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Description: Drunkenly uninhibited Professor McGonagall quickly seduces Harry.

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Harry Potter: Wild Turkey
by JD ([email protected])

"Harry. Good. You got my message. Please, shut the door behind you."

Harry did as he was told on entering Professor McGonagall's study. His intended greeting became,

"Gosh, Professor, are you alright?"

McGonagall's face was flushed and her words slightly slurred. The usually dignified Professor had her grey hair loosely down, and her hat was off. The small glass of brown liquid she was sipping obviously explained these things. He guessed the liquid to be from the bottle of clearly Muggle origin on her desk, though he had never heard of Wild Turkey before.

"Yes, perfectly fine. Old friend of mine sent me a present, from America, and I've been doing some thinking..."

Waving the glass, McGonagall came out from behind her desk. Her walk was slightly unsteady as she approached Harry. He stood his ground, still concerned for her health. She was taller than Harry, tall and thin, and he tried to look her in the eyes as she stood over him.


Harry's question was cut off as McGonagall bent and kissed him hard on the mouth. He hadn't been so shocked since... he realised he'd never been so shocked. Professor McGonagall was easily 50 years older than him. She'd certainly aged well, but he'd never thought of her romantically. He tasted the bourbon in her mouth. He realised he was kissing back, and pulled his face away.

"You... you must be affected by a potion!"

"Nonsense! I just want what you want!"

Harry was about to protest, but as McGonagall ran a finger across the bulge in his loose trousers, he realised that the existence of the bulge lent some credence to her words. Harry blushed. He recalled his hated Aunt saying and doing silly things while drunk, and made the mental connection to the Wild Turkey.

"Look, I'd better go, really..."

"I can't send you out into the hall with that pointing out,"

McGonagall replied as she settled gracefully to her knees, and placed her glass on the floor. As Harry prepared to run for it, she tugged his trousers and underwear down in one smooth motion. His achingly hard cock bobbed in freedom, and stood almost straight up. Minerva - it was hard to think of her as a Professor McGonagall at that moment - licked her lips.

"Do you really want to leave, Harry Potter?"

Some of the slur was gone; she seemed to really care. Harry didn't move. Minerva smiled, and took him into her mouth. The healthy sweaty taste of a 16-year-old penis brought back old memories for Minerva. She lathered bourbon-flavoured saliva around the dark red glans with a gentle suction that had Harry's knees wobbling.

He couldn't break eye contact, though he still noticed the fine lines on Minerva's face; the crows feet around her eyes that deepened as she sucked down to the base of his shaft with the skill of decades. He doubted Ginny could make him feel the way Minerva did without the older woman's practice. He felt the pleasure coming quickly, and tried to pull away. Minerva moved her hands, rattlesnake fast, and gripped his buttocks tightly. She wanted his juice in her mouth.

"Oh... I'm..." and Harry did, spurting hard and hot between Minerva's lips.

Minerva fondly squeezed Harry's hard arse until he pulled free. As she maintained Harry's gaze with her own, Minerva raised her glass from the floor to her mouth. She showed him his seed on her tongue, and then swallowed it down with the last finger of Wild Turkey.

"Very good, Harry. Now, help me up."

The bourbon was talking more of an effect. Minerva swayed slightly as she stood before Harry. He made to pull up his trousers, but she stopped him.

"Still hard. You boys..."

Minerva pulled her dress up suddenly, and off over her head. Harry wasn't particularly surprised to see that her preparation had included wearing nothing but her boots. She backed up and sat against her desk, with her thighs spread. Harry didn't move; he was considering her body. Age had been kind to Minerva, though an athletic lifestyle had probably helped. When she reached for his hand, he let the old witch pull him into her arms.

"You do know what to do now, don't you Harry?"

"Yes... thank you.." Harry felt he should say something.

Due to their height difference, Harry's face went between Minerva's dugs. He kissed the surprisingly soft skin as she reached down and guided him into her. They both gasped at the penetration; Harry was somewhat surprised to find her channel both tight and slippery; Minerva obviously kept herself in shape. Minerva's bony fingers held his hips, and helped him find the best rhythm for both of them.

"Good, Harry, Good! So deep..."

Minerva's strongly scented breath washed down over Harry as he thrust deep into her. He had never envisioned a first time quite like this, making love with Professor Minerva McGonagall up against her desk. She moaned encouragement, and praised his stamina, as she held his firm young body in her old arms. Harry's earlier climax had taken the edge off enough that he didn't climax immediately, but he still doubted he could last long; especially when Minerva hoarsely told him,

"Faster, now! Faster!"

The heavy old desk was creaking loudly as Minerva wrapped her legs around Harry. Her wrinkled skin was a strange contrast against Harry's smoothness. Minerva jammed her arm into her mouth to muffle a scream of pleasure. She was barely aware of Harry's own climax as she stiffly held his body to her. Minutes passed before the old witch released her grip on the panting boy wizard. He flopped wetly from inside her.

"Time for another drink!" Minerva reached back for the Wild Turkey bottle."

"You may have had enough," observed Harry wisely.

Minerva sighed,

"Perhaps you are right, Harry. I will save the rest for next week."

She leaned in for another kiss,

"You will join me again, won't you?"

Harry would, too.


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