in a scrunchie
banded ponytail, she wore a white short sleeved mini-tunic that was tight and
showed the slender curves beneath.

She was sat on a stool, long legs crossed, hands up at her face as she
carefully filed her already immaculate nails with a brightly coloured emery
board. Tan tights sensualised the slender muscle form of her long legs. The
girl remained silent, only flashing a half hearted though naturally warm
smile at the newcomers before going back to her task at hand.

The two arrivals removed their coats and hanged them casually on the tall
coat stand at the side of the counter. The elder went to the door while the
younger turned to the girl at the counter.

The girl frowned and then started to rise from her stool, looking in shock
and annoyance as the older of the two women that had just entered flipped the
closed sign on the door and slid the top and bottom bolts into place.

She was about to protest when her eye fell upon the other woman.

She wasn't a woman at all. She was a young girl, her own age, with hair as
brown as hers, held back from her fresh young face in a scrunchie banded
ponytail. She wore a short sleeved white mini tunic that was tight enough to
show off the still developing curves of her young teenage body.

The girl was looking at a mirror image of herself. Words failed her.

And then that ability was taken from her as a shaft of tapered ebony wood a
little thicker than a pencil at the thin end and about thirty centimetres in
length was pointed at her. Some mumbo jumbo was expelled and a white light
burst from the end of the wood.

And the girl's voice died with the blinding flash of light.

She tried to blink the white dots out of her eyes but the dots grew and
merged and filled her vision. And with everything now white, the girl's
consciousness faded.

The elder woman drew her own wand and looked around watching the doors
carefully as her partner concealed the unconscious reception girl under her
desk. The younger woman then placed a translucency spell on the glass of the
gymnasium's facing and entrance door before she too turned her attention to
the rear part of the reception.

There were two parallel doors on the back wall. The elder woman looked at
both doors and then made her silent choice before placing a growth spell onto
the potted plant in the corner by the right hand door. The plant grew and
shifted form, becoming less tropical and more creeper like, tendrils covered
with thick dark green foliage grew and twisted all over the door frame and
door, encircling the handle and lock, growing and jamming up the minuscule
gap between frame and door and working tiny tendrils into and between the
hinges and workings of the lock.

It would take either a powerful counter spell or a wrecking ball to get that
door open.

The remaining door opened easily at the manual behest of the younger of the
two and the women walked carefully onward.

The door opened onto a corridor with framed pictures on the walls with the
same decor as the reception. However, the walls down the length of the short
corridor looked oddly untidy, a number of the pictures were hanging askew on
their hooks, others had apparently dropped to the ground their glass cracked
or smashed and scattered across the smooth pine floor. The off white panelled
walls were marked with strange muddy scrapings, streaked along the length of
the walls and even the ceiling.

The cause of the destruction was in the next room though the concerned women
heard it before they saw it. The noise from the room at the opposite end of
the corridor reached them halfway down it's length.

"Oh God, I can't take it it's too big! Don't... Please!"

"Shut up and take it!"

Both voices were female. The former high-pitched breathy and desperate, the
latter stern and low and strong.

Their oral duelling was punctuated with an odd indiscriminate rumbling growl
that was from something living but not Human, something large and aggressive.

The former of the female voices let out a scream. Which was closely followed
by a long reverberating moan from the non-human voice.

The quietly opened door revealed a strange and fearful sight. The room was
packed full by the bulk of a huge troll.

It was vaguely manlike in its structure but anatomically it was as much a
bald gorilla than a human.

Its head was tiny, arms over long and hugely muscled with knuckles that
would drag along the floor. Its huge legs were as powerful as they were
disproportionately short. Its fat gut was bulbous and distended, the upper
torso and shoulders a mass of hard bulky muscle.

It's mottled rocklike grey-green flesh glistened with sweat and smeared
mossy residue wherever it leaned. It was obviously the cause of the damage
and filth in the corridor behind the women and the street leading to the

In a stark contrast to the dirty dark cracked flesh of the creature, was the
pale warm flesh colours of the three young females that were cavorting with
the bestial thing.

The first was apparently squatting over the face of the beast, her naked legs
on its shoulders kneeling there with her hands braced on her wide spread
thighs and her head thrown back while she panted and moaned. There was a
huge hand grasping her around the torso, both holding and supporting her
position. The troll's head moved between her legs and pressed in against her
slender young body, its face insinuated itself at her crotch and its head
and jaw started to bob this way and that. The girl writhed and twitched,
whimpering with a mixture of fear and in physical reaction to the troll's
attentions. It was obviously licking at her, penetrating her with his fat
lolling tongue, sucking her ripe young cunt.

It was more than a little ambiguous as to whether the girl was in that
position by her choice or the Troll's. It was clear though by the Troll's
grip that the girl wouldn't be released until the Troll had decided to time
was right.

The second naked woman was older and more shapely in the bust and hips, there
was a slight bulging in her lower belly but she was generally slender in
build, all tits and ass. This woman, possibly in her late thirties, was
underneath the standing troll crouched between its spread legs with her face
buried somewhere behind its huge water melon scrotum. Her head was angled
oddly. She wasn't using her mouth on the monster's ball sack, as it first
appeared, but on its anus and hard muscled buttocks. Her outstretched hands
were caressing its swinging balls while she lapped and sucked with her mouth
and tongue. She grabbed the scrotum and pressed it against her breasts
massaging one large set of flesh mounds with the other. All the while she
hungrily and excitedly gobbled on the beasts' ass hole.

The third female had been hoisted up onto the troll's broad belly. She was
being held in place by the troll's spare hand, planted on her back, the girl
a pale filling to the monster's mottled flesh.

She was squashed against his belly with her legs splayed across his girth,
her delicate hands clawing pointlessly at his hard flesh. The troll's
gargantuan cock was pressed up against the poor girl's exposed vulva and its
incessant pelvic jerking was shoving the fat bloated helmet against her lips,
spreading them around it's thick pre-cum drooling tip.

The girl was trembling and whimpering with increasing despair as she
attempted to find enough grip to pull herself out of range of the horrible
flesh weapon but the beast's skin was slick and she couldn't find enough
purchase to stop her inexorable slippage and implement.

"Enough stalling!" The ass sucker snapped, coming out from between the
troll's legs. "Get fucked on it!"

She unceremoniously grabbed the girl's legs and hauled her down onto the tree
branch of troll cock.

Her high-pitched wail was deafening in the confining room. The ass sucker
turned her head from the noise and at the same time noticed the two women
in the doorway. She frowned and then addressed the elder.

"I thought you were in the sauna?" She asked nodding her head at the door at
the far side of the troll room.

"I was." The elder woman, thinking on her feet, replied calmly. "I was sent
back for this one. You were all busy, you mustn't have seen me."

"So he wants the little one too does he?" The ass sucker commented with a
knowing smile, eyeing the second woman still disguised as the school age
receptionist. "I knew he wouldn't be able to resist young fruit like her for

The two women strolled across the room, watching while the troll orgy got
underway again.

The poor impaled girl being forcefully lifted up and down the broad helmet
of the beast's phallus while the ass sucker was back in position with her
face shoved up between the troll's buttocks while she hefted her big meaty
tits making a tantalising cushion for its huge swinging ball sack.

The troll pulled the third female tighter against its face, nuzzling her with
a loud wet slurping noise before it stabbed its huge tongue deep inside her.

On the other side of the troll room, through the far door, was a white tiled
shower and changing room. However, it was the individual through the door
opposite, the door into the sauna, that the women were interested in.

The hot and humid low-ceilinged sauna was thick with rainbow clouds of
magical multi-hued steam that concealed most of the interior.

To the left of the two women, standing in the doorway peering into the
colourful fog, on a broad bench were three young naked women.

They were a noisy, slippery mass of limbs, breasts, buttocks, tresses and
mouths. Above all, their mouths and hands seemed to be everywhere at once as
they engaged themselves in a frantic three-way lesbian orgy on the bench. The
bodies, all gyrating and humping in a wild abandoned rhythm, glistened from
head foot with running sweat and oil, their glossy hair slick and sticking
against the three examples of femininity.

All were Caucasian each tanned a little more or less than the other. Two
blondes and a brunette, only the depths of their tans and their hair colour
distinguished them.

There was a flash of golden metal every now and then and a low electric
humming - there was a vibrator somewhere within that frolicking mound of
taut lusty flesh.

On the far side of the room beyond the central plinth of fire and hot rocks,
creating the steam that filled and fogged everything inside, were four more
individuals. Three young women and the suspect himself. Halldor the obscene,
as he was called.

He sat, naked of course, on the southern bench his legs spread. A young
blonde, barely into her teens by appearance, knelt between his spread thighs,
her hands grasping his big balls, her face deep into his shadowed crotch with
her head bobbing vigorously up and down over his obvious but obscured

A red head was bent over, astride his left leg facing away with her eyes
screwed shut, mouth a gape in silent orgasm. Halldor's left hand was busy
between her naked thighs, three of his thick fingers could just about be
discerned at her bare hairless crotch dipping with a ferocious keyboard-
tapping pace in and out of her engorged vagina.

The third girl was knelt at Halldor's right side, her mouth locked to his in
a frantic and overly active tongue-heavy kiss. His free hand was all over her
large breasts, either pulling and tweaking her pierced nipples, pulling at
the metal rings hanging from the piercings, or simply hefting, pulling and
squeezing at the soft flesh orbs. She was moaning and whimpering into his
open mouth, her vocalisation allowing streams of saliva to pour from her
slack mouth over her own oiled and sweaty body.

The two newcomers seemed to stand there in stunned silence for a timeless
moment, unnoticed by any of the seven individuals in the sauna, before then
their minds caught up and they moved into action.

The younger one, the double of the receptionist, drew a short carved wooden
wand from out of the neckline of her tunic. Her older companion flicked her
own wand out from up her sleeve and raised it in the direction of Halldor's

At the same time there was a sudden high pitched scream from the left hand
bench. The younger newcomer turned her attention to the lesbian orgy in time
to see a long gold vibrator metamorphose into a long thick witch's wand.

"Aurors!" Someone shouted. And the battle began with a mass of blurred
movement, wild random colour and confused shouting.

It began well for the two female Aurors. Only two of the six strong group of
sex slaves were magic users, the others were mind controlled Muggles, who
did little more than run and hide.

One Muggle, possibly under a deeper level of Halldor's control, actually
tried to defend her master. She screamed like a banshee and leaped onto the
back of the younger Auror using her weight to topple the girl to the ground.
The young Auror's stunning spell fired randomly into the thick steamy air
and spread from a stream of colour into a strange gaseous electric cloud,
countered by one of the spells that Halldor had placed inside the clouds of
steam filling the cube shaped room.

The other Auror was faster and much harsher in regard to her enemies. She had
already incapacitated two of the Muggle girl's with a phobic spell - inducing
hallucinations that played on the girl's natural fears. They huddled
whimpering and cowering together in one corner.

The two magical babes under Halldor's control stepped forward, newly reverted
wands raised and ready.

The standing Auror didn't mess around, she dropped to one knee and sent a
weight binding curse at the first naked young woman.

The spell struck her on the shoulder and she hit the ground shoulder first as
if that part of her body had been turned to concrete, with all of its weight
and immovability.

While she vainly struggled to use her other arm and scramble with both legs
to lift herself up off the floor, the other woman cursed the Auror with three
quickly vocalised spells.

The Auror used a shield spell in reaction but it only blocked the third
curse. The second she had a defence against, that was infused into a pendant
she was wearing - and it worked its charm as it always did. However, the
initial spell burst through her defences and struck her with all the
immobilising power of nerve gas.

She didn't even feel any pain. There was a deafening screeching scream in the
depths of her subconscious her vision was split by a white light and she then
was done.

Halldor laughed as he saw the senior Auror Marja hit the ground like a hurled
lump of granite.

However, the younger one had stunned the Muggle slut and was already pointing
her wand at him from her position on the floor near the entrance. He wasn't
in a position to retrieve his own wand in time.

Instead he ducked down, putting the plinth and brazier between him and the
little Auror and then he magically shouted for Grud his troll bodyguard.

The wall and part of the ceiling fell in, killing one of his Muggle sluts and
burying another, the Auror had to divert her wand aim to protect herself from
pieces of the wall and ceiling as the troll came through it to the rescue.
Halldor turned his attention to the tiny silver charm bracelet around his
left wrist. There were over a half dozen tiny silver magical world charms
dangling from the silver wrist chain, a wand, racing broom, spell book, a
couple of trolls, a money pouch and travelling chest and an odd little
sphere. He took hold of the racing broom charm, intoned a tiny spell and
pulled, the charm freed itself from the chain and then a split second later
had transmogrified itself into the actual object - a super fast and magically
stabilised Dragon God 6, an expensive import from China.

He threw a naked leg over the broomstick, feeling the pocket of warm air wrap
around him like a bubble and then threw a final instruction to his roaring
troll guardian.

"Grud? Fuck her to death! Fuck them all to death! Then you can return to your

He laughed at the sudden screams from the women who were still with it enough
to hear and understand him, then ducked a final curse that the younger of the
two Auror's threw at him.

The curse was well off course the moment it left the tip of her wand however,
as the troll grabbed her by the offending arm and hoisted her from the
ground. The wand was batted out of her grip and her clothes torn from her
slender young body.

She had just started to scream when Halldor took to the night sky on the

He risked a quick look back as he thumbed a stud in the brooms' dragon hide
inlay and initiated the invisibility spell.

The troll had two of the women pinned under him while he had quickly tied up
another with a couple of belts from the dressed Auror's clothes. The young
Auror was gripped tightly in the troll's hands while the beast lowered her
bottom first towards his fat glistening erection.

A few minutes later the gas pipe that fed the sauna's brazier, seemingly
damaged in the battle, found a naked flame and the whole building went up
in an abrupt and brutal inferno.

Halldor looked back and thought he saw a hulking shadow lumbering away from
the sun bright explosion, he wondered if it had been his old guardian and
bodyguard. Maybe it had left before the destruction of the sauna. Not that
it mattered either way, it had been nothing more than a servant, an underling
and he had two others trapped and suspended from his charm bracelet to bring
to his aid if necessary.

Halldor smiled. He had enjoyed himself in Iceland, but too often he managed
to leave traces behind that the ever pursuing Aurors always seemed to pick up
and pursue.

Every time they caught him up and tried to capture him. And every time they
had failed. But possibly, this time he should move a little further afield
than just another small town in his own climate abused country.

Chapter One: Baby-Sitting

Hermione Granger was baby-sitting, though thankfully by this late hour, ten
year old Jaime was asleep upstairs.

Jaime's older brother was home but their father had told Hermione that he
was all but locked in his bedroom for the duration, apparently trying to get
an essay finished. Hence the need for her to baby-sit.

She had had a good night even if it was just baby-sitting. She'd trounced the
boy on his newly imported Playstation computer console at some fighting game
thing called Battle Arena Toshinden. It had all been in Japanese but somehow
Jaime had known what to do and had shown her, then she had started beating

Afterwards he'd cleaned his teeth and hopped into bed. She'd read him a
chapter of the Hobbit, smiling to herself about the few half truths that
were featured in the muggle novel, and then she'd left him with a few of his

"You can read them for half an hour, then it's lights out." Hermione had

Fortunately, Jaime Howard had always been a nice quiet child and had always
been well behaved, so she didn't mind baby-sitting him at all. And the money
was quite nice as well.

She really wanted to be throwing herself into reading through her Herbology
summer homework. She liked to get as much of her summer holiday homework done
as quickly as possible and then, a few weeks before starting the next school
year she invariably went back to the completed homework and rewrote it all,
usually from scratch to superior results.

However, bringing magic books or magical world items of any kind was far too
risky when she was at someone else's house, especially if they were Muggles.
All her things were safely locked up in her bedroom at home. The best she
could really look forward to at home was reading the latest daily prophet
alongside her father over breakfast while he read through the Daily Mail.
They would comically read out interesting passages and articles to each other
trying to keep a straight face at the pieces Hermione deliberately chose -
ones that would seem weird or comical to those uninitiated into the Magical

That very morning Hermione had been matching her father's articles, one about
a stolen car, a ministry car no less. Her father's article mentioned a series
of expensive car thefts throughout central and southern England. The one that
really made them laugh though, came from the Mail, and it seemed like it
should have been in the Prophet, a short sub-story about a bank vault that
had been wide open at the start of business to reveal its entire contents had
been swiped and no one could figure out how it had been done. There was no
mention in the Prophet about the story so Hermione dismissed her initial
thought of it being a magic heist.

The fire roared away prettily and suffused the room with its comforting heat.
Hermione closed her borrowed magazine and relaxed back onto the sofa to rest
her eyes.

There was a girl on the sofa. She was a very pretty fifteen year old with
mousy blonde hair and a nice, compact and still developing body slipped into
a pink T-shirt, an open short white denim jacket and matching white cropped
jeans and trainers.

Her lush wildly wavy hair was spread out across the sofa cushions like a
golden fishing net thrown to a wild sea.

The flickering flames from the imitation fire to the girl's left played
across her delicate cheek and the smooth line of her jaw, sensualising her
prettiness with the warmth of the complimentary light.

Her cherub bow lips were softly pink and curved into an unconscious half
smile. Her brows were slightly thick and darker than her blonde hair but they
were smooth and delicate and added some indistinct quality to her youthful

Her whole body was slender but healthily so. There was some shape to her, a
hint of hourglass but it was mainly visible in her slim waist curving outward
to flow into narrow but well-shaped hips and long slinky legs. Though slim,
her body maintained a promise of things to come, her curves were still
developing. Her breasts, though small, were prominent and eye catching in the
tight T-shirt and her nipples were jutting forward against the cotton,
obviously, noticeably visible.

Hermione must have dozed off in front of the fire because she opened her eyes
and found herself looking up at a young man, possibly five or six years older
than her. Though at their age it made all the difference. She was a teenage
girl looking up at a fully grown man.

Blond, very handsome and well toned under his rip kneed jeans and
football top, he was standing at the side of the sofa his back to the
curtain-concealed bay window looking down at the girl.

She looked the guy up and down feeling her cheeks flush as her eyes roamed
over his form, and falling into his lush ice blue eyes. It was a long time
before it occurred to her that she didn't know this person, however he was
somehow confusingly familiar to her, but he was definitely a stranger.
Stranger still however, was the lack of any feeling of trepidation Hermione
felt, lying there looking up at a strange young man who stood over her.
Gorgeous or not.

She should be scared, trying to get up, maybe even run but she felt oddly at
ease, oddly... Attracted.

With an immaculate sense of timing, her eye was drawn to the mantelpiece over
the fireplace and she caught sight of the framed muggle photograph on the

It was the same young man and she was instantly gratified, it revealed to her
the reason for her feeling of recognition. It was young Jaime's University
age brother.

Hermione had heard about him and had seen pictures and evidence of the elder
brother around the house but this was the first time she had seen him in the

Adam Howard, the twenty-two year old elder brother.

"Yep, that's me." He said teasingly as he watched the recognition from the
photograph concrete itself in her mind. "You're kinda cute for a school kid,
what's your name?"

"Hermione." She responded, feeling her face flushing under his interested
scrutiny. "I'm baby-sitting your brother."

She didn't know why she was allowing him to speak to her so frankly and with
so much connotation, she would normally chastise people from talking to her
in such a familiar way, especially older men she didn't know.

"Want a coffee Hermione? We can sit for a while, get to know each other, what
music are you into?"

"Erm, coffee sounds nice, thanks... I like all kinds of music, I was brought
up on Adam and the Ants - Mum's a mad fan - but I found Dance and Indie
recently I'm getting into that scene, Sonic Youth, Wyrd Sisters,

"And what have you and my brother been up to?" There was a definite teasing
note to his voice, that Hermione found herself unreasonably ignoring again.

"Playing on his Playstation mostly, have you seen it?"

"I prefer more grown up entertainment." He said with a grin, then he turned
on his heel and disappeared into the kitchen.

"Your father said you were away at Uni." Hermione called. There was a black
plastic guitar case dumped on the armchair by the bay window.

"What are you studying? Music?" She asked. She could hear the noise of the
kettle heating up, the lyrical chime of a spoon being dropped into a mug.

"Biology. I'm writing a paper detailing the emotional and physical effects
of stuffing lil'muffwithjumbosalami." He shouted back the mirth audible in
his smooth voice.

"Pardon?" Hermione said, aware he was joking but not what he meant.

"It's technical. But the research is a lot of fun." He said with a little
sigh. Then he reappeared in the living room, apparently waiting for the
kettle to boil.

"What about you? The Comprehensive?" He asked, nodding his head to the front
door, apparently indicating the secondary school a few streets away from the

"Ahh... No. I go to a boarding school, in the north." She waved a hand none
specifically northward.

"A boarding school!" He seemed to get excited at this, grinning widely and
looking at her with those blue eyes. "All-girl dorms, communal showers and
bending over to receive punishment eh?!"

"Well, not exactly..." Hermione sniggered despite herself. She should be
annoyed by a remark like that, surely.

"You have sugar?"

"No thanks, sweet enough as I am." She grinned sweetly.

"I'll say." He muttered, but it was still loud enough for Hermione to hear.

"Please." She turned her head trying to concealed her vigorously flushed
cheeks. Smiling, Adam returned to the kitchen.

The door bell rang out of the blue, making Hermione jump. Who'd be visiting?
It was after ten o'clock.

