This story contains content that should not be read by people underneath the
age of 21. It is 100% fiction and has no bearing on reality whatsoever. 100%
fiction means real life rape is WRONG. The author does not condone illegal
and immoral actions described. If you feel rape in the real world is a good
thing, bend over in a prison and whistle dixie. While I'm disclaiming,
racism, homophobia and other bigotry of any kind are also really fucking
stupid. I don't own any of JK Rowling's characters and make no profit from
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Description: Raped and impregnated by five Slytherin boys, Cho Chang finally
takes her violently bloody revenge.

Content Codes: m+f, mmm, f-tent/f, rape, ncon, first, inter, magic, snuff,
viol, racist & some scat/ws/preg

Author's Note: This story follows my previous stories `For the Honour of The
Slytherin' and `For The Profit Of The Slytherin'.

Harry Potter: Part 3 - The Revenge Of The Ravenclaw
by JD ([email protected])

The petite pale Gryffindor girl, Ginny Weasley was on her knees between
hulking brutes Crabbe and Goyle. Draco Malfoy's heavy balls pressed into her
drool drenched chin, while his hard cock buried deep in her gullet cut off
her anguished screams of pain and fear. Ginny's thin small fingers wrapped
around the leaking shafts of Warrington and Montague. She was too scared of
her brutal molesters to release her stroking grip. She was hurting. They hurt
her private places. Blood stained the shafts of the cretinous Slytherin boys
rhythmically violating the tightly stretched pussy and arse of the youngest
just-legal child of Molly and Arthur Weasley.

She knew what was happening. The Weasleys were too fertile a family to not
properly prepare their children for the future with educational talks.
Instead of the romantic pleasure of her fantasies though, innocent Ginny
suffered a nightmarish violation from five boys, each much stronger than her.
This was not sex, or making love. This was rape, brutal and cruel. Ginny
Weasley experienced true helpless despair as her eyes met the merciless gaze
of Draco Malfoy, while Goyle's stinking hot breath blew against her hair as
he cruelly twisted his cock in her bottom.

Though the pain of Ginny's recently broken nose was bad, the pain in her rear
was the worst. Goyle's cock penetrated her like a stick, stabbing into her
again and again. The tearing agony blotted out the virginity stolen in her
dry grotto and over-stretched throat. Draco allowed no respite for the poor
schoolgirl to breathe, and so Ginny soon felt her lungs strain. They throbbed
painfully behind her breasts as she rocked between her rapists. She was
afraid of dying, then, because any boys who would be so cruel as to rape her,
would think nothing of killing her also.

Draco felt his balls tighten as he ruthlessly thrust time after time down
into Ginny's throat. Her freckles were surrounded with the purplish red blush
of oxygen deprivation. If he did not relent from his strokes, her lips would
soon turn blue. Bloody mucus ran from Ginny's badly broken nose and tears ran
from her bloodshot eyes as Draco wrapped Ginny's thick red hair around his
hands for additional leverage. It felt so good. Taking the Weasley slut.
Using her. Raping her. He ground his throbbing cock down into Ginny's throat
as he came. He fed his sperm straight down into her stomach. Ginny could feel
the cock throbbing in her neck even as her sore throat burned and spasmed
around it.

Suddenly her vision was blocked and her eyes stung terribly. Montague had
reached his own climax, managing to shoot closely from the side and splash
across both of Ginny's eyes at once. A second stream covered the bridge of
her nose, before Warrington added his semen to the sticky barrage. Enjoying
the intense pleasure, neither boy noticed as Ginny's hands slipped from their
rods. Draco's throat blocking cock had finally forced Ginny into
unconsciousness. Goyle and Crabbe continued their merciless double-raping of
Ginny, oblivious to her state.

"I've wanted to do that for such a long while," Draco sighed as he withdrew
from the pleasurable sheath of Ginny Weasley's mouth.

The 16-year-old schoolgirl's body slumped limply, though with her raw airway
cleared she began to breathe again. Crabbe roughly pushed her face to the
side from beneath, letting the thick, dripping, mix of semen, blood and drool
stain the floor beside him rather than his own fat face. He grunted at the
movement on his shaft. It had been a while since he had such a tight little
pussy wrapped around his cock, it felt like Yule come early.

