Harry Potter:
Wet Nights At Hogwarts Part 2 - Love Birds (mmm,bond,ncon,magic)
by Alexis Sinclair ([email protected])

Harry was woken by the first rays of the sun. It was as these were the first
he had ever seen. Harry Potter was in loved!

Ron was no longer in his bed, but Harry knew this time had not been a dream.
Actually, it had never been a dream. Ron had actually sneaked in his bed and
"raped" him in his sleep. This was kind of awkward, he recognized, Ron being
so reckless and unthoughtfull towards him (after all, he didn't know he was
gay, nor that he fancied him... not until last night), but he didn't care. He
was happy now.

He slid through the flower perfumed air all the way down to the Great Hall
for breakfast. The day was bright, the food was delicious and Ron's hand felt
smooth and soft under the table.

"So, what is it?" Harry and Ron looked away from each other and at the twins.
What are you up to?!" insisted Fred.

"Nothing! Why?" the new couple spoke in unison.

"You keep looking at each other and giggling!" observed George. "You two must
be up to something!".Harry's mind was so full of possible responses that no
one managed to come out, leaving his face looking blank.

"Jesus! Why don't you mind your own business!" said Ron. His face growing
redder than his hair.

"Well, that's exactly what we'll do" said Fred "Come on, George! I guess they
DON'T want to be partners of the WEASLEYS' WIZARD WHEEZES". And so they left
looking quite offended.

Harry and Ron broke into laughter.

"Seriously. Is everything all right?" came Hermione's voice.

"Oh yeah! everything's just fine" said Harry and he glanced into Ron's eyes
"Just fine!" and they both smiled and blushed when they noticed they were
being stared at.

"What do we have now?" Harry asked Hermione.

"You don't know your schedules yet?" She jumped and then rolled her eyes in
impatient resignation. "Defense Against the Dark Arts."

"Cool!" said Harry, looking anxious. "I could use a bit of adrenaline right
now!". Ron's face however, had become pale and worried.

"What's the problem!" asked Hermione.

"Oh! Nothing, It's just that Moody gets the creeps out of me!" said Ron.

"Oh! come on, Swee... Ron!" said Harry. Ron almost choked with his scrambled
eggs. "Moody's all right. He's been helping me with the Tournament.

"Yeah, guess you are right." Ron said. Looking down.

"Besides" continued Harry. "He's on our side. Remember what he did to

"Hey!" said Ron. "That could have been you! You know?"

"Chill out, Ron!" cried Hermione, who was just as struck as Harry on Ron's
comment. "It wasn't Harry, though, it was Malfoy and it WAS hilarious!
Right?" she said giggling loudly.

Ron's face had twisted in a way Harry had never seen it. Then he stood up and
looked down at Hermione, whose giggles had become incontrollable laughter.
"Oh shut up!" he shouted. "You... You MUDBLOOD!" and he ran out of the Great

The insult echoed in the Hall and there was silence. Harry's heart sank. He
looked over at Hermione, at her eyes about to burst into tears of rage, of
betrayal and confusion. He didn't know how to feel, he wanted to comfort her,
but he couldn't be mad at Ron. He loved him to much for that. He wished this
hadn't happened, but it was done. He gave Hermione an "I'm sorry" look and
ran for Ron, leaving her there, alone and miserable.

Harry could almost hear her calling for him as he left the room. He tried to
ignore her, but he couldn't help to feel like a traitor. He wanted to be mad
at Ron, but he simply couldn't. He had just done a most horrible thing and
now was doing something much worse to her himself, but he didn't care, he
didn't need her as long as he had Ron and this realization didn't help to
wash his guilt.

Ron was sitting in some stairs Harry hadn't noticed before.

"What the hell was that?" asked Harry. "How could you say that to her!?"

"I don't know!" said Ron "I just can't stand her anymore!"

"Come on, Honey" said Harry, sitting next to him. "You've been acting weird
for days now! I thought it was because of... of us, but... Is there anything
that's bordering you?"

"There's nothing wrong with me!" shouted Ron. "I can't believe you are taking
HER side! I thought you loved me!"

