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Harry Potter: Part 4 - Myrtle Made Solid
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

Ron Weasely snuck along one of the less traveled corridors of Hogwarts on his
way to a rendezvous with his sister and lover, Ginny. For precaution's sake
he wore Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, which he had snitched at his
sister's request and donned after leaving the more crowded parts of Hogwarts.
After all, it would hardly do to have an unseen presence bumping into people.
Finally he reached the room that Hermione had dubbed "The Chamber of Eros",
Ginny called "the Love Room" but that he and Harry just thought of as "the
Sex Place."

When he got in, Ginny was waiting impatiently, watching the door, lying on
the collection of blankets and cushions the quartet had pilfered over the
months to make it more comfortable. He really wished they had an actual bed
but not even Hermione had been able to figure out how. Fred and George,
masters of skullduggery that they were, might have managed it, but none of
them dared let anyone else in on their secret.

He had hoped to sneak up on her but of course she saw the door open and close
and knew instantly who it had to be.

"Well it's about time, Now take that off. And everything else while you're at
it," she said with a smirk. She had used the time waiting for him to take off
her clothes and put her robe back on so that as she got up and approached her
brother he was tittilated by delicious flashes of her bare flesh.

"What do you want it for?" asked Ron as he took off the cloak.

"Hermione wants it. She wants to visit Harry tonight. Now give it here."

"Why should I?" he teased, holding it out of the reach of his diminutive

She pressed her naked body against him as she answered, "Because I'm your
little sister and you love me." Her hand reached into his robe abd started
rubbing between his legs. "Because you're my big...oh *so* big," as he
started to harden and grow, "brother and I love you." She pressed even
closer, rubbing her peachfuzzed crotch against his leg and in a husky
whisper said, "and because I'll let you fuck me up the ass."

This did it. Ron liked sex any way he could get it, but from the first time
he had buttfucked Hermione he liked the rear entrance most of all and until
now Ginny had only let him through the front door.

The two quickly removed his clothes and Ginny picked up a small vial of oily
substance Hermione had given her. She rubbed some on Ron's fingers. "Now
some on my bumhole." After this he took a moment to enjoy the sight of his
sister's fine, round, tight ass raised into the air, waiting for him. He
wasn't sure whose was better, hers or Hermione's but he would have been happy
to spend an hour or so comparison shopping.

Finally he thrust first one then two fingers into his sister's butt, pumping
them in and out to the accompanimant of his sister's gasps and groans. He
realized that she was enjoying herself more than either of them had expected
her to. It seemed as if anal fixations ran in the family.

He placed his member at her butthole and pushed in to a squeal of mingled
pain and pleasure.

Perhaps it was because they were expected to behave like proper young ladies
at all other times but both Ginny and Hermione had a tendency to swear like
dockworkers during sex.

"Fuck! Oh yeah big brother *fuck* your little Ginny! Oh, my ass wants your
cock soooo bad! Ram it in, ram it!"

"You know...unh...little sister what trading sex for...God you're tight...
this cloak makes...fuck, so"

Ginny lifted her face from the pillow she had it buried in and smiled back
at him. "Your little whore?"


"So fuck your little whore, Ron, FUCK her!"

With that urging, Ron's cum was soon leaking out her asshole.

As the two incestuous lovers dressed, amid frequent kisses and carresses
Ginny reflected that she would probably keep Ron on a diet of anal sex. He
liked it more than the normal kind, she liked it almost as much and it
avoided the problem of getting pregnant by her own brother. Hermione had
managed to con her mother into a prescription for Muggle contraceptives with
a story of irregular periods and shared it with her friend but accidents did
happen and if she was going to have a baby she was determined that it would
be Harry's.

Finally dressed, Ron went down to evening meal and Ginny went to meet
Hermione in the Gryffindor girl's dorm where she passed her hard earned
gains to Hermione.

"How did you like it?"

"It was wonderful!." and Ginny told her of her plan.

"Brilliant. Maybe this will encourage Ron to pursue more frontside sex with
me. Oh, don't get me wrong, it's nice enough every now and then for a change
but I like it the more conventional way. Anyway, Phase One is complete.

* * *

Harry Potter stirred uneasily in his sleep, then bolted awake. He felt
something gripping his crotch. It felt somewhat like a spider but seemed to
only have five "legs". He soon realized that it was a hand but he couldn't
see it or what it was attached to.

