Harry Potter: Hermione And Harry Get Educated (bbg)
by Jeff Walters ([email protected])

Hermione and Harry woke up the next morning and decided they needed to know
what they had done last night. Harry got back into the invisibility cloak
and said he would find someone who knew and he would come back to her that
night and tell her.

Harry had just got back when Ron Weasley his best friend came in and asked
how he was doing. Ron was a year older but arrived at Hogwarts School at
the same time as Harry. They were in the same School group and Harry was
confident to tell Ron what had happened with Hermione the night before.
They both sat down and Harry explained what Hermione and he had done the
night before. This got Ron hard and wished he had thought of doing the
same thing with Hermione but what can you do. Harry then asked Ron what
had they done, Ron knew that they had sex but really didn't know too much
about it because he was a virgin himself. He told Harry that he would meet
them in Hermione's room at an hour after dark to explain to them both what
they had done.

Ron raced to the Hogwarts' library and found the book on sex and read the
book from cover to cover. He now knew everything he needed to know and if
his plan came off he wasn't going to be a virgin much longer.

Ron arrived at Hermione's room about 30 minutes after dark and new that Harry
wouldn't be there for at least another 30 minutes. He walked in and was
disappointed to see that Hermione was still clothed. Hermione asked him to
sit down and wanted to start asking Ron questions but didn't know where to
start. Ron suggested that she take off her clothing that he could show and
explain things she needed to know. Hermione wanting to learn and so
immediately started to undress, Ron started to do the same and Hermione asked
what he was doing. Ron said, "Well, since Harry isn't here I will show you
these things on my body so you know what I am talking about." Hermione
slightly embarrassed continued to undress until she was finally naked and
noticed that Ron was also naked and his object was as big as Harry's but not
quite as thick.

Ron sat up on the bed and asked Hermione what she wanted to know about.
Hermione pointed at his object and smiled. Ron said, "This is a cock or some
people call it a penis," Hermione asked what was the stuff that came out of
cock, Ron smiled and said, "That is sperm but people call it cum." Hermione
pointed to her own body and Ron said, "That is your vagina but people call it
pussy," Hermione then pointed to her special spot and Ron smiled and said,
"That is your clitoris but people call it your clit."

Hermione asked why did she feel funny when she rubbed her clit and Ron asked
her to demonstrate. Hermione laid back down and spread her legs and started
to rub her clit. Ron moved around and was inches away from Hermione's pussy
and started to say, "You are masturbating Hermione, it's to get your vagina
ready for a guy's cock or when you are masturbating just to feel the pleasure
you get." Hermione started to rub harder and closed her eyes enjoying the
sensations she was feeling when she felt something against her pussy, she
looked down and Ron was licking her vagina, and then he started to lick her
clit. Hermione removed her hands and let Ron continue to lick her special
spot and she put her hand behind his head and when the feelings started to
get more intense she would force his head down further. Ron started to feel
the juices starting to flow around his face and new that this must be what a
girls orgasm is like. He moved his hand up to her pussy lips and opened
them with his finger and started to finger her pussy while licking her clit.
Hermione started to moan and scream for Ron to lick her, yes baby that's it
lick me. Ron looked up at Hermione and said this is what you call an orgasm.

Hermione said, "I want more of those."

Ron said, "Well, you certainly will but I think its time for me to have some
pleasure. I want you to give me a head job Hermione."

Hermione looked puzzled and said, "What is that?"

Ron said, "You know when you put Harry's cock in your mouth and sucked it
that is a head job."

Hermione smiled and moved around to Ron's cock and immediately started to
lick and suck on his cock. It tasted different but the feeling she got from
doing remained the same and started to lick further down Ron's cock. She
took as much cock in her mouth and then felt him cum in her mouth. He hadn't
lasted as long as Harry had but she really like his taste and kept on sucking
until no more would come out. Hermione swallowed it and came back up until
they were facing each other and they started to kiss. Ron had kissed girl
before and so he started kissing Hermione back with his tongue and was moving
it around in her mouth and touch more sensitive spots in her mouth which she
liked and moaned to tell Ron that she liked it.

The kiss he was getting from Hermione got him hard again he positioned
himself around her body until his waist and her waist were against each other
and he opened her pussy lips and entered his cock and started to thrust in
while still kissing her. She moaned back into Ron's mouth that she liked it
and then asked Ron what was this called. Ron now moving back in and out of
Hermione's tight pussy, moaned back, "It's called fucking Hermione, I'm
fucking your pussy."

Hermione smiled and said, "I like this fucking, fuck me harder Ron, fuck me

Ron opened her and started to pound into her wet pussy and she started
moaning again but a whole lot louder and it was at this time that Harry
walked in. He was initially shocked and angry but then he cock started
to grow and he got more excited. Harry removed his clothes and started
to stroke his cock, when Hermione asked him over so she could give him
a blowjob. Harry didn't know what that was but started to walk over and
looked down at Ron's cock entering Hermione and then he felt Hermione's
lips go around his cock and realised what a head job was. Hermione
couldn't believe the joy that being fucked and sucking a cock could be
but now that she was doing both at once she felt herself orgasm and she
moaned whilst sucking Harry. Now Harry hadn't masturbated all day and
he didn't last much longer and pulled out his cock from Hermione mouth
and cum started to land on her face and breasts. Ron seeing this could
now feel the building up in his balls and pulled out of Hermione and
started to cum all over her body. Hermione looked down at her body and
smiled and thanked Ron for showing her some things and for fucking her.

They all laughed and Harry got the washcloth and rubbed Hermione body where
cum had landed. Now that they knew what fucking was Ron decided to tell
them about positions. Hermione like the sound of horse riding and told
Harry to lay on the bed, Harry did as he was asked and Hermione got on top
of his cock and lowered herself down onto it until it was fully in her.
Hermione knew that she liked this position because Harry cock was further
in her then he was last night. She started to rise up and down on Harry
cocks when she felt Ron behind her and she could feel his fingers near her
ass. Ron used her juices and his own juices on his cock and then started
to enter her ass. Ron what are you doing, it hurts, get it out, Ron
started to take it out but then pushed back in and Hermione started to feel
more of his cock in her and could know feel both of the boys cock in her
and the joy she was feeling was more then the pain she was feeling and let
Ron continue to fuck her ass. Ron took a while to get his cock fully in
her ass and waited until Hermione was more comfortable with it in her and
when she started bucking forward and back, he knew that she was enjoying
it more. He could feel his cock against the wall to her vagina and could
feel his cock hitting against Harry who was actually in her pussy.
Hermione was screaming liked she had never before and was orgasming time
and time again. The boys only being knew to this couldn't last much longer.
Hermione might only have just started being fucked but she had good control
of muscles in her ass and pussy and was using them to milk and rub them.
It wasn't much longer that Harry started to cum and this time he come inside
of Hermione and he slipped from below Hermione and moved to the seat beside
the bed. Ron now began fucking Hermione hard and quickly pulled his cock
out of her but and straight into her waiting pussy.

"This is called doggie Hermione, do you like this Hermione."

Hermione screamed, "Out yes!" and told Ron that she was coming again. This
was enough for Ron and he started to come in Hermione already wet and sticky

They all laid back on the bed and both the boys leaned in towards Hermione
and smiled. The boys each took a nipple and started to play with them until
they were hard and sensitive. Hermione moved her hands down to the boy's
cocks and started to masturbate them. Thanks boys I never knew learning
could be this much fun. I can't wait to learn more.

The End


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