"W-what are you... I'm not t... of course I lo..." Harry's mouth was
trembling. He didn't know what to say, were to begin. Neither did he
understand Ron's reaction He felt his eyes start to fill with tears
and closed them to prevent him from notice it. Suddenly he felt a
familiar warmth all around his mouth and he opened it to let the kiss
in. He wrapped his arms around Ron and he did the same.

"Don't speak!" Ron whispered into Harry's ear before giving it a little bite
and slide his tongue down his neck. For a second Harry thought Ron was doing
this just to avoid talking, but a moment later he didn't think anymore.

Harry felt Ron's hand, moving inside his robes, caressing his inner thighs,
massaging his genitals through the fabric of his pants. He arched his back
with pleasure and the hand slid down and traveled through his ass. Harry
wanted to take him right there. He rolled over him and held him down, sitting
in his crotch, he could feel Ron's dick pressing against his bum.

"Enjoying yourself?" He asked. Ron just smiled.

Harry started moving backward and forward, masturbating Ron with his body.
He watched him go insane with pleasure, his hand pulling on his beautiful
red hair, going down through his face and to his chest, his nipples. The
tightness in his behind caused pleasure waves to run across Harry's body
too. He let out a moan and lift his closed eyes to the roof. At that moment
he felt both of Ron's hands under his robes again, this time, desesperatelly
opening his pants. He wanted to warn him not to because someone might see
them any second, but when he opened his mouth, he had forgotten all about
other people and let out something like "oh yes! please!" instead.

He got to his knees to give Ron a better access and also to get access
himself to his lover's crotch, behind his back. Soon they were jerking off
each other somewhere in the heart of Hogwarts, Harry didn't know it's exactly
location, where they would be at the sight of anyone passing by.

Ron's hand stroke his hard member at the perfect speed, he hoped he was doing
the same to him. Then he got his hand of his dick and pulled the red hair
covered head to his own crotch. He wanted Ron to suck him. It was as he was
about to explode when he entered his mouth, but then he felt like his
intestines had been pulled out through his penis. Ron had pulled out and
was staring at something on the floor behind him.

Harry turned and saw the remains of a small bottle with it's contents spilled
on the floor, it must have fell out of Ron's pocket, but he hadn't noticed.
Then he felt Ron's hand pushing him away and he fell down the stairs, missing
the broken glasses by a few inches. When he looked back, he saw Ron running
up the stairs while fighting his pants back to their place.

"Ron!" he shouted "what's the matter!" But Ron didn't turn back.

"Are you all right?" Harry looked up and saw a girl holding down her hand to
help him up.

"Oh! I'm fine," lied Harry and rose his hand to meet the girl's. But then, he
realized his pants were still down. Luckily, his robes had fallen back to
their place, so she didn't notice, but he couldn't stand up, not in front of
the girl.

"You know what?" he said, his face felt like a boiling cauldron "I think I'm
gonna just hang down here a little while."

"Ok" she said, a puzzled look in her face "serve yourself"

"Bye!" said Harry waving his hand impatiently.

"B-bye" said the girl. walking away, as from a mad man.

When she turned away from him, Harry jumped to his feet and ran up the
stairs, fighting his pants, just like Ron.

Tight Bounds

"Ron!" shouted Harry "Are you in here?" He suddenly realized he had no idea
of where he was, except it was were Ron's footsteps had lead him, and now
they had stopped. He looked around and saw a dark room, not too big, but full
of columns. The only source of light was coming from small windows just below
the ceiling. It looked like some sort of basement.

"Where is he?" came a voice from behind a column. Harry thought it was very

"He must be here" came a second one "we must find him quickly or Draco will
go nuts on us!" suddenly Harry realized it was Crabbe and the other one was
Goyle! He moved away from the light to a spot were he could watch them
without being seen. He wanted to find out who they were talking about. The
two gorilla-sized boys stopped talking and began walking around the room with
faces of deep concentration, which Harry thought must have been extremely
hard for them.

