Disclamer: Do Not Read if you are not of legal age in your region,
country, or maturity level. This Is pure Fiction People, This did Not happen
in real life or in the Video Game. This is not a true represantation of the
characters so don't read for reality. These Characters were Created by
Natsume and do not belong to me, I'm just borrowing them.

Harvest Moon: After the Planting Festival (F-self,voy)
by JAC ([email protected])

After the Planting Festival ended Jack was heading home, completly board.
As he passed by the bakery he heard light moaning noises coming from the
window in back. Jack snuck around the hedges were no one could see him and
peeked in the window. He gave a slight gasp, there was Elle, sitting on her
bead completly NUDE! Her hair was plastered to the sides of her face as she
bucked up and down in pure orgasmic pleasure. Her breasts were larger then
Jack would have thought, and her nipples were huge and so erect they looked
like steeples on the church. Elle had her eyes closed and she gave off
panting noises as she rubbed her slit with her fingers, Jack felt a hard on
spring to life in his pants as he watched this girl masturbate, right in
front of him.

Elle continued to stroke her slit gently, she even went as far as to stroke
her clit, Jack was amazed to see that elle was clean shaven down there, he
licked his lips trying to get a holdof his fantasies. Elle still unaware of
Jack's presence began shoving a finger into her hole, Jack noticed that she
held back enough so she didn't take her virginity. Elle continued to plunge
her finger into her hole for a little while longer, then she shruddered as
an orgasem ripped it's way through her body. Elle stopped and stood up
heading for her cloths.

Jack slipped away unoticed.


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