"I'll get it." Hermione volunteered. She unbolted the door and swung it open.

A decidedly pretty girl stood there, blonde and smooth tanned and rather tall,
at least a head taller than Hermione. She must be nineteen or twenty.

She was wearing a white vest-top that hugged her breasts that, though high
and firm, didn't even meet Hermione's modest proportions. She also had on a
short tartan skirt with pleats across the front and small boating shoes, also in

She was tall, deeply tanned and lean, very slender but not really what
Hermione would describe as a beanpole.

"I'm looking for Adam." The girl asked a little coldly. "Who are you?"

"Hermione, I'm baby-sitting."

"Oh. Well is he here?"

"Yes, hang on..."

But the skinny girl pushed her way into the house, nearly knocking Hermione
over and looked quickly around the living room as if expecting to see
something inappropriate.

There was a few minutes of awkward silence before the three of them were
sitting on the sofa, Hermione and Adam on either end of the sofa with the
blonde girl in the middle. There they sat, drinking coffee.

"I should really introduce you," He said, breaking the silence. "Dany this
is Hermione, Jaime's baby-sitter. And Hermione, this is Dany."

"Dany's my sexy girlfriend." He added with a playful smirk.

"Not for much..." But Dany's comment stopped dead, her mouth snapping shut
all of a sudden.

At that moment Hermione thought she noticed something in the air, something
inexplicable, a density - something, a descending veil. It reminded her of a
quality within the classrooms and corridors of Hogwarts. Though she couldn't
fathom what it was that reminded her, or even why.

"Hermione would you like to see how sexy Dany can be?" Adam asked with eyes
gleaming with mischief, his mouth twisted into a troublesome grin.

"Yes." Hermione found herself saying, even before she realised that she was
telling him the truth - she did want to see more of his sexy girlfriend and
the kinds of things they did together. And so he showed her.

He leaned over Dany and threw his arms around her, pulling her towards him,
drawing her face to his and they kissed with a sudden hungry passion, lips
open and locked tongues dancing from one mouth to the other.

Hermione watched with thigh-tingling erotic interest as Dany lithely slid
herself onto Adam's lap, the movement rucking her pleated tartan skirt up
her obscenely long thighs, while she slipped an arm around his broad
shoulders and leaned in against him.

Adam let his hands slide over and across her body, dropping one hand on to
the cool bare flesh of her thigh while the other reached for the back of her
ruffled skirt. He pulled at the hem unpinning it from between her lean ass
and the padded arm of the leather sofa, then flicked the skirt fabric free to
get a full-on feel of her ass and apparently see what kind of underwear she
had on.

The skirt was up around her waist and Hermione could see plainly the answer -
a very skimpy little white thong.

Adam caught a handful of cool firm buttock flesh, squeezing hard and making
Dany gasp, then he quickly slid his hand across to the other ass cheek that
he already knew would be equally smooth and tightly muscled. His thumb hooked
the little string of her underwear that slid up from between her buttocks and
pulled firmly.

Pulling her mouth from her lovers, a string of transparent saliva connecting
their lips, Dany let out another gasp and her cheeks flushed crimson at the
feel of the cotton biting into her soft vulva and hard between her buttocks.
She smiled at Adam then their mouths mashed together again in an almost
violent lustful kiss.

Adam's hands were busy with Dany's smooth tanned body.

The middle finger of one hand stroked her ass cleavage, probing at the
entrance to her tight anus with gentle pressuring strokes.

His other hand travelled from her long slender thigh upwards to her tiny
breast and he pinched a visibly hard nipple through her vest, causing her to
gasp yet again into his passionately tongue sucking mouth.

As Adam played with each of her nipples through the thin white cotton of her
vest in the same manner, Dany started to respond, showing her increasing
horniness by rocking her narrow hips back and forth and side to side on
Adam's bulging lap, using her hot little ass to massage his already solid

Adam accelerated his fun quickly. He shoved Dany off his lap sliding her down
into the narrow sofa space between his hip and Hermione's, then grabbed the
hem of her vest and practically tore it from her bra-less lithe young body.

His hands and mouth locked onto her nipples and Dany hissed and moaned at the
ferocity of his sucking, then whimpered as he started chewing, twisting and

She was completely under his authority and he used her like a whore.

Yanking at the tiny thong beneath her hiked up skirt and ripping it from her
body, then jabbing fingers up her, while he continued to suck at her tiny

Dany whimpered and shivered against him and Adam glanced up to see with
satisfaction that Hermione was watching them both with interest and more than
a little flush to her cheeks. Dany was leaning against the younger girl. It
was time to bring the pretty young thing into his game, he decided.

Adam drew himself back and, grabbing Dany by her slender waist, yanked her
down across the sofa so her ass was against the armrest with her legs
dangling over his and her head propping up against Hermione's thigh.

"Open your mouth." He said to Dany who followed his instructions at once. He
got up and stripped off his clothing quickly, revealing a tanned, toned,
musculature with very little body hair and an oily sheen of sweat that made
him look gorgeous in the firelight. His erection, stone hard and jutting
upwards at a forty-five degree angle, was long and quite thick looking to
Hermione's young inexperienced eyes.

Her memory was jerked back for a moment to Krum on the night of the Yule ball
in the seclusion of the Hogwarts' Rose Garden...

"She hates sucking cock, says it's disgusting. But that makes it all the more
fun for me." Adam told Hermione with a malicious laugh, bringing her back to
the present with a jolt. "Almost as much as threesomes or getting her

He straddled Dany's head, kneeling over her awkwardly and levering his
erection into her waiting mouth then let his weight press the long meat rod
right the way down into her throat.

She gagged noisily, her body reacting to the invasion but remained
subservient and accommodating while he grabbed a handful of her blonde hair
in one hand and started to fuck her throat with all the aggressive passion
and sexual dominance he had.

After a few moments his other hand encircled the back of Hermione's neck and
drew her mouth over to his and he kissed her hard on the mouth. And soon
enough his cock was vigorously fucking Dany's mouth as his tongue
simultaneously fucked Hermione's.

Dany sucked and washed his forcefully thrusting cock with her obedient
tongue, even though its constantly driving depth was too much for her to

Fortunately for Dany the deep throating didn't last long. His knees weakening
under her hard sucking and fast flicking tongue, Adam grunting and panting,
with his own tongue frolicking happily with Hermione's, pulled out of Dany's
throat and slid down so he lay fully over her.

He took his cock in a tight fist and positioned it between her swollen vulva
then pushed into her with a long hard shove.

Dany cried out and arched under him as she was spread and made to accommodate
his brutally sized cock.

He started to fuck her hard at once, thrusting deeply with the whole sizeable
length of his erection while he stared into her wide wild eyes and enjoyed
the feel of the quivering of her ripe, well-used body under him.

Dany was, right from the start, uttering long and heavy gasps in time to his
inward thrusts.

"You're really gonna get it this time." He snarled fiercely, holding her
glazed eyes with his own raging stare, laughing as he increased the force of
his already battering cunt fuck.

He started with a hand on the top of her head, gripping her straight blonde
hair while his other dug into the flesh of her soft young bottom, squeezing
tightly under her ridden-up mini skirt and using the two handed grasp of her
to drive and propel his aggressively fast hard thrusting. However, Adam soon
found that placing one foot on the floor allowed him to thrust even more
fiercely and it allowed him to make better use of his freed up hands. He slid
his left hand across Dany's bare buttock and up into her ass cleavage where
he found her anus and cunt. Her juices were flowing down from her cunt,
coating his hard driving cock and her inner thighs and buttocks and he used
the supply to coat two fingers before he caressed a path, with one and then
the other, over to her ass hole.

He stroked her sphincter mouth, feeling it wink and tighten against his
probing caress, then he shoved a finger knuckle deep inside her ass, laughing
as Dany wailed and arched under him. He worked the finger in the hot little
orifice for a few seconds, then drove the other lubed finger in alongside the
first, laughing even more as she squealed and arched again, this time tears
formed in her lovely eyes and then trickled down her smooth flushed cheeks.
Adam caught Hermione's radiant brown eyes with his and grinned.

"She finds anything involving anal disgusting too so, naturally, I do
everything I can think of to her ass. You wouldn't believe some of the things
I've shoved up there."

He laughed again, driving into her tight cunt while he finger rimmed her
anus, stretching her elasticised tunnel mouth with spreading and rotating

"Pull those down." He commanded.

Hermione carefully lifted her hips, pushing back with her shoulders against
the sofa to brace herself while she unsnapped the button and tugged down the
zip of her tight jeans. She peeled the fabric down from her supple young
thighs until she got it past her knees.

"Spread your legs." He said, his eyes wide, his mouth open with renewed lust.

Hermione spread them as much as Dany's closely pressed body would allow,
which wasn't much. Then she lifted her left leg and hooked it over the arm of
the plush padded sofa, spreading them wider, to Adam's obvious satisfaction.

"Good girl." He cooed and reached for the tops of her thighs.

He found a soft lavender coloured lace thong at the top of Hermione's thighs
but wasted no time in grabbing the slim gusset and drawing it to one side.
Hermione let out a breathy sigh and squirmed, her fingers idly playing in
Dany's hair that fell across her lap.

Adam moaned softly at the sight of Hermione's exposed pussy.

It was a slightly ruddier pink compared to the paleness of her smooth creamy,
blemishless flesh. Her rosy vulva formed a double mound that was crowned with
a succulent burst of soft sparse pale brown pubic hair, little more than a
pubescent spatter, that didn't conceal anything of her swollen inner lips
that were barely poking out from the split of her peach and gleaming with
erotic dampness.

Adam stroked either side of her outer peach with the tips of his fingers,
feeling the softness of the barely grown pubic hair and the heat of her young

He felt a muscle twitch under his caress and the girl sighed. He slipped his
fingers away, stroking the equally smooth delicate flesh of Hermione's inner
thighs and had her moaning with pleasure at once.

Adam's hard and fast phallic slamming was having an effect on Dany that
brought out a series of whimpering yelps, each increasing in volume and
intensity, until she was wailing quite loud, just the way he liked to hear
her. Her back arched powerfully and her head pressed back against the younger
girl's bare thigh, her body shifting forward and back, driven by his forceful

Dany's open mouth and saliva glistening tongue was too much of a temptation
for Adam and he dropped his face and slapped his mouth onto hers, stabbing
downward with his tongue to catch and strike hers in an aggressive French

While he kissed the girl he was fucking, his eyes were looking over her head
at the on display crux of the younger girl's thighs, and the soft pussy
exposed there for his enjoyment.

He drew his fingers back to her succulent peach and this time pushed right
into her, spreading her inner lips, feeling the sticky juices coating her hot
flesh and then the entrance to her vagina at the base of the oval curve of
her inner lips.

He pressed a finger inward and then another, penetrating her tight tunnel,
enjoying the reaction within her body, the tremors and the spasm of her
muscles, the arch of her back and that soft gasping sigh that he liked so

Adam started to finger fuck the youngster while he dick fucked the older girl
beneath him. He matched the pace of fingers and cock, feeling their juices on
his stabbing flesh. The rhythm started as synchronous, fingers and cock
thrusting together before switching to opposition, so the fingers dipped in
on the cock's out stroke.

Adam drew his fingers back and looked at them glistening in the firelight
with Hermione's cunt juices, then he drew his mouth from Dany's and wiped
both of her lips with his anointed fingers coating her lips with the younger
girl's vaginal secretions.

His lips crashed down hard onto his lovers again and this time he tasted
Hermione on her mouth. He licked and sucked the sweet delicately perfumed
taste from Dany's lips with his lavish tongue then he put his fingers to
his own mouth and cleaned them too.

That was all that Adam could stand. He couldn't hold off his orgasm any more,
nor did he want to.

His hips went into a battering ram overdrive bringing out ever increasing
squeals from Dany who shook and writhed beneath his violent assault. But all
the while Adam's eyes were locked on Hermione. Making it obvious that in his
mind it was the younger girl he was giving this aggressive treatment to.

Dany went rigid beneath him, her muscles flailing then locking up as he
humped into her for another few seconds second and then...

"Make sure you pull out! Remember you're not sheathed up." Dany panted
suddenly vocal again.

"I said make sure you...!" But she changed her tune just as suddenly.

"Oh fuck!" She wailed at top pitch. "Come in me! Shoot it all up me! Please!"

Adam laughed and went to town on her for the last few seconds. Then, his
handsome face contorting into a mask of orgasmic ecstasy, he suddenly
exploded into her. Letting go of his hard aching restraint, he noisily doused
her with thick plentiful streams of his hot cum, shooting it directly up her
unprotected cunt.

"Bastard!" Dany snarled as she felt the hot ropes of his thick climax
shooting all the way to her womb.

"You fucking shit! What the hell are you doing?!" She yelled, trying to pull
herself out from under him.

"What you begged for!" Adam laughed.

"I didn't, I...! She started to protest and struggle to get up but he pressed
a palm onto her flat palpitating stomach to hold her down as he thrust into
her a few more times, using the hot friction of her cunt to squeeze the last
few wads of cum from his heavy balls.

Dany was still cursing and shouting when he let her up, slapping him and
pushing him away while she gathered her clothes.

Adam just sat there and laughed, his slowly wilting cock hanging loose and
drooping from his opened trousers.

"Let's have a threesome!" He said, taunting her. "You know how much I want to
try that!"

"And you know how many times I've said no you fucking freak pervert!" Dany
screamed back. "That's it! I'm going! I actually came round tonight to break
up with you. I have a date with a guy at the Chinese tonight and I'm going to
be late!"

She was out of the door before she'd even put her knickers back on. And Adam,
laughing away, slammed the door shut behind her.

"Dumb bitch, she doesn't remember anything..!" He muttered to himself as he
sat down beside Hermione, leaned against her and kissed her suddenly, hard on
the lips.

Adam kissed Hermione with a continued passion, his lips working on hers
suckling and pressing soft and then firm, while his tongue pushed urgently
between her teeth and into her hot young mouth.

His hands played across her body - one reaching to the back of her head to
tangle in her blonde tinted brown tresses and hold her face against his, not
that she was trying to pull away - while his other hand roamed over her firm
young figure, stroking the bare cool tops of her smooth thighs before walking
spider-like beneath her hitched up skirt, stroking her soft skin in an almost
tickling caress until he found her naked pubic mound again.

His fingers stroked her pouting labia, bringing a little gasp from Hermione's
sweet mouth. The gasp flourished into a long breathy moan as his questing
fingers slipped down and then inward.

He stroked in between her lips for a while, spreading her free flowing juices
over her hot delicate flesh before moving away from the searing vertex of her
thighs and spider-walking up across her flat palpitating stomach muscles to
her high perky breasts. He made do with going under her denim jacket and
squeezing a firm tit through her T-shirt.

Then with a suddenness that should have startled Hermione, and as if her
breast had been scalding to the touch, Adam jerked back turned away and began
cursing like a sailor.

He was cursing Dany.

"...That bitch!" He growled completing his long colourful tirade. "I'm gonna
sort her properly this time."

His trousers bulging with a wholly renewed erection, he grabbed Hermione's
hand and raced out of the front door. The girl stumbled along behind him with
her jeans and thong around her ankles threatening to trip her at every step.

Adam's car was a big black five door thing that didn't seem very apt for
someone with a student's finances. Of course, Hermione didn't think anything
of it. She tugged her jeans around her waist and slid down into the passenger
seat while Adam turned on the ignition, pressed a button on the dashboard,
threw the vehicle into gear and then darted out of the drive and off down the

They followed the road, turned left, crossed through a roundabout, took the
first left after that and then followed the road into the middle of town. The
solemn street-lit darkness transformed gradually along that road as night
open shops started to appear on both sides, neon shop signs, the lights from
the interiors of fish and chip shops, take-aways, taxi ranks, amusement
arcades, video shops, a club, a pub, another pub.

It was a week night and though it was quite warm outside and dry, even though
dark the cloudy sky was rather doom laden, there weren't many people about -
a few small groups of teenagers and young adults milling about outside the
taxi rank and the pubs and clubs.

They stopped at the traffic lights and Adam used a dashboard switch to wind
down Hermione's passenger side window and then leaned right across her as
if she wasn't there and shouted over at someone on the pavement outside the
club. Hermione turned her head and looked.

It was a woman, probably in her mid or late twenties wearing dark jeans and
a worn looking faded black T-shirt featuring the Inspiral Carpets' cow
emblem. Beneath the T-shirt was a brown suede sluttishly short miniskirt
and bare legs that ended in calf length leather boots.

She was quite pretty, especially when she smiled. There was possibly little
more flesh on her than she needed but she was a long way from being
overweight. Her hair was collar length and roughly bobbed, dark in colour
though bolted through with random flecks of golden brown that made the rest
look glossy auburn under the neon that seemed to bathe everything. Most
noticeable were the size of her breasts. They were huge, packed into her
straining T-shirt and warping the picture across the front of it. It was
like she's shoved a pair of watermelons up there.

Adam was interested and he hurriedly chatted to her in the lewdest way
possible while waiting for the lights to change. At first she was interested
in the attention from the handsome young man but when he started on her, her
cheeks flushed and she took a step or two back feeling dirty and insulted.
She called her male companion over but Adam, seeing the traffic lights
shifting through to green, started to move away from the kerb.

He caught her disgusted gaze for a further second and told her to "Be back
out here in ten minutes."

Then, laughing at her blushing barely controlled and colourful retort, he
sped off around the corner and turned left.

They had caught up with Dany's electric blue Mini by now and passed her by
as she turned right into a poorly lit car park near the Chinese Restaurant
on the corner, opposite the town hall.

Adam pulled over onto the wide pavement off the main road and Hermione sat
there and watched his ex getting out of and then locking up her car. She
turned back to Adam but realised he was out of his car and chatting
animatedly to a six strong gang of youths all sitting on the stone wall
near the dark almost gothic structure of the town hall.

The gang's attention shifted over to Dany who was bent over and checking her
make up in the passenger wing mirror of her car. It gave the gang enough time
to scurry across the practically deserted street and pass through the brick
and iron archway into the car park. Dany seemed to have forgotten something
and was half in her car the passenger door wide open with the girl kneeling
on the seat apparently looking for something in the foot well of the driver's
side. It sealed her fate. Unseen by anyone except Hermione and Adam, who was
now back in the car and adjusting his rear view mirror, the gang caught Dany
completely by surprise and shoved her by her pert little backside into her

They quickly piled in after her, a hand more than likely gagging her
surprised scream before it left the confines of her vehicle.

They struggled into the car, fought the keys from the girl and then hoisted
her over into the back-seat followed by four of the six who promptly sat on
her, pinning her to the leather. The other two took the front seats and one
of them started the car, threw it into gear and they shot off quickly out of
the car park and down a side street.

Adam, laughing sadistically, watched them disappear out of view and then
turned his car around and headed home.

The huge breasted woman was standing there waiting for them as Adam had
ordered and he braked suddenly, reached behind him and shoved open one of
the rear doors. She ran across the road and practically threw herself onto
the back-seat laughing excitedly. Her demeanour completely altered from
the last exchange between Adam and her.

"You're about to get fucked, woman." Adam said as he sped off down the road
again, watching in the rear view mirror at the enraged boyfriend who was
yelling after the car and gesticulating rudely with his hands.

Everything in the house was just as they had left it and Jaime didn't even
seem to have woken up with all the noise or during their absence. Adam
didn't waste any time. He rushed up the stairs and returned with a large wall
hanging mirror that he propped up at the side of the fire place. He muttered
something at the mirror that Hermione didn't catch and then settled on the
sofa beside the young teenager.

The woman settled herself silently on the armchair under the window. Adam
looked into Hermione's eyes.

"I'm not going to pop your cherries yet kid." He assured the girl.

"Don't worry, you'll get my dick in you soon enough, but for now I'll fuck
you through this surrogate heifer." He pointed an idle thumb at the busty red
haired woman. "You just sit back, watch the show and enjoy yourself."

The mirror's reflection misted and then became clear again but it wasn't a
reflection any longer, the mirror showed an interior view of the back seat of
Dany's little car.

Dany was already partially exposed. The car seemed to have been parked up at
the end of a dark alley, away from prying eyes.

The gang of four in the back had Dany stretched out across the seat over
their laps, while their excited hands had immediately started to snatch at
her clothes and the slender tanned curves of the ripe young body beneath,
grasping and groping at her long slender figure.

They had her face down, with the back of her skirt flipped up over her waist,
while their hands coarsely pulled and squeezed and painfully pinched her
pert little bottom, prodding and groping her firm athletic buttocks and the
hot and sticky vulva pouting just visible between them.

Adam went quickly over to the woman, and slapped her legs apart, her eyes
were wide, mouth slack a look of mild shock on her face but she obeyed
nonetheless, spreading her bare legs and hooking them over the arms of the
chair. The bare pink flesh of her inner thighs, suddenly revealed and
illuminated, seemed to fill the space of the chair as Hermione watched in
dull silence.

Adam knelt on the carpet beside the older woman and laid a hand on her thigh
while he pressed his lips to hers. He was gentle at first, his lips brushing
hers and his caresses stroking her tingling thigh with fingertips only.

