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Harry Potter: Hermione's Exploits Part 3 - Dogsitting (g-best)
by Big Red Dope

As their final class of the day finished up Harry, Ron, and Hermione gathered
up their things and headed out into the hall.

"I'm going to get cleaned up before dinner. I've been smelling bad all day
since the accident this morning," Hermione said.

"I said I was sorry. What more do you want?" Ron replied.

"It's not anyone's fault. A lot of people got the spell wrong," Harry said.

"Yeah, but I'm-"

"Ah good Hermione you're still around," Hagrid interrupted bent over with his
hands on his knees breathing heavy like he had just been running.

"What's going on Hagrid?"

"Something's just come up and I've got to leave immediately for Azakaban for
a few days. Can you take care of Fang for me?"

"Sure I guess, but why me?"

"Dumbledore and McGonagall are going with me and I don't want to bother the
others with it. You're about the only one responsible enough that I trust."

"Hey! What about me and Harry?" Ron asked.

"Let me guess. He's the reason I could smell you down the hall?" Hagrid
asked Hermione gesturing towards Ron.

"That's right."

"It was an accident!"

"Ron let's go. We've got out own things to do right now. We'll see you at
dinner tonight Hermione," Harry said pulling Ron as he walked away from
Hermione and Hagrid.

"So what do you need me to do?" Hermione asked once Ron and Harry were gone.

"Not a lot really. Just feed him once at sunrise and once at sunset. If
you get the chance take him for a short walk, if not don't worry about. His
food is sitting on the table. One can at each meal. I'll let everyone know
you're doing this for me so nobody harasses you about wandering around. Oh
and if you would keep Ron away from my house if you would."

"No problem," Hermione laughed.

* * *

Hermione, Ron, and Harry sat at the table eating dinner and chatting
mindlessly until Ron asked about Fang.

"So what do you have to do to Fang while Hagrid's gone? Bathe him, and walk
him, and stuff?"

"It's nothing really. Hagrid just wants me to feed him in the morning and
evening for sure. If I get a chance he said I could walk him."

"Did he said how long he'll be gone?" Harry asked.

"He wasn't sure he said. Two or three days maybe. He said he'd send a
message if it was going to be longer."

Ron leaned over the table real close to Hermione and whispered.

"I hear they chop your arms off in other countries for this, but since you've
already given Dobby a blowjob it won't matter to you. You ever thing about
playing with Fang's dick?"

"RON!" Harry and Hermione shouted in unison.

Everyone around the three of them stopped and stared at them, but after a few
minutes they went back to their own business.

"Dobby's a living breathing intelligent creature that can talk. Fang is a
dog. That's just gross," Harry said.

"Thank you Harry but I don't need you to help me," Hermione butted in.

"So you won't do it?" Ron asked with a stupid grin.

"Of course not!"

"It's not like me and Harry don't know about the incident with the troll."

Hermione turned a deathly pale white.

"How do you know what happened???"

"We knew the white stuff on the floor wasn't slobber when we asked. We were
just trying to be nice about it."

"Well fine... I'm going to be then. I've got to get up early tomorrow to
feed Fang. Why don't you have sex with him since you're so interested!"
Hermione said flustered as she got up from the table and left.

* * *

Hermione got up early the next morning and feed Fang before going to class.
Most of the day she spent scowling at Ron for even suggesting the obscene
idea he had. She still ate dinner at Harry and Ron's table but sat further
down from them and closer to Ginny.

"What did Ron do this time?" Ginny asked.

"Your brother's an idiot," Hermione said.

"That's certainly true, though sometime I think he does it on purpose."

"Ah well, it doesn't matter. We'll be friends again tomorrow as usual,"
Hermione said taking the last bite of her food. "I've got to go feed Fang
now, want to come?"

"I can't," Ginny replied. "Today's Friday and I already told some people I'd
go with them to the Quidditch matches tonight."

"No problem then I guess I'll be seeing everyone later then," Hermione said
getting up from the table.

"You want us to come with you?" Ron called from the other end of the table.


"Sheesh, what's her problem?" Ron asked.

"Sometimes you just don't know when to stop," Harry replied.

* * *

Closing the door to Hagrid's house, Hermione found Fang jumping around
running in circles in a very lively manner.

"No walk today Fang," Hermione said as she opened a can of food and dumped
it in his bowl. She then filled his water dish. "I'm just not in the mood."

Hermione then sat down on an old couch in Hagrid's gathering room and began
thinking. Ron could be such a doofus at times and make her frustrated,
though Harry was good friends with him and they did keep quiet about what
they knew about the incident with the troll. Hermione watched the big
mastiff roam around the house for a few minutes when it finished eating.

Fang then stopped with his tail wagging excitedly in front of Hermione and
acted like he wanted to be petted. Hermione obliged and began to rub his
back occasionally rubbing his bell as well. Then she noticed something odd
happen everytime her hand went near his shaft. It would emerge from its
sheath whenever her hand went near it and shrink back inside when her hand
went away.

Pushed by curiosity Hermione put her hand back near Fang's cock and began to
rub the area around it. Sure enough Fang's prick slid out and erected fully.

