This is a fictional story about fictional characters. Don't read if smut
offends you.

Harry Potter: Hermione's Exploits Part 1 - Hermoine's Trollish Experience
by Big Red Dope (bbg,Mg,troll,ncon,cons)

"It's leviosah, not levioooooosah," Ron Weasley griped as he and Harry Potter
walked through the halls of Hogwarts. "Always acting stuck up like she knows
everything, no wonder she doesn't have any friends."

Just as Ron finished his sentence Hermione Granger quickly walked past the
two boys sniffling as she did so.

"Now you've done it Ron," Harry said as Hermione disappeared into the

"What? It's the truth. She doesn't have any friends."

"What about us?"

"You maybe, but I don't think she likes me. She was nasty to me on the

"Ron you can be a real doofus sometimes. Let's go find her and you can

"Oh alright."

* * *

Dinner was now being served so everyone would be in the dining room. When
Draco reached the dining room everyone he saw everyone except Hermione. Ron
and Harry sat at their table apparently looking around. Malfoy decided to
pay them a visit.

"I wouldn't waste my time looking for Hermione," he said.

"Why? What do you want?" Harry asked staring at Malfoy.

"I don't want anything, but you two certainly don't know how to treat your

"Shut up Malfoy!" Ron growled getting up from his seat and staring him down.

"No, Ron sit---" Harry began before getting interrupted by a loud commotion.

Professor Quirrell burst in through the main dining room doors shouting

"Troll! Troll! There's a troll in the school!"

"What? What's going on?" Headmaster Dumbledore asked getting up from his

"A troll's escape from the dungeon into the school!" Professor Quirrell
shouted before fainting.

"Ok everyone stay calm. House leaders take everyone back to their rooms in
a calm manner. Hagrid, McGonagall follow me. We'll take care of this
troll," Dumbledore commanded.

Everyone started back to their rooms like they were told including Harry and
Ron when Harry made a realization.

"Hey Ron, Hermione doesn't know about the troll. She's in danger!"

"What are we going to do? We don't even know where she is!"

"I have a pretty good idea!" Harry and Ron left their group and headed back
into the school.

Meanwhile Hermione was crying in the bathroom unaware of the present

"Stupid Ron! Why does he have to be such a jerk?"

Hermione left the stall she was in wiping the tears from her eyes. She
stopped dead in her tracks in the bathroom doorway at the sight in front of
her. Not five feet from her carry a large club was the meanest ugliest
troll she had ever seen; though this was the first one she had seen in real
life. Hermione shrieked loudly then ran back into the bathroom hiding in
one of the bathroom stalls. The troll broke the door down in a million
pieces and with one swing of his club shattered most of the stalls.

Ron and Harry ran into the bathroom just as the pieces of the stalls fell to
the ground. Ron jumped onto the trolls back and started beating on it as
Harry started to cast a spell, but the troll grabbed Harry by the neck and
flung him into the bathroom stall.

"Harry watch out!" Hermione shouted but it was too late as the troll hit
Harry with his club knocking him into the wall next to Ron.

With both males unconscious the troll turned its attention back to Hermione.
She quickly cast what she thought was a sleeping spell and it looked it
worked as the troll stopped for a moment with a dazed look in its eye. Just
as quickly it returned to reality and Hermione had a bad feeling. She
pressed up against the wall waiting for the club to crack her skull, but
something else happened.

The troll dropped his club to the ground and ripped his loincloth from his
waste. Hermione's eyes widen in fear and awe at the large troll cock in
front of her. She looked at it then at the troll's face not sure what to do
until the monster belched loudly spewing his putrid breath in her face.

Hermione took the large cock in her hands and slowly began to rub its shaft
back and forth. Not wanting to anger the troll Hermione then began to lick
at the prick head. Sickening grunting sounds escaped from the troll as
Hermione's lips stretched widely as they wrapped around the large dick. Her
head began to slowly bob back and forth as she rubbed part of the troll's
member that wasn't in her mouth.

Hermione started to feel sick and dirty as the head of monstrous prick in
her mouth expanded and she started to get wet. She felt even worse when
removed her uniform so she could start rubbing her clit and finger herself.

Except for the bulbous cock, Hermione nearly forgot it was a troll she was
sucking off as she furiously finger fucked herself with two fingers as she
continued to blow the troll. She was quickly brought back to reality as the
troll started to grunt and groan loudly. Hermione took her mouth off the
dick just as the troll started to blast cum from his member. The force of
the cum as it pelted Hermione's face knocked her back four or five feet.

