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Harry Potter: For The Honour Of The Slytherin
by JoanDoe

Draco twitched and jerked as the silver fire burned his body. The magic blast
went straight and true from Hermione's wand to his chest. She ended the
spell. Draco dropped limply to his knees, shaking and pained. His own wand
had jerked from his hand to land uselessly nearby.

"Won't you ever learn, Malfoy?"

He managed a sneer, and called her a mudblood. Hermione raised her wand. Spat
silver fire. Draco pissed his school pants as the magic flowed through him.
She stopped the attack.

"Anything else?"

Malfoy was silent. Satisfied, Hermione haughtily jogged off to rejoin her
closest friends without pausing even to laugh. She wondered why he bothered.

Malfoy's shaking fingers groped for his dropped wand. His cheeks burned red
with shame, with rage. He felt the hot wet stain in his trousers and smelled
his shame. It took him back to wetting the bed as a child and the punishment
beatings he received. He was a Malfoy, scion of the greatest magical family
ever. Better than any old Potter Trash. She... Granger... was a mudblood
whore. Just uppity filth getting above itself.

He stood up slowly, piss dripping down the inside of his school trousers. He
couldn't believe she'd hit him with a spell that made him wet himself! It
made him so damned angry. He began to formulate a plan to get her back. She'd
won every other time, but this was it... this time he was going to get her...

He used his magic to clean his shame, and set about his new scheme.

Two days passed, schemes were schemed, plots were plotted, everything was
carried through as best Malfoy could.

The laughter sounded from all around. The Gryffindors laughed loudest, of
course, but students from other houses laughed too. Everyone! Everyone was
pointing and laughing! Draco cowered, naked, in a fresh pool of his own piss.

Granger had defeated him again! Made him wet his pants again! And
'accidently' caused his uniform to be destroyed so he was left naked in front
of the entire hall. His face was near purple with rage and humiliation in
stark contrast to his blonde hair.

He heard taunts and shouting amongst the laughter. Some creep asking if he
thought it was really cold in the hall. It couldn't go on! It didn't!

"That is ENOUGH," Professor Snape's voice quietened the hall instantly. "This
is an OUTRAGE, this BLATANT misuse of magic. Malfoy, you are a disgrace to
Slytherin house. Miss Granger..." Snape continued, berating the students,
ordering the hall emptied. Finally, he was left alone with the cowering

"Your family's reputation and power come from a resourcefulness and
ruthlessness that you do not appear to possess, Malfoy. You have been at this
school now, under my tuition and surrounded by your peers, and yet each and
every time you lose. Where is the cunning a Slytherin should possess? You
have ambition, and that's it. It is my intention to speak to your father
about whether you are truly suitable for Hogwarts."

Draco retrieved his wand; once again blasted from his hand, taking in the
words Snape spoke. To be expelled from Hogwarts after this latest shaming at
the hands of the mudblood would be unbearable. Even Snape, who usually found
reason to side with Slytherin students in all matters hadn't helped him this

"The mudblood is just TOO powerful!"

Snape looked down his nose at the naked pupil, and Draco saw utter contempt
in the glare. The way Hermione looked at him.

"Cunning. Resourcefulness. Tell me, Draco, how would a cunning and
resourceful individual deal with a problem? Do you think, perhaps, that
trying variations on the same nonsense over and over will have the same
effect? Perhaps the way to defeat your foe is to try a different tack

"What do you mean?"

Professor Snape gave a few suggestions. Draco Malfoy listened in growing
wonder to the Hogwarts potions master outlined tactics and ideas he'd never
even considered.

At the end he started to thank the professor profusely for his help. Snape
cut him off.

"I do not give you this advice to help you, Malfoy. I do it for Slytherin
house. Lose again, and you will be gone forever from this institution. You
know how well your father tolerates failure; he will agree."

Malfoy went away and schemed Professor Snape's scheme. There was a lot more
success this time as the rich rewards of revenge were worked.

Crabbe, Goyle, Warrington, Montague. This was a job that Draco felt he needed
his most loyal allies for. The girls, Parkinson and Bulstrode, while they
might be of use and would surely enjoy it didn't seem to be of any use to
Draco's mind. They'd all been there, all seen Draco's humiliation. Ever since
the whole school had been mocking Slytherins rather than treating them with
the respect they felt they deserved.

They were all eager to tear down Hermione's cocky attitude, destroy one of
Gryffindor's best and brightest. They were all also sixteen year old school
boys, hormones raging, who fancied something easier on the eyes than Milicent

There was a thick rug laid on the floor of the dusty old stone room. Light
streamed in through the stained glass windows. Stored boxes had all been
pushed to the sides of the room. There was only entrance, a thick wooden door
enchanted in ancient times so that even if a volcano were to somehow explode
within the store room, there would be no sign of it outside.