Hermione had a decision to make. If she went forward with this she'd prove
Ron right and be in her eyes the dirtiest person in the world. However he
was right in that she had already had sex both with the escaped troll and
Dobby. What would be the difference really?

With her decision made Hermione got down on the floor with her head
underneath the dog. She grabbed hold of the base of Fang's shaft and wrapped
her lips around the dog cock. As she sucked playfully Fang's dick sliding
her tongue all over it wetting it with her spit, Hermione became very horny
much like Fang. With her free hand she reached up her skirt and pulling her
panties to the side dipped two fingers into her pussy.

Hermione continued to push her fingers deep into her cunt as Fang began
thrusting himself into her mouth trying to mount her face. With girl and
dog both in a frenzied state of mind the oral pleasure Hermione gave Fang
while fingering herself continued for several minutes until her pussy
exploded covering her fingers, panties, and pussy all with her girl cum.

Hermione's clit began to swell with excitement again no sooner after she had
just finished her first orgasm. She ignored the wetspot between her legs
while she place her hands on Fang's backside helping him push his dick into
her mouth. Hermione nearly gagged several times as the eight inches began
filling into her throat.

Then when she had a chance she quickly moved her head away and stood up.
Fang was nowhere finished and began trying to hump Hermione's leg.

"Down boy down!" Hermione tried commanding the dog as she began undressing
by first removing her sweater and skirt. "Give me a moment."

When she was finally nude Hermione got onto all fours on the floor and
immediately Fang tried to mount clumsily failing.

"Easy boy easy. I want you prick inside me as much as you do," Hermione
said trying to calm down the dog.

Fang's large cock was hard to miss and carefully Hermione guided it to her
small opening.

"There now," she said as she felt the tip start to separate her pussy lips.
"Push it all in now Fang."

With her guidance mounting Hermione was very easy for Fang and soon she felt
a weight on her back as he Fang laid his paws there.

"Good Fang," Hermione moaned as he began to thrust himself into her.
"Veeeeery good!"

The first two inches slipped inside Hermione just fine, so did the second
two, but she really began to feel her pussy stretch as the fifth and sixth
inched pushed inside. Tears of pain and pleasure began rolling from
Hermione's eyes as Fang got all eight inches inside her pussy stretching
it to the max.

"Fuck me hard Fang! Fuck me!" Hermione grimaced temporarily as she learned
to turn the dog cock from pain into pleasure.

Fang began to howl relentlessly as his beastly prick began slamming into the
girl's slit at full force. He could smell she was in heat and liked it.
This was Hermione's first time with an animal, but she could definitely tell
Fang liked this as much as she did and her body tingle with excited and her
pussy yearned for more.

"Oh my god!"

Without any warning Hermione's body began to shake violently with an orgasm
like she had never experienced. However little they could her pussy lips
clamped down on Fang's cock and she squirted out cum like there was no
tomorrow. Hermione's orgasm finally subsided and badly wanting Fang to cum,
she started pushing her hips back towards it's cock.

With Hermione's slit squeezing down hard on his prick again and himself
being in heat Fang's knot enlarged immensely stretching Hermione's pussy
beyond it's know limits. She panicked at the suddenly swelling and
stretching and tried pulling Fang out. This only stretched her more causing
a sharp pain to run through her body. Hermione let go of the dick and the
pain subsided. For several minutes Hermione closed her eyes tight and bit
on her lip as she tried to work through the pain. Then much like it had
with the troll, Hermione's plain slowly turned into an erotic pleasure as
she thought about having a dog cock "stuck" in her.

Hermione started to push back into Fang to see what was left of his dick
that she could get into her. With the girl's renewed body movement Fang got
back into action and began furiously humping her again. With dog drool
falling on her back and the force of the dog's humping nearly pushing her
forward, Hermione closed her eyes and back to scream and moan as her body
neared another orgasm.

Fang beat her to it giving out a long extended howl shooting his large load
into her vagina. Much like his how Fang's orgasm was long and the cum keep
coming for several minutes until it started to seep out of her hole and down
her legs. Having her pussy filled and her legs covered in Fang's cum pushed
Hermione over the edge and she let out blood-curdling scream as her body
thrashed about again and her pussy twitched and pulsated as she came.

Fang's weight on her back was heavier now as Hermione tried to catch her
breath and recover. She tried to pull Fang and feeling his knot still
engorged in her cunt stopped before any more pain could come. Hermione
hoped desperately that Fang would deflate before anyone came looking for

After about forty-five minutes Hermione finally felt his knot and penis
shring back down to his normal size. Slowly she climbed out from underneath
him and with her lips very tender she wearily made her way to Hagrid's
shower to clean up. When she finished and dried herself off, she dressed
and cleaned up in the kitchen and gathering room.

* * *

Watching Hermione start to pet and talk to Fang Ginny lept from the tree
branch by the window and ran back to her room.

"Ron had her and now it's my turn!" Ginny thought to herself as she ran
back inside Hogwart's. "If that's what it takes to get Harry so be it."


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