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Yule Ball Fun (mf, cons, oral, spank, HJ)
By MayorHaggar ([email protected])

Fourteen-year-old Harry Potter had done numerous things in his young life that most fully-grown wizards and witches wouldn't dare. Going head to head with a troll, killing a basilisk and snatching an egg from a dragon were all par for the course for Harry's time at Hogwarts. Yet even the famous Boy-Who-Lived was helpless at this moment.

'Well, this was a bloody disaster,' Harry thought to himself. After the way this night had gone, Harry was convinced he would always be rubbish with girls. The night had started off well enough: when Harry first saw the way his date Parvati Patil looked in her beautiful pink dress robes, his heart skipped a beat. When Parvati noticed Harry's wide-eyed expression, she flushed slightly, but flashed him a smile that Harry swore made his heart stop altogether. On top of that, Harry was bursting with pride for one of his best friends, Hermione Granger, who had accompanied Durmstrang champion Viktor Krum to the Ball. The students in attendance, Harry included, were stunned at just how beautiful Hermione looked on this evening.

It was all downhill from there. Harry's other best friend, Ron Weasley, was furious with Hermione for going to the Ball with Krum, and repeatedly grumbled to Harry throughout the night that Hermione was "betraying Hogwarts" by showing up with the champion of a rival school. Harry thought Ron's anger had more to do with the fact that he fancied Hermione, but he knew his best mate well enough to know to stay silent.

Besides, Harry had his own problems. He had asked Parvati to the dance only because his first choice, Cho Chang, was already going with Cedric Diggory. Since he had been so hung up on Cho, it never really hit Harry just how beautiful his fellow Gryffindor Parvati actually was. That is, it never hit him until he first saw her in her dress robes. At that point, his already jumpy nerves had gone haywire. He felt the eyes of the entire school on him as he and Parvati danced along with the other Tri-Wizard tournament participants and their dates, and he had never felt more out of place. He stumbled through the dance awkwardly, and even with his nonexistent experience with girls he could tell Parvati was rather annoyed with him. Her annoyance only grew over the course of the Ball, as Harry refused to get back out on the dance floor despite her prodding. Eventually a boy from Beauxbatons asked Parvati to dance, and she accepted. Her twin sister Padma, who was equally unhappy as the date of a sulking Ron, soon followed, leaving the two friends alone.

Just when Harry thought the evening couldn't possibly get any worse, Ron and Hermione got into a heated argument over Hermione being at the dance with Krum. Harry tried to defuse the situation, but as usual his efforts made little difference. A teary-eyed Hermione stalked off, and Harry and Ron soon gave up the night as a bad job and went up to the Gryffindor common room.

Harry's gloomy introspection was interrupted by an outburst from Ron. "She's downright mental, mate. The nerve of her, showing up with Krum! She's supposed to be your best friend; how can she do that to you?"

Harry sighed and rolled his eyes, though Ron couldn't see it since Harry's back was to him. "I think you might have come down a bit hard on her, mate. I mean, I trust Hermione; I know she wouldn't do or say anything that would give Krum any sort of edge over me."

"How can you be so sure, Harry? She's probably off snogging Vicky right now, telling him everything she knows about you." Ron continued his rant, though Harry had tuned him out. While he wished there were something he could do to help ease the tension between his two best friends, Harry realized that they would just have to sort through this mess themselves.

'As if I'm qualified to hand out relationship advice', Harry thought to himself derisively. He was surprised at how little it bothered him to see Cedric and Cho enjoying each other's company during the Ball. Of far bigger importance to him at this moment was trying to figure out just what in the hell happened with Parvati.

When Parvati had gotten up to go dance with the boy from Beauxbatons, she had looked back over her shoulder at Harry with such a miserable look on his face. What had it meant? Certainly he knew Parvati had had a miserable time with him. So shouldn't she have been relieved when the Beauxbatons boy asked her to dance? He thought so. But there was no doubt; in spite of how terribly the night had gone, Parvati seemed almost...saddened that her night with Harry was over. It made him wonder if maybe Parvati's feelings for him ran deeper than just friendship.

Harry's uncertainty of his own feelings further complicated things. In the three and a half years they'd been at Hogwarts, Harry hadn't ever thought of Parvati as much more than an acquaintance. So why was he feeling so awful about the way things had gone tonight? Could it be that he fancied her?

'Not that it matters. Maybe I do fancy Parvati. She might have even fancied me, before tonight. But after that bloody awful dance, she probably won't even want to talk to me again.'

" think, Harry? Harry? Are you even listening to me?"

"Sorry, Ron, guess I spaced out. What were you saying?"

"Never mind, it doesn't matter anyway. I'm going to head up to bed. Obviously, Hermione plans on running around with Vicky all night, so no sense in us staying up to try and set her straight."

"Guess not, Ron. Good night."

"You staying up for a bit?"

"Yeah, I'm not really tired. I'll probably be up in an hour or so."

"OK. See you tomorrow, mate."

