Harry Potter: Uninhibi-tidbits (m+f+,orgy,inc,magic)
by Goliath ([email protected])

"They're ready Fred!" exclaimed the red-headed young man.

"Brilliant George!" replied his identical twin. "This one will be a best
seller for sure. I can practically count those gold galleons now." The
brothers grinned and laughed.

It had been a rather tumultuous year for them both as they had left Hogwart's
before the full end of their term. Armed with contempt for authority (thanks
to the usurping headmistress Dolores Umbridge) the twins had set out a little
earlier than planned to start their new business venture. Of course, none of
this would have been possible without the financial support of their friend
Harry Potter. It was he who had given them the money to start up their shop.

"I think we should send the first batch to our silent partner and see what he
thinks. How about it George?"

The Weasley siblings nodded in unison. "I'll just write him a note telling
him what these are. We wouldn't want him to be careless with these, would
we?" stated Fred.

"Would we?" George asked.

Both brothers laughed hard at the thought. "No. We should warn him. It is
Harry after all."

Fred reached for a quill and dipped it in a jar of ink lying around. He began
making scratches on a small piece of parchment.

Dear Harry,
We are sending you this prototype of a new product which we
will be selling as we open up our shop next month. We think
you might enjoy this one. It is a box of chocolate
uninhibi-tidbits. As you may guess from the name, anyone
who eats one of these chocolates will become completely
uninhibited for one hour. That should loosen up a few
tight-arsed students and professors around school.


Fred & George Weasley

P.S. We'll send you other products as they are developed.

"Do you have an owl ready George?" enquired Fred.

"Right here," George replied. Fred gave the note and wrapped up box of
chocolates to the owl and watched it fly off, never realizing that when
writing his note to Harry, he had mistakenly dipped his quill in a jar
of vanishing ink.

* * *

The next morning at breakfast found Harry, Ron and Hermione planning their
next DA meeting. Since Umbridge had taken over the school, Harry had been
secretly teaching defense against the dark arts to a small group called the
DA (Dumbledore's Army). They had decided to call another meeting that very
night. They knew not everyone could make it to every meeting, so tried to
hold as many as they could to grant everyone a chance to come on occasion.
Having agreed to it, Harry activated his enchanted coin which notified all
of the other members of the meeting that night. Having done so, they resumed
their usual morning chatter when Ron noticed an owl heading right for them
along the other mail deliveries.

"Oy, Harry! Looks like you've got a package," exclaimed Ron. Both Harry and
Hermione turned up their heads in time to see the owl drop the package right
before Harry.

"I wonder who it's from," asked Hermione.

"Hang on. There's a note." Harry grabbed the envelope and opened it up.
Inside was simply a blank parchment with the letterhead of Weasley's Wild
Wheezes. Harry passed it to the others.

"I wonder why Fred and George didn't write anything?" enquired Hermione.

"Well go on Harry. Open it up," exclaimed a curious Ron. Harry tore open the
package to find a box of chocolates.

"Chocolates!" Harry smiled. "It's probably just a quick thank you for funding
their business.

"Let's have on then," demanded Ron.

"Ron, it breakfast time. Besides, I think I'll bring these chocolates to
the DA meeting tonight," Harry stated. "We know that chocolate is good for
recovery after being exposed to a Dementor. Perhaps it has other values
for dark arts spell casting." That being said, Harry slipped the box of
chocolates into his bag and thought nothing of it throughout the rest of
the day.

* * *

That night, Harry showed up a little early at the room of requirements to
set up for the DA meeting. He wandered along the seventh floor corridor and
thought about his needs for the evening. He intended to practice spells that
would throw its victims around the room so thought of many heavily padded
mattresses. A door appeared in the corridor and Harry stepped in pleased to
see that the room was now well padded to protect anybody who would get thrown

A few minutes later, only a handful of DA members arrived explaining that
others couldn't make it due to various reasons such as detention or heavy
homework loads. Harry looked at the small group. With him were Ron, Hermione,
Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom and Cho Chang.

"Alringht then," he acknowledged. "It's a small group but we'll make do".
Harry broke up the group into three pairs and had them practice basic hexes
and jinxes as a warm up.

After being blasted quite thoroughly by his sister, Ron asked for a five
minute break which was seconded by everyone else.

"Hey Harry," Ron asked. "Can I have one of those chocolates now?"

"Hmmm?" Harry had completely forgotten about them. "Oh sure, I guess. They
might make you feel better after having been thrashed by your little sister."
Harry grinned and the whole group erupted in laughter. Ron blushed furiously,
but wanted some chocolate too much to object. He grabbed the box from Harry's
school bag and opened it up. After having taken a piece for himself, Ron
passed the box around and each person took a piece. After having finished
their chocolate, Harry got up.

"Shall we have a go at it?" Harry asked.

