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underneath the age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality
whatsoever. 100% fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not
condone illegal and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real
world is a good thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm
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Additional Credit: This story follows my previous story 'For the Honour of
The Slytherin'. That story was to be a one-off until HONG SZE JUN persuaded
me to write a story featuring Lovegood and Chang. You don't need to have
read that to read this, but if you enjoy this you'll likely enjoy that!

Description: Ravenclaw girls Luna Lovegood and Cho Chang are raped and
impregnated for pleasure and profit by Slytherin Draco Malfoy and his allies.

Content Codes: M+F+, ff (all 16 or 17yrs old), first, rape, nc, anal,
oral, f-solo, ws, rimming, impreg, preg, viol.

Harry Potter: For The Profit Of The Slytherin
by JD ([email protected])

Almost six long months had passed since Hermione Granger's 16th Birthday.
Six months in the mostly dusty stone storeroom. Her gaze was vacant, and her
brown hair matted and filthy. The studded metal collar chafed her throat,
and the chain that attached it to the wall seemed heavier than its small
links should be. Her skin was smeared with dust and dried semen. Crabbe and
Goyle, two of her captors, scrubbed her once a month. She slept on an unclean
mattress beneath dirty sackcloth. They fed her slops and water, and made her
use a bucket for her waste.

The incredibly intelligent 16 year old had been raped hard and heavily during
the first week of her captivity, and her spirit was ground away to almost
nothing. She was missing most of her teeth and her nose had re-healed in a
different shape over the six months. The fresh bruises she wore were from
Draco Malfoy's occasional visits. The sight of her disgusted him, and he came
to beat her. His teenage sexual needs were taken care of by eager his
girlfriend, Pansy, and, all he wanted from Hermione was hear her whimper and

There was no magic in that small storeroom, for it was created magically
inert as a safe place to store dangerously unstable magic materials. Like
muggles' nuclear waste, generations of wizards past had piled boxes in and
then forgotten about them. In that first week, Hermione had fought her
trauma and tried to grab some of them, to use as weapons. Even with all
magic suppressed, she might use something from the boxes as a cudgel. Her
five captors had overpowered her, and entertained themselves by forcing some
of the smaller items into her sore ass and cunt. After that diversion had
waned they moved all of the boxes beyond the reach of Hermione's chain.

On the first day of her capture, Goyle had suggested that it might be fun to
kill Hermione. Draco had briefly entertained the idea himself, but then had
shot it down for stupid and unworkable idea it was. A body would just get
itself found, he said. The original plan was to give Hermione a second
potion that would remove all trace of Slytherin involvement in her capture,
and change the biological evidence staining her body to implicate Gryffindor
boys. It was Professor Snape's plan, and he saw it as a good way to teach
Draco of the required cunning and ruthlessness of the Slytherin House.

Somehow, it didn't happen. Hermione had been left alone and naked on the
piss-drenched rug in the storeroom. First though, they bound her hand and
foot with the scraps of her torn uniform, and left her with that tastelessly
coloured Gryffindor tie shoved into her well-raped sperm-oozing snatch. Days
passed then weeks, with the five boys repeatedly raping her while she was
chained on her mattress. After the first two months, only Goyle and Crabbe
still bothered regularly, while Warrington and Montague came only in the
days after they had scrubbed her clean for the month.

Draco was distracted with other matters. Hermione's sudden disappearance on
her birthday had been put down to Voldemort and his evil allies. Professor
Snape, despite his anger at Draco changing the plan, found he admired the
ruthlessness of Draco's policy towards the teen witch. He helped fabricate
additional evidence of Voldemort's involvement, and then turned his talents
towards nurturing other bright students to fill Hermione's place in the war
against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

After three months Hermione was obviously pregnant. As three months rolled
on to six her belly swelled out roundly, larger than any of the boys would
have expected. Warrington correctly deduced that she was carrying twins.
Draco swallowed his disgust and used her breasts for a quick titwank,
enjoying the softening flesh as they slowly filled with milk. Hermione knelt
on her mattress with her hands slack and bruised eyes blank as he pressed
her mounds together around his long thick shaft and pumped in the valley.