But as soon as he slipped his tongue between her slack lips everything
changed, his sexual aggression was abruptly switched on, like the turning on
of a light. He pierced her mouth deeply with his tongue while the hand on her
thighs darted downwards and tore at the gusset of her underwear, she gasped
at his sudden excitedness and the fierce action of his tongue in and around
her mouth but her reciprocation continued all the while. He flicked at her
suddenly exposed clitoris again and again with a thumb while she jumped and
twitched at each contact.

Hermione felt the same effect at the apex of her own thighs and she squirmed
and let out a soft moan of her own. Adam's, other hand harshly pulled at the
woman's hair while he hard kissed her and practically throat fucked her with
his tongue. He reached down with his other hand and forced two fingers into
her already lubricated cunt.

Hermione's responsive gasp was almost as loud as the woman's. He frigged her
tunnel for a while before adding a third finger.

Hermione writhed on the sofa, her inner thighs convulsing in reaction to the
feel of the none existent fingers inside her pussy.

Adam stopped short on his cunt caresses, he could feel the build up of juices
inside the woman and saw her reactions were accelerating towards climax
already and the cute girl behind him was even noisier, so he changed tactic.
The pleasure was for him not them, he knew he could get them off with his
fingers or his tongue as well has his cock but he'd get them off when it
suited him, weaken them, knock their inhibitions for six and then get them
to do whatever he wanted.

He went after the woman's tits, staining her T-shirt with her own cunt juices
as his hand leaped upwards to cover and then cup one of her big hefty orbs.
He squeezed violently, clenching and twisting the flesh of her breasts,
feeling the budding nipples harden and push forward against the fabric. He
attacked a nipple with a finger, plucking at it, flicking, pressing, grabbing
it between finger and thumb to squeeze and pull.

The woman gasped and whimpered, her body quivering against Adam's while he
continued biting and sucking at the soft flesh of her throat and sniggering
to himself at the noises the young baby-sitter was making in conjunction with
the woman's reactions.

Other hands tried to push under Dany to get under her vest, tugging the
garment up and freeing her naked breasts that were crushed against a line of
cotton jogging trousers and jeans. She whimpered at the harsh feel of the
fabric against her hard nipples but that particular noise was lost amongst
the general weeping and whimpering and pleas to leave her alone. She was
moaning and panting over and over, even though one of the boys kept slapping
her on the back of her head to try and shut her up, while the others made
vile, lewd comments about her and her body and what they wanted to or were
about to do.

The same boy grabbed Dany's pony tail and dragged her head up out of his
tented lap, then with his free hand he tugged his already fully sized
erection out of his jogging pants. He used the grip on her pony tail to
turn her head so she faced his jutting cock and then pressed down on the
back of her head shoving her face down against his sweaty throbbing phallus.
He started grinding his hips rhythmically against her warm soft face,
rubbing his stiff cock against her tear stained hot flushed skin, using
her face as a masturbatory tool.

The boy next to him could feel her small breasts pressing against his
prominent lap. He reached under her and wriggled his hand down her chest
to search out and then cup and grope her bared breasts. His fingers cruelly
tweaked and rolled her hotly erected nipples, cupping and squeezing both of
the firm juicy mounds.

He used his spare hand to lever out his own erection, allowing it to get
trapped between his thigh and her hot little breasts, managing to press the
girl's hot chest against it.

Adam had teased the woman and girl for a while longer, he'd got both hands
on her tits, using a mug of cold leftover coffee to soak her T-shirt so he
could get his hands on the cotton and literally tear it open to reveal the
basketball sized tits beneath. He mauled them with abandon before swapping
his attentions from her breasts to her cunt, finger fucking her and working
at her clit at the same time, before swapping back to her bust again.

Then he'd feasted on those tits harshly, while in the background Hermione had
crested right over the first of her orgasms.

This time her noise had drowned out the whimpering and moaning of the
surrogate, while he had cruelly worked over those big orbs, biting and
pinching her nipples between long sucks and hard tongue flicking.

While Hermione's orgasm subsided, Adam had tugged the woman to the edge of
the chair and thrown her legs up, the action hitching her skirt up under her
hips and out of the way. He had spanked her firm tanned ass, stroked and
prodded her buttocks and cunt lips, leaned over to suck her nipples some
more. Then he pressed her hand to his bulging crotch.

"Get my dick out and give me a hand job." He instructed with an erotically
charge sneer.

She complied and revealed to him a well-practised and vigorous technique that
immediately upped the tempo of Adam's horniness.

"Oh, you fucking horny bitch!" Adam grunted in appreciation.

Leaning over her prone body, he attacked her breasts with his hands again,
pulling and tweaking her nipples when he wasn't slapping at the pair of big
shuddering orbs.

His climax growing too quickly, Adam put a stop to the hand job and dragged
the woman out of her chair and to her feet. He crushed her against him and
fondled her ass while he had her suck at his tongue, all the while listening
to Hermione's increasing moans of acute eroticism.

The softness of Dany's lean flesh and the illicit non-consent of the sexual
torment was more than enough to shorten the length of the boy's forced tit
fuck and he blasted a wet hot torrent or pressurised cum all over her,
ejaculating powerfully across her breasts, nipples and chest.

At just about the same time the boy next to him shot his load animatedly all
over her face and into her lush blonde hair.

Adam made the woman strip naked in front of him, hauling off the rest of
her clothes until she stood there in just her boots. All the while he tugged
at his own erection keeping it at full trembling stretch.

Once she was naked Adam pushed the woman down to her knees and grabbed her
hair in both hands, using the grip of her head to control her as she darted
her tongue out and tasted the tip of his jutting cock.

He inched forward, pressing the crown against her pursed lips until its
inexorable advance pushed between her lips and then inside, feeding the
shaft into her mouth inch by inch.

She easily took each offered inched with an experienced motion of tonguing
and sucking on the hot shaft.

Adam let her put a hand to the root of his cock, working his foreskin from
the base while she worked the bloated crown with her lips and tongue. Behind
them, Hermione vocally gagged on the feel of the cock invading her mouth and
pushing on into her throat. However, there was nothing substantial filling
her mouth, nothing there to hinder the free flow of her over produced saliva
and it poured out of her stretched wide lips, coating her chin and staining
her top. She groaned around the none existent phallus that spectrally filled
and plunged in and out of the depths of her small mouth and slender throat.

She gagged and choked on it while at the same time enjoying the sensations
of it driving in and filling her mouth with its heat and solid size.

Adam squatted slightly and reached down with his hands grabbing the
surrogates' big hefty tits, mauling them voraciously while she sucked and
gobbled at his big fat dick with horny fervour.

The third in line on the back seat had grabbed one of Dany's flailing wrists
and forced her hand onto the bulge in his lap. He made her wrap her fingers
around his erection and forced her to masturbate him. She reluctantly fisted
his hard excited shaft until, after a few minutes of frantic movement and
with his loud accompanying groan, his spunk suddenly shot out of the fat head
of his cock, spraying all over the place and coating Dany's hard working hand
and arm.

Just before his climax had erupted down the woman's hard working throat, Adam
had moved out of her reach. He quickly hoisted her to onto her feet and then
dumped her back on the chair.

He grabbed her hips and dragged her ass to the front edge of the seat, while
he threw her legs up and apart, then he dropped down before them and pressed
his face into her crotch to feast on her squelching, drooling cunt. Again and
with glee, Adam kept an eye and an ear focused on Hermione who was slumped
across the sofa behind him, as she noisily reacted to the motions of his lips
and tongue on the surrogate's succulent pussy.

He would rather be sucking on Hermione's tender lips and her cute little
clitoris, but the other woman's swollen pussy was well juiced, steaming hot
and rather sweet to the taste and that suited him just fine.

"Right, flip the bitch over, I've got her little baby tits out and I wanna
chew on 'em!" Said the boy who'd stained Dany's meagre cleavage with his
plentiful cum.

"Yeah, I wanna make her suck my tongue." Grunted another of Dany's captors.

"She'd bite it off, you prick!" The front passenger threw back over his
shoulder, the others laughed.

Adam squatted down in front of the surrogate, who was still moaning and
quivering in the after effects of the cunt melting climax he just ate out of
her, and then drove his saliva slick cock right into that inferno-sleeve of
her feminine sexual passion.

The sexy woman moaned and arched her back with the feel of the thick hard
cock finally penetrating her.

But her reaction was nothing compared to the noisy thrashing that Hermione
went through on the sofa as she experienced the same feeling of that hot
shaft of solid muscle pressing into her, spreading her lips parting the walls
of her well lubricated little tunnel and pushing along it's tight confines
until its throbbing length bottomed out in the depths of her, pressing
against the entrance to her womb and stretching the interior of her vagina in
all directions at once.

In the car the action had accelerated suddenly and Dany found herself lying
face down over the laps of two boys, a third was squashed in at the side of
her with his back against the drivers seat while a fourth was kneeling behind
her raised ass, his thumbs splaying her vulva apart while his hips pushed the
bloated helmet of his invading erection into the entrance to her already
violated cunt.

Dany squealed and writhed as she felt herself forcibly penetrated but she
could do nothing about it, they held her tight and she merely wept and
whimpered as the erect phallus pushed into her hot, barely lubricated pussy.
As the cock pushed deep into her, her hands clutched at her sensitive breasts
contracting painfully on the flattened orbs while fingertips pinched down
hard on her stiff nipples.

And then a hand grabbed her scalp and dragged her head up and back releasing
the hard hot rod of phallic flesh that had been pressed up against her tear
stained face. Dany gasped at the multiplying points of pain throughout her
slender body and the boy took the opportunity to jerk her head back down and
shove his cock into her mouth.

He didn't need to threaten her into behaving herself with her teeth against
his cock but he did so all the same.

"I feel teeth on my dick, or you don't give me your best sucking action I'll
just rip your eyes out of your skull with this." He snapped, flashing a small
penknife into her gaze and the pushed down on the back of her head, forcing
his erection into her damp mouth.

Dany, the hard cock sawing quickly in and out of her raw cunt, obediently
started to suck, working her tongue on the hard cock that was now halfway
to the entrance of her throat.

Hermione was matching the busty surrogate's actions on the sofa, her cute
little ass on the edge of the seat cushion, her legs up and pointing at the
ceiling, her hands clutching at the seat and arm rest on either side of her.
Her head was thrown back and she was groaning in soft high pitched yelps in
time to the sensation of Adam's none existent cock.

Her vagina was visibly contracting, the gleaming swollen outer lips opening
and closing, moved by the inner lips and the mouth of her tiny cunt tunnel.

Finally, the boys reached the climax of Dany's initial spit-roast. Their
victim's wet and noisy gagging on the orally embedded phallus became drastic
as the boy increased the pace of his hard throat raping, before he finally
hip slammed his twitching cock deep into her throat one last time and
remained there while he noisily blasted her sore oesophagus with masses of
his scalding watery cum.

Dany convulsed wildly, choking and gagging, her taut, flat stomach heaving
as the boy filled it with his seed.

The vaginal rapist fucked harder, slamming into Dany as hard as he could.
Slamming his hips with sadistic fervour against Dany's ass. Growling at her
and battling his fuck rod in and out of her while she struggled and trembled
beneath the harsh rutting young rapist.

He came at last, long loud and hard, throwing himself over her quivering
body and crushing her under him while he jerked his hips in tiny, hard
hyper-thrusts against her tight little buttocks, pummelling at her while he
came and came.

Adam pulled out suddenly and the room was filled in stereo with a pair of
synchronised female moans. Both were moans of disappointment.

He laughed as he pulled the busty brunette up out of the chair and sat down
in it, before hurriedly pulling her back on top of him ass first. He sat her
on his lap and made her penetrate herself on his erect shaft.

At once he had her bouncing with a fast paced and energetic rhythm on top
of him, impaling herself on his great hot cock over and over.

Dany felt the collection of hands, gripping and molesting her nakedness,
grab her tighter and haul her over onto her back.

"I think it's about time you got fucked up your arse." Somebody snarled.

"No don't, please..." Dany moaned loudly, but of course, her protests were
ignored by the gang.

Moments later, Dany's suddenly noisier and more panicked moans caught Adam's
and Hermione's attention, distracting them from their mutual pleasures.

"Please I can't take that! Not in there! Please! No! Don't, don't!" Dany
screamed hoarsely from the mirror.

And then the room became a cacophony and shrieking and crying, mixed with
raucous grunting and almost hysterical laughter from the raping boys and
their hornily voyeuristic companions

"Ahhhh!" Dany screamed at the top of her lungs.

The noise took Adam to the edge - and then picked him up and launched him
right over it into hot and intense climaxing ecstasy.

He only half heard the reactionary squeals of the two women he was
simultaneously fucking. Hermione's and the surrogate's climax's sounded as
powerful as his.

However, all three of them were drowned out by the noise of the continuing
gang rape in the small mini, that continued to play live for their viewing
pleasure in the large enchanted mirror.

Chapter 2

The next day.

Hermione awoke in her own bed, in her pyjamas at just after eight o'clock
the next morning. She didn't remember much about the previous night at all.
Baby-sitting, meeting Adam - Jaime's older brother, that was about it.
Sitting on the side of the bed with a fuzzy head Hermione had a sudden
though vague recollection on having someone's head in her lap, long blonde
hair... And then nothing more would come.

She got up, still feeling groggy and muddled and headed to the bathroom
across the hall.

Brushing her teeth while looking into the mirror she caught a recollection of
a pornographic scene in the back seat of a car. The girl looked unaccountably

Hermione washed and then started on her bushy hair. It was always worst
first thing in the morning and took an age to get under control. She watched
herself in the mirror as she brushed her hair, her mind on the half memory of
the back seat orgy. Had it been a dream she was just starting to remember? It
felt like it, and yet as she thought back she remembered more, and more in

It came in snapshots over time but she felt that passage of time as much as
the poor girl in the back of the mini. Yes, it had been a mini hadn't it. The
teenage boys, about six of them, had gang raped the poor blonde for hours,
almost none stop.

They had ganged up on her, raping her vagina and mouth, spit roasting
penetrations... Then she had been forced to deep throat their six cocks and
swallow six loads of cum one after another... Taking more cum into her vagina
boy after boy, over and over... Then the gang had settled down into leisurely
but hard thrusting anal rapes... And then double and triple penetrations. It
had felt like it had lasted half the night.

And she had watched, Hermione and... Adam. There had been another older
woman, dark haired and busty but she had left after a couple of hours walking
awkwardly and Adam and Hermione had laughed then they'd looked back at the
television to watch the non consenting orgy... That Adam had purposefully
inflicted on... Dany. No, it had been a mirror, not a television... And Dany
had been the girl's name... Adam's girlfriend. Who had had her head resting
on Hermione's lap... Before she broke up with Adam... And then it all came
flooding back.

The arrival of Adam, flirtation, then Dany, them having sex and involving
Hermione, the argument, the car ride, the gang being talked into attacking
Dany, picking up the woman on the way back, and then the hours of sex and
watching Dany's horrendous assault.

She couldn't stomach breakfast at all, the reality of the previous night
killing her appetite. She switched on the local radio news but there was
nothing about a rape at all.

She wanted to see what had become of Dany but knew nothing about the girl
or where to find her, and Adam was the last person she wanted to go and see.

She had the day alone, her parents both being away for the next couple of
days. She considered getting in touch with Ron or Harry, but she knew they
would automatically be convinced of Voldemort's involvement and Hermione,
for reasons she didn't understand herself, didn't think it was anything
related to He Who Must Not Be Named.

This was something else entirely. He was definitely a Wizard of some
description and a powerful one by the way he could manipulate people.
Mirrors, and sharing sensation between people was one thing but the way he
literally controlled people, made them do his bidding and without the use of
a wand, was almost beyond anything she had even read about before.

Of course she knew of spells, dark and highly illegal spells, that could
make one person obey the commands of another, not least the Imperius Curse.
However, this again seemed to be different, feel different. She's seen the
Imperious Curse used in the classroom the previous year and remembered
vividly the feel of the spell, the atmosphere of it, a magical scent that
she noticed around most spells, each one a little different from the last.

Hermione sat in the living room, on the comfortable sofa, with Crookshanks
cuddling up to her. She tucked bare feet under her, warmed by the huge orange
cat's fur as she thought feverishly over her morning coffee.

She focused her mind on the problem - as much to hold back her memories, her
disgust and her fear of the previous night - what she had been made to do,
what she could have been made to do, things she may have done that she
couldn't remember... Dany's fate could have been hers had she angered Adam.
The thought of it made her shiver uncontrollably with a mixture of fear and

The fears cemented themselves into her mind until she couldn't shake them
from her, she felt panic and tears welling and switched on the television,
hoping to find distraction in the mundane of daytime television.

There was a sports news report concerning rising football star David Beckham
being loaned out from Manchester United to a smaller Northwest team Preston
North End.

Beckham almost immediately brought back thoughts of Victor Krum, Hermione's
Bulgarian... Boyfriend.... Actually boyfriend wasn't quite the term that
Hermione used in regard to Krum but it wasn't far off the mark. Victor had
given Hermione what she had thought of as a rather odd and extremely
grotesque parting gift. It was a little copper coloured metal bat. A rather
ugly little thing that hung upside down from a necklace with its delicate
wings curled up around its body. Krum told her that it was in fact a magic
clockwork courier, similar to Hogwarts owls but manufactured and embellished
with all kinds of magical charms.

It was a lot faster than owls and didn't require any caring for except
bathing in lantern oil once a month if used frequently. It collected and
remembered up to twenty individual addresses, people and could find them
wherever they were in the world. The little bat even had a hollow torso
with a hinged door in its front that could house scrolls of parchment or
paper with letters or messages on them.

At once Hermione ran up to her room and searched through the old jewellery
box her grandmother had given to her for the still boxed pendant.

She would write to Victor telling some (but not all) of her fears and
experiences and ask for his advice.

She spent an hour writing draft after draft of the letter, until she was
reasonably satisfied with the result, given the time she had:

Dearest Victor,
I'm sorry I haven't written sooner but as promised here's a letter. I hope
your trip home to Durmstrang was nice and you are enjoying your summer
break, though I would imagine you spend most of your time in training on
the Quidditch pitch.

Most of my time is spent doing homework (you know what I'm like, all that
time you sat with me in the library back at Hogwarts) but I must say I find
myself thinking back over the Yule Ball all the time, of the time we spent
together dancing and enjoying ourselves, and of course the fun we had later
on in the Rose Garden (I'm blushing just writing about that!)

I confess that I have a slightly ulterior motive for writing to you. I am
in need of advice and I thought of you. I hope you can help me.

I met someone recently, he was a wizard but appeared to be making a secret
of the fact, he had very good use of powerful magic - without using a wand -
and spells that allow him to control other people, make them do what he
wants (not me I assure you! No need to worry).

He was very cruel to some other people and seemed to me to be quite a
powerful wizard. I don't think he's connected to He Who Must Not Be Named,
however he has me worried - that he could be dangerous and cause trouble.

To be honest, I don't even know what it is I'm asking of you. It's just that
you're older and know a lot more about magic and the magic world than I
do. You might have an idea or two - what kind of magic he uses and if that
might give me an idea of what he's up to, possibly even who he is...

I hope you can help me without getting too worried, I'm not in any danger,
honestly, he didn't even have any idea that I was a witch.

I miss you Victor and would love to see you again, though in the current
climate I'm not sure how possible that could be.

I still dream of you now and then, the feel of your body while we danced,
your strong muscles, your sexy accent when we chatted and your handsome
face. The way you kissed me in the rose garden...

Please write back soon Victor,

With all my love,
Your Hermione.

Finally satisfied, Hermione folded it up and placed it into the bat's torso
cavity, shut the little door and whispered the activating charm before
throwing the little bat out of her bedroom window. It came to life in mid
air, spread its wings and then shot off into the sky like a bullet.

Hermione was making herself a cup of tea when the phone rang.

"Hermione? It's Mr Whittle." Came a familiar older male voice.

"Oh, hello." Hermione said, unable to subdue her surprise.

"I just wanted to apologise for leaving you to your own devices last night.
I'm assuming Adam filled you in and took you home."

"Yes, he said something about you having car trouble, and he volunteered to
take me home." Hermione replied, remembering then and there.

"I wanted to ring the house earlier to let you all know but I couldn't get to
a phone, I had to wait for the AA van to arrive."

"That's okay. Did you have a nice evening Mr Whittle?"

"I did... Until I was on the way home..." He sighed. "Never mind that though,
the boys were both fast asleep when I got home and Jaime said he slept like a
log after he'd gone to bed whatever you got him doing must have knocked him
for six!"

"Just playing that games machine of his." Hermione laughed Before broaching
the subject that had been at the forefront of her mind all morning. "Is Adam

"No, he went back to Uni this morning." He said. "Jaime's home alone but our
neighbour Mrs Johnson is keeping an eye on him. You're welcome to pop in if
you're at a loose end. Though I'd imagine you have your own friends to spend
your summer holiday with..."

"We're meeting up next week I think. I might pop in on Jaime, see if I can
thrash him at some other games."

"Well thanks again for last night, I have to get back to work, my boss is
prowling... Bye Hermione."

"Bye bye, Mister Whittle." Hermione replied and then replaced the receiver.

Adam was away. She could have a little snoop around the house, his room, ask
Jaime a few subtle questions...

Hermione grabbed her jacket, handbag and house keys and then locked up and
headed off down the suburban maze towards the Whittle's house. She was
halfway there when she heard a twittering squeak and looked up into the bows
of a pavement planted tree to see the clockwork bat hanging upside down from
a branch whipping its little wings to get her attention.

