Disclaimer: Not only is this a fantasy, it's a fantasy about people who don't
even exist in real life! Now go away!

Note: They never state Gabrielle's age in either the book or movie. The girl
playing her was 11 at the time so that's what I'm making her. They also don't
mention veelas in the movie but I'm making the Delacourt's veela heritage
part of the story because it's in the book.

Codes: MmmFf+g, anal, f-dom, first, f-mast, inc, inter, magic, oral, orgy, toys, voy

Harry Potter: Part 7 - Initiations And Foreign Exchanges
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

"She's beautiful!" Parvati didn't know what had made her say it but ever
since the Yule Ball she couldn't keep how Hermione had looked out of her
head. Nor, try though she might could she keep her eyes from following her.
The fact that she was usually in form-hiding robes and uniforms didn't
really matter. She'd shared a dormitory and shower room with her for four
years. She pretty much knew what every inch of her yearmate's body looked
like. She just hadn't *thought* about it before and it was driving her

Maybe it really was driving her crazy because now she could swear the the
object of her affection was giving her a stare as intense as any she'd
given Hermione. Her and Ginny Weasly. That was no surprise in and of itself,
Hermione spent more time with Ginny than with with anybody but Harry and Ron
despite being a year older. In fact, she'd heard rumors about the four of
them being more than just friends, mostly from Slytherins of course but still
enough to send a quick, hot flash of jealousy through her. To see them, heads
together and giggling made her fists clench. Then Ginny left, a sly look on
her face, and Hermione got up and walked towards her. Only she didn't walk
like she normally did. She didn't walk the way anyone normally did. She...
slinked. Parvati wasn't even sure that was a real word but it was the only
one that fit. Oddly the Indian girl found herself instinctively moving away
as the other girl approached until she found herself backed against a wall.

"What's the matter?" Hermione asked, and again it was in a tone, a purr
really that Parvati had never heard her use, "I thought you found me

"You heard me?" Parvati's own voice came out in a raspy, barely audible

"Well do you?" the other girl asked teasingly, pressing her slender body
against Parvati's more full figured form. "Find me beautiful?"

Parvati found herself unable to answer because she felt Hermione's soft hand
moving up her thigh and under her skirt. She knew Hermione wasn't using magic
but her skin suddenly felt on fire where she was touching it.

"Yessss!" she finally gasped in answer. The maddeningly delightful hand was
now between her legs and rubbing the heel of it's palm on her dark furred
pussy through the thin protection of her rapidly moistening panties.

"Do you want me?" her sweet tormentor asked as she slipped her fingers inside
Parvati's panties and then into her slit at the same time her lips began
nuzzling the soft coppery skin of her throat.


The fingers, those ohsowonderful fingers found her clit and began rubbing and

"Ah! Oh! Wonderful, wonderful!"

"I can make you feel even better than this. *If* you do what I tell you,"
Hermione said in a tone both seductive and commanding.

"Anything! Ohhh, Shiva, anything!" Parvati screamed as she came, knees
buckling. Hermione withdrew her hand, knelt beside her latest conquest and
slowly licked her fingers clean of the other girl's juices as Parvati
watched, hypnotized.

"Here's where I want you to go and what I want you to do," she said when she
was finished.

* * *

Was she crazy? Before this she hadn't even liked Hermione. Oh she hadn't
*dis*liked her, she just hadn't thought about her all that much. Hermione'd
had her friends and she'd had hers and that was that. Nor had she ever
thought about other girls *that* way. Not seriously at least. Something had
just clicked in her head that night. Briefly she wondered if Granger had put
a spell on her but why would she? By all appearances she had viewed Parvati
with the same benign indifference that Parvati had viewed her.

But what had happened Wednesday! Her knees got weak just at the memory and
Hermione had promised greater pleasures yet.

Finally, searching through the less traveled halls of Hogwarts, of which
there were many, she came to the door Hermione had told her about and gave
the coded knock she been told to give.