Goyle, whose cock had stretched Ginny's arse beyond undreamed-of limits,
reached around to grope Ginny's breasts through her Hogwarts jumper. The
Slytherin had been in such a panicked hurry to violate Ginny's fresh,
virginal, pussy, that they hadn't even undressed her beforehand. Even the
crotch of her white cotton knickers was only pressed aside to expose the
lightly ginger-furred pussy she had been saving for her true love, Harry
Potter. Goyle pressed his face into Ginny's sweaty red mane and worked his
big cock inside her, probing the Gryffindor girl's core.

Crabbe didn't think too much about anything; at that moment his small mind
was solely fulfilled with the incredible pleasure of Ginny Weasley's pussy
squeezing his cock. It was growing wetter and looser as he pounded up into
it, drawing groans of pleasure from the thuggish teenager's throat. Crabbe
put Ginny's loosening pussy down to the girl being a slut for his cock.
Draco had told him he could have her pussy first as he, Draco, had wanted to
look into Ginny's eyes as he stuffed the Weasley girl's throat. Crabbe could
feel Goyle's cock moving inside Ginny's arse, each boy's shaft causing the
other's chosen fuckhole to be an even tighter fit.

Ginny regained consciousness as her body bounced harder between her rapists.
She raised her messy face up just as Goyle started to come, violently jerking
his semen into her painfully torn arsehole. He yanked back painfully on
Ginny's hair, almost pulling her from Crabbe's cock until he grabbed her hips
and thrust again. Crabbe exploded seconds later, firing his own sperm up
towards Ginny's womb and successfully impregnating her with his own thick
creamy seed. Truly ill fortune; Ginny's first-ever sexual encounter, and she
was left pregnant by the brutal thief of her virginity. Ginny wailed with
despair at the hopelessness of her situation and the pain her body was in.
She felt physically sick at the vile mixture still dripping down her face.

Draco's usual contempt for any of the Weasleys was etched in his expression.
He flicked the last of the saliva and semen from his shaft towards Ginny's
face, before slipping his satisfied cock back into his school trousers. Goyle
grunted as he pulled himself from Ginny's arse. Her torn rosebud gaped as
bloody semen followed the exiting crown. Without waiting for an instruction,
he lifted Ginny bodily from Crabbe, and set her to the side. They could see
the look of revulsion in Ginny's eyes break through even her pained despair.
Goyle would cherish the memory as he pressed his filth-coated cock between
the schoolgirl's lips, and made her clean him off.

She couldn't believe it. In all her sixteen years Ginny Weasley had never
tasted anything so revolting, so utterly disgusting, as Goyle's cock at that
moment. It was a miracle that she didn't vomit, for he would have made her
eat it all down. Even Crabbe, whose cock tasted mostly of her sweet pussy
juices and a little hymen blood, could not remove the taste from her mouth as
he followed Goyle between her lips. She gagged and coughed as the last of the
five boys slid his cock back into his trousers.

"This is your life now, Weasley. You're going to live down here in this room
with the mudblood, the chink and loonie Luna and pump out babies - in your
case really ugly babies - to make us money. Maybe we'll bring your brothers
down here to fuck you, wipe their minds afterwards."

Draco motioned to Crabbe and Goyle again, "Come on, strip the bitch. She
won't ever need those clothes again."

Ginny had struggled when they first grabbed her, but Goyle's fist in her face
had knocked a lot of the fight from the girl. The brutal gang rape had
accounted for the rest. She didn't struggle as Goyle lifted her jumper over
her head, and Crabbe ripped her blouse open. Her simple white bra hadn't
protected her skin from rough fingers, and once torn loose Ginny's pale
mounds were visibly marked with bruising. She was crying too hard to speak as
the boys tugged free her shoes and socks, and ripped the button from her
skirt before yanking it down. Ginny's head lightly hit the flagstones as the
fell backwards, and then her messy knickers were tugged free also, lifting
her arse into the air. Goyle breathed deeply, savouring the scent of juice
and semen.