The interior of the room was magically inert; no magic at all worked within
its walls. Some of the boxes contained items that, were they not suppressed
by the enchantment in the walls, would be dangerously unstable.

The five boys were naked except for their Slytherin ties which hung loosely
about their necks and their socks and shoes. They stood back against the
wall, on either side of the door, waiting for it to open.

Crabbe and Goyle were similar in appearance. Both over six feet tall, grossly
overweight, surrounded by a vaguely unpleasant smell. Crabbe was perhaps the
fattest, at close to 300 pounds a dangerous weight, even for an apparently
fully grown sixteen year old. Goyle had put on more weight recently, and
might soon catch up.

Malfoy, Warrington and Montague were all in much better physical shape,
serving their time on the Slytherin Quidditch team with distinction.
Warrington had dark hair, while Montague was a redheaded boy.

With what seemed to be considerable effort, Crabbe spoke, "What's the plan

Draco rolled his eyes, resting his forehead against the wall. The plan was
simple. A special potion of Snapes would bring Hermione down to the room. It
was so carefully designed that she would actually allay all suspicion and
ensure she came alone. The potion had been slipped into one of her sixteenth
birthday presents. Then when she was trapped in the room they would overpower
her physically - five boys against one magic-less girl - and deal with her
according to Proffessor Snape's muggle world suggestions and Draco's own wish
for revenge for her making him wet himself.

The final part was afterwards, when she would be taken out into the corridor
again - force fed a second potion, and sent back to her friends. The effects
of this potion would complete the scheme.

However, all Draco said in reply was "The plan is you shut up and I'll tell
you what to do."

The fat boy grunted.

There was a squeak of footsteps in the corridor outside. The boys tensed up
in anticipation. Hermione had enjoyed her birthday party; she'd eaten and
drunk and after a while realised she'd somehow forgotten a matter of great
urgency. She had to go down to the forgotten store and retrieve a tome with
details on a Voldemort prophecy which she'd... yes, she'd read about it in
the library. The momentary uncertainty and sense of unrealness passed as she
stopped before the storeroom door, and then pushed it open.

The boys felt their cocks stiffen as the sixteen year old witch walked into
the storeroom. She wore her usual uniform as well as a party hat held on with
a band. A few steps into the room she stopped and blinked; the effects of the
potion were gone, she could no longer remember why she'd come down to this
ratty old storeroom.

Malfoy and Montague pushed the door closed behind her; Montague turned the
key in the lock, tugged it loose, and threw it across the room.

Hermione span around to see the five Slytherins. She was shocked by their
near nakedness and obvious maleness. She'd never even seen a naked boy
before. There was something new in their expressions, too. Hermione was
used to casual cruelty, but now there was a hungriness.

The young witch whipped out her wand.

"Oh no, boys. She's got a wand." Draco didn't sound scared.

Hermione tried a devastating curse. Then another. There was no magic - not
even the sense of magic. She tried again, and again. Shaking the wand,
flicking her eyes to where the key had gone. The five boys formed a rough
circle around her, as if they stood on the points of a pentagram.

"This is cunning, Granger. This is resourcefulness. Purely wizardly tactics
just haven't worked against you, so we're introducing some muggle ideas.
There's no magic that can work in this room... none at all. This means that
we Slytherin can do whatever we want with you. Happy Birthday!"

Hermione opened her mouth to spit abuse, but was stopped when Draco hit her
as hard as he possibly could in it. Malfoy popped her right in the face,
knocking her back against Crabbe's sweaty body. He Crabbed her arms and
pulled them tightly back.

The witch spat blood and teeth, but even through the pain in her jaw she
could feel Crabbe's hardcock through her skirt... they were going to...

Malfoy shook his hand. Hitting Hermione had hurt it much more than he had
expected, and it drove him to new heights of rage. He kicked hard, slamming
his shoe between Hermione's legs. Her pained scream sounded loudly around
the small room, and it was only Crabbe's hands on her arms that kept her from
falling over. The girl's head hung forward; she wept at her helplessness.

Draco pulled off her Birthday hat and tossed it aside. The others closed in;
Crabbe released his grip on her arms and Crabbed the bottom of her top. He
pulled it up over her quickly, causing Hermione to slump to her knees. It
smeared the blood from her mouth onto her face, while more dropped onto her
white blouse.

"Hold her down!" Malfoy ordered, watching as his four allies secured
Hermione's arms and legs. She struggled, despite the ache in her crotch and
the pain her mouth, but the four were far stronger than her and laughed off
the attempts.