The door opened but not by who she'd been expecting.

"Ginny? What are you doing here?"

"Waiting for Hermy, just like you." was the calm reply.

'Hermy,' thought Parvati, another flash of jealousy passing through her.

An awkward silence ensued.

"I'm not a lesbian," she blurted suddenly for no good reason she could think

"Neither are we. We prefer to think of ourselves as omnisexual. If it feels
good, we do it."

"And Ron and Harry?" Parvati asked, intrigued dispite herself and wondering
just what she was getting herself into.

"Not quite as omni but definitely sexual," said Ginny with a smirk and then
began taking off her clothes Despite her earlier claim of heterosexuality
Parvati couldn't help but be aroused by the younger girls slender, graceful

"Are they going to be here too?"

"Oh yes. They're bringing...guests as well."

"So what is this? Some kind of sex club you have going?"

"Nothing that formal but...." Whatever Ginny had been about to say was cut
off by another series of knocks. Ginny, now clad only in bra and panties,
opened the door to let in Hermione and Victor Krum. As soon as the door was
closed Hermione and Ginny had their arms and tongues wrapped around each
other. Parvati stood frozen uncertain whether she wanted to break them apart
and give Ginny a slap that would take her head off or to tear off her clothes
and join them.

She looked aside at Victor. He too was staring at the two girls although from
his face it seemed to be embarrassment, not anger at war with lust in his
psyche. A mischievious thought popped into her head. Why not turn the tables
and see if she could make *Hermione* jealous? Besides, before she'd become
infatuated with the other girl she had, like half the girls of Hogwarts,
fantasized about the huge Bulgarian quidditch player and the bulging,
rock-hard muscles underneath his uniform.

Right now she had one specific bulging, rock-hard muscle in mind. She turned
towards Victor and cupped his groin in her hand, provoking a look of shock
and a step back.

"What's wrong Victor? Don't you like me?" she asked, smiling with more
confidence than she actually felt. He looked nervously in Hermione and
Ginny's direction.

"That's the spirit Parvati," came Hermione's voice in contrast to both thier
expectations. She turned her head behind her to where her girlcrush's voice
had come. Both Hermione and Ginny were now topless, Ginny's nipples a pale
pink, Hermione's a deeper hue of the same color.

Anything she might have said or done was cut off by another series of knocks.

"Ginny, do you mind?" said Hermione.

"Do I *look* like a doorman?" the other girl replied with a pout.

"Doorman no, doorwench maybe. Consider it your penance for not bringing a
guest of your own."

"I would have brought Neville but I was afraid that he'd faint. Oh very
well," she said, proceeding to the door. "Have it your way."

"I usually do," said Hermione with a smirk as Ginny let in Harry, Ron and
an uncertain looking Cho. Hermione, now completely naked, came over after
helping her partners disrobe.

"Harry *did* tell you what goes on here didn't he Cho?"

"Well, we came down here I thought it would be...private"

She could tell her nudity distracted and bothered the other girl so shrugged
and went over to Ron hoping that Harry and Ginny could deal with with her. It
would be too bad if Cho didn't join their little club but if not, then not.
She only hoped the Asian girl would keep her mouth shut.

"I thought you were going to bring Fleur." The truth was, she hadn't expected
anything to come of it. Maybe her plan to expand their membership had been a

"I had Harry ask. She likes him a lot more since he saved her sister. But I
wouldn't bet on anything.

'And look at the bang-up job he did with Cho,' she thought sarcastically. Of
course, that was hardly Ron's fault, in fact he was probably right about
Harry having a better chance with the French girl. Suddenly she felt as if
her cozy and carefully constructed lovers den was poinsed on the brink of an

Her mordant thoughts were cut off by the door opening without any knock
and Fleur entering, followed by a smaller, more innocent looking version of

"I'm only 'ere as a favor to 'arry," the French girl said, "and to further my
sister's education."