"There he is!" shouted Goyle pointing his wand to a figure in front of him.
Harry couldn't see who it was, because Crabbe was standing right in the

"Oh shut up, you dumb ass! It's me!" Harry was shocked, it was Ron's voice he
heard. "How do we know it's really you?!" asked Goyle.

"Because you have the real one locked up!" said Ron with growing anger.
"Don't you!?"

There was no answer. Harry couldn't figure out what was going on. Why was Ron
bossing around Crabbe and Goyle? Suddenly, Ron gave a high pitched scream of
pain. Harry, thought he had been attacked by the Slytherins and jumped
forward to help him, but then the sight he got stopped him. Where he expected
Ron to be, he found a red haired Draco Malfoy. He backed up to his place in
the shadows before being noticed and watched him rolling in pain as his hair
returned to it's original blonde.

"The Polyjuice Potion!" Harry muttered to himself. He was horrified. Had
Malfoy been acting as Ron all along? Then he jumped out of his thoughts when
he saw Ron, the real one, Harry expected, emerge from the shadows in front of
him. The Slytherin boys hadn't spotted him yet. He ran across the room and
hid behind a column next to were Harry was. He wanted to get Ron's attention,
but it was too risky. He watched him take a run to the door, but then he saw
Crabbe spot him and raise his wand, just when he was running past him.

"RON LOOK OUT!" he shouted. Ron stopped and tried to see from where Harry's
voice had come.

"Tightum!" came Crabbe's voice. Harry was so relieved when he saw Ron dodge
the spell, that he never saw it coming. A yellow light hit him and the next
moment he was on his knees, gagged and tied up tightly. Harry heard the same
magic words repeat, except this time they came not only form Crabbe, but also
from Malfoy and Goyle. Harry watched the three spells combine and cause Ron
too fly across the room and hit the wall, were chains appeared out of thin
air and held him, eagle-spread and helpless.

Harry was struggling to get free as he watched Malfoy approach Ron, but
then he realized no one but Ron knew he was there, and he decided to take
advantage of this and played cool.

"So here he is!" Malfoy said to his partners. "We were missing you, Weasley!"
now speaking to Ron, whose face showed nothing but rage. "don't be mad, my
dear. I wouldn't want to keep you here, if wasn't absolutely necessary."

"LET GO ME, YOU FUCKIN' PERVERT!!!" shouted Ron as he fought against the


"Well..." said Draco in an insultingly calm voice.

"You, my friend have something that I NEED. You'll see... what I need is for
Harry Potter to love me, and for that to happen, I need for him to believe I
am you." Harry could see a puzzled look in Ron's face.

"W-what are you talking about?"

"Oh!" said Draco in a mocking tone, directing to Crabbe and Goyle "he doesn't
know!" The two boys giggled stupidly. "He doesn't know that Harry Potter

"That can't be!" said Ron. "Harry isn't gay!"

"Oh yes he is... just like you, I might add."

"SHUT UP! JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" shouted Ron.

"Don't be embarrassed!" said Draco. "We are what we are... now... let me
explain: For three years I have been contemplating this situation... waiting
patiently for one of you two to take the lead and do what you both, and I,
wanted to do!" Draco was moving in circles waving his hand in the air as he
spoke. The two boys in bondage were somewhere between rage and regretting for
not realizing all this before and by themselves. Draco continued. "You'll see
that my original plan was to take over your body once you were together, not
because I'm not able to seduce Harry on my own, it's just that I couldn't
understand how he could fancy you over ME! But well... love goes that way
sometimes... Anyway my suspicions were confirmed the day of the Second Task,
when you, my dear muggle-lover, came out to be Harry's most priced treasure,
that and the fact that that night, he stayed up just to watch you sleep." As
he was saying this, Draco lifted his hand and reached Ron's cheeks and gave
him a squeeze, Ron twisted and shouted madly!

