This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Harry Potter: The Cat's Meow (bbg,g-mast,anal,trans,magic)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

Harry was slowly losing his friends. He was the only one who could hear the
voice of the evil creature that was turning fellow students into stone, and
he always seemed to be the first person to find the petrified person. His
classmates were even starting to think he was the evil Heir of the Slytherin.
The only two people who stood by and defended him were Hermione and Ron.
The latest incident landed Harry in a meeting with Dumbledore, and while he
didn't believe Harry was responsible for the evil being perpetrated he was
slowly being forced into taking action.

While Harry, Hermione, and Ron suspected someone in Slytherin House was
involved in the incidents they couldn't prove it and nobody from the rival
house was about to start talking. It was Hermione who came up with a plan
to get some answers from Draco. Hermione would concoct a potion for the
three of them to transform into Slytherin students and trick Draco into
giving up some information.

Harry and Ron waited in the dining room while Hermione finished up the plan.
They had just finished eating when Hermione finally showed up and sat down
across from them at the table.

"Everything's set. We just need a bit of who you're changing into," she said.

"Crabbe and Goyle," Harry responded.

"We also need to make sure that the real Crabbe and Goyle can't burst in on
us while we're interrogating Malfoy."

"How?" Ron asked.

"I've got it all worked out." Hermione showed Harry and Ron two cupcakes.
"I filled these with a simple Sleeping Draught. Simple, but powerful."
Hermione set the cakes down on the table. "Now once they're asleep hide
them in the broomstick cupboard and pull out a few of their hairs and put
on their uniforms."

"Whose hair are you ripping out then?" Ron asked unsure.

"I've already got mine," Hermione answered showing Ron a test tube with hair
in it. "Milicent Bulstrode. Slytherin. I got this off her robes. I'm going
to go check on the Polyjuice Potion. Make sure Crabbe and Goyle find these."
Hermione picked up the cupcakes and emphasized them.

The trio separated with Harry and Ron walking down the hall towards
Slytherin. Ron cleared his throat and raised his wand to cast a spell.
Harry pushed it back down.

"Ron, maybe I should do it."

"Yeah. Right."

"Wingardium Leviosa," Ron said waving his wand.

The cupcakes started to hover in mid-air. Harry and Ron quickly hid behind
some columns at the sound of doors opening. Crabbe and Goyle appeared with
their arms filled with sweets.

"Cool," they remarked looking at the cupcakes. They looked at each then
smiled as each stuffed a cupcake in their mouth. They swallowed them down
as Harry and Ron looked on laughing. The Slytherin then looked at each
other as if they had just eaten something funny and fell to the floor out

"How thick could you get?" Ron asked at the easiness of the whole thing.

"Come on, let's get them."

* * *

"We'll have exactly one hour before we change back into ourselves," Hermione
told the others as they gathered in Moaning Myrtle's restroom and she handed
them the potions. "Add the hairs."

"Eeew. Essence of Crabbe," Ron moaned as he dropped the hair into his potion.

"Cheers," Hermione toasted. The trio's glasses clanked and they drank the

"I'm think I'm going to be sick," Ron mumbled running into a stall.

"Me too," Hermione said following suit.

Harry dropped his glass to the floor and leaned on the sink as his stomach
turned. When the trouble passed he looked into the mirror and watched with
awe as his body transformed into Goyle's. The newly transformed Ron emerged
from his stall.



"Bloody hell!"

"We still sound like ourselves. You need to sound more like Crabbe."

"Bloody hell," Ron practiced.


"But where's Hermione?"

"I..." Hermione's voice piped from inside the stall. "I don't think I'm
going. You go on without me."

"Hermione, are you okay?" Harry asked.

"Just go. You're wasting time."

"Come on," Harry said as he and Ron took off.

Moping and embarrassed Hermione remained in her stall as she examined
herself. Whiskers, a tail, lots of hair; Hermione screwed up big time and
had taken cat hair instead of Milicent's hair.

"Well," Hermione thought, "the spell will only last for an hour and Harry and
Ron will probably need to use all of that time. Drat!" Hermione kicked the
door and the sound echoed in the bathroom.

"Hello? Who's there?" A voice called out.

"It's me Myrtle. Sorry for kicking the door."

"What are you still doing here Hermione? I thought you were supposed to
be with the guys playing secret agent and finding out who's been turning
everyone to stone."

"I can't tell you. It's too embarrassing."

"What's so bad? Come out of there."

"I don't want to."