"Education?" asked Cho, goggling at the smiling eleven-year old Gabrielle
who seemed less bothered by a roomful of naked and partially dressed people
engaged in various forms of embrace than she was. "Is that what you call it?"

"Oui. We are after all, French."

Cho shook her head. "I'm...sorry Harry, I...I just can't." she went to the
door and opened it before anyone could try to stop her. "Don't worry," she
reassured the room, "I won't tell anyone." Then she left.

"You think she will?" asked Parvati nervously. Both she and Krum were down
to their underwear and had been happily exploring each other's torsos while
waiting for Hermione to return to them. Now she was worried that she might
lose all this before she even got it.

"No, she'll keep her word. I'm sure of it," said Harry.

"She had better," Parvati heard Hermione mutter softly as she returned to
Victor and Parvati's warm embrace and a passionate threeway kiss, lips and
tongues slipping and sliding over each other enthusiastically if somewhat
sloppily. During the exchange she reached over to unhook Parvati's bra which
the Indian girl quickly shrugged off revealing a set of breasts noticably
larger than any of the others in the room. Hermione took one in her mouth
and sucked, causing her new lover to close her eyes and throw back her head
in ectasy. Victor followed suit, rolling his tongue over her dark, near-black

"Unnnh," moaned the Indian girl, dark hair swishing about her shoulders.
Hermione broke off and when Parvati opened her eyes in response motioned
downward with her head. Both girls got on their knees, one on either side
and peeled off his briefs.

"Oh my," said Hermione gleefully, "It looks like Harry has a rival." It was
true. Like Harry, Victor was built like a plowhorse.

* * *

"Oh great, now there's two of them," moaned Ron. He and the two French girls
were all starkers. Fleur looked in Victor's direction then down at Ron's
substantially smaller package. Not that he was really all that small compared
to anyone but them. In fact he was a bit above the average.

"It eez not so bad," said Fleur, reaching a hand down to stroke him into
erection. "Eet eez in fact beeger zan most of my countrymen's." Gabrielle
chattered something at her sister in French that made her smile. "She says
that she would not *want* such a dragon tail inside of her. She is glad it
eez you who will be taking her petit fleur."

"You mean you want me to..."

"But of course. That eez why I brought her." With that the two Gallic
lovelies launched a doublepronged attack on him, Fleur assaulting his mouth
with hers while Gabrielle got on her knees and took the head of his cock
between her budlike lips.

* * *

During this Ginny had been cheerfully "consoling" Harry. She had pressed her
naked form against his back, wrapping her arms around him and taking off his
robe, tie and shirt while nuzzling his neck. Then she moved to in front of
him, letting his arms come around her waist as her lips and hands played on
his chest.

"She might come back you know," he said wistfully.

"If she does, you know I'm always willing to share," she said, one hand
undoing his belt and pushing his trousers and drawers down past his hips
where gravity took over and drew them to the floor. "But if she doesn't,
it's her loss."

Part of Harry still longed for his Asian cutie but she wasn't here and Ginny
was. As usual his genitals cast the deciding vote.

* * *

However Cho hadn't gone far at all. in fact only a couple of steps before
she'd been paralyzed by a combination of shock, guilt over betraying Cedric,
longing for Harry and, although she didn't like to admit it, arousal by what
she knew was going on in there.

Almost against her will she found herself drawn to the door. She opened it
just wide enough to look through and what she saw fed the tingling warmth
between her legs that was already there. Soon, only haf-conciously her hands
lifted her skirt and one went beneath her panties to satisfy the burning itch
building in her crotch.