"I'd like to have a go at it with you," mumble Ginny under her breath. Harry
wasn't sure if he had overheard properly and decided to ignore the comment
with great difficulty. Ginny was staring at him with a look he had never seen
before. Hermione, having heard Ginny properly, grinned wickedly. No one among
the DA was aware of the effects from the chocolate uninhibi-tidbits they had

"Okay, pair up," shouted Harry. Ginny quickly came towards Harry and rubbed
up against him, thrusting her breasts outwards.

"Will this pair do?" she asked, juggling her breasts slightly, humor in her
voice. Harry stared down at her chest and boldly reached out to feel them.
He knew he shouldn't, but couldn't resist. For some inexplicable reason he
didn't care if others were shocked by his behavior. He didn't care that he
would normally find his own behavior quite shocking. He just wanted to feel
those nice perky breasts in his cupped hands.

"Nice tits," he said in a playful tone. Ginny just stood there and let Harry
feel her up. The rest of the group stared in awe but no one objected. No one
was shocked. Hermione knew she should be outraged and blushing furiously at
the same time, but she could only stare enviously as Harry groped Ginny with
great enthusiasm.

Luna, always one to blurt out obvious truths, no matter how uncomfortable,
walked up to Ginny and held up her hand. "Can I try?" Without waiting for an
answer, Luna started feeling up Ginny's left breast. "They're nice and firm
Ginny," she stated matter of factly. "I think they're a little smaller than
mine though. What do you think Harry?"

Harry smiled and turned to Luna. He let go of Ginny's breast with one hand
and started to feel up Luna. "Let's see here," he said trying to gauge the
breast sizes of his classmates.

"You're right, Harry," Luna said. "You should see them." Without further ado,
Luna striped off her robe and proceeded to remove her shirt and school tie.
She was now standing in her skirt and bra. "Could you help me, Neville?" she
asked, trying to reach behind her to unclasp her bra. Neville walked up to
her happily and reached for the bra clasp at the back. He fumbled with the
clasp a bit, but only due to lack of practice. Neville could not understand
why he wasn't more nervous than he thought he should be. Finally, he got the
clasp undone.

"Thank you, Neville," said Luna. She turned around and kissed him on the
cheek while pulling her bra straps off her shoulders. The brassiere fell
to the floor and exposed her breasts to the group. Everyone stared
appreciatively at her firm C-cup breasts. The nipples were a rosy color,
not too large, but obviously erect from her arousal.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Neville. Her had never seen real live tits before.

"Do you like them, Neville?" Luna asked. Neville just nodded his head,
dumbfounded. Without realizing it, his hands came up slowly and started
fondling Luna's breasts, his thumbs rubbing back and forth over her stiff

"I think he likes them," Luna smiled, her voice slightly aquiver.

"She's not the only one with nice tits you know." Everyone turned at the
sound of Hermione's voice and watched as she began peeling off her clothes
seductively. From out of nowhere, sexy stripper music began playing. The
room of requirements had responded to Hermione's need for a little ambience
as she worked a new kind of magic.

When she had finally stripped down to her bra and panties, Hermione stopped
for a moment to everyone's dismay. She looked seductively at Ron.

"Do you want me to continue, Ron?" she asked, her voice husky and sensual.
Ron nodded firmly, lust in his eyes. She turned her back to him, teasingly,
and pulled down her bra straps, She then unclasped her bra from the front.
Looking over her shoulder, she looked at Ron and winked before spinning
around and flashing open her bra. Hermione's tits, though smaller than
Luna's, were simply perfect. Her b-sized breasts stood high and firm on her
chest, her light colored nipples capping off the exquisite roundness of her
bosom. Hermione puffed out her chest and purred seductively before turning
to her side and bending, thrusting out her firm butt high above her splendid
thighs. She slowly peeled of her panties and stepped out of them before
turning back to the group, standing tall, her legs spread out shoulder width,
her neatly trimmed cunt exposed and glistening from her arousal.

Everyone was speechless, though Hermione could see their appreciation of her
body, not just from the looks in their eyes, but the stiffness forming at the
crotches of all the boys.

"I can beat that," stated Ginny not out of a desire to show up Hermione, but
rather out of a desire to continue the fun. She grabbed Harry's hand, still
on her breast, and plucked it off. Ginny thenturned towards Cho who so far
hadn't said anything, but clearly enjoyed what she was seeing. Ginny twirled
seductively around her and started bumping and grinding against the asian
student. Cho quickly got into the groove of things and started dancing
seductively along with Ginny. As they moved, they slowly peeled off each
other's clothing. They took their time, stretching out the moment, teasing
their audience, making them almost beg for the next piece of clothing to be
pulled off. As they danced, they occasionally brushed up against one another
with lips and tongues, flicking and caressing exposed flesh. The more they
kissed and licked, the raunchier the music got, encouraging them to be even
more daring.

All the while, their audience succumbed more and more to their arousal.
Neville was still fondling Luna's tits. He stood behind her, squeezing her
breasts and tweeking her nipples as they both watched the two young girls
performing their erotic dance. Luna, enjoying Neville's ministrations,
loosened her skirt and pulled down her panties. She stepped out of both and
stood there naked being fondled increasingly by Neville all the while moaning
her building pleasure.