They left her proudly worn tie until last, until Ginny Weasley lay naked on
the cold flagstones of the magic-suppressing room deep in Hogwarts. Crabbe
tugged it over her head, and folded it into a ball, then he crouched down and
pushed the fabric into Ginny's cunt. Even gaping and drenched, the tie did
not go easily, and he drew a new scream of pain from the girl until only an
inch of fabric emerged between Ginny's swollen labia.

"See, Weasley," he said, "I shot my muck in you, and the tie will keep it

"Bloody good way to keep an infection in too," muttered Warrington, "Harder
to breed them if they're diseased or dead. Can't sell the stillborn,

"Good Point," Draco commented, giving Crabbe a withering glare, "Though I
know a witch or two with use for a dead baby. Pull it out Weasley,"

Ginny's fingers shook so much she couldn't get a grip on the damp tie. She
wanted them to leave her alone, or for Harry to arrive and rescue her. As she
managed to pull the tie out, she realised rescue had never come for the other
three girls. She could see from her position Hermione, Cho and Luna, missing
for some time and believed captured or killed by Death Eaters. Ginny's tie
splattered wetly on the flagstones as she gazed upon the Slytherin's
captives. Crabbe scooped it up, and stuffed it in her mouth instead, to
general amusement. Her broken nose meant she had to try hard to breath around

In all the terrible fates imagined for the girls, Ginny had not expected to
see them naked, shackled and obviously pregnant - Luna and Cho around eight
months pregnant, Hermione seemingly much less. All three had watched as Ginny
was dragged in, but only Luna had masturbated herself during the girl's first
gang rape. Luna had completely lost her tenuous grip on reality. The
ethereally beautiful blonde spent time speaking nonsensical phrases and
singing to herself while appearing to relish every degrading act previously
pressed upon her by their captors.

Hermione Granger had retreated into her own mind long before, existing in a
semi-comatose state. Everything she did was almost mechanical, following
basic instructions and guidance. She barely ate, except the scraps forced
down her, and had recently become almost skeletal to the extent that Draco
had ordered more regular force-feeding to keep her viable as a breeding slut.
Her eyes were glazed and almost lifeless, dull as those of the cattle she had
been reduced too. Cho Chang had worked constantly to try and bring her out of
the state, but in little over eight months of her own captivity had achieved

Cho was the `chink' of the three, and the strongest mentally and physically.
Where Luna had insanity and Hermione emptiness, Cho had rage. Beyond mere
anger, frustration or hate, Cho had rage burning inside her hot enough to
destroy Voldemort himself. While a single ankle cuff each restrained Luna and
Hermione, Cho's hands and were kept behind her back in solid steel cuffs, and
her ankles shackled together preventing all but the smallest steps. They had
a ring gag strapped in her mouth except for when she ate; brutal pack-rapes,
torture, even forcing her to eat the shit straight from Luna's arse; nothing
had broken Cho. She wouldn't speak to them even without the gag, barely even
cried out. She feared not death, nor pain, only that she would not have her

As Cho watched, the Slytherin boys twisted poor Ginny Weasley onto her hands
and knees, and pushed her face down against the stone floor. Her tie dropped
from her mouth, un-noticed, and she breathed a little freer. Cho knew this
was their favoured position to force one of their slaves into. They thought
it showed obedience to their will, though they could Cho in it only with
tight leather straps.

"Please. stop. Don't hurt me anymore. I won't tell anyone!" Ginny's words
were muffled and nasal thanks to the break.

"My friend told me you were going to tell everyone. She told me that you'd
worked it out, she heard you muttering to yourself in the toilet. Montague
here was stupid enough to give clues!"

Draco's `friend' was the ghost, Moaning Myrtle, and she hated the live girls.
In truth, Draco's secret relationship with the dead girl had surprised both
of them. Draco had been the more surprised though, to find that Myrtle loved
the idea of the high-and-mighty attituded living girls suffering their lives
away in a forgotten room. There was a spell she knew, to enchant a condom
and let a living man fuck a ghost. That had come as a surprise to Draco, too.
Still, it really had only been a matter of time before he ended up fucking a
dead girl, with the way Granger was going. Pansy wouldn't be too happy if she
found out, but given that Draco was a Malfoy he doubted she would be
surprised either.