Malfoy dropped astride her waist and undid her Gryffindor tie. She spat at
him; he responded with a vicious flat handed slap across the face. Hermione
felt her world shake as her face slapped sideways. She looked in a half daze
at Warrington's straining prick as he held down her left arm. Draco thought
about binding her arms with the tie, but decided that with five of them she
was going to need her hands.

He tore open her blood spattered blouse; buttons bounced off as the material
tore. All four boys gazed close to see a simple white bra over gorgeously
firm teenage breasts. Draco grinned down at his nemesis, and then like a
magician performing a trick put all his strength into tearing off Hermione's

She groaned as the straps bit tightly into her firm teenaged flesh, trying
once more to pull her arms and legs free. There was a loud snap and the
material came free; Hermione Granger was topless in a room with her worst

"They look nice," offered Crabbe, who was pinning Hermione's right leg to the
floor with a little pressure from his right foot. While the others crouched
to hold her down, he stood.

"Please Draco... don't do this to me. I'm begging you. Please don't!"

Without her magic, without her friends or a pre-thought plan, Hermione
Granger was just a scared sixteen year old girl. Draco shifted forward and
pressed his cock between her breasts. Montague motioned to Crabbe and Goyle
to remove Hermione's shoes. She barely noticed the fat, but strong, fingers
fumbling at her feet - her attention was on the hot silky feel of Malfoy's
long, fat cock between her young breasts. Socks and shoes were thrown into
the corners.

"Don't do what? Don't "gangrape" you? Muggles love to deal with uppity
whores by gangraping them. Don't..." Malfoy dropped his hands onto Hermione's
breasts and pinched her nipples. He tugged them up, drawing another pained
yelp from the girl, before forcing the teen mounds around his prick. Malfoy
loved the sensation of the firm flesh against his cock, but even more he
loved the tears, the pain and humiliation, in Hermione's face.

This was revenge... and they'd hardly even started.

"Don't do this?" he offered, as he thrust between Hermione's pale orbs, all
the while pinching and squeezing her nipples.

"Please... Draco... don't. I've never... never done it with... anyone."
Hermione lifted her head to see Draco's cock moving between the valley of
her breasts and then dropped it onto the rug. She squeezed her eyes type and
begged again, "Please don't..."

Draco had stopped his thrusting, for it was his turn to be shocked.

"You? You've never done it with ANYONE? But you're a mudblood whore! All the
rumours are about you and Potter and the entire Weasley clan!"

Hermione only wept in response. Montague reflected that they had started
most of the rumours. Draco twisted around so that his arse pressed painfully
against Hermione's mauled breasts.

"Crabbe! Goyle! Get her knickers off!"

The fat boys eagerly complied, pressing their weight down onto the petite
schoolgirl's legs and tearing the buttons from her skirt. Hermione couldn't
even kick as they got their fingers into the waistband of her panties, and
yanked her remaining clothes down. They moved back off her legs and shoved
the raggedy material to one side.

Warrington's eyes met Montagues; they had the same idea at the same time
and Hermione felt her fingers being wrapped around thick cocks. She tried
squeezing, but that seemed to please the boys more as the gripped their own
hands over hers.

"That's right, slut. You've done this lots before, haven't you? Wanked off
two guys at once. Oh, that's good." Warrington's low voice drilled shamefully
into Hermione's ears.

"What have we here... one Gryffindor cunt - and her snatch. Draco didn't
have too much experience himself, and Hermione bit her lip as he prodded his
fingers at her dry entrance. After a little fumbling he located the right
hole, so tight he could barely fit his finger in. He poked inside until he
felt an obstruction.

Hermione's hyman was still intact.

"She's a virgin!"

"Not for long, get stuck in there" muttered Warrington as he sped up
Hermione's hand on his prick. The boys were competing now, trying to see
who would come first on the sixteen year old virgin schoolgirl's face.

Montague had the edge by a couple of seconds; Hermione flinched away when the
first thick stream of spunk splashed across her tear stained face. All she
managed to do was put herself dead center for Warrington's cumshot, as he
fired a long stream straight into her mouth. Teenaged boys at the peak of
their hormonal desire, they delighted in painting the whimpering girl's face
with their seed.

Hermione coughed, gagging on the thick semen that was sprayed into her face,
hating the taste, the smell, the sheer humiliation. When the boys released
her hands, she pressed them to her sticky face and wept.

Malfoy shifted his position to kneel between the weeping girl's legs. His
cock was big - a family inheritance - and but for Crabbe's monster cock he
was the biggest there. She'd felt so tight on his finger, and he felt so
powerful looking at her as she was, that he wasn't sure he'd get it all in.