"Back already!" Hermione said to the bat with surprise. There was no one else
around that she could see so Hermione reached her cupped palms up and caught
the bat as it let go of the branch. She dropped the little metal creature
into her jacket pocket and carried on.

Hermione was desperate to open the bat and read Victor's reply but she
couldn't risk it in the summery morning street, not in broad daylight. She'd
have to find a quiet moment as soon as she could.

Jaime answered the door almost immediately. He had been delighted to see
Hermione on his doorstep and he invited her it at once.

He was busy making her a drink in the kitchen before she'd even had chance
to shut the front door behind her.

"Jaime? Can I ask you about your brother?" Hermione said innocently.

"Adam, I suppose..." The reluctance was obvious in the boy's response. "What
do you want to know?"

"I was talking to him last night, he seemed... Strange to be honest. Some of
the things he was saying... Has he always been the same? What I mean is, have
you seen any change in him recently?"

Going for broke seemed to be the best way, Hermione knew Jaime was
intelligent for his age and her gamble seemed to pay off.

"Strange? Yeah you could say he's been strange." Jaime said now waiting for
the Playstation to load up.

"Strange. Rude.... A bastard. He's changed a lot. But I just thought it was
me, or that he was going through things at Uni, or with that girl he's been
seeing, what's her name...?"

"Dany." Hermione replied.

"Yeah. What kind of a name it that for a girl anyway?"

"It's probably short for Danielle or something... Don't you like her?"
Hermione asked.

"She's okay I suppose, didn't say much to me, ignored me most of them time,
unless I was bugging her then she'd have a go or whinge about me to Adam.

"She was weird though, like she could never make her mind up about anything.
One minute she's complaining or arguing with Adam the next she's all over
him, it was disgusting. Right in front of me on the couch while I'm playing
or trying to do my homework. It was like they didn't care. I might as well
have been a stranger."

Hermione saw him give a little shudder in apparent disgust over his memories.
Maybe he was jealous of his brother and that maybe he liked Dany more than he
was making out.

"Would it bother you if I had a look in his room? You know, he might be on
drugs or something. If we can work out why he's acting so strangely we could
help him, or tell your dad."

"You don't fancy him do you?" Jaime asked rather accusingly.

"No, of course not." Hermione replied truthfully and it seemed to be enough
for Jaime.

The room, at Hermione's first impression, was a standard young man's bedroom.
A single bed bisected the centre of the modest sized box. A window cast its
rectangle of sunlight across the blue patterned duvet cover. Posters along
three of the four walls all but covered the plain off-white wallpaper. Facing
the bed, on the wall that housed the door, was a tall narrow wardrobe and a
chest of drawers in matching pine. The top of the chest of drawers was
covered in a black and silver landscape of electronic equipment, stereo,
television, video recorder and two hurriedly stacked columns of CD's and
video cassettes.

However, the electronics were covered in a thin layer of dust, seemingly
untouched for weeks; the usual indie band and film posters had been torn
down or covered over with large and extremely pornographic images of women
or male/female couples. Hermione felt herself flushing at the coarseness of
the images on open display.

Apart from the dust, everything else was impeccably tidy and un-teenage like,
no piles of strewn clothes, a neatly made bed and almost stranger still was
the placement of a large ornate mirror. It had been propped up in front of
the chest of drawers completely covering the television screen. Now, a girl
might place a mirror there temporarily to apply make up and redress her hair
before going out but it would never be left there and certainly, from what
Hermione had learned about boys, no boy would cover a television with a

The only tiniest point of interest was behind the mirror in the triangle of
space between the mirrors' back and the dusty front of the television screen.
There were a few letters concerning Adam's University course, the address
of his place of residence and a list of girl's names, ages and courses they
were taking.

Hermione copied down the University address and the names. And then made her
excuses and left Jaime to his Playstation game.


Dear Hermione,
(That is a lot easier to write than it is to say. I am writing this in
Bulgarian using a translating quill so my poor English will not be a

I am very pleased and excited to hear from you. I have indeed been keeping
myself very busy (and distracted) by Kwidditch sport training, especially
with mastering a technique named the "Doppelganger Feint" (ask your friend
Ron about it, he should know).

Anyway, you need my advice and as I have assured you in the past, I will
always be here if you need me.

I am rather worried about your letter, this man sounds dangerous, if he is
half as powerful as you are suggesting -

It takes a lot of power to focus and project magic without the use of a wand,
though I have managed it myself on one occasion it was in a controlled class
and proved extremely difficult.

Controlling spells are another sign of power that should not be
underestimated. There are a few different ways of getting people to do what
you wish, all of them illegal under the International Wizarding Statutes.

Different countries have different versions of the same spells, some of
them are specific to (for example) certain kinds of control, or control for
certain motivations.

There is a very illegal and underground sub-genre of magic that covers
sexuality, from benign 'love potions' to sexual versions of the Unforgivable
Curses like the Cruciatus and Imperious curses.

I have to say again, Hermione that I am very concerned for your welfare. If
this man is half as dangerous as he sounds you could be in a great deal of
danger, I'm am strongly tempted to get on my racing broom and fly to where
you are in England. I could be at your side within two or three hours if I
fly none stop.

(Though I have no doubt you will say I am being over cautious and that there
is no need to come to your rescue.)

I will not bother with trying to tell you to leave the man alone or to find
someone at your Ministry of Magic who can investigate on your behalf. As I
have said in the past, I think that Harry Potter has had a certain influence
on you, and not all of it has been advantageous.

The only advice I can give you, is to try the Wizarding Library that is
accessible through any public Muggle library. Look up the records of Dark
Wizards of the past, see what their motives and their methods were and what
spells they liked to use, you might find someone with a similar modus
operandi it could at least offer you clues as to their possible motives or

And, once again, I most strongly advise you to seek help from someone with
more experience or authority. Preferably a professional Wizard Hunter or

Please, at least, keep me up to date on your progress and most importantly
your safety. Do not hesitate to contact me again for more help if needed. I
am always at your side.

Yours with the utmost respect and admiration,
Master Victor Krum.

She headed home, her mind full of her own thoughts as well as the words of
advice and concern from Victor.

She had to admit that the danger of this situation had been kept firmly in
the back of her mind and everything seemed so normal in the light of day.
The previous night's goings on seemed like a mixture of illicit fun with a
dreamlike quality, combined with the reality that daylight and sleep had

The paradox had provided enough of a barrier to enable her to disassociate
herself from the actual danger she had faced and what could have happened to

Then there was the feeling of there being no relation to the return of Lord
Voldemort. How had she come to that conclusion in the first place? Was she
right? Could this in fact be one of his many subordinates back from the
abyss? If so, she was fool hardy to try snooping all by herself.

She should have already written to Professor Dumbledore, or to the ministry,
Mister Weasley would be the perfect man to talk to, he was kind and
understanding and knowledgeable.

The Hermione of a few years ago certainly wouldn't have hesitated. Then
again, what was there to tell? It would do no harm to get in a little
research to give weight to her suspicions. Go to the Wizarding library get
a few facts, possibly an inclination of Adam's motivation, if it was even
Adam in charge. He could be enslaved to a Master, or it could be a Polyjuice
disguise for all she knew.

Hermione decided she didn't have enough information to present to anyone
else, she should quietly look into Adam Whittle, his exploits, his friends
at University, get a little more background and a little more evidence
before telling anyone else about her 'adventure'.

Chapter 3 - The Auror.

It was only a quick train journey to Adam's University campus. A couple of
stops no more than an hour and her under sixteen card cut the cost right

Hermione was standing outside the main campus of Adam's University an hour
and a half after making her decision.

Watching the young adults wandering this way and that in all their rebellious
teenage garb, the torn hipster jeans; dyed hair; piercings; the jangling
chains; the belts with rows of bullets encircling narrow hips; the CD players
and second hand cars, it all made Hermione feel plain and young and giddily
excited all at the same time.

The path from the gates led along the side of a courtyard which in turn led
to a small field, the path encircling the rectangle of well-kept turf. Facing
the field was the main building. Tall, old fashioned and full of windows.

A quick question to a short slim girl with dyed black hair and pale skin
provided Hermione with directions to the University library. It was in the
annex off the main building to the left past a little line of pretty fruit
trees. The annex was shaded and felt rather dim, Hermione headed down the
corridor managing to put up a front of straight backed confidence, she
wanted to look like she belonged there.

The corridor ended in a junction and the young Witch took the right turn and
then outside the third door on the left was a wall mounted sign that simply
stated 'Library'. There were a pair of wide glass doors that were open
forming a vestibule to the rows of books beyond. Hermione passed them by
and lost herself in the towering orderly jungle of cold metal, plastic and
dog-eared paper.

Like nearly all passageways between the Muggle and Magical worlds the
entrance was impeccably unnoticeable to Muggles, invisible in its normality.
In the case of public libraries it was the Letter 'W' in the fiction rows.
Hermione, pointing with the tip of her wand that she kept hidden up the
sleeve of her blouse, muttered the transportation spell. A second long
dimming of the lights would distract anyone from witnessing Hermione's

The witch herself experienced a lightning fast blackened burst of thunderous
all-consuming shadow that enveloped her and everything around her. A half
second later and a lovely welcoming glow blossomed from the blackness and
Hermione found herself in the familiar and comforting dance of organic candle

She was accustomed to the magical element of candle light, magical world
candles were a completely unrelated entity to Muggle candles, providing the
same kind of light but with ten times the level of warm yellowish
illumination without any of the glare.

The brilliant illumination of the candlelit Wizard library enveloped Hermione
and, with an open comforted smile, she stepped forward among the towering
columns of ancient thick hardwood and paper, leather bindings and parchment.

A woman smiling pleasantly came over to Hermione and introduced herself as an
assistant librarian. Hermione found herself in muted awe of the young woman.
She was amazing, lovely in both figure, features and apparently in manners.

She was dressed in archetypal Witch attire, it was practically a Muggle fancy
dress costume. A long black low neckline dress with billowing sleeves and
cut in figure hugging silk. The stereotype witches conical hat with the
puritanical style huge buckle as the centre piece of the hat band. The frayed
and pointed hem of the long dress revealed only the shiny black toe points of
high heeled stilettos. Long, full tresses of golden ringlets cascaded from
the brim of the hat that provided the sides of the frame that exhibited the
beauty of the face within.

She was glowing. Her flesh, eyes, rouged lips and flushed cheeks all glowed
with a youthful health and vitality, pleasantness and happiness. The pupils
at the centre of her large golden green irises were slit, like those of cat.
Her lips full and arched into a permanent though unforced smile.

The rest of her through concealed within the silky black dress was Page Three

She had the figure of Pamela Anderson, or a blonde Elvira, Hermione thought
to herself.

"Do you need any assistance young miss?" The busty assistant asked politely.

"Yes please." Hermione responded in kind. "I'm looking for information on
Dark Wizards of the past."

"That not too tricky, anything in particular? Or anyone in particular?"

"Their traits and modus operandi especially. It doesn't really matter who."

"That's fine. If you'd like to take a seat at one of the desks, I'll have
some books brought over and we'll see what we can find."

The busty witch directed Hermione to the central part of the library, a clear
area with a number of columns of back to back roll-topped desks, lantern lit
and graced with complementary parchment and quills.

The girl took a free desk and a moment later the busty assistant reappeared
with a three foot high stack of leather bound tomes.

It seemed to be the only kind of book that existed in the Wizarding world,
rich construction, binding and beautifully involved interior calligraphy.
Ancient leather, paper and parchment combinations for the interiors, with
undamageable spells placed upon each and every page.

The next hour, that flew by, was occupied with dark historical tales of the
most evil and cruel Witches and Wizards of the ancient and more recent past.
Their actions, their crimes, their insanely maniacal practices and their
simply weird motives.

There was David the Impaler, who used controlling curses to have husbands,
fathers and sons voluntarily impale themselves on wooden stakes unless their
wives, daughters, mothers came to him to offer themselves as slaves. Wolfram
the Cruel used his own werewolf curse to create whole villages of werewolves,
and then used the lycanthropic army to terrorise the Northern Carpathians for

Varnie the Leech used a vampire slave to vamiprise the women folk of a dozen
Swiss towns just to see the carnage the vampire bitches could inflict on
their families and loved ones.

"It's all about control. The power of domination over the innocent." Hermione

"To make them do whatever you wish. Whatever your perversions dictate." The
busy assistant agreed.

Hermione looked to her right, toward the wall of the Library and something
shocking and unexpected struck her at once. Adam was there, standing right
there and staring almost directly at her, no through her. He was preening
himself narcissistically, adoringly.

It took another second, during which Hermione's heart pounded hard in her
chest, for her to realise that he wasn't standing there in the library, and
only his upper half was visible, and framed in golden covered wood. She was
looking through an enchanted mirror and Adam was on the other side of it.

"We use those to check when the coast is clear, for returning to the Muggle
world." The busty assistant said casually. Then added "Yummy, he's kinda
nice..." To herself, watching Adam.

"You know him?" She asked Hermione, but the young Witch had already gone.

* * *

Hermione slipped out of the University library, the magic of the portal
concealing her reappearance from would be observers, and then headed down
the wide glass walled corridor.

She took a right and almost walked straight into Adam who was standing there
with a couple of female students.

Hermione moved quickly into an empty lecture hall and stood just behind the
open door watching them through the hinge-wide crack between door and jam.

The girls were both quite pretty, one more than the other. The lesser of
the two was shortish with dyed blonde hair, dead straight, the central part
forcing the length to fall on either side of her not quite plain round face.
Her steel grey eyes were sparkling with mischief and her thin wide lips drew
into a pleasant smile at almost every unheard comment that Adam appeared to

She wasn't slender or fat but somewhere in between and though she was
apparently blessed very sizeably in the bosom department, she seemed to be
half-heartedly trying to conceal her shapely figure with concealing clothes.
She was dressed a little unusually, bold and mismatched at the same time. A
little scruffy, a little adventurous. A typical art student.

The other girl was much prettier in her features, a darker more lush
complexion, her ringletted brown hair had been dyed with streamers of red.
She also had curves but they were much more within the realms of the average,
not overwhelming but nothing that didn't wouldn't please any red blooded
male. She was much easier on the eye that her blonde friend but didn't have
that unexplainable electric spark or the big tits that, to boys, would
probably have made her a more physically exciting prospect. The exchange
seemed to end with nods of excitement and excited grins from the girls. And
then Adam was moving on his back to the girls, but he was more than likely
well aware of the steamy looks he was catching from them both.

Hermione was going to move on when a small dark clothed, dark haired young
man approached to two girls. He looked nervous and was pale, apart from his
cheeks, that were flushed scarlet. He reminded Hermione of an older and
thinner Colin Creevy.

He stopped in front of the girls and flushing even more, seemed to stammer
out some kind of offer to the busty blonde art student. By the embarrassment
he was probably asking her out on a date and by his reaction and the slightly
sadistic smile of the brunette friend, the blonde shot him down in no
uncertain terms.

The girls, trying hard not to tumble into fits of giggles about-turned and
pranced away. The crestfallen and shoulder slumped Colin Creevy look-alike
leaned back and thumped his weight against the windowpane behind him and
looked down at his feet.

Hermione slipped out of the lecture hall and headed back outside by a side

A bright Vermilion vestibule, adorned with posters and information leaflets
led to the double glass-fronted doors of the side entrance to the college.
Hermione skipped through quickly, passing a gang of chattering teenage girls.
A couple of their number were caught by the motion of Hermione's bushy hair
and the taut flex of her lean figure but she ignored their stares and
followed the track through the almost full car park.

She had only just passed the second line of cars when she noticed the wizard
standing there looking lost and confused.

He made her grin at once with warm sympathetic amusement. He was very out of

He bore the aura of Wizards she had seen in the Muggle world, harmless,
friendly and out of place - like an unplanned meeting with a school friend on
a weekend, out of uniform, out of the usual environment but piqued with its
own specific thrill of excitement.

It was a world away from the feelings she had come to recognise with her near
misses with Adam inside the building behind her. Adam induced fear as well as
a forbidden kind of excitement, a mixture of thrill and dread. This wizard
was 'in disguise' and it was that that made him seem even more out of place.
He was wearing a bowler hat, a black and silver walking cane and a long
brightly coloured coat that seemed to have been plucked straight out of a
certain Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Hermione smiled and approached the man.

On closer inspection there was something foreign about him something between
Scandinavian and Inuit. Something in the not unattractive shape of his
features and his somewhat weathered complexion. She caught his eye and gave
him her sweetest smile.

"Hello, I'm from Hogwarts." She announced carefully as if her words were
code, and in fact she was using them as just that. "Can I help you?" The man
smiled back but still looked a little nonplussed. Hermione tried again.

"I'm from Hogwarts." This time she added even more emphasis to the name of
her famous Wizarding school, verbally unravelling the word across her tongue.

It sounded to Hermione like it took her a full five minutes to say the name.
A dawning comprehension at last gave rise onto the foreigners' face and his
perplexity melt into glee.

"Excellent." He replied in perfectly sounding English. "Help is precisely
what I need, young lady."

They sat in a little coffee shop opposite the tree lined square that
separated them from the entrance to the college.

Hermione brought them both coffee and had the wizard doff his hat and roll
up his startling coat. They sat opposite each other at a small table and

"I'd hazard a guess that you're foreign to these parts?" Hermione said as
politely as she could.

"Quite right, My name's Hekia. I'm from Iceland. An Auror you know. Just

"You English is very good."

"Can't speak a word myself, It's just a spell, temporary measure while I'm

"Investigating what?"

"Whom, actually. I'm pursuing a quarry. Myself and three others from our
Ministry of magical criminality. A serial murderer, repeated rapist and
controller of the innocent, all around villain of the highest degree."
Already Hermione's alarm bells were ringing.

"Who is this... Villain?" She asked as casually as she could.

"His name, for all the good it does to know his name, is Halldor. He was
abused as a child and it twisted his perceptions. He likes dominate and
control, especially women. And he's a killer too. Our department has been
pursuing him for years but he has a natural ability at transformation and
disguise. So he's hard to identify."

"Polyjuice Potion?"

"No, he has a magical method that is quicker and simpler. It's a rare gift
and has served him well in eluding us. He used his power to escape us a
number of times back home, even killing two of our top Aurors."

"That's terrible!" Hermione gasped "Why are you looking here?"

"I'm actually a junior member of the investigative team." Hekia said, trying
to hide his embarrassment. He kept it out of his voice but couldn't conceal
the flush that imbued his thin cheeks.

"There are two of us checking long shots while the senior members investigate
more obvious locations, and the few suspicious clues that we come across from
your news broadcasts and statements from British Wizards and Witches.

"He is more than likely hiding in the lifestyle of another, using that
person's appearance and his life as a method of concealment. But he has his
slip-ups and arrogance's. He's never quite careful enough and often leaves
traces that can be followed - if you know what to look for - he finds the
power of controlling others erotic and invigorating and he also has a
penchant for young ladies.

"A number of our Muggle colleges were favourite haunts of his, so have been
sent to look in your southern county's Universities for clues."

"That's an interesting coincidence." Hermione said with rising excitement.
"I'm investigating a student here myself."

"I baby-sit for the younger brother of a student here. The elder brother,
Adam Howard, has been acting strangely recently, being cruel to his
girlfriend, seducing random girls..." Hermione felt her own embarrassment
warming her cheeks, but she ploughed onward all the same. "And using
magic when I'm certain he isn't of the Wizarding world."

"He sound's like an interesting prospect for a disguised Halldor. I would
have to get a closer look to be certain and then make a report of my findings
to my superiors, I am not allowed to take singular action against him. He is
too powerful and too dangerous." Hekia said, his excitement rising.

"Come with me now," Hermione suggested. "I could point him out to you and you
can follow him."

"That could put us both in danger." Hekia replied, shaking his head. "We were
close to catching him that last time and he will flee if he feels trapped or
under suspicion and kill whoever gets in his way."

"You may be able to move around this place without being noticed but we both
know that I cannot." They paused to drink coffee and think.

"I have an idea." Hekia said slowly. "It could put you in danger..."

"I've been in there already this morning, there are so many students
wandering the halls, I can walk right past him without being noticed.
Honestly." Hermione replied trying to convince her new ally.

"You are probably right. I have an enchanted mirror it lets me see whatever
the mirror reflects. You can use that to identify this boy and I may be able
to gauge if he is Halldor or not. It will also work as a communication device
between us, we can talk to each other from anywhere in the country."

Hekia reached into the inside pocket of the suit jacket he was wearing and
drew out a small circular silver compact and passed it to Hermione.

"By the way. I don't even know your name."

"Hermione Granger." She replied with another flush cheeked smile.

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Hermione. And you have my gratitude
for your assistance in my mission."

"You're very welcome." Hermione replied with a luminous smile. "You wait
here, I'll go back into the college and try and track Adam Howard down and
show you what he looks like."

"I have a little extra something that could get you out of a fix, though use
it carefully."

He pulled a small ornate vial in silver adorned glass and passed it to
Hermione. The bottle contained a small amount of a silvery lilac liquid. She
threw Hekia a quizzical look.

"Invisibility potion." He explained. "There's enough in there for about an
hour of invisibility. Use it well."

"Thank you." Hermione pocketed the vial and headed back to the college

* * *

Fortune favoured the brave. And Hermione was well favoured during her second
visit to Adam's college.

