This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Harry Potter: Part 6 - Girls Club (gf-best,oral,anal,creampie,magic,fist)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

"This one is empty," Hermione said sliding open the cabin door on the train
that would take them back to Hogwarts for year three.

She, Harry, and Ron loaded their belongings into the compartments above the
benches and took a sit. Hermione and Ron were on one side of the cabin and
Harry sat down on the other side next to a sleeping figure with a coat
covering his head.

"Who is that?" Ron asked nodding toward the sleeping person.

"Professor Lupin," Hermione answered.

"How do you know that?"

"It's on his bag Ron," Hermione sighed pointing at the case sitting above
the professor.

"Oh," Ron murmured looking through the window at the dark rainy skies.

There was a knock at the door before it was slid open and a blonde haired
girl stuck her head into the cabin.

"Uh, hi can we help you?" Harry asked.

"Actually I just needed to talk to Hermione for a moment," the blonde

"Me? Do I know you?" Hermione asked.

"No, but that doesn't matter. I was asked to give you this," the stranger
answered pulling an envelope from a satchel whose strap hung over her
shoulder and lay across her chest. "When you get a moment by yourself read
what's inside and keep it to yourself," the blond said glancing first at Ron
then at Harry. "Do not let anyone else read it."

"What happens if I do?"

"You don't want to know."

"Oh, ok then..." Hermione replied with a confused look on her face.

"Now that that's settled I've got a few other people to visit so take care
you three," The blonde slid the door shut and turned to go down the corridor.

Hermione quickly got up to ask the girl a question, but looking down both
directions of the train she only saw handful of students walking around and
a white cat she assumed to be someone's pet. She shut the cabin door and sat
back down next to Ron.

"What was that all about?" Harry asked. "Do you know her?"

"I've never seen her before."

"Well that was pretty bloody strange. She wasn't even dressed like she goes
to Hogwarts," Ron commented.

Hermione looked the envelope over. It was a rather plain and inauspicious
looking thing. Her first name was printed on the front in block letters with
black ink. The back was sealed with a long strip of dry wax along the entire
length of the flap. The envelope itself was a golden brown with the same
texture and feel as the paper regularly used at Hogwarts.

"So are you just going to sit and look at it? Open it up and tell us what it
says," Ron exclaimed impatiently.

"I'll open it when I want to," Hermione gruffed stuffing the envelope into
her coat pocket.

"You still don't like me do you?" Ron huffed looking back outside.

"Of all the things we've been through and have done for each other you're
going to ask me that? That is one of the stupidest things you've ever said
Ron Weasley."

"What are you always getting on my case for? I've kept more than enough
secrets for you!" Ron retorted.

"As I have for you!" Hermione shot back. "Ginny and I have talked before and
she's had plenty of interesting things to say."

"She didn't tell you anything!"

"For starters she told me about Christmas vacation last year," Hermione
sneered with a grin. "And those things you wrote in your diary."

"You wouldn't dare!"

"Ron, Hermione both of you need to calm down! There's no reason for the two
of you to ever fight like this. We're all friends and we know everything
about each other, but this isn't the time or place to be talking about this,"
Harry said nodding towards Professor Lupin. "We'll talk about this later."

Ron and Hermione looked at each other for a bit as if contemplating what to
say and who would speak first.

"Sorry Hermione," Ron apologized.

"I'm sorry too," Hermione replied before she and Ron hugged momentarily.

As their embrace broke Ginny knocked at the cabin door then entered.

"Hey Ginny what's up?" Harry greeted her with a smile.

"A girl came by the cabin I was in and handed me this envelope. I was
wondering if any of you got one of these too." Ginny held up an envelope
identical to the one Hermione was given except of course for the name.

"I did," Hermione said showing Ginny the letter. "Do you know who the girl

"No, it was a dark haired girl I've never seen before. Her hair was brown I

"That's strange mine was blond. What was yours wearing?"

"Regular Hogwarts uniform."

"This is very strange. The girl who visited me wasn't even dressed like she
went to Hogwarts."

"What do you think is going on?" Ginny asked with a small look of concern.