Harry watched Ron head up the stairs to the boy's dormitories, and slumped back on the couch. He brooded by the fire for a few minutes before he heard the portrait swing open. He looked up and felt his stomach turn to ice as none other than Parvati stepped into the common room. Parvati, who had been talking with her best friend Lavender Brown as they came into the common room, froze in mid-sentence as she spotted Harry.

Harry's stomach dropped as he saw the expression on Parvati's face as they made eye contact. 'She's completely miserable, and it's all my fault.'

"Erm, hi, Parvati."

"Hey, Harry. Sorry I didn't stay with you for the entire ball."

"You're apologizing to me? Why? I was the one who was a terrible date."

"It's OK, Harry, really. It's not your fault. I know you'd rather have gone with Cho; everybody knows that. I guess I just figured we'd still be able to have a good time together anyway, but obviously I'm not as pretty as Cho, and I don't play Quidditch like she does, so..."

As Harry listened to Parvati's rambling apology, he reached an internal decision: he needed to speak to Parvati in private, and make sure she understood that the way this night had gone had nothing to do with her, and everything to do with him.

"You know what, Parvati? I'd like to talk about this with you, but I don't really want to do it here. Would you like to go somewhere a little more private so we can talk?"

"Um...yeah, sure, Harry." Parvati was clearly surprised at Harry's suggestion. She was internally debating just what Harry wanted to say that he didn't feel comfortable saying in the common room, when another thought occurred to her. "But Harry...with the Ball going on, all of the professors are supervising the corridors; it'd be pretty hard for us to go anywhere. Maybe you could just tell me what you want to tell me some other time, I guess?"

Harry realized that the corridors would indeed be heavily watched, but he questioned whether or not he'd be feeling as courageous about all of this if he put it off for another time.

"Actually, Parvati, I'd really like to talk to you now. I can make sure nobody sees us. What do you think?"

Parvati bit her bottom lip nervously, considering Harry's request. After a moment of hesitation, she nodded her head slightly. "OK, Harry. If you're sure no one will be able to see us, I'll go talk with you."

Harry smiled in relief, happy he'd have a chance to fix this situation before the night was over. "Great. Just wait right here, and I'll be back before you know it."

Without another word, Harry turned around and bolted up the stairs to the boy's dorms, leaving a bewildered Parvati, Lavender and Seamus Finnigan (Lavender's date for the evening) behind him.

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Parv?" Lavender questioned her best friend, her concern evident in her voice.

Parvati merely shrugged in response, before again biting her bottom lip nervously. "What can it hurt, Lav? I already know he doesn't care about me the same way I care about him. And it's not like Harry's a mean guy; when he tells me that he's sorry for the way tonight went, and he hopes we can still be friends, he'll be as nice and polite as possible about it."

Even though Parvati was trying to put a positive spin on things, the tears shining in her eyes and the slight quiver to her voice as she spoke gave her away. Lavender patted her shoulder in sympathy and tried to cheer her friend up. "If he doesn't like you, it's his loss, Parv. Any wizard in Hogwarts would be lucky to go out with you."

Parvati only managed a weak smile in return as she wiped her eyes and sucked in a deep breath. "Except for the one I really want. I guess I can understand it, though. I mean, he's Harry Potter. He could be with any witch in the world. Why would he want me?"

Lavender opened her mouth to respond, but she was interrupted by Harry rushing back down the stairs. He was hiding something under his arm that they couldn't quite make out.

"Ready to go, Parvati?" Harry asked with a nervous grin on his face.

"Yeah, sure Harry." Parvati nodded, resolute to just get this over with.

"Great. Lavender, Seamus, if you wouldn't mind, could you turn your backs to us? This is something I'd kind of like to keep secret."

Seamus immediately did as Harry asked. Lavender eyed Harry suspiciously, but eventually nodded and turned her back as well. Wordlessly, Harry held his hand out, a silent request to Parvati. Parvati nodded and placed her hand in Harry's.

Harry grinned and pulled his Invisibility Cloak out from under his arm, pulling it over the two of them. Parvati nearly gasped in surprise as Harry wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him, their bodies touching. He held his finger to his lips in a silent instruction, and whispered, "Just stay close to me and be as quiet as possible." Parvati was thoroughly confused, but nevertheless nodded her head in understanding.

Without another word, Harry began to slowly lead them out of the portrait and into the corridors. They slowly and quietly made their way through the halls, each silently reveling in the feel of their bodies pressing against each other due to the lack of space underneath the cloak.

Their plan was nearly ruined when they turned a corner and narrowly avoided a head-on collision with Ginny Weasley and Neville Longbottom. They didn't actually collide with the other pair, but involuntarily made a noise, and Ginny looked around in confusion.

"Did you hear something, Neville?"

"Um, no, no I didn't. But Ginny, since we're getting really close to the common room, there's something I've been wanting to do all night, and even though I'm not sure how you're going to react to it, I'm going to give it a shot anyway." Neville leaned in and shocked the redhead by kissing her on the lips, making her forget about the noise.