Harry thought Draco had read his mind because in the exact moment he started
to wonder how could he know all this, he said: "I imagine you must be
wondering how I know this... well, it turns I had gone to your dormitory in
my Invisibility Cloak to collect a little bit of Harry in order to turn big
ol' Goyle here into him and have some fun together" Goyle blushed. "There"
continued Malfoy "I watched him eat you with his eyes and sly his hand
through your chest, but of course you know that already , don't you?" Ron
didn't answer. "I have to admit that all that tension got me a little...
horny" Harry watched Draco's hand move down from Ron's head to his crotch,
if he could only move, he would have murdered him, but instead he could do
nothing but watch and hear. "specially when he started humping the bed and
calling for you." While saying this, he caressed Ron's pennies whose face
showed the struggle of hate, repulsion, pleasure and lust. "What you may not
know" he carried on "is that... well, let's just say that I released poor
Harry from some extra pressure down here". Ron gave a soft moan when Draco
took his face to his groin and gave little bites to the outline that formed
his hard member against his thin school trousers. Once he had returned to
reality, he said.

"W-what are you going to do to me?" there was a vulnerable and scared tone
to his voice that Harry had never heard before.

"Well, we are gonna keep you right here, to get the stuff from my potion.
But, don't worry, we'll have a house elf to keep you fed and drank, while
Crabbe and Goyle here, will help you with your 'other needs'" he said.
Crabbe and Goyle whipped some saliva out of their drooling mouths.

"That will never work!" said Ron "Harry will never buy it. You'll never fool
him like that" Harry felt the guilt invade him, how could he have betrayed
Ron like that! How did he ever confuse him with Draco Malfoy!

"Oh!" said Draco, his voice as sarcastic as ever. Then Harry saw him whisper
something in Ron's ear, he couldn't hear, but he understood what it was the
moment he saw his eyes fill with tears.

"NOOO!!" Ron looked as his veins were about to explode out of his mouth
"NOOO, HARRY. HOW COULD YOU!!!!" Harry looked down, ashamed. He felt like the
worse and smallest creature in the world... he was traitor and a fool.

The Slytherin boys were laughing out loud.

"Well" said Draco, when he finished laughing "let's get moving before Harry
starts to miss me too much!"

Crabbe moved towards Ron, followed by Goyle. Then, to Harry and Ron's horror,
they started to unbutton Ron's pants.

"What the hell are you doing" Shouted Ron, while he tried to move away from
the hands that were invading him.

"Getting the ingredients for the Pollyjuice Potion" replied Malfoy "I could
tell you that the reason is that it lasts longer with cum, but actually it's
to give the boys some fun!"

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!!" Screamed Ron, now Goyle had grabbed his robes and
was touring them apart.

Harry had never felt so impotent in his life, he was just going to sit there
and watch his best friend be raped by two gorillas!

Goyle went down on his knees and took Ron's dick in his mouth and started
sucking violently, while Crabbe worked his tongue around his neck.

"NO!!! GET AWAY!!! IT HURTS!" cried Ron, between screams of impotence.

This seemed to encourage Goyle to suck even harder. Ron's noises were not
longer words. Then he seized his blowjob and moved his tongue down to his
balls and licked them clean, while they owner changed his expression
drastically from pain to pleasure, breathing fast and, occasionally, moaning.
Crabbe had his own pants in his ankles now and was rubbing his dick against
Ron's leg while caressing his chest and belly with his left hand. Then he
moved his hand lower, past the little red patch of pubes and made a fist
around Ron's raging hard on.

"Stop... please stop..." came a weak voice under his moans.

Draco let out a thick giggle. Harry turned to see him and was shocked at the
sight of him. Stark naked on the floor and jerking off!!! He had his legs
spread wide and was running his left index finger up and down his crack. He
realized at that moment that Malfoy had a nice body... and a nice dick! He
felt most embarrassed when he noticed his own member was crying for attention
too, attention he couldn't give it at the moment.

"NO DON'T DO THAT PLEASE!!" screamed Ron. Crabbe was struggling to get his
tongue to his ass.

"Let me help you with that!" came Draco's voice. Harry saw him lift his wand
and say a spell he couldn't hear. Next thing, Ron's bondages had disappeared,
but he didn't fall free. Instead, he started floating in the air, just like
he had seen those muggle do at the Quidich World Cup, and flip into an
horizontal position. He remained eagle spread, only this time he seemed to be
held facing down by thin air.