Meanwhile, Montague's head shot up at the suggestion of giving clues.

"What? I didn't. I mean."

"Don't play dumb. Crabbe's much better at it than you are. Boasting about
putting Chang in her place to that Hufflepuff slut? Those other comments?"

"I was talking about an old game of."

"ENOUGH! Look at this, if we hadn't got her in time she would have gone to

"I wouldn't mind raping her old arse. I bet she's pretty tight back there,"
rumbled Goyle, once again making Draco wish he would keep his mouth shut.

The reason that Ginny had been grabbed so suddenly and hustled down to the
room under a spell of inattention was slightly convoluted. The five boys had
of late particularly enjoyed raping Luna, whose 16-year-old elfin beauty was
hugely accentuated by her swollen pregnant belly. She appeared to be carrying
triplets; so large was the bulge on her small frame. Her breasts had expanded
significantly, and oozed milk near constantly. Since she willingly did
whatever they wanted, it was only rape on the grounds that she was too crazy
to consent. So, that morning morning had been set aside for a long Luna
gangbang, while each would take a break to use Cho's mouth as a toilet.

Draco had claimed business elsewhere after a few hours, but had returned in a
hurry to say they needed to capture Ginny immediately. They all knew it was
important to rape her as soon as she caught her, to put her down in her
place, but after a long morning with Luna they had all only managed one
ejaculation apiece. Even with the redhead's arse in the air, Draco could tell
there would be no more rape that day. A shame, a crying shame, that a Weasley
shouldn't take the full brunt of many hours rape as the others had before
her. Still, there was always the next day; and the next. Weasley would get it
hard, hard and brutal, from all five at once and taking turns.

"Please! Let me."

Draco drew his foot back and kicked Ginny hard in her red furred snatch. She
didn't know it was coming and as she tumbled forward the pain hit. Ginny let
loose a heart-rending scream of agony. Ginny clutched at her crotch and cried
and cried. Her world was agony. Cho looked away, screwing her eyes up, just
as Luna brought herself off, creamy girlcum squirting wetly between her
probing rubbing fingers.

"We're going to have to bring down new shackles. Montague, you fucked up. You
can stand guard on her until Crabbe and Goyle get back with the shackles.
Warrington, you'd best help in case Montague fucks up again. Merlin's Beard,
I'd expect that bollocks from Goyle, but not you."

Montague held his tongue. He knew enough of Draco's spiteful moods to stay
quiet and get back into his good graces later. Being on the outs with the
Malfoys was not a good thing for an ambitious Slytherin. He saw Cho turning
away and smiled cruelly, then almost tenderly as his view shifted to Luna's
panting pregnant form.

Draco kicked Ginny again, aiming his second brutal kick to her left breast.
Ginny's fresh yelping cry actually made his rape-softened prick twitch. He
decided there would be a day, soon, when he would beat her unconscious while
at the same time torturing her with all the sadistic ingenuity at his
disposal. He relished the opportunity to take out all of his hated of the
Weasleys on the 16-year-old. She could be bred again afterwards if need be,
but before then, she would know his wrath.

The anticipation filled him with dark joy, so much that rather than leave
immediately he knelt to twist Ginny's face towards his. Ginny stared directly
again into Malfoy's eyes. She didn't even try to cover her violated body,
fearing fresh agony if she did so. She envisioned Harry again bursting in,
and throwing terrible un-Harry like curses at all five.

"Do you see this, chink? I think Draco's found someone he hates more than you
and the mudblood. Really doesn't like those Weasleys." Warrington's comment
was met with the dirty laughter of Crabbe and Goyle.