Hermione was feeling hornier by the minute watching everything that was going
on. Her left hand started rubbing up against her nipples as her right hand
crawled down towards the very wet patch between her legs. Her middle finger
started rubbing up and down, spreading her pussy lips. She was losing herself
in the feelings she produced, moaning and groaning. She felt another hand
grope her right breast as she felt something hard and warm bumping against
her butt cheeks. She peered over her shoulder to find Ron standing behind
her, his wizarding robe removed, his pants down to his ankles and his cock
throbbing against her. She stretched her face to meet his and their lips
locked in a fiery kiss filled with promise of kinky things to come, their
tongues dueling in pleasure. Ron's left hand came around her and brushed her
hand aside, feeling her wet pussy. Hermione groaned in his mouth as he shoved
two fingers up her cunt, thrusting in and out to the rhythm of the music.

Ron's fingers explored Hermione more and found a hard little button at the
top of her slit. He felt Hermione stiffen against him and moan in pleasure
harder than before. Ron concentrated his finger work on Hermione's clitoris
while his other hand rolled her right nipple between his thumb and finger.
Hermione broke off the kiss and started breathing more and more heavily, her
legs quivering until she cried out in the throes of her very first orgasm.
Her cunt gushed out hot secretions as she screamed. "I'm cumming, Ron! Oh
God! I'm cumming!!!" After several long seconds, she collapsed against Ron,
glowing with happy delirium.

"Oh Ron!" she exclaimed. "That was incredible." Ron bent down and scooped her
up in his arms. He was just getting started.

The little scene between the two Gryffindors had not been lost on the others.
The room of requirements had once again changed to meet the needs of its
occupants. Several large beds had appeared in the room, as well as piles of
large fluffy pillows, a few harness swings hanging from the ceiling, and even
a large chest filled with assorted dildos and other sex toys.

On one of the beds, Luna and Neville were busy exploring each other's
bodies. Hands and tongues were moving all over in a mad frenzy to experience
everything at once. Feeling a need to slow down, pace himself and do things
right, Neville broke away from Luna and pushed her down on her back, her ass
just on the edge of the bed, her feet still on the floor. He knelt between
her legs and spread them, staring with longing at Luna's open pussy. She
looked good enough to eat, lips glistening with her juices, her pubic hair
shaved neatly into the shape of a heart. Neville lifted her legs up and
rested them over his shoulders as he approached her sexy cunt.

Instinct took over as Neville stuck out his tongue and licked slowly but
forcefully up Luna's pussy. "Oh yes!" she moaned. Encouraged by his first
attempt, Neville licked her again and again, his confidence building with
Luna's encouraging words.

"That's it. Yes. Lick my pussy, Neville. Lick my pussy. Stick your tongue up
my cunt. Eat me damnit. Eat me!" Luna encouraged Neville more and more as he
discovered the pleasures of eating pussy. Although inexperienced, Neville
was a quick learner, focusing most of his attention on Luna's clit, but
always pulling away and teasing other parts of her pussy before she came too
quickly. Luna almost cried with sheer frustration and incredible arousal at
the same time as Neville continuously brought her to the brink of passion.

Meanwhile, Ginny and Cho had not lost any time taking advantage of Harry.
Ginny pointed her wand at him and with a quick flick of the wrist and a
muttered incantation, Harry's clothes had magically peeled themselves from
his body and had folded themselves neatly on a small table next to one of
the beds.

Both the red-head and the raven haired girl had then pounced on Harry,
pulling him down onto a large pile of silk pillows. The girls' lips fought
to kiss Harry's lips while their hands fought to play with his hard cock.
Harry's own hands were busy roaming both bodies, feeling with absolute
pleasure the incredible differences between these two sexy girls. Cho's
body was more petite, with smaller breasts and thighs than the more
voluptuous Ginny. Harry admired them both as best he could, thinking he
was the luckiest guy in the world. Ginny's face broke free of his, allowing
Cho to indulge in passionate kisses with Harry. The young Weasley girl had
other ideas as she slid down Harry's body and came level with his throbbing
cock. She looked at it hungrily before slipping it in her mouth. She felt
Harry stiffen and moan in appreciation as she worked her lips up and down
his shaft, her tongue twirling around the head of his cock.

Cho, intrigued by what Ginny was doing, broke away from their kiss and looked
down. She became even wetter at the sight of Harry's tool plunging back and
forth into Ginny willing mouth. Slightly envious, she lowered her face next
to Ginny's and licked her lips with expectation. Ginny, noticing Cho, pulled
away from Harry's cock with a loud slurp. She held up the stiff cock as an
offering to Cho who immediately devoured it as much as she could. Deeper and
deeper she went, feeling the mushroom head of Harry's prick penetrating down
her throat, her nose rubbing up against Harry pubic hairs.