* * *

After a period of kissing each other across, over and around Victor's massive
tool Hermione lay Parvati down on top of their accumulated clothes and some
of the large cushions scattered all over the gym-sized room. and began
sucking and pinching at the round globes of her tits. At the same time Victor
pushed two thick fingers into her slit, making her gasp with pleasure and
smile in anticipation of his huge cock. Her hands stayed up, playing with the
Indian girls breasts while her mouth kissed it's way down her soft, slightly
rounded belly. At the same time she felt Victor's huge penis rubbing between
her firm little buttoocks, not actually entering her ass but sliding between
them as he might her her breasts if they were large enough. She liked the
feeling but decided to discourage anything further. Ron's anal fixation was
bad enough, though she didn't mind it for an occasional change of pace. If
Victor got in there she might never be able to sit down again!

During this her mouth had proceeded down Parvati's delightfully wriggling
body to the thick triangle of hair covering her slit. Hermione flicked her
tongue lightly downward across her labia then upward and deeper between

"Ohhh...Herrrmy!" Parvati moaned.

Following that she lifted one arm off the floor, looked at Victor and
directed him at her pussy.

"Ah! Now?" was the thickly accented reply. She nodded decisively then closed
her eyes and clenched her jaw as he entered. It was a good thing she was used
to having Harry inside her.

* * *

Meanwhile Fleur had been coaching her little sister in the ancient and
refined art of fellatio in which she had recieved an Outstanding mark, the
curriculum of Beauxbatons being a bit...different than at Hogwarts.

"That's right cheri, long slow licks up and down, like zees," she said,
demonstrating her own championship technique while also skillfully
massaging Ron's testicles. Ron for his part was more than happy to be
their "demonstration model". He was also more than happy to be stroking
Fleur's smooth and perfect flanks and buttocks. He slipped a finger into
her slit which was naturally hairless thanks to her veela heritage and
heard her coo in pleasure.

"Oui, zat eez gooood Monsieur Ron...beaucoup...mmm. Now Gabrielle take 'is
'ead in...mmm...and suck gently, now...unh...stronger, now swirl your oh!...
tongue around reverse. Zat's eet...ohhh...ces't bon Ron,
ces't bon!" As his fingers thrust harder and faster in response to the superb
blowjob Gabrielle was giving him Fleur's English got worse until she was
instructing her sister wholly in French intermingled with moans and wordless
cries. Just as Ron was building to his own explosion a sharp command from
Fleur pulled Gabrielle's mouth off of him. Fleur then gently pulled Ron's
fingers out of her and he watched spellbound as the two sisters licked her
juices off his fingers then joined in a hot kiss. Their hands roamed all over
each other's bodies and he saw Gabrielle bite down on her lip as her older
sister's fingers probed her tiny vagina. They came out moist.

"She eez ready."

* * *

During this Harry and Ginny had been in a tumbling clinch, rolling around on
the floor until Ginny wound up on top, grinding her soaking wet pantyclad
crotch against his hardness. He removed her panties and she moved to over his
head. She was about to lower herself onto his waiting tongue when she saw the
door open and a much chastened Cho sneak in. She had left some of her clothes
out in the corridor because her robe, skirt and tie were gone and her shirt

"Look who's here Harry," Ginny said sarcastically. The other two groups
looked up briefly but were too caught up in their own passions to say or do

Lying on the floor, facing away from the door Harry had to contort himself
rather painfully but when he saw Cho his face lit up.

"Hello," he said encouragingly, "glad you changed your mind. Come here."

"Oh no she doesn't," Ginny said in a stern voice. "She ran out on us. She ran
out on *you*. She has to pay the price." She stood up.

"Penalty?" asked Cho.

Now on the one hand Harry both really wanted and felt sorry for Cho. On
the other hand her leaving had really hurt him so maybe some payback was
in order. Plus he was intrigued as to what penalty Ginny had in mind.
Her sexual imagination was second only to Hermione's and she'd never
dissapointed before. He also got up from the floor.

"She's right. Do as she says."