She returned to the same corridors as earlier and spotted the Colin Creevy
look alike almost at once, leaning against the window pane, more or less
where she had seen him last.

Then Adam himself strolled confidently past her from behind. He didn't see
her at all as he made a by-line for the other boy. Hermione wanted to listen
in but corridor traffic was much lighter this time, she couldn't risk being
spotted, and she more than likely would be if she stayed where she was. She
weaved between two boys carrying large art folio's, keeping them between her
and Adam, and took the first door she came to.

It opened on to a second door that turned out to be the entrance to the boy's
toilets, to her shock and near disgust. It stank to high heaven. Fortunately,
it was empty.

She stood there in the centre of the tiled room, urinals and sinks on her
right, cubicles on her left, uncertain of what to do.

Could she about turn and get out again without drawing attention to herself?
She doubted it. How, at least, could she get the disgusting smell out of her

Then Hermione heard the outer door bang open and voices echoing behind her,
whoever it was was coming this way.

The cubicles were the only option and she darted forward and locked herself
in one, squatting on top of the seat.

There was the hinge gap between the door and wall of the cubicle that
provided a sliver of a spying hole if she leaned against the left partition
wall. She could hear the voices clearly now and the reflections afforded by
the wall of mirrors opposite revealed that it was actually Adam and the Colin
Creevy look alike who had come in after her.

"You call it love..." Adam was saying. "But if you'd just admit it to
yourself you'd realise that all you want to do is fuck her. You're mesmerised
by those big tits. I'm not saying you shouldn't be, they are a fine pair but
if you had any sense you'd be after her friend. Charlie's a much better fuck
and she really knows how to give head."

Hermione winced as the circulation started to wane in her left shoulder. Some
marker-pen graffiti near her face on the wall was distracting her. Partially
smudged, it was about a girl whose name began with an 'L' who supposedly "'Ad
her arse fucked 'ere and got a mouthful of hot spunk By J and T."

"Stell's got the jugs," Adam continued. "But doesn't know how to do much
other than trying to suffocate you with the fucking things." The pale boy
just laughed.

"I can't say I wouldn't want to fuck her and yeah her tits give me a constant
hard on." Creevy-alike replied. "But Charlotte's even more out of my league
than Stell is."

"Neil, it's attitude like that that stops you getting the girls you want."

"Easy for you to say. You've got 'em falling at your heels."

"I'll tell you what, you're a pal so I'm gonna do you a favour. I'm having
this little party in town at the weekend. Stell and Charlie are both invited.
It's a bit of a free for all so you're pretty much guaranteed a fuck with one
maybe even both of them, if you play your cards right."

"Now you're taking the piss." The boy, Neil, sputtered not wanting to believe
in such a possible opportunity.

"No I'm not." Adam replied. "I'm serious."

"How're going to get them to agree to something like that?"

"In the right mood any girl is up for anything. It's the excitement of it.
Once in a lifetime, Neil, don't pass it up."

"What's it gonna cost me?"

"I wanna take your little sister out."

"Stacey? She's up the duff. And she's engaged."

"Not Stacey, your other sister, Heather."

"You're joking, she's still at school."

"I'm not after fucking her, I just want to take her out, that's all." Neil
fell silent, maybe suspicious, maybe just thinking it over.

"Heather'll be in safe hands. You just think about Stell's tits and getting
your dick between them." Adam coaxed.

Hermione took her opportunity. She quietly slipped the little mirror
compact out of her pocket, breathed on the mirrored glass and wrote into the
breath-mist with her little finger being careful to write backwards -

Adam is the blond one.

She counted to ten and then wiped the mist-message away before turning the
mirror to the hinge gap in the door and carefully aligning the mirror to
catch and reveal Adam's face in the reflection of the toilet mirror opposite.
She kept her fingers crossed that there was enough room in the gap to catch
a good enough view of her suspect for Hekia to see.

"Tell you what, come along to the party." Adam carried on. "If you get to
fuck Stell then you get me a date with your sister. If she turns you down you
don't owe me a thing... Can't say fairer than that."

"Okay thanks, I will. Where is it? And what time?"

"Tomorrow night. There're some derelict flats, bay windows at the front, all
boarded up. It's opposite a row of terraced houses on Earl Street, go down
the alley at the side and there's an open door We'll all be upstairs. Party
starts at eight. Bring Dutch courage if you want. Maybe something to give
you a little extra stamina too."

Hermione heard them laughing. She risked flipping the compact back to her
view and saw a reply in mist writing. It was written backwards but Hermione
was able to make out the message -

Been summoned. Have to go. Keep eye on boy. It could be Halldor. Keep in
touch, be safe. H.

The boy's laughter died as they left the toilets and the bang of the outer
door signalled their departure.

Hermione was alone again. It was just her against Adam. Or whoever he really
is. She hoped Hekia wouldn't be away for too long.

Derelict flats, Earl Street. Eight O'clock. She mist wrote the place and time
on the mirror.

Tomorrow Eight P.M.
Derelict flats, Earl Street.

* * *

Chapter 4

The derelict building.

The out of sight church tower clock chimed the hour but Hermione barely
registered the high overhead, reverberating bass chimes.

The pretty teenage witch stood on the corner at the side of the first of the
terraced houses with it's dirty, age old, cream washed pebble dashed facing.
She was wearing a pair of tight sky blue cropped length jeans, white and
blue trainers, a pink slash-necked sleeveless top under a stone washed
Mandarin collared short length jacket.

Her straightened hair was raked back and worked into pretty French plaits.

The flats were on the corner position of a badly lit side-street on the outer
edge of the town centre. The building took up the corner plot at the edge of
an office building. One side was an alleyway that led to the gated entrance
to the office buildings underground car park.

The other side was walled off with barbed wire topped brickwork, separating
the private flats from the offices.

A few months earlier some workmen had come along and blocked up all the up
and downstairs window frames with hardboard sheeting. The glass itself having
long since been smashed into oblivion by teenage louts and lost last-order's
drunks staggering home.

Dusk was settling over the town and bathing the dingy red brick flats into
shadow. The single working street light flickered idly to life throwing a
dirty orange glow over the litter strewn street. A few cars lined the
opposite side of the narrow road. They would more than likely belong to the
residents of the old and not very well maintained terrace houses opposite.

Curtains were already closed against the coming night and the dim glow of
interior lighting filtered around the edges of some of the downstairs
windows, but the extra illumination barely reached the pavement outside and
was lost a long way short of the two storey derelict building.

The roof of the flats was covered in old style flat slate tiles and was a
mishmash of a small number of in-line neatness and an overall majority of
weather damaged anarchy - broken pieces, slipped tiles, missing tiles.
The red brick walls though overall well structured were old, moss covered,
daubed with coarse, colourful and frankly vulgar graffiti, miss coloured,
weather eaten and in dire need of re-mortaring.

There were two dual storey bay windows that could have looked nice but for
the brick work, the rotted window frames, and the monster maw of glass
shards that was all that remained of the windows.

There were other smaller window's eight in all spaced out evenly to flank the
two storey bays.

The hardboard covers had been hurriedly thrown up on the inside of the
building, covering the windows on the inside and exposing them to the
elements on the outside.

Hermione could see a tiny amount of softly dancing light from behind the
boards where the placement against the window frames was less than perfect.
Other than that the only other sign of action came in the form and shadows
of people. Groups of three, couples and individuals, all young teenagers by
their dress and movements, who had sloped along down the street and entered
the building from a doorway down the alley.

The hardboard covering had once been securely fastened over the side door
but now stood a jar like a half open door, where the people slipped through
into the building quietly.

Hermione watched for a few minutes, then drew the compact out of her pocket
and used a dry-wipe ink pen to write a quick note in reverse to Hekia.

He's at the address. There's a party going on.
Get here as soon as you can. Hermione.

There was a minute of nervous waiting. Will he see the message straight
away? What should I do if Adam leaves suddenly?

Then something appeared in Hermione's mirror. Magical letters formed like
gathering water droplets underneath Hermione's mirror writing. She quickly
used a tissue to clean her mirror and the read the magic reply with nervous

Still delayed. Keep close eye on him.
If he leaves follow him. I have your location.
Will be with you as soon as able. Hekia.

Hermione felt herself shiver as a wave of fear washed over her, possibly for
the first time since she begun this little private investigation. It was more
than likely an effect of the darkness and the deep shadows of her
surroundings, the ugliness of the derelict building opposite and the prospect
of what she might see and experience inside. As well as the potential danger
of going up against an almost certainly homicidal sexual maniac.

She thought of Harry and how he stood up to Lord Voldemort at the end of
term, how he survived. Part of her brain was desperate to remind her of
Cedric Diggory and how his life had been cruelly snuffed out, but if she
listened to that part of her brain she would still be at home, still be the
prissy, bossy-booted friendless girl who had joined Hogwarts school aged

Harry and Ron had taught her the value of risk. And that, if she was careful,
risk often paid off. They had also taught her the value of their friendship.
And she dearly wished to have the boys standing beside her now.

But they weren't here, this was her investigation, her problem and she knew
with Hekia's help she could put a stop to this impersonator, this sexual

But how she would have been warmed by Ron's company, his forthrightness,
the influence he had over her, to push her own bravery to the forefront, to
reinforce her self worth. Then of course, she always somehow fed off his
sense of humour and strangely, his ability to be downright annoying at the
drop of a hat.

Hermione thought of Harry too, his steadying calming influence, his firm
endearing bravery, his unending respect for his friends and his innate
ability to stand up to anyone, from Malfoy to Professor Snape, to Lord
Voldemort himself.

The coast was clear up and down the street, as far as the eye could see.
Breathing deeply and trying to bathe herself in thoughts of her friends
and of their strengths, to give her courage and bolster her own wavering
conviction, Hermione squared her slender shoulders, gripped her wand in
one hand and the little bottle of invisibility potion in the other and
crossed the street.

The teenage witch carefully shouldered the side door open a little more and
stepped through the threshold. She hadn't yet drunk the invisibility potion
and wasn't sure when the right time would be.

She assumed Adam himself would probably be the only dangerous person in
the building. As she peered into the murky darkness beyond the threshold,
she started to realise it was more of a hope than and assumption.

Nevertheless, she gripped tightly on the rapidly shrinking orb of bravery
that now felt like it was tying knots in her abdomen and took a step forward.

The smell hit her first, musty, dampness and cold, like wet concrete, like
the bus station on a wet day.

She quietened the desire to use the Lumos charm to illuminate her path and
instead looked around her carefully.

It was a mess inside, really just the carcass of the building that had been.
The floors looked like concrete and the walls were either bare brick or half
plastered-over brick. There were what looked like two doorways facing her,
side by side, the left one led into a larger room beyond, that had faint
flickering illumination coming from it, the right hand doorway was just
gloom and nothing more.

"If you're coming in, shut the flaming door!" A rough sounding voice snapped.

"Oh, sorry." Hermione gasped and dragged the door shut behind her.

Then she noticed the shapes in the left hand doorway as her eyes adjusted at
last to the darkness.

There were two young people in the doorway. The boy, a year older than
Hermione, if that, was short and greasy looking with lank dark hair and a
broken nose. He wore blue jeans that seemed to be hanging off him, partially
because they were unfastened, and a grey fleecy hooded top.

His female companion was younger than Hermione, and very slender, almost
skinny, even more so than Dany. She had long wispy blonde hair and huge
gentle brown eyes. Her crimson lipstick was smeared all over her mouth
and lower face by the long and dirty wet kisses the greasy boy had been
enjoying at her expense.

Her vest top was rucked up onto her chest and her small budding breasts were
bared, the prominent nipples erected by the cold air and the twisting and
tugging the boy was subjecting them to.

Her little yellow hot pants were down almost to her knees, her legs spread as
far as the shorts would allow, her underwear was rucked up inside the pulled
down hot pants.

There was a little sparse trimmed patch of light pubic hair tips of which
were caught in the meagre light from behind Hermione. Somehow the boy had
shuffled forward enough to be able to thrust his erect meat into the space
between the girl's hurriedly spread thighs and had somehow managed to
angle the throbbing muscle upwards and into her tight young vagina.

"If you want to get past you'll have to go 'round." The greasy boy snapped
impatiently, with an almost accusatory tone, making it clear that they
weren't about to be moved for the likes of her.

Then his attention was back on the blonde. He reached down and grabbed her
bare ass tightly and she whimpered in a breathy moan as his erection started
driving inside her once again.

Watching them for a stunned moment, it was uncertain if the girl was
consenting to the sex or not. Physically she seemed to be. She was following
the growled instructions of her greasy lover, if that was even an accurate
term for him, lifting her hips to give him an easier angle, thrusting her
chest forward so he could chew and suck on her nipples. And, when ordered,
she thrust a hand awkwardly between them so she could caress his testicles.
However, her facial expressions and the half formulated things she said in
response told a different story. She protested, complained and whimpered. It
was like she was doing what he wanted but didn't want to be anywhere near
him at all.

Hermione reluctantly shoved away the desire to help the girl, knowing she
would attract unwanted attention to herself, either violent or sexual, or
both. Instead, looking for where she could get past their sexual obstacle,
she turned her gaze to the other door sized space on the right.

A threesome, two teenage girls and an adult male completely blocked the right
hand doorway as well. Hermione looked beyond them for a moment and realised
that it was the space underneath a flight of stairs and would lead nowhere at

One girl, with shoulder length straight brown hair, and younger than
Hermione, possibly by a couple of years maybe even more, was kneeling down at
the man's crotch and was sucking voraciously on his erection. His business
suit trousers and white briefs were around his ankles and his fat hairy legs
were pale in the darkness.

The girl was dressed in a white blouse and deep blue skirt. It could have
been part of a school uniform.

She looked pretty, in a plain kind of way, attractive but nothing special.
She had a good energetic sucking technique, gripping the shaft in one hand
and working firmly on the foreskin, while her mouth darted forward and back
quickly on the upper half of his erection.

The other girl, probably five or six years older that her younger companion,
could have been her sister. They had a similar look but the older girl was a
little more smart, more adventurous in her style and clothing accessories.
Her brown hair was streaked with threads of blonde in a two-tone on the top
layer it was more styled and sported a well-kept fringe.

Her face was locked to the mans face as he foraged harshly in her wide open
mouth with his lascivious tongue.

He had one hand down the back of her trousers, the buttons of her jeans
already unfastened the garment loosened enough to allow him to shove his
hand down the back. His searching fingers had yanked the thin strip of her
g-string out of the way and then found the puffy lips of her hot fleshed
cunt. He spread her lips and pierced the orifice between them with his
middle finger, feeling the silken dampness and heat within.

His other hand was grasping the younger girls head tightly encouraging her
movements by tugging on her head drawing her back and forth with even more
speed and ferocity.

Somehow, Hermione's silent observation caught is attention and he turned his
head to look at her. He frowned for a moment before the last few vocalised
words, spoken by the greasy boy, dawned in his memory - she was looking for
a way past. He didn't speak, just indicated behind him to Hermione's left
with a twitch of his fat receding haired skull and then turned his attention
back to his girls.

Hermione looked to her left, past the doorway and along the partitioning
wall. Near the corner of the room there was a hole in the partitioning wall
about waist high. Bricks and dust and chunks of fallen mortar surrounded the
hole, but enough of the rubble had been shoved aside to provide a clear
enough gap to clamber through.

She went over, squatted down and shuffled through the threshold into the
next room.

The flickering, dancing, orange light from a half dozen candles illuminated
the next little arrangement of deprivation that assaulted Hermione's view.
Hadaway's 'What is Love?' Was playing and accompanying the music, a pair of
criminally short grey, pleated school uniform skirts flitted from side to
side fuelled by the rhythmic swaying of young feminine hips.

The skirts, suspended low-swung style, from the sensuous hips rotated and
writhed, the movements matching the pace of the music that flowed out of
the battery operated stereo system on the floor.

Hips whip-cracked in unison to the left and, calypso style, the skirts
followed suit and two tight, pert thong-bisected asses appeared from beneath
the cotton. They were hot, well-formed young asses, a fact even Hermione
found herself admitting.

The girl's dance became a gyrating revolution showing their tantalising wares
from every angle to the short line of voyeuristic younger boys who occupied
the small grubby looking sofa backed up near the bay window. They sat side by
side, mouths open, eyes bulging, cocks out, fists masturbating slowly as they
enjoyed their combined phallic and visual pleasures.

One of the girls was blonde haired and white skinned, tall and slender, the
other was Asian, lovely and voluptuous with thick glossy black hair styled
into lustrous medusa-like curls.

Hermione found herself studying the blonde girl, thinking that she had been
the kind of girl Hermione had wanted to be like before her little cosmetic
alterations in the second and third years of school.

Her pristine white blouse was already unbuttoned half way down her front,
the billowing gap revealing firm tanned breasts encased in a lace edged bra.
The bottom of the blouse was untucked from her skirt, that whipped upwards
again, flashing her amazing ass with the little white lace thong framing her

As the girls danced they started to strip, a button to the beat, along with
swaying hips and skirt flips.

The middle boy abruptly shoved himself up off the sofa and grabbed the Asian
girl by the hair. He lowered himself back down, dragging the school girl with
him and pulling her down onto the three boy's laps. Erections trapped and
jutting into her as the multiple pairs of horny hands held her in place and
started to rip her uniform off.

"You keep dancing!" One of them ordered the sexy blonde girl as the music
switched to the B52's 'Love Shack'.

The left most boy having a tight grip of the Asian girl by her hair, angled
her head over his trembling cock until her lips were pressed against his
bloated purple crown and then, with a shove of his hand, drove her mouth down
the hard length of his warm spongy flesh.

She gagged noisily and a thick stream of bubbly saliva drooled out from her
lips to coat the boy's scrotum and trouser crotch but he held her face down
the length of his erection while his eyes raped the blonde as she danced
erotically for them.

Hermione glanced across the room to her right. The stairs were there but so
was a large mirror. She wasn't reflected in it yet, but advancing toward the
stairs would illuminate her in the mirror's view and more than likely into
the view of Adam through his skill at mirror enchantments.

She backed into the shadows of the corner of the room behind her, her feet
scraping at wind gathered piles of stone dust and mortar rubble. The young
witch lifted the little bottle of invisibility potion and drank it down in
one go. Hermione's body became suddenly enraptured by sensual tingles that
followed the course of the potion, from her lips, down her throat and into
her stomach.

The tingles settled there in her lower abdomen for a moment, growing warm
and dense and then the sensation spread outwards until every fibre of her
being was contaminated. Finally, though it took place within a second of
her consuming the potion, Hermione disappeared from view before her very
own eyes. She stood there silently agape, and watched herself vanish.

She looked back at the dance-strip orgy but everyone was captivated by their
own pleasures and hadn't noticed a thing in her murky gloom filled corner.
She tiptoed across the dank, cold musty room, making her way across to the
staircase in the opposite corner.

Half way up the stairs, her ears pricking up at the distant metallic echo
sound of Blur's latest album playing from somewhere above and beyond. A
muffled shriek drew Hermione's eyes back to the ground floor dance orgy
one last time, but only for a moment.

The blonde girl, now wearing nothing but her thong, ankle socks and
stilettos, danced while coquettishly concealing her bared breasts behind her
tiny wraparound uniform skirt for a couple of seconds, before letting go of
the garment to bare her full young orbs in their pale saucer nippled

However, she was being all but ignored by the boys, they had their full
attention the naked body of the Asian girl, who had suddenly cried out as
one of them had withdrawn his rock solid erection from her tight cunt, his
companion's erect phallus, long and thick as a steel lance, immediately took
up the evicted orifice embedding himself inside her Asian cunt and thrusting
away aggressively.

The first boy, having removed his penis from the girl's young body, moved
himself up and grasped a tight grip on her smooth round bottom, holding her
steady while he pulled her tight buttocks apart to expose her ass hole. But
he didn't move at first, he just watched her quivering buttocks as his
companion lying underneath the girl on the sofa, pounded his erection in and
out of her vagina.

Finally he released one of her ass cheeks and rubbed at her buttocks and
thighs, squeezing her tender flesh a little before moving his hand back
between the cheeks of her ass and roughly ramming his thumb right up to
the knuckle up into her rectum. The girl wheezed in pain, a sharp loud intake
of breath. And the boy started to jab his thumb in and out of her rectum.
After a few seconds he added his forefinger into her anus alongside his
thumb, wriggling the digits, rubbing and stabbing around in her anal
entrance and stretching her sphincter ring.

Hermione paused to watch, not quite in control for a moment, captivated by
the depravity, and titillated by it somehow.

The third boy, kneeling up at the other end of the sofa, had her head in both
his hands holding her head in a vice grip and violently tugging her mouth up
and down on his hard phallus, forcing to slide her slick lips along the
length of his hardness again and again. She was letting out little muffled
whimpers to each oral jerk, and tear tracks stained her cheeks, the candle
light caught in the trails.

As the anal assaulter fucked her with his forefinger and thumb, the oral
fucker pulled the Asian girl's head from his straining phallus. Gripping it
with one hand he grasped his balls with the other and fed them both, balls
and sack, into the girl's full lipped mouth, ordering her to suck at his
balls while he worked on his own foreskin. Following the oral rapist's order,
the girl started to lick and suck at his scrotal sack at once.

The anal interested boy, finally made his move, the girl's ass hole has been
stretched enough to accommodate his erection that was still rock solid and
throbbing in anticipation.