With her face and hair all covered in troll cum and almost all of her tiny
body for that matter, Hermione started to conceive a plan for escape when
her white shower started to subside. However any plan she had was soon lost
when the troll picked her up by her wasted and held her in the air for a few
minutes looking her over.

Hermione got wide-eyed again and screamed silently when the troll started to
lower her to his cock. However big she thought it was in her mouth, Hermione
didn't truly realize how big the troll was until she felt the head of it's
cock starting to split her virgin pussy open. She bit her lower lip as she
felt the mammoth prick push it's wide inside popping her cheery without any
kind of hesitation.

Hermione closed her eyes and pretty she was somewhere else as she felt the
dick finally bottom out inside of her. With his had still around her waist
the troll quickly pulled out before slamming itself back inside Hermione's
tiny cunny.

"Oh god no!" Hermione pouted as the troll continued to ram his large prick
into her tiny body.

"Harry! Ron! Please wake up! Oh gooooooood!"

Hermione was direly in a situation she didn't want to be in, but she found
herself starting to get wet again and desperately wanting to orgasm.
Although it really didn't do much she started pushing down on the troll's
member as it thrust itself into her pussy.

"Oh god! Oh God!" Hermione shrieked as her body started to quake and pulse
with pleasure. "Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeees!"

Hermione's body shook and thrashed violently as she orgasmed. Her sweet
juices started to squirt and flood from her love hole. After several minutes
of orgasm Hermione's body and little time to recover as the troll started to
blow his load inside of her. Hermione felt her insides get splattered as the
white gush continued to flow into her wet cunt. Quickly she filled up and
the troll cum started to leak out and fall to the floor pooling in a circle.

Hermione's naked body slid off the troll prick and fell to the floor when it
finished coming. For once the troll acted slow and woozy and Hermione slowly
crawled toward the bathroom door. She turned around in horror was the
monster standing walking towards shrieking. It raised its hand up in the air
to strike her when suddenly it stopped turning to stone.

"You ok Hermione?" A beaten and bloody Harry asked as he and Ron walked
around the stone troll to her side.

"Yeah I'm ok I think, I tried to cast a sleep spell on it once you two got
knocked out, but I cast a different spell instead," Hermione said getting to
her feet.

Ron and Harry stared at the nude girl briefly before turning away.

"Uh... why are you naked?" Ron asked as he handed Hermione her clothes.

"The troll had me by my uniform and I had to get out of it before it killed
me," Hermione replied.

"So what's all the white stuff on you and the floor?" Harry asked.

"It was slobbering and about to eat me when you cast the stone spell. Watch
the door so nobody comes in. I need to clean up."

Ron and Harry stood by the door and waited for several moments, before seeing
Dumbledore, Hagrid, and McGonagall walking hurriedly towards them.

"Hurry Hermione! Dumbledore is coming!" Ron called out.

Hermione quickly finished cleaning up and redressed. Finally realizing how
lucky she was that Harry and Ron didn't notice the troll was missing his
loincloth; Hermione put it back on the troll and turned the cloth the stone
as well.

"You three alright? What're you doing here?" Dumbledore asked.

"Well..." Harry began. "Hermione was in the bathroom and didn't know about
the troll so we came back to get her."

"Yeah it was about to kill her when Harry turned it to stone and saved her!"
Ron chirped.

"Not very smart of you two taking on a troll by yourselves," Hagrid replied.

"Not very smart indeed. All three of you could easily have been killed,"
McGonagall said. "However, You each get fifty points. Now get back to your
rooms while we clean up here."

"Yes ma'am," the three said simultaneously before heading off to their rooms.
They stopped first in front of Hermione's room. Harry and Ron were about to
leave when Hermione stopped them.

"Harry, Ron, thank your saving me."

"You're welcome and I'm sorry for all those mean things I said about you
earlier," Ron replied.

"It's ok, you're right though. Sometimes I don't act like I know
everything," Hermione said.

"Hey guys everything's ok. We're friends we can forgive each other after
what happened tonight," Harry butted in. "Let's go Ron. We've got to get
back to our room."

Ron and Harry started walking down the hall when Hermione stopped them again.

"Hey guys can you come into my room for a few minutes? I want to show you

"But McGonagall told us to go back to our rooms. We're probably already in
a lot of trouble as it is," Ron started to protest.

"Yeah besides what about your room mates?" Harry asked.

"Don't worry about them. I'll be right back." Hermione disappeared into her
room for several minutes before returning to the hall. "Now come in," she

Three of them walked into Hermione's room and immediately Harry and Ron
noticed something strange.

"You've turned your room mates into stone!" Ron exclaimed.

"Only while you two are here. When we're done, I'll return them to normal
and they won't ever know anything happened."