"I'll just fly through the stall. I'm a ghost you know."

Slowly the stall door creaked open. Hermione left the stall even slower.

"Oh my!" Moaning Myrtle gasped.

"See, I knew it!" Hermione shouted turning to run back into the stall.

"Stop it, Hermione. It's not that bad."

"That wasn't very nice!"

"I see you messed up the Polyjuice Potion and used cat hair instead of human

"How did you know?"

"Many people have used this restroom over the years to make Polyjuice in
secret, and more than a few of them have done the same thing you did. There
was even a boy ten years ago who somehow managed to turn himself into an

"An owl? That was just stupid."

"Yes, well I don't think you're in any position to talk."

"So are there any side effects to this? I won't have a tail when I transform
back into my old self will I?"

"There's nothing to worry about, Hermione. You'll be fine. So are you going
to hide in here until you change back?"

"What else can I do? The professors will want to know why I'm a cat once they
see me. It's only an hour though. I'll just wait."

"So what are going to do until then?"

"Just sit here I guess, why?"

"There was a girl in here last year who had done the same thing you did, and
when she thought I was gone she stuck her tail in you know where."

"That's gross! I don't want to stick anything hairy in my cunny."

"I wasn't talking about your pussy, I was talking about your ass. Heh! I
said pussy to cat!"

"That was a lame joke, besides what makes you think I'm going to do any of
that with you around?"

"Alright, fine, Hermione," Myrtle said in mock disappointment. Her spirit
lost form and she disappeared in thin air. "Remember Hermione, you've got an
hour before you change back."

"I'm not going to do it!" Hermione shouted at nobody. "I know you're still
around Myrtle!"

Hermione stood in the bathroom alone waiting for something, but whatever it
was never came. She was alone as far as she could tell. Hermione walked to
the sink and looked into the mirror. She almost had to laugh at how dumb a
mistake she made. As best she could tell she was definitely still a cat for
another forty-five minutes. As Hermione continued to look at herself in the
mirror she caught a glimpse of her tail swaying behind her. She decided to
try something.

Not exactly sure how she did it Hermione made her tail stop waving. Then
she made it move up, then down, then around in a circle. With guilty
pleasure filling her body Hermione looked around the bathroom. Moaning
Myrtle was nowhere to be found, though as she thought about it it really
didn't matter since Myrtle was a ghost and nobody ever came into this
bathroom. Hiking up her skirt Hermione pulled down her panties and dropped
them on the floor. Her legs and the areas around her vagina and ass were
indeed very hairy.

Hermione moved her tail to between her legs and let it rub between her slit.
Then she ran her tail up and down between her asscheeks. Hermione moaned
softly at the touch. Tail or not she was happy to have something feeling
her up stimulating her body other than her hand. However, thanks to Moaning
Myrtle tonight Hermione would have to use some hand though that wasn't a bad

Like so many nights before when she was alone Hermione started by sliding
her hand down her stomach to her legs. Though she looked and had the hair
of a cat her body still worked the same. Damn that Myrtle giving her dirty
thoughts when it was the last thing on her mind.

"Ah well," Hermione thought as her fingers slid over her pussy, "It's been
almost a week and I've got time to kill."

Leaning over the sink with one hand Hermione eagerly slipped her two fingers
into the folds of her twat as thoughts of Harry raced through her head. So
many times before Harry fucked Hermione with his large bulbous prick. With
her legs over his shoulders Harry would slam his manhood into Hermione's cunt
and she could feel his balls slap against her ass with every thrust.

"Oh my god..." Hermione moaned as she continued to push her fingers in and
out of her box. "Oh my god Harry! Fuck me hard!"

Her pussy tingled and her clit swelled, but Hermione was nowhere near orgasm.
As she pulled her fingers out to lick off the juices that were now escaping
she inadvertently brushed her tail against her ass.

"I almost forgot about you," Hermione grinned as she ran the tip of her tail
up and down her asscrack.

She reinserted her fingers into her cunt methodically working them in and out
like Harry did with his prick. Then she pushed her tail deep into her ass
like she let Ron do the one time she had a threesome with them. Hermione
continued to push the protuberances in and out of her holes letting her wild
imagination run rampant.

She could remember back to the last night of their first year the day before
summer break started. While everyone was having dinner visiting with friends
before they left for home Harry, Hermione, and Ron quietly left the dinning
room and went to Hermione's room for one last hurrah.