"I don't know," Hermione murmured fingering the envelope a bit as she
considered whether to it read what was inside right now.

"Oh great! That's what we need is more problems to go along with Sirius Black
running around loose!" Ron muttered.

"Before anyone starts panicking how about Hermione and Ginny read what's
inside first?" Harry added.

"That's a good idea Harry," Hermione agreed tearing open the envelope. Ginny
was hesitant and Hermione saw this so she encouraged her. "Go ahead Ginny,
I'm sure it's not that bad. Did anyone else in your cabin get a letter?"
Hermione asked pulling a single folded up piece of paper out of the envelope.

"No, just me."

"Ron and Harry didn't get one either so I'm sure it's not that important. If
it was I'm sure everyone would have gotten one."

Ginny squeezed in between Hermione and Ron and opened her envelope. As she
did Hermione unfolded her piece of paper and began reading.

"Greetings Hermione. While your private exploits are known only to a close
handful, certain people have taken notice and extend an invitation to you to
join Succubi House. Should you choose to join you will be free to explore
yourself, alone and with others. On the third night of the new school year a
map will appear on the back of this letter leading you to where we shall
meet at midnight. If you choose to join you must keep the letter and map
with you until you are formally accepted or else you will never find our
meeting spot nor will you be able to find our official meeting grounds.
Without this piece of paper you will never be able to find us again and you
will not be issued a new one. I do so look forward to meeting you. See you
soon, Delila."

Hermione thought for a moment as she started to fold up the letter.

"Well? What does it say? What's going to happen?" Ron asked.

"It's nothing big, so I'm going to do as the girl asked and not say anything
about the letter. Ginny put that letter somewhere safe and don't tell anyone
about it. Not even Harry or Ron, ok?"

"Alright," Ginny nodded folding the paper back up and sticking it back into
the envelope.

"Go back to your cabin and I'll talk to you later at school." Ginny nodded
once more before taking off back towards her cabin.

"If it's no big deal then why won't you tell us what's going on?" Ron asked

"Because I can't. The girl told me not to," Hermione replied.

"But we don't even know what's going on. You and Ginny get the same letter,
but from two girls that don't look anything alike. That's a bit strange don't
you think?"

"I just can't okay Ron? Please drop this until I know more about what's
mentioned in this letter. I might be able to tell you two something in a

"I agree with Ron on this one," Harry added. "Whatever is in that later might
not seem that bad or dangerous, but they want you to be secretive about it
and that's usually for a reason."

"Harry, Ron please just trust me on this okay?" Hermione asked almost

"Okay," Ron conceded.

"Alright, but I'd really appreciate it if you'd tell me what is going on as
soon as you can."

"I will, I promise. Now let's just talk about something else until we get to

"Professor Lupin hasn't moved at all since we got on the train has he?" Ron


Hermione was cautiously excited as the third day finally came and turned
into night. More than anything she was curious as to what exactly the letter
meant. She knew what a succubus was and thought she had a vague idea about
what was going on, but her own guesses were all she had to go on. She
couldn't even find a single word in the library that talked about the Succubi

As darkness finally crept over Hogwarts that third night she laid in her bed
faking sleep with a bated excitement. Her thoughts momentarily turned to
Ginny and she wondered what the red head was thinking. She would have had to
been even more curious than she was Hermione thought to herself. When the
clock on her nightstand read 11:30 Hermione took the letter out from
underneath her pillow and quietly slipped on some pants and put on a jacket
over her night shirt before quietly removing the invisibility cloak she
stole from Harry from one of her bags on the floor. She slipped it over
herself and quietly made her way outside.

Standing underneath the moonlight Hermione flipped the letter over and on
the back a faint glowing map appeared. An X marked the spot on the map where
Hermione stood and a flashing arrow starting moving across the map making a
number of turns before stopping at one particular spot, disappearing, and
reappearing in front of the X before making the same movements again.
Hermione began to follow the arrow on the map and took several steps before
hearing a twig snap behind her. She slowly turned around and saw a lone
figure in the distance.

