Harry Potter: The Draining (Mf, f-mast, mind rape)
by Vinetalover ([email protected])

It was 8:42AM and, unusually, Hermione Granger was running late. She had got
to breakfast only 5 minutes ago and was now bolting down her bowl of cereal,
conscious that she only had 18 minutes to get to class.

As she munched her breakfast, Hermione wondered to herself if her lateness
had anything to do with the fact that she hated the new teacher of
Levitation, Dr. Damon. The man was scary, even made Snape seemed nice by
comparison. Hermione hated the way Damon looked at her in class and the way
his bald head wrinkled up when he narrowed his eyes.

After she had finished eating, Hermione bolted out of the main hall of
Hogwarts and darted to the dis-used girl's toilets, still unused even though
the chamber of secrets mystery had been solved two terms ago. Inside, alone,
Hermione went to one of the stalls and locked the door behind her. As was now
her regular routine, Hermione hitched up her pleated grey skirt and pulled
her panties down to her ankles. Then, sitting on the toilet, Hermione opened
her legs and pushed her hand between her legs, burying her fingers in the
small brown curly hair as she found her clitoris and proceeded to masturbate

Until recently, Hermione had rarely masturbated, except for a few furtive
rubs between the sheets when her room mates were asleep. But since her 14th
birthday a few weeks ago, Hermione had found her sexual urges had increased
massively and she now found herself frustrated on an almost daily basis,
hence her ritual of sneaking to the girl's toilet cubicles where every
morning she would masturbate furiously for a couple of minutes until she
shuddered to a climax.

This morning, as with all mornings, Hermione fantasised about her room
mate, Alexandra, a dark haired exchange student from a Romanian school of
witchcraft and wizardry. Alexandra had joined Hogwarts several weeks ago and
she and Hermione had become great friends. As time went by, Hermione realised
she had become attracted to Alexandra and, one evening, had spied on the
young Romanian as she undressed. Hermione had become totally aroused at the
sight of the young Alexandra naked in the moon-light filled room, her small
breasts and amazingly dark pubic hair enchanting Hermione in a way she had
never experienced before.

As she recalled the image, Hermione masturbated frantically, her other hand
clasping at her tiny left breast imagining what Alexandra's face would look
like while Hermione licked her clit. The imagine was so strong, Hermione
could almost taste the dampness of Alexandra's vagina. With this thought
burned into her head, Hermione climaxed violently, crying out through gritted
teeth as her orgasm wracked her little trembling body.

After a few moments, Hermione composed herself, peed, and then pulled her
panties up, speeding off for class, still flushed from her exertion.

Hermione arrived in class not a moment too soon. Damon was just about to
start when the young witch slid into her desk, hopefully un-noticed.

But Damon had noticed and peered at Hermione with a blazing glare, which he
maintained in silence for several minutes. And then he broke off and much to
Hermione's relief started the lesson.

Mid-way through the lesson, while everyone was copying notes from the
old blackboard, Damon walked the length of the class and stopped behind
Hermione's desk. There, he inhaled deeply, sniffing the air with a
curiosity which worried Hermione. Then, Damon bent nearer Hermione, still
sniffing like a hunter catching the scent of it's prey.

Damon put his mouth to Hermione's head and whispered softly, "see me after
class Miss Granger," and then walked away. Hermione's blood ran cold. What on
earth could he want?

After what seemed like an eternity, the lesson ended and Damon left abruptly,
climbing the very long spiral staircase to his office which was in a secluded
tower high above Hogwarts. Reluctantly, Hermione followed him.

At the top of the stairs, Hermione announced her arrival by a little cough.
Damon looked up from his desk and indicated for her to sit in front of him,
which Hermione did.

After an age of silence, Hermione finally decided to say something.

"You... you wanted to see me, sir?" Hermione asked, her voice trembling. She
had no idea why she was so nervous.

Damon smiled, his bald scalp wrinkling up as he did so. "Yes... Yes I did."

"Have I done something wrong, sir?" Hermione enquired.

"I smelt you today Miss Granger. You have been... pleasuring yourself."

Hermione's face blushed a deep crimson. How could he know? She tried to
stammer a response but the words did not come.

"It's a powerful force, the sexual drive," Damon said and continued,
"Especially at this time in a girl's life when she is just...developing."

"Sir?" Hermione spluttered, unsure what to say.

"If you could tap into the sexual energy Hermione, do you know how awesome
that would be? The power of it, surging into you? It would be more amazing
that the most powerful potion ever."