There was nothing quite like having an utterly broken teenage girl kneeling
for his use. Draco pulled his shaft away from Hermione's tits in time to
spray his seed over her great pregnant belly. The heavy streaks of jism slid
down the girl's pale stretched skin towards the mattress. Then he left her
kneeling, and went to see Snape.

"We need a mess-free potion to get rid of the mudblood's baby. Goyle
suggested punching her hard in the stomach while shouting some nonsense
about falcons, but there's too much risk of killing her. I've had to tell
the others to only fuck her mouth, arse or tits as well because otherwise
those fat bastards would be beating the baby to death each time they stuffed
her gash."

Snape looked down his nose at Malfoy, and brushed the greasy hair away from
his face. It was the first he had heard about Granger's pregnancy, but he
was hardly surprised. He imagined that if one of the boys had picked up
something nasty from a gutter slut like Pansy Parkinson, they must all have
it now from sharing Hermione. He steepled his fingers before his face and
said quietly,

"There is another option. There exists a market for healthy newborn wizard
babies. I can, for a commission, arrange the sale of Miss Granger's bastards.
This would earn you and your friends considerable profit. It would also be
something to make your own father proud, as he dabbled in that market

It did not take Draco long to decide he liked the idea a great deal indeed.
Raping and breaking Hermione had been the greatest triumph of his sixteen
years of life, but turning her into a breeding slut and making money off her
mudblood arse bought the plan up to a whole new level. He imagined the money
to be made, every nine months, and shared between him and the other five.
His family had a lot of money, but his father could be tight with it when
Draco failed to impress him. He thanked Professor Snape, who snidely
remarked that he would discuss the matter again in three months, and left to
organise a meeting with his co-captors.

* * *

They met in the storeroom. The room's nature meant it could not even by spied
on by magical means, which had greatly aided in keeping Hermione's captivity
secret from those who would rescue her. The five 16-year-old boys had all
changed in the preceding months. Teenage growing spurts. They were taller -
in Montague's case he was now the tallest and most muscular of all of them.
Goyle had passed 300 pounds in weight while Crabbe was close to it, and their
casual cruelty had seemingly grown with their stupidity. The dark-haired
Slytherin Quidditch team chaser, Warrington, was still the shortest of the
lot but had filled out to a more athletic frame.

Hermione's swollen belly swung beneath her as Crabbe pushed roughly into her
arsehole. The discomfort had lessened over the months, but her dull-eyed
face still twisted as the fat boy pumped his cock into her rectum. His hands
left fresh red marks on her hips as he ground into her, while Draco laid out
Snape's idea. If Hermione understood their intent to sell her children, and
then impregnate her again, she made no sign. Her conscious intelligent mind
was elsewhere, deep inside.

They all liked the idea. Crabbe found it added to his arousal to think of
Granger as a breeding slut, and came quicker than he had in months. His fat
belly rested on her dirt-smeared teen buttocks as he pumped his semen into
her bowel, and then withdrew. When he pushed his softening shaft into
Hermione's face she licked it clean without protest.

"This idea of yours and Snape's is brilliant, Draco," said Montague, "but
I think we need to take it to the logical conclusion. There is room enough
in here for much than just the mudblood. Every time I see Loony Lovegood
swanning around I think about how she needs a cock up her arse. That little
blonde slice of fuckmeat would make prettier little babies than Hermione,
and we'd get a better price."

Draco nodded as Montague spoke. The red-haired Slytherin Quidditch Captain
had hit on a brilliant idea. The young Malfoy was immediately jealous he
hadn't thought of it himself. Luna's unconventional beauty and waist-length
dirty blonde hair made her well worth a good, hard, fuck. The stupid cow's
silvery eyes would show fear well, though her permanently dazed expression
would probably only be accentuated by a brutal gangrape.

"It'll teach her father a lesson, too, when the bitch goes missing. Teach
that snivelling worm to put nasty stuff about my father in his paper! We
should definitely give that Ravenclaw whore a good hard fucking. She's such
a loner, she gets bullied and her stuff stolen people will think she just
ran away."

"Well," Warrington interjected, "if we're looking for babies that will
sell for a high price why don't we just grab the prettiest girl in school?"

Draco looked annoyed, but Warrington continued, "I mean, after Draco's
girlfriend Pansy. What I'm saying is, we should have a Cho Chang Gang Bang.
I'm sick of her thinking she's the best at Quidditch in the school. Look how
many pegs we took Granger down, well, Cho needs to be dragged down even
further into the gutter."

