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Harry Potter/Wizards Of Waverly Place: The Wizards Of Waverly Place Go To Hogwarts Part 1 (mf,oral,ncon)
by Werty15

- A New Beginning -

Kings Cross station was as busy as ever with businessmen coming from every direction as the Russo family made their way to platform 93/4.

Alex: Why do we have to take this stupid train to the school when I can just teleport there like I did back home.

Alex Russo, the 2nd child of Jerry and Theresa Russo, was a 14 year old witch that had recently taken up a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with her older brother Justin, 16 and younger brother Max, 12. Her father Jerry Russo a former wizard had always resented American Wizarding Laws that stated only one family member can keep their powers into adulthood and that Wizards cannot marry muggles or non magical people, so had sent his kids to England to bypass these rules.

Alex was really not thrilled about the move and had begged her Dad many times to stay at Waverly Place but had failed. She was really going to miss her best friend Harper but promised to visit her over the holidays.

Justin: Well if you read Hogwarts: A History, like dad told us, you would know you cannot teleport into the Hogwarts grounds.

Justin was by far the cleverest of the 3 kids and always liked to boast about it. Ever since finding out about the move he had been really excited about fact he would now have full time Magic education and the prospect of the girls at Hogwarts. Justin had always believed that Magic had stood in the way of romance but in an environment full of witches and wizards it would not be a problem.

Alex: Justin you're such a dork! Why can't you just let me moan about stuff in peace!! I really do hate it when...

Max: No!! Wait!! Where is he?!?!

Max was the youngest and the most clumsy of the 3 Russo's. Being 12 the move really wasn't a big deal for him and was looking forward to using magic when and wherever he wanted at Hogwarts.

Jerry: Where is who, Max??!!

Max: Erm no one...

Theresa: You bought that stupid frog didn't you??!

Max: Yeah but Alex and Justin got the pets they wanted!!

Theresa: *Sigh* Well, we better look around for it quickly then but if were late were leaving him! We still need to find this stupid platform.

The previous day the Russo family had visited Diagon Alley to collect their school supplies which included books, cauldrons, exchanging money, a broomstick for Justin and each one of them had picked a animal. Justin had picked a tawny owl, Alex a cat and Max after being told not to had purchased a toad.

* * *

On platform 9 3/4 best friends Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were saying there goodbyes to the Weasley Family who had let them say at there home, The Burrow, over the summer to watch the Qudditch World Cup. Three other Weasleys were also attending Hogwarts this year Ginny a pretty 12 year old witch and twins Fred and George. The Weasleys were a friendly, reasonable poor family and were not hard to miss on the steam covered platform as they all had ginger hair.

After saying their thank yous and goodbyes Harry, Ron and Hermione made their way to the train to find a carriage.

Hermione: Oh shoot, I almost forgot!! Professor McGonagall sent me an owl over summer asking me to meet 3 new students and make sure they get to Hogwarts okay.

Harry: Ok, we'll find a compartment and see you later.

Hermione sped over to the concealed entrance of the platform and coming across a toad in the process.

Hermione: It can't be Neville's I saw him bring it on the train.

Hermione picked it up and walked through the brick wall barrier and back into Kings Cross Station.

The Russos continued trundling along, pushing their trolleys loaded with cases and animal cages, to the area between platforms 9 and 10 just in time to see the brown haired beauty emerge from the wall holding the toad.

Max: You found him!!

Max took the toad back and placed it into its cage.

Hermione: Hi, I'm Hermione Granger I'm here to make sure you all get to Hogwarts ok.

Hermione greeted the Russos with a smile and each greeted her back all except Justin who froze at the sight of her and began to blush.

Justin: Errrrmm Hi... err I'm Justin.

Justin couldn't believe his eyes and started to think that if all the girls at Hogwarts were like her then the move was going to be the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Hermione: The entrance to the platform is this way and then I'll help you find a compartment on board the train.

Alex: Duh, we did just see you come through the wall.

Alex muttered this under her breathe but was heard by her mother who gave her a sharp nudge in the back.

Alex had noticed Justin's reaction to Hermione and had become slightly jealous as it was usually her that was the centre of male attention.

Each of the Russos passed onto the platform and immediately saw the Hogwarts Express in its full glory.

Hermione: I'll give you all a moment then I'll help you get on board.

The Russo's all said their goodbyes and promised to keep in touch and visit home during the holidays.

Theresa: Justin!! Look after your brother and sister and keep them out of trouble!!

She shouted as they boarded the train and Hermione led them to an empty compartment.

The Hogwarts Express pulled slowly out of the station and on its way to Hogwarts.

- On Board the Hogwarts Express -

As the train rattled through the English countryside the 3 Russo's had many visitors introducing themselves and a lot of boys had come to have a look at Alex.

Although Alex had never mentioned or even shown any interest when boys had gawped over she secretly loved it and would like to wear clothes that showed her admirers what they wanted.

As the train drew closer to Hogwarts there was a knock on the compartment door which interrupted the Russo's conversation about the prospect of learning new magic at Hogwarts and how much of a change it will be from what they were used to at Wiztech.