Though she hadn't seen many dicks in her life Hermione knew Harry's was large
for his age, and Ron wasn't doing too bad for himself. With both guys lying
on the beds on their backs Hermione took a dick in each hand jerking it off.
She would suck on one guy tonguing his balls as she deepthroated him then
switched to the other when he got too excited.

"Harry! Ron! I need you now!" Hermione cried as she continued to frantically
thrust her fingers into her pussy and dip her tail deep down into ass.

She remembered how Harry wasn't comfortable then with anal sex so Ron was
more than happy to jam his dick into her anus. Sandwiched between Harry and
Ron Hermione's body had burned greatly with passion. Each guy thrusting long
and hard into their assigned orifices. Ron had been the first to come that
night his dick exploding and a shot of white sticky goo splattering all over
Hermione's hair. It would take Hermione's blood curdling screams and her
cunt clamping down in orgasm on Harry's manhood before he could deposit his
load. When his creamy white filling finally emptied out into Hermione her
legs were soaked in cum. Hermione gave their flesh swords one last cleansing
that night before they left to pack for the next day.

Hermione's body burned and her fingers and tail worked over time as the video
of Harry and Ron coming played in her head over and over again. Then as her
fingers went to glide back into her cootch Hermione's thumb accidentally
flicked over her clit. The girl shouted excitedly as her pussy felt electric
squirting her love juice out.

"See? I knew you'd enjoy it!"

"Myrtle?!?!? You-You were watching???" Hermione panicked as she quickly
reached for her panties and pulled them on.

"Not all of it."

"You shouldn't spy on people like that!"

"Don't take this from me, Hermione. All I ever do now is watch people and
the few rare chances I get to see things like this, they make me feel almost
alive. Please... Who do I have to tell?"

At that moment Harry and Ron stumbled back into the bathroom as the potion
started to wear off and they started to change back. Hermione dove back into
the stall when the restroom door opened.

"That was close," Ron said sucking in air.

"Hermione, come out. We've got loads to tell you," Harry said walking to the
stall she was hiding in.

"Go away."

"Wait till you see. It's awful," Moaning Myrtle crackled as she flew by the

"Hermione? Are you ok?" Harry asked pushing open the door. His and Ron's
mouths dropped as they caught sight of Hermione's condition.

"Do you remember me telling you that the Polyjuice Potion was only for human
transformations? It was cat hair I plucked off Millicent Bulstrode's robes.
Look at my face."

"Look at your tail," Ron replied smiling. Moaning Myrtle's laugh could be
heard off in the distance.

"Yeah, look at her tail," Harry said leaning forward to get a closer look at
it. "What is that on the end of it Hermione?"

"Oh no!" She thought her face turning red underneath all of her cat hair.
"Uh... It- It's nothing," she stammered.

"Then what's that on trickling down your leg there?" Ron asked pointing at
the spot where Hermione's leg started to glisten.

"Oh my god, this is so embarrassing," Hermione mumbled mostly to herself.

"What is?" Harry asked.

"Do you remember last year our last night before summer break? Well,
Moaning Myrtle and I were talking while you two were gone and somehow I
started thinking about that night and..."

"You really should have waited for us. We could have shagged together," Ron
said smiling.

"I thought about waiting, but even if I did I'm a catgirl right now. I've
got hair everywhere and I would have turned you both off."

"Take your uniform off," Harry told Hermione.


"Take your clothes off. The skirt, sweater, the cape, everything."

"But I don't understand why-"

"Hermione, please just do what Harry says."

Not exactly sure she was in the best condition for sex, Hermione took her
uniform off and stood nude in front of Harry and Ron. She was covered in
hair to toe in cat hair and her tail swayed nervously as the boys looked
her up and down.

"Well?" She asked.

"A bit hairy, but I don't see a problem here." Harry replied.

"Yeah, it's not like you're a bloody troll or something," Ron added as he
and Harry stripped. "Hey guys, not to ruin the mood or anything, but where
exactly are we doing it?"

"In here, of course."

"But it's all concrete and rock! Bloody hard as hell!"

"Our capes are pretty thick and soft. We'll spread those out on the floor
and use them to lay on. We'll use our extra ones until wash comes around."

Harry and Ron laid their cloaks out while Hermione cast a lock spell on the
restroom door just in case. The two boys then watched and waited as Hermione
bent over to lay her cloak next to theirs.

As her ass waved in the hair Harry walked behind her grabbing and rolling
it around in his hands. Ron licked his fingers and slid them up and down
between her buttcheeks occasionally stopping to rub his fingers over her

"Mmmmm... Nice to know you two still care even when I look like this,"
Hermione purred standing and turning to face the boys.