The argument continued for a while. Goyle took a turn on Hermione's arse,
but managed to pull out in time to get up front and spray her face. He
thrust into her mostly toothless mouth as she cleaned him off too, while his
seed dribbled down her dirty features. It was almost a month since she last
washed. Goyle and Crabbe supported Warrington's suggestion of Cho. They both
enjoyed images of the Asian beauty crushed between their obese frames as
they stuffed her.

Draco supported Montague; he thought it would be easier to carry out Luna
Lovegood's kidnapping - he doubted most people would even notice her
disappear, unlike the popular Cho Chang. Still, her entourage of Ravenclaw
girlfriends didn't always surround her, and the idea of raping Potter's ex
appealed to him. Cho Chang deserved to see what she'd been missing. The
decision was too hard, so Draco declared,

"We'll just take both of them."

Four voices raised in sudden cheers and whoops of delight, as Draco laid out
his newly formed plan...

* * *

Ginny Weasley ran down the corridor, closely followed by Luna and Cho. The
little redhead had found the girls near the Ravenclaw common room, and
pleaded with them to follow her. She had news of Hermione, she said, and
only they could help.

"In there," she cried, pointing at the closed door of a storeroom, "It
can only be opened by Ravenclaws..."

Cho took the lead, bursting into the room. Luna set her jaw and followed.
They both came up short at the sight of Hermione Granger. Black marker pen
had been used to write degrading insults all over her chest - 'slut',
'whore', 'mudblood' - and her near-toothless jaw hung slack. They both
noticed the despairing hopelessness of her eyes as the door closed behind
them. The room's magically inert nature meant the Polyjuice potion wore off
and Ginny became Warrington again.

"It was support to be Ron Wealey's hair for the potion, you bloody cretin
Goyle!" he shouted angrily.

Goyle chuckled dirtily in response as he wrapped a meaty arm around Cho
Chang's throat from behind. Her surprise turned to fear as she felt his huge
hard cock pressing into her back through the thin fabric of her Hogwarts
uniform. He, like the other boys in the room, was naked but for his shoes,
socks and school tie. The meaty arm pressing into her throat choked off
Cho's protests, and Goyle actually lifted her off the ground. She caught him
a nasty kick to the shin and he howled.

Crabbe stepped in and smashed his fist into Cho's ribs with a sickening
crunch. He was very strong, for all his flab, and it hurt like hell. The
young Asian girl felt the air forced up her constricted throat as she tried
to shield herself from a further punch. Tears ran down the smooth skin of
her beautiful face as her struggles weakened. The two fat boys hustled her
over to the newest addition to the room, a fresh and clean rug.

Cho Chang was 17 years old and no longer a virgin, but for all her beauty
she was not experienced. The brief glance at Hermione had told her instantly
which fate awaited her, and she resolved after the first punch to take
everything as passively as she could and maybe earn a chance to escape. It
felt like that bastard, Crabbe, had broken some of her ribs. She groaned
painfully as Goyle's arm shifted from her throat, and drew air back into her
winded bodt.

At the same time as Cho had been grabbed, Luna had been faced with Draco and
Montague. The danger was apparent, and she pulled her wand out. She felt a
moment's elation that the boys clearly didn't hold theirs, but each spell
she tried failed. Her face changed from surprise to frustration as they
laughed at the petite blonde. Montague stepped forward and, with all of the
athletic strength in his body, kicked up between Luna's legs fast as a
Forbidden Forest Leaping Adder.

Luna was almost lifted right out of her leather shoes and school socks by
the stunning force of the blow to her panties covered pussy, beneath her
skirt. The pain exploded from her crotch like a forest fire, burning up her
body. Luna's wand clattered on the dusty stone floor as she folded up around
Montague's muscular leg. As she drew in breath for a glass-shatteringly
pitched scream of pure agony, he pulled her face forward to his swollen
cock. Loony Luna's open mouth was just too inviting.

