Crossfire - Crossworlds: The Haunting - Haunted (f/solo,mc,celeb)
by Arcane

Days without sleep had taken it's toll.

She felt her head drooping, trying desperately to stay awake but also longing
for sleep. She took a long deep breath, her lungs filling with the scent of
exhaustion and fear which clung to her body.

It would be daylight soon. Once that might have been a comfort but now it
terrified her more than ever. Time seemed to be fluid here anyway, reality
conspiring against her.

She took another breath, remembering back to the beginning.

* * *

She was not supposed to be in the house. She was not supposed to be anywhere
near it. In fact, she should have been in England, getting ready to marry the
man she loved.

There had been a storm. She had walked through a door.

Then Catherine Zeta Jones had found herself somewhere entirely different.

Hill House.

At least that was what it seemed to be, vast corridors stretching out before

She turned, but whatever door she had come to, now lead into another room

She did all she could do, walking through the halls, hoping she could find

"Hello?" she called out, but there was no reply but the echoing of her own

She kept walking and after ten minutes she realised that the house was a
virtual maze. Corridors wound about, meeting and connecting. It was
impossible for her tell if she had really gone in a circle or merely entered
a hall similar to previous one.

She pushed through a door, hoping that it might lead somewhere new.

It did.

As Catherine entered the room, a music box began to play. She lurched
slightly as the floor beneath her began to rotate. Bright lights flared on
the walls and all around her, reflection of herself shone back.

As the room spun, thousands of reflections shining in every angle, Catherine
couldn't help but take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the room.
Sparkles shone, reflecting off the multiple mirrors. In another time and
place, Catherine might have stayed to admire it, but it was all much too
creepy right now.

She moved for the.

It was not there.

All round her, Catherine saw nothing but reflection. There was no clear sign
of where she had entered from. She crossed to the mirrors, trying to find a
sign of an opening. Beneath her the floor moved, making it hard for her to
stay in one place examining the reflections. In fact, it was impossible for
her to tell which mirrors she had checked and which she hadn't. The floor
seemed to be moving faster and Catherine now had to make a conscious effort
to steady herself. It was frustrating, not being able to find a way out. All
the walls shone back their reflections, hundreds of equally frustrated faces.

She fell backwards.

The floor was rotating faster than ever, spinning wildly. As it spun the
reflection became more and more twisted, shifting and folding in on

She tried once to get to her feet but it was no good.

She could feel the force of the spin pulling on her body as she lay on the
ground. The reflection warped and distorted, mad images of the room, twisting
off into infinity.

Catherine had to squeeze her eyes shut, just to keep her sanity. Even blind
she could feel the pull on her. She felt her head spinning and her grip on
the floor coming loose. She tumbled back against the wall, force pressing
against her. she gritted her teeth, straining to keep conscious as the spin
became faster and faster.

After arduous minutes of the ordeal, the room began to slow slightly. Within
a minute the room had come to a complete stop.

She opened her eyes, looking back at the hundreds of her own reflections.

A hundred faces looked back, weakened by the strain. She turned, looking at
her close reflection. Beads of perspiration fell from her forehead and she
could feel a layer of sweat covering her body.

She staggered to her feet, using the wall to hold herself up. Her feet seemed
numb beneath her but she forced herself out through the door which had only
now appeared.

She stumbled down the hallway, trying to keep her balance as best she could.
She was tired all of a sudden, the stress of a long day now followed with
this waking nightmare.

She walked through a door, entering a large bedroom.

The ready made, multicoloured blankets seemed to beckon her.

She crossed to them, letting her feet go and falling down.

Seconds after her head hit the pillow, she was fast asleep.

She slumbered, restless in her sleep. She was in a half dreamlike state when
she stripped from her clothes, dropping them onto the floor. It was much to
hot for such things anyway. then she returned to deep sleep, rolling in the

A bright moon light shone through the window, illuminating her face. She
moaned slightly, trying to move to avoid it, but it was no use, the light
remained as bright.

Even without her clothes, the room was hot, much too hot for her to be
comfortable. She tossed and turned, trying to find comfort but no position
felt right.

She hugged herself tight, dreaming of peace and happiness, far away from this
strange house. She hoped, in her flashes of consciousness, that when morning
came she would awake in her own bed, in her own home and the house and mirror
room would all simply be a nightmare to be forgotten. The heat seemed to be
rising. Catherine rolled, feeling the sheets rub against her sweaty skin. It
certainly hadn't been this hot before. but despite this she kept on sleeping,
never fully waking enough to consider the heat a great problem. Still the
heat rose, until at last Catherine came to her sense, gasping as she felt the
heat fill her body.