Harry took the opportunity to move on, urging Parvati forward. Eventually, they reached a lone classroom at the end of a hallway that was obviously not in use, and Harry ushered Parvati inside the room.

Once they were both in the room and the door was shut behind them, Harry slipped the cloak off and stepped away from Parvati. "There; this hallway seems to have been forgotten by everyone at Hogwarts, the staff included. Ron, Hermione and I have made good use of it since we found it earlier this year."

Parvati smiled in spite of the butterflies in her stomach. "The three of you are always up to something, aren't you? Honestly, I've always been kind of jealous of Hermione."

"Why would you be jealous of her?" Harry asked, legitimately confused as to what Hermione had that would make Parvati jealous.

Parvati blushed and looked to the floor. "Well, you know...I mean, she's really the only girl in Hogwarts that you ever really talk to."

"She's also the only girl in Hogwarts who's ever really seemed to be able to see me as just Harry, not Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived. Most of the guys are like that too, really. It can get really annoying when people feel like they know everything about you without ever even talking to you. Like this whole thing with the Tri-Wizard tournament. Most of the school seemed to think that I figured out a way around the age restrictions and entered the tournament to try and draw attention to myself. But I've never asked for any of this. I didn't ask to grow up without parents, I didn't ask for this scar on my forehead, I didn't ask for..." Harry abruptly stopped as he felt Parvati's hand on his shoulder.

"I know I never told you this, but I believed you, Harry. I've noticed before how uncomfortable you get when people stare at your scar, or just at you. You never ask to be treated any differently than anyone else. I know that you don't really like all the attention that you get because of your childhood, so when you said that you had no idea how your name got in the Goblet of Fire, I believed you."

Harry's cheeks colored slightly at Parvati's words. "Thanks, Parvati. It's nice to know there's someone else here who sees me as something besides an attention-starved glory hound." He hesitated for a moment before continuing on, "But if you believed me, why didn't you tell me that? For a while there, even Ron and I weren't speaking. I could've used another friend. It would've really meant a lot to me if you'd let me know how you felt."

Parvati abruptly broke eye contact at Harry's question. She stared at her shoes for a long moment and let out a deep, shaky breath before attempting to answer him. "I've always wanted to tell you how I felt, but I could never work up the courage," she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

"What do you mean? If you knew that I was just a regular person and not some larger than life personality like everybody else seems to think, why would you need courage to talk to me?"

Parvati was silent for some time before she finally looked up and met Harry's eyes. Harry noticed, to his horror that she was nearly in tears. Bloody brilliant, Potter. Now you're about to make her cry.

"Because, Harry. Even though you'd like to be just a normal fourteen-year-old wizard at Hogwarts, you're not. You're someone special. And it's not because you survived a Killing Curse from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named when you were just a baby. You're special just by being you. Regardless of how people treat you, if anyone at Hogwarts needed your help, you'd drop everything to help them. Well, maybe not Draco."

Harry chuckled, and Parvati smiled briefly before continuing. "You're the best Seeker Hogwarts has seen in a century. You might be the best ever. Most boys your age would let that go to their head, but not you. You're just as modest and shy as you were on our very first day here at Hogwarts. I have to confess, Harry, that I wasn't much different from everyone else here before that first day. After hearing so much about you growing up, I couldn't help but have certain expectations about you and your life before ever even meeting you. But I looked at you really closely at the Welcoming Feast, and I saw that you were nothing like what I had thought."

Parvati was silent after that, and Harry tried to figure out how to respond to everything she had said. All of her compliments had him feeling better about himself than he had in some time.

"That', Parvati. I don't think anyone's ever said something like that to me. Thank you, even though I'm not sure I deserve it."

Parvati shook her head adamantly. "You do, Harry. You're such an amazing person, even if you don't see it. And I know I'm not the only person who notices. Cho is absolutely crazy not to see how lucky she is that you have feelings for her."

Harry blushed bright red. "Merlin, was it that obvious?" he asked with a sheepish grin on his face.

"Sorry, Harry, but yes, it was. I'm sorry you had to see her and Cedric together at the Ball tonight; I'm sure that was hard for you."

"I thought it would be. But honestly, Parvati? It didn't even affect me."

Parvati offered a tight smile. "Yes it did, Harry, and that's OK. You were obviously distracted tonight, and..."

Harry shook his head adamantly and interrupted her. "Parvati, I know I wasn't all there tonight, and I'm really sorry about that. But I promise you it had nothing to do with Cho."

"Then what was it, Harry?" Parvati asked, confusion evident on her face.

"Honestly, Parvati?" At her nod, he continued. "It was you. Seeing you in those dress robes, it're really beautiful." Parvati's jaw dropped and she looked back at Harry with wide eyes. Parvati's lack of verbal response shook Harry, and he stammered on nervously. "I mean, um, you've always been beautiful, of course, but I guess until tonight I didn't really realize...I mean, I saw you in those robes, and...I realized you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. And it made me nervous. How could someone that beautiful want to go to the Ball with me? I got afraid, and I wasn't a very good date."