"If I feel you bite then all five of us will give you a good kicking in
your cunt. We'll split you like ripe plums, got it?" warned the Slytherin
Quidditch Captain

Luna's eyes and mind were clouded with pain. One moment, she had been elated
to help rescue Hermione from Voldemort's nefarious clutches. The next, she
was despairing in agony as the huge Slytherin boy pulled painfully on her
hair and pressed his huge thing against the back of her mouth. The
16-year-old schoolgirl's innocent face looked even prettier stretched around
Montague's cock, and at first he humped gently, keeping his purple crown on
the Ravenclaw girl's tongue.

Draco flipped the loose skirt around Luna's arse up as he moved behind her.
She wore cute white cotton panties, which seemed a little tight at the top
of her thighs. Perhaps she'd had a growing spurt too, he mused, as he tugged
them roughly down to her ankles. He could see bruising around her labia;
Montague's kick had been a thing of sadistic beauty, and her dirty blonde
pubic hair was too short and soft to cover it. When the rape of Hermione had
begun, Luna had yet to turn sixteen years and now she was but three months
into her sixteenth year.

Draco grinned idiotically, faced with Luna Lovegood's virgin slit. He
smelled the sweat in the crack of her ass, around her tiny tight rosebud.
Luna was bent over in the perfect position for him to tackle either
fuck-hole. He poked a probing finger forward into her tight, dry, cunt. She
squealed around Montague's cock as, without warning, he forced it inside her
and then through her hymen. Luna felt Draco's rough fingering in her already
sore private place, and new tears slid down her cheeks.

Luna choked loudly as Montague forced his cockhead past the back of her
mouth and into her incredibly tight throat. He wondered that she could even
eat with the passage so small. The small schoolgirl witch's body shuddered
violently between the two boys as Montague gritted his teeth and pushed his
entire length into Luna Lovegood's face. Montague's thick cock completely
prevented Luna from breathing, and she panicked. She forgot all about
Draco's hands on her privates; everything was concentrated on the painful
blockage in her neck.

To Montague, the sheer power he held over Luna Lovegood was even more
pleasurable than the incredible sensations of the girl's throat around his
cock. She was genuinely terrified of dying there before him, and he could
see it in her wide petrified eyes. She pressed desperately against his
thighs, but Luna's strength was no match for the Slytherin Quidditch
captain's. He simply held himself in her throat, and watched as Draco pulled
a hymen-blood stained finger from Luna's bruised snatch and stood behind

She was a lovely, kindly girl. Sometimes appearing confused and often
confusing. She didn't deserve to have her virginity taken by Draco Malfoy.
The boy pressed his swollen cockhead into her snatch hard, and she was still
far too dry for it. Despite the pain in her throat and the burning in her
lungs, she felt the sharp stab of pain as he entered her. Luna's blonde hair
felt soft in Draco's hands as he took two handfuls and used them for
leverage, while he sank more of his long thick shaft into the virginal

Montague tugged his cock free from her mouth, and she drew a terrible
breath. The air seemed to rasp in her lungs, and then Luna Lovegood screamed
like a banshee. Montague came then, choking off Luna's cry with a thick wad
of spunk that fired deep into the back of her mouth. Draco pulled harder on
her hair as he raped her cunt, while Luna could only cough and choke.
Montague fired more of his sperm across her tight school uniform, and the
Ravenclaw badge she wore. There was going to be more than enough chance to
knock the bitch up, so he could have fun splashing sperm on her pretty face.

Draco changed his grip while Luna cried hysterically. He released her hair
and pushed his hands up under her grey sweater to rip her blouse apart. He
groaned into Luna's ear as his hands closed on her small breasts, and fucked
her even harder. She was very tight, but too dry. Montague took to tugging
off her uniform as Draco continued to rape her, until she was naked but for
her skirt and white ankle socks. The pain in her cunt had not lessened and
she was still crying out her suffering. Draco thought there were cries of
pleasure mixed in, and jabbed harder to hurt her instead.

Luna's nipples seemed swollen between Draco's fingers, but that was only
because he pinched and tugged on them while shafting her tight teen twat. He
looked down and saw his swollen cock stained with Luna's virgin blood and
the beginnings of forced arousal, and then thrust back up into Luna. He
could feel his orgasm coming close. Draco Malfoy forced Luna Lovegood's head
back until his lips were near her ear, and then said,

"Ravenclaw whore... Ravenwhore... I'm going to spray inside you. You'll have
the honour of carrying a Malfoy in your womb."