As it came closer she realized that the figure was holding a piece of paper
as well and looked almost like Ginny. Not wanting to take any chances
Hermione bit her lip and didn't say anything for several minutes until the
figure was standing directly underneath the moonlight.

"Hey Ginny what're you doing out here this late?" Hermione asked sticking
her head out.

"Wooh!" Ginny jumped startled by Hermione's sudden appearance. "You scared
me. You shouldn't jump out at people like that."

"Sorry about that, but you might want to squeeze in here, just in case one
of the patrols or someone comes by so they don't see you."

"Well I had an invisibility spell I was going to try, but since you're
offering I don't think I'll try it yet," Ginny said as she disappeared under
the cloak with Hermione. "Are you following the map on the back of your
letter too?"

"Yeah, but you're the first person I've seen so far. Have you seen anyone?"

"Me neither...Um... Hermione do you remember anything from last year?"

"What do you mean?"

"That night me and you made out and Draco showed up afterwards. I don't
remember anything from then to when Harry rescued me before I passed out

"I don't remember anything either. Just Draco forcing you to drink that
potion and you falling on the floor. Then I woke up in my room with your
brother shaking me."

"How come nobody's gotten together since then?"

"Well it's kinda complicated. After the incident with Draco, Ron went and
did something to him before Harry and I could decide what to do. Draco's the
same mean arrogant jerk he's always been, but he avoids us now, and Ron
refuses to say what happened. We could talk hours about what's happened
since, but we need to go and find this Delila person and see what this is
all about. The person who signed your letter was Delila right?"

"Yes, but Hermione can I ask you something else before we go?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"I know Ron said Harry really doesn't want a girlfriend, but I love him and
I really do want to be his. How will I know when I'm a big girl? It's been
almost a year since that night."

"They way you're talking it sounds like you have a crush on him rather than
love him, but give me a few days to talk to Harry and Ron and I'll let you

"Ron? Why do you have to talk to him?" Ginny frowned.

"Don't worry, I already know about you and Ron sleeping together. Harry and
I don't care."

"How could he?!? Harry promised not to tell anyone!"

"He didn't tell me Ginny. I just have my way of knowing about certain things.
Anyway, let's go before we miss this meeting with Delila."

Ginny and Hermione followed the directions on the map for about ten to
fifteen minutes before it led them to the edge of the forest. They both
stopped and looked at each other then at the dense foliage in front of them.
Hermione was the one who gulped before the two of them set off down a barely
visible path through the trees. After another twenty minutes they came to a
small clearing brightly lit by half a dozen Tiki-like torches.

A sudden high-pitched squawk startled the girls causing them to jump. They
looked to their right and stared in amazement at the beast before them. It
had the head and claws of an eagle and the backend of a horse.

"What- What is that?" Ginny stammered.

"That's a hippogriff, but what is it doing out here in the woods alone?"
Hermione wondered aloud.

"There's no need for the cloak here at my campsite," a female voice rang out.

Hermione and Ginny turned their attention back to their front and saw a lone
figure walk from the edge of camp towards the fire. The girl wasn't too much
taller than Hermione was, though she looked to be closer to George and Fred's
age. She had brunette hair, much the same color as Hermione, and wore a robe
identical to the standard issue of Hogwarts except that it completely white
and had no markings of a house or anything else on it.

"Please come out," the female said. "My name is Delila. I am the one who
sent for you on the train. You are safe here at my site. Come towards the

With some reluctance and uncertainty Hermione and Ginny withdrew themselves
from the cloak and walked towards the fire. A genuine look of surprise
crossed Delila's face when she saw them.

"You're the best friend of the Potter boy aren't you? Yes, everyone knows
about you just about as much as they do Harry, Hermione Granger. The
sisterhood even knows about your little adventure with the troll," Delila
said with great big smile, as she looked the young witch over. She grinned
even more when Hermione twitched at the mention of the troll. "Don't worry,
that little secret is safe with us, as is Fang."

"Uh... thanks," Hermione murmured her face red with embarrassment.

"As for you," Delila said turning her attention to Ginny. "This is a mistake.
You shouldn't have been invited."

"But I got your letter," Ginny argued disappointed at the sudden rejection.