Now, Cho realized was the real moment of decision. She could turn around
and walk out but she knew that if she did she could never come back and
everything she'd seen and heard here called to her. She wanted it. Badly.
What decided her was a voice at the back of her head, one she pretended
she didn't hear that said that if she just did what harry and Ginny wanted
then it wouldn't be *her* fault but theirs. It would mean that she wasn't
really a Bad Girl, just led astray.

"All right," she said in a low voice, hanging her head, "I'll do whatever
you want."

"Off with the shirt, and the bra. Now get on all fours," commanded Ginny,
lying back down on the floor and spreading her legs. "Now crawl over here."
Cho crawled nicely enough, Ginny even sensed that part of her even enjoyed
being submissive, but when she was crouched between the redhead's legs,
face to snatch as it were, she hesitated.

"I'm not...I mean I never..." the Asian girl said.

"Oh, we'll have you doing lots of things you've never done before," said
Ginny with a purr in her voice. She reached down and spread her copper-furred

"That's it, up and down, mmmmm, niiice, now deeper, deeper! Now Harry... get under her, take off her undies...ohgod!...and do the ohh...
same. Don't look at me like...thaaat...she's being a good girl...and...goood
girls deserve a treat. Oh yes, *such* a goood girl!"

* * *

She might *still* not walk right for a week reflected Hermione as she built
to her third orgasm under Victor's relentless pounding but it would certainly
be worth it. What he lacked in imagination Victor more than made up for in
power and stamina. Which was alright as she had more than enough imagination
for both of them. Beneath her Parvati was also cumming, body rippling, hands
clenched in Hermione's thick brown hair, sobbing and moaning in ecstasy.

After Victor had finally cum in her the three of them lay in each other's
arms and Hermione saw that, amazingly, Victor was still erect. "What do they
*feed* you in Bulgaria!?!" she asked. Victor, whose understanding of English
was better than his command of it just smiled in reply. She motioned Parvati
to his other side and together they began licking his equipment clean. Soon,
without even being asked, Parvati was going down on him even though she could
only get about half of him down her throat. Filing away the Indian girl's
fondness for fellatio for future reference and making a mental note to teach
her to deepthroat Hermione moved behind the dark-skinned beauty and reached
around her to fondle her breasts, pressing her own tiny titties against her

"You want him in you, don't you?" she whispered in the other girl's ear,
punctuating her question with a flick of her tongue. Parvati took Victor's
cock out of her mouth and nodded. Hermione didn't even bother asking the
Slavic hunk beneath them what he wanted. She had learned that you could
find out pretty much anything you wanted about the state of a man's mind
by checking his penis and Victor's was magnificently erect.

Quickly the three lovers arranged themselves for Parvati's deflowering. Her
head was propped on Hermione's belly and her shoulders on her girlcrush's
slim pale thighs. When Victor entered, her face contorted with pain. Hermione
was quick to distract her from it by kissing and stroking her full breast
and huge dark nipples. Soon pain turned to pleasure. Hermione was glad that
she and Ginny had managed to concoct a morning-after potion. After *this*
afternoon's session they were going to need it.

* * *

Elsewhere in the gymsized room another cherry was being taken. Gabrielle lay
on the scattered clothes as she and Ron heavily engaged in foreplay. Their
lips and tongues moved frantically against each other while Ron's middle
finger probed the wet, hairless slit between the young girl's legs. She let
out a happy sigh as he shifted his mouth to her silver tinged nipples and
aureola whose color, like her sisters came from being a quarter veela.

Finally Ron took his finger, moist with her juices, from Gabrielle's virgin
twat and gently pushed her legs apart. Fleur got up from where she'd been
watching and fingering herself. She kissed first Gabrielle, gently, then Ron
more hungrily.

"Merci. After zees, whatever you want, we do." Ron's eyes immediately went to
her perfect buttocks.

"Oui," the Frenchwoman said with a smile.