Although she was naturally scatterbrained, Luna had seen Hermione's obvious
pregnancy, and she understood what Draco meant for her. Even if she somehow
pulled away, the hulking athletic body of Montague was before her. He slowly
jerked his sticky semi-soft shaft as Draco sped up Luna Lovegood's rape
until her cries were one long scream of pain. Draco stiffened suddenly and
held Luna's petite teen body to him as he came in her. He imagined his sperm
swimming already into her defenceless womb.

Draco groaned with pleasure, before shoving the weeping schoolgirl back to
Montague. Luna Lovegood slipped from his shaft, dripping down onto the dusty
stone floor. Her stained skirt dropped back around her waist for a moment,
and then Draco yanked it down past her knees, leaving her dressed only in
her ankle socks. As Montague's strong arms closed around her body, Malfoy
thought how fragile and helpless Luna was. He smiled, and turned to see how
the other three had been getting on with Cho Chang.

After Crabbe cracked Cho's ribs, Goyle had dragged her down to the floor.
She felt the rough rug under her back as Goyle forced a bad-breathed kiss
onto her mouth. She felt like retching as his slimy fat tongue pushed into
her mouth, while he snaked a hand up under her uniform. She could just see
about see past her assailant to where Warrington left the key in the door.
The boy had started to strip off. Crabbe knelt at her feet and tugged off
her shiny school shoes, before peeling down her socks.

"We could use the socks to gag her screams," he suggested.

Warrington shook his head from by the door, "No bloody need! Nobody can
hear anything outside this room and, anyway, we like the screams. Listen to

Cho felt fat hands under her skirt, fingers in the bands of her black
panties. She wished she'd worn plain and felt embarrassed as Crabbe tugged
them down and off her long athletic legs. Her embarrassment deepened as the
fat boy raised them to his face and sniffed the crotch. The intoxicating
scent of 17-year-old pussy was indelibly imprinted on the fabric. Cho lay as
passive as possible, each fresh cry from Luna strengthened her resolve to
co-operate and avoid being hurt. Even so, she flinched when Goyle's stubby
fingers slid against her hairy Chinese cunt.

"Move your hand so I can get her skirt, blouse an that off. I want to see
her yellow tits!"

Wizards generally let the muggles get on with being racist, and concentrated
on arguments of purity of blood - but the boys knew that racial taunts could
be effectively degrading, and two of them were especially stupid. Cho had
heard taunts from muggles before, but it seemed worse to hear them from
Wizards. She tried not to listen.

Goyle reluctantly ended his rough kissing, and tugged up Cho's school
jumper. Her blouse tore away as easy as Luna's had, and in moments her bra
was off too. Cho Chang was completely naked. Warrington made a crude joke
about how he thought her "Chinky hole" would be sideways. Cho knew she was
completely un-aroused, and that her inevitable rape would hurt a lot more if
she were dry. She doubted any of the three knew about foreplay.

"I'm going first," announced Warrington. That led to an immediate
argument, and Cho was semi-forgotten on the floor as they debated who was
going to rape her first. 'Thanks for idiots,' she thought. Cho slid an
experienced hand down to her pussy and began to rub. She thought about all
of the things that turned her on most - Harry's smile, sex with a chance of
being caught, being touched intimately by a sensitive lover - and felt her
snatch begin to loosen and juice up. Even viewing Luna's rough treatment
helped, as Cho considered how the younger girl's long blonde hair and pretty
but dazed expression had sometimes earned her attention that Cho thought was

The argument was resolved. They were all going to have her at the same time,
and for all the lubrication in Cho's pussy, it was going to hurt her tight
little still-virgin ass like all the pain in the world. She hadn't even
considered they would commit such an act. Cho's mother had told her that
only the filthiest of whores allowed themselves to be penetrated anally, and
only the most animal-like of men would even want to. Her fingers froze on
her pussy as she overheard the boy's agreement, and the realisation sank in.

"Hey! The chinky whore is playing with herself! What a dirty little cow."