While he held her buttocks apart and her ass hole open with his hand, he
lifted the bloated gleaming crown of his hard cock up to the puckered mouth
of her rectum and leaned in, pressing his bulbous helmet against her ass.
The vaginal rapist held off his hard thrusting for a moment to allow his
companion to penetrate the older teen's anus.

The anal rapist spat on the girl's sphincter to provide a little lubrication
then slowly began to force his penis into her firm, round bottom and inch at
a time.

The girl opened her mouth wide, the oral rapist's scrotum swinging free of
her lips, and shrieked in hot pain as her anus was quickly stretched wide
open and then forcefully penetrated with the thick hard length of the
rapist's phallus. Her shriek pre-empted his equally noisy groan of intense
sexual passion as he entered her anally.

Finally his penis was completely embedded within her rectum, and as he
leaned across her back to grip her shoulders, the other two returned to their
own interrupted enjoyment, one shoving his balls back into her mouth, the
other resuming his erratic thrusting into her tight young cunt. Then the anal
rapist begins to ram his erection into the Asian beauty's tightly packed ass,
with loud erotic grunts.

Hermione wrenched her attention away from the in equal parts disgusting and
knicker moistening sight and ascended the stairs.

The upstairs floor was wide and long. All the rooms seemed to have been
forcibly knocked through into a single long chamber. There wasn't even a
ceiling, just exposed rafters partially laid roofing felt and then the
underside of the roof tiles.

A main separating wall across the near third of the room had been
sledgehammered nearly out of existence, leaving only a rough, uneven brick
framework emerging from the front and rear walls - to the left and right
from Hermione's invisible point of view.

The first thing she noticed was the troll standing in the far right corner
at the other end of the building, engaged with a teenage girl and taking up
much of the space of the corner, his head almost reached the rafters.

Beside the troll was Adam, sitting on a sofa facing Hermione's direction. He
was sharing the throne like armchair with three young looking girls. The
throne was captured in a circle of moonlight that shone down on him from a
man sized hole in the roof above.

The rest of the lighting was provided by inextinguishable candles that were
dotted around all over the floor and piled of hurriedly stacked bricks.
Between Hermione and Adam was a king size mattress dumped in the middle of
the floor. There were four naked forms frolicking on the mattress writhing
torso's and hard working limbs, pumping legs and loins.

There were two other sofa's as well as Adam's armchair, one on the right
wall facing the mattress close to the troll and the other on the near left
side of the demolished partition wall closet to Hermione.

Mirrors were suspended and propped up all over the place, apparently to
allow Adam to view the microcosmic mini orgy's dotted around the building
from his throne.

Hermione started forward, uncertain of how to proceed. Her eyes felt drawn
to the mattress and she could do nothing but watch the scene featuring a
young man about Adam's age with three girls somewhere in their mid-teens.
The boy was white pale bodied, slim and hairless. He wore thick rimmed
glasses but they were on the floor at the side of the mattress at the moment.
There was a girl sitting on his face wearing only a short yellow skirt,
similar in style to the one the blonde stripper girl downstairs had been
wearing. The girl was lovely, a slender built, tanned skin and dark rustic
brown hair that fell about her face in waves. Two flower adorned clips held
the waves away from her face that was flushed with desire. Her small perky
breasts sported hard dark pink nipples and her breasts trembled on her upper
chest as she rocked her hips greedily back and forth, grinding her splayed
vulva against the quick flicking lips and tongue of the ecstatic teenage boy
underneath her. She was sat facing another girl who sported a similar shape
and size, though she was paler and even more slender with wispy blonde
tresses framing her pretty and youthful features, and her breasts even
smaller than Hermione's. This girl reminded the young witch of the lithe
blonde girl getting fucked down stairs in the doorway where she had first
entered the derelict building. They could have been sisters.

The blonde girl was sitting astride the boy's lap her pretty almost hairless
vagina stretched around the girth of his fully erected phallus. She braced
her thighs and calves and drew herself up and down the shaft that throbbed
tightly inside her, then leaned forward placing her palms on his torso and
worked her ass faster on the engorged shaft. Her passionate moans soon
caught up to those of the brunette riding his face, as she fucked him higher
and higher up the slope to the pinnacle and her approaching climax. Hermione
could see the muscles of her abdomen jolting and flexing with her fast
ecstatic movements working her body along that hard throbbing length of cock

The third girl was all over the boy's legs practically curled up in a foetal
position. She was black with shoulder length curly hair. She looked like she
would be pretty but her face was buried between the boy's thighs as she
sucked his balls wetly. She was certainly shapely, a narrow waist, broad
hips, a full though firm and perfectly round ass and the perfect flawless
ebony skin of an African deity.

She had a hand under his ball sack and by the looks of her rapid thrusting
motion had at least one finger, probably more up the boy's anus fingering his
prostate while she tongue lashed his pendulous and engorged scrotum.

A grunt from the passion filled but dim troll diverted Hermione's view.
It had hold of a tall slender blonde girl, her whole body was a deep and
luscious, almost bronze tan.

It took another few seconds for Hermione to realise the blonde was Adam's
girlfriend Dany. And in those few seconds Hermione watched as Dany was
suspended by her wrists that had been trapped in the troll's mouth. His lips
drawn down over his teeth, possibly so he wouldn't bite her hands in his
uncontrolled desire.

He had her calves and feet gripped in both his huge rough hands and had
already prized them wide apart.

Dany whimpered, tears of panic and terror running down her face. She didn't
seem to be under one of Adam's spells at the moment and her pretty face was
twisted with a mixture of horror and disbelief.

Clumsy though he was, the troll's phallus was rock hard and jutting almost
vertical, pre-cum oozing from the bottle neck sized eye in the centre of the
grapefruit cock head.

Dany tried to struggle and plead as she was lowered onto the eighteen plus
inches of thick solid flesh meat.

Hermione couldn't tear her eyes away from Dany's exposed vagina, the way
her lips were forced apart by the impossible girth of the upwardly thrusting
phallus, the way the tendons and muscles of her inner thighs tightened
visibly under her tanned flesh, the way her whole body reacted as she was
inexorably penetrated in what looked like a blast of animated violence, a
shock wave that tore through her from the groin outwards.

The troll's face twisted into a comical equivalent of lust drenched pleasure
as its huge drainpipe erection was enveloped by the soft damp warmth of the
blonde's vagina.

Adam's laughter broke the spell that had Hermione's attention caught and
she turned away, but all she came across was more group sex, more gang
bangs, more depravity and sexual violence.

Taking up a third of the sofa closest to Hermione, were a couple of girls,
one a fleshy white skinned adult somewhere in her thirties, the other a black
girl possibly even younger than Hermione. They were going at it like a couple
of lesbian sluts in heat.

The older woman, all tits and ass with a short cropped slightly wild looking
mop of dirty blonde hair was slouching down with one pale leg hooked over
the arm of the sofa while the younger girl had been dumped upside down on
top of her in a weird seated vertical sixty-nine position.

The younger one, a very pretty young girl possibly of Nigerian descent from
the depth of her complexion, was slurping with great effort on the elder's
cunt, her hands digging into the other woman's thighs to support her
position, while the elder woman, with an arm wrapped around the girl's tiny
waist, was driving a long fat purple dildo voraciously in and out of her
anus, while she idly slurped at the gooey pink of her young labia lips.

There were other two girls enveloping a young man taking up the rest of the
dilapidated sofa.

There was a very attractive brunette in her late teens, the young witch
ascertained. She had ringlet styled shoulder length and fringed hair, shot
through with wavy streaks of blood red and strawberry blonde. She had her
back to Hermione and was sitting astride the arm of the sofa her face locked
onto the young man's while both hands were thrust down at his crotch.
Hermione caught a fleeting shadowy glimpse of one hand energetically fondling
his scrotum and the other thrusting fingers in and out of his anus. The young
man was sitting astride the other teenage girl, she was blonde with longer
more stringy looking straight hair she was rounder than her brunette friend
shaped by puppy fat but far from overweight. She looked stuffed down into the
seat of the sofa, pinned by the weight of the guy atop her. Her head and
shoulders were pushed into the cushioned back of the mouldy old sofa while
the rest of her was pressed into the seat. The young man was astride her
ribcage, one hand gripping the back of the sofa, the other stuffed into those
strands of her lank blonde hair.

He had her head angled down towards his cock head, her mouth open and
accepting and sucking at the heavily swollen crown while the rest of the long
shaft was embedded between the immense pillows of her huge breasts. She had
her hands on those orbs, squashing them firmly around his slicked up driving

He was grunting loudly into the brunette's mouth in time to his fucking of
her blonde friend's big meaty tits.

Then Hermione realised that she's seen this young man before, it was Neil,
the Colin Creevy look alike from the university campus earlier today. These
two girls must be 'Stell and Charlie from their conversation earlier.
Hermione watched for a moment longer as Neil suddenly shouted.

"Here's it's comes 'Stell! I've been saving this up all fucking week and
you're getting the lot!"

Right on cue he came. A burst of pressurised white goo erupted from his cock
head, enveloping the blonde's face. She took it in the mouth, across her
cheeks, up her nose, into her squeezed shut eyes. It went everywhere. Much
to his pleasure and 'Stell's disgust. However, like all girls under Adam's
spell she was obedient and took it all without complaint. In fact the only
clue of her disgust was the expression on her face that seemed to drive the
lad's climax on even farther.

The other girl laughed at her blonde friends animating cum hosing and reached
around, grabbing the lad's cock to stroke more seed out of his balls with
quick energetic masturbating strokes.

The lad shot more over the face and tits of the blonde until it looked like
she was drowning in the stuff.

"Your turn next Charlie." He said, shifting position and shoving the
brunette's face down over the blonde, his hands all over her hot rounded ass

"Clean 'Stell up with your tongue while I fuck you like this."

Neil had obviously got his wish and Hermione wondered if one of the three
girls that Adam had playing with him was the lad's little sister.

She turned her attention to Adam's make shift throne but another familiar
face caught her attention.

Caryl Ellis. She had been friends with Hermione in primary school before
Hogwarts' invitation letter had changed her life. She lived on the council
estate down the road from Hermione's father's N.H.S. dental practice.

She'd only seen Caryl a few times since they'd headed off to different
secondary schools, but the girl had seemed to have been dragged down somewhat
by all accounts. She'd fallen in with the juvenile crowd from her estate, the
same crowd who'd bullied and taunted her through her primary school years.

She'd turned scruffy, ignorant and abrasive, drinking on street corners
getting into fights, stealing, doing drugs. Her dress and appearance had
changed along with her manner. She had looked a little punk-like the last
time Hermione had seen her from a distance.

A ring of plaited cords around the crown of her skull and a thick dark fringe
that arched down to her eyebrows was the extent of her hair, the rest was
shaved off.

She either wore no make up or was over loaded with slutty colours. She wore
dirty low hipster jeans and half zipped up padded jackets and always tried to
have her tits and thong on display whatever the weather.

Right now she was being thoroughly gang banged by three adult men, possibly
in their thirties or forties. And one of them had just made her scream.

Hermione watched them coldly and saw the similarities between what they were
doing to Caryl and what the boys downstairs had started doing to that nice
looking Asian girl.

It seemed to her that either men always favoured the same sexual fantasies in
ganging up on one girl, or they just didn't have any real imagination. One of
the men was laying flat on his back on the long sofa and had pulled Caryl on
top of him. He was sliding his large erection in and out of her young vagina,
one hand holding her swollen lips apart.

Caryl's scream seemed to have been the result of her being penetrated. The
man clutched one of the girl's small breasts in his free hand, his fingers
pinching firmly on the budding nipple.

The second man sat on the arm of the sofa with his back to the watchful
Hermione, he had one hand on the top of Caryl's head, grasping the plaited
tendrils of her mousy brown hair to lift her head level with his erect penis.
With his other hand, the man fed his engorged scrotum into her obediently
open mouth, her hard working tongue busily licking at his fleshy sack,
tonguing his balls.

Her hands were braced against that man's bare thighs. Her legs spread on
either side of the first man, one knee between the back of the sofa and the
man's torso, the other leg stretched out on the floor on her tiptoe, bracing

The third man knelt up behind Caryl with both his hands all over her firm
ass, as if claiming it as his personal property. It was obvious what he
wanted, and was preparing to do, fuck Caryl in the ass. However, from their
animated conversation, the others wanted to see if they could get two erect
cocks inside her vagina at the same time and it seemed to be what they had
decided on.

Caryl was pulled suddenly forwards until she lay flat over the first man,
still deeply penetrated by his penis. The second man immediately leaned in
and pulled her head up sharply by her mousy fringe and then pressed his
erection against her face again, prodding her cheeks, eyes and lips with
quick pelvic jerks, until she opened her mouth and extended her tongue to
his erection. At once he slid two thirds of his phallus past her lips. In
deference, Caryl started sucking rhythmically, her lips sliding deep as one
hand came up to fondle his bloated ball sack.

Then the third man took up his position, his hands on her firm buttocks,
pulling and squeezing her firm flesh, pressing and fondling her cheeks. He
urgently pushed a finger deep into her ass hole. Caryl let out a muffled
whimper but carried on with her sucking and squeezing of the erection that
the second man had started to aggressively drive, full length, in and out of
her hot young mouth.

He held her head up by her thick fringe and pulled her face hard against his
abdomen, forcing her to take him deep into her throat. His free hand was
tight against the back of her head, his fingers entwined in the knotted cords
of her hair.

The third man thrust a second finger into Caryl's anus and fervently probed
her ass while his other hand pressed and rubbed his bloated cock head against
her dick filled cunt entrance, bumping against the first man's deeply
thrusting penis.

Then he took a tighter grip of his own cock while his cunt fucking companion
reached around Caryl's slender ass cheeks and spread her vulva wide apart,
for easy access for his horny comrade. He leaned in and forced his erect meat
between her lips and then rammed forward, driving in above the first man's
hard phallus. He pressed deep into her, stretching her tunnel harshly to
accommodate the second cock. Caryl screamed out as the two men start to fuck
her young cunt simultaneously. Neither man was gentle or careful with their
hard thrusting erections.

While he drove his hardness into the girl with ramming hips, the third rapist
pushed both thumbs knuckle deep into her rectum while he simultaneously
gripped her buttocks with his flesh digging fingers. He used his grip to pull
her against him as he fucked her, plunging away above the second hard shaft
of the other guttural rapist, who lay underneath Caryl with both his hands
now clamped tight on her pert young breasts, her nipples captured between
hard tugging fingers.

Caryl wept and groaned noisily in pain, the noise issuing from around the
thick saliva coated erection that plunged into her mouth over and over.
However, somehow she managed to accommodate both hard thrusting penises
inside her.

As Hermione slipped past them, both rapists were laughing and grunting as
they slid forcibly in and out of Caryl's tight, stretched cunt with harsh
erotic passion, while the third rapist pressed her head even further into
his fleshy lap, pushing her to take him deep throat, forcing her lips to
slide down the whole length his overlong erection.

Finally, Hermione stood in front of Adam, sitting on his makeshift throne
surrounded by mirrors that showed all of the small scale portions of the
overall orgy from every conceivable angle and intricacy.

He was attended by three teenage girls. One kneeling between his spread
thighs and two others standing on either side of his chair arms, bent over at
the waist to take their share of his engorged and overlarge erect phallus.
Adam looked like a fantasy king on his arm chair throne, handsome, powerful,
naked, muscular and oiled by the saliva of the girl's who were licking and
sucking at his Trojan flesh.

Now she stood before him, now that she had walked right through his depraved
den of iniquity, she knew he couldn't possibly be an everyday Wizard.

No one from a school like Hogwarts could or would use magic and curses in
such a depraved manner. Enslaving men and women, girls and boys and making
them put on such disgusting, abhorrent, degrading performances for the sake
of one person's sexual pleasure. Not even Draco Malfoy or his cronies would
be so vile and disgusting.

This was the art of someone sick, someone deranged, someone dangerous.

Hermione knew she had to put a stop to these acts somehow. Distracting Adam,
or Halldor or whatever his true name was, seemed to be the most obvious

Make him lose his concentration or his control over these innocent Muggles,
distract him and they should come to their senses and flee.

But what then? What if it didn't work? He would know there was someone that
was onto him.

What if he knew a spell to cancel her invisibility? If he caught her
there was nothing she could do to protect or defend herself. She would be
completely at his mercy. He could do whatever he wanted to her. And there
wouldn't be a thing she could to about it.

Hermione slid into a corner and as quietly as she could and drew out her
compact mirror.

Where are you Hekia?

She wrote in the breathed mirror mist, everything but the reflected surface
of the mirror as invisible as Hermione was herself. She waited for a whole
minute but no reply came.

She decided that there was nothing she could do except wait for help to
arrive. She squatted down and pressed her back to the wall and watched Adam.

There was a gorgeous Malaysian girl with a slender, short, compact figure,
smooth skin and long glossy black hair. Her smooth mane, allowed to flow
freely, had been thrown to one side so it was out of the way. She was bent
over Adam's throne on his left, more or less facing Hermione. It was hard
to gauge her age as she appeared young but something about her implied
experience, she might look fifteen but could be five or even ten years older.
Her mouth was fixed on the head of Adam's large erect phallus, her lips
stretched around the folds of the tip of his retracted foreskin, the mouth
engulfing the swollen helmet of his hot cock, her cheeks hollowed with her
intense sucking. A trail of reflective saliva trickled downwards from the
overlap of his engorged silky cock flesh and her succulent lips.

Joining her on the opposite side of the armchair throne was another teenager,
though she was well into the latter half of her teens.

She was black, though she might well have had one white parent from her
somewhat coppery complexion. She had shortish tied back and straightened
hair that was tinted with coppery red. And she was absolutely beautiful,
model material, a face for television and a body for lad's mags. She was
slicking her outstretched tongue up and down all over Adam's shaft
polishing it with her saliva until it gleamed in the combined candle and
moon light.

The third girl, her mouth stretched wide to accommodate the entirety of
Adam's scrotum was somehow even lovelier than the black girl.

She was younger and softly tanned smooth white skin, petite, lithe and
athletic. Dark lustrous hair cascaded down to her naked shoulders flowing in
loose waves. She was squatting on her haunches with her legs spread wide
apart and wore nothing but platform heels, a gold ankle bracelet and a gold
chain that encircled her hips.

Her delicate mouth worked voraciously on Adam's scrotum her tongue flicking
into view from between her made up full lips, her heavy lashes opened every
now and again to reveal sultry and gleaming brown eyes that caught and
reflected every scintillating ounce of the meagre light around her. Her flesh
was creamy smooth and her arms, thighs and calves were all firm and well
toned and supple. Hermione found herself oddly captivated by the girl's
bottom though. It was the hottest little ass she'd ever seen, firm and pert
to a degree of near divinity. This girl's ass out classed Dany's, Angelina
Johnson's, even Cho Chang's.

Hermione found herself smirking in spite of her disgust. True to his
character, Adam or Halldor, or whoever he was, had picked the finest from
the selection of girls for himself.

Adam himself was merely sitting there imperially, allowing the girls to pay
homage to his erect phallus. His only interactions came from the palpitations
that ran continually through his hard thick cock. And then there were the
activities of his hands. Both were stretched over the backs of the black and
Malaysian babes his fingers pressed in between their taut buttocks.

The reflection in a number of the mirrors revealed that Adam was finger
fucking the oriental girl, his thumb teasing and courting her anal mouth,
while two fingers spread her labia for a third finger that stabbed repeatedly
into her pussy.

The black girl had the index and middle fingers of Adam's other hand up her
ass and was getting her anus fervently stretched and caressed.

The Malaysian girl pinched the base of Halldor's cock between her fingers
and thumb and started to quickly pump away at the lower quarter of his shaft,
massaging the hot flesh and hard muscle, masturbating him forcefully while
she sucked and licked at the thick distended crown that her sweet massaging
mouth completely enshrouded.

Adam began to squirm and groan as he felt his orgasm begin to approach its
peak. His outstretched hands busied themselves between the buttocks of the
two girls to his left and right, who reacted in turn - their thighs
trembling, buttocks tensing, legs squirming, little muffled groans and gasps
issuing from their hard working mouths.

Adam released a sudden wheezing groan, and Hermione watched the oriental girl
visibly steady herself, locking her lips and rhythmically masturbating the
base of his cock, she gulped and gagged audibly but didn't remove her mouth
from the cock buried within it.

The muscles of her throat started to piston as she swallowed and swallowed,
trying to keep up with the spray and amount of fluid Adam pumped into her
mouth. A long stream of drooling semen escaped the airlock of her lips and
ran down the length of his shaft. The black girl dipped in close again to
catch and collect the escaping stream with her long tongue.

Finally, the climax ended and the Malaysian girl drew back sucking in
desperate breaths trying to keep down the stomach full of thick cum she'd
just swallowed.

The erection, though glistening with assorted fluids and the crown tip
adorned with little spots of semen, was still as rock hard and vertical as it
had been at the start. Adam's eyes turned to the black girl.

"Your turn Tatiana, deep throat me and don't stop 'till your belly's full."
The black girl leaned further over, opened her mouth over the polished crown
and slid her mouth down to the root in one smooth assertion. Adam groaned,
closing his eyes and enjoying the feel of the girl's mouth accepting his
phallus deep into her throat.