Not wanting to be left out, Ginny licked Harry's balls, gently suckling on
one testicle, then the other. Harry's moans grew louder and more frantic as
he felt an incredible tingle progress from his ball sack and down the length
of his cock.

"I'm gonna cum!" he cried expecting Cho to pull away from him. He was
pleasantly surprised as both Cho and Ginny merely increased their sucking,
one on his cock, the other on his balls. Finally, he erupted like a geyser
down Cho's throat. She swallowed some, the quickly pulled away, offering
the rest of the gushing fountain to Ginny who stuck out her tongue and
tried to catch as much as she could of Harry's seed.

The spasms and ejaculation finally over, Harry looked down at the two girls,
panting heavily. Ginny and Cho both looked him in the eyes as they proceeded
to clean off his cock, and each other's faces with their tongues. They cooed
appreciatively as Harry's cock rose to the occasion again thanks to that sexy

"Oh god that looked delicious. Was it good Ginny?" The three lovers turned
to the sound of Hermione's voice enquiring about Harry's flavor. They were
enthralled by the sight of the normally proper girl sitting on Ron's lap,
her back to his, bouncing up and down on his cock. They could see her
engorged pussy lips sliding repeatedly over Ron's erect member. She arched
her back, thrusting her perky breasts up and out as Ron pounded into her
from beneath.

"Fuck me, Ron. Fuck me hard," Hermione cried, clearly enjoying being
ravished by her red-headed friend. Beneath her, Ron was hanging on for dear
life, hands on her hips, as he bounced Hermione over and over again on his
stiff prick. He couldn't believe his luck. After secretly pining for her for
so many years, Ron was actually fucking Hermione like a madman, and she was
loving every minute of it. He continued to thrust, his pace increasing
slightly but continuously. He could feel the tight confines of Hermione's
pussy, gliding easily over him from her wetness. His hands reached around
for her breasts and roughly grabbed her nipples. They seemed harder than
ever before.

"That's it," she cried. "Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me."

"I want some of that," they all heard Luna demand. Neville quickly complied
by pulling his mouth away from her incredibly wet cunt and lining up his
hard cock to her gaping slit. "Push it in, Neville. Push it in hard and
fast." Neville hesitated for a moment, having heard about the pain a girl
can experience the first time. He knew that tearing her hymen could hurt.
"It's okay, Neville," she said. "I use dildos at home all the time. It
won't hurt."

Feeling relieved and incredibly aroused at the thought of a sexy girl playing
with herself, Neville pressed his cock head to her pussy lips and plunged in

"Oh god yes!" cried Luna. "That's what I'm talking about. Pump that hard cock
into my tight pussy. Make me cum again, Neville. Make me cum hard." Luna had
already cum twice from Neville's skillful tongue but wanted more.

"So Harry," Ginny asked. "Are you up to it?" They both laughed hard as
the answer to her question lay hard and throbbing in her hand, standing at
attention. Ginny turned and got on her hands and knees, thrusting her
gorgeous ass in the air, waving it invitingly to Harry. "Take it slow at
first?" she asked. "I don't have all of Luna's toys at home. Both Harry and
Cho laughed.

"Don't worry, Ginny," Harry answered her sweetly. "I would never do anything
to hurt you."

"Unless I want a good spanking," Ginny replied sexily. Harry's cock twitched
at the thought. He approached Ginny on his knees and bent down to lick her
cunt once for good measure, making sure she was properly lubricated. He
didn't have to worry. She had been wet for him for several years. He smacked
his lips once, savoring her taste before lining up his cock behind her juicy

"Let me help you," Cho said. She grabbed his cock and fondled it gently with
one hand while spreading Ginny's pussy lips open with the other. She place
the tip of Harry's cock against Ginny's cunt and rubbed the head against her
pussy lips a few times, teasing them both beyond measure.

"Please put it in me," Ginny cried. "I want to feel you in me, Harry. I want
to feel your cock inside me." Cho let go of them both and watched Harry as he
slowly, gently, slid his cock inside Ginny. The young red-head moaned from
the incredible feeling overwhelming her. "Oh my god," Ginny panted. "I never
knew...oh fuck that's good."

Harry continued to gently ease himself into Ginny until he felt resistance.
She was definitely a virgin. "Do it, Harry," Ginny pleaded. "Push through and
make me a woman."

"This might hurt," said Harry.

"It's okay, Harry," Ginny reassured him. "It's a good hurt. Do it, please."

The hungry tone in Ginny's voice convinced Harry to follow through. He pushed
hard then felt the resistance break away. Ginny let out a sharp gasp then
fell back to her seductive moaning. Harry pushed as deep as he could go until
his pelvis was resting firmly against her ass. He then eased back slowly
until only the tip of his cock was still buried in her.

"Fuck me, Harry," Ginny said, her hips pushing back, seeking to take him
inside her. Harry started thrusting into her at a slow and steady pace,
always taking long strokes in and out. Ginny simply stayed there on all
fours, eyes closed, savoring the delicious feeling building up in her
loins. She could not believe the incredible sensations coursing through
her body. She was delirious with pleasure at having given up her virginity
to the boy she had always fantasized about. Here she was, getting royally
fucked by Harry Potter, and loving every minute of it.