"I know," Delila scowled snatching the letter from Ginny. "Somebody made a
mistake in sending you one."

"What? What do you mean?" Hermione demanded. "You can't invite her then
decide no you don't want her! It's not right!"

"Don't argue with me or I'll take back your letter as well," Delila snapped.
"Look, every year the new senior sisters of the Succubi House must go out
and recruit new members to replace the ones lost the previous year. We
normally pick from the third year students, and if they're aren't enough
quality candidates we recruit from the older classes. Occasionally, some of
the sisters have recruited from year two students, but I DON'T," Delila said

Ginny looked at Delila with extreme agitation, before giving in. "Fine," she
grumbled before stomping off.

"Ginny wait," Hermione called out. "Why won't you let her join?" She asked.
"You said yourself that year two students have been recruited before."

"I'm really starting to think that maybe I made a mistake in inviting you
Hermione. Both of you are arguing to get her into an organization neither of
you know anything about."

"So if you invited me then why did you invite Ginny if she's too young for

"I was rushed. I had a number of different things going on at the time and
nobody caught the obvious mistake."

"But you did invite her and now you're trying to blame everyone, but

"Hermione just forget about it," Ginny called out getting ready again to

"No, don't go," Hermione called out before turning her attention back to
Delila. "Look, I know what Succubi House is all about and so does she. We've
read our letters and we're here."

"Is that right? You may think you've figured us out, but neither of you have
a clue. I know what you're capable of Hermione, but Ginny really hasn't done
anything to show me she has what it takes. Perhaps if it was she instead of
you that night with the two boys and the elf I might think slightly
differently. I'll admit the night she spent with Draco was brutal, but
besides that what does she have to show me besides one night with her
brother and one with Harry?"

"How do you know about Ron?" Ginny asked her face suddenly turning beet red.

"There isn't much we don't know," Delila smiled. "Besides having sex with
your brother isn't anything compared to what goes on with some of the sisters
in the house."

"Wait a minute. You know what happened that night between Draco and Ginny?"
Hermione asked eager for information.

"Yes, and what her brother did to Draco a week later to get him to start
behaving like he is now."

"Please you've got to get tell us what happened! Ron won't say a thing to
any of us," Hermione pleaded.

"What we observe happening between two people here at Hogwarts we do not
tell to others outside the house. Only the participants can talk about it if
they want."

"But if we join you'll tell us what happened right?" Ginny asked.

"Because what happened with Draco that night wasn't consensual I'm going to
let you try and pass the initiation," Delila said to Ginny. "And if you pass
I'll tell you what happened and what Ron did afterwards. You will not let
anyone know that you know understand?"



"Yeah me too."

"Very well then. You should be so lucky Ginny, Ron really loves you." Ginny
smiled widely at the last statement.

"Ok so what do we have to do?" Hermione asked.

"The hippogriff you see here is Buckbeak. Hermione you'll get to see him in
Hagrid's class. Anyway the only thing you two have to do is both of you have
to get him to come. Hermione it shouldn't be a problem for you as you've
gotten off a troll, Fang, and Dobby, but like I said it's Ginny I'm not sure
about. Don't worry there's a barrier surrounding the site so nobody's going
to find us. You can do whatever you want to get Buckbeak to come short of
using any sort of magic or other influences on him. Oh and if either of you
fail, there's no second chance to join."

"But we can use magic on ourselves?" Hermione asked.

"As long as the effects don't transfer to Buckbeak," Delila answered.

"What kind of magic?" Ginny asked as she and Hermione walked towards the

"Something I found after my encounter with the troll. Have you heard that
story yet?"

"Just what's been floating around school."

"Well then I'll have to tell you about that some time," Hermione said as the
two of them stopped when they were next to Buckbeak. "Anyway after that
incident I decided to find a spell to help me in circumstances such as that
one and now this. It took awhile, but I eventually found one in an old book
hidden in the library depository."

"How did you get in there?"

"I can't tell you. Anyway, it's a simple spell that's supposed to last for
several hours so all you need to do is put your hand on your stomach and
repeat after me. Cavum Cresco."

