Harry Potter: Part 3 - Hermione's Cherry Chapter 2: Christmas Presents
(mmfg, oral, cons)
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

It was Christmas morning and the Gryffindor dorm was empty except for Ginny
and Ron Weasely, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. Harry always stayed at
Hogwarts because he and the Dursleys, the Muggle family he lived with both
preferred it that way. Ron and Hermione usually stayed to keep him company
and this year, at Hermione's suggestion, so had Ginny. This year the girls
had some special "presents" planned for the boys.

As the boys came down the steps into the common room they saw both girls
sprawled on the couch, robes open, just covering the good parts, with nothing
apparent underneath. Harry stopped dead with the result that Ron Walked into
him, resulting in both boys in a tangle on the floor.

"I take it you approve?" Hermione said with a smirk. As the boys started to
get up, she and Ginny both whipped out their wands and pointed them at Ron
and Harry.

"Stay down, boys. You're right where we want you and that's the way it's
going to stay. You both have a lot to make up for. Your childish rivalry has
made me stay a virgin three months, six days seventeen hours and two minutes
longer than I wished and that's going to end here and now. Worse, you've
ignored Ginny and drove her away from me too."

"We didn't know..." started Harry.

"Boys rarely do. That's fixed but now it's payback."

"Payback?" asked Ron suspiciously.

"First thing, untangle yourselves. That's good, now stay there on all fours
and aproach. Harry, you get in front of Ginny, Ron, over here."

After the boys were in front of them, the girls fully disrobed. "Now make us
forgive you. Get creative if you can."

Harry started by planting a kiss on Ginny's right then left foot, provoking
giggles from her, then worked his way up her calves, kissing and licking as
he went. By the time he reached her thighs, her juices were running down her
legs which he happily licked up, working his way to the rosebud of her vulva
where his thrusting tongue brought a hiss of passion from his redheaded love.

Meanwhile, Ron took a more direct approach, attacking Hermione's pussy
directly and simultaneously with both tongue and fingers. What he lacked in
delicacy however was more then made up by thrust, causing Hermione to bite
her lip and arch her back. When his fingers switched from her front hole to
her back she could no longer hold back the moans.

"You have a thing for my arse, don't you?"

"Well, it's a great ass, isn't it?" She had to admit he had a point.

Her hand reached out and clasped Ginny's as both neared orgasm, the two girls
hands fusing as both girls bucked in pleasure.

Harry raised his cum soaked face and smiled winningly, "Forgiven?"

The two girls looked at each other and smiled. "Getting there...unh...but not
quite," said Hermione.

Ginny added, "We'll forgive you when..."

Hermione completed the sentence with difficulty as Ron's tongue and finger
were still vigorously thrusting into her pussy and ass, "You have those...Oh
God!... wonderful cocks in us." Ginny nodded enthusiastically in agreement.

Harry changed position, preparing to put his huge cock into Ginny but found
their positions unexpectedly but delightfully reversed as Ginny slid from
under him and seated him on the couch. She then put her mouth to work on him,
first kissing him on the lips then darting her head away when he extended his
tongue into her lips. Then she kissed her wasy down his neck, then to his
chest, where her sucking lips on his nipples brought gasps of appreciation
and pleas for more. She then slithered her way down his body to his cock.
Here her talents truly showed themselveves as her tongue played along the
root of his member then with quick, tiny licks and thrusts worked it's way up
the shaft then down again. Finally her lips enclosed the mushroom cap of his
cockhead while her tongue teased his pisshole. He was almost ready to come
when she pulled back.

"Oh no, you don't get off that easy," she said with a smile and proceded to
impale herself slowly on him.

Meanwhile Ron had taken Hermione's words at face value and mounted her
roughly and readily. Their relationship had been a contest of wills from the
day they met on the Hogwarts Express and thier sex life was no exception. He
fucked her hard from stroke one, provoking a torrent of passionate abuse.
Words even Hermione wasn't aware she knew came pouring out.

"OWWW! You bastard! That hurts! Oh, Oh, Oh, hurts so...hurts so good! Fuck
me! Fuck me you sonofabitch! Make me your bitch! Ram my little cunny, that's
right! FUCK me hard! More, you fucker, more! OHohohohohyes!!" Even Harry and
Ginny paused in their own lovemaking to stare in awe at the outburst. Harry
wondered briefly if sex could cause Tourette's Syndrome then went back to
fucking the little redhead rocking enthusiatically on top of him.

Hermione's fingernails dug deep into Ron's back and her feet thumped against
his back. As she came she sunk her teeth into one nipple. This time he yelled
in pain and replied by biting into her shoulder while spewing his hot cum
into her. Finally he fell against her, both of them spent. Shortly both Harry
and Ginny also collapsed, holding each other happily.

"Merry Christmas," said Hermione. Indeed the rest of the holidays looked like
they would be happy indeed. "Who else? The boys."


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