Ginny finally opened her eyes and saw the look of envy and lust on Cho's
face. Poor girl she thought. Everyone's getting off but her. "Cho," Ginny
said. "Come here." Cho looked into Ginny's eyes and immediately knew what
she wanted. Without hesitation, the asian beauty lay down in front of Ginny,
her pussy spread open before the red-head's eager tongue. Ginny immediately
dove in and started licking Cho's pussy like it was her last meal. Her
tongue explored every nook and cranny of her lesbian lover's cunt. She
savored the taste as Cho started gushing more and more pussy juice.

Hermione and Ron, having watched the entire scene between the threesome,
could feel their passion building to a climax.

"Oh my god. I'm cumming, Ron. I'm Cummiiiiiiing!" Hermione cried as her body
rippled in orgasmic throes upon the large prick within her. Ron could feel
the beautiful brunette's pussy spasm and convulse over his cock, taking him
past the point of no return.

"I'm gonna cum, Hermione'" he warned her.

"Cum in me, Ron," she begged. "I want to feel you cum inside me." Not daring
to disappoint her, Ron blew his load deep inside Hermione's pussy. As she
felt his cum spurting inside her, Hermione's body shivered to yet another

Hearing the throes of passion proved too much for Neville.

"I can't last any longer, Luna," Neville said between grunts. "I'm gonna cum

"Cum on my face," Luna begged. "I want you to cum all over my face. Please."
The idea excited Neville so much that he had to pull out right away before it
was too late. He immediately began shooting his load as he tried to reach for
her face. His first squirt left a trail across her tits, but the second trail
hit right on the money. Luna had pulled her face up to his cock, mouth agape,
tongue extended, hoping for a taste of her lover. Sperm splattered all over
her lovely face, across her lips, her nose, her eyes, but mostly into her
mouth. The thrill of it made her have another orgasm as she swallowed all
that she could. Once the shakes subsided in them both, Luna and Neville just
looked at each other and grinned.

It wasn't long before Harry, Ginny and Cho followed suit. The air was filled
with so much sexual energy that it was difficult to control oneself for very

"Cum inside me," pleaded Ginny. "I want to feel your hot cum blasting inside
me." Harry needed no further encouragement and increased his thrusting. Just
a few quick pumps later, he felt the most incredible sensation in his loins
once again. He couldn't even speak. He just grunted as pulse after pulse of
hot cum shot deep within the gorgeous red-head. Ginny, increasingly aroused
by the sensation of Harry's ejaculation, buried her face in Cho's pussy as
she screamed out her orgasm. The vibrations of the scream were enough to
bring Cho over the edge as she started convulsing in her own intense orgasm.
The three kept cuming and moaning until they finally collapsed atop one

As Harry pulled out of Ginny's cunt, Luna quickly got up and rushed towards
them. "You shouldn't waste that cum," she said. "The cum of a young hero is
excellent protection against Dwarzel beasts."

"Dwarzel beasts?" Ginny asked. The group was quite used to Luna's fascination
with magic creatures who probably didn't really exist. No one had ever heard
of a Dwarzel beast before. Ginny did not complain, however, as Luna dropped
under her and started sucking Harry's cum right out of her wet pussy.

Neville, aroused again, got up to get a closer look. His hand reached out and
grabbed one of the cables from the sling suspended from the ceiling. Hanging
on, he casually rested, watching the show. Cho saw him and grinned.

"That's a great idea, Neville," Cho purred as she got up. "I haven't been
fucked yet and I think the sling will help just fine. Neville looked at her
approaching him seductively and felt his cock throb even harder.

" does this thing work?" he asked, not quite sure who the sling
was meant for.

"Help me up will you?" Cho asked as she tried to climb into the sling. After
a few adjustments, she was set. The sling was simply a comfortable harness
that held up a woman, at the right angle, legs spread out, and just at a
perfect height for a man to stand up and fuck them. Being suspended in mid
air meant no friction and no gravity, just a good swinging fuck.

Neville stood there, appreciating the spread open view of the beautiful
asian girl. She smiled at him then licked her lips provocatively. "Forget
the foreplay, Neville. I'm so fucking horny right now. Just ram me with
that big cock of yours." Cho's voice squealed in anticipation. Neville
approached her slowly as he gripped his cock in his left hand. He stood
before her, his cock perfectly aligned with her willing, waiting pussy.
He took a deep breath, and in one slow motion, he pushed into her without
stopping until he bottomed out.