Hermione entered.

Hermione: We're getting close to the castle now its probably best if you change into your robes. There's a quick spell you can use just say 'apparere garmento' and point your wand at yourself.

Alex remained seated not wanting to listen to Hermione's advice straight away. Justin and Max however leap to their feet and spoke the incantation and the robes appeared on their bodies.

Hermione smiled and turned to leave but was stopped by a blushing Justin.

Justin: Is there anywhere on the train we can get some food??

Hermione: Yeah, just down the front of the train there should be a food trolley, I come show you.

They both left the compartment and down the train followed by Max and his empty stomach.

Alex saw this as a good time to get changed herself.

Alex: Stupid Hermione telling me what to do!! Who does she think she is??

Alex stood up and took her wand out of her pocket.

Alex: Oh shoot what was that spell? Erm 'apparerio garmente!'

The spell was wrong and Alex's clothes disappeared to be replaced by only the front half of her robes leaving her whole back and ass completely exposed except for an electric blue thong.

Just at that moment, the blond haired Slytherin, Draco Malfoy walked past the compartment to see the cute brunette sticking her bum out and looking how she had failed in putting on her robes.

Malfoy quickly slid against the wall in between Alex's compartment and the next and peeked round trying not to be seen. He had a prefect view of her tight ass and he could feel a bulge growing in his pants.

Draco: This is to good to be true.

He spoke to himself.

Meanwhile Alex kept reciting different enchantments to recover the other half of her robes.

Malfoy's bulge had grown to its full 7 inches and his head filled with rush of dirty ideas.

Draco: Oh god shes sooo hot!! I must get inside her!!!

He looked down both ways of the trains corridor seeing it completely empty apart from a couple of second years moving around in the next carriage.

He quickly turned back to look at Alex who at that moment had dropped her wand after frantic swishing and had bent over to pick it up.

Draco: This is too perfect!!

Malfoy knew this was his chance and his plan had formed in his head within seconds. He removed from his bag the Cloak of Disillusionment that he had purchased from Borgin and Burkes, a Darks Arts store on Knockturn Alley. This cloak would make him invisible but as it was not a true Invisibly cloak the charm would eventually wear off. He had bought the cloak for use at Hogwarts to spy on girls and his arch enemy Harry Potter but this situation was too good and he knew that the cloak would be put to great use straight away.

Malfoy threw on the cloak and burst into the compartment. Alex who was still bent over, quickly turned to see who had entered only to be hit in the face by a body binding curse.

Draco had whispered the incantation Petrificus Totalus which had caused Alex to freeze on the spot.

Draco had spoke the curse just in time as Alex was bent nicely showing off her perfect ass and her head at groin level.

Alex was fully conscious but could not move her body or speak at all. She couldn't think what was happening. Had she done this by accident.

Malfoy circled his victim and grabbed her ass.

Alex was in a state of shock, she couldn't move, couldn't scream and couldn't see anyone around her.

Malfoy spanked her ass several times making it a pinky red colour. Alex was fighting back tears from the pain and kept trying to scream to get someone's attention.

Draco laughed unnerving Alex further. He revealed his hand and with it a glistening silver ring holding a dark green emerald engraved with a silver snake on its surface. He unbuttoned the front of his trousers and pulled out his 7 inch cock in front of Alex's face. Alex tried to pull away and force a scream but nothing. She was completely at the mercy of her aggressor. Draco poked his cock on Alex's soft cheeks and with his ringed hand he grabbed her head and forced his cock straight down her throat. Alex was a virgin and had never given anyone a blowjob and her first time wasn't a good experience at all. She was unable to stop gagging as Malfoy thrust repeatedly without missing a single beat. He was on the brink of cumming when he was suddenly forced to remove his cock from Alex's mouth.

There was a loud thud and Justin had walked into the door without looking whilst laughing with Max. Malfoy quickly replaced his cock in his trousers and span into the corner of the compartment. The brothers walked in and Justin rapidly covered his eyes with his arm and Max doing the same seconds later. Malfoy quickly brushed past whispered the counter curse 'Finite Incantatem' and hurried straight down the train unseen leaving Alex in her bent over position.

Justin: Alex!!!! The spell is 'apparere garmento!!'

The back half of the robes appeared just as the body bind curse was released. Alex was left with the taste of her assaulters penis in her mouth but what was she to say. She had seen nothing but a hand and a penis and her brothers had no idea on what had happened. She panned her hands around the corners of the compartment to feel for someone but nothing. Did she imagine it all. She couldn't tell her brothers. Maybe a teacher at Hogwarts but she had no evidence. Alex was cornered but all she knew was that was going to get revenge as she always did.

For the rest of the journey she said very little as her brothers got excited about arriving at Hogwarts.

As the train pulled into Hogsmeade Station, Alex had decided that she would put this behind her and be on better guard in the future and when the identity of her assaulter was known she would take action.

Hermione ran over to the Russo's on the platform and told them to meet with Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall when they arrive at the castle.


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