Parvati continued to stare at Harry, astonished, and he scrambled to try and find a way out of this situation. "Hey, um, I'm really sorry if you don't feel like..."

Harry's words were cut off as Parvati suddenly launched herself at him. Harry gasped as Parvati's slim body came into contact with his, her arms twining around his neck and her lips meeting his. Harry stood rock-still, in absolute shock and unsure how to react as Parvati moved her lips against his, and ran her hands through his hair. Hesitantly, he reached out and placed his hands at her sides. She didn't seem to mind that, so Harry slowly started moving his hands, rubbing her sides through the silky material of her dress robes. Parvati responded by slipping her tongue out and running it across Harry's lips, while her grip on his hair tightened.

Harry parted his lips, and Parvati wasted no time in slipping her tongue into his mouth. The forward behavior of the beautiful Indian girl spurred Harry on, and his hands continued their exploration of her lithe form, moving around and rubbing her back. His hands continued to drop lower, but Harry froze as his hands came into contact with the top of her butt. As Parvati's hands relinquished their grip on his hair, Harry was afraid that he might have taken things too far. But Parvati answered his fears by reaching down and pushing his hands lower, so they were cupping her bottom fully. Harry took the hint, massaging and squeezing her ass as they continued their passionate kiss. Parvati moaned into his mouth and leapt up, wrapping her legs around his waist. Harry felt lightheaded as the intense kiss continued. Between the lusty kiss and the feel of his hands on her ass, Harry couldn't get enough of the lovely Gryffindor girl.

Parvati slowly broke the kiss and unwrapped her legs from around Harry's waist, slipping out of his arms and placing her feet back on solid ground. Harry sighed, believing that the most surreal and incredible experience of his life had come to an end. To his confusion, Parvati slowly sunk down onto her knees on the floor in front of him. He gasped in surprise as Parvati's hand cupped his semi-erect cock through his dress robes and began rubbing it.

"Parvati, what...what are you doing?" Harry panted.

"I'm taking this to the next level, Harry," Parvati replied, beaming up at him from her knees as she continued to rub him. "Now take off your robes, so I can do this properly."

Parvati scooted back to give Harry some space, and he quickly shed his dress robes, his mind a lust-addled haze. He tossed the robes to the floor, leaving him in only his boxers. Parvati grinned at the sight of his hard member straining to escape from his underwear.

"That's good, Harry. I'll take it from here." Parvati hooked her hands in the waistband of Harry's boxers and yanked them down, allowing Harry to absentmindedly step out of them and fling them aside with his feet. Parvati eyed Harry's exposed penis, silently scrutinizing it. Harry gulped, his heart threatening to pound out of his chest as he waited for Parvati to make her next move.

"Very impressive, Harry," Parvati said earnestly. "I mean, I've never actually seen one or anything, but you're as big as I've always imagined you to be..."

That got Harry's attention. "You've...thought about this before?"

Parvati blushed and stared at the ground. "Well...yeah. I've been attracted to you for a long time, Harry. But I'd pretty much given up hope of you ever returning my feelings once you started drooling over Cho."

Harry reached down and cupped her chin, forcing her to look back up at him. "Well, good thing for both of us that Cho went to the ball with Cedric. Because, even though I completely bollixed up the dance itself, I also realised just how bloody amazing you are."

Harry was rewarded with a bright smile. "Let's see how bloody amazing this is, Potter," she said with a smirk. With that, she reached out and gripped Harry's shaft, wrapping her hand around it lightly at first, not wanting to grip too hard. She gradually applied more pressure, looking up at Harry and listening closely for any signs of discomfort. Not hearing anything beyond his deep, panting breaths and seeing nothing except bliss and amazement on his face, she started slowly moving her hand down his shaft. Harry exhaled sharply and let out a deep moan, which encouraged Parvati to speed up, moving her hand up and down Harry's throbbing member at a steady pace.

Harry's eyes threatened to roll back in his head; this was the most amazing thing he'd ever felt. He had, of course, masturbated himself quite a few times. But as Parvati's smooth hand jerked up and down on his rod, he realized that his own attempts were nothing in comparison.

"My god, Parvati," he groaned. "That feels fantastic."

"Really, Potter?" she questioned teasingly, giving his cock another firm jerk before running her thumb over the head lightly, drawing another moan from her longtime crush. "We haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet."

Harry was about to ask just what she meant by "the good stuff", but she answered that question for him by opening her mouth and licking his member, using her tongue to tease his sensitive head before shifting her efforts lower, bathing his manhood as she licked him from tip to base. Harry groaned loudly, as despite her inexperience, Parvati seemed to really know what she was doing. Parvati gently cupped Harry's testicles in her hand, taking care not to squeeze them excessively. Harry struggled to maintain his composure as Parvati began tickling his balls gently. He looked down at Parvati, who stared back at him with pure lust in her eyes. Her eyes never leaving his, Parvati stopped licking Harry's length and parted her lips, taking the head into her mouth.