"Ooooohhhhhhhh yeeeesssssssssss!" Cho moaned aloud. This was her first fuck
of the evening and she relished it. She was so hot and bothered by all the
sexual activity that after only a few strokes, she was already cumming.
"Oohh oohh oohhh!" Cho babbled incoherently, lost in the orgasmic sensations
sweeping through her entire body. Neville, having cum with Luna just a few
minutes earlier, was able to hang on and maintain control. He kept plunging
and hammering into her at a steady forceful pace. Cho continued to convulse
as wave after wave of mini orgasms assaulted her relentlessly. Neville had
heard of multi-orgasmic women but never thought he would witness it live,
much less be the cause of it.

Meanwhile, Hermione had acted on impulse. From the moment Harry had pulled
his cock out of Ginny's well fucked cunt, she had been mesmerized by it. As
the group settled in with new partners, she had advanced almost hypnotically
towards Harry and simply dropped to her knees before him, staring at his cock
with longing. It hung there, somewhat flaccid after his activities with Ginny
and Cho. Hermione knew just what to do to remedy the situation. She opened
her mouth wide and simply gobbled him up to the base. Harry, being too busy
watching Cho and Neville settle in, had failed to notice Hermione kneeling
before him. He was pleasantly surprised by a wet sucking sensation and looked
down to see one of his best friends on her knees sucking him off with great

Hermione felt Harry's cock stiffen and grow in her mouth. She tried to
contain as much as she could without gagging, but it was too much for her.
She eased of a bit and focused on sucking and licking the head of his mighty
shaft. After a minute, she felt Harry gently hold her head between his hands
and pull her away from his cock. For a moment, she feared he didn't enjoy her
cock sucking. She looked up to his face and saw pure lust burning in his

"I want to taste you too," Harry said. Hermione was thrilled knowing that
Harry wanted to please her too. She jumped up excitedly and pulled him
towards one of the beds. Harry lay down on his back and Hermione climber
over him, head to toe. She positioned herself over his face and cast a
quick spell, vanishing Ron's cum from her freshly fucked pussy. "This way,
I'll be nice and fresh just for you, Harry" she said with a smile. Harry
responded by grabbing her hips and pulling her cunt down to his extended
tongue. He plunged deep into her and felt her pussy lips immediately
tighten around his tongue as he heard Hermione let out a gasp of pure
pleasure. Wishing to reciprocate, Hermione lowered her head and took
Harry's erect cock in her mouth once again. The two friends licked and
teased each other to new heights of passion as they indulged in their
first 69.

Ron, feeling somewhat left out, got up and approached Luna and his sister
Ginny. He enjoyed watching Luna lying flat on her back as she ate out the
red-headed girl straddling her face. Ron was particularly fascinated by
Luna's pubic hair trimmed in the shape of a heart. His cock grew erect
again at the sight of lesbian lovers. Ginny was thoroughly enjoying Luna's
tongue against her clit, but still wanted more. She opened her eyes to
notice her brother, Ron, standing just a foot away from her, looking down
at Luna's artful pussy. Without hesitation, she extended her left hand and
grabbed a hold of his cock, tugging him towards her. Ron, somewhat entranced
by Luna, simply followed along without resistance. He snapped out of it a
moment later when he felt a very skillful tongue licking up and down his

"Ginny! What are you doing?" he cried as he tried to pull away. Ginny's hand
grip was too tight and she held him firmly near her face. She looked up at
him with a wicked grin and said, "I'm sucking on your cock, dear brother."

Ron was stunned for a moment "But you're my sister!" he protested rather

"Did it feel good?" she asked.

"Yes but."

"Then shut up and let me suck your magnificent cock." Ron didn't put up
much of a fight as his beautiful sister began sucking of his hard prick in
earnest. Luna, having heard the exchange, pulled out from under Ginny for a
moment to observe the situation. She was incredibly turned on at the sight
of the young Weasley girl sucking off her older brother. Luna's pussy needed
attention now. She pulled out her wand and pointed it to the toy box.

"Accio double dildo," she commanded. A large double headed rubber dildo flew
out of the box and into her waiting hand. Once again she used her wand to
enchant the dildo, making it squirm and vibrate. Satisfied with her spell
casting, Luna inserted one end of the dildo up her waiting cunt to great
relief. She plunged it in and out several times, making sure her secretions
covered it completely. Luna then pulled out the greasy didldo head from her
wet cunt and pushed it slowly up her stretched open ass hole. She moaned and
groaned as the large rubber cock stretched open her sphincter, shaking and
vibrating all the while. After a few more pumps, satisfied that her ass was
stretched enough, Luna grabbed the other end of the dildo and curled it back
towards her cunt. She quickly shoved the vibrating head inside her juicy
pussy and sighed in content. Both holes were now stuffed full of magic
rubber. Luna could now return to licking Ginny's pussy, knowing that her
ass and cunt were well taken care of.

Back on the bed, Harry could take it no more. "I need you, Hermione," he
stated, his voice thick with desire. Hermione's cunt gushed on hearing those
words. Her mouth reluctantly let go of his cock before she turned around and
lay next to him.