Warrington pulled Cho's hand away from her crotch, and made her lick her own
juices from her fingers. Crabbe lay down beside her on the rug. He was going
to rape her pussy, Goyle her arse and Warrington her mouth. Fresh pain
exploded in Cho's cracked ribs as she was pulled unresisting onto Crabbe.
The sixteen-year-old boys, all of them at least twelve months her junior,
pushed her legs to either side of the fattest boy of them all. Cho's pussy
was stretched open as her legs were spread and her knees pressed into the
rug. Crabbe lifted her without ceremony, fat fingers on her hips, and
impaled her hard with his cock.

Cho Chang screamed as the raping cock stretched her teenage pussy widely.
She was penetrated more deeply than ever before, and Crabbe was only partly
inside her. Her overweight rapist bucked his hips to stuff her even deeper.
He had the prettiest girl in school helplessly forced to ride him, while
Goyle got in behind her and pushed her down hard. Cho screamed again as her
relatively small body was pressed between the combined mass of Crabbe and
Goyle, then screamed yet again as Goyle poked her anus with his cock.

"Please don't!" she cried, "I'll do anything!"

"You'll do everything!" Warrington replied, before pressing his cock into
Cho's mouth.

The pain in her partially juiced up pussy faded into insignificance as Goyle
began his dry anal rape of her virgin ass. It seemed to Cho as if a red-hot
poker was being forced inside her. She felt inner membranes tear, while it
seemed little more than a miracle that her sphincter wasn't split utterly by
the violation. The two boys' cocks pressed together through the thin wall of
flesh separating Cho Chang's pussy from her arse, and each seemed to make
the holes tighter for the other.

Tears ran freely down Cho's cheeks as her tight teenage body was forced
ungently to accept the thick long shafts of three rapists, two stuffed into
her crotch and ass, one inside her throat. Warrington pulled hard on Cho's
silky black hair as he started to fuck into her throat. He had his knees
bent to adjust for the way Cho's body was crushed between Crabbe and Goyle,
but it was worth to effort to see Cho Chang's tear-stained Chinese face
split by his fat white cock. Cho beat her fists on the rug to either side of
Crabbe, too afraid of retribution to try to hit any of the boys.

As soon as they had her fully penetrated, Goyle began to fuck her arse as
hard and brutally as he could. The punishing thrusts moved her satisfyingly
on Crabbe's cock, while Warrington luxuriated in the sense of power he held
over the Chinese teenager, and the tight wet warmth of her throat and mouth.
Cho Chang hoped for the nightmare suffering to end, but the pain did not
dull and Goyle's thrusts seemed more brutal with each passing moment. She
thought that having a spiny cactus forced into her arse would be more

Warrington wanted to hold his cock fully in Cho's throat for long enough to
really make her choke, but Cho's Body was bouncing too roughly between
Crabbe and Goyle for him to get the angle right. He satisfied himself with
her mouth where he had too.

"I'm going to come in your slitty eyes Chang! If you don't hold them open
we'll nail them open! We can use your body just as hard when you're blind,
bitch You might like it - then you won't have to watch what we do to your

He held her head as still as possible while jerking his saliva coated shaft.
Warrington groaned softly as his cock spat semen into Cho Chang's red tear-
wet eyes. It dribbled freely down her cheeks. As the last blast splattered
into her mouth, she cried out her pain. Goyle pulled back hard on her hair
as he came, and Cho's body was bent painfully back under his impressive
strength. He pumped her sore and bleeding arse full of his potent teenage
seed, but it was Crabbe cumming into her pussy, shooting towards her
unprotected womb, that sealed her fate as the Slytherin boy's newest
breeding slut.

After they came, both boys lay panting for long minutes, with Cho's petite
body trapped between them. Her firm teen breasts pressed into the sweaty
downy hair on Crabbe's chest, while both boys stayed inside her with their
semi-hard cocks. Bloodstained sperm leaked pinkly around each boy's shaft,
and dribbled downwards. The room grew silent but for the panting of
victorious teenage boys, and the pained weeping of two raped teenage girls.
Hermione remained near catatonic, unresponsive even to the most heart-rending
cries of suffering.

Luna lay on her back, one hand cupping her bruised pussy and the other
across her eyes as she cried. Draco realised she was talking nonsense
language; the brutal rape had already further unhinged Luna Lovegood's
fragile grip on reality. Montague was ready for another go after earlier
spraying across her face, and so he pressed her ankles up to either side of
her head. The sixteen-year-old girl moved her hand to see what was
happening, and then Montague was inside her. Draco Malfoy had raped her
first, but Montague was no stranger to sloppy seconds and relished the
mixture of sperm, blood and pussy juice that allowed him to rape Luna in
smooth, strong strokes.