Ron looked questioningly at Gabrielle who just smiled and nodded. He spread
her lower lips then pushed in until he could feel her hymen then pushed on
through as she gasped with pain then stopped. He waited briefly while Fleur
questioned her in French then, at the older sister's nod started up again
slowly at first then settled down to a fierce pounding rhythm. Lord God,
he'd never been in anything so tight! Even when he'd first fucked Ginny she
had been stretched out from having Harry and anyway he'd been smaller then

"Ohhh," moaned the nymphet beneath him. "C'est bon, Ron, c'est bon! Mon
Dieuu!" Her tiny fingers dug into his shoulders and her coltish legs wrapped
around him as she came.

He found himself being pulled up away from her. Both of them looked up
resentfully to see Fleur tugging him with one hand and flourishing a jar of
ointment she'd found on a shelf in the other. He was torn between the two
sisters momentarily but his nearly obssessional buttlust won out. He was
gentle breaking away from the girl beneath him, kissing her long and slow
on the mouth then down her neck to where he was sure that one day a pair of
small but exquisite breasts matching her sister's would grow. Then he pulled
out slowly while Fleur gently disengaged her sister's limbs from around him.

Tired but happy Gabrielle crawled to a nearby beanbag chair and curled up
like a kitten to watch her sister and her new lover.

Fleur crouched before him on all fours, perfectly molded rump upthrust
awaiting his pleasure but first he wanted to give attention to her needs,
thrusting first two then three fingers into her glistening slit while at
the same time lavishing kisses and nibbles on her ass with an almost
religious devotion. It was odd. Maybe it was because of the entrancing
capabilities that, because they were part veela, the girls wielded without
even trying, but the usual anger that Ron brought to sex was missing. Of
course it could be that the Delacourt sisters just weren't as inherently
infuriating as Hermione and his sister. Whatever it was he found himself
actully having feeling of tenderness towards them, especially Gabrielle.

But finally he was ready. He looked at Fleur's ass with the eye of a
conisseur and declared it perfect. Tight and round with soft, silky skin
but with just a hint of muscle underneath. Not big, but then Ron knew that
quality always trumped quantity. He greased up his finger with the ointment
Fleur had provided and slipped one finger into her pink, puckered rectum. A
soft moan came from in front.

"You like that?" Ron knew that anal was not to everybody's taste.

"Ouiii," she gasped. He slipped another lubricated finger in. She arched he
back in pleasure. He pulled his finger out and took advantage of her hole
still gaping open by thrusting his cock into it.

"Ahhh! Oui, Ron, fuck my asss, fuck it good!"

After a few more thrusts he felt her raise her body to accomodate someone
sliding underneath and soon felt someone alternating their tongue between
his balls and her pussy. He looked down, expecting to see Gabrielle.
Instead he was surprised to see Cho. Not that it was an unpleasant surprise
by any means. Fleur certainly didn't seem to think so as she lowered her
head between the Asian girl's athletically trim legs.

* * *

So how did Cho wind up there? Thusly:

* * *

"Mmmm, that's a good girl," purred Ginny as she pulled Cho's head from
between her legs. But now it's time to make things up to Harry. After all,
he's the one you hurt most, isn't he?"

Cho lit up at this. While giving herself to Harry hadn't been explicitly on
the schedule for the evening it had been a mutually understood long term
goal. Harry's face also lit up. Ginny's did not.

"Oh not that way, not yet at least," said the hedhaired vixen sternly. "Stay
on your knees. Harry come over here. Now suck his cock! Now!"

Once more Cho obeyed and once more she wasn't really sure why. Maybe it was
simply that Ginny was sure of herself and she wan't. Even though she was
two years older the other girl knew so much more than she did. 'Well,' she
thought to herself, 'at least I know how to give a good blowjob.' Cedric
had joked that it was why he had asked her to the Yule Ball. At least she
thought he'd been joking.

As it turned out Ginny knew more about that too, at least when it came to
servicing a willy as big as Harry's. On her own she was only able to get
about a third of it down.