Goyle actually cringed at the screech Hermione loosed when Draco forced an
unlubricated two inches into her dry virgin cunt. Draco dropped his face
between Hermione's breasts, sweating with effort. He bit into her tit hard
as he thrust again.

Hermione felt her hymen go even through the agony of the dry rape. Totally
unaroused, she felt total agony from her breasts, her cunt.

"You're a woman now, mudblood whore!" he told her through gritted teeth,
before putting fresh teethmarks into her breast as he painfully forced the
rest of his cock inside her. There was little physical pleasure for him; she
was too tight, too dry, This was about the power, about beating down the
bitch who'd humiliated him so many times.

He lifted his head from her breasts and looked down to where Hermione's face
was still tightly to the side, eyes screwed. He wanted her to see.

"Make... her look" he managed, still deep inside her. Warrington and Montague
got down on either side of her head, their still hard cocks dripping the last
of their cum. Each held a knee on her arm and used their combined strength to
point her sperm-splashed face the right way and then they managed the tricky
job of pulling open her eyelids.

"Don't struggle, bitch, or we'll tear them right the fuck off." Warrington
told Hermione, as she looked blurrily at Draco's victorious smirk. Malfoy
pulled his cock out; stained with blood from her burst hymen and the torn
walls of her too-dry cunt. Then he sank it back in one thrust. Hermione's
mouth twisted in a fresh scream of agony.

Draco felt like he was shooting his whole balls at her. He came so hard deep
into Hermione's abused cunt; he painted her cervix with his hard blasts of
spunk. He'd never been so aroused in his life as he was now, brutally raping
the virginity from Hermione Granger.

He mindlessly gloried in the destruction of her innocence, biting her
breasts, mauling them with his hands, still cumming. The Gryffindor whore was
a Slytherin sperm receptacle now. She was their whore. He could tell Hermione
knew it too. The fight went out of her. When Warrington and Monrague dropped
her head and stepped back, she didn't even try to slap him.

Draco pulled out and stood up. A flood of blood-stained sperm began to
stream onto the rug from Hermione's cunt. Her breasts bore the rough signs
of Draco's bitemarks, while her face was red with crying and white with

"Crabbe? Goyle? Your turn now."

"Uh... she's only got the one hole Draco..." offered Goyle, uncertainly. This
time Draco shared the glance with Warrington and Montague. Screw Slytherin,
how did these idiots qualify for school?

Draco shook his head, and had Crabbe lay down on his back. The fat boys cock
sat up like an field gun, at nine inches it looked like it would be more at
home on a much older man - or possibly a farm animal. Warrington and Montague
took an arm each and lifted the light girl off the mat. She looked down with
resignation as they lowered her onto the fat boy.

Her blood and Draco's copious spunk had lubricated her a little, but Crabbe's
thick cock still stretched her painfully as gravity pulled her down onto it.
The fat boy Crabbed her hips and pulled down hard. Hermione felt a new agony
as he tore open her Cervix and battered the top of her womb which his thick
crown. Crabbe could feel the tight circle of inner muscle gripping the shaft
of his cock, as well as the tight walls of Hermione's recently raped cunt.

"That was the best scream yet," he offered of her womb-entering induced

"Just you hold her there. Play with her tits some more."

Crabbe did as Malfoy suggested, mauling Hermione's breasts with his fat
hands. The flesh was increasingly red and sore. Each second of his touch was
a pain, though it couldn't compare with the unnatural sensation of being
stretched so painfully below.

Meanhile, Draco had instructed Goyle onto his knees between Crabbe's legs and
behind Hermione.

Draco groped Hermione's ass, and poked the puckered star there with a cruel

"There's this hole, too."

Goyle's pudgy face split into a mean grin. He didn't think about lubrication,
or how tight it might be. Hermione blinked hazlily as she felt something
prodding her bottom. It took her a few seconds to realise what was about to
happen. She started to struggle, to twist - to Crabbe's immense pleasure.

Goyle's face twisted in effort as he pushed against Hermione's resisting
spincter. She fought with all her strength to keep him out. Goyle fought
with all his strength to get in, and he was the stronger. His cock thrust
past Hermione's anal defence and sank slowly into her virgin ass.

That was the best scream. Hermione sounded like an angel being raped by
hellhounds. She sounded like Mary at the mercy of the Roman soldiers. Goyle
lent forward, crushing her small body between their huge fat frames. Crabbe
left her breasts alone and slapped her a couple of times, enjoying her cries.