Luna grunted in time with the Slytherin boy's thrusts. Her blonde hair was
haloed around her head, and her toes kicked it each time Montague thrust
deeply inside her. Half an hour previously she had been a virginal teenager
with a bright future as a witch ahead of her. Now she was just breeding
meat, to be impregnated every nine months for the profit of her captors and
raped regularly in between for their pleasure.

Draco left the pair to it, and walked over to where Crabbe and Goyle were
finally disentangling themselves from Cho Chang. He gripped her hair close
to the scalp, and pulled her face back to his ass.

"Lick my arsehole, Chang. Get your tongue into my ring and kiss it like you
were kissing Potter."

Cho Chang was still helpless, with no choice but to obey. She felt ill as
she rimmed Draco Malfoy, licking the younger boy's arse and pleasuring the
nerve endings around his puckered anus. Some of the sperm on her face
dribbled down onto her breasts. After making Cho Chang service his ass for a
few minutes, Draco pushed her down to the rug on her hands and knees. He
slid quickly into her pussy with his freshly hard erection, and raped her
slowly in doggy position.

"Face on the floor, Chang. Don't hold your head up high like you mean
something." Cho wept and obeyed, pressing the side of her face into the
sticky rug as Draco pounded her cunt.

The degradations continued. Cho Chang and Luna Lovegood were raped orally,
vaginally and anally for as long as the five boys could keep it up. They
were fucked in every position the boys could think of, some of which had
been perfected on Hermione in the preceding six months. Luna Lovegood's
babbling grew stranger and stranger until she constantly recited nursery
rhymes unless she was hurt particularly hard. Her voice grew hoarse, but
still she continued. Her mind was destroyed by the trauma.

It was different for her seventeen-year-old Chinese Ravenclaw housemate. Cho
Chang's mental strength kept her from Hermione's silent catatonia and Luna's
insanity, but her lucid thought simply allowed her to suffer each fresh
degradation more fiercely. When three of the boys pissed all over Luna, she
simply continued reciting ring a ring a roses. When Montague and Warrington
made Cho Chang drink every drop of their foul waste as they made crude
remarks about her "piss yellow" skin, she felt the humiliation keenly as
well as nearly retching from the vile taste.

The Ravenclaw schoolgirls were the Slytherin boys' rape sluts now, and Cho
began to lose hope of escape. The mess of sperm and piss over her body made
her slippery, and she broke free from Warrington while he took a turn in her
sperm leaking arse. She felt the door key in her hand before Crabbe and
Goyle were upon her, crushing her weight into the dusty stone of the floor.
Draco had Montague kick her in the cunt too, and Cho discovered that she
hadn't yet felt the worst pain available.

Naked and covered in filth, they were chained on mattresses alongside
Hermione. When the boys left them, Cho tried talking first to Luna - who
simply continued babbling - and also to Hermione, her ignored her utterly.
Eventually, tired, sore and hoping for rescue, Cho slept. On that first
night, she awoke from a terrible nightmare to find Luna's face buried
between her thighs, as the blonde girl licked her sorely bruised pussy.

The chain to Luna's collar was long enough that she could reach her
companion-captives easily, and it clanked on the stone as she moved her head
to lick at new angles. Luna didn't seem to be aware of her actions, and
after a moment's thought Cho let her continue. The little pleasure it
brought was better than the pain she suffered. Luna had a natural,
instinctive talent, and as she licked thickly bushed cunt clean of rapists'
sperm she brought her to the first powerful orgasm of the day.

In the following weeks, Cho relied heavily on Luna to give her pleasure
between the rapes.

Six months later, and Hermione's first set of twins had been sold on, and
she was almost two months pregnant again. The bellies of Cho and Luna were
swollen out, growing each day with the babies of their rapists. Warrington
visited Cho most often, always degrading the Chinese girl verbally as he
raped her arse again and again, or squeezing her breasts while pumping his
seed across her face.

Surely no evil could last forever. Surely some day they would be rescued,
and terrible revenge exacted on their captors. But some day might never


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