"It's going to take more than just a little hair for you to turn me off," Ron
smiled kissing Hermione on lips. His smile widened as his face pulled back.
"Well, there's at least one good thing with you like this."

"What's that?"

"Your whisker's tickle."

"What about you?" Hermione whispered seductively to Harry.

"You and Ron are the only two of my friends who have firmly stood behind
me since the pertrifications have began. Besides we're like the Three
Musketeers. All for one and-"

"One for all," Hermione finished. She leaned forward and locked her lips
with Harry's. Their tongues took part in a struggle of the French kind and
Harry too smiled as he pulled back tickled by Hermione's whiskers.

Hermione lowered to her knees first wrapping her lips around Harry's dick.
She stroked it intensely as her lips push back and forth over it. With his
cock in her other hand Hermione jerked off Ron as she continued to slobber
all over Harry's meat stick. After several minutes with Harry she switched
over to Ron. Harry's dick was larger, but Ron's seemed to pulse and vibe
with more energy everytime she sucked him off.

When the slobber ring around Ron's prick was good and wet Hermione motioned
Harry to sit and spread his legs. As Harry got into position Hermione dove
between his legs engulfing his dick into her mouth again. Ron then placed
his cockhead at the opening between Hermione's legs. As he started to
slowly increase his pace and intensity, Ron was treated with several flicks
of Hermione's tail to his nose. That was a bit too ticklish for him and he
faced down so the tail swatted his head instead. Harry reached under
Hermione and fondled her breasts as she continued to give him head.

Loud moans started to escape the catgirl as Ron continued to ride her pussy
hard. Hermione let off a very tiny orgasm, but good enough for her to
ejaculate. With her juices on his shaft Hermione turned around and began to
suck off Ron as Harry slipped his penis into her pussy and began to fuck her.
Ron began to breathe heavy always an easy target when it came to Hermione
working her lips and tongue. He felt her tongue run down the bottom side of
his shaft and tongue his scrotum. She tasted his precum as it dripped onto
her tongue. Every time Harry pulled out he slapped Hermione's ass before
pushing back in. He loved the jiggle of her butt and he always contended her
pussy reacted well to it.

After several minutes of oral stimulation from the boys Hermione stopped them
and climbed off both. She laid Harry down on his back and started to mount
his dick when he stopped her and said he wanted her ass. Ron didn't care
either way and once Hermione was bent over his body with his prick in her
twat Harry came from behind and slowly worked his bulbous head into her ass.

Hermione panted and moaned excitedly as she bounced up and down on the
dicks. Sweat formed on the young wizards' bodies and transferred from one
to another. Ron could feel Hermione's cuntal lips tightening around him
and began to thrust harder. Hermione began to moan loudly and Harry loved
the screamers. With Hermione's sounds of ecstasy and still tight little
ass pushing down on his shaft with every thrust Harry's schlong started to
ache badly.

"Holy Shit!" Hermione screamed as her body spasmed and shook violently with
orgasm. She had never had one this active and it almost scared her when she
thought she lost control of her own body.

Hermione ejaculated with nearly the same intensity. Even as Ron continued
to plug her hole Hermione's cum still managed to squirt out. Nobody could
even tell her cum from his as Ron jetted his white cream into her while she
was coming. His prick was covered in the white stuff all the way down to
his scrotum. Harry would be the last to come except that he pulled out
and slapped his dick into Hermione's mouth as he came. He always had large
loads which she had to take down usually in two or three swallows, but
Hermione was always a trooper especially when it came to licking his cock

When the three exhausted friends finally got up none of the sinks worked
except for one. They cleaned one by one dusting the clothes off before
putting them back on. Ron then noticed something.

"Hey guys, two of the capes are clean. The other one is soaked in Hermione's
cum. Who gets the dirty one?"

"It's Hermione's mess she should get it," Harry answered.

"What? Why me? Some of it's Ron, too!" She protested.

"Hey Hermione, look, you're returning to normal," Ron said pointing at arm.

Hermione watched as her hands lost the hair and returned to normal. She
felt her face and legs. Her tail was gone and everything was back to normal.

"Hermione gets it!" Ron and Harry shouted holding up the clean cloaks.

"What? Hey, no fair!"

"Sorry, you snooze, you lose!" As Harry said those words Moaning Myrtle's
laugh could be heard in the distance.


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