The sweat, the stench, the hot bodies pushed against her... this was nothing
to the incredible pain of her torn spincter, her bleeding raped-raw cunt.
Goyle twisted her face and spat in it, before starting to fuck her ass in

Crabbe mostly just held the squealing schoolgirl in place, letting the
movements of the other two work his prick inside Hermione's bleeding cunt.
The other three boys masturbated furiously to the sight of a petite sixteen
year old schoolgirl being brutally double penetrated.

Crabbe came first, adding his mess to Draco's inside Hermione's cunt, while
Goyle was only a few seconds later as he became the first, but certainly not
the last to blow his load up Hermione Granger's tight teen ass.

As Goyle slowly stood up his cock slid from Hermione's arse with an audible
wet pop. Cum and blood dribbled out from her aching hole. Draco had an idea.

"Crabbe! Hold her there. Goyle, stick it in her mouth."

Crabbe took a firm hold on Hermione's young breasts. His monster cock was
still buried in her cunt, while his cum oozed around it to leak down to his
balls. Goyle stood on either side of his head and grabbed a thick handful of
Hermione's hair. His cock slapped messily against her sixteen year old face.

"Open your mouth, Bitch."

Draco gave the order. Some last remnaint of pride made Hermione keep it shut.
Goyle drew back his fist and smashed it into Hermione's eye. The shockwave
rocked around her head; she jerked back, only to cause further pain in her
breasts when Crabbe squeezed the sensitive bruised flesh harder.

She opened her mouth and was rewarded with the taste of her own arsehole. The
boy's watched as she licked and sucked clean her rapist's cock. He forced the
length into her virginal throat; gagging agony for her, pleasure for him.
Hermione hated it worse the pain, cleaning Goyle's shaft of her own ass. It
was an intensely erotic sight, and the three standing boys closed in around
Goyle, jerking their cocks towards Hermione's face.

Crabbe didn't have time to object as the four teenage cocks were unloaded
into Hermione's tearful and already cumsplashed face. They bukkaked her but
good, taking care to get several shots into her slack mouth. Then Draco made
her scrape the mess from her face and swallow it.

After that hey had her for hours, each one taking her over and over again
with the energy of teenage boys and the brutality of the Slytherin. Sometimes
they spent their seed deep inside her, others they sprayed her pretty body
Sometimes they rested and made her dance, or simply clean their bodies with
her tongue - they all had her rim them. Their proudest moment was forcing two
cocks inside her cunt which, only that morning, had never been so much as
touched by a male.

Throughout, Hermione slowly retreated inside her own mind. The pain seemed to
reach a plateau after the first anal rape, though she remained incredibly
sore during the repeated penetrations. Draco made her do the most despicable
things during her defilement - she had to suck down their cocks and hold them
in her throat, she had to eat each of their sweaty assholes in turn, she had
to stuff her tie into her own cunt and tell Draco that she loved being their
mudblood whore. By the end, she could barely remember her name, her friends

They finished off back in the original circle about Hermione, although she
was now naked and covered in bruises, sweat and a whole lot of sperm. She lay
passively on the floor, eyes locked on the ceiling. She wasn't even crying
anymore. Her legs were still spread wide, a great pool of spunk now between
them. Her ass was also gaping and leaking sperm into the pool.

"Well, if that hasn't broken her, I don't know what will," offered Montague
to break the silence. The room had grown dark; Montague had lit the candles
with matches left in the store for the purpose - as no magic would work.

"Mudblood? Hey, mudblood?"

There was no response. Hermione was almost catatonic. The degradation had
gone on for so long... so many cocks in her mouth, her ass, her cunt. So much
abuse - her skin was bruised black and blue in places where they'd beaten her
for their amusement.

"You made me wet my pants, mudblood. Well... we all have to piss now."

The five boys gave the rapemeat a mass golden shower. Draco aimed directly
for her face, putting as much into her eyes and mouth as he could. Crabbe
and Goyle played a game to see who could do get more on or into her gaping
cunthole. The others took her breasts, each splashing their thick acrid
streams across them.

Hermione was soaked in piss, covered from hair to toes in it. Still she
didn't react, simply swallowing the urine that filled her mouth. When they'd
finished, the majority of the spunk had been washed off - they were far
better able to appreciate the brutal bruising they'd inflicted on her.

The plan now was to unlock the door, take her into the corridor and
administer the second potion - it would physically change all the evidence
on her body; make it match Gryffindor students. Her memories would be of her
friends assaulting her at her birthday party, not these five Slytherin.

That was the plan.

But each boy realised how hot it would be under his misogynistic mentality to
kill her instead. An ultimate defilement on top of all that they had done to
Hermione that day.

They looked to Draco for guidance, but what he decided I leave to your

The End


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