Cho stared at the misery etched in Ginny's face, and the cruel anticipation
equally evident in Draco's. The young witch finally made a decision that had
been haunting her for weeks. She had become aware of a loophole in the room's
magic suppression; by impregnating the girls, Draco and his gang of rapists
had generated one of the oldest forms of wild magic in the creation of life.
A force so simple and powerful that the room did not, could not, suppress it.
Cho had realised she could use that magic, shape it with her own rage and
hatred, and destroy the Slytherin. Where the Slytherin had originally taken
Hermione to express their House's cunning, Cho had found a way to use her
Ravenclaw intelligence and creativity.

The bound witch had held back for one reason only: It would mean the
sacrifice of her unborn child. Though a victim of rape, carrying a child she
did not want, Cho Chang did not wish the innocent harm. Yet, it seemed there
was no other choice before her. As Ginny sobbed, Cho envisioned a future of
more and more innocents forced into brutal slavery, raped and destroyed. She
intended to take her revenge so that no more would suffer. The Slytherin boys
were concentrating on Ginny, completely oblivious as Cho Chang closed her
eyes and focussed her hate for them on the foetus inside her. It was like
pushing at a stuck door, no give at all and then suddenly,

"Shit! Listen to the Chink scream!"

She certainly did. Cho's shackles rattled as she fell backwards. Her whole
body arched up off the floor like a bridge, with her swollen belly pushed
ceiling wards. Nothing in the previous eight months had prepared her for the
torturous pain in her womb, and it was still building. Warrington stepped
towards her and stopped as blood and amniotic fluid burst from Cho's pussy.
Ginny yelped and crawled away as the arcing fluid splashed across her face.

"What the fuck! Is she having the baby no-"

The shocked question was cut off as the boys realised that the fluid
squirting from between Cho Chang's netherlips was moving unnaturally, and
there seemed to be far too much. It flowed fast across the flagstones and
penetrated Luna and Hermione. Luna's screams joined Cho's, but Hermione was
beyond even that. Her body just rocked as her belly expanded from within.
Luna could feel the wet heat spreading inside her.

The boys could feel magic in the air. Magic in a room where there should be
none. They couldn't hear each other's shouts over the two screaming girls,
joined then by Ginny's screams of terror and confusion. Together they ran for
the door. Draco was slammed against the wood by the weight of Goyle, and in
their bewilderment and panic the boys were stopping each other from getting
the exit door open.

Cho felt her child die and with it, a rush of the darkest most potent magic
she had ever known. She needed more, and instinctively rationalised the
sacrifice of Luna and Hermione alongside their unborn young. Her stomach
dropped back to pre-pregnancy proportions as the other two impregnated girls'
expanded. Luna's burst first. An obscene wet tearing mixed with something
akin to a balloon popping. The young blonde fell still, the last of her life
lost in shock and agony, her face permanently surprised forevermore. A moment
later Hermione's stomach gave under the pressure, swollen and purple, and she
too died.

At the same moment, the door to the room slammed shut. Warrington had managed
to get it open, but only for a second. Now, nothing could budge it. He
realised that the only sound behind them now was Ginny's sobbing. She had
curled up into a foetal ball and called over and over for her Mum. Montague
looked back first, and fresh horror in his eyes made Warrington turn the same
way, while Draco was still pressed between his thuggish fellows.

The bodies of Luna and Hermione were already reduced to dried husks,
crumbling further before their very eyes. Cho Chang had sucked everything out
of them. Her restraints were gone. She held in her hands wands, formed from
Luna's bone and Hermione's hair. They were charged with the innocent life
energy of her friends and their unborn young, while tentacle-like strands of
hardening fluid hung in the air before her. They had withdrawn from the dust,
but did not sink back inside Cho's swollen pussy lips. The worst thing for
the boys to view was her eyes. The cold hard hatred of recent months was
replaced with the kind of sadistic joy both had seen in Draco's eyes when he
had first held Hermione at his mercy.

"Well, well, well.This is what is feels like to do evil," mused Cho, "Ginny.

Ginny looked up, and screamed again at the sight before her. Cho's feet hung
an inch off the ground, so full of power was she that her body could barely
contain it. In a way, the Slytherin boys had finally broken her. The girl
that Cho Chang had been was gone, washed away in a flood of power.

"You killed them! You killed Hermione and Luna!"