"Take me, Harry. I'm all yours." Harry took a moment to stare into her eyes.
She had such a beautiful face. He couldn't believe he had never acted on his
desires with her, or with any of them before. He kissed her passionately, a
kiss that she returned with equal interest. Hermione could taste herself on
Harry's lips and enjoyed it immensely. His hands groped her breasts,
marveling at how soft yet firm they were. He broke the kiss and lowered
himself, flicking his tongue at one nipple, then the other.

"Just do it, Harry," she pleaded. "I can't stand it anymore. I want to
feel your cock filling me up." Hermione's eyes were begging for it. Harry
positioned himself above her and thrust down. His cock slipped inside her
hot moistness with ease. He pushed in all the way up to the hilt, all the
while staring Hermione straight in the eyes. The feeling was so erotic he
couldn't believe it. Harry was afraid that he wouldn't last very long
despite their previous activity.

"Oh god that feels wonderful," Hermione gasped. "You don't know how long
I've been dreaming about this."

"You have?" Harry was shocked. He never knew Hermione had any interest in

"Of course," she replied, her voice cracking as waves of pleasure shot
through her. "I've been fantasizing about having you or Ron since second
year." Harry blushed at the thought. Both he and Ron had been fantasizing
about her, but they had never known that the feeling was mutual. Turned on
by the thought, Harry began thrusting into Hermione in great, long, deep
strokes that took her breath away. They didn't talk. They couldn't talk.
They could only growl and moan as the intensity of their pleasure rose and

Their fucking continued at a furious pace until Hermione peaked. She let out
a cry that would make a banshee proud as her biggest orgasm yet overtook her.
The young witch's entire body convulsed violently as orgasmic spasms overrode
her motor skills. Her pussy clenched repeatedly over Harry's cock as if she
were milking him. Harry came hard. He did not warn her. He did not try to
pull out. He did not have to. Harry knew that Hermione wanted him inside her.
His cock spurt out shot after shot of hot cum which only increased her
excitement. The both yelled out their lust like primitive beasts before
dropping on the bed, exhausted and satisfied beyond belief.

After recuperating a few moments, Harry and Hermione looked around. Neville
and Cho were also spent, he with a goofy grin on his face, and she with a
look of pure satisfaction on hers. Luna was sitting among the pile of
pillows, legs spread, gently pushing the double dildo in and out of her ass
and cunt as her other hand gently massaged her large breasts. Her eyes were
focused on Ron and Ginny.

Harry and Hermione's arousal returned as they watched their best friend and
his sister. Harry gently began massaging Hermione's pussy, and she his cock
as they watched the show.

Ginny stopped sucking on Ron's prick and lay down on her side. She patted to
the spot behind her and invited her brother down to join her.

"Come on, big brother," she said teasingly. "Show me what you can do with
that cock of yours." Ron no longer cared that she was his sister. He was
about to fuck an incredibly sexy girl who wanted him badly as his friends
sat before them and watched it all happen. He lay down on his side behind
her and hooked up her left leg behind the knee, spreading her open for
their audience. With her left hand, Ginny reached between her legs and
grasped his cock from behind her. She pulled it forward and placed it at
the entrance to her waiting cunt.

"Are you ready for this, big brother?" She knew what it did to Ron when she
emphasized their blood relation. "Are you ready to commit incest in front of
your friends?"

Ron answered by pushing forward. His cock slipped past her engorged pussy
lips and into her tight snatch. The heat, the wetness, and the thought that
this was his sister, his flesh and blood, made Ron shudder with unimaginable

The entire group was enthralled by the performance before them. They could
see everything: Ron's hard cock, sliding in and out of Ginny's spread open
pussy; red pubic hair against red pubic hair; her clit standing proud and
erect just above the point of entry; Ginny's tits heaving back and forth as
her breathing became more and more shallow. It was absolutely mesmerizing.
No one dared say a word lest they break the erotic spell they were

Ron's thrusting became more and more furious. He pushed in and out, in and
out, enjoying the incredible sensations his sister gave him. His hands groped
her tits. Her nipples stood out, harder than ever from the excitement of this
taboo act. Both siblings moaned louder and louder. Ginny actually started
drooling as she lost herself completely in the sensation. Their pace picked
up until Ron's cock was just a blur pumping repeatedly into the wettest cunt
he'd experienced yet. Ginny came first. It was obvious to those watching as
her eyes popped open with an amazed shock. Her breathing cut short. Her pussy
started gushing huge amounts of liquid. Ron's balls became flooded with hot
secretions as Ginny actually ejaculated on him. The hot wet sensation over
his balls pushed Ron into overdrive. His cock burst with his semen, shooting
huge loads of cum deep into his beloved sister's wet hole. The combination of
their cum, mixed with the still pumping action created a light froth where
their genitals met. Ginny shook uncontrollably and then blacked out for a
moment before regaining her senses. Ron had stopped moving, but was still
buried inside Ginny, enjoying the fading contractions of her cunt muscles
around his cock. When it was over, he still didn't pull out. She did not try
to pull off him either. They both lay there basking in the afterglow of taboo

The others began clapping madly, cheering them for their brilliant
performance. Luna whistled loudly as Neville hooted the young Gryffindors.
Ron and Ginny finally pulled apart and joined their cheering friends on one
of the large beds.