Parvati gradually worked more and more of Harry's prick into her mouth, the gossiping that she had done with her dorm mates paying off as she made use of every tip and trick she had picked up. Harry's hands instinctively went into Parvati's silky, gold-plaited hair as she sucked and slurped on his rod. In his ecstasy, Harry accidentally tugged on one of Parvati's braids, and she pulled back with a wince, letting Harry's dick fall out of her mouth with a pop. Realizing what he had done, Harry took a couple of deep breaths to calm his racing heart before he tried to apologize.

"I'm...sorry, Parvati. I didn't mean to, it just felt so...amazing."

The pain having passed, Parvati smiled at the apologetic look on Harry's face. "It's fine, Harry, don't worry about it. Just try to be a bit more careful." Seeing Harry about to apologize once again, Parvati caught him off guard by surging forward and engulfing his prick in her mouth, almost getting his entire length inside in one fell swoop. The look on Harry's face confirmed that this felt extremely good, so Parvati went to work. She bobbed her head up and down his cock rapidly, her hands reaching around and grabbing onto Harry's ass, holding him steady as she sucked him.

"Oh, feels so good," Harry got out, before he let out a loud groan. Encouraged by Harry's grunts and groans, Parvati continued to increase her speed, her intricate hairdo threatening to come undone as she put all of her focus into pleasuring Harry.

Parvati continued to bob her head up and down on Harry's member rapidly, as Harry's hands rested atop her head, careful not to pull or tug at the braids. Parvati's warm mouth sucking him, and her skillful tongue licking and slurping took its toll on the Boy-Who-Lived. Harry had masturbated enough to feel the end approaching, and, not knowing whether or not a mouthful of his cum would be appreciated, he decided Parvati needed to be warned.

"Oh, fuck...Parvati, I'm close," he panted, sweat trickling down his forehead. Parvati promptly stopped her breathtaking blowjob. She pulled her mouth off of Harry's cock and scooted back before getting off of her knees, standing up and shaking out her sore leg muscles. Harry watched with a mixture of gratefulness and frustration. He certainly appreciated what Parvati had just done for him, but at the same time, he couldn't help but be a bit flustered at being brought so close to the edge, only to stop. Nevertheless, it had been the most amazing experience of his life, and he hoped that, if he made sure to thank Parvati for the pleasure, maybe she'd be willing to do it again someday.

"Parvati, that was incredible," he said, his breathing not quite returned to normal yet. "Thank you so much for doing that for me."

Parvati cocked an eyebrow at him in response. "Oh, we're not done yet, Potter," Parvati said, reaching out to stop Harry from putting his boxers back on.

"Err...what do you mean, Parvati?" Harry asked, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "Umm...did you want me to return the favor or something?"

"Maybe some other time, Harry. But I'm too bloody horny for that right now. Right now, I want to fuck."

Harry's jaw dropped at Parvati's blunt statement. "Are you...serious?"

"Absolutely. Unless you're...saving yourself for someone else?" Parvati questioned, suddenly worried that Harry might not like her enough to give her his first time.

Realizing that Parvati had misinterpreted what he meant, Harry rushed to reassure her. "No, not at all! I didn't mean it like that, Parvati! I'd love to...go all the way with you, if that's what you want. I just wanted to make sure that this is what you want. I mean, the first time is supposed to be really memorable, right? Do you really want to waste that on someone like me? And what if I screw up? I don't want to disappoint you..."

Parvati smiled and patted Harry's cheek affectionately. "Ah, Harry Potter: always so humble. I think that's one of the things I like most about you, to be honest. You don't even realize how wonderful you are, and it's just so adorable." Harry's cheeks flushed at Parvati's words, which made her smile grow wider.

"Giving myself to you is hardly a "waste", Harry. I've been dreaming of this moment for years. Hearing you call me beautiful earlier was something I'd never allowed myself to hope for once you started showing interest in Cho. You mean the world to me, honestly. You have for a long time; I was just too afraid to show it. I'm ready for this, Harry. I want this...I want you. So, the question is, do you want me?"

Harry nodded, a goofy grin on his face. "Hell yes I do!"

Parvati giggled at his enthusiasm. "Well then, quit trying to talk me out of it, and let me get naked!" And with that, Parvati began undressing. Harry watched in fascination as she slowly removed her fancy pink dress robes, taking her time and giving Harry a show. Harry's eyes grew large as her lacy pink bra was exposed, and stayed that way as her flat stomach was revealed, inch by inch. He was riveted as the robes slipped further down, and he got a glimpse of Parvati's slender legs for the first time. Parvati inched the robes down her legs, and allowed them to hit the floor. She stood in front of Harry, clad in only her matching lacy pink bra and panties.

Harry gaped at her flawless half-naked form, soaking in her smooth, delicious-looking skin, her long legs, and her breasts, which, while not yet fully developed, were impressive in size for a girl her age. He reached out, hand shaking, and tentatively cupped her right breast. Parvati cooed in response, and Harry, encouraged, took her left breast into his other hand. Harry experimentally rolled Parvati's breasts with his palms, causing her to gasp and lean forward, resting her head on his shoulder.