'Whoever or whatever it belonged to must be friendly,' he thought because it
was stroking up and down his willy in a very friendly fashion. Then he heard
a giggle that he recognized.

"Hermione," he whispered. "Is that you? Why can't I see you?"

Suddenly, Hermione's smiling face appeared next to his bed. "You should keep
better track of your invisibility cloak Harry."

"How did you get it?"

"Ron 'borrowed' it as a favor to Ginny. I needed it to talk to you."

Harry reflected that perhaps Ron and he had rubbed off on her a little
*too* much. This was a prank worthy of Fred or George. Although he would
have objected a lot more to one of them climbing into bed with him as the
still invisible Hermione was doing. It was very odd to see his bottom half
seemingly dissapear under the cloak.

"I need a favor. I want you to go with me to Myrtle's bathroom."


"It's a surprise. Trust me, you'll like it." As she said this he felt
Hermione pull down his pajama bottoms.

He did trust Hermione but couldn't see anything good coming from visiting
Myrtle. "Why should I? What will you do if I don't?"

"Absolutely nothing...and neither will Ginny." That was a dire threat. He had
learned to love sex even more than Quidditch. Being cut off would be awful.

"And if I do?"

"I get to try something new on you." Recently Hermione had found and secretly
watched an old video she had found of her father's called Deep Throat which
she suspected her mother knew nothing about. She proceeded to demonstrate her
newfound knowledge. Slowly, she took Harry's extensive cock not merely into
her mouth but into the depth's of her throat until she reached the root. Not
merely her mouth but her throat muscles massaged his member.

The effect on Harry was electrifying. The only thing that kept him from
screaming out in ecstasy was the fear of waking his yearmates. Mere creaking
of the bed or muffled groans would just be put down to his wanking off, a not
uncommon event in the dorms.

Hermione worked her way back up and continued sucking and licking on him
until he was on the verge of comming

"Anything," he gasped. "Anything you want."

At this point Hermione had only his cockhead in her mouth, her fist firmly
grasping at the root of his member, cutting off his sperm from emerging,
although she could barely get her hand around it. At his affirmative, she
released her grip, swallowing the white stream that resulted.

"Meet me there after classes. You won't be sorry." With that his lovergirl
gave him a quick kiss on the lips and a friendly stroke to his balls and

* * *

Hermione and Harry entered Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, Hermione carrying a
spraybottle she had taken from the wastebin next to Hagrid's garden shed,
cleaned and filled. Harry was clearly reluctant to be here.

"Myrtle? Myrtle, are you here?"

Myrtle, a roundfaced ghost of about fifteen in appearence (though she had
been dead for over fifty years now) appeared from her stall, pouting as

"So you're here. Why should I care, when you've ignored me all year? And now
you're going to leave again, for the summer leaving poor, poor Myrtle all
alone and deserted."

Both Harry and Hermione rolled their eyes and Harry whispered "Why did you
bring me here exactly?"

"You'll see." She looked at the ghost and said, "If I was going to keep my
promise, I had a lot of research and work to do. But I'm here now and I
brought Harry along to join in the fun."

'Fun?' Harry wondered. What involving Myrtle could possibly be construed as

"Now float down Myrtle so you don't fall." Hermione was brandishing the spray
bottle. "Now spin around."

Obeying, the ghost spun an inch or so over the floor as Hermione sprayed a
thick greyish liquid over her, being careful to cover her completely.

"Oh dear, that wasn't *quite* what I had intended."

Myrtle's clothes covered with the spray had, to Harry's astonishment, turned
solid as had her hands, head, part of her leags. But the rest remained
ghostly. Quite inappropriately Harry noticed that, naked, Myrtle was not the
overweight and unatractive girl he and Ron had always assumed she was. Oh
she was heavier than either Hermione or Ginny but her figure was quite nice,
junoesque, with much of the weight being nicely curved and showing up
spectacularly in a large pair of breasts.

Meanwhile Hermione was trying to calm a weeping Myrtle. "Now, now, it only
went wrong because your clothes covered you. let's try again." And this time,
indeed all of Myrtle in her naked glory was made flesh. Hermione caught her
as she staggered to the ground.