The room was still as dark as ever but the hot air beneath the blankets was
comparable to a summers day.

She tried to brush the blankets away.

They refused to move.

Catherine tried again and this time the blankets seemed to counter act her.

Where she pushed, they pulled tight, almost strangling her.

She struggled, forced onto her back by the constricting material.

Then the movement stopped.

Catherine lay on her back, hands at her sides. The blankets, up to her neck
were tight enough to allow her breath but movement was all but impossible.

She gasped again, the heat still seeping into her, sweat drenching the tight

Impossible. It was all a dream. A nightmare. It had to be.

She lay motionless, feeling the sweat rub against the sheets with each

Damp fabric rubbed against her breasts as they rose and fell beneath the
tight fabric.

It was a silky fabric, gliding across her chest as she inhaled, then sliding
back, caressing her skin.

Unable to move, Catherine was forced to focus on the sensation of her body.

The fabric stroked back and forth over her bosom, a sensual touch. She
realised that the sensation was making her nipples erect, each breath forcing
them higher and higher. As they rose, the fabric slid over them, teasing the
tender flesh.

Catherine shivered, for the first time feeling a rush of sexual excitement
flow through her.

With every breath the fabric massaged her bosom, kneading her breasts against
the tight fabric. Unable to move, or hold her breath, Catherine could do
nothing but lie back and experience the sensation. Her nipples were fully
erect now, the fabric pressed tight against them, tweaking them with each
inhalation. Still the sweat on her body flowed, soaking her even more. She
could feel the fabric clinging to her. It was too smooth to chaff, but she
could feel it, rubbing against her body.

Over her hips. Between her legs.

Catherine let out a moan. As she inhaled, a knotted sheet rubbed between her
thighs, pressing against her sex. She twisted, trying to free herself but
every motion only served to make the fabric press tighter against her body.
It was the same smooth fabric that massaged her breasts, but this was even
tighter. Every time she took a breath, or tried to struggle, Catherine felt
a thrill of sexual delight run through her. there was something in the fabric
that made it feel so wonderful.

She couldn't deny her body, not when every breath was like a thrusting into
her body. She could feel the wetness between her thighs, more than just sweat
now. At each tingle her breath quickened and as it did, the rubbing became
more frequent.

Catherine found herself spiralling out of control. Heat surged through her
body, sweat pouring from her as she gasped for air. Soon she was letting out
rapid pants, thrusting her hips with what little movement she could manage.

The bed shook with her vibrations as she succumbed to the sensuous touch of
the fabric.

Her body went rigid and then shuddered as a powerful orgasm rocked her. Even
as she came the sheets rubbed her hot body.

Catherine lay back, taking slow deep breaths as the post orgasmic bliss
melted through her. Every deep breath sent a new tingle through her but she
could only relax more now. It had to be a dream. If so, she would enjoy it.

She masturbated twice more before the first hints of dawn came. There was
nothing else to do in the bed.

* * *

She looked out the window, watching the sun as it rose above the window line.

For the first time, Catherine noticed an ornate crystal hanging over the

It caught the light.

Catherine winced, trying to turn her head away.

The bright sunlight, refracted through the crystal, cast ever changing lights
upon her face. No matter which way she turned, the light remained, bright
enough to penetrate her eye lids.

There was no rhythm to the random patterns of light that shone into her
eyes, but even as she watched, the lights bored into her, as if to break her
reason. They were chaos and madness, unrelenting as they shone on her.

Ever changing, never ending, the bright reflections cut into her.

Catherine felt the fabric rub over erect nipples.

She took a deep breath and held it, not moving.

Sensuous silk rubbed between her legs, moving of it's own accord.

Catherine screamed.

* * *

Daylight lasted ten hours, ten hours of enduring the maddening lights,
ripping apart her sanity.

The ministrations of the bed were relentless, not stopping, even when she
shuddered in orgasm.

Nights were easier, though sleep never came, not while the bed masturbated
her endlessly.

Days without sleep took their toll.

Her head drooped, longing for sleep.

Time seemed to be fluid here anyway, reality conspiring against her.

The sun rose.

She came as the first crystal images bored into her soul.

She moaned, wide eyed, open mouthed the life drained from her face.

She almost looked like a ghost.


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