Part of Harry would have been content to spend hours marveling at the feel of Parvati's bra-encased breasts in his hands, but his aching erection urged him to move on. His gaze went lower, to her matching pink panties. As Harry got a closer look, he noticed a prominent wet spot around Parvati's crotch. His eyes glued to the spot, he slowly ran a finger along the wet spot, causing Parvati to shiver and cry out.

"Don't tease, Harry," Parvati moaned. "Let me get this damn underwear off before you drive me insane."

Harry reluctantly moved his hand away from Parvati's crotch, and gave her some space. Parvati hurriedly unhooked her bra and tossed it across the room. Harry's eyes bugged out as he saw his first set of naked female breasts. Sure, he'd seen naked women in magazines, but that was a pale imitation of the real thing. While his eyes locked on Parvati's breasts hungrily, she slipped her panties down her legs and to the floor. She looked at Harry's face, wanting to see his reaction, but realized that his gaze hadn't left her breasts.

"Harry," Parvati began, amused.

"Huh?" Harry replied absently, his eyes not moving from her bare breasts.

"Are you going to stare at my breasts all day?"

Harry finally broke out of his trance, his eyes tearing away from Parvati's breasts and meeting her face. "Sorry," he stammered, blushing madly. "It's just...they're so..."

"It's fine, Harry. I'm glad you like them so much," Parvati assured him, grinning at his embarrassment. "But, while you were staring at my boobs, I happened to take my panties off. Maybe you'll find something even more interesting if you look down there."

Harry's eyes widened and his mouth opened involuntarily, as he honestly hadn't been aware that Parvati had removed her panties. His gaze traveled down her body, taking in her lovely breasts and flat stomach again before resting on her smooth, hairless pussy.

"Merlin," Harry whispered, awed. He gawked at Parvati's beautiful pussy, already glistening with her arousal. Harry reached out to touch her, but checked himself.

"Can I..." he trailed off, not able to formulate the words.

"Yes, you may, Harry. Just be quick. I'm not sure how much longer I can wait."

Harry slowly extended his hand, lightly brushing Parvati's core with his finger. Parvati jerked and moaned, and Harry felt her wetness coat his finger. Harry ran his finger along her slit before cautiously slipping it between her lower lips and into her folds. Parvati cried out and thrust her hips forward, impaling herself on Harry's intruding finger.

"Oh...Harry, that feels great. Keep going..."

Harry did as requested, moving his finger inside Parvati's walls as she squirmed. His other hand went higher, cupping a bare breast and tweaking her sensitive nipple gently. Parvati gasped and grabbed onto Harry's hair, pulling his head to her breast. Taking the hint, Harry ran his tongue across Parvati's nipple before taking the hardened nub into his mouth.

"Fuck, Harry...where'd you learn how to do that so well?" Parvati asked, moaning as the dual stimulus of Harry's finger in her pussy and his mouth on her nipple driving her insane.

Harry pulled his mouth off of Parvati's breast to answer. "Ron nicked some dirty magazines from the twins' room at The Burrow. Hope I'm doing it right." He prepared to resume his oral assault on her nipple, but Parvati blocked him off. Harry frowned at Parvati in confusion, so she decided to explain.

"As good as that feels...I don't want any more foreplay, Harry. Let's have sex."

Harry nodded, gently removing his finger from Parvati's dripping pussy. He was more than willing to comply with Parvati's wish, but he had no idea at how to proceed.

" do you want to do this, Parvati? There's not a bed or anything, so..."

"One second, Harry," Parvati said. She grabbed her wand and muttered an incantation Harry had never heard. He looked at her curiously, so she explained. "It's a birth control charm, Harry. They teach it to every girl at Hogwarts."

"Ah," Harry replied, relieved that she had known how to protect herself, because it hadn't even occurred to him. "So..."

Parvati chuckled at Harry's obvious discomfort before deciding to take pity on him. "We don't need a bed, Harry; we can do it standing up." She walked over and placed her hands on the professor's desk, bending over with her ass towards Harry. "This should be good enough for now. Take me, Harry," Parvati said urgently.

Harry scrambled to do as the lovely witch asked, quickly moving into position behind her and placing his hands on her hips. He rubbed his length against her slit, causing both of them to moan in pleasure. Harry repeated the action a few times, enjoying the feel of his hard rod sliding against Parvati's dripping entrance.

"No more teasing, Harry," Parvati begged. "Put it inside!"

Harry did just that, using his hand to guide his dick inside Parvati's pussy. He groaned as her virgin walls squeezed him, making it a very tight fit. Harry slowly worked more of his length inside of her, breathing heavily as he grit his teeth and pushed into the beautiful Indian witch inch-by-inch.

"Oh shit...Harry, that's awesome. Keep going."