This wasn't the first time Hermione had cast the spell on herself so she was
used to the temporarily chill that coursed through her body that Ginny
wasn't ready for. This would be the first time she would put this spell to
the test.

The hippogriff seemed a little leery and jumpy at first so Hermione started
by softly stroking the top of it's head and slowly working her way down the
back of it's neck as she whispered soothing reassuring words into it's ear.
It took several minutes for Hermione's gestures to take a noticeable effect,
but she knew they were working once Buckbeak started to let out soft relaxed

Satisfied that Buckbeak was in a calm relaxed state Hermione then turned her
attention to Ginny so they could get started, but found her clothing already
on the ground and the girl underneath the hippogriff. Hermione walked to the
other side of the animal where she stripped off her clothing as well and
crawled underneath with Ginny.

"I didn't know you were so eager," Hermione grinned watching the redhead's
tiny hand stroke back and forth over the ever growing horse cock. She placed
her hand behind Ginny's and began to stroke Buckbeak as well.

"From what I've heard I know your encounter with the troll wasn't your idea,
but it's one of the reasons I'm jealous of you."

"What are you talking about?" Hermione asked as she and Ginny continued to
jerk off the hippogriff it's cock ballooning from a flaccid eight inches to
a semi-hard sixteen inches.

"You've done so much and seen a lot, especially with my brother and Harry
that sometimes I wish I was you."

"Believe me Ginny none of what's happened to me since I started at Hogwarts
and met everyone was intentional and like I said after tonight, I'll talk to
Harry and Ron and see about the four of us getting together someone."

"Thanks," Ginny smiled the horse cock fully expanding to twenty-four inches.

"Go ahead, lick the head. It's really not any different than being with Ron
or Harry except that Buckbeak's penis is much bigger."

With eagerness Ginny stuck out her tongue and licked across the tip of the
cockhead. Hermione smiled as Buckbeak let out an approving squawk. Ginny
pressed her tongue across Buckbeak's peehole several times, before wrapping
her lips around the engorged head. She eagerly ate up the hippogriff's
precum as bits of it dribbled out onto her tongue.

While Ginny was busy sucking off the two-foot horse cock Hermione crawled
underneath Buckbeak to where his scrotum hung down waiting. She moved her
hand closer to the base of the shaft and continued to stroke Buckbeak while
she fondled his testicles for several seconds before wrapping her lips
around one of them.

Curiously Ginny found that she could take in more and more of the
hippogriff's dick and that her mouth just seemed to expand taking it in with
very little discomfort. This must be what the spell was for she thought as
six inches of Buckbeak pressed into her mouth and down her throat. Hermione
saw that Ginny found what the spell did and smiled to herself as she
continued to suck on Buckbeak's testicles her saliva covering his sack in
wetness and dripping down to the base.

Ginny eagerly took another four inches of the hippogriff down her throat as
his precum continued to dribble out and slowly work it's way into her
stomach. Hermione took her mouth off of Buckbeak's scrotum, but not before
giving them a slight squeeze. This teased the creature and his cock jerked
forward pushing several more inches down into Ginny's gullet. She could feel
it almost start to push into her stomach. There was a certain uneasiness she
felt as her head bobbed back and forth over the massive prick, but she
wanted to prove to Hermione and Delilah that she belonged in their company,
that she was indeed a big girl.

"You okay?" Hermione asked Ginny's eyes a bit buggy as the twelve-inches of
horse continued sliding in and out of her mouth. Ginny nodded slightly still
sucking off Buckbeak determined to show what she could do. "Why don't you
let me have a go at him now?"

"God that's so big!" Ginny wheezed excitedly as she pulled Buckbeak's dick
from her stomach and out of her mouth.

"But it was worth it wasn't it?" Hermione grinned.

"Yes it was," Ginny smiled back

While she watched Hermione slowly take the creature's dick into her mouth
Ginny felt her pussy tingling and wetness drip down her leg. She took a
finger and traced it along the short sticky stream gathering it up on her
fingertip. She then took her finger and slid it between Hermione's cuntal

The brunette witch moaned as the redhead slid her finger back and forth
inside her pussy mixing their fluids. Even as Ginny's one finger turned into
two Hermione continued to take in Buckbeak's cock running her lips across
half it's massive girth just like her counterpart did.