"They were already dead inside, and anyway, I had too. I need the power to
take my revenge. Don't you think these boys need punishing, Ginny? Don't you
want to hear them scream and cry? Look what they did to your pretty nose,"
Cho healed Ginny's nose with a wave, but no words. A small hint of the
control she had over her new power.

"I have to be more evil than them to beat them. I'll beat them so hard."

Warrington whimpered. He realised the hot warmth at his crotch was urine,
though with the others pressed so close he couldn't be sure if it was his
own. He couldn't work any spells in the room; his own wand was useless. No
wizard or witch should have been able too, and yet here was Cho Chang,
floating before them in the dust of dead girls and working spells without
preparation nor command. He felt someone press him aside, and then Draco
Malfoy faced Cho. His Malfoy arrogance seemed to be protecting him from fear.

"You. Crabbe! Goyle! Take her down! Now! Smash her head in!"

Neither moved, though whether from fear or inability to comprehend what they
saw was not clear. Cho spoke again,

"I don't have any Polyjuice Potion, Malfoy, so when I walk out of here. I'm
going to need your skin. The things I'm going to do. it'll be easier to do as
a Malfoy. Yes. Doesn't matter if it's ripped or torn, I can heal it before I
wear it."

Draco slapped at Crabbe's face,

"Get her, you fat lump! Do you know how much she's lost us by killing the
breeding sluts?"

Crabbe lumbered forward, and a moment later Goyle followed. Evil power leapt
from Cho and tore into the boys. She drew unmasculine screams from them as
their bodies began to turn inside out. Cho's laughter as she folded flesh and
bone unnaturally caused a fresh burst of warmth at Warrington's crotch. The
screaming stopped, but still the magic tore through the flesh until
completely inside out. The steaming meat hung in the air for a moment, and
then dropped to the flagstones. There was suddenly a whole lot of fat
staining the floor.

Ginny vomited. Her stomach heaved painfully as she emptied the remains of her
breakfast, and Draco's semen, onto the cold stone slabs. She hated the
Slytherin for raping her, and Draco because he was Draco, but Cho's actions
were equally abhorrent to her. She hadn't even thanked her saviour for
healing her face. Ginny looked up at the Chinese witch with utter disgust,
and then fear as Cho reacted to her disgust with the rage that burned in
every fibre of her body.

"Who are you to look at me like that, Weasley? You don't know what they put
me through! You only had a taste of their cruelty. I'll show you more,

The strange fluidic tentacles emerging from Cho's pussy hardened fully, and
took on a rough skin; the one that had impaled Luna split into two, filling
out to equal girth. Cho directed her pussy tentacles at Ginny, and the
redhead's latest cry of the day was again cut out as she was brutally
penetrated by three thrusting tentacles. Their skin felt like sandpaper in
her tender openings, and she would have cried out with each thrust if she
could. More tentacles split off, molesting Ginny's pert breasts and small
buttocks. Cho was a one-woman gang-rapist. Abused following the well-trodden
path to abuser.

Ginny pulled vainly at the rough-skinned tentacle pounding into her throat.
It was even worse than being violated by Draco Malfoy, who she expected
malice and spite from. The tentacle scraped through her fingers with ease and
wetly plugged her gullet. Ginny reached down between her legs, but the
tentacles there were even harder and thicker and she could no more tug them
loose than she could fight off Crabbe. Her strength was completely useless
against Cho as she was magically tentacle raped. Cho laughed again, and
raised Ginny from the floor. She felt herself supported only by the tentacles
tearing up her rocking body.

"Draco needs to feel it as well. Listen to me you vile pigs," she addressed
Warrington and Montague, "If you want quick deaths. fuck him. One at each
end. I want to see him used."

Cho's wands flung more magic at the boys, and they found their members hard
again. Painfully hard. Cho was pushing too much blood into them. Cho waved
again, dusting their Hogwarts uniforms as quickly as she had her own shackles
in the first moments of her new power. Draco looked from Warrington to
Montague and tried the door again. The other two stood each side, hard purple
organs inches from Draco, and still dripping with their acrid fear piss.