Harry grunted in concentration as he continued to revel in the feeling of being inside a girl for the very first time. He kept pushing until, finally, he managed to get his entire length inside of Parvati's silky folds. Parvati bit her lip to keep from shouting out as Harry slowly pulled almost all the way out, before pushing back in. Suddenly, something he'd read in one of the twins' dirty magazines came to him.

"Hey Parvati, why didn't I have to pop your cherry?"

The panting Parvati sucked in a couple of deep breaths before responding. "I broke it myself, with my wand. Wanted to make my first time more pleasurable. Now, keep going."

Harry nodded to himself, running his hands over her firm ass cheeks as he started moving again. He continued to push in and out of Parvati's tight opening slowly and deliberately, not wanting to hurt her.

"Don't be afraid to go faster, Harry. If it starts hurting, I'll let you know."

Harry did as Parvati said, picking up speed as he began moving faster. He started thrusting his hips, pounding into Parvati with increasing force as he listened for any signs of discomfort. Hearing only moans and pants coming from Parvati, Harry continued to thrust his hips hard and fast, the desk starting to shake from the force of his thrusts. Harry's hips bounced off of Parvati's ass with each thrust, much to her delight.

"Hell yeah, Harry! Just like that!"

Harry started hammering into Parvati with even more force, driven by her words, her lusty moans, and the indescribable feeling of his prick pounding in and out of Parvati's tight passage over and over. His right hand momentarily left Parvati's ass, only to come right back down, as he lightly swatted her rump with his palm.

"YES, Harry! Spank me!" Parvati requested in a near shout.

With Parvati's encouragement, Harry continued to spank her buttocks, not smacking her ass hard enough to hurt her, but just hard enough to get Parvati's engine even more revved up. Harry never let up, pistoning in and out of Parvati's snatch, and mixing in the occasional spank. Parvati sobbed in lust as the boy of her dreams pounded into her pussy relentlessly, making her fantasies come true. She was loving every second of it, but, knowing Harry couldn't possibly last much longer, she decided to switch things up.

"Stop, Harry," she panted, having to raise her voice to be heard above the sounds of their lovemaking. Harry obediently stopped his thrusting, and pulled out of Parvati's tight canal with a groan. Parvati pushed herself off of the table, brushing some sweat off of her forehead as she turned around to look at the Boy-Who-Lived.

Harry stood in front of her, looking sweaty and adorably disheveled as he tried to bring himself back from the brink. Parvati grinned at Harry, who had his eyes closed and seemed to be off in his own little world. Parvati silently reached out and took Harry's rock hard dick into her hand. Harry's eyes flew open as Parvati's hand stroked him slowly and deliberately.

"Sorry I stopped you when you were so close, Harry," Parvati said, still stroking his cock. "But I wanted to be able to see your face as you came inside of me."

Harry groaned as Parvati's hand continued to jerk him off. "If you want me to come inside you, you better stop doing that with your hand," Harry warned. Parvati grinned and stopped, pulling her hand off of his member.

"OK then, Potter. I let you control things before; now it's my turn. Lay down on the desk."

Harry obeyed, lying on his back on the professor's desk and watching intently as Parvati straddled him. Parvati wasted no time in raising her hips and slipping Harry's rod past her cunt lips before sitting down and impaling herself on his stiff cock. Both Harry and Parvati groaned as she quickly worked into a rhythm, bouncing up and down steadily.

Parvati ran her hands along Harry's chest, loving the feel of his light chest hair underneath her palms as she rode him. As Parvati continued to ride him, Harry explored her bouncing body with his hands. He ran his hands up her flat stomach and cupped her jiggling breasts.

" like my breasts, Potter?" Parvati growled at him as she put even more effort into her bouncing, her lower half bouncing off of Harry's and creating a smacking sound that reverberated throughout the room. Harry did not respond to her question verbally, instead making his appreciation for her chest clear by continuing to reverently tease her sensitive nipples with his fingers.

Though he could have been quite happy to spend the rest of the night playing with Parvati's lovely breasts, Harry decided to let his hands continue their exploration. After taking another trip down Parvati's tummy and pausing for a moment to admire her hips, Harry's hands moved to her other side, quickly settling on her butt. Harry took Parvati's firm cheeks into his hands, caressing and massaging them before grabbing hold, helping Parvati put even more force into her bounces.

Parvati threw her head back and let out a loud moan as, with the assistance of Harry's hands on her ass, she slammed herself down on his cock harder and faster. Her furious pace, combined with Harry's obvious enthusiasm, led to a familiar feeling building from deep within Parvati-familiar, but far more intense than ever before.

"Oh, Merlin...Harry, I'm close. Are you close?" she panted.

"Ye...yeah," Harry said breathlessly. "Should I pull out?" Harry questioned as the sweat fogging his glasses made it difficult for him to see.

"Don't you dare, Potter!" Parvati hissed. "You're cumming inside me! Just hold out as long as you can...fuck, I'm so close!"