Ginny then lowered her head into Hermione's legs and began flicking her
tongue across her friend's opening as her fingers continued to push in and
out. Hermione complained mentally that this wasn't fair, that she didn't
finger Ginny while she was sucking off Buckbeak, but at the same time she
knew it was an empty complaint she was making. As the twelve inches of the
creature's dick continued to slide back and forth in her mouth and throat
Hermione's pussy started to really burn as something unexpected started to

As the brunette's pussy juice started to excrete in larger amounts Ginny
found herself more able to easily insert a third and forth finger into
Hermione's pussy. When she felt her hand was slickened up enough Ginny
slowly started to push the entire thing into her friend's opening.
Hermione's body began to shudder as she felt Ginny's fist push all the way
into her cunt. The young redhead had remembered at least one thing from
their encounter that night.

Hermione began to bob her head back and forth over the hippogriff cock as
best she could as Ginny's fist penetrated her pussy deeper and with more
tenacity with each penetration. She really began to feel her body shake and
burn as the unrelenting penetration of her mouth and body continued. Ginny
felt her own body tingle as Hermione began to moan and buck, but she
continued thrusting her fist into her body.

"Oh god I can't believe I came before you did!" Hermione grimaced as her
body quaked with an orgasm.

She slipped Buckbeak's cock from her mouth and fell back on the ground as
her pussy clenched itself around Ginny's hand latching onto it with dear
life. Ginny felt her hand cover in Hermione's cream as her friend orgasmed
and her pussy held her hand in place. When Hermione's body finally calmed
down Ginny removed her hand and began to lick the brunette's cum from it but
was stopped.

"Cover Buckbeak's cock with my cream, you're going to need it," Hermione
advised her with a smile.

"I know, but I remembered how good you tasted last time."

"I see you remembered more than that, but there will be more time later on
for you to get your fill of my cum."

The two witches smiled at each other before Ginny began to wipe the sticky
mess on her hand onto the hippogriff's cock. As she watched the young Weasley
Hermione knew that Ginny was ready to join the three of them whenever they
started their get-togethers again. She scooped up a bit of her cum from her
pussy and sucked on her fingers watching Ginny.

When Ginny was ready Hermione had her get on all fours and slowly back up
while she took hold of Buckbeak's cock and guided it towards the red-head's
opening. Ginny quickly found out that Hermione's spell didn't affect just
her mouth, but also her pussy as Buckbeak pushed his thick cock into her
body inch by inch. It was so thick and massive that the bottom end of her
tiny body was lifted several inches off the ground.

Regardless though Ginny was taking much pleasure as the monstrous dick
pushed further and further into her body. Hermione watched with proud
amazement as the small girl took in more than half of the member while it
kept pushing. She smiled widely for Ginny when the hippogriff's cock came to
a stop with only inches still outside.

"How do you feel Ginny having this huge massive hippogriff prick inside your

"Oh god Hermione!" the Weasley girl panted, "I don't know what kind of spell
you had me cast... but... I feel great!"

"Good, now here comes the really fun part."

No sooner had Hermione said that then Buckbeak began to pull himself out of
her. It felt a bit strange as the horse cock withdrew from her body. Ginny
could feel that her pussy was now this gaping hole due in part to the spell
and she could feel the wind blow into it. The empty feeling was short-lived
as Buckbeak began to push himself back inside. As he bottomed out in Ginny's
vagina his cock jerked her body up and she left the ground all together for
a split second. Hermione climbed out from beneath the hippogriff and moved
around to the front and backed in ass first lying on her back.

"Here you can grab onto my hips just in case he jerks you off the ground.
And while you're back there-"

Hermione stopped in mid-sentence as she lifted her butt of the ground
spreading her asscheeks apart. Ginny finished her thought and began to
tongue her puckered asshole. Ginny didn't grab hold of Hermione's hips like
she asked, but instead took hold of Hermione's right arm while she began to
finger the brunette's anus.