Crabbe walked over Ron, placing himself between his opened legs, his groin in
level with his ass. Goyle went to the front, his crotch next the floating
boy's mouth. Draco resumed masturbating.

"Don't, please. Let me go!" Ron was sobbing. Apparently this was more than
what his bravery could manage. "I'll do anything. But please, don't do this
to me!" His tears fell on the floor.

Crabbe leaned down, against Ron's back and whispered to his ear. "It'll be
over soon. Just relax!". Next thing Ron heard was "Imperial" and he welcomed
Goyle's dick into his mouth and Crabbe's up his ass.

Harry watched his friend's agony, but he couldn't help the agony in his
pants. He watched Draco sliding his hand up and down his shaft, he heard the
moans from the others as the pumped in and out of Ron. He started humping his
hips, he needed some friction in his privates, or he would lose his mind. He
had to cum! It seemed like an eternity, but they must have passed just a few
minutes when Draco started cumming, followed by Goyle, both with a long,
high-pitched moan.

Crabbe, however, remained slowly pumping,, obviously taking his time. Removed
from the Imperius Curse, Ron's face, to Harry's surprise, didn't show signs
of pain anymore, but of pleasure. He started moaning together with Crabbe.

"You like this don't you?" Draco had gone over next to Ron. He didn't answer.
"Do you want Crabbe to stop?" he asked. Again, no answer but a lustful noise.

Crabbe increased his tempo. Ron started screaming in pleasure. They were
both about to come, Harry noticed with envy, since the cries of his burning
genitals were now unbearable.

"Oh no you don't!" said Draco as he reached the floor for his wand. "Coytup
Ruptux!" he cursed and a flash came out of it and hit Ron his dick and caused
it's foreskin to close tightly around it's head, preventing him from orgasm.
His screams were now louder than ever. It looked like he was going to have a
heart attack in any second. Horrified Harry watched his friend pulling madly
against the invisible forces that held him, humping the air frenetically, at
the joy and laughter of their three nemesis.

Crabbe had somehow managed to slow down and delay his own orgasm, just to add
to Ron's torture. Then, with an evil smile Draco leaned down next to him and

"Do you want to cum?"

"Ah! Yes!" said Ron "MAKE IT STOP!!"

"Then you like it!" said Malfoy "you like being fucked up the ass!"

Crabbe continued his slow motion pumping. Ron, however, was shaking
feverously and breathing fast. Somehow he managed to node his head. He would
have done anything, just to let this long lasting orgasm end.

"Say it!!" Malfoy had grabbed Ron's hair and pulled his head up.

"WHH- WHA YOU WAN'!!" asked Ron.

"Say that you like being fucked and ask properly for cumming!" insisted


"If you insist so much!" said Draco as he reached for the cauldron with the
Pollyjuice Potion behind him and placed under Ron's groin.

"Coytup Lettix" he said.

Ron let out a loud and exhausted moan, and he came inside the cauldron. Harry
had never seen so much sperm, even in his wildest dreams. Buckets and buckets
of white fluid drained out of his dick, as he screamed and twisted. When it
seemed to be over, Crabbe, who had started accelerating more than ever, had
his turn to cum. Ron let out one more moan as he came again, before passing

"This should be enough!" said Draco triumphantly as he picked up the

Crabbe pulled himself out of Ron, who was floating peacefully and quietly in
the air, and asked. "What do we do with him?"

"Oh!, He's not going anywhere, is he?" replied Draco and then he lifted his
wand once more. "Rileis!"

Ron fell numbly to the floor without showing any signs of consciousness

"Do you think he'll be all right?" asked Goyle.

"He's breathing..." pointed Draco. "Just make sure you lock the door properly
this time and we'll be fine! Now we have to go before we are missed."

And so the Slytherin boys left the room, locking the door behind them.

Harry's knots were still on place, so he just stayed there trying to get his
mind out of his furious hard on which was hard to do while watching Ron
laying stark naked in front of him, and wondering what would happen next.


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