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Harry Potter: Part 6 - Getting Clean And Dirty
by Tricksterson

"Myrtle?" asked Harry as he slipped into the prefect's bathroom. It was two
days after the contest involving the mermen and he was here to pay a debt. It
was a debt he had mixed feelings about. On the one hand Myrtle *had* helped
him. On the other hand she could be deeply annoying.

On the third hand, she was a great fuck, which is what he was here for, spray
bottle of Solidifying Potion in his robe's pocket.

"Harrry!" The wispy voice came from the drain of the richly appointed
prefect's bathtub. Which was another unsettling thing about the adolescent
ghost. Harry had long since gotten used to the spirits that haunted Hogwarts,
but one that haunted the plumbing system was just...unsettling.

Myrtle had evidently anticipated his visit because when she popped out of the
drain her shoulders were already bare.

"Before you spray me, would you fill the bath? And turn the knob that pour
out bubbles?" she said in a coquettish voice.

Harry saw a problem with what he saw as her plan. "You know I'll have to
spray you before you get in or the bubbles will get in the way. So I'll
already see you naked."

"I know," she said, with a typically overdone tragic pout. Then what was
the point?, Harry thought. He suspected that he would have to be a girl to

As she spun in the air, hovering just above bubble level while he sprayed
her, Harry took the time to admire her body. Before he'd seen her without her
clothes he'd assumed she was fat but she wasn't really she just had more
curves packed into the available space than most girls, what Hermione called
"junoesque". She also had tits two or three times the size of Hermione,
Ginnie or Cho, even though Cho was the same age she'd been when she died.
Harry licked his lips as he anticipated getting his hands and lips on those
breasts, with their big nipples and huge pink aureola, not to mention digging
his hands into her plump juicy ass.

She fell into the tub with a small splash, then smiled at Harry and blew some
bubbles at him coquettishly. He wasted no time undressing and cimbing in with
her. At first he thought they might not both fit but the tub seemed to grow
to accomodate them. Harry wondered why it would do that and what the prefects
might be getting up to that they shouldn't.

"Wash me Harry, living in the plumbing is sooo icky."

"But...your a ghost, Myrtle. You can't get dirty."

"But it *feels* dirty!"

Harry rolled his eyes. He should have known better, Myrtle was a bundle of
neuroses. Besides, as he soon found, running a wet soapy cloth all over her
body had it's positive side. It quickly turned into a full body massage with
his hard, massive dick being run over her body as well as his hands. The
washcloth finished up being rubbed over her pussy and was soon being pushed
in, servng as an impropmtu glove for Harry's probing fingers.

"Oooooh, niiice," Myrtle cooed. She turned over and pursed her lips in an
obvious invitation, sticking her tongue out and wiggling it in case Harry
didn't get the hint. He did. He straddled her torso, briefly rubbing it
between her breasts, then placing his huge cock at her lips.

"Oooo, Harry, it's grown." Indeed it had, from a "mere" ten inches to a
full foot. Sometimes Harry wished that he would experience a growth spurt
somewhere other than his genitals. On the other hand, it had it's

Myrtle's tongue licked down the underside of his johnson as her hand, barely
fitting around it's thickness stroked up and down. Her mouth engulfed the
cap and more slowly, his entire length. As she did so his hands greedily
explored her large breasts, groping and massaging them. He pulled out of the
ghostgirl's mouth and slid down as she slid up until his massive rod was
poised at the entrance to her hungry cunt.

"Pleeeese, Harry!" she begged. "Give it to me noooow!" He obliged, pushing
eagerly into her. Her soapy flesh and the water surrounding them made for an
odd but plesing sensation as he rammed into her.

"Yes, Harry, yes!"

As she came, shuddering beneath him, Harry held back his own climax,
contemplating a new pleasure, one that Ron constantly raved about. He pulled
out before cumming in the ghost girl and she looked at him questioningly.

"What's wrong Harry?"

"Oh nothing, you were great, but I want to try something new."

"What?" she said, her naturally suspicious nature aroused.

"Well, how about we explore your third hole?"

"My ass? I don't know, it sounds...painful."

Harry dipped his finger in some of the bath oil leaking from one of the
multiple faucets in the tub and slipped a finger into Myrtle's bunghole.

"Ow! Stopit, that's...wait, not so bad afteroooooh that's right, oh Harry,
yesss!" Encouraged by this turnaround in attitude he continued his anal
manipulation whle feed her his cock, finally coming ecstatically in her
mouth, then gently arranging her onto all fours as he prepared to introduce
his rod to a new realm.

He was careful to lather both penis and asshole as he knew his size created
difficulties. First just the tip the the entire head went in as Myrtle's face
convulsed in a mixture of pain and anticipation. Finally the length of his
cock pushed in.

"Ahhhhh! Oh fuck me! Fuck me Harry! Yes, rip my ass with your huge cock!"
Her voice turned savage. This was a new sensation for her as well, a bizarre
mixing of pain and pleasure that satisfied both her desire and the need for
humiliation that dwealt at the bottom of her undead soul. She braced herself
against the tub as harry's hands wrapped themselves in her hair. Finally he
came again in her just as the Solidfying Potion stated to fade, his cum
spreading like mist in a strange tingling sensation spread throughout her
entire body.

Once more ethereal, she twirled around as her clothes manifested, blew harry
a kiss and was gone.


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