"So what did you want to show us?" Harry asked.

"It's not that I wanted to show you something, more that I wanted to thank

"You have already," Ron replied.

"I meant like this," Hermione said walking towards the two males rubbing the
crotches through their pants.

"Hermione... What are you doing?" Harry stammered.

"Hush Harry, just go with it," Ron nearly scolded him as he stripped his
clothes off and Hermione did the same.

"Yes, listen to Ron," Hermione said as she pushed Ron onto her bed. She then
climbed onto Ron and got into a sixty-nine position.

Harry's prick quickly got rock hard as he watched Hermione go down on Ron
slurping on his prick. Ron let out moans of pleasure as he licked and lapped
at her pussy. Harry quickly stripped his clothes of started to jack himself
off as Hermione and Ron continued to orally pleasure each other.

"Come here Harry," Hermione said when she saw Harry masturbating.

She took Harry's cock in her mouth and started sucking on it while she
started to jack Ron off.

"Just a second Hermione," Ron said as he lifted her leg and crawled out from
beneath her.

Ron then positioned himself right behind Hermione and pointed his rock hard
flesh staff at her tiny hairless cunt. Grabbing her by the waist and with
one hard push, Ron thrust his dick deep inside Hermione.

Harry grabbed Hermione by her hair and began furiously face fucking her as
she slurped her tongue up and down his shaft. Although they didn't get along
Ron always thought Hermione was attractive and now that he was fucking her he
was in heaven. Ron could feel his prick swell and enlarge as he continued to
plunge himself in and out of Hermione.

Harry felt his balls start to ache as Hermione continued suck on his member
wrapping her tongue around it. With Hermione's tongue continuously tickling
and teasing his prick Harry soon lost control as his cock exploded and he
shot his cum all inside her mouth. She then sucked Harry clean when his
orgasm slowed down, but he was still hard as a rock. With Ron still pumping
her from behind Hermione got an idea.

"Hey Harry lay down on your back."

"Why, what's going on?"

"Just do it."

"Ok," Harry agreed as the three of them got off the bed.

With his erection still pointing straight up Harry got on the bed and laid
on his back. Hermione then climbed on top of him and lowered her pussy onto
Ron's dick.

"Your turn Ron," Hermione said waving her ass around as best she could.

Once Ron slowly inserted his rock hard penis into Hermione's anus the three
young bodies started moving. Harry furiously thrusted upward into her pussy
while Ron slammed into her ass from behind.

Having both of her tiny orifices filled made Hermione extremely horny. She
clutched the bedsheets and started letting out little moans of ecstasy as she
was continually reamed by both boys.

"Oh god yes! This is soooo goooooood!" Hermione started to groan loudly
experiencing sexually bliss for the first time.

"Fuck yes! You're ass is so tight!" Ron shouted as she continued to shove
his dick in and out of Hermione's anus.

"Harry! Ron! Oh... Yeeeeeeeeeeeees!" Hermione screamed loudly as her small
body gave out and pulsed with orgasm. This being her first orgasm a large
ocean female cum flooded out of Hermione's slippery cunt.

"Hermione! I think I'm going to come again!" Harry grunted as her love
juices covered his cock.

"Me too! Your ass feels too good!" Ron huffed.

Harry and Ron quickly pulled out of Hermione and she positioned herself
towards the end of the bed with them in front of her. Hermione took a cock
and each hand furiously jacking them off for a few moments until each busted
a nut and shot it's load. Cum from both Harry and Ron started to splash
down on Hermione's face and hair and a few shots even pelted her in the eye.
As each dick started to limp and the white shower ended Hermione took turns
licking and sucking each until they were clean.

"Oh god Hermione! That was great! I'll never make fun of you again!" Ron
said as he dressed himself.

"Yeah maybe we can get together again sometime," Hermione replied as she
looked for something to clean her face.

"That's the same white looking stuff that was all over her in the bathroom,"
Harry thought as he looked at Hermione.

"You ok Harry?" She asked.

"Yeah I'm fine. I'm just admiring how great you look right now."

"I'm covered in your stuff!" Hermione laughed.

"Yeah well you'd still look good even if you weren't," Harry smiled as he
finished dressing.

"We've got to get back to our room before the others notice we haven't shown
up yet," Ron said pulling Harry towards the bedroom door.

"Yeah we better, see you tomorrow Hermione," Harry said before he and Ron
left her room and entered the hallway.

Harry stopped for a moment in the hall thinking.

"Now that I think about it the troll in the bathroom was naked when I turned
it to stone. She couldn't have could she?" Harry thought.

"Harry let's go."

Ron's voice snapped him back to reality and they went back to their room.


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