Hermione's throat was so dry she could barely swallow. She feebly stuttered
a reply.

"sss...ssir, why are you telling me this?"

"Because I CAN tap the power Hermione. I can! I can access anyone's sexual
energy and I can draw my own strength and power from it."

Hermione had an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach and had to struggle
not to urinate herself in fear. Her knees shaking uncontrollably, Hermione
got up to leave.

"Sir... I don't think we shoul..." Hermione was cut short as without warning,
Damon seized her head in his giant hands and held her in place on her seat in
a vice like grip.

"Foolish girl... Do you think I'd let you go without tasting your energy?"
Damon said and pulled her head towards him, his fingers pushed into her
scalp, pushing her golden brown hair back so that her ears were exposed.

Hermione was too scared to scream and just watched in horror as two fleshy
tentacles started to extend from within Damon's ears, snaking towards
Hermione who was frozen in terror. The young girl tried to twist her head
away but it was no use.

The tendrils moved closer to Hermione's head, seeking her ears out, little
antennae now touching her skin as they moved up her cheeks. It was almost as
if these things were alive.

The tiny hair like antennae on the end of the tendrils continued to crawl up
Hermione's cheeks, one either side, until both rested by her left and right
ear. And then Damon swallowed hard and grunted, in response to which the
tentacles pushed deep into Hermione's ear's, pushing deeper and deeper into
her tiny ear canals, the antennae going deeper within her, past her ear drums
until they were literally inside her head.

Hermione was paralysed with fear, groaning in pain as the tentacles invaded
her head. And then they found their target, locking onto the actual surface
of Hermione's brain and penetrating the spongy material, making a physical
connection between her brain cells and Damon's mind.

An unbearable, blinding, white hot burst of energy engulfed Hermione's head
and she screamed in agony, throwing her head back and twisting her head
violently left and right in a futile attempt to stop this excruciating
torture. Sweat dripped from Hermione's forehead, her face contorted in agony.

"Where is it...? Where...?" Damon grunted, already clearly experiencing some
pleasure. His eyes shut, Damon directed the tentacles to move deeper, to find
the part of the young witches mind that controlled her sexual drive. Hermione
was now writhing in agony on the chair, her perspiration soaked body twisting
and convulsing as her mind was ripped apart, her tiny hands gripping the
chair arms so tightly that her knuckles were white. Such was the extent to
the pressure building in Hermione's head that her nose started to bleed. And

"Yes...THERE!!! There it is!" shouted Damon, who suddenly became gripped by
an incredible wave of energy.

"AAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH" Hermione cried out as she felt Damon's mind inside

Damon concentrated hard, seeking, searching, probing Hermione's thoughts. And
there it was, the rush of pure sexual energy locked into Hermione's mind,
which surged through the tentacles and into the pleasure area of Damon's own
brain. The teacher gasped aloud as he experienced Hermione's thoughts and
sensations with total clarity. He could feel Hermione's lust for her friend
Alexandra and concentrated hard to make this imagine more focused. In her
head, Hermione imagined Alexandra naked before her, those tiny little breasts
and hard pink nipples, that gorgeous arrow of glossy dark pubic. Now, in her
head, Alexandra was pushing Hermione to the ground, opening her legs and
licking at her clit while all the time Alexandra masturbated herself, the
young Romanian's hand a blur as she rubbed herself.

Damon gasped in ecstasy as he got off on Hermione's deepest thoughts. Now the
tendrils were sucking harder and harder at her mind, draining Hermione of her
energy, each suck causing greater levels of torment as brain fluid was pumped
out of her.

"Pllleeeeaaase...aaagggghhh...I...can't...take...the...pain!" wailed Hermione
in agony, her brain feeling as if it was going to split in half. But Damon
was oblivious to the young girl's cries as he feasted on her power. Using his
mind, he was extracting the deepest darkest thoughts from Hermione, and with
it the powerful chemical elixir her brain secreted during sexual stimulation.
Now, he had found an image buried deep within the recess of Hermione's mind,
this time of Hermione licking at Alexandra's anus. Damon grunted with
pleasure at this image and the tendrils sucked harder and deeper at
Hermione's punished mind.

And with that, Damon withdrew the tendrils from Hermione's ears and the young
girl slumped from the chair, collapsing in a heap on the floor, where she lay
whimpering in pain, her mind drained like a sponge.


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