"Ron," Harry cheered. "You own sister! That was bloody amazing."

"Yes she was," answered Ron as he winked at Ginny. The young red-head just
grinned in appreciation before turning back to face a giggling Cho.

The group was in high spirits, but exhausted from their work-out. Ron's
infamous appetite made itself known as his stomach growled. Luckily for them,
this was the room of requirements. In one corner, a table with snacks and
beverages appeared along with potions of rejuvenation. Everyone ate drank
and replenished their energies for more fucking soon to come. The potion of
rejuvenation was greatly appreciated as each member of the DA felt the
weariness of their sexual organs disappear, only to be replaced by a yearning
to be used and abused again.

For the next hour, everyone had managed to fuck everyone else, whether one on
one, in groups or even a large cluster fuck. Every boy fucked every girl in
every combination whether it be straight sex, oral sex or even anal. Not a
single girl's orifice had been ignored by any boy there. The girls had also
had their share of lesbian sex, tasting each other's pussies and bringing
each other off with various sex toys from the box.

Spent once again, the young friends took another break. By this time, the
enchantment from the uninhibi-tidbits had worn off. Still, no one felt shame.
Everyone there was quite comfortable with everyone else. They were still
uninhibited, but it was all natural. For some, this feeling wasn't much of a
stretch. Ginny had long been open and daring about anything. For others, such
as Hermione, this new sense of freedom was something to be explored fully,
knowing that it had been repressed for far too long. Hermione, acting purely
on her own, approached all three boys and asked a favor.

"I know you're all very tired," she said, "and that we should probably call
it a night. But there's one thing that I want to try before we leave." The
boys looked at her expectantly, excited by the obvious horniness of their
usually prudish friend. "I want to have all of my holes filled at the same
time," she said with a look that let them know she wasn't going to take no
for an answer.

Hermione quickly took control of the situation. "Harry," she directed, "you
lay down on your back." She climbed over him and lowered herself on his cock.
"You get my pussy," she said as she winked at him. "Neville," she turned her
head, "you fuck my ass while you, Ron, fuck my mouth."

The two boys went to their designated holes. Hermione's anus twitched in
anticipation as Neville lined-up. He pushed his cock forward and it slid in
easily this time, Hermione's ass being stretched somewhat from the evening's
activities. Hermione sighed with pleasure as she felt two cocks buried deep
inside her, one in her cunt, the other in her ass. She grabbed Ron's cock in
her hand and licked the tip once.

"Ron, I want you to actually fuck my face. I want all three of you to give
it to me strong, hard and deep. I want you to fuck the hell out of me!" She
turned back to Ron, opened her mouth and let him plunge into her. The last
hour had taught her plenty about fellatio, and she could now take a cock
deep down her throat without gagging. Hermione felt the three boys pump in
and out of her and succumbed to her primal needs. The boys were a little
clumsy at first but quickly found a rhythm, each plunging in and out at the
same time. She moaned out her joy, delirious in the overwhelming sensations
of the three cocks combined to bring her off. The remaining girls stared in
awe, each pleasuring herself, hoping to be the next one to try the combined
might of Harry, Ron and Neville.

Hermione kept cumming and cumming. The boys had built up resistance from
their earlier fucking and could last a while longer. Each time Hermione
came, she thought she could take no more, but was surprised when she felt
yet another orgasm building deep inside her.

The group of four, lost in the passion of the frantic fucking, didn't notice
that they started glowing a warm pink hue. As they continued to satisfy their
animalistic urges, Hermione's innate magic skills had subconsciously spread
out to engulf them, allowing each member to feel the pleasures the others
were feeling. Their pleasures intensified as each act of plunging within
Hermione, whether mouth, ass or cunt, amplified the thrills of each one until
simultaneously, they could take it no more. With a bright flash of pink
light, all four erupted at the same time. Hot cum, more than ever before,
invaded Hermione's every orifice. She swallowed as much as she could. Her ass
leaked of Neville's juices while her cunt gushed her own secretions mixed
with Harry's intense ejaculation. All four blacked out for a few moments
before coming to their senses, tangled in a heap of naked limbs. The soft
pink glow faded.

They were stunned speechless. Words could not describe the intensity of the
pleasures they had experienced. Cho, Ginny and Luna approached them with a
mix of amazement and envy. The room was filled with sexual energy well spent.
Harry looked at Hermione still lying there, panting, her beautiful face a
mask of blissful satisfaction. He looked at the other girls, each one naked,
sexy in her own unique way. He saw the excitement in their eyes at the
prospect of attempting this ultimate sexual maneuver.

"So," he said. "Shall we schedule another DA meeting for tomorrow night?"

Everyone present laughed and nodded approvingly, looking forward to many more
nights of uninhibited sex.


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