Hermione's pussy once again began to moisten heavily as Ginny's one finger
turned into two and she really dug them deep into her rectum. Ginny all the
while was continuing to have her body lifted from the ground as Buckbeak
thrust his massive two-foot dick into her. It felt like her entire body was
expanding each time he bottomed out in her, but it felt good to her and she
wanted to prove Delila wrong.

Just as she had pushed her fingers back into Hermione's ass Ginny felt the
hippogriff's cockhead balloon up one more size right before the creature
came. Shot after shot of Buckbeak's thick cum came to rest in Ginny's belly
and filling her insides. She removed her fingers from Hermione's behind
grabbed a hold of her friend's hands as her small body was tossed up and
down by the throbbing cock. Ginny's body quickly filled itself with what it
could of Buckbeak's cum, which wasn't much before it started to flood from
her pussy and down her legs with some force.

It was several minutes before the hippogriff calmed down enough for Ginny to
climb off and as the exhausted girl started to lay down Hermione stopped
her. She eagerly began to eat away at the cream pie that Ginny's pussy had
become sucking down the endless pool of cum that sat inside. Even after
several minutes of tonguing Ginny's pussy and swallowing all she could,
there still remained a fair amount of hippogriff semen inside Ginny's cunt.

"You can sit down now if you want," Hermione's cum drenched mouth said as
she crawled up next to Ginny. The redhead kissed her on the lips licking up
the white residue still on her face.

"I've earned my way into Succubi House. Now it's your turn," Ginny said with
a sloppy smile of her own rubbing her pussy as excess cum continue to spill
out dipping her fingers inside every once in awhile to scoop up and eat
Buckbeak's cream.

"Please, anything you can do I can do better," Hermione shot back smugly.

"Well let's see then."

Hermione crawled underneath Buckbeak and slowly began to back up toward it's
still hardened cock as Ginny guided it to her opening. As she watched the
creature slowly push it's mammoth member inside Hermione, Ginny decided to
give her the same opportunity she was given. She walk around to the front of
Buckbeak and since Hermione was bigger than she was and wouldn't have to
problem of being lifted off the ground, Ginny got on all fours in front of
Hermione stuck her small round ass into her face.

Hermione eagerly spread the redhead's ass part and stared excitedly at her
dark round puckered asshole. Feeling the horsecock finally bury itself deep
into her pussy sent an exhilarated chill through Hermione's body. As
Buckbeak's prick began to slide out Hermione began to feel a rush of
excitement take over her body. The troll's cock had been extremely thick and
longer than a normal human cock, but while the hippogriff's penis wasn't
nearly was thick as the troll it was definitely longer and it sent a
definite shiver of delight through Hermione's body each time it bottomed out
inside of her.

Even as she felt Buckbeak start to ram his shaft into her pussy, Hermione
was still focused on Ginny's ass and getting her tongue inside. Her friend's
anus had become a well of her spit and sensing Ginny's current air of
superiority over her Hermione unflinchingly inserted two fingers into her
back side. She smiled as Ginny let out a small cry and really started to dig
her fingers in and out of the redhead's backside.

"You're not going to get me to come," Ginny giggled as Hermione began to
really push her two fingers deep into her ass and her body began to quickly
extract pleasure from it.

"You're going to- mmph! -come tonight whether you like it or not," Hermione
moaned as Buckbeak's two foot cock began to really rock her body back and

"I don't know what the boys see in you coming so easily," Ginny teased.
"You're going to come twice before I do even once."

"Shut up!" Hermione groaned loudly pulling her fingers from Ginny's behind.
"It's been so long for me... And I know what I'm missing... Oh god!"

Hermione balled her hands into fists as all twenty-four inches of the
hippogriff's cock pounded her pussy mercilessly, pulling all the way out
before thundering it's way back in and bottoming out. Hermione cried out as
she felt the head of Buckbeak's member blow up one size more before
releasing it's seed into her body. Her body shook once more as she orgasmed
again and though not quite as big her cum exploded from her pussy with the
same force as Buckbeak's cream did.