"It's okay," soothed Ginny. "You have to relax your jaw and just sort of let
it hang." Her fingers massaged the points where lower and upper jaw met then
moved to the other girl's throat. "That's it. If you try and take it all at
once you'll choke, just let it slide down inch by inch. While one hand
massaged Cho's throat the other stroked down the back of her neck and then
down her spine. Finally the older girl had swallowed Harry amost to the the

"Very good," Ginny whispered, sticking her tongue in Cho's ear. Now pull back
slow, sucking gently all the while. Now down again, that's right. You're my
good little cocksucker aren't you?" Soon the Asian girl's head was sliding
back and forth smoothly.

Ginny moved to her rear and retrieved her wand from the floor. Then she
touched it to her vagina and said, "Dildum superior!" Harry's eyes, which
had been closed in enjoyment snapped open to see the wand not merely growing
and expanding into a dildoform as he'd seen both her and Hermione do before,
but molding itself to Ginny's crotch and melding with her very flesh, giving
her the ultimate in strap-ons.

Cho, caught by surprise by the feel of something hard and rigid intruding
into her vagina when the only hard and rigid thing she'd been expecting
was in her mouth pulled back suddenly from Harry's prick inadvertantly
deflowering herself.


"Hush!" ordered Ginny.

"But...ow!" The second outcry had come from Ginny reaching out and pulling
her head back by her long, dark hair.

"You've been my good girl until now," Ginny said with a growl in her tone.
"Don't spoil things. I promise, it'll be nice.

And the truth was that the pain between her legs had faded to a dull
throbbing. Once Ginny resumed her movement the throbbing grew more and more
pleasant. Soon small moans and gasps were coming from Ginny's new bottom.

"You like being fucked, don't you?" asked Ginny, her hand still knotted in
Cho's hair and giving a small tug, not enough to hurt, just enough to remind
her who was in control. Besides she had the truth on her side.

"Yes, yes I do." At this point Harry was out of her mouth but still had his
cock aimed at her while he beat off.

"So are you a Bad Girl?"

"Yes! So sooo baad!"

"Are you a little slut?"


"A whore?"


"And whose little whore are you?"

"Yours Ginny! Yours! OHHHHHGAWD!" As she came, harry also climaxed, shooting
what seemed like a gallon of sperm into her open mouth and down her throat.
Although she couldn't do the same, Ginny's magic dildo made it feel as if she
was and her knees buckled as she orgasmed.

As she pulled out and restored her wand to normal she saw Ron plugging into
Fleur and decided to gift them with her new toy. She crawled around to where
Cho and Harry both lay recovering and licked off the cum that had dribbled
out onto the other girls lips and chin.

"Now my sweet little slut," she whispered, "one more task.


"Whatever I tell you," Ginny said, giving her a hard pinch to her cheek.


"Not 'okay', you say 'Yes, Mistress.'"

"Y-yes Mistress."

"Good girl," said Ginny, rewarding her new bottom with a kiss on the lips.
When she told Cho what she wanted, the Asian sweetie was more than happy to
comply. She watched Cho's tight little ass swaying provocatively as she
crawled on all fours towards Ron and Fleur then snuggled up to the still
prone Harry. Her hand caressed his chest then went south, stroking his cock
back to life.

"Don't you think you were a little rough on..." Harry started to say but was
stopped by Ginny's free hand blocking his mouth.

"Shut up and fuck me," she growled as she threw a leg over him and plunged
her pussy down onto his rigid member.

* * *

Finally the orgy wound down and after a round robin of kisses and hugs the
foreign students had staggered off. The six Hogwarts students now half sat,
half lay in a cuddle-huddle against a pile of cushions, Harry and Ginny in
the center, arms around each other. The two new girls were still at work
proving themselves worthy of membership, Cho massaging Hermione's feet with
both hands and tongue and Parvati' head bobbing up and down Ron's cock.

Life was good.


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