As Tatiana started to shaft her mouth fiercely up and down the big hard cock,
Adam, groaning with renewed passion, turned his eye to the Malaysian girl.

"Eliza, help finish off my friend over there." Adam cocked his head in the
direction of the Troll who was busy still raping Dany. "Help him get off,
swallow it all down when he cums and then... Stick his dick up her ass." He
added almost as an afterthought.

Eliza got up, stretching her lithe, stiff back and went over to the troll and
the blonde in the corner.

Hermione watched in disgusted silence. Dany was slouched in exhaustion, her
legs bent. She was squatted with her feet braced on the troll's trunk-thick
green-grey thighs, her wrists still pinned in its mouth. The beast had a
hand encircling her waist and lower torso, working her vagina, swollen and
stretched to the extreme up and down its immense drainpipe phallus. It was
more like using her body as a masturbatory tool than any form of intercourse.

Dany was in the midst of a subduing spell. She felt everything for real but
her reactions and her body were subdued so there was little in the way of
anguish and her vagina had been magically relaxed enough to accept the baby
head thickness of repeated phallic penetration.

She was quite possibly in agony but didn't have the ability to display or
react very much to her experience. The troll, dim as he was, was displaying
his own sexual gratification in the stupid dreamy eyed grin and the dull bass
drone of his in-pace grunting.

Eliza bent low and slid under the beast, between its wide braced legs she
took up its large pendulous grapefruit testicles in both hands, gently
bringing them to her mouth. She started to lick and suck at the flesh while
simultaneously listening to the beasts reactionary noises, trying to gauge
the timing of its obviously impending climax. She didn't have a long time to

The troll let out a deep rumbling rolling groan from the depths of his large
gut, throwing his head back and stretching Dany as if he was a beastly
torture rack.

Eliza snatched at his tremulous shaft. She found she had to dig her fingers
into the hard root of flesh as it was so slippery with Dany's well flowing
vaginal juices. More magical interference, Hermione decided.

The first shot Eliza missed, it geysered vertically upward and sprayed a good
two feet into the air and came splattering back down on Dany's body, lashing
her in a thick vertical stream from throat to vagina. Eliza quickly got her
mouth to the tip of the horse sized shaft and took the rest into her, gulping
it down in quick desperate swallows, by the look of her hurried snatchy
movements she found it hard to keep up.

At last she stumbled back, the still hard pole of the troll's cock bounced
back up to a forty five degree angle. The troll reacted with a low guttural
moaning and put a hand out against the wall to steady itself.

Eliza clutched at her stomach, she angled her head back taking in deep
calming breaths, seemingly trying to steady her stomach. She gagged,
swallowed, panted, belched. And then slapped a hand over her mouth and
staggered, lurching to her feet.

While Adam watched her and laughed, Eliza raced to the opposite corner more
or less exactly where Hermione was crouched. She bent over, holding her
stomach and then her guts heaved and the scum ejected itself from her stomach
in one powerful spasm, spewing forth all over the place. Hermione, stifling a
gasp, had to scuttle to one side as the creamy fluid splattered heavily,
staining the walls and floor and the dust and rubble.

Adam was suddenly staring straight at Hermione and she froze, uncertain of
what to do.

Had she given away her position? Was she suddenly visible again? No, she was
still invisible, looking down, she couldn't see herself at all. He turned his
attention back to Eliza who was dry heaving by now, clutching at her stomach
with one arm propped up against the wall to support her weakened self.

Adam laughed. She must have thrown up about a pint of the stuff and it had
splattered everywhere. Everywhere except for that oddly shaped patch on the
floor, a strange crescent, that shouldn't have been formed like that, not
with bare floorboards underneath. It was as if there was something there to
stop the spreading pool.

As he looked at that spot he could see foot prints in the dust and rubble
piled there. Foot prints that could possibly have been there for a long time,
but combined with the strangely halted spread of regurgitated troll cum, his
suspicion was alighted.

Idly he fingered the silver charm bracelet that housed his miniaturised wand
and racing broom and other personal items. Unclipping the wand and broom,
he tossed the latter behind him in preparation in case of a sudden necessity
to escape and then dropped the tiny half-inch long wand into the palm of his

A murmured return-to-form spell had the wand abruptly burst forth to its
correct dimension and material, like a sprouting seed in spring.

It resembled two intertwined tendrils of knot weed, one a dark brown so deep
in hue in looked almost black, the other was all but petrified and looked a
ghostly white. The intertwined tendrils thinned to a point at the business

Adam lifted the short stocky wand and swish-flicked the tip at one of his
mirrors, snapping a spell in a language Hermione couldn't understand.

Before her eyes the mirror inverted its contrast. Hermione found herself
standing there looking at her herself standing there in her tight jeans and
jacket reflected in the mirror that Adam had apparently enchanted to reveal
invisible intruders.

Fortunately for the young witch, the background was utterly blank and
resembled Hermione standing in front of nothing more than a misty blackness.
It didn't reveal where she stood in the confines of the room, just that she
was somewhere close by.

Adam whipped himself around quick, even while Tatiana was sucking whole
heartedly on his erection, and blasted a fiery curse from his wand onto the
spot against the near wall where Eliza had thrown up. The curse hit nothing
but plaster and brick and dust.

"You! Bitch!" He screamed in a voice that wasn't Adam's and with an accent
that didn't sound native to Britain.

Hermione had moved. She had seen the suspicion in Adam's face and slipped
away into the corner behind him.

"Little blondie, little invisible Witch?" He called smoothly, in a
simultaneously inviting and spooky voice.

"You weren't invited but it's nice of you to join us... If you wanted to join
in all you had to do was ask."

Hermione remained behind the man, who had shoved the girls away from his body
and was standing now, half risen out of his arm chair and passing his wand
too and fro about the interior of the room as if looking for something to

"Come and join us and show me how you love me, all these others do, they
prove it with their bodies, their adoration and their servitude." He
completed a slow on the spot circle looking for signs of the invisible
teenager. Hermione stood stock still, holding her breath and for a moment
he looked right through her, before completing his circle.

The rest of the noisy, sweaty, energetic orgy continued as if nothing was
happening. The three lovely girls who had been servicing Adam were standing
near the mattress now looking at Adam in mild confusion, seemingly waiting
for instruction.

"You surprised me, child." He went on with his insanity coloured attempt at
seduction. "I didn't realise that you were a Witch, little Hermione, when we
first had fun together. You should have told me. There are so many spells I
could teach you, so many ways to improve our pleasures, with magic. You
should have seen some of the things I used to get that Dany chick doing, you
wouldn't believe what I got her to do for me. A little spell here, a charm
there, a curse or two, the people she fucked, the gang bangs she initiated,
old men, tramps in the street, even animals!"

He stepped away from his throne and with an insignificant flick of his wand
tip, a silken robe like garment unfolded from nowhere and enshrouded him
in its clinging glimmering form. A deep cowl covered his skull to his brow
the robe draped like liquid from his arms and shoulders, from the muscles of
his wide chest, from his finally softening phallus.

"It's the true power of the Wizard... And the Witch, the elders had the
right idea, child. The Medieval, our kind of the dark ages. The power to have
anything, have anyone, do anything.

"Oh the fun we had, Dany and me, you could have enjoyed her too. You still
could, you know. Power Hermione! The power I have, the power you have buried
within you. I can show you how to tap into it. Such power Hermione..."

The teenage Witch looked at the mirror that revealed her presence and sent a
shattering spell it's way. The simplest of spells, many of the early first
year spells were now so simple that the verbal part didn't even need to be
spoken aloud, the correct swish-flick action was all the physical motion
necessary. Without warning, the mirror exploded and Hermione used the noise
and confusion to slip past the armchair throne on the opposite side, creating
more room between herself and Halldor.

As the mirror shattered so too did the illusion of Adam Howard.

"Bitch! Where are you? Bitch!" He screamed in a foreign voice that must be

Even as Hermione searched for somewhere to hide, she looked around her at
the other people in the room. They were still excitedly active in their

Caryl was still getting gang fucked brutally on the nearest sofa by the three
men. The Colin Creevy look-alike was still enjoying the impressive charms
of his blonde and brunette girls.

Hermione couldn't just leave them all to it. Putting her back to the wall on
the far side of the remainder of the knocked-in separating wall, the Witch
girl pointed her wand at Caryl and the men and sent a cancelling charm in
their direction.

"Expletio Incantantem." She whispered.

Caryl suddenly started to scream and then struggle desperately, the men
seemed to hesitate, one of them pulled off her, the other lay there confused,
his lust in balance with his confusion and morality. The third's lust had
well and truly taken over and he momentarily shoved his cock back into the
girl's mouth, grabbing her head in both hands and fucking away at her throat.
She managed to fight her way free all the same and pulled herself out from
the middle of the Human sandwich.

"Expletion Incantantem Omnis!" Hermione said.

She voiced the spell louder this time, to cancel all of Halldor's
enchantments in the building.

The increased volume of the voiced spell was effectively drowned out by the
growing turmoil around her.

The spell wouldn't work all that successfully, but it might hopefully cancel
enough of Halldor's perverse curses to confuse him and get a number of the
muggles out of the building and to comparative safety.

Hermione was gratified a moment or two later by numerous sudden screams and,
watching in the lines and columns of Halldor's mirrors, she saw sexual
groupings breaking up. Girl's struggling with confused males and then
scurrying for exits.

Some men were helpful toward their female counterparts, others merely fled
indiscriminately, while a few wanted to carry on their pleasurable orgies
and fought to keep hold of the objects of their lusts. Their battles were
generally proving unsuccessful.

Halldor roared in seething white rage as he watched the mirror-view of his
power-party disintegrating before his eyes. But he did nothing to hinder
the escape of the girls and women in the upper floor. His entire wrath was
fixated on the only girl he couldn't see.

The only girl who remained captive upstairs was Dany, who was held securely
in the clutches of Halldor's immense troll servant.

Dany, herself reprieved from Halldor's magical control, started to scream
and squeal in uncompromising panic as the fairy tale reality of her situation
dawned on her, raped and imprisoned by an eleven foot bulk of monster that
should have been confined to children's fairy stories and Eighties fantasy

Her horror struck cacophony lasted only seconds however, as Halldor silenced
her in the wrappings of in a Full Body-bind spell. Then his attention
returned to Hermione.

"Invisible Witch!" He screeched. "You don't know who you're dealing with!"

Hermione shivered then with fear, the change in his voice sparked a panicking
reaction in the girl, She was alone, no advice, no one to the rescue, no one
to rely on but a wand, the few spells she knew and the fact that she was

She remained in her hiding place, trying to think of what to do.

"You're going to suffer! Hermione Granger! I was good to you, I liked you,
but now your interference has invoked my wrath! And my wrath is terrible!"

If Hermione hadn't been so afraid, she would have laughed at this man's
words. He was a verbal Hitler. He sounded as comical as Adolf Hitler had
looked, but like the Austrian madman, Halldor was a monster.

Surprisingly, she found herself thinking of Lord Voldemort, who by all
accounts looked as horrific on the outside as he was on the inside.

She knew what Voldemort was capable of, she'd seen the limp grey figure of
Cedric Diggory's body when Harry had returned after his Triwizard victory.
However, she didn't truly know anything about this Halldor, for all she knew
he could be the equal of Voldemort.

What had she got herself into?

And then Halldor stalked right past her, no more than two feet from her
position and she stiffened, frozen in sudden chilling fear, unable to even
take a breath.

He swept past her with a wind sweeping swirl of gleaming black silk, moving
catlike across the grimy floor, his keen eyes searching for signs of the
invisible intruder. He stopped and swept around, his eyes locking on his
troll servant.

"Go and stand by the stairs." He snarled at the huge heavy beast. "She's
still up here, I can sense her. I'm not letting the little slut get away
from me."

Hermione stepped out from her hiding place intending to make for the stair
case and make her escape, she spared a thought for Dany but knew there was
nothing she could do. Her own safety, her own life, was in jeopardy now.
She risked a step forward but Halldor was still there only a metre or two
from her and apart from the noisy advance of the hulking troll there wasn't
the noise that the mass orgy had been creating to conceal the sound of her
movements this time.

She stopped short, trying to think of a way to get past the psychotic wizard, a
distraction maybe. But then the troll was passing her, it's strides about
five times larger than hers, there was no way she could get ahead of it now.
Hermione watched with sinking hope and rising panicking palpitations as
the troll took up its position at the top of the stairs and blocked off her
only way of escape.

Halldor turned back around and stalked over to his servant, his eyes darting
everywhere as Hermione started to tiptoe toward the opposite end of the long

"Now then, an invisibility spell cancelling to begin with..." Halldor
commented to himself matter of factly.

"Let's get you straightened out shall we Hermione." He said with more volume,
his manner mild again. "You're cute and sexy and I don't like cute things
being invisible. It defeats the idea of cute doesn't it? ...When you can't
look at it?"

He raised his wand and snap-flicked it toward Hermione's end of the room,
simultaneously flourishing a loud and carefully pronounced spell in his
native language.

The wand tip burst into an eerie green light, then the room flashed with the
same illumination.

Hermione felt herself panic but nothing seemed to have happened, she stifled
her growing whimper of fear and looked down at herself and then over at the
mirrors that should be reflecting her from her position in the middle of the
room. There was nothing she was still invisible.

Halldor growled with frustration and repeated his spell but nothing changed.
Hermione, continuing to creep across the room towards the armchair throne,
stopped suddenly feeling an inexplicable burst of bravura about tuned and
snapped "Expelliarmus!" Aiming at Halldor's wand. It whipped out of his hand
and skittered across the floor.

Snarling with seething rage, Halldor reached out his open hand and yelled an
Icelandic summoning spell. Is if time had suddenly been reversed the wand
tore backward through the electrified air and slammed back into the Wizard's

In the distracted few seconds Hermione had managed to get herself behind the
arm chair throne and knelt low behind it.

She was able to use the mirrors to see down the length of the room and
Halldor and his troll.

She glanced around her and saw nothing of use. There was the hole in the roof
above her revealing a cloudless starry night but it was too high to reach
without a broom or a levitation spell. Could she levitate herself onto the
roof? And then What? Was there anywhere she could go from there? Any way of
getting down to ground level?

Hermione was deliberating on the prospect of a rooftop escape, keeping one
eye on the slowly approaching Halldor who was moving from one side of the
room to the other, advancing a step at a time and sending flashes of weird
multicoloured sparks this way and that, possibly to illuminate his invisible
quarry with some unknown spell, when she heard the sound that would finally
seal her doom. The chimes of the nearby church tower clock.

That was it, her hour of invisibility was running out, her only advantage
would fade away at any time and leave her almost defenceless.

She could hide here waiting to get trapped or she could use the few spells
she knew and defend herself for as long as she could. Halldor could
underestimate her, think of her as just a child. And the troll might be big
and aggressive, but he was slow-witted and lumbering. She believed, with
Halldor out of the way could outsmart the troll long enough to slip past and
make her escape.

She forced down the fear into the pit of her gut, threw spells through her
mind, trying to pick out the most useful and formulate a loose plan.

Her concentration was momentarily interrupted when she saw Dany's immobile
form angling upright so she looked like she was standing up with her hands
at her sides though her feet were hovering six inches above the ground.

She floated across the room quickly and smoothly and came to a rest in the
opposite corner at the top of the stairs behind the stationary troll. It must
have been a summoning charm. Was Halldor claiming his prize? Keeping her out
of harms way? Or could Dany have been helpful to Hermione in some way and he
was stopping her from being used against him? She couldn't think how the
slender Muggle could have helped her. It didn't matter now anyway. For good
or ill the girl was out of the firing line now. She drew her attention back
to her plan.

Finally, Hermione took a deep calming breath and then stood up. Halldor was
in front of the mattress now, examining the wall by the broken in partition
where she had been hiding earlier.

She raised her wand, swish-flicked and bellowed her spell.

"Pulsus abentis!"

It looked like Halldor had been struck by an invisible cricket bat, he went
flying five feet across the floor and slid to a halt at the foot of his
confused looking troll.

Even before he had hit the floor, Hermione was directing her second spell.


His wand shot out of his hand again, yanked by an invisible thread of magic.
Hermione still wasn't finished.

"Accio wand!" She shrieked, the excitement and desperation momentarily
getting the better of her.

However, Halldor's recovery was insanely fast, he was up on one knee at once,
hand out stretched and screeching a super fast spell in his native tongue.

His wand landed in Hermione's free hand and she felt a rising exultant glee,
but then the rod of entwined wood burst into searing blue flame and the heat
was immediately too much for her to bare. With a little scream, Hermione
dropped the wand and watched helplessly as it flew back into its master's
grasp, the flames extinguishing in mid-flight.

Halldor grinned victoriously and rose to his full height.

Hermione realised at the last moment that the flashes from her wand tip had
pinpointed her still invisible position.

The vocalised aspect of the spell she didn't recognise but the wispy white
tendrils that burst serpent-like from the tip of his wand she knew all too
well. He was trying to capture her with a Full Body-bind spell.

Fortunately, Hermione knew the curse well, the further away the caster was
from the target the longer it took for the tendrils to reach. She had just
enough time to throw forth a Serpensortia charm, conjuring a large snake
between them that was caught up in the body-bind curse instead of Hermione.

Practically using the same breath, the teenage girl countered with
"Aguamentis Potens!"

A fountain of icy water burst from the tip of Hermione's wand, gathered up
power for a half second and then erupted like a deranged Bludger at Halldor.
Somehow the maniac maintained his composure and countered Hermione's water
attack with a smoothly conjured wall of wind that batted the water straight
back at Hermione.

The power of the water had been flattened, broken up on the surface of the
wall of surging air pressure, however the wall of air was now covered by a
wall of water and both struck Hermione with an almost gale force. She was
thrown down onto the ground, the wind knocked out of her and saturated from
head to foot in her own conjured water. It was as if she'd been dumped into
the ocean and left there to soak up the water in its entirety.

Coughing and spluttering, she drew herself to her knees and then back onto
her feet and looked up to see a room wide arc of orange fire tearing its way
straight at her.

As she squealed, turned her back to the flames and ducked down instinctively
behind the arm chair, her mind clamped down on Harry's dragon task the
previous November, how he'd faced down a dragon's flame and survived to tell
the tale.

And then she felt the flames carry innocuously over her head as the spell's
effectiveness wore away.

The smell and sudden crackling sound confused the girl at first, then she
caught a reflection in one of the mirrors out of the corner of her eye.
Simultaneously she felt the flames licking away at the only dry part of her,
the back of her jacket and spent a few frantic seconds dragging the sodden
and burning garment from her young body.

Hermione groaned, she could see the visible shadows of the jacket's folds
and pocket flaps amongst the dwindling flames on the ground and realised
that the invisibility spell was starting to wear off.

And then a hand grabbed her by the back of her clinging wet T-shirt and she
knew Halldor had hold of her.

Hermione's mind was telling her it was over, even as she twisted to face her
adversary, her arm raised, her wand pointed as her lips snarled out the short
incantation. -


A fluttering cloud of tiny birds burst from the wand tip, flapping and
twittering and pecking straight into Halldor's shock twisted face.

The psychotic wizard automatically released Hermione as he staggered back,
screaming and cursing as he tried to protect his eyes from the talons and
beaks of the score of tiny birds.

Hermione noticed pigments of the darker aspect of the light spectrum
returning to the saturated strands of hair that hung over her eyes. However,
her observation was secondary to the action of her raising her wand in
another desperate defensive motion. She sent Halldor flying again with
another desperate repelling curse.

Halldor was quicker than she could have thought possible however, even as
he was sent tumbling back to the feet of his stationary troll, another burst
of flame came like a geyser from his wand tip, unlike the previous wide arc,
this was dragon's fire that thundered forwards and outward, feeding on its
own combusting chemistry, exploding outward in every direction and
exponentially increasing in temperature.

Hermione did the only thing she could. She threw herself back over the
armchair throne.

She drew herself in as small as she could, on some level realising that she
was fully visible again.

Somehow the chair protected her. Halldor must like his thrones to be armoured
and invulnerable to most spells and curses.

"You've got nothing on me, little slut!" Halldor screamed from the other
side of the room.

"I been going easy on you, having fun with our little duel. I haven't even
sent my troll after you. I admit, you've done well so far, to keep yourself
in one piece that is, but the game ends here."

He took a deep breath and then yelled something in Icelandic.

Hermione felt the power brewing in their air between the throne and Halldor.
A miniature whirlwind whipped itself into existence before the arm chair and
proceeded to violently tear into the grubby piece of furniture.

Hermione fled, ducking down low and scurrying on her hands and knees from
behind the armchair. She threw herself into the corner of the room and
crouched behind the mirrors.

Like a terrible live-action Tazmanian Devil, the whirlwind started to tear
the wood, metal, cloth and sponge of the throne into pieces of whirling
debris. Rising and laughing victoriously, Halldor then used his wand to
direct the human sized cyclone toward the mirrors.

Hermione, raised her wand quick and tried to cancel the spell but nothing
happened. It had been a desperate, in vain attempt.

She let out a little panicked scream, realising that she could do nothing
else but tuck herself in tight with her hands over her head and protect
herself as best she could.

The furious tornado struck the left side of the miniature curved wall of
mirrors hard and the room was suddenly filled with a terrible deafening
tumult of splintering wood and plastic and shattering mirrored glass. And
then the violent circling grating inferno of material was drawn up and
thrown around and around, clattering together, smashing and splintering
amid myriad collisions.