Harry could feel his explosion approaching, but he did his best to hold back and allow Parvati to find her own pleasure. He tightened his grip on Parvati's ass and grit his teeth, straining to hold on as long as possible. Parvati's moans grew louder and her bouncing became even more rapid as she came closer and closer to reaching her breaking point.

"Oh shit...yes, Harry! FUCK!" Parvati shouted, losing all control as she dropped into Harry's lap one final time. Harry instinctively sat up, pulling Parvati's body to him in an embrace as she experienced a mind-blowing orgasm. Parvati rested her head on Harry's shoulder and jammed her knuckles in her mouth to keep from screaming out at the top of her lungs. Harry closed his eyes in concentration as Parvati's already tight pussy walls became even tighter, squeezing down on his cock like a vise as she coated him with her juices.

Parvati exhaled deeply as she finally rode out her climax, her mind-numbing ecstasy gradually wearing off and her mind returning to a sense of normalcy. She brushed Harry's sweat-soaked hair away from his eyes and placed a tender kiss on his forehead. As she gazed at him affectionately, she saw that his eyes were closed in concentration, and suddenly she realized that Harry had not yet reached his own climax.

"Harry, why didn't you finish?"

He shrugged as best he could with her body pressed against him. "As long as you're happy, it doesn't matter to me."

She grinned and licked his neck, making him shiver. "That's sweet, Harry. But I want you to finish."

Harry nodded, tightening his hug on Parvati and laying her on the desk. He was still buried deep inside of her, and he started thrusting, ignoring the tiredness in his body in order to reach his end. Knowing that he didn't have much time left, Harry pushed into Parvati hard and fast, his hips slamming into her as he buried his face in the crook of her neck. Parvati ran her hands through Harry's hair and murmured to him, encouraging him to finish.

"That's it, Harry...slam that big cock into me. Give me everything you've got, Harry!"

Harry picked up the pace, rattling the desk as he put all his remaining energy into his final thrusts. He began moaning softly, and Parvati used her grip on his hair to pull his face away from her neck.

"I want to look into your eyes when you shoot your cum inside me," she whispered. "Now do it, Harry. Cum for me."

Harry let out a sharp grunt before driving his hips forward, ramming his cock into Parvati's pussy one last time. He locked eyes with Parvati, his pleasure and joy obvious to her as she saw his blazing look. Harry's cum started shooting into Parvati's canal, and she paused to take in the strange (but not unpleasant) sensation. She grinned at the look of bliss on his face, and brought his face down to hers, bringing his lips to hers in a steamy kiss.

They continued to make out as the last of Harry's seed left him, and his pleasure subsided. They reluctantly broke apart due to lack of air, and Harry pulled his now-flaccid penis out of Parvati's pussy with a sigh. Parvati sat in Harry's lap and wrapped her arms around him, snuggling into Harry's bare chest as he returned her hug.

"That was awesome, Harry. Thank you so much for sharing your first time with me."

"Are you bloody serious?" Harry asked, disbelieving. "I should be thanking you! That was great! I still don't think I'm worthy of it, but thank you so much for giving your first time to me."

Parvati chuckled. "You're more than worthy, Harry. And not because you're the Boy-Who-Lived, or you're in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, or anything like that. I gave myself to you because you are a kind, caring, selfless person, who always does what he can to help people who are in trouble. Plus, not to mention, you're the most handsome wizard in all of Hogwarts." Harry blushed at Parvati's compliments, but did not try to object.

Parvati was utterly content. She felt completely at home wrapped in Harry's arms, and if it were up to her, she would never move from this spot as long as she lived. But she knew that it was getting very late, and they needed to be getting back to the Gryffindor common room. She slowly extracted herself from Harry's grip and moved off of the desk, gathering up her clothes.

Harry frowned as Parvati started cleaning herself up. He was afraid that, once they left this room, they'd go back to their previous, distantly friendly relationship.

"Well...guess we should be getting back, huh?" Parvati said, not looking at Harry.

"Yeah...I suppose," Harry responded, dejected that Parvati refused to look at him. "Parvati, do you...regret what we just did?"

Parvati's head whipped around as she finally looked Harry in the eyes again. "No! Of course not! Why would you even think that?!"

"Well, it's seem pretty down."

Parvati looked down at the ground. "Yeah. I'm just...I had such a great time with you, Harry. Not just the sex. Being around you was great. I've always wanted to get to know you better. I guess I'm just afraid that, once tonight is over, we'll go back to the way things used to be. And I don't think I could take that."

Harry sighed in relief. "If that's all it is, then stop worrying. Because I don't want to go back to that, either. I enjoyed this too, Parvati. So few people see me as Harry. Just Harry, not the Boy-Who-Lived, or some sideshow freak. I could use another friend. And if you want to be...more than that, well...I'd like that, too."

Parvati beamed at him. "Harry Potter, did you just ask me to be your girlfriend?"

Harry blushed and rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "Well...yeah. I mean...if you want, that is. Obviously, if you don't want to do that, well..."

Parvati silenced Harry by pressing her lips to his. She kissed him tenderly before separating. "I'd love to, Harry."


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