Several minutes would have to pass for Hermione as well and as she climbed
off the creature Ginny showed her the same graces she had been given and
began sucking and swallowing the sticky mixture from Hermione's pussy. Not
surprisingly there was still quite a bit of cum still inside Hermione when
Ginny had finally had her fill.

Impressed not only with Ginny, but with Hermione as well, Delila started to
get up from the rock she had sat on while she watched as the two girls
kissed once again and Buckbeak looked like he was ready for some rest. She
stopped though when something interesting happened. Hermione waved her hands
around a bit chanting a few words and Buckbeak was suddenly hard and ready
to go again. She sat back down again as Ginny climbed back underneath the
hippogriff and watched with some amazement as Hermione lead the two-foot
horse cock to Ginny's asshole.

A smile crossed Ginny's face and she bit her lip lightly as she felt the
magically enlarged cock submerge itself into her asshole. Even with only a
few sexual experiences to go by Ginny knew one thing for sure. She loved
having something penetrate her butt so having Buckbeak's shaft push into her
backside was almost like the ultimate pleasure for her. Hermione could see
the immense pleasure Ginny was taking from the anal pounding and couldn't
help but smile at the dirty nasty girl she was.

"Damn Ginny, you're one dirty girl aren't you? You love having your ass
penetrated don't you?"

"Oh god yes!" Ginny grimaced as Buckbeak stopped with only sixteen inches
inside her before pulling out.

"So how are you two doing?" Delila asked sitting down next to Hermione as
they watched Buckbeak start to get some rhythm pushing his cock in and out
of Ginny's anus.

"Oh!" Hermione jumped at Delila's appearance having completely forgot about
her. "I hope this is alright. We both made Buckbeak come, but Ginny wanted
to do one more thing before we left tonight."

"I must apologize for being so hard on you two earlier. You've both more
than proven yourselves to me tonight. However while I don't mind Ginny's
little excursion here, I have other matters I must attend to," Delila
replied as she and Hermione continued watching Ginny groan taking sixteen
inches of horse cock into her ass with some force.

"Oh god! Oh god!" Ginny screamed as she felt Buckbeak start to come in her

Her body raged with excitement inching closer and closer to orgasm as she
felt her back end start to build up and store the hippogriff cum, before it
began to leak out and spill over her ass and legs. As Buckbeak's cock
slipped from her anus Ginny orgasmed when she felt a sudden rush of semen
bubble from her ass covering everything nearby. Delila and Hermione watched
the redhead lie on the ground panting and clutching handfuls of grass as she
tried to recover.

"Wow," Delila remarked, "that was certainly a remarkable display from a
second year student."

"She certainly is something I'm finding out tonight."

"If I was you I'd certainly let her into your little get-togethers with Ron
and Harry if I were you."

"How do you know about that discussion?"

"There's not a whole lot the Succubi House doesn't know. I really must be
going now, but before I do I need to tell you a few things. Some I know I'll
be repeating. First and foremost do not lose the map or you'll never be able
find our meeting places. Once you're officially initiated into our house
you'll be given pendants that'll lead you straight to us. Second do not tell
anybody about tonight or any further excursions together or we'll have some
major problems. You two will be contacted through letter again with further
instructions once we're ready to induct you. Once I leave you'll find a
towel and flask of water with your clothes to use to clean up with. Don't
worry the towel will never get wet and you'll never run out of water. Just
leave them behind here at the camp before you leave. Once you do leave the
camp will disappear and Buckbeak will be returned. Understand?"



"Hey Hermione, what are you two talking about?" Ginny asked finally getting
up off the ground.

"When are you going to tell us what happened between her and Draco?"

"Once you two are officially part of the house. Now get cleaned up and hurry
back to your rooms. You still need to get there without being seen," Delila
said before getting up to leave.

"Hey Hermione what did you two talk about?" Ginny asked again.

"Just about us officially joining Succubi House. She had to leave to take
care of something so she told me some things to tell you."

"What did she say?"

"Let's get cleaned up first and I'll tell you on the way back to school,"
Hermione replied smiling as she stood up.


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