Hermione couldn't hold back her screams as the cyclone grew deadly and
scything and twisting ever closer.

She was going to be killed here, cut to ribbons by this flesh excoriating
flail of freakish weather.

"Throw out your wand and surrender to me if you don't want to die like a
trapped bird in a meat grinder!" Halldor yelled at his victim over the noise
of the approaching death.

"This is your last and only chance." He added gravely.

"Okay! Okay here!" Hermione screamed before tossing her wand out from under
the remaining mirrors. It skittered along the floorboards, spiralling

A spell from Halldor caught up the wand and pulled it smoothly back into his

A moment later the whirlwind withdrew to the opposite corner and then died,
depositing its deadly contents onto the ground heavily.

Timidly, Hermione rose from what was left of her cover and stepped out.

"Ha!" He laughed, a short sharp sound. "Now I have you at my mercy."
Immediately she felt magic tendrils wrap themselves around her and she was
lifted off her feet and pulled across the room to stand before her victorious
enemy, utterly within his power.

Halldor stood in front of the still, shivering, soaking wet girl and looked
her slowly up and down. Then he took a slow turn around her to look at her
from every angle.

Standing behind her, he paused momentarily and murmured something in
Icelandic. It could have been a spell.

There was nothing at all now that Hermione could do. As Halldor himself had
said, she was at his mercy. She must co-operate with him, perhaps if she did
he would release her. She didn't know for certain if he had killed anyone.
He seemed to delight in sexual humiliation more than anything. His actions
towards Dany, was proof enough of that.

Hermione wasn't sure if she could stand such attention, but if it was a toss
up between that and her death, she would take that.

He came back to face her again, standing a head's height over her and looking
down into her eyes, his eroticised victorious elation plain in the glow of
his eyes, the twisted lop sided grin.

"You have a curse on your country don't you?" He asked her then. "One that
allows you to control the actions of others?"

"Yes, the Imperious Curse, it's illegal." Hermione responded with a whimper,
shivering, unable to lift her head to look him in the eye. She was starting
to detect a strange tingling tickling sensation a spot in the middle of her

"We have something similar in my country, I could use it on you, make you do
anything I wanted. But I don't need that do I Hermione." He made it plain by
his tone that he wasn't enquiring.

"No. We both know I have to do anything you want." She replied as coolly as
she could.

Her shivers felt like she was holding onto one of those big pneumatic drill
things that work men had when digging up the roads. There was still that odd
tickling sensation in the middle of her back but it had spread now toward her

She wondered how much was due to the coldness of her soaked clothes and how
much was the fear this madman was instilling in her.

"I think I should test you though. Take of your shoes and socks."

Hermione did so, tucking her rolled up socks into her trainers and placing
them to one side of her. Then she took up her previous position again, now
standing barefoot on the dirty bare floorboards.

"I think you should be feeling something around your bra. I have a little
spell of my own design that essentially unpicks stitching, glue, knots,
locks, more or less anything that hold things together. Right now the
stitching of your bra everything holding it together is coming apart and
vanishing, soon the weave of the cotton itself will unravel and the garment
will disappear without you even having to remove it."

And as he spoke Hermione felt the tickle spread to incorporate her shoulders
and chest too. A moment later and the support cupping her perky breasts
slipped and then disappeared completely. Her high breasts slipped outward
to their natural positions on her chest.

"There." Halldor commented, his eyes on her T-shirt a grin almost bisecting
his lower face. "That's much better."

Hermione didn't have to look down to know what she would look like. A water
saturated T-shirt and no bra. The top would be practically see through, cold
stiffened nipples would be pushing hard against the cotton.

"Take that off now. I like the titillation of a wet T-shirt but not for too
long. I want to see the goods out in the open."

Hermione hesitated only a moment. She didn't want to do this but knew she
didn't want him to lose his temper. He was in a good eroticised mood at the
moment, it was the closest thing to keeping him happy.

She grasped the hem of the garment, tugged it out of the waistband of her
jeans and drew it up and then over her torso, stretching her arms and the top
up over her head, revealing her pertly naked breasts, with her small dark
pink areolae and erected nipples, to Halldor.

He stood and watched, letting out a low appreciative groan as her naked
upper body was revealed to him.

Showering sprinkles of cold water trickled down her firm young body, trailing
in little rivulets along the creases of her shoulders and under arms, between
and over her breasts, following her meagre cleavage and the fuller outer
curves. Trickles even collated at her nipples and then free-fell in little
drips from the tips of the hard buds.

A little gem of collected water glistened invitingly in the smooth dimple of
her pretty navel.

The trickling water followed the contours of her smooth trim abdominals and
finally collected at and then disappeared beneath the waist band of her water
darkened jeans.

"Right that's enough, get naked now. My dick's hard again and I've waited
long enough to fuck you!" Halldor growled dangerously, the gleam in his eyes
had dimmed, showing little more than belligerence.

In the blink of an eye, his sexual desire seemed to have turned from
titillated lusty fun to an aggressive and insistent need.

Hermione felt herself freeze, fear making her hesitate. She knew it was a bad
mistake, but she was under the control of her fears and her instincts. Was
this her bravery finally running out?

"You should know better than to keep me waiting..." Halldor growled, his tone
as dark as his expression.

The he pushed Hermione into action with a spell that instantly popped open
the metal buttons at the fly fastening of her jeans.

The spoken warning and the magical initiation to Halldor's order brought the
girl out of her sluggish moment of inaction.

"Last warning Hermione Granger, don't stall or keep me waiting any longer.
I'll give you to my troll if you give me any more trouble. You know, I've
seen this particular beast tear girls younger than you, much younger, limb
from limb and then eat them when they still live. Of course," He continued
conversationally. "I've impaled little girls on stakes through their asses.
Their own body weight pulls them down the stake and kills them. But it can
take hours, days sometimes..."

Halldor put his wand tip to his temple and closed his eyes from a moment. The
wand tip glowed a faint foggy white colour. He touched the wand to Hermione's
forehead and she found her mind's eye filled with Halldor's memories of his
victims, just snippets - twisted expressions of anguished pretty girls,
flowing tears, stakes and naked buttocks, and blood, always blood. Drips,
trickles flowing running. It was enough to convince the young witch of his

"Am I getting through to you?" He asked smoothly.

Hermione sniffling now, more afraid and helpless than ever, started to pull
at her unfastened trousers.

"That's better." He commented, while he watched Hermione squirming the skin
tight and clinging jeans down her slender legs. All she had on now was her
little white lace edged knickers.

"Turn around, let's see your ass."

Hermione's nerves were frayed to their limits. His threats and oaths and
suggestions, as well as the inflicted memories of some of his crimes all
plied her with growing fear and panic and combined itself with the knowledge
that she must do whatever he desired, and what his desires could manifest as.
She blubbered quietly and shivered all over, her mind in a whirl of scattered
thoughts, her shivering had nothing to do with the cool night air on her
naked flesh.

She turned around.

Halldor let out an appreciative breath. His eyes caressing the small pert
form of Hermione's bottom. The pair of pressed together little orbs were
obviously firm and springy, the perfect curves, distinguished by the white
lace edged frame of her high hipped thong. The succulent cleavage formed
by her buttocks that were pressed together by the athletic muscle beneath.
Halldor groaned, a gut deep guttural sound that fortified his reaction to the
sight of her rear view, and then issued a blast from his wand that forced
Hermione's final item of clothing to go up in a burst of cold blue flame that
ate away the material without burning her flesh.

The young witch panicked all the same, yelping and dancing around on the spot
while trying to put out the enchanted flames. Halldor watched and laughed.

Hermione eventually came to the realisation that the flames were not harming
her body and all too soon her skimpy thong was nothing more and freely
fluttering motes of ash and soot that danced through the air and dissipated.

"Hmmm, that's almost as sweet as little Heather's." He commented
appreciatively. "I didn't get to fuck her, thanks to you. I'm going to have
to make you pay for that little crime, I'd been planning on sodomising that
particular fourteen year old from the day I met her. Never mind, you'll more
than suffice I have no doubt..."

"...Okay, enough chatter, time for fun. Spread your legs wide apart, bend
over and grab your ass cheeks."

As Hermione reluctantly took up the position, a figure in black dropped down
through the hole in the roof where the throne had been, raised itself and
then shouted something in Icelandic.

All hell broke loose. Shouts and yells and a deep echoing roaring from the
troll all filled Hermione's ears at the same time.

Blazing crackles of multicoloured spells shot past her on both sides, from
both ends of the room.

Hermione dropped to the floor and skittered over to one side against the wall
while the battle ensued.

She couldn't see much, the laser like bursts of spell light and crackles of
lightning like curses shooting back and forth, were practically blinding in
the relative darkness of the room.

Then there was the smoke, smoke from flame spells, smoke from candles some
happily burning their wax fuel while others had been toppled and had found
other things to set alight. Small fires blazed on couches, the mattress, the
remains of the wood from the destroyed mirrors and arm chair. The smoke
patches grew together and thickened, crating a concealing blanket.

The young witch felt rather than saw the toppling of the defeated troll. It
grunted and wheezed and then a wrecking ball slammed downward through the
staircase. At least that's what it sounded like - a dead or unconscious troll
with the weight and power of a wrecking ball. It either fell down the stairs
or dropped right through them.

Another few moments and it was over. Two wizards came from the rooftop hole
and two more levitated up the shattered stairs from below. Curses and charms
struck Halldor from the front and back.

His wands, his and the one he'd confiscated from Hermione were wrenched from
his grasp, then his bracelet was torn from his wrist. As curses and stunning
spells struck him again and again.

Finally, four separate though simultaneous Full Body-bind spells snared him
and brought him to the ground face first, hitting the floor with a heavy
resounding thud, as if he was a sculpture in marble.

Hermione watched dazed now, in shock, not realising she was lying naked in
the hard bare floorboards of the derelict building's upper floor.

She watched the smoke obscuring more and more of the room. She could see
Halldor's immobile body lying there stiff as rock. And in the midst figures
in black were moving around, wands in hands swishing this way and that. Every
now and then a colourful spark would emit from a wand tip and disappear into
the smoke. And then one of the figures turned toward Hermione and approached,
coalescing as it emerged from the smoke. It was Hekia.

He was carrying a blanket and a relieved expression. Hermione felt herself
lifted up into the man's arms, the blanket draped over her and then they were
moving through the smoke.

The young witch felt like she was floating through a quickly darkening mist
and then the darkness enveloped her and sleep followed.


The morning after.

When Hermione awoke she was lying on top of her bed at home, wrapped up in a
comfortable blanket. The curtains were open and the morning sun was streaming
in, bathing her room in consoling warmth.

Everything seemed so normal that for a time she wondered if she'd dreamed
all of the previous night's experiences. However, the unfamiliar blanket that
covered her was enough to refute that belief.

She sat up and looked around, her clothes from the previous night minus her
destroyed underwear, were placed carefully folded on her chair by the window.
There was a note laid on top of her clothes with her name printed on it.

She picked up the note, looking at her hand written name and wondering
mindlessly if she recognised the handwriting.

But then a dull smooth rumble of a car pulling into the drive drew her
attention away. The engine sound died and then seconds later there came the
sound of doors banging shut. Her parents were home.

She got up and hurriedly tugged on her pyjamas and fluffy pink dressing gown
and then she raced downstairs to meet them, stuffing the note into the
flannel pocket of her robe.

"Hi dad! How was Paris?" She asked taking the case from his hand and planting
a big kiss on his proffered cheek.

"Great thanks, Kitten. We've really enjoyed ourselves. Have you been all
right on your own?"

"Of course! No problems." She sang in response, inwardly chiding herself for
the falsehood.

"House looks spic and span, not that I'd expect anything else." He grinned.
Her mother came in next and begged for Hermione to put the kettle on after
their cheery greeting.

Hermione skipped into the kitchen to make a pot of tea, leaving her parents
to finish unpacking the car. While she waited for the kettle to boil she drew
out the note and flipped it open.

Dear Hermione,
Sorry for deserting you. You seem to be exhausted, you fell asleep in my
Try to a good night's sleep. I'll pop around and visit you at around ten
tomorrow morning and fill you in on all I can.

Kind regards and gratitude,

Hermione looked at the cooker clock, it was half past nine. She made the tea
and then headed upstairs, had a quick shower and threw on some clothes.

She had just finished drying her hair when her mother shouted upstairs.

"Hermione? There's an odd looking young man out in the street, he looks
rather lost and out of place. Could he be one of your Hogwarts friends?"

It was Hekia, of course. Wearing over the top hip-hop gear as his next
attempt at a Muggle disguise. She hurriedly collected him from the street
and brought him into the dining room.

They sat and drank tea, Hermione trying not to look at his ridiculous gold
lame track suit top.

"How's Dany? The blonde girl who was behind the troll?" She had been worrying
about the other girl since the previous night's events had returned to her in

"She's fine, just before I dropped down through the hole in the roof, one of
my companions threw a shield spell around her and pulled her out of harm's

"Manipulating her memories has taken some effort though, Halldor had done a
real job on her, really corrupted her mind with his perversions."

"What has happened to Halldor?" Hermione asked.

"At the moment he's been transfigured into an earth worm and is being kept
in an unbreakable jar until we transport him home to a secure cell." He
paused for a short time.

"Hermione, I want to apologise, and explain why I took so long in getting to

"You don't have to apologise..." Hermione blushed, but Hekia interrupted

"Yes I do." He asserted. "Our delay put you in danger and you could have
been killed... Or worse..." He said with a telltale blush.

"As it was, it was a close call."

Hermione smiled and shrugged, trying to hide her distinct embarrassment at
the memories of what she had been made to do just before Hekia had arrived
and of her state of undress at the time.

"I'm a junior member of an Auror Investigative team." He began. "We're based
at the Auror Defence Office, similar to a department of your Ministry of

"A dozen teams were sent all over Europe to investigate possible locations
of where Halldor may have absconded to, after he escaped custody back home.
Our team were sent to cover the British Isles. We split up to cover a larger
area, checking over suspicious stories in the Wizard and Muggle press.
Looking at his potential haunts, schools, universities.

"Our team leader was investigating a lead in the Southwest but we lost
contact with her. We naturally suspected foul play and agreed to regroup and
search the Southwest more thoroughly. That was just after I first met you.

"It turned out that she had stumbled across some kind of illegal activity in
a little hamlet. Some werewolf named Fenrir something was responsible. We
found our leader unharmed but imprisoned. We freed her and then handed our
discovery of Fenrir over to your Ministry. A Mr Srimgeour took over the
case I believe..."

"I've heard of him, he's head of our Auror office. Sorry, you were saying?"

"There was something mentioned about 'Deatheater'? Wasn't that something to
do with that evil Wizard that plagued your country last decade?

"The Death Eaters were Lord Voldemort's followers. He's just recently
returned from the dead and we believe his followers are gathering again."

"Returned? I think dark times may be coming your way Hermione. I heard
stories about this Lord Voldemort even in my country."

"I hope you're wrong..." Hermione murmured, there wasn't much hope in her
voice, however.

Hekia nodded solemnly and took a sip of tea before continuing.

"Anyway, I didn't see your messages until after our leader had been rescued,
then I had to convince the others into taking your lead seriously. Being
inexperienced, I'm not listened too all that well."

"My friends and I get the same thing, being young..." Hermione commented.

Hekia agreed with a nod and an understanding smile then took some more tea.

"Well obviously you were able to convince them, as you arrived, and in the
nick of time." Hermione mentioned lightly.

"Though..." Hekia went on. "I do think you misunderstood my request. I didn't
intend for you to get so close to him, I know I said 'make sure you don't
loose him' but going into his lair and taking him on directly!"

"I realised I'd made a mistake, but it was too late by then. I'm just
thankful you and your friends arrived when you did!"

Hekia replied by way of a smile and a shrug. Making out it was nothing.

"Fortunately. Now it's just a case of seeing to it that Halldor never escapes
our custody again. And that he gets his proper punishment when we get him

This time it was Hermione who nodded between sips of her tea.

"Now for some good news!" Hekia brightened suddenly, grinning and drawing
himself more upright.

"There's a reward! For any aid in the capturing of Halldor, from my

"A reward!"

"In Kroner it amounts to a little over four million, that's a little over
twenty thousand in English Muggle money. I don't know what that comes to in
Wizard money."

"Twenty thousand pounds?!" Hermione gulped.

"All we need are your bank details. Muggle or Wizard it's up to you."

"Twenty grand?!"

"Also, I've been authorised to give you this..." He held out a tiny inch long
golden replica of a racing style broomstick. "It belonged to Halldor..."
Hekia caught the sudden change in Hermione's expression.

"...Oh don't worry it's been thoroughly checked over. It doesn't have any
hidden jinx' or curses. It's actually a very nice and expensive import broom
from China. Almost equal to a Firebolt, certainly superior to the latest
Nimbus models. Sorry I bet you don't know much about brooms."

"Actually my friend has a Firebolt, so I know more than you think..." She
chided gently, then looked down at the gift in her hand. "I don't know what
to say... Thank you, so much." The teenager breathed.

Hekia finished his tea and said his goodbyes, leaving contact details in
Iceland for Hermione, should she ever require his help. Hermione's mother
saw him on the way out.

"Your daughter, Mrs Granger is a shining star! I commend you and Mr Granger
both for your parenting skills. She's a great asset to both our worlds,
Muggle and Magic alike!"

And then, before Mrs Granger could utter anything more than a flustered
'thank you', he was out of the door and away.

* * *

Hekia had only been gone ten or fifteen minutes when Hermione found herself
entertaining another visitor. And this new visitor was even more surprising
than the previous one.

She took her visitor to her bedroom, having decided that a little more
privacy was desirable - which had been indicated by the unmistakable looks
her father was fixing on the new guest, and the jealous scowls directed at
her father by her mother.

It was the attractive busty witch from the Wizard Library.

She took off her long tan raincoat that concealed the same revealing witch
robes she had been wearing in the Library.

They sat on the bed, side by side, knees almost touching, Hermione feeling
inextricably flushed, wasn't sure what to say. She was confused by this
woman's appearance.

"I imagine you're wondering what I'm doing here." The busty witch said

Hermione could only nod.

"My name's Claudia Flamel and I'm an old friend of Professor Dumbledore. I
help him out when he gets too busy. He asked me to keep a discreet eye on
you... Hang on..."

She dipped into her robes, searching inside the wide three quarter length
sleeve and then drew out a parchment envelope addressed to Hermione by name
and written in lush emerald ink. Hermione had seen Dumbledore's handwriting
enough times to recognise it as his.

She tore the envelope open and unfolded the sheaf of parchment inside. It

Dear Miss Granger.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my personal gratitude and
congratulations on a very well played and successful venture.

You have presented a glowing example of international Wizarding co-operation
and relations.

The Icelandic Auror Office have been most gracious and outspoken concerning
you recent assistance in their adventures.

On the tender subject of your illegal use of magic outside of Hogwarts,
please do not concern yourself. There is a certain provision in the 'decree
for the reasonable restriction of underage sorcery for the use of magic in
life threatening situations' that renders you free from potential

Please feel free to familiarise yourself with this provision for potential
future reference.

If necessary, I shall see to it personally that said provision is properly
enforced in the corridors of the Ministry of Magic.

Once again, my hearty congratulations and applause on your endeavours.

Yours sincerely
Albus Dumbledore.

"So I was being watched over all the time?" Hermione asked with surprise.

"Yes, I..." Claudia's reply was interrupted by an owl tapping on Hermione's
bedroom window.

Once it had been allowed inside, Hermione noticed that the bird carried
another letter, this one addressed to Claudia.

The witch read the letter hastily, her lovely face paling with it's obviously
unpleasant content.

"I'm sorry Miss Granger, I have to leave. There have been developments at the

She got up from the bed and slipped the letter into her robes. The owl hopped
back onto the window sill and flew off.

"Stay close to Harry and the Weasley's as much as you can. I think things
are going to get hairy from now on."

Claudia leaned over and gave Hermione a quick kiss on the cheek and then
promptly dissaparated.

* * *

Hermione was downstairs making a sandwich when the next owl-delivered letter
arrived. The bird swooped in through the open backdoor, dropped the letter on
the breakfast bar and then swooped back out again.

It was from Ron. They often exchanged letters in the holidays, even more than
either of them did with Harry. Though it was more tricky with Harry living
with his Aunt and Uncle who hated everything about the Wizarding world.

The Letter was an invitation to stay at the Burrow, as often happened over
the summer holidays.

It was better than staying home alone all the time, as Hermione's parents
were both working in their respective dental practices at all hours.

He said there was good news, bad news and exciting news. Hermione felt
herself flutter a little with excitement. She wondered what the news could
be. She'd have to find out when she arrived at the Burrow, she told herself.
After checking with her parents, she started going over what she would have
to pack. She'd be staying with the Weasley's right up to the day Hogwarts
opened after the summer break.

She was halfway through arranging her trunk when she realised she would have
to write back to Victor and assure him she was okay. He must be worried about
her after their last letter exchange.

Hermione realised that she hardly thought about Victor at all these days. She
had only written to him a few days ago admittedly and a lot had been going
on this past week, but even so...

She felt that usual surge of excitement at the thought of seeing all of the
Weasley's again, especially Ginny and Ron.

She could hardly wait!

The End


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