"Oh," said Myrtle. "I feel...everything. I forgot what it was like." A tear,
for once of joy, came to her eye. "The air, the floor, it all feels"
and then she noticed Hermione's hands on her back and just below her brests
and blushed. Then smiled. Hermione took this as encouragement to move her
hands to Myrtle's breasts and to give her a long slow kiss which ended with
Myrtles tongue trailing out of her mouth, still trying for one last taste.

Harry, finally comprehending what Hermione had brought him for started
removing his clothes. Myrtle blushed at the sight of him naked, especially
at his huge and erect member.

"I...I never...well, not even...well...anything," she said shyly.

"Now Myrtle, this is something that Ginny and I both had to cope with. And
I know you've always had a crush on Harry, that's why I brought him here.
Besides, I'll be here to help."

"How long..."

"About ten inches," interrupted Harry, jokingly.

Once again Myrtle blushed furiously. "Nooo! I meant how long does the potion

"Hermione answered, "Roughly an hour, so we had best get down to it, hadn't

With these reassuring words she moved the reluctant ghost to the floor, where
Harry joined them, his lips eagerly roaming over her large breasts while his
hands massaged her large, firm buttocks. As he did this Hermione disrobed and
happily joined her partners. With Harry on one side and Hermione on the
other, Myrtle was sunk in a sea of sensation as their hands and lips covered
her body.

"Would you like me to teach you how to eat a girl, Myrtle?" Hermione asked.
"Like Ginny and I did to each other?"

"Oh yes! And could Harry do it to me too?"

"Certainly." Hermione straddled Myrtle and slowly lowered her crotch down on
Myrtle's face, while harry licked his way down her junoesque body.

"Now do you remember how to eat ice cream? It's like that at first. Up and
down my slit. Oh, very nice". She lowered herself a little more. "Now go
deeper, while still licking. Ohhhhh, yesss! Very good! Now in...oh...and
out! Yeah!. Now find my button find it! Oh God that's so good."

During this time, Harry, not wanting to break Myrtle's concentration had
skipped over her slit and started working up her legs from the knees,
especially intent on licking up the cream flowing from the ghostgirl. As
Hermione bucked and writhed in pleasure he inserted his own tongue into
Myrtle's vulva. Tthe effect was startling as Myrtle's legs clamped onto
his head and one hand came off from carressing Hermione's thighs to pull
his head deeper. Fortunately he could still breath and so continued,
thrusting his tongue in and out to causing Myrtle to moan in a way never
quite heard before from her. When he flicked his tongue across her clit,
she could no longer concentrate on Hermione and went quickly into orgasm.

that the area outside Myrtle's bathroom was nearly as seldom traveled as the
actual place itself or their activities would surely have attracted an

Myrtle, unused to physical sensation, collapsed, shaking. Hermione and Harry
massaged her quaking form until a semblance of calm returned.

"That was...that was... I swear I'll never be mean to either of you again!"

"And the best is yet to come," said Hermione, grinning. She leaned forward
across Myrtle's body, taking every oppotunity to rub against her while she
spred the ghost girl's legs and Harry arranged himself in front of Myrtle's
hole. She and Harry shared a deep kiss as he prepared for the long overdue
task of making her a woman. She then lay down next to her newest lover,
stroking and kissing her face, neck and breasts to distract her from the
coming pain.

Fortunately, the pain was minimal, Myrtle being older and somewhat larger
than either Hermione or Ginny. Only a small grunt of pain came from her,
encouraging Harry to plunge his willy into her fast, furiously and
repeatedly, to her enthusiastic urgings. Her arms wrapped aound Harry and
her fingers dug into his back.

"Oh, Harrry! Yes! Pleeease! Mooooore!"

At the same time, Hermione was alternating kisses with both her partners
finally straddling Myrtle's face once more while Harry's hands and lips
traveled her upper body.

Finally the literal love triangle came to a moaning, screeching climax.

With Harry on one side, and Hermione on the other Myrtle asked, "Couldn't
you put more on me to keep me like this longer, Hermione?"

"I'm afraid not. The parchment I got this from warned of 'unpredictable side
effects' if the subject was dosed more than once in a two month period. For
all I know it might turn you into a three headed troll and we don't want
that. But we should have enough time for another go. If Harry is up to it?"

And of course he was.


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