Warrington looked from Draco to the mess that had been Crabbe, and them
grabbed his hair. A quick death seemed like a good deal right about then.
Draco fought, of course, but Warrington was the stronger and soon pressed his
cock between the 17-year-old blond boy's lips. Warrington conceded deep
inside that he'd sometimes thought of screwing Draco, when they were all
naked and raping one of the breeding girls, but he'd never wanted it like
this. His cock was unnaturally purple as it penetrated Draco's throat.

Draco received the same treatment as Ginny had, with his own high-pitched
scream cut off as Montague speared Draco's virginal sphincter. From rapist to
rapemeat. His knees buckled as he fought his attackers, but he was as
helpless as all three girls had been. He could taste sweaty fear on
Warrington's shaft as it thrust over his tongue, but his worst pain mirrored

"How does it feel Malfoy," crowed the victorious Ravenclaw girl, "How does it
feel to be the one getting raped? Can you feel yourself tear inside? Can you
feel your throat stretch?"

Cho turned her attention back to Ginny for a moment. The Gryffindor girl's
face was even darker than Warrington's cock, so she pulled back on the throat
fuck and let the girl breathe. The split tentacles slithering around Ginny's
bruised breasts took the extra weight and keep her suspended. Bloody drool
stained Ginny's lips, and Cho realised her tentacle skin was working like
actual sandpaper. It was a good way to teach her the pain and suffering of
months of rape, in the way a single gangrape clearly hadn't. As Ginny's face
lightened, Cho plunged the tentacle back down her throat.

Meanwhile, Warrington and Montague bounced Draco's helpless body between
them. To his shame his cock grew hard even through the pain of the rape,
simply from the pounding Montague's member was giving his prostate. Cho
noticed the erection too, and waved her makeshift wands. Draco felt a
pressure on his balls then, squeezing. The blond boy's eyes widened with
inhuman agony as Cho crushed his balls in an irresistible magic grip. Bloody
sperm and gobs of flesh hung from his crotch as Montague raped his arse hard.

Montague felt Draco's arsehole tear even harder around his shaft, and
realised his cock was still growing. Draco's body shuddered as Montague
punctured his bowel and thrust inside his stomach. Montague suddenly had an
inkling of Cho's intent, but there was nothing he could do. Warrington noted
the increasing tightness of Draco's throat until he could no longer thrust or
withdraw, and still his cock lengthened and thickened. For both boys, it was
soon like having their shafts in painfully constricting vices. Draco was lost
in a world of pain, barely alive between them.

Cho was close to climax. In all the months of her captivity she'd sought
solace through orgasm, as Luna worked her tongue and fingers against Cho's
body, but the orgasm she sought now was the capstone of her revenge. She had
dropped a wand, and was working her clit, while simultaneously experiencing
the pleasures of Ginny's body fed back through her pussy tentacles. To her
corrupted mind the pleasure was exquisite.

"Die, Malfoy!" Cho screamed as she reached her peak.

Her tentacles fired thick spurts of hot goo into Ginny Weasley as she came.
She formed it from the memory of a thousand violations and poured it into the
spasming, suspended, girl. Ginny was unable to do anything but be a
receptacle for Cho. Her body felt raw inside and out, and the hot goo stung
terribly as it washed into her. She hoped her suffering would soon end.
Still she dreamed of brave Harry saving her.

At the same time, Cho literally exploded Montague and Warrington's cocks
inside the castrated Draco. Their hugely expanded shafts went off like
grenades. Draco's lithe body was torn open from crotch to throat. His heart
stopped as it was ripped from his chest and splashed against the floor. Cho
kept her word after a fashion, as the other two boys didn't take long to
bleed to death with the pressure of blood spraying from their destroyed
genitalia. Blood pooled around the corpses on the floor.

Cho dropped to her knees, withdrawing her pussy tentacles so suddenly that
Ginny fell hard to the flagstones. They were dead, her immediate tormentors,
but in the moment of death she'd managed to see their minds clearly as she
sought to ensure their suffering. She knew then for certain that behind the
capture of the three girls, and indirectly, Ginny, was one man. There would
be more blood spilled, and soon, but for now the Ravenclaw girl had her


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